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									                                 Youth Forum

Youth Forum of Sholmari Palli Unnayan Sangstha at Jaldhaka sub-district in
Nilphamari initiated an income generating activity among five poor people for
alleviation their poverty.

Youth Forum gave 5 chickens among 5 poor people to bring up. They became
owner of those hens. They will sell its eggs. Only those 5 people will give back 3
chickens to Youth Forum. Forum members will disburse those hens among other
poor people.

This is a small initiative to reduce poverty of the local poor people. The other
Youth Forums can take it as example.

                                Social Activities

In Debigonj under Panchagarh, Youth Forum members of Pamuli Union Samaj
Kallyan Sangstha gave 15 blankets for 15 poor people in the last winter. Besides,
Chandanpat Union Federation Youth Forum members also gave some blankets
among some poor people. Moreover, Youth Forum helped a poor widow,
affected by cyclone on the May 2011 at Baliadangi in Thakurgaon. The respective
Federation, Disaster Management Committee and Youth Forum members
reconstructed her damaged house.

                                Diesel Subsidy

Gobindagonj in Gaibandha district, Barishal Union Federation cooperated 21
peasants to get the government subsidy on diesel for irrigation. Youth Forum
members gave necessary supports to the Federation leaders for accomplishing
the job.

                 Initiative for Emergency Blood Necessity

Benghari and Chandanbari Union Federation Youth Forum at Debigonj in
Panchagarh district prepared a list of the voluntary blood donors of that area.
Anyone can get support of blood at free of cost through those Youth Forums.
                   Youth Forum’s Initiative for Education

Borogaon union is situated in Thakurgaon. This is mainly agro-based area. Most
people are poor and they remained deprived of many privileges for a long time.
In 1992, Federation was formed here and Youth Forum, its wing started its
journey since 2008. From the beginning, Youth Forum is serving the community
people in many ways.

Those Youth Forum members launched an education program among the poor
students. They observed that there are many poor people, who live from hand to
mouth. Educational expenses are unbearable for them, where they manage food
through hard labor. So Youth Forum members decided to teach their children at
free of cost. They started it at the Federation Center. It is running from 5 p.m. to
6 p.m. actually this is not any coaching center or any sort of commercial
education system. Youth Forum members just help their students to realize the
texts clearly. This is obviously very appreciable job of the young, when our society
is eclipsed partially by some anti-social young.

Among the tutors of Youth Forum, Beauty, Masum and Monju said that Youth
Forum has started this initiative to resist the dropping of children from primary

Meanwhile, Borogaon Union Federation Youth Forum arranged some other
creative events, such as debate competition, celebration of new-year, annual
cultural and sports program, campaigning against eve-teasing etc. These are
praised highly by the community people.

 Youth Forum of Komlabari Union Federation under Aditmari sub-district of
Lalmonirhat made a bridge on the river of Kumri for necessity of people need.

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