KCALL MINUTES – tentative until approved by zhouwenjuan


									KCALL MINUTES – approved
Membership Meeting
March 10, 2005
Armstrong Teasdale LLP

Present were: Janice Jones, Maria Johnson, Beth Cohen, Phil Lawrence, Susan Duede, Frances
Schach, Vivian Karlin, Linda Wassberg, Deborah Showalter-Johnson, Brian Larios, Deanna Long,
Judy Esrig, Glenn Higley, Rachelle Leutzinger, Yelena Shmidova, Ruth Gervais, Phill Johnson, Nancy
Stancel, Cindy Crary, Debbie Steele, Sandra Berman, Mike Sappenfield, and Sharon Hom.

I. Call to Order
 The meeting was called to order by President Deborah Showalter-Johnson at 11:53 a.m.

II. Approval of Minutes
The minutes from the January 4th membership meeting were approved.

III. Board Report
Deborah brought up the discussions from the February 8th board meeting, particularly the Program
Committee report. The Board minutes will be posted to the website soon for the membership to view.
There is some old business that will be discussed at UMKC for ideas that law library director Paul
Callister had suggested last year.

IV. Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Sandra Berman reported a balance of $2,447.55. She also included the current membership
totals in her report. She noted that part of the balance included the $1,000 reserve fund, which was
designated at the board meeting, and included the estimated 2005 expenses for Earthlink’s website
hosting ($299.50), bringing KCALL’s available funds to $1,148.05. Sandra has sent membership
changes to Janet McKinney to include in the website directory, and asked members to notify her of any
changes. The treasurer’s report was approved.

V. A. Technology Committee
There was not a formal report as the chair, Janet McKinney, was not present. There were questions
raised by members Susan Duede and Sharon Hom about updating the Kudos for Colleagues portion of
the website. Deborah Showalter-Johnson suggested creating a system for reviewing and updating
news on the website, as well as time limits for keeping news online. Nancy Stancel, who is part of the
Technology Committee, will contact Janet about this issue. Ruth Gervais suggested a time limit of six
months. Deborah will add an agenda item to the meetings that asks for news from members. It was
suggested that it would be useful to post which members were attending conferences on the website.
Deborah stated she would let Janet and Nancy decide how to best resolve this issue.

B. Program Committee (Phill Johnson)
 Phill presented the KCALL 2005 Programs report. There was a change in the August 11 program;
Brian Larios of LexisNexis will lead the program with Phill rather than Andrew Shimek, due to a
scheduling conflict. Deborah thanked Phill and the Program Committee for preparing the report and
the programs.

VI. Old Business
         A. Charity Event
At the board meeting on February 8th, it was suggested that the charity event could be undertaken at a
time of year other than the Holiday Party. Deborah opened this up to the membership for discussion.
Sharon Hom mentioned that she had talked to former KCALL member Linda Roser recently; and
brought up the idea of KCALL helping out Linda’s organization, Spofford, which is a residential
facility for abused children. Sharon asked Debbie Steele to contact Linda to see if she would like help
from KCALL. At the February Board meeting, the idea of working with the Young Lawyers Section
of KCMBA and their book drive was mentioned. One member brought up problems encountered in
the past while working with this group, but liked the idea of collecting books, and thought Library
Week in April would be a good time to do so. Ruth Gervais suggested contacting the Special Libraries
Association to see if they are involved in a project in which KCALL could participate. Deborah asked
for a volunteer to look into our options, and Vice President/President-Elect Deanna Long volunteered
to do so. Deborah will bring this up at the board meeting in April and present at the next membership
meeting in May. The current goal for this project is August 2005.

       B. MAALL Notes
Deborah mentioned that Jan Medved is the Missouri Liaison for the newsletter MAALL Markings; she
encouraged members to e-mail their news to Jan for the next newsletter. Deborah confirmed with
Debbie Steele that the change of KCALL officers was published in the last issue of MAALL

       C. AALL Notes
This year’s meeting is in San Antonio, Texas. It was suggested that attendees’ names be posted on the
news portion of the KCALL website. Sandra Berman mentioned that several members from UMKC
would be attending.

VII. New Business
Phill announced the next meeting would be on Thursday, May 19 at Bryan Cave and hosted by Joan
Thomas. He also proposed the idea of having more social activities in addition to regular meetings.
He mentioned the idea of a social hour, that this was done every month at the University of Illinois,
and was well received; it gave librarians the opportunity to know each other outside of the office
environment. A cookout at UMKC and happy hour at McCormick & Schmick’s was suggested.
Sandra said that if UMKC hosted a cookout, KCALL could provide the meat and members could bring
additional dishes. As there was interest among the membership, Phill agreed to check into organizing
extra social events.

VIII. Thank You—Deborah thanked Frances Schach for hosting the meeting and for her generosity in
providing lunch for members.

IX. Adjourn to Program
Deborah adjourned the meeting at 12:15 p.m. The roundtable discussion program “Problem Patrons:
Positive Outcomes” followed, led by Phill Johnson.


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