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					Living our dignity                                           the random partner freely practices his uncontrolled
                                                             needs? Is she given the right of protection within
The theme of our conference is: “The dignity of              our society in her capacities as woman, wife,
woman”                                                       mother and colleague?
Why did we choose this particular topic?
During a meeting of the local group of the WFWP              Nothing has changed, as prostitution and human
Hanover a few years ago, women talked about the              trafficking for sexual exploitation constitute
effects of the sexualized advertisements. They               violence against women. Therefore, they are
decided on a leaflet campaign to oppose the                  absolutely irreconcilable with the dignity and value
utilization of the women‟s body as an advert-gag             of the human being, the maintenance of which is
and bait for any product under the sun.                      guaranteed by the International Human Rights.

Subsequent presentations will deal in greater detail         Why do we let such things happen? Faced with
with the various aspects of the campaign „Dignity            such facts, we ask ourselves just what our own
of woman‟ which arose out of the initial street-             understanding about ourselves is, as women. If,
campaign.                                                    indeed, we wish our men partners to recognize our
                                                             dignity, one requirement has to be met – that of
Where do we stand today?                                     discovering, nourishing and valuing this dignity
In the course of history, especially throughout the          within ourselves.
last century, women have fought for equality and
recognition and experienced that no one would roll           Definition
out a red carpet for them. The right to vote needed          First of all, let us find out something about the
to be fought for. Equality at work still exists on           meaning of the term „dignity‟.
paper more than actively pursued. Shelters for               From the old German language, „wirdi‟, or from
women are a warning sign about the continuing                medieval German language „wirde‟ we recognize a
oppression of women within the family.                       linguistic connection with the term „value‟. Surely
                                                             similar clues can be found in different languages
Many European countries, over the last few years,            and provide insight into contents and significance.
have elevated the status of prostitution to a                The first to have formulated the term „dignity of the
recognized profession by making it legal. In                 human being‟ was the Renaissance-philosopher
Germany, prostitution is categorised as service              Pico della Mirandola. In his speech „De hominis
provision – this means that women‟s sexuality is a           dignitate‟ (Latin transation: “About the dignity of
service provided for men and as such, women‟s                the human being”) (1486/87), he shows that man is
bodies are merchandise available for purchase.               free to determine his nature in accordance with his
                                                             own will. Pico della Mirandola emphazised man`s
Why?                                                         freedom and God given ability to rise to the vision
Many will argue that in this way, women working              of the deepest secrets of the universe. Literally, he
in prostitution ensure their right to any legal claims       says: „what an enormous and admirable happiness
and are health-insured. However, which women                 of the human being, to whom it is given to have
happily admit to their career as a prostitute? What          what he desires, and to be what he wishes to be‟. R.
happens to those women who, by virtue of promise             Bach lets his seagull Jonathan say the same with the
of a job are being misguided and end up being                words: „we are free; we can fly, wherever we want,
forced to work as a prostitute? What happens with            and be what we are…..‟
the sex-trafficking of women across the borders of
our countries? Is this kind of political decision            Dignity therefore is within us from the very
really in the interest of women? Why are there no            beginning of life.
training schemes (apprenticeships) for women
working in prostitution to change to another of              The philosopher Immanuel Kant spoke of the
professions? Why is there not enough care and help           universal dignity within each human being. He said:
for those in debt? Why are there no stringent                „Each person honours the human dignity through
controls over these kinds of social environments?            his/her own person;, has the right to receive respect
Does the legalization of prostitution as a profession,       from others, for the said human dignity ; and is in
really constitutes support?                                  turn, obliged to respect the human dignity in those
                                                             nearest to him…‟
When considering the wonderful human potential,              This means that it is important to grant dignity first
latent in each woman on the basis of her natural             to myself and to be free of any doubt concerning it.
undisturbed development, this state of affairs is            Dignity is an immanent nature, an innate character
unforgivable. The prostitute does receive her right          of humans, independent from any other
to claim her wages. Does she also have the right to          characteristics such as age, intelligence, abilities
live like any other woman?                                   and sex.
Is hers the right to be free from the daily                  Now to us women – how does this dignity manifest
degradation to a mere object, one towards which              itself within us? How can we find a way of relating

to our dignity? We need to think over our unique             Why do I call the dignity within us „Queen‟? After
and precious personality, no matter how the various          my operation, a friend visited me and was
religions or ideologies have considered women.               enthusiastic about my new style of walking. She
Now is the time to learn to cherish ourselves, to            called it‟ striding‟, like a queen.
realise that we possess special values, capabilities
and talents which our society so desperately needs.          Surely this discovery of the true „me‟ behind our
The world today is seeking for feminine values and           mask will be a very different kind of process and
this is shown even in politics, where more and more          experience from one individual to the other. Surely,
women are elected or appointed to represent their            this will not be possible to complete in just one
people. Feminine qualities, as we already described          weekend. Nonetheless, we can surely all discover
at various occasions, are among many others:                 something new. We can accompany each other on
                                                             this journey and set some milestones as orientation
Becoming aware of our specific feminine qualities            for the continuation of the journey ahead.
will strengthen our self-respect and understanding,
that without us women, respectively feminine                 To be authentic
qualities also in men, there can be no peace and no          From our birth, our Queen dignity is within us, our
further development in the society and the world.            authentic self. As a child, and as a girl, we still had
As soon as we deeply engraft these wonderful                 relatively free access to it, until we were faced with
abilities in our consciousness, we will find our             more and more demands from our environment,
dignity.                                                     pressurizing us into adjusting. We adopted any
                                                             attitude that would make us appear more kind from
Exercise: Finding our inner ‘Queen dignity’                  the viewpoint of society around us. Through this,
May I ask all of you to stand, please?                       we have given up at least a part of our self.
 Place your right hand on your chest and breathe in
deeply. Whilst doing this, you can feel how you              There lies the difference between self-denial, and
grow. Make yourself big, look straight ahead,                full dedication of our self. With self-denial, which
upright. Then, calmly, breathe out again but remain          means giving up our own personality, abandoning
as big. Repeat this exercise three times and listen to       ourselves, we lose our own self, our inner Queen,
your inner being. Feel how, within you, your inner           our dignity.
queen, your dignity, is awakening and continuing to
grow. Please sit down.                                       With full dedication of the self, we offer from
                                                             ourselves, from the inner wealth of our queen; we
This inner Queen dignity I discovered after a back-          remain who we are and thus, the self-dedication
operation. All I was allowed to do for two months            becomes the foundation of true love. Look at
was to stand and walk. My corset forced me to go             Mother Teresa, whom we all know. She has fully
straight. I was only allowed to take small steps in          dedicated herself to the task she wanted to
order not to strain my back. At the same time, I had         accomplish and has always been a woman with a
to ensure that the muscles around the lumbar region          shining dignity.
were kept tense at all times.
                                                             To be ourselves is what makes us more amiable and
Recognize our mask                                           endearing to others, because it is authentic Only
It took a lot of willpower to do this. I was forced to       then will we be recognized as a fully fledged person
remove my mask. Ordinarily, I would have made                in his/her own right, respected, loved and
myself smaller, would rather have walked hunched-            trustworthy and what can one lose by living in a
over with rounded shoulders.                                 genuine way? Maybe someone will reject us
Our masks in daily life have become a protective             because we don‟t correspond to their concept of
mechanism which we use to avoid being hurt, Are              womanhood. However, we have ourselves, we are
you aware of this mask? Are you making                       honest and our life becomes valuable and dignified.
yourselves bigger or smaller? Are you always nice
and friendly and ready to help or, rather distant? Do        Keep our sense of dignity
you pretend to have competence and self-                     No matter, how others treat us, we should never
confidence or do you pretend to be more helpless             feel we are a victim. Our universal, God-given
than you actually are? Do we wish to satisfy and             dignity is much stronger than any evaluation that
please everybody around us? Everyone is different;           anyone else gives us. In general, women have the
however, many of our different types of behaviour            tendency to be dependant on the compliment from
are only masks and not the real me. Sometimes, our           others. Often we observe that women or girls let
real „me‟ is hidden so deeply beneath the mask that          themselves be misused by men, hoping to get love
we ourselves are not able to recognize it any more.          in return. They forgive their drunken husbands
                                                             again and again, being smitten and humiliated,
Today I invite you to start and to move towards the          hoping for the situation to change for the best! Men
discovery of the true „me‟ and thus to the encounter         will also be helped, when we strongly insist in our
with your inner Queen dignity.                               dignity and seek assistance from the family

advisory service. Endurance alone is not the                rediscovered and consciously implemented in our
answer. We do not need to be ashamed; it is our             lives.
right to be appreciated as a woman. We can learn to         We ourselves are the ones to shape our lives, thus
become independent of the judgement of others, by           be co-creators of our own „me‟ Pico della
constantly affirming ourselves that we are created          Mirandola saw the dignity of people in self-
as God‟s image with eternal value. To lose control          determination and free development of their
of our emotions, accusing or judging others                 character. All other creations grow according to
bereaves us of our sense of dignity.                        laws and only human beings have the option, in
                                                            other words, the divine commission, to share in
Our life is a work of art                                   creating themselves.      This means to lovingly
Have you experienced situations when you reach              embrace our share of the process of creation telling
the limit? Exhaustion, stress, sleeplessness, illness       ourselves that our share is my property, my own
are pile up on top of you. Yet, how often do we go          realm into which no-one should penetrate. Seen in
beyond these? From my own experience I can say:             this way, a sanctuary arises in us which we can fill
Too often! Again and again, we just continue, a             with all of our experiences and insights, our
small break, maybe a painkiller, and off we go              heavenly treasure chamber. “That is my 100%, no-
again. The show must go on. What has to happen              one can touch it or interfere with it. “ This thought
before we will finally listen to our body and say           fills me with joy.
„no‟ for once? We women all pay too high a price.           Discovery of our qualities, development of our
Don‟t we know the feeling that all will collapse if         talents requires our total concentration, our
we don‟t do „it‟? Often, we also feel that we               investment and every new day is exciting and
haven‟t done enough – yes that we have never                stimulating. If we get ourselves involved in the
given enough, no matter how much we gave.                   mystery of femininity there is no time left over to
However, there will come a moment at which we               criticise, to be insulted, to carry around regrets
will only „do‟ without any sense of joy. Something          about unrealistic illusions. We will come to realise
essential is missing despite it all – and, more             that our happiness is not dependent on others but
precisely, - exactly because of all the „self-              rather that it is to be found in ourselves. By
sacrifice‟. Through our activism we shy away, in            awarding ourselves the esteem, confirmation and
the end, from our spiritual creativity and our self-        love which have always previously demanded from
development.                                                others, our heart‟s desires will be fulfilled and we
                                                            will be at peace with ourselves. That is the ideal
The women‟s inborn gift of absolute dedication is           basis for working for peace and we will emanate
important, for the time when our children are               this peace without fail to our surroundings, being
young. The temporary symbiotic relationship                 able to detect corresponding changes.
demands our undivided attention. But we mustn‟t
forget to bring this period to a conclusion when the        This is one aspect of the dignity of human beings,
kids grow older. They will begin to go forward              the dignity of women. This entails listening to our
themselves. Only in this way, will they shape their         inner self and to make realizations about how to
own personality. It is exactly the same with our            build our life in the circumstances at the time. Our
marriage partners. They too, have their individual          life is our uniquely personal artwork.
courses with which we cannot and must not
interfere. From one person to the next, the length of       Accept ourselves and our life
the time period we spend with undivided attention           In Buddhism, the deep sympathy for our own
to our children will be different.                          humanity is a high aim which entails redemption at
                                                            the same time. Jesus said: Love your neighbour as
After this period we can dedicate ourselves in a            you love yourself. Therein dwells the greatest
new way. The “motherly” aspect within us then can           difficulty – to accept oneself, on a daily basis, with
turn to the necessities of the bigger family, the           unconditional love: - without placing conditions on
world, in whatever aspect we decide to invest               oneself, the fulfilment of which only, „supposedly‟,
ourselves in. At the same time we can attend to our         would render us amiable. However, to accept
own spiritual needs.                                        myself is the most important prerequisite when
                                                            aiming for success in treating others with more
Feminism has freed us in the fields of education            love.
and career. However, we have all simultaneously             To accept ourselves, to be our very own self means:
been thrown into an identity crisis involving               - especially, not to compare oneself with others.
tensions between holding down a job, having a               Have a look at the beautiful countryside. Discover
carrier and being a woman. Women have often seen            the great variety of flowers and the special
the difference between themselves and men as a              character of each and every one of them. We are
hindrance. However, this also leads to a reduction          like that, each and every one in our own unique
in the value of the very qualities which are special        way beautiful and special, endowed with value and
in women, both in the biological field and the              dignity. All being able to be completely ourselves.
mental/spiritual field. These qualities must be

Once we accept ourselves in this way, with all our             comparing ourselves with others or to orientate
particularities, we then can begin to accept other             ourselves looking at them. Whatever we „achieved‟
people around us with their specialities, without              or „didn‟t achieve‟ – we didn‟t fail.
forming images of each other, which only leads to               From a universal perspective, we are all on the
our personal deceptiveness and disappointment.                 path of growing and learning and the sum of our
                                                               experiences constitutes the fruits of our life.
Not to let the demands made on we become                       Whatever we built up, learned and achieved
mightier than the love we have for ourselves. We               internally is only known to each one of us. For this,
may be challenged with feelings like self-doubt and            no one apart from me can take account and give
anxiety about life. Our own value of „my self‟ and             recognition.
our inability to recognise how kind and loving one
is oneself, is the biggest drawback or handicap to             Time, a gift of creation
letting our Queen Dignity shine.                               Changes take time as does all growth. Time is a
                                                               part of the creative process. So we are permitted to
I would like to share with you a beautiful quotation           utilize this time as a gift offered by creation and
by Meister Ekkehard, Dominican preacher,                       banish all impatience with ourselves. Rhythms of
theologian and mystic in the Middle Ages:                      nature show us that the actual growth often occurs
“When you love yourself, you love all other people             during times of apparent inactivity, at times
to the same degree. So long as you love any other              beginning in darkness only to become visible when
person less than yourself you never really and truly           the seeds push through the soil. This is preceded by
loved yourself, - when you don‟t love all people as            the time of maturing hidden from and invisible to
much as you love yourself, in one human being all              the eye. „The creator gives from his being, from his
human beings: and this person is God and man (or               femininity he offers the time‟ says Weinreb who
woman). So, it is right with such a person that loves          studied the sources of the old Jewish knowledge in
„him-or her self‟ and loves others as much as he or            his book „The mother God – the feminine side of
she does, and this is right and good.”                         god‟. Activity at all cost, as demanded by the
                                                               patriarchal patterns is not anywhere near as
Accept our mistakes                                            important here, as is the patient waiting for the
For centuries, feelings of guilt have accompanied us           developments to naturally unfold, as a process that
women. Our search in the religious interpretations             is inherent to everything that is living.
of the Holy Scriptures, about the origin of all
difficulties of human life, will lead us to the woman          Articulate the Aim of our soul
being the initiator of the separation from God, the            Once we have found the way to our inner Queen
first sinner.                                                  dignity, all that remains is to discover which
                                                               strengths, dreams, abilities and desires are within
In the Greek Philosophy, too, we find a strong                 us. I refer to this as the exploration of the aim of
degradation of the woman. Patriarchal education                our soul which means to give a deeper meaning to
has only reinforced this notion. Therefore, it is              our life, quite apart from the external
obvious that we are always very aware of our                   responsibilities. When embarking on this, it is
mistakes, our guilt and allow this awareness to                absolutely essential to take time for this exploration
paralyze us. It is important that we forgive                   of and more intimate acquaintance with our inner
ourselves for these mistakes, and do not remain                Queen. This involves the step of examining our life
trapped in feelings of guilt. It is healthier to utilize       under a magnifying glass.
these supposed mistakes as lessons to learn from.
                                                               The difference between what helps us and what, on
This again, entails that we love ourselves                     the other hand, hinders us can only be found out by
unconditionally- the way we are, with our anxieties,           each and every one of us individually. In this
weaknesses, rage, boredom, sorrow, stress, with the            process, it is important to recognize that even
liveliness, the wildness, the strength and the pain.           difficult situations can be of help. Something that
Once we love ourselves as unconditionally as to                we might possibly identify as being „bad‟ for us
embrace all of these, then we can love others                  might be an important indication towards the need
around us in the same way. For, what I don‟t need              for a change in our concepts, or way of thinking not
to reject in my own self, I don‟t need to reject, let          to impede our growth. Many happenings in our life
alone fight in the other.                                      serve our internal purpose, correspond to it and
                                                               further it, often without our being aware of it.
Recognize our years of activity                                Desires and visions
A further step is to recognize what we have                    Right at the earliest stages of growth, we women
achieved. All of us are looking back on many years             often suffocate our desires and visions with
of activity. Furthermore, based on what we have                thoughts such as: „I cannot do this anyway, I don‟t
already achieved, can only built on, when we give              have time for this, this is not realistic, I am not
ourselves the legitimate recognition. This means to            strong enough for this, nobody would understand
leave fake modesty behind us and to stop                       this, and nobody would accept this!‟ Throughout

history, women have experienced so many                     It is therefore important that we as women declare
dismissals, have been hurt so frequently that,              our power, implementing it with wisdom, exerting
unconsciously, this became a part of us. How many           positive influence on the world around us. The
women are of the opinion that they haven‟t                  formation of a peaceful world can come about, only
deserved any better?                                        by being based on true partnership.
 The lack of realization of the internal aim of our         The position of the woman in the universe
soul is a possible explanation. Thus, let us learn to       As far as the occupation of our position in the
desire. The greatest, internal strength arises out of       family, society and the universe is concerned, we as
the strength of a personal vision. Vision, articulate       women have been given a special, historic burden
clear ideas and wishes give us courage and let us           to carry. In many religions, the sentence:‟ the
overcome any outside-(our-self) dominion. These             woman reaches God only through the man‟ has
visions may vary greatly in contents, especially as         been upheld for centuries. Only the feminist
far as concerns our personal future, changes in our         theology has pointed out that already Jesus
town, global themes such as the dignity of women,           especially valued women. Margot Kaessman,, a
peace in the world, protection of the environment,          German protestant bishop, said in an interview
and fight against hunger in the world or many more.         with „Die Zeit‟ ( German newspaper) : “Theology
As soon as we have liberated ourselves from our             took a long time to recognize the feminine
masks, we will begin to feel more and more                  viewpoint not only as a legitimate but even
connected with the world, since we now begin to             respectable perspective. Only the feminist theology
notice that we form a part of it. Visions and desires       has brought to awareness the feminine, motherly
are like a fire within us. We do not need to fear it.       God-images of the Bible and lifted the biblical
Let us keep it alight and let it burn brightly.             records of „known‟, as well as many „unknown‟
                                                            women to a platform of respect.‟
Power from the viewpoint of women
Sometimes, we are afraid of this brightly burning,          In his teaching, Jesus elevated feminine values and
internal fire because we feel how much power it             virtues such of love of the other, even love of the
gives us. We have known power only in negative              enemy, compassion, mutual responsibility to treat
terms from the masculine side. Until now, power             others as one would wish to be treated oneself to a
brought us fear, oppressed us and dominated our             central position. He preached based on the
lives from outside.                                         realization that a spiritual evolution through such a
                                                            new value-system would lead to fundamental
Upon looking back into history with honesty, we             changes in society.
realize as well that the matriarchy also contained
aspects of power over men, through the holding on           Jesus describes God primarily as one caring for his
to the son-status of man. This fear of the feminine,        children and satisfying her needs. He expressed
motherly overtaking power still has its place today,        childlike confidence, into the‟ God who, one day,
unconsciously, beneath today‟s more subtle kinds            will wipe away all their tears…………‟.
of women‟ s oppression.                                     To care for the children and satisfy needs, to
The patriarchal forms of life then oppressed                comfort, these are expressions of the feminine
women. It is this circle of revenge, guilt and              aspect in God.
forgiveness that needs to be broken.                        Other religions, too, show that in the origin, in the
                                                            original source of being, both aspects were present.
The Culture of Peace is a culture of synthesis.             In Taoism, this is the principle of Yin and Yang,
Every contribution is important. Men and women              masculinity and femininity united in each other.
have different abilities, talents interests. Both
together will build this culture. When both men and         In Buddhism, too, it was upheld for a long time that
women have attained „heartistic‟ maturity, this             women first had to be embodied as men before
unity will be of cosmic significance. This means            being able to attain the state of enlightenment, as
that finally, a world of peace can be realized.             women. Whereupon a disciple of Buddha, who
Already Hildegard von Bingen, a German Saint and            today is worshipped as a goddess, the Tara, swore
mystic visionary, in the Middle Ages described the          that she would be reborn as a woman for as many
human being as the centre of the cosmos and                 times as necessary until reaching enlightenment as
explained that every human movement influences              a woman. She did succeed, of course.
the entire universe. Each of our actions creates a
foundation for something new. Every thought,                What this means for us is to follow the example of
every feeling, every deed leave traces behind.              Tara, to, metaphorically, discover the godly within
                                                            us .We are the daughters of God just as the man,
Finally, a culture of peace can only come                   within the patriarchal religious cultures appears as
about when both aspects, masculine and                      the son of God. In the Christian realm, we can refer
feminine work with each other on an                         to the passage in the Old Testament saying that God
equal-value basis.                                          created man in his image, a man and a woman.
                                                            Today‟s possibilities of the feminine occupying its

original position, represents the completion of the         also giving it its right amount of dignity, to be
cycle of human life, from individual, to married            healthy and well looked-after.
partners and in the world. The increasing motherly          The many internal changes will, after initial
awareness, and compassion, for the hungry and               astonishment, bring about changes in the people
suffering children in the world, and nurturing in the       around us. Once the internal self-perception is
true sense of responsibility towards the worlds             undergoing these changes, so will the perception
family, will become reality.                                others have of us. More than that – it is only based
                                                            on changes within ourselves that changes will occur
Our real task is to occupy the position intended for        in the outside world.
us, only for each one of us. When we hear of „task‟         I would like to close with a quote by Angelika
or „responsibility‟ we tend to flinch because we            Alliti, an American author.
connect these terms with efforts and difficulties.          „What, however, do we find when looking ahead?
But it doesn‟t need to be like this. Once we duly           What remains to be done? Are there unfulfilled
occupy our position and place which corresponds to          wishes lingering? What remains is the longing for a
ourselves and which has been reserved for us, the           world which is not dominated by fear but by the joy
strength required will begin to flow, the universe          of living. Wouldn‟t it be wonderful if this new
will cooperate with us. Once we have taken those            century made the emergence of new forms of life
first steps, we will notice that it is only becoming        possible? Forms of life which do not require any
easier and less arduous, to be ourselves than to fit        hierarchy to function, which rather entail the
into our mask. When we really are ourselves, our            highest possible degree of personal freedom and
eyes will open before the wealth of life, joy and           development? In order for this to not remain utopia,
beauty. Then, the task will become full of the joys         a number of things need to be done.‟
of life and we become creators of our future. Then,
we have discovered within us the dignity as hitherto        The United Nations declared the Decade of the
described by Pico della Mirandola.                          Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the children
                                                            of the world. This is a world not dominated by fear
Milestones                                                  and based on a new form of life where every man
These are just a few milestones for orientation             and woman can live in dignity. In July 1997 Nobel
along the way. Surely every one of us also has their        Prize winners from all over the world signed a
own, personal indicators. I am already looking              declaration. They wrote:
forward to the round table.
                                                            “The future of the world hangs on our willingness
Once our inner Queen Dignity reigns within us, she
                                                            to really change. Our willingness to be finished
will shine appearing and can be recognised by
                                                            with the culture of violence, be it physical,
others. With her reigning in us, we will suddenly
                                                            psychological or economic. We must dare to tell
realize that we often agreed to our own degradation         young people, even in history classes, that they will
solely for the purpose of obtaining recognition and         contribute more to the world by living in dignity
love. Then, we will begin to make changes in our
                                                            than by dying heroically, that it is conscience,
behaviour patterns, day by day and one piece at a
                                                            rather than obedience, which is the basis of human
time. We will learn to say „no‟, even at the risk of
                                                            life. The only real challenge remaining today, the
being misunderstood. We will realize how all that
                                                            real issue which will define the future, is, for the
our self-abandon achieved was to rob others of their        first time, to live together by respecting ourselves,
chance to develop and self-confrontation.
                                                            each other and the environment.“
We will be free of inner, self-imposed restrains,
apparent necessities and fake rulers. We will finally       We can contribute to this new form of life. In a
discover that we are not just dealing with a question       declaration from UNESCO on the contribution of
of being free „from‟ but also to be free „for which‟.       women to a Culture of Peace it is said: “Only as
We become free for our own way, free for the inner          women and men together in equality and
dignity, free for vision, free for power. This will         partnership can we overcome the difficulties,
strengthen us to fully dedicate ourselves to the task       silence and desperation and secure the
we decide to take upon ourselves.                           understanding, political will, creative thinking and
                                                            concrete activities which are necessary for global
The free woman within us, the inner Queen dignity,          transition from a culture of violence to a Culture of
is a woman who is decisive. Surely, we will not             Peace.”
always –and especially not at the beginning of this
path – be free from all fears, feelings of guilt or
worries. But we will not allow our feelings to              The raising of our awareness and living our dignity
manipulate us any longer. We will discover new              are the first steps, the foundation for any further
spheres within ourselves. Joy in doing things and           steps. We may as well start here and now.
joy in a time of contemplative rest will be in              Thank you very much for your attention.
balance in our daily life. Our body will thank us for


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