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									George Mason University School of Art


                                                                                                      Photo: Emily Posner, Graphic Design BFA

            The Master of Arts in Graphic Design features courses that integrate information design, visual
            communication, marketing, branding, two-dimensional image making and print and web
            publishing within a program that is grounded in theory and application.
            The MA degree is a 36-credit professional program aimed at preparing students for senior-level
            employment and design management in publishing, design, advertising, commercial and non-
            profit businesses, and high tech industries. Graduates with an MA in Graphic Design will also be
            qualified to teach at the junior-college level.

            AVT 611: Graduate Design Seminar (1 credit)               AVT 615: Advanced Web Design (4 credits) 
            Prerequisite(s): Admission to Graphic Design MA           This course develops skills for the application of
            (or MFA) program, or permission of the instructor.        information, interaction, usability, and visual
            Can be repeated. A laboratory for the exploration of      design for web site development. Students gain 
            contemporary design theory and practice through           in-depth knowledge of user behaviors and broader
            writing and design making, this class will have           context of social, cultural and contemporary issues
            rotating topical content.                                 in web communication. Students learn professional
                                                                      design processes and integrate multiple web
            AVT 612: Thesis Research Proposal (1 credit)
                                                                      developing technologies.
            To be completed prior to enrolling in AVT 794: Thesis.
            Provides the development and research phase in            AVT 617: Advanced Typography (4 credits) 
            preparation for AVT 794, the capstone course in the       Prerequisite(s): Admission to Graphic Design MA
            Graphic Design Masters program. Students will             (or MFA) program, or permission of the instructor.
            prepare their written thesis proposal for presentation    Students will produce a body of work exploring the
            to the AVT GD Graduate Faculty Committee.                 opportunities and limitations of typographical design.

            AVT 613: Graphic Design History (3 credits)               AVT 794: Graphic Design Project (4 credits) 
            A survey of design history, examining print and web       Prerequisite(s): admission to AVT Graphic Design
            design as both a reaction to and shaper of the broader    graduate program and completion of 30 graduate
            culture (including other fine and applied arts) through   credits. The capstone course in the Graphic Design
            the study of major movements and designers.               Master of Art degree. Provides for the independent
                                                                      development, design, production and presentation
            AVT 614: Brand Identity Design (4 credits)                of a graduate-level design project guided by faculty
            Prerequisite(s): admission to AVT graduate program        and design professionals.
            or permission of instructor. This is an advanced
            design course with an emphasis on brand identity
            development. Topics include logo development,
            product packaging, marketing and advertising
            collaterals, web branding, and broadcast advertising
            development. Special attention is given to the                                   School of Art
            creation of a graphic standards guide.
    ADMISSIONS                                              FACULTY
    Applicants may have an earned B.A. or B.F degree        Jandos Rothstein (Coordinator, Design Program)
    in Graphic Design from an accredited college or         came to Mason in 2003 from Washington City Paper,
    university. However, applicants with a BA or BS         where he served for eight years as the weekly’s
    in another discipline, and work experience in the       award-winning art director. In addition to teaching,
    field may apply for admission also. Students must       Jandos is now a freelance editorial designer and
    schedule an interview with the School of Art design     author of Designing Magazines from Allworth Press.
    faculty prior to admission.                             Shanshan Cui specializes in interactive user interface
    The following materials must be submitted as part       design. She has six years in the industry working for
    of the application process:                             Meredith Corp., Terra  Lycos, and
                                                            other companies.
    ◆ Completed application form;
                                                            Don Starr has worked in design for over 20 years and
    ◆ A non-refundable application fee;
                                                            been at Mason since 2001. Specializing in corporate
    ◆ Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates for   design and non-profit promotion, his clients have
      residents;                                            included Neiman-Marcus, FedEx, The Department of
    ◆ Appropriate international paperwork, as required      Agriculture and numerous non-profit groups. Don
      by the University;                                    is also Faculty Advisor for the AIGA George Mason
    ◆ Official transcripts from each undergraduate and      University Student Group.
      graduate program attended;                            Anne C. Kerns brings 18 years of design,
    ◆ Three letters of recommendation from faculty          management and PR experience to her classroom
      members, or those who can evaluate the                at Mason. In addition to teaching she runs her own
      applicant’s academic potential;                       design business, Anne Likes Red, Inc., specializing in
                                                            print design.
    ◆ A sample of academic writing about art or graphic
      design, such as a paper from an art or design         Elliott de Luca has 15 years of design and advertising
      history course; and                                   experience, working in print and broadcast for PBS,
                                                            Chiat/Day, BET, and Time-Warner Cable.
    ◆ A CD or DVD with 20 examples of design works in
      PDF jpeg, or a format that will play in a standard
         ,                                                  James Hicks is owner and Principle, JBH3 Graphic
      web browser.                                          Design, LLC and art director of Architecture DC.
    For more information about Graduate Admissions:         Karen Beach is a graphic designer and sole                       proprietor of Red Clover Design, founded in Iowa
                                                            in 1991 and relocated to Alexandria, Virginia in
                                                            the summer of 2003. Her local clients include the
                                                            Downtown DC (Downtown Business Improvement
                                                            District Corporation), US Agency for International
                                                            Development and AARP Karen has served as
                                                            President of the Art Directors Association of Iowa
                                                            and was President of the Iowa Chapter of AIGA, the
                                                            American Institute of Graphic Arts. Upon moving to
                                                            the DC area, she served on the Board of AIGA DC as
                                                            Education Director.
                                                            Reece Quinones has 14 years of experience leading
                                                            client engagements and creative teams through
                                                            print, advertising, multimedia, and interactive
                                                            design. Presently, she is an art director at a nonprofit
                                                            educational association and runs a freelance
                                                            business, Design Imprint.

                                                            For more information:

                             School of Art                  Email:
                                                            Phone: (703) 993-8898
                                                            or visit us at

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