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1973 - ibiblio



     During the past thirty-six years of operation the Brevard Music Center has trained
thousands of young talented musicians not only in personal discipline but also in the
development of their individual talents in fields of music.

     In our thirty-seventh year we are offering not only the greatest array of talent in our
Faculty and Guest Artists, but the most comprehensive program ever in which students will
have the opportunity of working with and learning from professionals in their respective
musical endeavors.

      All of this is made possible because of the dedicated individuals, institutions, both
governmental and private, who have been so generous with their financial means as well as
their own personal services in promoting the objectives of the Center.

      Unrestricted gifts, large or small, provide the Center with a flexibility that insures our
ability to make available the educational facilities for dedicated young musicians to obtain
further training under experienced leadership. Restricted gifts for special use also give the
Center the necessary means by which it can expand its services to YOUTH.

     It is the sincere hope of the Staff, Students, Faculty, and Trustees that you will enjoy
your visit to the Center and its programs of entertainment, and that you may find it possible
to join with others in supporting the efforts of the Center in the training of young

                                                                J. D. Sykes - Chairman
                                                                Board of Trustees

         J.D. Sykes, Chairman
         Board of Trustees
         Brevard Music Center
    Brevard Music Center
          Brevard, North Carolina

             HENRY JANIEC, Artistic Director

        Thirty-Seventh Season
              July 4-August 19

                                               THE TRANSYLVANIA MUSIC CAMP
                                                   THE ADVANCED DIVISION
                                               THE DIVISION OF SPECIAL STUDIES
                                                 THE BREVARD MUSIC FESTIVAL

('('The Summer Cultural Center of the South"
                                      STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA
                                         GOVERNOR'S OFFICE
                                           RALEIGH   27611

          GOVERNOR                                              May 2, 1973

                   Dr. Henry Janiec, Director
                   The Brevard Music Center
                   Brevard, North Carolina

                   Dear Dr. Janiec:

                           It gives me great pleasure to send warm greetings and
                   best wishes to Brevard Music Center as you begin your thirty-
                   seventh season of musical education and performance.

                            The State of North Carolina is proud to be the home
                   of the Brevard Music Center which fills her mountains with
                   the sound of music and instructs her young students in the
                   universal language of music. The Brevard Music Center has
                   enriched the cultural and educational experiences of thousands
                   of audiences and alumni in the past, and with the help of
                   friends and supporters will continue this service for years
                   to come.

                           May you have a most successful season in 1973. I
                   look forward to my visit to the Brevard Music Center this


                                                 ~           Holshouser, Jr.
'The CJ3reuard fJvf usic Center

                                         The Fourth Decade
   The last few years of the life of the Brevard Music Center have been years of challenge, activity, and fulfillment. The face
of the Center is gradually changing and new educational services and projections are evolving. But the present is a mirror of
the past at Brevard, for the history of the Center is one of constant challenge and growth.

   The Center was born in 1936, the idea having been conceived seven years earlier by Dr. James Christian pfohl, who
inaugurated the plan for a summer music camp while he was Director of Music at Davidson College. At the outset,
Transylvania Music Camp was known as the Davidson College Music Camp for Boys, and was held on the campus of the
North Carolina college. During World War II, the camp became co-educational and operated for a time on the campus of
Queens Col1ege in Charlotte, N. C.

   The present site was selected after the war, and the Transylvania Music Camp evolved as a business enterprise controlled by
a corporation of four men. Later it became a non-profit educational institution under the guidance of a Board of Trustees,
and was chartered by the State of North Carolina. Thus the Brevard Music Center came into existence.

   Over thirty years of continuous promotion of the artist and constant encouragement and guidance of artistic talent give
the Brevard Music Center cause to look with some satisfaction at its history. Thousands of young musicians have received an
indispensable part of their training at the Center, and hundreds of thousands have enjoyed the concerts and operas presented
on the Festival series. Each year new programs are instituted at the Brevard Music Center to give expression to further talents
and to other art forms, and larger, more enthusiastic audiences show appreciation for the Center's offerings.

  The Brevard Music Center is fulfilling a basic need, the human need for artists to express themselves and the equally
important need for those who appreciate the arts to be uplifted by the inspired performances of these artists.

                    The Brevard Music Center is a member of the A merican Symphony Orchestra League.

                                 1973 Educational Curricula

TRANSYLVANIA MUSIC CAMP                                              ADVANCED DIVISION
  Brevard Music Center Orchestra                                        Transylvania Music Camp Curriculum
  Transylvania Symphony                                                 Freshman and Sophomore Theory
  Transylvania Youth Orchestra                                          Orchestration
  Wind Ensemble                                                         Form and Analysis
  Concert Band
                                                                        Music_ History and Appreciation Survey
  Transylvania chorus
                                                                        Survey of Chamber Music
  Opera Workshop
                                                                        Symphonic Literature
  Music Theory
  Stage Craft                                                           Opera Workshop
  Chamber Music                                                         Private Lessons
  Private Lessons

                                             DIVISION OF SPECIAL STUDIES

              Repertory Training Program                                Total Curriculum of other Divisions
              Directed Independent Studies                              Teacher-Aide Program
Cfhe CJ3revard gJJ usic Center

                                     Board of Trustees

Mr. Douglas W. Booth              Charlotte, N. C.               Mrs. J. Ralph Lawton           Hendersonville, N. C.
Mr. Frank G. Carr                   Brevard, N. C.               Mrs. Joseph H. McConnell            Midlothian, Va.
Dr. Robert T. Coleman, Jr.      Spartanburg, S. C.               Mr. Murray S. Moore                Flat Rock, N. C.
Mrs. T. Kenneth Cribb           Spartanburg, S. C.               Dr. Carlos Moseley                New York, N. Y.
Dr. Lee G. Davy                  Kingsport, Tenn.                Mr. Fred D. Sauter                  Kenilworth, Ill.
Mr. John F. Dulken              Spartanburg, S. C.               Mrs. James Semans                    Durham, N. C.
Mr. Robert G. Edge                    Atlanta, Ga.               Mr. William E. Stevens, Jr.           Lenoir, N. C.
Mrs. L. M. Everett                   Dallas, Texas               Mr. S. P. Stowe, Jr.                Belmont, N. C.
Mr. William E. Hartman           Flat Rock, N. C.                Mr. J. D. Sykes                    Flat Rock, N. C.
Mr. Cecil Hill                      Brevard, N. C.               Mrs. Alfred H. Taylor               Fairview, N. C.
Mrs. Maurice Honigman             Gastonia, N. C.                Mr. Charles Taylor                   Brevard, N. C.
Mr. Jerry Jerome                    Brevard, N. C.               Mrs. Paul C. Thomas              Spartanburg, S. C.
Mrs. Benjamin O. Johnson        Spartanburg, S. C.               Mr. Stanley P. Whitcomb, Jr.       Greenville, S. C.
Mr. Willis Kuhn                      Tryon, N. C.                Mr. Robert M. Wood                     Atlanta, Ga.

 Mr. J. D. Sykes                   Flat Rock, N. C.               Mr-. Cecil J. Hill                    Brevard, N. C.
       Chairman                                                         Secretary

 Mr. William E. Stevens, Jr.          Lenoir, N. C.
      Vice-Chairman                                               Mr. William E. Hartman              Flat Rock, N. C.
 Mr. Robert M. Wood                    Atlanta, Ga.

                               Committees of The Board

  Mr. Hartman, Chairman                                Mr. Hill, Chairman                    Dr. Davy, Chairman
  Mr. Carr                                             Dr. Davy                              Mr. Booth
  Mr. Jerome                                           Mr. Edge                              Mr. Dulken
  Mr. Moore                                            Mr. Wood                              Mr. Kuhn
                                                                                             Mr. Taylor

  Mr. Stevens, Chairman                           Mrs. Everett, Chairman                     Mrs. Cribb, Chairman
  Mr. Sauter                                      Mrs. Johnson                               Mrs. Honigman
                                                  Dr. Moseley                                Mrs. Lawton
                                                  Mrs. Semans                                Mrs. McConnell
                                                                                             Mr. Stowe
er he    CJ3revard ;AIusic Center
                                      National Advisory Council
  JAMES E. HOLSHOUSER, JR.                                                WILLIAM E. STEVENS, JR.
        Governor of the State of North Carolina                               Executive Vice-President, Broyhill Furniture Industries
        Honorary Chairman, National Advisory Council                          Chairman, National Advisory Council

        The National Advisory Council of the Brevard Music Center was organized in 1966. Its membership includes leaders in
  business, industry, government, the press, radio-TV, the arts and organizations in the arts. The Council will hold its sixth annual
  meeting at the Music Center on July 27-28, 1973.

                               National Advisory Council Membership
  EDDI.E ALBERT - Actor, Pacific Palisades, California                NEIL KJOS, JR. - President, Kjos Music Company, Park Ridge,
  HERBERT A. BALL - President, Brevard Chapter AARP, Brevard,              Illinois
      N. C.                                                           EDGAR MARSTON, III - Executive Director, North Carolina Arts
  ROBERT E. BAYS - Director, School of Music, University of                Council, Raleigh, North Carolina
      Texas, Austin, Texas                                            ST. CLAIR MARSHALL - Vice President, Phillips North American,
  ROBERT BARNETI - Director, The Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta,                  New York, Ncw York
      Georgia                                                         C. A. McKNIGHT - Editor, Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, North
 MRS. ROBERT BARNETT - Atlanta, Georgia                                    Carolina
  IRWIN BELK - Chairman of the Board, Belk Foundation,                MRS. JAMES MILNE - President, Virginia Federation of Music
      Charlotte, North Carolina                                            Clubs, Roanoke, Virginia
  FRANK BLAIR - NBC News, New York, New York                          MRS. BERNARD N. NEAL, SR. - Rome, Georgia
  HAROLD A. BREEDING - President, Hendersonville Chapter              MRS. T. H. NICHOLSON                    Trustee, Greenville County
      AARP, Hendersonville, N. C.                                          Foundation, Greenville, South Caroljna
 ARNOLD BROIDO - President, Theodore Presser Company, Bryn             BILL NORRIS - President, Brevard Chamber of Commerce,
      Ma wr, Pennsylvania                                                  Brevard, N. C.
 WALTER BROWN - President, Spartan Broadcasting Company,              JAN PEERCE - Metropolitan Opcra Company, New York, New
      Spartanburg, S. C.                                                   York
  WESLEY BRUSTAD - Executive Director, South Carolina Arts            JOHN POTEAT - Retired, General Electric Executive, Tryon.
      Commission, Columbia, South Carolina                                 North Caroljna
 JOSEPH M. BRYAN - Chairman of the Board, Pilot Life Insurance        MRS. ROBERT W. ROBERTS - St. Petersburg, Florida
      Company, Greensboro, N. C.                                      GEORGE SCHICK - President, Manhattan School of Music, New
 MRS. ATHEL C. BURNHAM - Chapel Hill, North Carolina and                   York, New York
      Brevard, North Carolina                                         MRS. DERRILL E. SCHUMPERT - Presjdent, South Carolina
 MRS. W. I. BURT - Delray Beach, Florida and Brevard, North                Federation of Music Clubs, Union, S. C.
      Carolina                                                        J AMES SEMANS - Doctor of Mcdicine, Duke University, Durham,
 MRS. HENRY N. CARRIER - Brevard, North Carolina                           North Carolina
 MRS. HAROLD N. COOLEDGE - Clemson, South Carolina                    DAVID SENNEMA               National Endowment for the Arts,
 ]. ROBERT COVINGTON - Vice President, Jefferson Standard                  Washington, D. C.
      Broadcasting Company, Charlotte, N. C.                          MISS MARY FRANCES SIMMONS                        Prcsident, Georgia
 MRS. MARILLYNE J. COX - President, District of Columbia                   Federation of Music Clubs, Joncsboro, Gcorgia
      Federation of Music Clubs, Arlington, Va.                       J. KELLY SISK - President, Multimedia, Inc., Grecnvillc,
 FRANK CROCKETI - Music Consultant, State lYf Georgia,                     South Carolina
      Atlanta, Georgia                                                MRS. FRED W. SMITH - President, Alabama Fcderation of Music
 MRS. CHARLES E. DAMERON - Executive Secretary, McClurc                    Clubs, Birmingham, Alabama
      Fund, Asheville, North Carolina                                 MRS. M. D. SOCOLOFSKY - Presidcnt, Louisiana Fedcration of
 ROBERT A. DAVIS ~ President, .Brcvard Collegc, Brcvard, North             Music Clubs, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
      Carolina                                                        MISS ELEANOR STEBER - Metropolitan Opera Company, Ncw
 MRS. JAMES B. DOGGETI - President, North Carolina Fedcration              York, New York
      of Music Clubs, Henrietta, N. C.                                ROY A. TAYLOR - Member of Congrcss, Washington, D. C.
 MRS. WILLIAM DORSEY - President, Maryland Federation of              RA YMOND O. THIGPEN - Director of Music, Grecnvillc County
      Music Clubs, Hagerstown, Maryland                                    School District, Grecnville, S. C.
 E. WILLIAM DOTY - Dean, College of Fine Arts, University of          MISS BLANCHE THEBOM - Executivc Director, Hot Springs
      Texas, Austin, Texas                                                 Na tional Park Founda tion for thc Pe.-forming Arts, Hot
 MRS. J. RAY EFIRD - Atlanta, Georgia                                      Springs, Arkansas
 A. J. FLETCHER - President, National Opera Company, Raleigh,         MRS. HARVEY F. TWEEDY - Presidcnt, Mississippi Fcdcration of
      North Carolina                                                       Music Clubs, Jackson, Mississippi
 MRS. RICHARD D. FOX - Atlanta, Georgia                               MRS. JACK C. WARD - Viee Prcsidcnt, Southcastcrn Region,
 MRS. ROSETTA S. FRENCH - Tryon, North Carolina                            National Federation of Music Clubs, Grccnvillc, South Carolina
 MRS. BRADLEY HALE - Atlanta, Georgia                                 ROBERT WARD - Presidc;H, North Carolina School of thc Arts,
 MRS. JOSEPHINE G. HALL - New York, New York                               Winston-Salem, N. C.
 R. PHILLIP HANES, JR. - Chairman of the Board, Hanes Dye and         ROBERT WERNER - Project Director, Contcmporary Music
      Finishing Company, Winston-Salcm, N. C.                              Project, MENC, Washington, D. C.
 WALTER HENDL - Conductor, Rochester, New York                        L. NEIL WILLIAMS - Attorney, Atlanta, Gcorgia
 MRS. DAN B. HODGSON - Atlanta, Georgia                               HENRY HALL WILSON, JR. - Presidcnt, Chicago Board of Trade,
 ARNOLD HOFFMAN - Consultant, Division of Cultural Arts,                   Chicago, Illinois
      State of North Carolina, Raleigh, N. C.                         MISS EVA WISEMAN - Supervisor of Music, Burlington City
 MRS. FRITZ JENSEN - Statesville, North Carolina                           Schools, Burlington, N. C.
 MRS. CRAWFORD JENT - President, Kentucky Federation of               -and all members of The Board of Trustees
      Music Clubs, Madisonville, Kentucky
                           Administrative Staff

                Henry J aniec                              Artistic Director
                Robert G. Cole                             General Manager
                Ray L. Hooper                            Resident Manager
                Raymond Patrick Gainey, J r.    Direc tor, Public Relations
                Ross Magoulas                                      Registrar
                Agnes Hamilton           Secretary to the A rtistic Director
                Annie Barr                             Financial Secretary
                Gregory Page                     Administrative Assistant

HENRY JANIEC                                                                   ROBERT G. COLE

                                  General Staff

                John Richards McCrae     Director of Academic Activities
                Charles R. Davis                       Dean of Students
                Patti Tolbert                           Dean of Women
                Leo Dontchos                                Dean of Men
                James & Sally Boyles                Resident Counselors
                Mary Ann Busching                    Resident Counselor
                James Mendenhall                     Resident Counselor
                Priscilla Miller                             Head Nurse
                Gail Elwell                              Assistant Nurse
                Richard Sherrill                                Librarian
                Robert Rhyne & Larry Watson         Store & Concessions
                Frank Lodwick                          Piano Technician
 JOHN McCRAE    Richard Smith                        Waterfront Direc tor      RA Y L. HOOPER
                Patricia Anderson                  Assistant in Publicity
                Al Jeter                           Assistant in Publicity
                Ed Sams                            Assistant in Public ity
                Leonard Sophrin                            Photographer
                Wilbert Kimple                       Recording Engineer
                Beverly Culbreath                                 Hostess
                Linda White                       Box Office Supervisor
                Eddie Gash                          Post Office Manager
                Vera Kistler                Secretary, Registrar's Office
                Eugene B. Jones, Jr.             Auditorium Supervisor
                Jack Threadgill                Supervisor, Services Crew
                Margaret Latschar     Secretary to the General Maneger
                Jean Stamper                                Receptionist
                Michael Drotor                        Night Switchboard

CHARLES DAVIS                                                                  PAT GAINEY, JR.
Gfhe CJ3revard 9vl usic Center

                                                     Artist Faculty
                                                       1973 Season
CONDUCTORS                                                       TROMBONE
    Henry Janiec, Spartanburg Symphony                               Gail Wilson, Phoenix Symphony
    Ward Woodbury, Rollins College                                   Charles Vernon, Baltimore Symphony
    Robert Barr, Converse College
    Emil Raab, Bowling Green State University
    Mario Mancinelli, Illinois Wesleyan University               TUBA
                                                                        Jamie Hafner, University of Toledo

     Emil Raab, Bowling Green State University                   PIANO
     James Ceasar, Wichita State University                           Sylvia Rabinoff, Columbia Artists Management
     Mario Mancinelli, Illinois Wesleyan University                   Robert Cowan, University of Montevallo
     Daniel Boda, Furman University                                   Joan Cowan, University of Montevallo
     Marvin Mutchnik, Eastern Washington State College                Rosemary Fischer, Spartanburg, South Carolina
     Lynn Baughman, Ann Arbor, Michigan                               Ruby Morgan, Furman University
     Thomas Weaver, University of Georgia

VIOLA                                                                   Gale Lillie, Ft. Wayne Philharmonic
     Joseph Fischer, Converse College
     Patricia Batcher, Oklahoma City Symphony
     Roy Bennett, Wisconsin State University                     PERCUSSION
     Susan Wilson, Phoenix Symphony                                  J. Massie Johnson, North Carolina School of the Arts
                                                                     Richard Sherrill, Florida Symphony

     Hans Schmettau, Spartanburg Symphony                        VOICE
     Margaret Brooke, Bowling Green, Ohio                             Perry Daniels, Converse College
     Achilles Balabanis, Eastern Washington State College             David Rae Smith, University of Hartford
                                                                      Robert Moulson, Atlanta, Georgia

       Dale Schmidt, Atlanta Symphony                            THEORY
       Pamela Andrews, Florida State University                      Patricia Batcher, Oklahoma City Symphony
                                                                     Joseph Fischer, Converse College
                                                                     Rosemary Fischer, Spartanburg, South Carolina
FLUTE                                                                Roy Bennett, Wisconsin State University
     Eric Hoover, San Antonio Symphony                               James P. Harrer, Hollins College
    Susan Sibley-~ovak, Tallahassee, Florida

                                                                 MUSIC HISTOR Y
OBOE                                                                  J. Massie Johnson, North Carolina School of the Arts
       Eric Barr, Atlanta Symphony

                                                                 STAFF ACCOMPANIST
CLARINET                                                              Mary France Browder
    Stephen Girko, Oklahoma City Symphony
     Virginia Tillotson, Brevard College
                                                                 BREVARD OPERA WORKSHOP
                                                                     Producer-Direcror - John Richards McCrae
BASSOON                                                              Musical Director - Henry Janiec
     Darlene Reyn3rd, Buffalo,    ew York                            Coaches - Jane B. Klavirer, Robert C. Austin, Jr.
                                                                     Chorus Master - Ward Woodbury
                                                                     Scenic Designer - Bart Alderman
FRENCH HORN                                                          Choreographer - Barbara Ferguson
    Warren GreC, San Antonio Symphony                                Stage Manager - Keirh King
    Dorothy Bennett, Wisconsin Stare University                      Lighting Technician - Archie Srevens
                                                                     Costumes - Alvin Browder
                                                                     Set Builder - Michael Ferguson
                                                                     Ser Builder - Rusty McCoy
TRUMPET                                                              Set Builder - David Murr
    Larry Black, Atlanta Symphony                                    Set Builder - Doug Perry
    Dennis Lillie, Ft. Wayne Philharmonic                            Set Builder - Billy Pratt
                                                                    HENRY JANIEC, Artistic Director
                                                                               Brevard Music Center

                                                                         Henry ]aniec, a conductor and educator, has been
                                                                  artistic   director   of   the   Brevard   Music   Center since
                                                                  December of 1964. As a performer he has served as
                                                                  principal conductor of the Brevard Music Center Orchestra
                                                                  and    the    Opera    Workshop     with   occasional   "guest"
                                                                  appearances with the other organizations of the Center.

      A native of New] ersey, trained at the Oberlin Conservatory, ]aniec has been on the faculty of the School of Music at
Converse College since 1952, and since 1967 has served as Dean of the School of Music. In the past few years he has also
administered the Theatre and Visual Arts programs at Converse.

      As a conductor, ] aniec has served as principal conductor or musical director of the Spartanburg Symphony Orchestra,
the Spartanburg City Schools Orchestra, the Spartanburg Little Theater, the Converse College Opera Workshop and Chamber
Orchestra, the Charlotte Symphony, and the Charlotte Opera Association. For eight years he was principal opera conductor
at the famed Chautauqua Institution, and for three years conducted the Chautauqua Student Symphony in national

      He has had wide experience as a pianist and accompanist, and has appeared on many occasIOns as a performer,
commentator, and writer on radio and television. His work as a clinician, speaker, and teacher has found him in demand
throughout the country. He was regular commentator on the national radio series, Music From Brevard, and has performed
many times on Voice of America and Radio Free Europe.

     ]aniec is a member of Pi Kappa Lambda, and is a national patron of Delta Omicron. After a three-year term on the
South Carolina Arts Commission, he now serves as chairman of the Commission's Music Advisory Panel and as a member of
the S. C. Arts Foundation.   [n   1969 he received an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Wofford College, and
in 1971 he received a Presidential Citation from the National Federation of Music Clubs.
Gf'he GJ3revard        g}J usic    Center

                                 Your Part In The Music Center

      By attending this performance, by reading the booklet, you have become one of those individuals whose interest is
necessary to the future of the Center. Your iinancial contribution, from the smallest sum to major investment, provides a
major part of the program and the facilities of the institution. Gifts may be restricted or unrestricted and are tax deductible.

      There are many ways in which your contribution can work for the Center and for you. Your interest in any of them will
be greatly appreciated. Here are some of them:

    Over 65% of the total annual student enrollment of the Brevard Music Center needs scholarship assistance. Scholarships
    are awarded on the basis of talent and need. They may be awarded directly through your gift by the Music Center, or
    through an organization in your own community which will search out the talent. In either case, the Music Center will
    work with you. A representative will be happy to come into your community and work with your local organization.

   Although the Music Center earns a very substantial portion of its operational budget, it must rely upon the generosity of
   its public for the remainder. Your gifts, large or small, determine the standard of excellence in the curriculum of the

   Development drives provide the physical facilities and equipment which must be financed by funds other than
   operational income. The results may be seen in the many new buildings which dot the grounds.

    The seats in the Whittington-pfohl Auditorium have been designed by many individuals as memorials or as a living honor.
    Your gifts of $25 will result in the placement of an engraved plaque on the back of one of these seats.

    Your purchase of season tickets and single tickets through the many ticket plans offered by the Music Center produces a
    sizeable income toward the operation of the total educational and performance program of the Center.

    The Music Center has an active endowment program through wills and bequests. The income from endowments is
    designated for scholarships at the Center. Your indication of interest through a letter of intent is vital to the present
    development of the Center and to the future generations which will be served by the Center. All arranj!;ements are
    handled in strictest confidence, and may be arranged through a designared member of the Trustees or administration of
    the Center. Your estate may be actually helped through an arrangement in your will and bequest. Full particulars are
    available on the many ways of strengthening your retirement income and the estate which you leave to your family while
    helping the Music Center.

The Brevard Music Center is incorporated in the S tate ofNorth Carolina and is recognized by State and Federal governments
as a non-vrofit, educational institution. All gifts to any project of the Brevard Music Center are tax deductible.
~he ~revard g]vf usic                         Center
                                     Scholarship Contributors and Recipients
                                                                     (Listing complete as of May 15, 19731

                                                   Faith Memorial Chapel                                     Music Clubs of Florence
 Anonymous Donors                                     Jim Ryan                                                  Anne Lasoski
    Martha LeiPsic                                 Florence Symphony Orchestra                               National Federation of Music Clubs
    Richard Sherrill                                  Betsy Thomas                                           Hinda Honigman Scholarship
 Mrs. Isaac Andrews                                Mrs. Ellen E. Fox                                            Paul Emerson
     Rusty Keesler                                    Leslie 1"9                                             Mrs. Bernard N. Neal, Sr.
    Dian Lawler                                       Emily Jones                                               To be announced
    Ken Thomas                                        Brian Miller                                           North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs
    Martha Toney                                      Brad Ross                                                 Michael Mathews
     Steve Williams                                   Laura Schneider                                        Orpheus Club
 Atlanta Music Club                                   Bill Smith                                                Rebecca Leigh Perdue
     Elizabeth Lewis                                  Patti Warren                                           Mrs. Vera D. Parsons
    Ann Roper                                          Robert Zaeekler                                          To be announced
    Bob Strickland                                 Gastonia Music Education Foundation                       Past Presidents Assembly Music Club
  Augusta Road Community Club                         Jacquelyn Pharr                                           To be announced
     To be announced                               Russell George Foundation                                 Bessie·Whittington Pfohl Scholarship
  Baldwin Piano Company                               To be announced                                            Darrell Pollard
     Beth Child                                    Georgia Power Company                                         Robert Zacks
     Walter Huff                                       CarOlyn Davis                                         Romill Foundation
     Janice Lane                                       Pamela Darn                                               Michael Pinkerton
     Beverley Simms                                  Toni Fominaya                                               Karen Sternkopf
  Mrs..,.s. M. Beattie                               Becky Kruger                                            Mrs. Philip G. RuS1
      Barbara Dysart                                 Mary McCarthy                                               Jim Apeseche
      Robby Elliott                                  Gerry Pagano                                                Marianne Belleville
      Margaret Gardner                               Mary Nell Smart                                         Misses Gail & Mary Scott
      Martha Hagood                               Greenville County Foundation                                   Jim Ryan
      Dawn Ratzlaff                                  Beth Arnold (Mr. & Mrs. William Rosenfeld}              Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sheffield
  Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Booth                        Anna Barbrey (8urgiss Charities)                            James NichOls
      Jane Galloway                                  Mark Bryan (J.P. Stevens & Co.)                         Mr. Ellis Slater
      Margaret Gardner                               Marc Bryson (Mrs. David A. Tillinghast;                     Lewis Kirk
  Brevard Community Scholarship                          Burgiss Charities; Greenville County Foundation)        Martha Leipsic
      To be announced                                 Laquetta Dawson (Greenville County Foundation)         South Carolina Arts Commission
  Mrs. Athel C. Burnham                               Leslie Hale (Liberty Corporation)                          Anna Barbrey (Greenville SymphOny)
      Robert McNair                                  Tim Moore (Henderson Advertising Agency)                    Peter Fischer (Spartanburg Symphony)
      Beth Stroupe                                    Reed Smith (Cryovaci J. P. Stevens & Co;                   Kathi Hancock (Charleston Symphony)
  Mr. Herbert A. Burns                                   Greenville County Foundation)                           Aleida Matthies (Columbia Philharmonic)
       Laurie Brubaker                            Mr. William E. Hartman                                         Betsy Thomas (Florence Symphony)
       Robert Bruck                                   To be announced                                        South Carolina Federation of Music Clubs
       Beth Child                                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Hawkins                                  Mark Bryan (Northwestern District)
      Janice Lane                                     To be announced                                            Frank Covey (Capital District)
       Alison Odum                                Mr. W. Hardy Hendren                                           Lynn Johnson (Northern District)
       Hilary Selby                                   To be announced                                             Reed Smith (Northwestern District)
       Jennifer Smith                             Adelaide A. Van Wey Hill Scholarship                           Cynthia Tholl (Southern District)
       Beth Stroupe                                   To be announced                                             Loretta Wilson (Northeastern District)
  W. I. Burt Memorial Scholarships                Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Hines                                     Delores Wingard (Southwestern District)
       Carol Rolandi                                  John Thomas                                            Spartanburg County Foundation
       E. Pauron Wheeler                          Jefferson Standard Foundation                                  Jon Austin
       Nancy Snlith (In Memory of Norman.T. Ball)     Michael Allen                                               Peter Fischer
  Or. & Mrs. John R. Caldwell                         Ted Allred                                                  Randy Griffin
       Jeff Allen                                     Arthur Nadelman                                             Elaine Hess
        LaUra Alley                                   Elizabeth Proctor                                           David Turner
       Cynthia Butts                              Mr. & Mrs. Alvin R. Jennings                               Miss Dixie Stevens
        Beth Child                                    Ellen Arant                                                 Lewis Kirk
        Rhonda English                                Elaine Hess                                            Straus Fou ndation
       Walter Huff                                    To be announced                                             Anne Hendrikx
        Susan Lohmann                             Fritz Jensen Memorial Scholarship                               Marshall Kirby
        Aleida Matthies                               Margaret Norwood                                            Martha Leipsic
        Brian Miller                              Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin O. Johnson                             Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Sykes
        Alison Odum                                   Barbara Albert                                              Charles' Blakeman
        Ann Patton                                    Marianne Belleville                                         Thomas Floyd
        Mary Lee Peck                                 Debra Hudson                                                Mark Howl!..
        Becky Perdue                                  Emily Jones                                                 Lloyd Jenkins
        Bill Smith                                Mr. Arthur Kelly                                                Rusty Keesler
        Jennifer Smith                                To be announced                                             Marshall Kirby
        Frank C. Wall. II'                        Kingsport Music Club                                            Mike Pinson
        Candis Wood                                   Dona Jane Gilliam                                           Rocky Rowzee
        Robert Zoeckler                               Cyndy Pettigrew                                         F. W. Symmes Foundation
   Cedartown Music Club                           Mrs. Robert H. LaMotte                                          Adrienne Clinch
        James NiChOlS                                 C. Scott George                                             Billy Faggart
        Darrell Pollard                            Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs                            C. Scott George
   Charle$ton Music Study Clu'>                       Jude Geiger                                                 James Nichols
         Kathi Hancock                            McClure Fund                                                    Darrell Pollard
   Charlotte Music Club                                To be announced                                            Laurin Smith
        Jane Galloway                             Mr. D. l. McKinna
                                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Thomas
   Community Music Club                                To be announced
         Donald Baker                              Miss Vera A. Milner                                           Gail Grande
         Freddie McLean                                Jane Davidson                                             Ann Marshall
         Robert Smith                                  Margaret English                                          Darrel Owen
   Connestee Falls Scholarst..p                        C. Scott George                                           James Schwieterman
         To be announced                               Marshall Kirby                                            Stanley Shelver
   Miss Mary Costa                                     Bill May                                                  Cynthia Squires
         Laura Alley                                   Evelyn Thomas                                          Paul C. Thomas Memorial Scholarship
         C. Scott George                               Scott Watson                                              Darrel Owen
         Debra Hudson                                  Thomas Zurowski                                        Thursday Morning Music Club
                                                                                                                  Amy Huber
    Dr. & Mrs. Lee G. Davy                         Mississippi Federation of Music Clubs
         Sarah Aderholdt                               To be announced                                           Philip Toelkes
                                                                                                              Virginia Federation of Music Clubs
         Marianne Belleville                       Mobile Student Symphony
         Margaret Decker                                Lewis Kirk                                                To be announced
                                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. J. Mason Wallace, Jr.
         Emily Jones                               Mr. & Mrs. Murray S. Moore
                                                                                                                  Tim Croft
   Delta Omicron                                        David Bennet t
                                                                                                                 Gail Grande
         Kay HUrlbut                                    Robert Bruck
   Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Edge                            Rilonda Curtis                                        Mr. & Mrs. L. Neil Williams, Jr.
         To be announced                                Laura Deen                                                Billy Faggart
   Mrs. l. M. Everett                                   Ricllard Holloway                                         Laurin Smith
                                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. M. M. Young
         MiHY Fitzgerald                                Kathy Krasienko
         Richaru Freeman                                Evelyn Thomas                                             Mary Barber
         Leslie Ing                                Mu Phi Epsilon Memorial Foundation
         Susan Loh1l1ann                                To be announced
         Betty Molson                              Mu Phi Epsilon-Atlanta Chapter
         Laura SclHleider                               Laurie Davis
         Linda Strommen
                                     Repertory Training Program
                       (Supported by The Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund for Music, Inc.)

      Frances Busch                                                 Donald Ross
           Tucson Symphony                                               Arlin?ton Symphony Orchestra

      Jane Davidson                                                 Laura Schneider
            Birmingham Symphony                                          Charlotte Symphony

      Margaret Decker
                                                                    J ames Schwieterman
           Phoenix Symphony
                                                                          North Carolina Symphony
       Kathy Krasienko
            Muncie Symphony Orchestra                               Stanley Shelver
                                                                          Birmingham Symphony
       Ann Marshall
            San Antonio Symphony                                    Richard Sherrill
                                                                         Florida Symphony Orchestra
       David Mazanec
             Birmingham Symphony                                    Edith Tibbits
                                                                          Phoenix Symphony
       Dennis Riggin
            Tucson Symphony

                                          Teacher Aide Program
                                    (Supported by The Rockefeller Foundation)

ALABAMA                       NORTH CAROLINA
  Laura Deen                    Ellen Arant
  Scott Watson                  Margaret English
                                Mary Frances Fitzgerald
FLORIDA                         Richard Freeman
  David Bennett                 J. Burke Murray
  Sean Chamberlin               Leslie Reirn
  Rhonda Curtis                 Susan Shelton
  Tony Hollingsworth            Evelyn Thomas
  Herchel Lyle
  Norman Neff                 SOUTH CAROLINA
  Victor Thomas                 Loretta Hodge
  Randy Warren                  Jan Jones
  Robert Zahner                 Douglas Plumley
                                Shirley Suggs
  Lisa Crowe                  VIRGINIA
  Lloyd Jenkins                 Steven Amowitz
  Donald McCook                 Thomas Floyd
  Jan Seaman                    Hilary Selby
  Alex Simmons
  Melanie Spence              WISCONSIN
                                Karen Sternkopf
MISSISSIPPI                     Linda Strommen
  Richard Holloway
  Mark Howle
  Betty Mason
  Bill May
  Mike Pinson
  Rocky Rowzee

                                                                From high school halls to high drama in one short step.
                                                                A frequent occurrence.
                                                          Scholarship Contributors
                                                                                  jlisting complete as of May 15, 19731

Anonymous                               Mr. &. Mrs. W. Priestly Conyers. Jr.                         Mr. &. Mrs. BenjamlO O. Jonnson                 Mr. &. MIS. James W. Plyler
Afternoon Music Club                    Miss Mary Costa                                              Mr, Parker Johnson                              Mr. & Mrs. John C. pope. Jr.
Mrs. Raymona Albrlgt'lt                 Cryovac                                                      Jones News Stant1                               Mr. Jack Polts
Mr. Francis P. Allen. Jr.               Mrs. J. D. Cuthell                                           Mr. Richard L Jone~                             Mr. &. Mrs. David W. Reid
Mr. &. Mrs. S. Lee Allen, Jr.           ~r. &. Mrs. Sam H. Davis                                     Mr. Arthur Kelly                                Rice Furniture
Mrs. Mildred B. AI/port                 D •• &. Mrs. Lee G. Davy                                     M •• Ale::o:araer C. Kmg                        MIS. Joseph R. Robertson
American Truead Company                 Mr. O. Guy Dean                                              COl. &. Mrs. W. G. Kissell                      Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund for MUSIC
Mrs. Irvin G. Ammen                     Delta Omicron                                                Mr. George W. Kramer                            ROckefeller Foundation
Mrs. Isaac Andrews                      Mrs. Carroll OesCnamps                                       Mrs. RObert H. LaMotte                          Romlll Foundation
Mr. Harry Ashwoftn                      Duke Power Company                                           Mr. &. Mrs. Howard E. Lee                       Mr. &. Mrs. William Rosenfeld
AUanta Music Club                       Mr. &. Mrs. Hal Dumas                                        Mr. &. Mrs. R. D. Lee & Family                  Mrs. Philip G. RUSt
Augusta Road Community Club                                                                          Mr. &. Mrs. William B. Lever                    Mrs. Julius Sader
MiSS Pollt Austin                                           G. Edge                                  Liberty Corporalion                             Mr. &. Mrs. Ralph Sarlln
Ayers Store                             Mrs. L. M. Everett                                           Mr. Broadus R. LittlejOhn, Sr.                  Sargent Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis M. Bailey              Faith Memorial Cholpel                                       Mr. &. Mr~. William Lowndes, III                Rev. &. Mrs. Capers Satlerlee
Miss Lv Bolin                           Flrsl Citizens Bank &. Trust                                 LOlle's Jewelers                                Misses Gail &. Mar:,' Scott
Baldwin Piano Company                   First UniOn National Bank                                    Mr. JOhn F. Luther                              Mrs. William M. Searcy. Jr.
Mrs. Norman T. Ball                     Mr. &. Mrs. Wyndham B. FletCher                              Lyda·McCrary MotOrs                             Mrs. Janie S. Shearer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Barr               Florence Sympnony Orchestra                                  Miss Glaays F. Lyles                            Mr. & Mrs. Fran~ Shelflela
Mrs. S. M. Beattie                      Mrs. Julian A. Foster                                        McClure Fund                                    Mr. &. Mrs. Hale SIniard
Belk's Store                            Mrs. Ellen E. FOK                                            Mr. JOhh R. McCrae                              Mr. Tnofllas K. Skinker
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Bell                 Mr. &. Mrs. Walter G. Gaines                                 Mr. O. L. McKinna                              Mr. EtlisSlate.
Mr. &. Mrs. K. W. Benner                Mr. Ja(f>.~ Gaither                                          Mr, &. Mrs. Belnard Manning                    Mr. G. B. Smitll
Miss Rutn C. BiShop                     Mrs, J. G. Galbraith                                         Col. &. Mrs. PresIon B. Mayson                 Mr. P. M. Smith, Jr.
Dorothy S. Bjerg (Estate of)            Gastonia Music Education Foundation                          M. B. Industries                               Mr. &. Mrs. Harola S. Smithyman
Mr. J. J. Blake                         Russell George Foundation                                    MI. & Mrs. Albert Metz                         South Carolina Arts CommIssion
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. BoOth             Mr. &. Mrs. Joel George                                      Miller's Laundry                               South Carohna Federation 01 Music Clubs
Mrs. James A. Brady                     Georgia Power Company                                        Miss Vera A. Milnel                            Spartanburg County Foundation
Brevara a.p.w. Club                     Mr. &. Mrs. W. S. Gtenn                                      MIm's Furniture                                Mr. &. Mrs. W. R. Spiller
Brevard Federal Savings &. Loan         Greenville County Foundation                                 Mississippi Federation of Music ClUbS          Mrs. Marie S. Sprott
Brevard Insurance Agency                Mr. J. Tom Grier                                             Mooile Student SymphOIl}                       MI. &. Mrs. Cranford E. Starnes
Brevard Jewelers                        Mr. &. Mrs. L. A. Grler, Jr.                                 MOOdy Funeral Home                             Miss Di::o:ie Stevens
Brevard Lumber Company                  Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Hanna                                       Moore Funeral Home                             J. p. Stevens &. Company
Brevard Music Lovers Club               Harper's                                                     Mr. &. MrS. Murray S. Moore                    Straus Foundation
Brevard Ph;Jfm<1lcy                     Mr. William E. Hanman                                        Moreland Chemical Company                      Mr. & Mrs. J. O. SykeS
Brevard Travel Agency                   Mr. & Mrs. Ted A. Harvey                                     Moreland Chemical Company, Offlce Employees    F. W. Symmes Foundation
Mr. Walter J. Brown                     Mr. &. Mrs. Cnarles W. Hawkins                               Morelex Chemical ProClucts                     Mr. Charles H. Taylor
BroY1'1111 industries                   Henderson Advertising Agency                                 Morris Pharmacy                                Mrs. Katharine S. Taylor
W. w. Burglss Charities                 MI. W. Hardy Hendren                                         Mu Phi Epsilon Memorial Foundation             Mr. & Mrs. PaUl C. Thomas
Mrs. Athel C. Burnl'1am                 Mr. Charlie Himes                                            Mu PIli Epsilon·AlIanta Chapter               Thursday Morning Music Club
Mr. Herbert A. Burns                    MI. & Mrs. Charles J. Hines                                  Music Clubs of Florence                       MI, Warren E. Tiller
Mrs. W. I. Burt                         Mr. &. Mrs. Walter Kevin Hodge                               Mrs. Boyd Nash &. Family                       Mrs. David A. TillinghaSt
Mr. & Mrs. Hal C. 8yrC!                 Home &. Garden Club                                          National Federation of Music ClUbS             TrantharTl'S
Or. &. Mrs. Jol'1n R. Caldwell          Mr. &. Mrs. Maurice Honigman                                 Mrs. Bernard N. Neal, Sr.                     Trinity United MethOd,St ChurCh, Chancel Choir
Cambridge Square                                                                                     Mr. &. MIS. Charles E. Newcomb
                                                                                                                                                   Trtnlty United MelllOdls! Church, Youth ChOir
Mr. &. Mrs. Frank G. Carr                                 re                                         North CarOlina Federation of MUSIC Clubs      Union Carbide Corporation
Mr. &. Mrs. George E, Case, Jr.         Hubbard's Te::o:aco                                          Norris Hardware                               Mr. Jan A. Van Laer
Cedartown Music CIOb                    Miss Jane Hudson                                             MI. R. B. Olney                               Mr. &. Mrs. Mabrey W. Vannerson, Jr.
Cl'1arleston Music Study Club           Mrs. Joseph T. Hudson                                        Orpheus Club                                  Mrs. Frank B. Vincent
Cl'1artotte Music Club                  Mrs. Anne Page Irwin                                         Mrs. Vera D. Parsons                          Mr. &. MIS. J. Mason Wallace, Jr.
Citizens Telephone                      Mr. Wallace R. irwin                                         Past Presidents Aiiembly MUSIC Club           Mrs. Chester O. Ward
Coastal ChemIcal Company                Mr. &. Mrs. Henry Janlec                                     Patterson's of Brevard                        Mr. &. Mrs. W. D. Way. Jr.
Comlnunl1y Cash                         Jefferson Standard Foundation                                Or. &. Mrs. Michael F. Patton                 Wilham's Shoe Service
Community Music Club                    Mr. &. MrS. AlVIn R • .:ennings                              Perkins Oil Company                           Mr. &. Mrs. L. Neil Williams, Jr.
Mn. Helen S. Conner                     Mrs. Frill Jensen                                            Mr. &. Mrs. Edward P. Perrin                  WOffOrd College
Connestee Falls                                                                                      P,sqah Fish Camp                              '::0('" "lS MUSIC Club
                                                                                                                                                   ' " , : . (.0 Iv·rs. M. M. Young

                                                  Rosetta French
                                  Faith In American Youth Scholarship Program
      The Brevard Music Center is the leading summer music institution in the South. During each season, more than 300
young musicians, the very "cream" of the young musical talent of the country, come to the Center to study and perform
great music under the capable tutelage of America's leading professional teachers and artists. It is a unique experience for

      More than 65% of these young mUSICIans depend entirely on Scholarship assistance. To help alleviate the financial
burden which is ever present in such a significant cultural and educational undertaking, the "Faith In American Youth
Scholarship Program" was organized 12 years ago. Its purpose is to encourage individual contributions, specifically for
scholarship assistance.

      If you believe in the work of institutions such as the Brevard Music Center, if you feel that some talented young person
deserves an opportunity to study and work in this unique s':lmmer environment, then you may wish to exhibit faith in
American youth by supporting this worthy project. All contributors of $10.00 or more will receive two free tickets to any
one concert during the 1973 camp season, during which time they may witness, first hand, the work which their gifts

       May we add your name to the list of those who wish to guarantee musical opportunity for a talented and deserving
 student? We believe you will find it a richly rewarding investment.
    Contributions to the Faith In American Youth Scholarship Program may be tax deductible. Make checks payable to "Faith
In A merican Youth Program." Mail to Brevard Music Center, Box 592, Brevard, N. C. 28712.
                                                     A NON-PROFIT EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION
                     Rosetta French                        Faith In American Youth Contributors
                                                                          (Listiug t:ompll.'tc .... of M.I)' 15. 1973
Mi,,:- M.lric Als..lgcr                  Mrs. Louis H. F;lxon                                              Mr~. J.   P. LC;lk                             Mr. ()udlc)' C. Slllith
M' .. J. Ed Bell                          Mr:.. C. l.olll4(ord Fcb.kl'                                     Mrs. D. W. McArthur. Sr,                       Mr. Paul C. Smith
Mr!\.. J. W. Ikq~t"old                    Dr. 6. Mr:.. John T. Fulton                                      Mr1'. Harold C. McKeu7ic                       Miss M .. ric J. S(!\cr
Dr. &: Mn•. Ju~cph F. I~org               Or. & Mr:.. TllOlIl.IS T.                                   Mr. E. W. M,lrsh ..11                          Mrs. Rowell'" H. Summey
Mr~. W. C. Hro.• c!(oOL Jr.               Dr. &: Mr::.. Ridwrd H. Gr<lh .. m                               Mr. &. Mrs. R.I)'Olond J. Mdrtin               Mrs. Alfred H. Taylor
Mrs. S. 1-'. C.. n.ult                   Mr!). J. T. Greene                                                Mr. & Mr~. Willi.11ll S. Miller                Rev. & Mrs. H.lfuld Terry
Mrs. I. Ut. i Ill' H. Coltc              Mr. H. M Cuilb~~rt                                                Mr. James E. Moore                             Mrs. P,ItII C.
Mr. &. Mr~. William W. Cl,lrk            Miss Madclilll.. F. Hollcridl                                     Mrs. M. E. 'cvim                               Mr. &. Mrs. Du..trd . Thurm.1I1
Mr, Collit:r Coh!>. Jr.                  Dr. &. Mr.!>.j,IIl1t.·!) n. Hollim.lll.Jr.                        Mrs. Stuart     ve                             Mr. Thom,,:. M. Tucka
Mh. S. S. Coolt.·Y                       Mr. R. H. Hollister                                               Mr~. II"., W. P~ck                             Mr.!>. Winthrop S. Tut de
    Dorothy P. Carwell
Mr:!l.                                   Mr. &: Mrs. Walbcc R. Irwin                                       Mrs. David G. Perkins. Sr.                     Mrs. Jerry )\,1. Ulcn
Mr. Waltt:r A. Culin                     Mr. & Mr.\>. dsotl J.ICkSOIl                                      Miss LOtli~... M. Philip.!>                    Mr.!>.J.1. W'lkdc<.·
Mi:.:.J<lIl('J)Olrllall                  Dr. &: Mr:.. Roman K. C. John,,>                                  Mis.!> Louise L. Pirm;1II                      Mr. &. Mrs,  H.lrold Warl1l'r
Mr. &. Mr:.,J. H.D,lvi:..Jr.             Mr:.. M.lson jOlttl!'>OII                                         Mr. & Mrs.). R. Potear                         Mr". Fr.lllk A. Wi~htlll.1I1
Mr.&Mrs.l;rcv,gJ)oll                     Mr, Ch~·'r W. Johnston                                        Mrs. A. R, IClIllScur                          Mr. Clyde I. William.!>
MI'. Iknj.lIuil1 C. Dunford              Mr. &. Mrs. Slephen F. K'irandy                                   Miss Anna M, ReC'dcr                           Mr.CI,Ir·Cllccj. Wood.Jr.
Mr. Ie c. F,.Icollcr                     Dr. & Mrs. C. E. King                                             Mr. &: Mrs. Ralph Sarlin                       MI'. B. W. Woodruff
Mr:.. (;('tJr~l' F.llIrot                Mrl>. W. 1\. LawSVrl                                              Mr. &: Mrs. B. F.                   Mi.!>.!> Dorothy E. Wright
                                                                                                           Mrs. (;L'org~' Shuford                         Mrs.   Gbd)'S   P,lrdl'l'   Youn~
                                  Donors, Patrons, Friends and General Contributors
                                                              ]973 SEASON
                                                    (Listing complete as of May 15, 1973)

DONORS                                                Mr. &: Mrs. T. A. McCaslin                 Miss] udy Ledbetter
    Capt. and Mrs. Charles N. Barnum                  Mr. &: Mrs. Harvey R. McConnell, Sr.       Mr. Greg Leonard
    Mr. &: Mrs. Robert Cowan                          Dr. & Mrs. Fr'lnk B. McGuire, Jr.          Dr. F. Stanford Massie
    Mi s Vera A. Milner                               Dr. & Mrs. Milton V. Massey                Mrs. C. E. Middlesworth
    Miss Louise L. Pirman                             Mr. &: Mrs. Robert W. Melron               Mr. &: Mrs. T. R. Mitchell, Jr.
    Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund for Music. Inc.     Mr. &: Mrs. Thomas R. Mitchell, J r.       Mr. &: Mrs. Murray S. Moore
    Rockefeller Foundation                            Morris Pharmacy                            Mr. Bill Prince
                                                      Mr. &: Mrs. T. O. Mulcahy                  Mr. &: Mrs. W. Fred Roberts
PATRO'S                                              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Pax ton                Miss Dale Robson
    Mrs. John P. Darnall                             Pisgah Candy r:ompany                       Mrs. Oscar R. Rodig
    Mr. &: Mrs. John F. Dulken                       Dr. & Mrs. E. S. Platt                      Mrs. Linda Moore Skinner
    Mr. &: Mrs. E. W. Freeman                        Mr. &: Mrs. John R. Poteat                  Miss Linda Smaha
    Mr. &: Mrs. J. Lindsay Goehring                  Mr. &: Mrs. O. L. Railsback                 Miss C. Barrington Smith
    Miss Helen L. Kittredge                          Dr. &: Mrs. R. Bcvcrly Raney                Miss Nancy Robin Smith
    Mr. &: Mrs. Walter G. McKelvey                   Mr. &: Mrs. David Reed                      Mr. Thomas C. Smith
    Capt. &: Mrs. John McKillip                      Mr. &: Mrs. E. B. Rodcnbaugh                Estate of Mary A ndrews Stables
    Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Overholt                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. S. P. Stowe, Jr.
                                                     Mr. &: Mrs. Allcn B. Roff
    Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Parry                                                                       Mr. Leonard Strength
                                                     Mr. Hardy G. Ross
    Miss Louise L. Pitman                                                                        Mrs. Thomas Stubbs
                                                     Mrs. Julius Sadcr
    Mr. &: Mrs. W. L. Scarborough                                                                Mr. Mort Swaim
                                                     Dr. &: Mrs. J amcs H. Sanders, Jr.
    Mr. &: Mrs. Charles D. Spencer                   Mr. Dewey Scadin                            Mr. &: Mrs. J. D. Sykes
    Mrs. John M. Williams                            Mr. &: Mrs. B. B. Schonwald                 Miss Julia Terry
                                                     Mrs. William M. Searcy, J r.                Mr. I\i Mrs. John Torres, J r.
SPONSORS                                             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sheffield                  1972 'fMC Student Council
     Mr. Donald Adcox                                Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Shull                  Mrs. Joyce McConnell Underwood
     Mrs. Paul H. Allen                              Mr. &: Mrs. G. T. Spiccr                    Mr. Robert Thacker Waller
     Mr. & Mrs. William F. Baldwin                   Miss Thcodosia Sproles                      Mr. ] ohn Zisk
     Dr. & Mrs. W. Carroll Barnes                    Dr. R. R. Steuer, Jr.
     Mt. &: Mrs. Morgan C. Barrett                   Mrs. Alfred Taylor
     Mr. & Mrs. George A. Bond, Jr.                  Mrs. Paul C. Thomas
     Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Breeding                   Mr. &: Mrs. John H. Truesdail
     Brevard Chamber of Commetce                     Mrs. J. A. van Lacr
     Brevard Kiwanis Club                            Dr. & Mrs. Marius H. Wells
     Mr. & Mrs. George M. Campbell                   Mr S. P. Whitcomb, Jr.
     Mr. & Mrs. Henry N. Carrier                     Mr. & Mrs. John H. Wilson
     Dt. & Mrs. A. B. Chidester                      Mrs. Williatn N. Wylie
     Mr. & Mrs. William W. Clark
     Mr. &: Mrs. John L. Clay                   GENERAL AND DEVELOPMENT
     Mr. &Mrs.J. E. Cox,Jr.                          CONTRIBUTORS
     Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Crowl                       Miss Diane Iris Addison
     Mr. & Mrs. Hal Dumas                           Miss Patricia Austin
     Mr. & Mrs. Freeman Elder                       Miss Mary Biscoe
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Gash                      Mr. Keylth Carey
     Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Goeser                      Citize'ns Telephone Company
     Mr. &: Mrs. D. E. Goodling                     Mrs. David C. Coggin
     Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Griffin                       Connestee Falls Development Corporation
     Mr. William E. Hartman                         Mr. Brian Denk
     Mr. Robert N. Hill                             Mr. & Mrs. William E. Edens
     Mr. & Mrs. James B. Hughey                     Miss Susan Farley
     Mr. & Mrs. Duncan C. Hunter                    Miss Melanie Feeman
     Mr. & Mrs. Wallace R. Irwin                    Mrs. Rosetta S. French
     Mr. & Mrs. John C. Jeffers                     Mr. Robert A. Fritz
     Mr. & Mrs. Alvin R. Jennings                   Miss Martha Gerschefski
     Mr. & Mrs. E. W. Johnson                       Mr. Gordon G. Hamrick
     Mr. & Mrs. M. F. Johnson                       Mr. R. Philip Hanes, Jr.
     Dr. & Mrs. James M. Keeley                     Mr. William E. Hartman
     Dr. & Mrs. Donald E. Kempton                   Mr. Emerson Head
     Mr. & Mrs. Irving R. Kendall                   Mr. William R. Hill
     Dr. & Mrs. David C. Kirk                       Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Honigman
     Mrs. Harry Kolman                              Mr. David C. Howson
     Mr. & Mrs. John G. Landrum, Jr.                Miss Jeanne N. Jones
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Lawrence                  Miss J 0 Kinsey Kafer                     An essential step in the art of make-bel ieve
     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Light                         Mrs. Garnett L. Keith
     Dr. & Mrs. Walter A. Luck                      Mr. Arvid Knu tsen
Program 1                         Friday, july 6, 8:15 P.M.

             Henry J,lniec, Conductor
              Sylvia Rabinof, Pianist

Berlioz                         Benvenuto Cellini Overture
Schumann                                  Piano Concerto
Hanson                                      Symphony II

Program 2                       Saturday, july 7, 8: 15 P.M.

             Henry Janiec, Conductor

The first of three Pops Concerts for the season, featuring                 The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!
the Orchestra and the Opera Workshop singers. Orchestral
fare will include works by Offenbach, Arnold, Loewe, and
The second half of the program will feature a semi-staged
                                                               Program 4                            Monday, july 9,8:15 P.M.

performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's delightful "Trial By
                                                                               CONNOISSEUR CONCERT I
Jury" with all roles taken by the staff and students of the
Opera Workshop under the general direction of John                               Music for Two Pianos
Richards McCrae.                                                            Joan Yarbrough and Robert Cowan

                                                                    Works by Pasquini-Shedlock, Rieti, and Brahms

Program 3                        Sunday,jt 8, 3:30P.M.

                                                               Program 5                        Wednesday, july 11, 8:15 P.M.

              Henry Janiec, Conductor
                                                                          TRANSYL VANIA YOUTH ORCHESTRA
              Da niel Heifetz, Violinist
                                                                              Mario Mancinelli, Conductor
Tchaikovsky                            Cappriccio Italienne                TRANSYLVANIA WIND ENSEMBLE
Beethoven                                  Symphony VII                         Robert Barr, Conductor
Sibelius                                  Violin Concerto
                                                               Verdi                             Grand March from "Aida"
This program is dedicated to the memory of Paul C.             Valerius                          17th Century Dance Tunes
Thomas - friel/d, supporter, and tru . ;tee of the Brevard     Purcell                                      Golden Sonata
Music Center.                                                  Thompson              Fugue and Chorale on "Yankee Doodle"

                                                                                              **** ..
                                                               Turlet                            French National Defile March
         The Baldwin is the official piano of the
                                                               Holst                                                First Suite
                 Brevard Music Center.
                                                               Chance                        Variations on a Korean Folk Song
                                                               Gould                                          American Salute
           -   All programs subject to change -
                                                               Williams                                        The Sinfonians
Program 6                       Thursday, july 12,4:30 P.M.    Program 8                    Saturday, july 14, 8:15 P.M.

                        RECITAL                                     TRANSYLVANIA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA
         The Students of The Brevard Music Center                           Emil Raab, Conductor
                (Program to be announced)
                                                               Schubert                                 Symphony VIII
                                                               Berlioz                                 Hungarian March
                                                               Liadov                                Russian Folk Songs
                                                               Debussy                                    Nuages, Fetes
Program 7                         Friday, july 13, 8:15 P.M.

                  HANSEL AND GRETEL                            Program 9                     Sunday, july 15, 2:30 P.M.
                   Music by Humperdinck
                     Libretto by Wette                                  BREVARD MUSIC CENTER ORCHESTRA
                                                                             TRANSYLVANIA CHORUS
                          STARRING                                          Robert Shaw, Guest Conductor
Perry Daniels                                  as the Father
                                                               Handel                                           Messiah
A II other roles taken by members of the Brevard Opera
                                                                              (Soloists to be announced)
Workshop. Chorus and Orchestra from the musical
organizations of the Brevard Music Center.

                     PRODUCTION STAFF
Producer-Direc tor                J ohn Richards McCrae
Conductor                                  Henry Janiec
Coaches                                 Jane B. Klaviter
                                    Robert C. Austin, J r.
Chorus Master                           Ward Woodbury
Scenic Designer                           Bart Alderman
Entire production by the staff and students of the Brevard
Music Center Opera Workshop.
Sights and sounds at The Music Center are

varied, exciting and always melodious!
Program 10                          Monday, july 16, 8:15 P.M.        Program 14                        Friday, july 20,8:15 P.M.

               CONNOISSEUR CONCERT II                                                           Opera
       The Artist Faculty of the Brevard Music Center                                  TALES OF HOFFMANN
                                                                                         Musk by Offenbach
Bozza                                    Suite for Brass Quintet                         Libretto by Barbier
Roussell                                               Serenade
Brahms                                   Piano Quartet, G minor                               STARRING
                                                                      Robert Moulson                                   as Hoffmann
                                                                      Beverly Culbreath                                   as Antonio
                                                                      Perry Daniels                                 as Dappertutto
Program 11                         Tuesday, july 1 7, 8: 15 P.M.
                                                                      David Rae Smith
                                                                      Ross Magoulas
                                                                                                                      as Dr. Miracle
                                                                                                             as Andres, Cochenille,
                                                                                                             Pittichinaccio, Frantz
                                                                      Mary Ann Busching                                as Nicklausse
                Mario Mancinelli, Conductor
             TRANSYLVANIA CONCERT BAND                                All other roles to be taken by members of the Brevard
            TRANSYLVANIA WIND ENSEMBLE                                Opera Workshop. chorus and Orchestra from the musical
                 Robert Barr, Conductor                               organizations of the Brevard Music Center.

Handel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Samson" Overture                        PRODUCTION STAFF
Dittersdorf                        Tournament of Temperaments         Producer-Director                John Richards McCrae
Sibelius                                                 Finlandia    Conductor                             Ward Woodbury
                                                                      All other production staff as listed in PROGRAM 7, july
                              *****                                   13th. Entire production by the staff and students of the
Goldman                                 The Foundation March          Brevard Music Center Opera Workshop.
Harding                                Meditation from "Thais"
McBeth                                  Cantique and Faranade

Sousa . . . . . . . . .                                Liberty Bell
Wagner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Invocation of Alberich
                                                                      Program IS                     Saturday, july 21,8:15 P.M.
Reed                                             Intrada Dramatica
                                                                            TRANSYLVANIA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA
                                                                                     Emil Raab, Conductor
                                                                                  Benjamin Middaugh, Baritone
Program 12                      Wednesday, july 18,8:15 P.M.
                                                                      Weber                                     Euryanthe Overture
                                                                      Mozart        Deh vieni alla finestra, from "Don Giovanni"
                    SONATA RECITAL
                                                                                    The Count's Aria, from "Marriage of Figaro"
       The Artist Faculty of the Brevard Music Center
                                                                      Verdi                          Eri tu, from "A Masked Ball"
Hindemith                          Sonata for Flute and Piano                                                 Credo, from "Otello"
Brahms                                Clarinet Sonata in E flat       Massenet                 Vision fugitive, from "Herodiade"
                                                                      Khatchaturian                                    Sa"bre Dance
Beethoven               Violin Sonata in D Maj., Op. 12, No.1
                                                                      Wagner                     Prelude, Introduction to Act III
                                                                                               and March, from "Meistersingers"

Program 13                        Thursday, july 19, 4:30P.M.

           The Students of The Brevard Music Center
                  (Program to be announced)
                                                                             Program 19                        Wednesday, July 25, 8:15 P.M.
Program 16                              Sunday, July 22, 3:30 P.M.
                                                                                      TRANSYLVANIA YOUTH ORCHESTRA
                                                                                           Mario Mancinelli, Conductor
                                                                                        TRANSYLVANIA CONCERT BAND
                Henry Janiec, Conductor
                                                                                             Robert Barr, Conductor
              Jeannine Altmeyer, ::>opran.o

                                                                             Franck            .         . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gothic Suite
Brahms.                         . . . . . . . . Serenade in A Major
                                                                             Vaughan Williams            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greensleeves
Ravel .                         . Daphnis and Chloe Suite No.2
                                                                             Grieg ..                    .In The Hall of The Mountain King
Berlioz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spectre de la Rose
                                                                             Hanson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sympohny II (Mvt. 2)
                                                        L'Ile inconnue
                                                                             Rodgers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Oklahoma" Highlights
Weber . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leise,leise

                                                                             Handel. ..        March and Chorus from "Judas Maccabeus"
                                                                             Charpentier                                 Ballet du Plaisir
                                                                             Holst                                     Second Suite in F

Program17                              Monday, July 23, 8:15 P.M.
                                                                             Program 20                          Thursday, July 26, 4:30P.M.
       The Artist Faculty of the Brevard Music Center                                                 RECITAL
                                                                                       The Students of The Brevard Music Center
Mozart ..                                         · "Dissonance" Quartet                      (Program to be announced)
Brahms ..                                         · .. Four Serious Songs
Dohnanyi         . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Piano Quintet
                                                                             Program 21                             Friday, July 27, 8:15 P.M.

                                                                                               TRANSYLVANIA CHORUS
                                                                                               REPERTORY ORCHESTRA
                                                                                               Ward Woodbury, Conductor

Program 18                              Tuesday, July 24, 8:15 P.M.          Haydn . . . . .           . . . . . . . . . . . . ..   . The Creation
                                                                                                (Soloists to be announced)
                 Robert Barr, Conductor                                      Program 22                          Saturday, July 28, 8:15 P.M.

Sousa.                                        · Hands Across the Sea                                 Pops Concert
Bach .                                        ·     If Thou Be Near                               BARBERSHOP NIGHT
Maltby                                        ·          Blues Essay
Chance                                      . Incantation and Dance          The second of three Pops Concerts for the season, featuring
                                                                             the Brevard Music Center Orchestra in rousing music by
                                  *****                                      American popular composers .
Jacobs .                                         . William Byrd Suite
Rodgers                                          .... Victory at Sea         The special feature of the evening will be appearances by a
                                                                             massed chorus of "Barbershoppers" from the Society for
                                                                             the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop
                                                                             Quartet Singing in America. The quartets will come from
                                                                             Johnson City and Knoxville in Tennessee, Asheville and
                                                                             Rutherford County in North Carolina, and Greenville,
                                                                             Laurens County, and Spartanburg in South Carolina.

                                                                             Directors will include Warren Bowen, Gil Oxendine, Robert
             -     All programs subject to change -                          Eubanks, and Bob Thompson. The "Delegates" of Johnson
                                                                             City and "The Upper Echelon" of Spartanburg will do solo
                                                                             bits. A massed finale with orchestra will be conducted by
                                                                             Henry Janiec. This is a special treat not to be missed!!!
A dedicated Board of Trustees control the fortunes of the Music Center. Distinguished men and women from all over the
country - from many professions and occupations.

Program 23                      Sunday, July 29, 3:30 P.M.   Program 26                  wednesday, August 1, 8: 15 P.M.

        BREVARD MUSIC CENTER ORCHESTRA                                                 RECITAL
                Henry Janiec, Conductor                                          Benno Rabinof, Violin
           Yarbrough and Cowan, Duo-Pianists                                     Sylvia Rabinof, Piano
               Frances Hodgson, Soprano                                                    and
                                                                                    Assisting Artists
Mahler                                      Symphony IV
Vaughan Williams                  Concerto for Two Pianos                 Works by Enesco and Chausson

                                                             Program 27                   Thursday, August 2,4:30 P.M.
Program 24                    Monday, july 30, 8:15 P.M.
             CONNOISSEUR CONCERT IV                                  The 5 tudents of the Brevard Music Center
      The Artist Faculty of the Brevard Music Center                         (Program to be announced)

Hindemith                                   Tuba Sonata
Schubert                             "Arpeggione" Sonata     Program 28                      Friday, August 3,8:15 P.M.
Prokofieff                                Quintet, Op. 39
Program 25                    Tuesday, july 31,8:15 P.M.
                                                                                   Music by Rodgers
                                                                                 Words by Hammerstein
              TRANSYLVANIA CONCERT BAND                      All roles to be taken by members of the Brevard Opera
              TRANSYLVNIA WIND ENSEMBLE                      Workshop. Chorus and Orchestra from the musical
                   Robert Barr, Conductor                    organizations of the Brevard Music Center.

Saverino                     March of the Women Marines                          PRODUCTION STAFF
Haydn                    Three Miniature Classics for Band   Producer-Director                John Richards McCrae
Vaughan-Williams                 English Folk Song Suite     Conductor                                Henry Janiec
                                                             Choreographer                        Barbara Ferguson

Sousa                                      Rifle Regiment    All other production staff as listed in PROGRAM 7, july
Bernstein                                Candide Overture    13th. Entire production by the staff and students of the
Persichetti                                 Symphony VI      Brevard Music Center Opera Workshop.
Program 33                    Thursday, August 9, 4:30P.M.

         The Students of The Brevard Music Center
                (Program to be announced)

Program 34                     Friday,Augustl0,8:15P.M.

                      Music by Bizet
              Libretto by Meilhac and Halevy

Dorothy Krebill                                   as Carmen
Robert Moulson                                  as Don Jose
David Rae Smith                                 as Escamillo

All other roles to be taken by members of the Brevard
Opera Workshop. Chorus and Orchestra from the musical
organizations of the Brevard Music Center.

                    PRODUCTION STAFF
Producer-Director                John Richards McCrae
Conductor                                Henry Janiec
All other production staff as listed in PROGRAM 7, July
13th. Entire production by the staff and students of thE
Brevard Music Center Opera Workshop.

Program 35                  Saturday, August 11, 8:15 P.M.

                  Pops Concert
             Henry J aniec, Conductor

The third of three Pops Concerts for the year, featuring the
orchestral and vocal soloists of the Center. Music will
include excerpts from Man of La Mancha, Most Happy
Fella, Fiddler On The Roof, Girl Crazy, King and I, and an
Irving Berlin medley.

Program 36                   Sunday, August 12, 3: 30 P.M.

             Henry Janiec, Conductor
               Van Cliburn, Pianist

Kabalevsky                         Colas Breugnon Overture
Rimsky-Korsakov                               Scheherezade
Rachmaninoff                              Piano Concerto II
Program 37                     Tuesday, August 14, 8:15 P.M.         Program 3 9                  Thursday, August 16,4:30 P.M.

         TRANSYL VANIA YOUTH ORCHESTRA                                                          RECITAL
              Mario Mancinelli, Conductor                                        The Students of the Brevard Music Center
           TRANSYLVANIA CONCERT BAND                                                    (Program to be announced)
                Robert Barr, Conductor

Handel     .
                  .              . . . . . . . . . Chorale-Prelude
                                 . .... Concerto Grosso in F
                                                                     Program 40                        Friday, August 17,8: 15 P.M.

Riegger .                    . . . . . . . . . . . Dance Rhythms            TRANSYLVANIA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA
Wagner ....              .Chorale and Finale, "Meistersinger"
                                                                                    Emil Raab, Conductor
                             *****                                                 Charles DeLaney, Flutist
Sousa           .                       The Fairest of the Fair
Whear           .                       . .. Wycliff Variations      Cimarosa                           . . Secret Marriage Overture
Grundman                                   .... Hebrides Suite       C.P.E. Bach                        . Flute Concerto in D Minor
Moussorgsky . . . . .                       . Great Gate at Kiev     Brahms ...                    .                    Symphony I
Kabalevsky                           Colas Breugnon Overture
Smetana                            The High Castle (Vysehrad)
Wagner                      Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral
Sousa                           The Stars and Stripes Forever

Program 38                  ltIednesday, August 15,8:15 P.M.

                                                                             -     All programs subject to change -

Soloists for tltis pro~nllli <ire c1lOsen competitively from tlte
Studel/t.' of tltc Hrcl'<ird }\}/I.,ic CCI/ter.
                    Program to be announced

                                       Always a crowd·pleaser. the Music Center Wind Ensemble.
                                       Whittington-Pfohl AUditorium, from a musician's standpoint.

Program 41                     Saturday, August 18,8:15 P.M.         Program42                       Sunday, August 19,3:30 P.M.

                            Operatta                                           BREVARD MUSIC CENTER ORCHESTRA
                        MERRY WIDOW                                                  Henry J aniec. COllductor
                         Music by Lehar                                             TRANSYLVANIA CHORUS
                      Book by Leon and Stein                                           Ward Woodbury, Conductor

                           STARRING                                   Wagner.                    ·           Prelude to Meistersinger
Janice Janiec . . .                                  . as Sonia                                    Prelude and Lovedeath, "Tristan"
David Rae Smith                                       as Danilo       Borodin                    ·                Polovetzian Dances
Perry Daniels. . .                                   as PopoFF        Bruck ner                  ·                          Te Deum
Beverly Culbreath                                    as Natalie                         (soloists to be announced)
All other roles to be taken by members of the Brevard
Opera Workshop. Chorus and Orchestra from the musical
organizations of the Brevard Music Center.

                 PRODUCTION STAFF
Producer-Director. .          .John Richards McCrae
Conductor                        . . . . . Henry Janice
Choreographer. . . .               . Barbara Ferguson
All other production staff as listed in PROGRAM 7, July
13th. /:::mire production by the staff and stlldellt., of the
IJrevard Mllsic Center Opera ItJorks/lOp.
                                    Conductors, Directors

                                   EMIL RAAB, Conductor and Head of the String Department at Brevard, is Professor of
                                   Music at the University of Bowling Green and conductor of the University Symphony
                                   Orchestra. Before going to Bowling Green in 1969, Raab was on the faculty of the School
                                   of Music at the University of Michigan and later on the faculty of the University of
                                   Alabama. For the past fifteen summers, Raab has served on the faculty of the Music
                                   Center, and has been head of the string division, concertmaster of the Festival Orchestra,
                                   and conductor of both the Youth Orchestra and the Transylvania Symphony.

ROBERT BARR, Director of Bands, attended the Cincinnati Conservatory, University of
Georgia, Auburn University, and East Central Oklahoma State College. Barr has had wide
performing experience with the famous Armco Band under Frank Simon, the
Indianapolis Symphony, and Cincinnati Summer Opera. He is past president of the
Georgia Bandmasters Association, the Georgia Music Educators Association, and Past
National Vice President of the National Bandmasters Fraternity. Barr is a member of the
faculty and administrative staff of the School of Music at Converse College and was
recently chosen one of the nation's ten outstanding educational music directors by the
"School Musician" magazine.

                                  WARD WOODBURY, from Rollins College in Florida, returns as Director of Choral
                                  Activities and Conductor at the Music Center. His formal musical training was
                                  done at Western State College of Colorado and the Eastman School of Music. Dr.
                                  Woodbury has wide experience as a conductor of choral, operatic, and symphonic music,
                                  and is active in numerous regional and national professional organizations. In addition to
                                  his duties at Rollins College, he is also Conductor of the famed Bach Festival of Winter
                                  Park, Florida.

MARIO MANCINELLI, a veteran of many seasons at Brevard as conductor, violin teacher
and performer, conducts the Transylvania Youth Orchestra. After gaining his Bachelor
and Masters degrees at Ohio State University, he did post graduate study at Peabody
College and the University of Illinois, with additional work with Wilfred Pelletier and
Bernard Goodman. Presently Professor of violin and Director of the orchestra at Illinois
Wesleyan University, he is a member of the faculty trio and performs in the Peoria and
Springfield Orchestras.
                                        Conductors, Directors

                                     JOHN RICHARDS McCRAE has been producer-director of the Brevard Opera Workshop
                                     and Director of Academic Activities at the Music Center since 1965. A native of South
                                     Carolina, McCrae received his training at the University of South Carolina, the Institute of
                                     Musical Art, and Juilliard Graduate School in New York. During his singing career, he
                                     appeared with many national orchestras, in various opera companies, and concertized in
                                     all of the sta tes. Since 1952, he has been Professor of Voice and founding director of the
                                     Opera Workshop at Converse College's School of Music. He has been General Director of
                                     the Charlotte Opera Company, and head of t~e performing arts division of South Carolina
                                     Tricentennial Commission, and guest director for many other companies.

ROBERT SHAW is undoubtedly one of the great figures in choral music in the world. His
Robert Shaw Chorale has toured the world and probably recorded more than any other
group. But,choral music is hardly his only medium since he has conducted most of the
great symphonies of the country and presently serves as Music Director of the Atlanta
Symphony. Mr. Shaw is deeply involved and concerned with musical education and his
residency at Brevard speaks eloquently to this fact. Surely his stay at Brevard this year will
remain a milestone in the life of the institution and its students for many years to come.

                                                   A REMINISCENCE

      Marjorie Burke was a friend of the Brevard Music Center and a friend of musicians. A few years ago she visited
Brevard, became enchanted with what was going on, built a summer home here, brought students to the Center, paid their
way, listened to their problems, and rejoiced in their triumphs.
     Fate decreed that "Marj" would enjoy only a few years of her new interests and love at Brevard. After her death in
1971, some notes from a talk she had given about Brevard were discovered. We share them with you with great admiration,
humility, and love.                          MUSIC, By MaCJone B ur k e
                                                              . .                '

      One can only write about music in relation to man: for no art form is self-contained. It does not generate its own
creation - it is man who must make an art speak - and it is man who must hear and receive its message.
       Arthur Rubinstein, when being interviewed was asked if he had hope that the next generation would find better ways
to communicate - ways of breaking down the barriers to peace among men. He replied: the only hope to bring some
harmony among the nations is through art. Art never wakens suspicion and afterthoughts, thus leading to treachery, to
violation of the spoken and printed word. Diplomacy has failed us. Art, particularly music, is the universal language of
kinshi p and shared emotion. It creates love and respect between all creeds, colors, systems. In its image all men are brothers
and equal.
       Which brings me to mention Brevard Music Center,· nestled in the mountains of North Carolina, dotted with lakes,
dormitories, practice cabins. 300 students of music and staff lead a most rewarding life in rustic surroundings. The great
artists come and go and the rapport between the "great" and the student is most informal and constructive. In the huge
cafeteria where all are fed, the Hons sit down with the lambs and almost always the subject is "music". For there is such an
ambience of searching for the tools and plans for professionalism in music that one feels an urgency and excitement. Students
are given an opportunity to perform professionally and with professionals, to see and hear countless rehearsals and
performance - opera workshop - ballet in motion - chorus - symphony - band - so much must be packed into 2 months.
Over 60% are there on scholarship because of their special talent and because someone believed in them. So most have a
definite dedication and that is what makes the atmosphere so thrilling. Besides technique there are precious things like
friendships being made - taking root to last. And even love - music surely creates love. I think of a picture hanging in the
parlor of my grandmother's house where I used to spend my childhood summers - a beautiful young woman seated at a
grand piano. Hovering over her was a tall, handsome man, candle light lit the room. The title: If music be the food of love,
      So these are three of the many facets of music and it doesn't just happen. It must be made to happen over and over
again by man so the constant flux of young artists will be touched with its magic which they have helped to create.
In The Past Ten Years,

Three National Administrations Salute The Music Center
  Presidential reco~ition fIrst came to the Brevard Music Center in 1961. Invited to be the first orchestra to perform for the
Kennedy "Young People's Concerts for Young People" on the lawn of the White House in Washington, the Brevard Orchestra
was honored signally, as President John F. Kennedy addressed the audience before the concert.

   In 1965 President Lyndon Johnson wrote the Trustees on the occasion of the opening of the new Whittington-Pfohl
Auditorium, stating that "This marks a very significant contribution to a program already accomplished in its development of
the talents of youth in the important fIeld of music."

   In 1971., President Richard Nixon saluted the Trustees on an anniversary occasion - "As the Brevard Music Center
celebrates its thirty-fifth anniversary, a grateful nation acknowledges the opportunity and encouragement you have provided
to thousands of young musicians and singers."

                                                                        MARY      ANN BUSCHING
                                                                        returns to Brevard for her
                         SYLVIA RABINOF joins the
                                                                        second season after capturing
                         artist-faculty of the Center
                                                                        the coveted Young Artist
                         for the first time though she
                                                                        Award     of   the   National
                         and her violinist husband
                         BENNO have appeared here                       Fp.deration of Music Clubs this Spring in Atlantic
 in concert in the past. A native of New York, Mrs.                     City. A native of Minnesota, she is currently a
 Rabinof studied with great musicians such as Barere,                   resident of Clemson, S. C. where her husband is on
 Serkin, Stoessel. Enesco, and others. With her                         the faculty of the University. Recently awarded the
 husband. she has concertized. recorded, and                            Master of Music degree at Converse College where she
 premiered much new music all over the world. At                        studied with Jane Frazier Rolandi, Mrs. Busching
 present. she is on the faculty of the Juilliard School                 seems to be headed for a major career. Her
 of Music.                                                              appearance earlier this year with the Atlanta
                                                                        Symphony got her critical raves, as have her many
                                                                        other appearances in opera, oratorio, and concert.
                                                                        Congratulations to a fine talent!

                         Californian         DANIEL
                         HEIFETZ first came to                           Brevard   is   delighted   to
                         national attention as the                       welcome    back    Asheville's
                          1969     winner     of   the                   own DAVID RAE SMITH
                         Merriweather            Post                    after a year's absence. A
 Competition in Washington. D. C. Trained at the                         member of the New York
 Curtis Institute in Philadelphia. he studied with the                   City Opera company and the faculty of Hartt College,
 great Efrem Zimbalist and later with Ivan Galamian in                   his most recent triumph was a leading role in the
 New York. After a triumphant debut in New York in                       world premiere of Henze's opera "Rachel's Song" for
 1970. he has appeared widely in South America.                          NET-TV Opera. Brevard audiences will remember him
 Europe. and of course in the United States. Brevard                     for many roles. but perhaps particularly as Reverend
 welcomes a bright young artist of the present and                       Blitch and his marvelous Music Man. Welcome back,
 future.                                                                 David Rae!

                        PERRY DANIELS, a Brevard
                       alumnus, returns for his
                       eighth season on the faculty            JOAN YARBROUGH and
                       of the Music Center. Daniels            ROBERT COWAN return to
                        has had wide experience in             Brevard for the fifth year as
oratorio and concert, and sang with the Amato Opera            performers and teachers. As a
Theater in New York and the Civic Opera Association            young husband and wi~
in Dubuque, Iowa. He has studied and taught at a               piano team, they have attracted international
number of institutions and holds a Doctorate in                attention for their virtuosity and artistry. Their
Musical Arts from Michigan. Daniels is presently on            studies have included training at some of the greatest
the faculty of the School of Music at Converse                 institutions in the world and with noted teachers.
College.                                                       Their performances have inspired a number of fine
                                                               composers to write compositions specifically for

                       BENJAMIN MJDDAUGH is
                       the 1969 winner of the
                       National Federation of Music            ROSS MAGOULAS has been
                       Clubs      Young       Artist           on the staff of the Center
                       Auditions. His honors also              since 19.65 and has been seen
include awards from the American Guild of Mu,i:                regularly    111  operas and
Artists and National Association of Teachers of                musicals       each     season.
Singing. A frequent performer in opera, oratorio, and          Certainly one of the fine comedic actors in the
recitals, he is presently on the faculty at the                country, his many characterizations at Brevard and
University of Montevallo in Alabama and serves as              with many other companies have brought him kudos.
Assistant Stage Director for the Birmingham Opera              A graduate of Conversc College, he is presently on thc
Company.                                                       voice faculty at Berry College in Georgia.

                          Beautiful, blonde JEANNINE
                          AL TMEYER         came   to          EDWARD VITO is a special
                          national attention whcn she          favorite of Brevard audiences.
                          won the Met auditions in             Prescntly on the faculty of <
                          ] 971 and immediately was            the University of Miami and I
signed to a long-term Met contract. She made her               solo harpist with the Miami
Chicago Opera debut the same year and has since                Philharmonic. he was for many years associatcd with
been pursuing a rapidly growing career in America              NBC and thc great Arturo Toscanini. His many
and in Europe. Her appearance at Brcvard should                appcarances. recordings. and honors bear witncss to
serve as a prime example of opportunities available            his being one of thc world's prcmicre harpists.
for true talent like that at the Center.

                                                                 Little new can be said to
                        BEVERLY CULBREATH of                     introduce the great VAN
                        Winston-Salem    JOInS    the            CLIBURN         to     Brevard
                       Center for the first time as a            audiences. Surely he is among
                        member     of   the    public            the small handful of true
                        relations staff and as a                 "superstars" of music today. Born in Shreveport,
performer. Her training has included studies in                  Louisiana but raised in Texas, Cliburn had already a
Florida, Georgia, Aspen, and Europe. A veteran of                substantial career and had won many competitons
summer stock, doing many roles in musical comedy,                before his internationally hailed triumph at Moscow's
she is also an experienced opera performer and                   Tchaikovsky Competitions more than a decade ago.
recitalist. Her varied experience has also included              But that pinnacle proved to be just another step in a
modeling, acting, and radio and television work,                 phenomenal career which has taken him around the
including commercials. Certainly versatility is the              world and into every media of musical presentation.
keyword with this talented young addition to the                 Nothing more needs to be said after announcing his
Brevard scene.                                                   appearance on any concert schedule.

                         PETER NERO needs no
                          introduction to the millions
                          who have heard him on                  CHARLES DELANEY can be
                          records,    seen    him     on         claimed as one of Brevard's
                          television and in the movies,          own, having been a student
. heard his compositions, or been present at any of his          and faculty member here in
  thousands of personal appearances. From his                    the past. Presently on the
  boyhood years in Brooklyn, he progressed through               faculty at the University of Illinois, he is one of the
  formal training at Brooklyn College and J uilliard to a        most respected performers and teachers on the flute
  vast popularity with the Peter Nero Trio. One of the           in the country. A published author and composer, he
  most-recorded pianists active today, his style and             also is active as a conductor in JIlinois where he
  command of his instrument have a distinctiveness               directs the Little Symphony, the university musical
  which is the true mark of greatness. Brevard                   productions, and is associate conductor of the
  welcomes him for the fist time.                                University Symphony. For a number of years he
                                                                 served as head of instrumental music at the North
                                                                 Carolina Governor's School.

                         DOROTHY KREBILL has
                         electrified audiences on two
                         continents with her portrayal           JANICE        JANIEC      has
                         of Carmen, the role in which            appeared in concert and
                         she makes her Brevard debut.            opera at Brevard a number of
 Born in Iowa, she was trained in that state's                   times. Her leading roles in
 University and later at the Curtis Institute in                 "My Fair Lady", "Sound of
 Philadelphia. For two years she was a leading artist            Music" and "Music Man" are particularly memorable.
 with the Metropolitan Opera National Company, and               Her singing career encompasses theater, oratorio,
 since has appeared with numerous companies in                   recital work, and appearances with orchestras. She is
 America and Europe. She is an Affiliate Artist at               a Lecturer in Vocal Pedagogy at Converse College at
 Beloit College and records for RCA Victor.                      the present time.

                                                              ROBERT MOULSON, born
                       FRANCES HODGSON made                   in Cleveland and raised in
                       her    Hrst    appearance    at        Atlanta, went from a football
                       Brevard in 1971 as soloist in
                                                              scholarship at Auburn to a
                       the Brahms Requiem. Though
                                                              music scholarship at Georgia,
                       she is particularly well-known
                                                              and then further studies at the New England
in the Atlanta area where she makes her home,
                                                              Conservatory and in New York. After his debut with
audiences around the South are applauding her
                                                              the New York City Center in 1958, his career has
various appearances as soloist in oratorio and
                                                              spanned years of study in Italy, appearances with
operalogues. A student of Hugh Hodgson and Byron
                                                              many American companies, some six years in the
Warner, she also serves on many boards and
                                                              leading opera houses of Germany, and now back to a
committees associated with the arts. A beautiful lady
                                                              growing career again in America. One of his most
with a glorious voice.
                                                              recent successes was the creation of the role of
                                                              Lennie in Floyd's "Of Mice and Men" in Seattle. He
                                                              joins the artist-faculty of the center for the first time
                                                              this year.

                                                                          Brevard, N. C.            28712
                                                                          Summer, 1973
     Dear Friend:

            Thanks to your support, Brevard r4usic Center has acquired an enviable

     reputation during the past 36 years.                With you continued support, the Cen-

     ter's future opportunities are unlimited.

            The 1969 Federal Tax Reform Act opened many new doors to you.                           Under

     the law, prospective donors can actually increase the size of their estate,

     guarantee themselves a pre-determined income for life, and make a substan-

     tial gift to the Brevard f1usic Center.               Consult your attorney or trust offi-

     cer, or contact Mr. Robert G. Cole, General Manager of the l4usic Center, for

     additional information.

                                                         Cecil J. Hill, Secretary
                                                         Board of Trustees

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