UPP 594 Ethics in Planning and Public Affairs by ChrisPotter


									UPP 594 Ethics in Planning and Public Affairs
New Course for Fall, 2003

UPP 594 -- Topics in Urban Planning and Policy: Planning Ethics
Fall, 2003 – 6-9 PM TR, Room 115 SH    4 credit hours
Course number: 55196
Enrollment Limit: 20 students

Albert Schorsch, III, instructor

How can a planner and administrator get things done amid the rough and
tumble of local and regional government and institutions, and also act
with integrity and honesty?

Participants will consider approximately ten larger ethical questions
planning and public affairs by means of the case-study method. The
instructor and guests will also introduce different traditions and ways
of comprehending and addressing ethical problems in action. Both
pragmatic and classical approaches to ethical problems will be
examined. Much class time will be devoted to discussion and inquiry.
Active dialogue and written commentary is expected of participants, as
well as weekly reading of articles and cases.
Participants should gain from this course a greater familiarity with
vocabulary of ethics and a sense of its importance in planning and

Assignments: each student will prepare briefs for two cases, using a
differing moral tradition for each. Grading will be based upon case
writing and participation.

Texts will include:

Everyday Ethics for Practicing Planners, Carol D. Barrett, 2001,
Planning Association

Select shorter readings from among the following and from various
articles and cases:

Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life, by Sissela Bok
Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation, by Sissela Bok
Ethical Land Use: Principles of Policy and Planning, by Timothy Beatley
Bureaucratic Responsibility, by John P. Burke
The Ethics of Public Service: Resolving Moral Dilemmas in Public
Organizations by Kathryn G. Denhardt
Ethics and Urban Design, by Gideon S. Golany
Urban Design Ethics in Ancient China, by Gideon S. Golany
Ethical Issues in Urban Planning and Development, by Stanley J. Hallett
The Good City, by Lawrence Haworth
Planning Ethics, a Reader in Planning Philosophy, Sue Hendler, ed.
Acting on Ethics in City Planning, by Elizabeth Howe
How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work, by Robert Kegan and
Lisa Laskow Lahey
Reshaping the Built Environment: Ecology, Ethics, and Economics, edited
Charles J. Kilbert
Dilemmas of Planning Practice: Ethics, Legitimacy, and the Validation
Knowledge, by Huw Thomas and Patsy Healey
Whose Justice? Which Rationality? by Alasdair MacIntyre
The Right to the City: Social Justice & the Fight for Public Space, by
Ethics in Planning, Martin Wachs, ed.

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