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									                                “We’re excited about what the future holds.”

                                Barnes Bullets 2010                                                   OUr new plant

                                When Randy and Coni Brooks first bought the
                                business in 1974, they used a hand-operated press and
    Above: Randy and Coni       other antiquated machinery to make copper-jacketed
    Brooks of Barnes Bullets.   lead core bullets in the 580-square-foot basement of
                                their small home. In 2009, Barnes Bullets moved to
                                a new 75,000-square-foot facility constructed on a
                                600-acre site Randy and Coni purchased in Mona,
                                Utah. An open house on June 13th celebrated the
                                move. More than 1,700 attended to tour the new
                                     plant, see its state-of-the-art equipment, and
                                     learn how bullets are manufactured.
                                   Many new and upgraded pieces of equipment have been incorporated into the new manufacturing plant to substantially
                                 increase capacity and maintain Barnes’ outstanding 98% fill rate. The new facility also houses a high-tech, in-house machine
                                  shop independent from the production area. This shop enables Barnes Bullets to build its own production and maintenance
                                 tooling; eliminating the need to outsource vital equipment and allowing production to continue to run smoothly.

                                A large, state-of-the art ballistics lab is used for quality testing and the development of new products for Barnes and other
                                customers. The lab features six loading workstations for technicians. Each station is equipped with a computer where data is
                                transferred and stored electronically, contributing to a paper-free environment. Separate 25-, 100- and 300-yard underground
                                shooting tunnels are adjacent to the lab, and a 600-yard tunnel is in the planning phase. The tunnels are used for verifying
                                velocities, ballistic gelatin testing, pressure testing, BC measurements, and testing bullet accuracy. A large, specially designed
                                water tank is used to test bullet expansion, while a recovery trap captures fired bullets up to 50 BMG.

                                   “We plan to continue the expansion of our superior hunting and tactical bullet lines. The new manufacturing facility will
                                       allow us to maintain our excellent delivery record and supply our customers with the products they want - when they
                                            want them,” said Barnes President Randy Brooks. “We’re excited about what the future holds.”

                                                                   Left: Coni Brooks took this black bear in British Columbia with a Montana
                                                                   Rifle chambered in 270 Winchester with a 130-grain TTSX.
Premium, deep-penetrating hunting bullet for handguns and lever rifles.

new for 2010
new BUllets FOr 2010                                                   338 Lapua .338" 285-grain TSX Boattail
22 .224" 50-grain TSX Flat Base                                        375 .375" 350-grain TSX Flat Base
6.5mm .264" 100-grain Tipped TSX Boattail                              375 .375" 350-grain Banded Solid
6.8 SPC .277" 85-grain MPG Flat Base                                   458 SOCOM .458" 300-grain Tipped TSX Boattail
7mm .284" 110-grain Tipped TSX Flat Base                               44 Magnum .429" 300-grain Buster Flat Nose Flat Base          Above: Unfired TSX, TTSX,
                                                                                                                                     and an expanded bullet.
30 .308" 200-grain Tipped TSX Boattail                                         Requires 1:20" or faster twist
8mm .323" 160-grain Tipped TSX Boattail                                454 Casull .451" 325-grain Buster Flat Nose Flat Base
338 .338" 185-grain Tipped TSX Boattail                                45/70 .458" 400-grain Buster Flat Nose Flat Base
338 Lapua .338" 265-grain Tipped TSX Boattail                          500 S&W .500" 400-grain Buster Flat Nose Flat Base

Barnes Buster                                 tM

The Barnes Buster is a new, deep-penetrating handgun bullet designed for hunting bear, wild boar, moose, and bison.
Highly effective on Cape buffalo and other large, dangerous game. The bullet features a thick copper jacket and a
hard-cast lead core. Produces only minimal expansion, along with maximum penetration and weight retention.

                                      Available for 44, 45, and 500 magnum revolvers, and 45-70 lever
                                      rifles. These premium hunting bullets track straight, and won’t
                                      deform or deflect. Specifically designed for maximum penetration
                                      in the largest, toughest game. In one field test, a Barnes Buster fired
                                      from a 45-70 T/C Encore drove completely through an American
                                      bison, anchoring it on the spot.
                                      These cannelured, heavy-for-caliber bullets drive deep through
                                      dense muscle and bone. Bullets remain intact—jackets won’t
                                      separate from the core. Great for hunting hogs and other tough,
                                      heavy game. Ideal handgun protection against bears in Alaska and
                                      other wilderness areas.

           Right: Il Ling Nu, Gunsight Academy instructor, used the new 325-grain Buster
                            in a 454 Casull to take down this Cape buffalo in Mozambique.                                      For
                                       No lead core to deform or disintegrate.

                                                                                   ®                              ®
                                                                                         x BUllet

                                       Barnes’ Triple-Shock X Bullet (TSX) has a 25-year record of outstanding performance. Many call it the deadliest hunting
                                       bullet on the planet. An improved version of the revolutionary X Bullet, the TSX has multiple grooves in its shank that relieve
    Above: Samantha Bender             pressures and enhance accuracy.
    was glad that she had put her
    trust in a Barnes bullet to        What makes the TSX so amazingly effective? All-copper construction means there’s no lead core to deform or disintegrate.
    take her trophy whitetail deer     Instead of “deforming” into a soft lead mushroom, TSX bullets perform and instantly expand into four jagged-edged copper
    in Nebraska. She used a .270
    Winchester and the 130-grain       petals that auger through flesh and bone at 180,000 rpm.
    TSX bullet. She took one shot at
    238 yards free handed. The buck    The TSX typically retains 100 percent of its weight while delivering full penetration.
    scored an amazing 173-4/8".        Unlike conventional lead-core bullets, the all-copper TSX passes completely through
                                       an animal’s vitals, even on challenging rear-angle shots—another area where lead-core
4                                      bullets fall short.

                                                                                                                                                                         “TRIPLE-SHOCK” is a registered trademark of Alliant Techsystems Inc.
                                                  Deadly effective on everything from whitetail deer and elk to Africa’s
                                                  largest game. Delivers top performance at both extended and close range.
                                                   It’s the most effective bullet you can buy. TSX bullets are prized by guides,
                                                    outfitters, and African professional hunters who recommend them to
                                                    their clients.

                                                                                                Left: Tony Caligiuri, President of Boyt Harness Company, and a
                                                                                                magnificent Cape buffalo he killed with a 416 Remington Magnum
                                                                                                and a 350-grain TSX.
Drop a whitetail in its tracks or stop a charging buffalo.

                                             ®                             ®
                                                  x BUllet

                                             The Triple-Shock X Bullet opens instantly on contact—no other bullet expands
                                             as quickly. Expanding to twice its original diameter, the TSX bullet typically
                                             delivers pass-through penetration on the biggest, toughest animals.
                                                                                                                                  Above: Cagen Carter, Barnes
                                                                                                                                  Ballistics Lab technician, used
                                             Versatility? These premium, all-copper bullets will drop a whitetail in its tracks      a 300 Savage loaded with
                                             or stop a charging buffalo.                                                            165-grain TSXs to take this
                                                                                                                                   black bear in southern Utah.

                                             Barnes’ 100-percent copper bullets were invented several years before California
began banning lead-core bullets. Today’s Triple-Shock X Bullet was designed for unequaled performance—not with legislative
concerns in mind.

“Johnny-come-lately” manufacturers have attempted to copy Barnes’ success. However, they lack Barnes’ long experience
in researching, designing and producing premium lead-free copper bullets. Proven,
time-tested performance makes TSX bullets the choice of demanding hunters.

                                                         •	   100%	copper
                                                         •	   Double-diameter	rapid		
                                                         •	   No	fragmentation
                                                         •	   Excellent	accuracy
                                                         •	   Out-penetrates	lead-core	bullets
                                                         •	   Full	penetration,	even	with	
                                                         	    rear-angling	shots
                                                         •	   Typically	100%	weight	retention
                                                         •	   Available	in	factory	ammunition

      Above: Traveling at 2,667 FPS, this 168-grain TSX Bullet shows complete expansion
    after penetrating only three inches of ballistic gelatin. Shock bubble continues expanding
     even after bullet exits game. Right: Randy Brooks shot this whitetail in Kansas with a
                                                    168-grain TSX loaded in a 300 Weatherby.
                                     Improved accuracy and long range ballistics.

                                     tipped tsx


                                                                           To create the Tipped Triple-Shock X Bullet (TTSX), Barnes took its best-
                                                                           selling TSX and added a polymer tip. The streamlined tip boosts BC, improving
     Above: Blake Chapman was                                              long-range ballistics. Like the TSX, the Tipped Triple-Shock features a lead-
     lucky to get this trophy mule                                         free, all-copper body. Multiple grooves in the shank reduce pressures and
     deer in Arizona using a 30                                            increase accuracy.
     caliber 130-grain TTSX
     bullet.                                                                On striking deer or other game, the TTSX
                                                      instantly expands, doubling its original diameter. Instead of
                                                         deforming into a soft lead mushroom, the TTSX performs as
                                                           the nose peels back into four sharp-edged copper petals.
                                                              Whirling at 180,000 rpm, the jagged petals auger
 6                                                            through tissue and vital organs. Delivers the deep,
                                                              dependable penetration needed for difficult front or
                                                              rear raking shots. Won’t break up on heavy bones.

                                                               •	   Superior	accuracy
                                                               •	   Higher	ballistic	coefficient
                                                               •	   99-100%	weight	retention
                                                               •	   Full	penetration
                                                               •	   100%	lead	free
                                                               •	   Rapid	expansion
                                                               •	   Available	in	factory	ammunition

                                                                                   Left: Rachelle Olsen drew a prized Utah bull elk tag in the
                                                                                   Pahvant unit and took this trophy of a lifetime. She used a
                                                                                   7mm RUM with a 150-grain TTSX.
Devastating performance at close and extended range.

Barnes Mrx


A patented, denser-than-lead Silvex® core makes the Barnes MRX shorter than
its TSX and TTSX counterparts. Grooves in the bullet’s body relieve pressure,
reduce fouling, and enhance accuracy. Expands into four rapidly spinning,                Above: Rob Ethington drew
jagged-edged copper petals that maximize hemorrhaging and tissue damage.                  the Montana Super Tag for
                                                                                        Bighorn sheep and killed this
                                                                                            trophy of a lifetime in the
                                           Exceptionally deep penetration
                                                                                       Missouri Breaks - with his 300
                                           makes MRX bullets highly                    WSM and a 180-grain MRX.
                                           effective for raking shots at large
                                           game. Streamlined polymer tip boosts BC
                                           for flatter trajectory and enhances long-
                                           range expansion. Deadly performance at
                                           both short and extended range.

                                           •		Denser-than-lead	Silvex	core
                                           •	 High	retained	energy	at	long	range
                                           •	 100%	lead	free
                                           •	 Expands	instantly	on	contact
                                           •	 Virtually	100%	weight	retention
                                           •		Available	in	factory	ammunition

                    Right: James Reed took this beautiful Ibex using
                     a 300 Ultra Mag and a 180-grain MRX bullet.
                                    Expands over a wide velocity range for deadly performance.

                                    expander MZ         ®                tM


                                                       The first in Barnes’ series of all-copper muzzleloader bullets, the Expander MZ features a large,
                                                       hollow cavity. The cavity expands on contact, creating six whirling, copper petals that double
    Above: MZ Aligner Tools                            the bullet’s diameter as they penetrate deep through bone and vital organs. A snug-fitting sabot
    are individually sized to fit                      prevents gas blow-by, ensuring consistent shot-to-shot velocities and ultra-tight groups. Proven to
    all Barnes’ 45, 50, and 54                         be the most deadly muzzleloader bullet on the market, hunters can count on more one-shot kills.
    caliber muzzleloader bullets.
    A separate Aligner Tool is                         Flat-base Expander MZ bullets expand over a wide velocity range for deadly performance at
    required for each caliber and
    bullet nose configuration.                         any distance. Typically retain 100 percent of their original weight for maximum penetration and
                                                       tissue damage, hunters can count on more one-shot kills.

                                                       Barnes MZ aligner tools are recommended for loading all Barnes MZ, spit-Fire MZ, tMZ,
8                                                      and t-eZ bullets. These specially designed tools align the bullet properly in the bore, speeding
                                                       the loading process and enhancing accuracy. A separate Aligner Tool is required for each caliber
                                                       and bullet nose configuration.

                                                                        •	100%	copper
                                                                        •	Deep	penetration
                                                                        •	Double-diameter	expansion
                                                                        •	Exceptional	accuracy
                                                                        •	Full	weight	retention
                                                                        •	Recommended	for		
                                                                        			in-line	rifles

                                                                Expander MZ bullets are available in
                                                            195-grain 45 caliber, 250- and 300-grain
                                                                   50 caliber, and 275- and 325-grain
                                                            54 caliber sizes in 15- and 24-bullet packs.

                                                                   Left: This red stag was taken in New Zealand by
                                                                   Michael MacFarlane with a 50 caliber 250-grain TMZ.
                                                                   It is the current pending #1 muzzleloader stag in the world.
Specially designed for long-range effectiveness.

spit-Fire MZ, tMZ,                                                                t-eZ
                                             tM                      tM                               tM


Barnes’ Spit-Fire MZ, Spit-Fire TMZ, and Spit-Fire T-EZ bullets are
specially designed for long-range effectiveness. Like the Expander MZ, these
streamlined bullets feature an all-copper body and an expanding cavity that                                                       Above: Jeff Mitchell drew
doubles bullet diameter. They typically retain 100 percent of their original                                                           a coveted Utah Henry
weight and deliver maximum penetration and tissue damage.                                                                       Mountains tag and used the
                                                                                                                             245-grain Spit-Fire MZ in his
The Spit-Fire MZ is an open-tip, semi-spitzer boattail – a top choice for                                                    50 caliber muzzleloader to take
                                                                                                                                 this outstanding mule deer.
longer distances. Barnes’ President Randy Brooks killed a 394 6/8 SCI elk at
340 yards with this bullet.

Featuring a boattail base and streamlined polymer tip, the Spit-Fire TMZ’s Higher BC means flatter trajectories for long-
range shooting. Expands at velocities as low as 1050 feet per second.                                                                                          9
                                  Introduced in 2008, the flatbase Spit-Fire T-EZ is easy to load, even in tight or fouled
                                    bores. A polymer tip boosts BC for improved long-range ballistics. Like all Barnes MZ
                                       bullets, the Spit-Fire T-EZ delivers match-grade accuracy.

                                                                          • Exceptional accuracy
                                                                          • 100% copper
                                                                            (except for polymer tip)
                                                                          • Deadly at high and low velocities
                                                                          • Double-diameter expansion
                                                                          • Deep penetration

                                            Right: Boyd Roberts’ antelope is the current Utah state record taken
                                            with a muzzleloader. He used a 50 caliber Thompson Omega and a
                                                                               250-grain Expander MZ bullet.
                                         Deep, dependable penetration and rapid double-diameter expansion.

                                         Barnes xpB

                                                                                    pistOl BUllets

                                                                                              Barnes’ XPB pistol bullets are 100-percent copper. Deep, dependable
                                                                                              penetration and rapid double-diameter expansion make them ideal for
     Above: Thad Stevens, Barnes                                                              hunting or self-defense. On impact, the bullet’s nose peels back into six
     Ballistics Lab manager, took                                                             whirling copper petals, increasing shock and tissue damage.
     this feral hog using a 454 Casull
     and a 250-grain XPB bullet.                                                              Loaded in 454 Casull, 480 Ruger, 475 Linebaugh, 460 S&W, or 500
                                                                                              S&W Magnum revolvers, XPB bullets are suitable for hunting moose,
                                                                                              elk, and other large animals. XPB bullets used in 357, 41, 44 magnum,
                                                                                              or 45 Colt revolvers are deadly on deer, antelope, and small game.

                                           XPB bullets don’t fragment or come apart, typically retaining 100 percent of their original weight. These lead-free bullets
10                                         can be used in environmentally restrictive areas, including California and other states banning lead bullets.

                                             •	   Proven	X	Bullet	technology        •	 Out-penetrates	jacketed	lead-core	bullets
                                             •	   100%	copper	construction          •	 Available	in	factory	ammunition
                                             •	   Double-diameter	expansion
                                             •	   No	lead	core	to	fragment

                                                                                        Left: Joyce Wilson, of Wilson Combat, pictured with a kudu
                                                                                        she took with a 275-grain XPB in a 480 Ruger.
Pinpoint accuracy and explosive fragmentation.

Barnes MpG

                                                 MUlti-pUrpOse Green

Barnes’ MPG Multi-Purpose Green bullets feature a frangible,
compressed copper-tin powder core encased in a guilding metal jacket.                                                                 Above: Sequence shows
The open-tip bullets retain their integrity at ultra-high velocities                                                              MPG bullet at the moment
                                                                                                                                   of impact, then completely
and extreme rates of spin. Produce pinpoint accuracy and explosive

         The 55-grain .224" MPG bullet gives best results in rifling
          twist rates of 1:9" or faster. The 140-grain .308" bullet is
           designed for rifles with 1:12" or faster twists. A 108-grain version is offered for 7.62x39mm rifles, and a new
            85-grain 6.8 SPC is now available. Protective jackets insure MPG bullets remain intact under the rigors of
              handling, feeding, and firing. Eliminates jammed actions and plugged barrels often caused by firing frangible
               ammunition in autoloading rifles.                                                                                                                 11

                   These extremely accurate, multi-purpose bullets are ideal for shooting steel targets, competition, plinking,
                   hunting, and home defense. They produce low penetration and reduce ricochet potential. Meet lead-free
                   requirements at environmentally restrictive practice ranges.

                                                                     •   Military technology
                                                                     •   Lead-free “Green” construction
                                                                     •   Highly frangible
                                                                     •   Ricochet resistant
                                                                     •   Precision accuracy
                                                                     •   Available in factory ammunition

                                               Available in 100-round boxes (.224" and .277")
                                               and 50-round boxes (.308" and .310").

            Right: Gregg Sloan, Barnes Ballistics Lab technician, used the MPGs in a
                                                  DPMS AR-15 on this Texas coyote.
        Vaporizes prairie dogs and ground squirrels.

        Varmint Grenade

                                                           Inspired by military technology, the Varmint Grenade is a hollow-cavity,
                                                           flat-base bullet designed for shooting prairie dogs and other small game. Its
                                                           guilding-metal jacket contains a compressed, copper-tin powder core. The
                                                           highly frangible core disintegrates on impact, vaporizing ground squirrels and
                                                           prairie dogs while virtually eliminating ricochets.

                                                           The lead-free Varmint Grenade expends its energy early, often without exiting
                                                           predators. Coyote and bobcat pelts receive only minimal damage, preserving
                                                           their value.


                                                                        • Great accuracy          • Explosive results
                                                                        • Lead free               • Preserves valuable pelts
                                                                        • Ricochet free           • Available in factory ammunition

     Left: High-speed photo sequence shows 26-grain 204 Varmint Grenade striking a blueberry at 4200 FPS. Bullet completely
     disintegrates inside blueberry. Above: Jessica Brooks spotting prairie dogs for her father, Randy Brooks. Savage rifles and
     Leupold optics were used on this hunt.
Time-proven performance you can count on.

Banded solids                                      & Originals
                                              tM                                        tM

Barnes Banded sOlids - Virtually indestructible,                  Barnes OriGinals – After 78 years of production,
Barnes Banded Solids are made from free-machining brass.          Barnes Originals are still in demand. Made by pressure-
They track straight and won’t deform or deflect on heavy          forming a thick jacket of copper tubing around a pure lead     Above: Wade Welcker, Barnes
bone. The deadliest, most dependable solids you can buy.          core, these bullets remain available for selected cartridges        Ballistics Lab technician,
                                                                  like the 348 Winchester, 38-55, 375 Winchester, 45-70          and a very large feral hog he
                                                                                                                                 killed with his 45/70 Marlin
A series of bands cut into the bullet’s shank prevent             Govt. and 50-110 Winchester.
                                                                                                                                      Guide Gun and the 400-
excess pressure, eliminating concerns about damaging fine                                                                               grain FNSP Original.
double-rifle barrels. Weight-matched with Triple-Shock             • Heavy copper-tubing jacket           • Deep penetration
         X Bullets of the same caliber, Banded Solids can          • Pure lead core                       • Proven performance
           be interchanged with expanding TSX bullets
            without varying point of impact.
           Precision machined from the same tough
           material, Banded Solid Spitzers deliver superior
           concentricity, consistent density, and match-
           grade accuracy. Kill fur-bearing animals cleanly
           with minimal damage to valuable pelts.

           • Free-machining brass
           • Deep, dependable penetration
           • Tracks straight, won’t deflect
             on bone
           • No deformation

                       Right: Pat Short took this incredible bull elephant using
                           a 470 Nitro and a 500-grain Barnes Banded Solid.

     M/LE™ – TAC-X™, TAC-TX™ & TAC-RRLP™
                      TAC-X - Designed for military and law                     TAC-RRLP - Barnes’ TAC-RRLP (Reduced
                      enforcement, Barnes’ TAC-X rifle bullets are              Ricochet, Limited Penetration) bullets feature a
                      available in 223 (5.56mm), 6.5 mm, 6.8mm,                 compressed copper-tin powder core enclosed in a
                      308, 7.62x39mm, 338 Lapua, and 50 BMG
                                                                                guilding-metal jacket. This highly frangible, open-
                      calibers. On impact, they exhibit controlled
                                                                                tip, lead-free bullet meets the requirements of
                      expansion to twice their original diameter.
                                                                                environmentally restrictive practice ranges.
                      Penetrate standard barriers with minimum
                      deflection. Deliver superior functionality and            Protective jackets keep bullets intact under the rigors
                accuracy at long range.                                 of handling, feeding, and firing. This eliminates the primary
                                                                        cause of jammed actions and plugged barrels often experienced
     These 100-percent copper, lead-free bullets are suitable for use
                                                                        when firing frangible ammunition in autoloading rifles.
14   in environmentally restrictive shooting environments.
                                                                        Extremely accurate, TAC-RRLP bullets are superior in a duty
                                                                        round for urban environments. Also great for training and
       TAC-TX - Barnes’ TAC-TX bullets feature the same
       all-copper body and deadly performance TAC-X bullets             steel targets.
       are noted for, but with the addition of a polymer tip. The
       streamlined tip increases the ballistic coefficient, improving   • Lead free
       long-range ballistics.                                           • Low penetration
                                                                        • Ricochet resistant
       • Lead free
                                                                        • Precision accuracy
       • Controlled double-diameter expansion
       • Penetrates barriers with
         minimum deflection
       • Superior functionality at close
         or extended range

   TAC-LR - Long-range TAC-LR bullets have very                           TAC-XP - Barnes’ TAC-XP
   high ballistic coefficients for improved trajectories over             pistol bullets are 100-percent
   extreme distances. Precise tolerances insure superior                  copper.They exhibit superior tracking
   accuracy.                                                              and functionality while penetrating
                                                                          intermediate barriers. Expand to double-diameter
   The machined-brass 50 BMG bullets are suitable for
                                                                          with no fragmentation, while retaining 100 percent
   target shooting and are highly effective for long-range
                                                                of their original weight. Excellent for law enforcement and
                                                                personal defense.

   • High BCs                                                   These lead-free bullets are acceptable for use in environmentally
   • Superior long-range accuracy                               restrictive areas and practice ranges.
   • Made to precise tolerances
                                                                • 100% copper construction
   • Effective at extreme distances
                                                                • No lead residue
                                                                • Superior on intermediate barriers
                                                                • Optimum penetration for law enforcement
     More great products from Barnes Bullets.

     Barnes relOadinG ManUal nUMBer 4 - Contains extensive loading data for
     Barnes Triple-Shock X Bullets (TSX), MRX bullets, and super-frangible Varmint Grenades.
     Also includes data for Barnes’ XPB pistol bullets and recommended loads for Expander and
     Spit-Fire muzzleloader bullets.

     Includes loads for Barnes Banded Solids, along with data for bigbore rifle cartridges like the
      470 and 500 Nitro, 505 Gibbs, and 577 Nitro Express.

           Free dVd FrOM Barnes - “Performance vs. Deformance™,” the third in Barnes’ “Choosing the Right Bullet”
             DVD series, is being offered free. Explains why lead-free copper bullets consistently outperform conventional lead-core
16            bullets that deform. Discusses Barnes’ frangible MPG (Multi-Purpose Green) bullets and the heavy-for-caliber Barnes
              Busters designed for hunting big, tough game with a handgun or lever rifle. Straight talk about buying premium bullets
              and amazing high-speed video footage.

             Get your FREE copy (a $15.99 value) by visiting or calling 800-574-9200.
            (Non-USA residents will be charged a nominal shipping fee.)

                      OTHER GREAT BARNES ACCESSORiES
                                         (Order Online at

          BARNES WHiTETAiL CAP - Unique high-quality,                       BARNES MuLE DEER CAP - High-quality,
             low-profile cap in distressed olive green and                  water resistant cap in olive green
               Mossy Oak camouflage. Embroidered with a                     chamois fabric, with embroidered
                trophy whitetail buck. Velcro-adjustable strap,             trophy mule deer. Adjustable strap,
                  structured bill.                                          low profile, structured bill.
                 M/LE CAP - High-quality, black, light-       BOyT CANVAS & LEATHER TiPPED
                 weight M/LE cap embroidered with             GuN CASE W/ BARNES LOGO
                  “Counter Terrorism One Bullet At A Time.”   Constructed of rugged 22 oz. canvas with
                                                              quilted cotton flannel lining and 40 oz. cotton
                                                              batting that lets the case breathe for maximum
                                                              protection against moisture. Heavy-duty cotton-
Barnes M/le lOnG                                              web wraparound handles and full-grain leather tip.
SLEEVE T-SHiRT                                                Two-way solid brass zipper. Case is 48 inches long
Barnes Bullets’ M/LE silk-                                    with leather Barnes logo. OD Green.
screened long sleeve shirt
is 50% cotton and 50%
polyester.                                                    50 BMG dUMMy rOUnd - Barnes’ 50 BMG (Browning
                                                              Machine Gun) dummy round features Barnes’ brass 750-grain,
                                                              50 caliber solid bullet in a case containing a deactivated primer
                                                              and no powder. The Barnes logo is engraved on the side of each
BARNES 6-iNCH WiNDOW/BuMPER STiCkERS                          cartridge. A unique conversation piece and desk accessory.

                                                              BARNES’ SPECiALLy FORMuLATED
                                                              CR-10™ BORE CLEANiNG SOLVENT.
                                                              Effectively remove copper and powder fouling.
BOyT ABSORB-A-COiL® RECOiL PAD                                This aggressive bore cleaner quickly loosens and
W/SHOuLDER HARNESS                                            lifts heavy copper deposits left by
For maximum recoil protection, the                            jacketed bullets as they pass through
adjustable Absorb-A-Coil ® Harness                            the bore. Leaves rifling clean for better
is made of soft, shock-absorbing                              accuracy and longer barrel life. CR-
polymer enclosed in a suede-faced                             10 bore cleaner is non-corrosive and
cotton pocket gun pad. The harness                            won’t harm barrels. Offered in 2- and
absorbs up to 40% more recoil than                            8-ounce bottles.
competitors’ pads. Models for right
or left handed shooters. Sage color
only. Embroidered Barnes logo on
back shoulder.
     Barnes Bullets Factory Loads - for those who don’t reload.

     Barnes Bullets                                               SiNCE 1932

     BLACK HILLS AMMUNITION      6.8mm Rem SPC 110 GR. TSX         45 GAP 160 GR. TAC-XP         300 WSM 180 GR. TSX                   30-06 150 GR. TSX                    41 MAG 180 GR. XPB
     RIFLE AND PISTOL            260 Rem 120 GR. TSX               45 Auto 160 GR. TAC-XP        300 WSM 180 GR. MRX                   30-06 180 GR. TTSX                   45 GAP 160 GR. TAC-XP
     223 REM 36 GR. VG           270 Win 130 GR. TTSX              45 Auto+P 185 GR.TAC-XP       300 WIN MAG 130 GR. TTSX              300 WIN MAG 180 GR. TTSX             45 ACP 160 GR. TAC-XP
     223 REM 55 GR. MPG/RRLP     270 Wby 130 GR. TTSX              44 Rem Mag 225 GR. XPB        300 WIN MAG 165 GR. TSX                                                    44 MAG 225 GR. XPB
     22-250 36 GR. VG            270 WSM 130 GR. TTSX              44 S&W Special 200 GR. XPB    300 WIN MAG 180 GR. TSX               INTERNATIONAL CARTRIDGE CO.          45COLT+P 225 GR. XPB
     243 WIN 62 GR. VG           280 Rem 140 GR. TSX               45 Colt+P 225 GR. XPB         300 WIN MAG 180 GR. MRX               L/E (Barnes TAC-RRLP Bullet)         454 CASULL 250 GR. XPB
     9MM 115 GR. TAC-XP          284 Win 140 GR. TSX               454 Casull 250 GR. XPB        300 WBY 180 GR. TSX                   223 Rem 55 GR. JOT                   45 AUTO RIM 160 GR. XPB
     40 S&W 155 GR. TAC-XP       7.62x39 123 GR. TSX               480 Ruger 275 GR. XPB         300 REM ULTRA MAG 180 GR. TSX         (Standard and Total Lead Free)       500 SW 275 GR. XPB
                                 7mm-08 Rem 120 GR. TSX            460 S&W MAGNUM 200 GR. XPB    338 FEdERAL 185 GR. TSX               308 WIN 140 GR. JOT                  223 REM 55 GR. TSX
     45 AUTO 185 GR. TAC-XP
                                                                   460 S&W MAGNUM 275 GR. XPB    338 WIN MAG 225 GR. TSX               7.62x39 108 GR. JOT                  22-250 55 GR. TSX
                                 7mm RUM 160 GR. TSX
     BLACK HILLS GOLD RIFLE                                        475 TURNBULL 400 GR. SOLId                                                      243 WIN 85 GR. TSX
                                 7mm Wby Mag 160 GR. TSX
                                                                   500 S&W SPECIAL 275 GR. XPB   FEDERAL PREMIUM                                                            257ROBERTS 100 GR. TTSX
     223 REM 55 GR. TSX          7mm WSM 140 GR. TSX
                                                                   500 S&W MAGNUM 275 GR. XPB    VITAL-SHOK HANDGUN                    NORMA AMMUNITION                     25-06 100 GR. TTSX
     243 WIN 85 GR. TSX          7mm Rem Mag 140 GR. TTSX
                                                                   500 S&W MAGNUM 325 GR. XPB    357 MAG 140 GR. XPB                   375 H&H 300 GR. BNd SOLId            270 WIN 110 GR. TSX
     25-06 100 GR. TSX           7mm Rem Mag 160 GR. TTSX
                                                                                                 41 REM MAG 180 GR. XPB                416 RIGBY 400 GR. BNd SOLId          270 WSM 110 GR. TSX
     270 WIN 130 GR. TSX         30 Carb 100 GR. TSX                                                                                                                        6.8 SPC 110 GR. TSX
     7MM REM MAG 140 GR. TSX                                       COR-BON MPG RIFLE             44 REM 225 GR. XPB                    458 WIN 500 GR. BNd SOLId
                                 30-06 Sprg 168 GR. TTSX                                                                                                                    308 WIN 150 GR. TTSX
     308 WIN 168 GR. TSX                                           223 REM 55 GR. MPG            454 CASULL 250 GR. XPB                270 WSM 140 GR. TSX
                                 30-06 Sprg 180 GR. TTSX                                                                                                                    7.62X39 123 GR. TSX
     30-06 180 GR. TSX                                             308 WIN 140 GR. MPG           460 S&W 275 GR. XPB                   7MM REM MAG 140 GR. TSX
                                 300 Win Mag 180 GR. TTSX                                                                                                                   7MM MAG 140 GR. TTSX
     300 WIN MAG 180 GR. TSX                                       7.62X39 108 GR. MPG           480 RUGER 275 GR. XPB                 300 WIN MAG 150 GR. TSX
                                 300 Wby 180 GR. TTSX                                                                                                                       7MM STW 140 GR. TTSX                                                                         500 S&W 275 GR. XPB                   300 WSM 150 GR. TSX
                                 300 RUM 180 GR. TTSX                                                                                                                       300 WSM 150 GR. TTSX
                                 300 WSM 165 GR. TSX
                                 30-30 Win 150 GR. TSX
                                                                   COR-BON VARMINT GRENADE
                                                                   204 RUGER 26 GR. VG           FEDERAL PREMIUM CAPE-SHOK
                                                                                                                                                                            300 WIN MAG 150 GR. TTSX
                                                                                                                                                                            300 RUM 150 GR. TTSX
     DPX RIFLE                                                     223 REM 36 GR. VG             370 SAKO MAG 286 GR. TSX & SLd        SILVER STATE ARMORY
                                 308 Win 130 GR. TTSX                                                                                                                       30.06 150 GR. TTSX
     22-250 Rem 53 GR. TSX                                         223 REM 50 GR. VG             375 H&H MAG 300 GR. TSX               6.8MM REM SPC 85 GR. TSX
                                 308 Win 168 GR. TTSX                                                                                                                       325 WSM 180 GR. TSX
     223 Rem 53 GR. TSX                                            22-250 36 GR. VG              416 RIGBY 400 GR. TSX                 6.8MM REM SPC 110 GR. TSX            325 WSM 200 GR. TSX
                                 338 Win 225 GR. TTSX                                                                        
     223 Rem 62 GR. TSX                                            6 X 45MM 62 GR. VG            416 REM MAG 400 GR. TSX                                                    8MM MAG 180 GR. TSX
                                 338 Lapua Mag 225 GR. TTSX
     243 Win 85 GR. TSX                                                  458 WIN MAG 500 GR. TSX                                                    8MM MAG 200 GR. TSX
                                 338 RUM 225 GR. TTSX                                                                                  WEATHERBY AMMUNITION
     25-06 Rem 100 GR. TSX       340 Wby 225 GR. TTSX                                            458 LOTT 500 GR. TSX                                                       338 WIN MAG 160 GR. TTSX
                                                                   FEDERAL CARTRIDGE CO.                                               240 WBY 85 GR. TSX
     257 Wby Mag 115 GR. TSX     357 Mag 125 GR. TSX                                                                                                                        358 WIN 200 GR. TSX
                                                                   PREMIUM VITAL-SHOK            FEDERAL PREMIUM VITAL-SHOK            257 WBY 80 GR. TTSX & 100 GR. TSX
     6.5-284 Norma 120 GR. TSX                                                                                                                                              35 WHELEN 200 GR. TSX
                                 357 Sig 125 GR. TSX               223 REM 55 GR. TSX            SABOT SLUGS                           270 WBY 110 GR. TTSX & 130 GR. TSX
     6 X 45mm 85 GR. TSX                                                                                                                                                    45-70 300 GR. TSX
                                 375 RUM 235 GR. TSX               243 WIN 85 GR. TSX            20 GAUGE 3” 5/8 OZ EXPANdER SGS       7MM WBY 120 GR. TTSX & 140 GR. TSX
                                                                                                                                                                            375 HH 235 GR. TSX
                                 375 H&H Mag 235 GR. TSX           6MM REM 85 GR. TSX            20 GAUGE 2 ¾” 5/8 OZ EXPANdER SGS     300 WBY 130 GR. TTSX
                                                                                                                                                                            375 HH 270 GR. TSX
                                 375 RUM 300 GR. TSX               25-06 REM 100 GR. TSX         12 GAUGE 3” 1 OZ EXPANdER SGS         300 WBY 165 GR. & 180 GR. TSX
                                                                                                                                                                            375 RUM 235 GR. TSX
                                 375 H&H Mag 300 GR. TSX                                         12 GAUGE 2 ¾” 3/4 OZ EXPANdER SGS     30-378 WBY 130 GR. TTSX
                                                                   260 REM 120 GR. TSX                                                                                      375 RUM 270 GR. TSX
                                 416 Rigby 350 GR. TSX                                           12 GAUGE 2 ¾” 1 OZ EXPANdER SGS       30-378 WBY 165 GR. & 180 GR. TSX
                                                                   270 WSM 110 GR. TTSX                                                                                     416 TAYLOR 300 GR. X
                                 45/70 Govt 300 GR. TSX                                                                                340 WBY 225 GR. TSX
                                                                   270 WSM 130 GR. TSX           20 GAUGE 2 ¾” 5/8 OZ EXP SGS TIPPEd                                        416 TAYLOR 350 GR. X
                                 458 Win Mag 450 GR. TSX                                                                               338-378 WBY 225 GR. TSX
                                                                   270 WIN 110 GR. TTSX          20 GAUGE 3” 5/8 OZ EXP SGS TIPPEd                                          416 REM MAG 350 GR. X
                                 475 TURNBULL 400 GR. TSX                                                                              378 WBY 270 GR. TSX
                                                                   270 WIN 130 GR. TSX           12 GAUGE 2 ¾” ¾ OZ EXP SGS TIPPEd                                          50 BMG 750 GR. TAC-LR BT
                                                                                                                                       416 WBY 350 GR. TSX
                                                                   270 WBY 130 GR. TSX           12 GAUGE 3” ¾ OZ EXP SGS TIPPEd                                  
                                 COR-BON DPX PISTOL                                                                                    460 WBY 450 GR. TSX
                                                                   7MM-08 140 GR. TSX
                                 9mm Luger 80 GR. TAC-XP                                                                                         CUSTOM AMMUNITION LOADERS:
                                                                   280 REM 140 GR. TSX
                                 9mm Luger +P 115 GR. TAC-XP                                     FEDERAL PREMIUM
                                                                   7MM WSM 160 GR. TSX                                                 DOUBLETAP AMMUNITION
                                 9X23 125 GR. TAC-XP                                             LE/PERSONAL DEFENSE                                                        SAFARI ARMS -
                                                                   7MM REM MAG 110 GR. TTSX                                            380 ACP 80GR TAC-XP
                                 10mm Auto 155 GR. TAC-XP                                        223 REM 55 GR. TAC-X                                             
                                                                   7MM REM MAG 140 GR. TSX                                             9MM+P 80 GR. TAC-XP
                                 38 Special+P 110 GR. TAC-XP       7MM REM MAG 160 GR. TSX       9MM LUGER 115 GR. TAC-XP
                                                                                                                                       9MM+P 115 GR. TAC-XP                 SUPERIOR AMMUNITION -
                                 380 Auto 80 GR. TAC-XP            30-30 WIN 150 GR. TSX FN      40 S&W 155 GR. TAC-XP
                                                                                                                                       357 SIG 80 GR. TAC-XP      
                                 38 Super Auto+P 125 GR. TAC-XP    308 WIN 150 GR. TSX           45 AUTO 185 GR. TAC-XP
                                                                                                                                       357 SIG 115 GR. TAC-XP
                                 400 COR®BON 155 GR. TAC-XP        308 WIN 165 GR. TSX 
                                                                                                                                       9X25 dILLON 80 GR. TAC-XP
                                 40 S&W 140 GR. TAC-XP                                                                                                                      Federal®, Federal Premium® Vital-Shock®
                                                                   308 WIN 180 GR. MRX                                                 9X25 dILLON 115 GR. TAC-XP
                                 41 Rem Mag 180 GR. XPB                                          INTERNATIONAL CARTRIDGE CO.                                                and Cape-Shock® are registered trademarks of
                                                                   30-06 165 GR. TSX                                                   38 SPECIAL 110 GR. TAC-XP            Federal Cartridge. Weatherby® is a registered
                                 444 Marlin 225 GR. XPB                                          243 WIN 80 GR. TTSX
                                                                   30-06 180 GR. TSX                                                   357 MAG 110 GR. TAC-XP               trademark of Weatherby Inc. Cor®Bon is a
                                 45 Auto Rim 160 GR. TAC-XP        30-06 180 GR. MRX             270 WIN 130 GR. TTSX                  38 SUPER+P 115 GR. TAC-XP            registered trademark of CorBon. Blackhills® and
                                                                   300 H&H 180 GR. TSX           7MM-08 REM 140 GR TTSX                40 SW 140 GR. TAC-XP                 Blackhills Gold® is a registered trademark of
                                                                                                 7MM REM 140 GR. TTSX                                                       BlackHills Ammunition. Norma® is a registered
                                                                   300 WSM 130 GR. TTSX                                                10MM 140 GR. TAC-XP                  trademark of Norma. doubleTap® is a registered
                                                                   300 WSM 165 GR. TSX           308 WIN 150 GR. TSX & TTSX            10MM 155 GR. XPB                     trademark of doubleTap Ammunition.
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