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					Spring 2008
UPP 535 Urban Business Districts, Planning Studio

Contact Information:

Dave Walker, instructor                          Abraham Lentner, instructor
Phone: 312.542.5934                              Phone: 312-413-2651
Email:                          Email:

Office Hours: TBD

Course Description:
Methods and tools for retail district analysis, planning and economic development,
including theoretical approaches and trends, methods, program formulation, computer
applications, and project examples for selected client(s). The course is open to all
graduate level UPP students.

This course introduces students to retail district planning by providing students the
opportunity to participate in the development of an environmentally sound retail district
plan for the Village of Palos Park, IL

Course topics will include: (1) effective business district planning methods, (2) place
making, business recruitment and commercial district design enhancement, and (3)
environmental standards for business district development.

Students will learn how to:
                • Understand the economic, physical and social dynamics that influence
                  commercial district (re)development.
                • Review the methods and theory for effective retail development
                • Research the types of retail, service or other business enterprises
                  appropriate for the district
                • Evaluate the district design interventions to improve the form and
                  function of the business district s
                • Evaluate desired business types from an economic, spatial and
                  infrastructural standpoint
                • Develop effective place making strategies
                • Develop effective business recruitment and retention strategies
                • Evaluate the role, function, priorities and organization of a municipal
                  planning department in a district development effort
                • Identify planning tools, resources, organizations and programs
                  available and commonly used by municipal planning staff

As an outcome of the course, students will help develop a comprehensive Green
Downtown Development Plan for the Village of Palos Park. Students will be asked to
assess the conditions affecting a business district development plan, identify critical
issues, developing planning principles, create planning recommendations and devise

UPP 535, Spring 2008                                                            Page 1 of 7
implementation strategies to create a LEED ND certifiable business district in the Village
of Palos Park.

The studio will be instructed by Dave Walker and T. Abraham Lentner.

Course Evaluation

15%    Weekly assignments
5%     Class participation
30%    Project 1: Presentation of Existing Conditions and Green Development Concepts
30%    Project 2: Presentation of Recommendations and Strategies (team)
20%    Project 3: Plan chapters

Course Webpage:

Supplementary Texts will be posted on the website or handed out as needed.

Semester Overview:
                   Course Topic                                            Friday Activities
  1   16-Jan-08    Business District Planning
  2   23-Jan-08    Understanding the components of a business district     Tour of Palos Park: 1/25/08
  3   30-Jan-08    Understanding and applying LEED ND Standards
  4    6-Feb-08    Assessing Conditions – physical analysis
  5   13-Feb-08    Assessing Conditions – retail market analysis
  6   20-Feb-08    Case studies of green and resort business districts
                   Critical Issues, Opportunity Analysis , Stakeholders,
 7    27-Feb-08    Objectives & Planning Principles
 8     5-Mar-08    Elements of Green Design & Green Business
 9    12-Mar-08    Streetscape and the Public Realm                        Project 1: 3/14/08
10    19-Mar-08    Design Controls: Zoning, Development & Design Review
11    26-Mar-08    Spring Break no class
12      2-Apr-08   Transportation and Parking
13      9-Apr-08   Business Attraction and Retention
14    16-Apr-08    Economic Development Tools & Financing                  Project 2: 4/18/08
15    23-Apr-08    Community Development Tools & Programming
16    30-Apr-08    Estimating & Describing Impact
17     7-May-06    Project 3, Final Plan Chapters Due

Jan. 16
Business District Planning
Topics: Elements of a business district plan. How plans are used. Effective vs.
ineffective plans
    1. Village of Palos Park Comprehensive Plan

UPP 535, Spring 2008                                                            Page 2 of 7
   2. Village of Palos Park Strategic Plan
   3. Village of Burnham Comprehensive Retail Plan, City Design Center, 2005

Guest Speakers
   1. Kent Oliven, Finance Director, Village of Palos Park (confirmed)

Jan 23
Understanding the components of a business district
Topics: Understanding the anatomy of a functional business district in Urban and
Suburban setting, types of retail structures, business or tenant mix, “anchors,” pedestrian
vs. auto orientation, role of community institutions, traffic flow

   1. "Retail 1 2 3" the new study by MPC and the Campaign for Sensible Growth
   2. Reinventing America’s Suburban Strips, ULI.
   3. Rebuilding Neighborhood Retail, ULI

   1. Download an aerial image of a portion of our study area from the USGS
       Orthoimagery server ( Using a pencil or Adobe Illustrator,
       identify the components of the district.

Jan 30
Understanding and applying LEED ND Standards
Topics: LEED ND standards: history, meaning & use.
   1. LEED ND Standards
   2. Article about LEED ND Standards
   3. LEED ND Project case study

Guest Speakers
   1. Marilyn Engwall, Chicago Department of Planning and Project Manager for US
       Steel LEED ND Pilot project

   1. Write a short 800 to 1200 word summary that indicates what 3 LEED ND
       standards apply most to Palos Park, which 3 LEED ND standards are least
       applicable, and why.

Feb 6
Assessing Conditions – physical analysis
Topics: Understanding and characterizing physical conditions of a retail district, reading
and creating street sections, plan diagrams to understand form, etc
   1. Selections from Kevin Lynch Image of the City

UPP 535, Spring 2008                                                            Page 3 of 7
   1. Draw a street section or diagram the site conditions for one portion of our study
       area. Include about 600 words of text describing what your image shows.

Feb 13
Assessing Conditions –- retail market analysis
Topics: Understanding and characterizing economic conditions and factors of a retail
district, understanding trade areas, assessing retail demand with demographic analysis,
weighing regional competition for shoppers, long term business trends in the retail

   2. Lee, Kimary, Sara Beth Coffey and Bridget Brown. 2003. Preliminary Market
      Analysis for Neighborhood and Community Retail Districts. UIC CUED.

Guest Speakers
   1. Jake Cowal, Program Manager, LISC MetroEdge

   1. Perform a simple retail market analysis for one commercial industry (to be
       assigned on Feb 6).

Feb 20
Case Studies of Green Design and Green Business
Topics: US and international examples of green design and green business.

Guest Speakers
   1. Jim Patchett of Conservation Design Forum
   1. Research and present one example of green design or green business.

Feb 27
Critical Issues and Opportunity Analysis Plan Stakeholders, Objectives &

Topics: Understanding existing conditions overall, how to identify critical issues and
opportunities, SWOT and other conventional types of analysis. Why we plan business
districts, common objectives, who benefits from planning, how to develop planning
    1. Feehan and Feit, Chap 11
    2. Feehan and Feit, Chap 31


UPP 535, Spring 2008                                                           Page 4 of 7
   1. Produce a SWOT or Critical Issues matrix on one page to indicate what elements
      of the existing conditions in Palos Park present the greatest challenges and
      greatest opportunities to creating a viable “green downtown”

Mar 5
Elements of Green Design & Green Business
Topics: sustainability and urban design, green architecture, understanding cost benefit
and common design practice, defining green businesses, problems of green business

Guest Speakers
   1. TBD

   1. Submit a draft of your concept board.

Streetscape & the Public Realm
Topics: the elements of common streetscape and public realm design interventions, a
nuanced and contextual approach to public realm design recommendations

Guest Speakers
   1. David Yoccai, Conservation Design Forum

Project 1 Due 3/14/08:
   1. Presentation of draft ideas to representatives of the Village of Palos Park

Mar 19
Design Controls: Zoning, Development & Design Review
Topics: How municipalities influence the built environment through land use regulation,
common and best in class examples, different types of controls

Guest Speakers
   1. TBD

   1. In-Class Development Review Exercise

Mar 26
Spring Break

Apr 2

UPP 535, Spring 2008                                                           Page 5 of 7
Transportation and Parking
Topics: estimating real parking needs, addressing perceived parking shortages, effective
parking design, taking advantage of transportation amenities, multi-modal design, what
retailers want.
    2. Freehan and Feit, select chapters
    3. ULI parking standards publications

Guest Speakers
   1. TBD

   1. (as a team) Decide upon a set of recommendations or vision statements that
       summarize your team’s approach to its portion of the Village. Recommendations
       should cover the following areas:
          a. Streetscape or public area design interventions
          b. Development Design guidelines
          c. Business types to recruit
          d. Transportation access and parking
          e. Development site concepts

Apr 9
Business Attraction and Retention
Topics: understanding green business needs, developing business recruitment strategies,
the problems of a “tenant mix” for a business district, small business development vs.
large business development
    1. Feehan and Feit, select chapters
    2. Fenker, the Site Book, select chapters
    3. Andersonville study

Guest Speakers
   1. TBD

   2. (as a team) Develop illustrations that visualize your recommendations

Apr 16
Economic Development Tools and Financing
Topics: TIF districts, tax rebates, SSAs, Business District Taxes,

Guest Speakers
   1. Friedman Assoc. Rep

Project 2 Due 4/18/08:

UPP 535, Spring 2008                                                          Page 6 of 7
   1. Present recommendations to the Village of Palos Park

Apr 23
Community Development Tools & Programming
Topics: Public-Private partnerships, downtown organizations, downtown or events
programming, intergovernmental agreements

Guest Speakers
   1. TBD

Apr 30
Estimating Impact
Topics: Fiscal impact analysis; the importance, use and abuse of renderings; traffic

Guest Speakers
   1. TBD

May 7
Final Project Due

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