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					        May 2011
In This Issue
Directors’ Message .......................................1
Featured Alum ..............................................2
Sarv’s Corner................................................3
Meet the 2011 Camp Staff ............................4
North Renovation ..........................................5
Guest Artists.................................................6
New Classes.................................................7
Look Who’s Coming to Camp .........................8
Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival ....................9
Horseback Riding ..........................................9
Countdown to Camp 2011.............................9
Wish List ......................................................9
Camp Library ................................................9
Camp Internship Program ..............................9

Welcome to Camp 2011!
In 25 days and counting, our Journalism majors and
minors will take over for us as reporters, writers,
photographers, editors and publishers of the Appel
Core, our camp newsletter. But for now, we are happy
to present the last Appel Core before Camp 2011!
Enjoy! Meet Kim Thalia, our Featured Alum, and see
what Head Counselor Sarv has to say this May. Scan
the camper list for future friends and get acquainted
with our amazing staff. Check out the progress on the
North renovation, and get excited about three new
minors and our Guest Artists.
Until Camp…
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(856) 358-2472
                                                                                                               Kim Thalia
1. When were you at                 4. Where are you living
   camp?                               now, and what are you
   I was a camper in 2004              doing for work and fun?
   and 2005, a counselor               I recently graduated
   in 2009 and 2010 and                from The University of
   will be the Head of                 the Arts with my BFA in
   Photography for summer              Photography and am living
   2011.                               in Center City Philadelphia.
                                       After the summer, I will
2. What was your major                 be taking some time off
   and what were some of               from school and looking for
   your minors?                        photography-related work
                                       in the area.
   In 2004, I was a vocal
   major for first session,
                                    5. How do you think
   and then participated in
                                       you were influenced
   the musical “Fear” second
   session. I did recording            by your Appel Farm
   arts and piano minors. In           experience?
   2005, I did a double pho-           Appel Farm has always
                                                                                                           Kim Thalia at an Appel Farm Carnival
   tography major and minor            been a place where I have          entering for the first time
   for both sessions.                  felt accepted, challenged,         as a camper, having never
3. What was camp like
                                       creativity stimulated and
                                       at my most “alive”. As a
                                                                          picked up a camera in my
                                                                                                          Alumni Day
   when you were a                     camper, Appel Farm was
   camper and what are                 really the first place I was    6. What advice or                  Sunday, July 17
   some of your favorite               able to express myself,            suggestions do you
   memories?                           learn at my own pace,              have for present day
                                                                                                          Sunday, August 14
                                       and experiment with many           Appel Farm campers?
   For me, Appel Farm was                                                                                 12:00 PM - 6:30 PM
                                       different art forms. It was
   love at first sight! I was                                             Follow your bliss! In high
                                       important for me at that
   fifteen my first summer                                                school I struggled aca-         Let’s all get together for a
                                       age to never feel like I
   and had been to a variety                                              demically because I didn’t
   of other sleep-away camps
                                       had to be the best or the                                          bbq lunch and afternoon
                                       fastest learner and being in       understand that I was a
   before, but Appel Farm was                                             visual learner and because
                                                                                                          workshops! Explore the
                                       such a unique and caring
   so pleasantly different from                                           of that I spent a lot of        arts, remember your camp
                                       environment allowed me
   any of the other camps I had
                                       to shine at the point where        years unhappy and feeling       days, and catch up with old
   been to. I remember hav-                                               like I wouldn’t be success-     friends.
                                       I felt I was ready to do so.
   ing a huge appreciation for                                            ful or able to contribute
                                       Camp was always fun, al-
   the diverse staff, and con-
                                       ways engaging and my only          to the world. My advice to      Let us know you are coming
   stantly being in awe of how                                            my campers is for them to       at
                                       regret today is that I didn’t
   ridiculously talented they                                             always try their best in ev-
                                       start coming to Appel Farm
   all were. Some of my favor-                                            erything that is presented
                                       earlier. As a counselor,
   ite memories as a camper
   include outings as part of
                                       I have accumulated an              to them, but know that if       Refer a Friend!
                                       amazing batch of friends           they are not spectacular at
   the CIT program (open mic                                              it, it’s alright. Everyone is   If you know anyone who
                                       and colleagues, discovered
   night!), performing my favor-                                          different and excels at dif-    might be a great fit for the
                                       a love for teaching the arts,
   ite Christina Aguilera song                                            ferent things. I would also     community at Appel Farm
                                       and developed some very
   at the Friday Night Concert,                                           advise campers to always        (and who would know better
                                       special relationships with
   Beach Day, being a part                                                be kind to each other, be       than you guys!) we would
                                       my campers. It is such a
   of the musical “Fear” and                                              true to themselves and          love to introduce ourselves!
                                       beautiful and exciting mo-
   working with my director                                               their needs, and to take
                                       ment for me to be return-
   Issy, workouts during free                                             full advantage of their time    You can refer a friend on
                                       ing this year, running the
   time with Willy, and discover-                                         at Appel Farm, because it       our website, or just give us
                                       same photography depart-
   ing my love for photography.                                           really is something special.    a call!
                                       ment that I remember
Art as Transformation
We had a slogan for a couple of years that I really liked. It was
“Changing the World, One Artist at a Time.” Jennie told me
recently that there were so many different entities (other arts
camps, lipstick brands, who knows what?) with a similar slogan.
Well, we may not have the slogan, but we live it — sometimes
more fully than others.                                                  — heavy metal on steroids. What I heard was one of the soft-
                                                                         est, most lyrical, and gentle pieces that I have experienced on
Take homesickness. Rather, don’t take it. Let me keep it. Like any
                                                                         the guitar. This was his anger transformed into music. It heartfully
other feeling, there’s nothing wrong with it. Just depends what we
                                                                         portrayed the gentle soul beneath the rage.
do with it. Me? I like sadness. It puts me in touch with my basic
humanity. And, in a strange way, it feels good.                          Last summer there was a brilliant boy. This guy was amazingly
                                                                         articulate and, as I was to find, astoundingly creative. I could see
The Greeks called homesickness, nostalgia, literally “aching
                                                                         some similarities between this guy and me at that age. For all
for the home.” They thought and felt and wrote a lot about the
                                                                         of our intellect, we are no more in contact with our feelings than
longing for home. One of their most famous stories was about
                                                                         anybody else. Very articulate, yes.
Odysseus who was away from home for twenty years on his voy-
ages, longing to return.                                                 So I intercept this guy, let’s call him, Zack, with his counselor on
                                                                         his way to speak to Cori to call his mom. “I want to call my mom.”
The longing for home is a very basic human feeling. And, when
                                                                         Not the first time I’ve heard that one in twenty-four summers.
someone goes away from their home, sometimes for the first
                                                                         And, the usual answer is, “no.” Of course there are exceptions.
time, to be at Appel Farm that feeling really kicks in. It’s pretty
                                                                         But believe me, the first summer I was at Appel Farm, homesick
ancient, that feeling of homesickness.
                                                                         kids were calling home regularly. It was a nightmare. The dramas
As with anything else, there is more than one “right” answer when        were endless — fruitless — and, after a while of yacking, boring.
it comes to homesickness. Sometimes, the easiest thing is to en-
                                                                         Zack and I sat down. At some point we established that his bunk
courage folks to be in the moment. That moment is at camp — a
                                                                         thought he was an amazing keyboard player. Apparently, he had
very nurturing camp — and sometimes jumping into the program
                                                                         composed a piece and played it in his bunk and his bunkmates
works the best. Sometimes, diversion is best. And often it works.
                                                                         gave him an ovation. That gave me an idea amidst his repetitions
The homesick folks just go through it by being in the moment.
                                                                         of “I must call my mom.”
That’s very cool, indeed.
                                                                         I made Zack an offer he couldn’t refuse. He was to compose a
But at Appel Farm, one size does not fit all. Some folks just won’t
                                                                         homesick piece for keyboard. And he was to perform it for me in
be diverted from their feelings. A few years ago, I came to a
                                                                         three days. Then we could talk about the phone call again. He
realization. Don’t remember when. Don’t remember how. But sud-
                                                                         had it ready in three days. But, for one reason or another, we
denly I realized that we were an arts camp and that artists do not
                                                                         couldn’t get together until the last day of camp. By that time he
run from what they feel. They transform it!
                                                                         was fully into camp. I never heard anything about calling home
So, if someone is feeling very deeply sad, perhaps that could be         again.
transformed into their art. Or, if someone was feeling very angry,
                                                                         The last day of camp we got together. He played his piece. I al-
perhaps that could be transformed.
                                                                         most cried. It was brilliant as he was. It was a piano composition.
Over the past two summers, I saw such artistic transformation. I
                                                                         Let me slip into music reviewer mode. This homesick composition
saw three campers change the world by using their art to under-
                                                                         begins with a brooding theme. There is a pulsing drive under it,
stand, express and change themselves. I had first class tickets
                                                                         but it’s brooding. There is a certain majesty to it, but it’s brood-
on those rocket ships.
                                                                         ing. It gradually picks up speed. It’s going some place and higher
Anger. Like any other feeling it’s neutral. It’s neither good nor bad.   notes enter from above. New higher harmonious melodies enter.
It’s energy. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference.          Soon the piece has morphed effortlessly into an unstoppable and
                                                                         joyous engine, returning, more slowly at the end to a hint of the
Two summers ago we had a camper — a fifteen year old boy. I              beginning.
will call him George. George was a bubbling cauldron of anger.
We had talked with him about it. He acknowledged it. But what to         At the end of the piece, Zack turned to me. With a sly smile — he
do? It seemed like we were going around in circles.                      has a very winning sly smile — said, “I bet you are going to use
                                                                         this as one of your stories to homesick kids.” I assured him that I
George was a rock musician. He played the guitar. So I asked him         absolutely would.
to turn his anger into a piece of music. And I wanted to hear it.
                                                                         Then there was a girl. We’ll call her Vicky. She was all heart and
Three days later, George approached me and told me the piece             gentleness and grace. But she’s no shrinking violet. She carries
was ready. He wanted to play it for me.                                  herself like a queen, with no pretension. She has a strength of
I went to his bunk. I expected a plugged in riot of angry music          backbone that serves her well as a dancer.

                                                                                                                        Continued on page 5...
                    Meet the 2011 Camp Staff!
Music                                                                 Visual Arts
* Norwood Pearson, Head of Music                                      * Jeni Dunaway, Head of Visual Arts
  Emily Aitkenhead, Piano Instructor                                    MacKenzie Boomer, 3-D/Afternoon Art Instructor and Gardener
  Kirsten Bone, Violin Instructor                                       Amanda Eisen, Painting Instructor
  Caitlyn Bovard, Wind & Woodwind Instructor                            Caitlin Hettich, Sculpture Instructor
  James Casey, Strings Instructor                                       Lily Jen, Drawing Instructor
  Emily Crank, Bass/Recording Arts Instructor                           Rachael Jonas-Closs, Green Corps/Tech Theater and Gardener
  Matt Danser, Guitar Instructor                                        Sarah Kamenetsky, Drawing Instructor
* Josh Frisch, Drum Instructor and Bunk Specialist                      Kate Leibrand, Painting Instructor
  Drew Givan, Voice Instructor                                          Daniel Locandro, Ceramics Instructor
  April Gompers, Voice Instructor                                       Mary Murphy, Sculpture Instructor
  James Hanright, Guitar Instructor                                     Katie Petrillo, 2-D Instructor
  William Horsman, Percussion Instructor                                Antea Roberts, Ceramics Instructor
  Wade Johnston, Guitar Instructor                                      Danielle Schechner-Kanofsky, Ceramics Instructor
  Michelle Lyle, Guitar Instructor                                    * Melissa Tevere, Fiber Arts/Crafts Instructor and Head of North
  Ciara McEntee, Recording Arts/Swim Instructor and Lifeguard
  Ronald Moon, Bass Instructor
  Adam Price, Wind & Woodwind Instructor                              * Jack Hanisch, Head of Video
  Stuart Reid, Brass Instructor                                         Chris Gage, Video Instructor
  Michael Sansoni, Voice Instructor                                     Christina Koebernik, Video Instructor
  Eli Wing, Percussion Instructor                                       Elizabeth Lipschultz, Video Instructor
  Linda Woter, Brass Instructor
                                                                      Creative Writing
Theater Performance                                                    Kristen Hyde, Creative Writing/Journalism Instructor
* Kathi Troy, Head of Theater
* Sarv Bluestone, Theater Director and Head Counselor
                                                                      Sports & Swim
  Rachael Bralow, Acting Instructor                                   * Jayne Boulton, Head of Sports & Swim
  Helen Dodds, Acting Instructor                                        Stuart Banfield, Sports Instructor and Lifeguard
* Ben Fink, Theater Director and Bunk Specialist                      * Jillian Bassetti, Sports Instructor and Head of Coop
  Charlotte Hazell-Jackson, Theater Director and Costume Instructor   * Kath Broadhead, Sports & Swim Instructor and Head of Hill
  Amanda Kaley, Theater Director                                        Jen Burton, Swim Instructor and Lifeguard
  Merci Lyons-Cox, Acting Instructor                                    Danielle Finch, Horseback Riding/Swim Instructor and Lifeguard
* Jon Montgomery, Acting Instructor and Head of Relief                  Jamie Green, Lifeguard
  Julie Moore, Theater Director                                         Margaret Hutchison, Tennis/Swim Instructor
  Jason Simon-Bierenbaum, Acting Instructor and Actors Studio           Jordan Massey, Swim Instructor and Lifeguard
  Laura Spires, Acting Instructor                                       Francesca Tickle, Tennis Instructor and Lifeguard

Technical Theater                                                     Infirmary
* Amanda Jensen, Head of Technical Theater                             Ginny Chappell, Camp Nurse
  Jack Kavanaugh, Technical Theater Instructor                         Trish Lewis, Camp Nurse Floater
  Caoimhe Murphy, Costume Instructor                                   Karen Marcune, Camp Nurse
  Amy Russell, Costume Instructor                                      Donna Salvadore, Camp Nurse
  Jules Waclawik, Technical Theater Instructor                         Jane Sheridan, Camp Nurse
  Steve Washington, Technical Theater Instructor                       Renee Turonis, Camp Nurse
                                                                       Vivian Whalen, Camp Nurse
Dance                                                                  Alyssa Wiegand, Infirmary Assistant
* Sam Stone, Head of Dance
  Clare Thomas, Dance Instructor
* Loes van der Meij, Yoga Instructor and Head of South                * Wesley Bogan, Activities Director
                                                                        Lydia Carmany, Office Coordinator and Creative Writing Instructor
Photography                                                           * Lori Clark, Camper Coordinator
* Kim Thalia, Head of Photography                                       Brittany Long, Laundry Staff
  Erin Lynskey, Photography Instructor                                  Ariel Monroe, Laundry Staff
  Erin Martin, Photography Instructor                                   Allegra Tiver, Camp Documentarian
* Molly Soloway, Photography Instructor and CIT/Intern Coordinator      Raymond Vant, Gardener
  Rebecca Wheatley, Photography Instructor                              Jack Walker, Purchaser

                                                                      * Members of the Leadership Team
                North Renovation: it’s almost done!
        Check out the patio and the double showers!

What should we do with the colorful flaps
  from bunks 1-7?
Our Maintenance Team, Butch
and Chris, saved the flaps from
bunks 1-7 for us, so let’s think
of something fun to create with
them this summer!
E-mail your ideas to

                                    Sarv’s Corner, cont.
                                    I came around the corner of the bunks one        In the midst of the flutter, Vicky reached
                                    night and her counselor was walking towards      outward in her dance. She spun a little. Kind
                                    me with Vicky. She was sad. I could see that.    of like a testing of the air and earth and fell
                                    Like I said, no pretension. Her counselor told   to earth, for just a brief moment. She got
                                    me that she was feeling a little homesick.       up and spun again — slowly and confidently.
                                    Don’t remember whether Vicky wanted to call      Her motions were measured. At this point
                                    home or not. But I thought we could skip a       she was in charge. Her movements exuded
                                    lot of talk. I knew that she was a dance ma-     confidence. A few leaps. A few turns. A few
                                    jor. So I told her to choreograph a homesick     leaping turns. The dove began to fly. And
                                    dance and let me see it when she is ready.       came to rest on the floor of the Drama Cedar.
                                    She got it ready. But, again, it took some       Changing the world, one artist at a time. It
                                    time before we could get together. Again, by     has been a joy to see campers transform
                                    that time Vicky had gone through her sad-        their powerful personal feelings into power-
                                    ness. I still wanted to see the dance.           ful art. They have used their art to change
                                                                                     themselves. They have turned their inner
                                    Just as I had recorded Zack’s piece, so I        worlds into things of beauty. They gave me
                                    videoed Vicky’s dance. I was glad that I could   added confidence that I could do such things.
                                    see it again. What a treat.                      Every time such things happen, we change
                                    I don’t know the precise language of dance.      the world. That’s why I keep coming back to
                                    But, in her dance, Vicky’s feet began flut-      Appel Farm for almost a quarter of a century.
                                    tering — as graceful as a butterfly. Her feet    In this Jubilee year, I give such gratitude to
                                    were moving as butterflies but her arms were     Albert and Clare Appel. They plowed the earth
                                    wings so slow and graceful as the wings of       for this garden that flowers more abundantly
                                    a giant dove. Vicky is a most graceful bird.     with each passing year.
                    Camp 2011 Guest Artists
                                                                 The educational touring wing of The Shakespeare Theatre
Nimbus Dance Works                                               of New Jersey, Shakespeare LIVE! has performed for over
First Session                                                    300,000 students in New Jersey, New York and beyond.
                                                                 Since its inception in 1997, its abridged productions have
                                                                 been hailed as innovative, visually stunning and accessible to
                                                                 students. The professionally-acted and directed productions
                                                                 are dynamic and appealing, exciting and engaging, witty and
                                                                 imaginative — giving students of all ages the opportunity to
                                                                 experience Shakespeare’s works as the playwright intended
                                                                 — in performance.
                                                                 Love’s Labour’s Lost
                                                                 by William Shakespeare
                                                                 performed by Shakespeare LIVE!
                                                                 Love’s Labour’s Lost is one of William Shakespeare’s early
                                                                 comedies, first published in 1598. The Princess of France
                                                                 with her ladies Rosaline, Maria and Katherine tell the men
                                                                 wooing them (Ferdinand the King of Navarre, Biron, Longaville
                                                                 and Dumain) that they must wait and undergo tests to prove
                                                                 that their love is not just infatuation. King Ferdinand and his
                                                                 compatriots decide to isolate themselves for three years to
                                                                 study great books vowing that they will keep no company with
                                                                 women during this time. However, when more lovely women
                                                                 arrive on a diplomatic mission, the men fail to keep their
                                                                 oaths. The ladies discover the situation and the men realise
                                                                 that they truly love the ladies. The ladies banish the men to
Nimbus Dance Works, Jersey City’s premier dance company,         a hermitage for a further year before they will associate with
focuses its work on the intersection between high-level dance    them. The play therefore ends with no weddings, a surprising
and innovative ways of involving communities and audiences.      conclusion for an Elizabethan comedy.
Performers with Nimbus Dance Works are top-tier dance
artists drawn from widely recognized companies includ-           Shakespeare LIVE!
ing American Repertory Ballet, New Jersey Ballet, and the
Martha Graham Dance Company. The Company will perform            Second Session
its signature work, Memo, as well as Danzon, choreographed
by renowned choreographer Pedro Ruiz, and Priye Ginen,
choreographed by company member Jean Paul Jr.
Memo (2006)
choreography by Samuel Pott, music by Dvorak, Bloch,
Prokofiev and Rochberg, performed by Nimbus Dance Works
Memo, Nimbus Dance Works’ signature work, emerged out
of a collaborative process of delving into dancers’ personal
memories for movement sources and content. In additional to
being performed as a traditional concert dance work, Memo
also serves as a community dance project that involves danc-
ers of all ages, background and abilities drawn from the com-
munity to perform alongside the professionals. This format
generally involves a residency in which community members
are led through a process of exploring their memories to gen-
erate a personalized movement vocabulary. The creation and
performance process of Memo builds memorable and mean-
ingful experiences for performers, audience members and the
community in general. Additionally, audience members are
drawn into the piece by contributing written memories of their
own which are integrated into the performance in real time.
I’ve Got My Appel
    An Original Musical
                                    New Classes for Camp 2011
Our campers are truly amaz-
ing and here is one more
                                                                        Yoga, Meditation
example of their awesome-                                               and more!
ness! Campers Daniel Gittler                                               by Loes van der Meij
and Victoria Marcune have
written a musical exclusive-
ly for Appel Farm that will
debut during First Session
Performance Week. Any
First Session campers who
are interested in participat-
                                    production revolving around
ing in this musical produc-
                                    Sam, a very reluctant teenager
tion, should sign up for the
                                    who’d rather spend his sum-
Musical Theater minor on
Check-In Day. Five campers
                                    mer at home than at some            Yoga Minor                            Yoga makes you feel energetic
                                    stupid sleep-away camp.                                                   and relaxed, and helps you get
will be cast from this minor.                                           Do you think Yoga is only for         the most out of your Appel
                                    Torie and I collaborated with       human pretzels? Then make             Farm experience.
We are so proud of Daniel
                                    my friend, Hannah Weaver,           sure you check out one of
and Victoria for their hard-
                                    who had helped start my love        the relaxation possibilities at       Relax... It’s Free Time!
work, dedication, and creativ-
                                    for musicals when we were           camp this summer… Yoga is
ity! Read on for Daniel’s story
                                    both just in fifth grade. Hannah    for everyone!                         Early birds, start your day with
about how this incredible
                                    helped Torie and me write the                                             some energizing stretching
production came to be!                                                  In the new Yoga Minor we will
                                    book and lyrics, while I took                                             and feel the sunrise in your
A standard Broadway musical         sole charge of the musical          go on a very special journey          body… there will be a Yoga
takes about five years to get       aspect. “                           together. Yoga is all about           & Meditation class in the
from conception to the stage.                                           the connection between your           morning! Taking a moment
                                    I’ve Got My Appel, making           mind, body and spirit. We will        for yourself before breakfast
Try fitting five years into three
                                    its debut during Performance        explore what this means for           will benefit you greatly. You’ll
months! True, a 25-minute
                                    Week, will mark a very rare         you in several creative ways          feel more focus and relaxed
musical is easier to make in
                                    occurrence, in which a Theater      like drawing, dancing, singing        throughout the whole day.
three months than a two-hour
                                    Minor will have its own special     and writing. We will talk about
musical, but the task is much
                                    performance.                        topics like friendship, commu-        If you feel like you need to
harder when you have to bal-
                                                                        nity, your dreams and the pow-        unwind or have some quiet
ance schoolwork, accompany-         There are many ways campers
                                                                        er of being yourself. Of course,      time, feel free to join in with
ing your school’s musical, and      can get involved in this exciting
                                                                        we will also be practicing poses      one of the new afternoon
dealing with everything that        production. Camper compos-
                                                                        (Asanas) and breathing tech-          activities for relaxation! There
comes with being a 15-year-         ers can create instrumenta-
                                                                        niques (Pranayama). Take on           will be Journaling (daily topic
old. What’s worse is trying         tions to add to the show’s
                                                                        a new challenge this summer           available if you need inspira-
to collaborate with someone         score, recording artists can
                                                                        and find your balance in Tree         tion), Journaling or creating
solely through texts, Facebook,     help to record the soundtrack
                                                                        pose, feel your own strength          Mandalas. You can also relax
and phone conversations. But        and of course we’ll need actors
                                                                        in Warrior I & II, and learn how      and simply listen to music, or
the feeling of knowing that         to be in the show! I will be at
                                                                        proper breathing can help you         come to the book club to read.
you’ve accomplished some-           the Theater table to answer
                                                                        feel calm.                            If you need to release some
thing as amazing as writing         any questions you might have                                              energy, come and learn some
a musical makes the stress          on Check-In Day. Join us in         Meditation is part of the minor       new rounds to sing with your
entirely worth it.                  this amazing opportunity to be      too. Is it difficult for you to sit   friends!
                                    in a new musical that may be        still? Maybe it would be a lot
It was a night in early February
                                    expanded and taken further          of fun if you were allowed to         In the evenings there will also
that I was on Facebook talk-
                                    than just the camp setting.         imagine that you were on the          be the possibility to come to a
ing with Torie Marcune. Out of
                                    Become a fan on Facebook at         beach, swimming with dol-             Yoga & Meditation class, which
the blue, I just said to Torie,
                                     phins! Another day we might           is a great opportunity for you to
“I want to write a musical.”
                                    theappel to learn more about        be gazing at the clouds, lying        let go of the day. It also makes
If it had not been for Torie’s
                                    the show, read the plot outline,    down in a beautiful garden.           you sleep well! Afterwards, you
response telling me to “go for
                                    see demo recordings of the          We’ll explore many of the             may want to relax some more
it,” this musical would not be
                                    songs, learn about the char-        beautiful possibilities of your       with Stargazing or join in with
around today. And right there
                                    acters, and more!                   imagination through different         Storytelling at one of the bunk
is the short version of how this
                                                                        guided visualizations.                areas.
musical came to be a 2-week
                               Look Who’s C o ming to Camp!
                               Felix Almentero, May Amiel, Leila Ammar, Sydney Barkley, Alexandra Barrett, Rachel Bayersdorfer,
                               Austin Beaulieu, Joseph Bell, Nicole Bellwoar, Daniel Berk, Haley Berk, Austin Biemuller, Shaniah
                               Blackett, Sophia Bloom, Anna Bloomfield, Emily Bloomfield, Yaa Asia Boateng, Heather Boback,
                               Natalie Bombeke, Christopher Bond, Gabriel Bond, Evan Bowler, Kathleen Boyles, Laura Boyman,
                               Anna Bradley, Brian Brody, Zachary Brookler, Ben Brown-McMillin, Emily Buchanan, Olivia Bullock,
                               Lila Burger, Jenzia Burgos, Rachel Burke, Nathaniel Byrd, Alex Cantor-Smith, Willa Capper, Jolanda
                               Carey, Theresa Carlino, Jessie Chang, Karissa Chao, Kayla Chappell, Elijah Jacob Charbonier,
                               Chyna Christman, Gabby Ciminera, Addison Clark, Robyn Clifford-Howard, Eva Cochran, Sarah
                               Cogan, Jared Cohen, Jordan Cohen, Josh Cohen, Gabrielle Colchete, Rachel Colchete, Nazareth
Special Effects Makeup         Collins, Sophia Conners, Sarah Consalo, Nathan Constans, Eve Cooke, Zoe Costomiris, Anabelle
                               Cruz, Maggie Curry, Dylan Dagenais, Katrina Dagenais, Julian Dale, Dana DaSilva, Charlotte
Antea Roberts, former          Davies, Colin Davis, Katie Dee, Mariel del Castillo, Rafael Deleon, Laura Dengrove, Keven Disen,
camper and current             Siara Dohmen, Anna Dougherty, Rachel Eckert, Justine Elliott, Maggie Elliott, Alexis Epstein,
Ceramics Instructor, went to   Angela Fabre, Anna-Christina Farrel, Ben Feder, Eli Feingold, Candace Fields, Jessica Finkelstein,
Cinema Makeup School this      Grace Florsheim, Hannah Foligno, Marlo Forgeois, Nina Forgeois, Nora Foutty, Victoria Fracalossi,
year to study Prosthetics,     David Freifelder, Emma Frost, Ava Gadon, Claire Gadon, Isabel Gallinger, Kayla Gantz, Shane
Creature Maquette              Garry, Peter Gaston, Ariana Gates, Katie Gaynor, Jake Gess, Daniel Gittler, Rebecca Glass, Rachel
Sculpting and Special          Goldman, Chloé Grier, Leah Griff, Jane Gross, Erin Grossmann, Kyle Grossmann, Kwaku Gyasi,
Effects, and she is excited    Chava Hadar, Shira Hadar, Patrick Hagan, Zoe Halaczinksy, Naja Harris, Isabella Hatkoff, Jacob
to introduce campers to the    Hauser, Octavior Hawkins, Edith Henderson, Hazel Henderson, Salvador Hernandez, Max Hewitt,
new Special Effects Makeup     Hope Higginbotham, Emma Holyst, Ella Hook, Clayton Howard, Emily Hower, Lena Husslein,
Minor!                         Michael Izzo, Odessa Jacobson, Livia Janjigian, Nina Janjigian, Zariah Jenkins-Goodman, Eve Jost,
                               Tali Kamionkowski, Daniel Kannen, Sophia Kast, Julia Katowitz, Beth Keenan, Nikeini Keiler, Dylan
Campers who are interested     Kelly, Emma Kelly, Ben Kenzakowski, Joseph Kenzakowski, Sam Keyser, Kate Kilmer, June Kinner,
in movie makeup effects        Rachel Klein, Jennifer Klejst, Nomi Kligler, Meaghan Kollar, Lev Kravinsky, Alec Kravitt, Ashley
will learn how to make         Kurtz-Freilich, Emma Kurtz-Freilich, Jake Kurtz-Freilich, Isabella Lancenese, Kayla Lawson, Anna
bald caps, prosthetic          Lear, Caroline Leary, Camille Legg, Carly Leinen, Rebekah Lemer, Michael Leopold, Cyrus Levy,
facial features and wound      Tom Levy, Hannah Lewis, Sarah Lewis, Grace Lively, Talia Loeb, Brian Lottermann, ShaiAnn Lubelli,
simulations as well as many    Noella Luciotti, Miriam Ludwig, Jamison Lung, Pierce Maby, Amber Mack, Jaya Mallela, Claudia
other exciting new makeup      Malpeli, Victoria Marcune, Elena Margulis, Erika Marquez, Caroline Martin, Daniel Mayer, Gloria
effects!                       McDonald, Jade Ann Menear, Sarah Miccolis, Dana Miller, Andrew Moorer, Alexander Moravcsik,
                               Terrel Moss, Corinne Mouw, Shaya Mozaffarian, Jaya Rose Muehlman, Blanca Naglestad, Emma
Actors and dancers,            Neuman, Joshua Nixon, Jacob Nozek, Dixie O’Connell, Angie O’Donnell, Peter O’Hara, Christian
photographers and              Obando, Gabriel Orange, Emily Orlich, Phillip Otto, Lauren Outing, Josephine Palmhede, Giovanna
videographers, sculptors       Parascandola, Grace Parette, Harry Parette, Summer Paris, Camilla Patino, Christina Pellegrino,
and painters: this minor is    Isabel Pellino, Kaitlyn Peterson, Angela Phillips, Rebecca Phillips, Cameron Pollack, Ambar Popa,
for everyone. Just think of    Joshua Posner, Kathryn Prouse, Jessica Prussack, Michael Prussack, Hannah Prutchi, Christopher
the collaborations!            Pugliese, Caitlin Ramos, Julia Reis, Carmen Reyes, Savannah Rhodes, Aureole Ribes, Jenn Ricci,
                               Briana Rivera, Andrew Robinson, Jillian Roche, Olivia Roche, Olivia Roder, Kelly Rogan, Tom Rogan,
                               Havi Rojer, Jazmin Roman, Nita Rome, Julia Rosenfeld, Vanessa Roser, CassieRosin, Ellie Rosin,
                               Benny Rubin, Jonah Rubin, Kiera Rumbough, Eli Russell, Max Samson, Xavier Santiago, Olivia
                               Saporito, William Satloff, Emi Sato, Franklin Savulich, Eli Schaffer, Jordana Schechner-Kanofsky,
                               Eric Schindler, Emily Schneider, Hannah Scott, Sofia Seidel, Emma Shapiro, Noah Sheridan,
                                     Rohan Sheridan, Jammie Shermal Hatcher III, Alisha Sheth, Django Sibilia, Noah Silvestry,
                                     Julia Simpson, Noah Sitrin, Jamie Skeele, Jessica Skobel, Sarah Skrovan, Christopher Smith,
                                     Deja Smith, Lily Solomon, Madeline Soto, Grace Spencer, AJ Stacy, Gabriela Stahl, Tamara
                                     Stahl, Christa Steiner, Nolan Stern, Ethan Sternstein, Allyson Stevens, Savannah Strange,
                                    Naomi Stuart, Sarah Sullivan, Benjamin Susser, Eric Swartz, Evan Sweitzer, Kelly Taylor,
                                    Katie Terbush, Chloe Tevere, Jacob Tevere, Lucy Thoroman, Max Tiefer, Carly Tobia, Hannah
                                   Treatman, Brianna Troy, Corey Troy, Kyle Troy, Eric Turonis, Cecilia Twanmo, Gabriel Emelogu
                                   Ukegbu, Crystal Ulerio, Gabe Ullman, Amanda Valenti, Tyler Valenti, Phoebe VanDusen, Lucy
                                  Vanecek, Rachel Vanecek, Joseph Vazquez, Ariel Villanueva, Benjamin Vock, Fahim Wahid,
                                  Claire Walter, Nah’Ja Washington, Audrey Weatherstone, Rowan Weatherstone, Chris Whalen,
                                  Sarah Willis, Ryan Zimmer, Sarah Zimmer, Natasha Zuch
                                                        Horseback Riding
                                             Appel Farm is partnering with Windfall Farm a prestigious stable
                                             located just 10 minutes from camp, to offer horseback riding les-
FESTIVAL                                     sons to campers! For an additional cost, campers can choose to
SATURDAY 11:30 am - 8:30 PM                  enroll in the program as both of their minors and will spend every
JUNE 4, 2011
 PRESENTING SPONSORS                         afternoon learning about horse care, dressage style riding, and
                                             even jumping, and will work towards a choreographed performance
                                             on horseback.
                                             Spaces are limited, so contact us for more information or to enroll
ANI DIFRANCO                                 soon!

                                                  Countdown to Camp [½½:½½:½½]
JOHN FRANCIS                                  25 days until First Session!                  53 days until Second Session!
NAPALM DA BOMB                                Mini Session I        6 Weeks                 Mini Session II     Second Session
                                              Jun. 26 to Jul. 10    Jun. 26 to Aug. 7       Jul. 24 to Aug. 7   Jul. 24 to Aug. 19
Purchase tickets
(800) 394-1211                                First Session         8 Weeks                             Jun. 26 to Jul. 22    Jun. 26 to Aug. 19
Campers, meet at the Info Booth at 3:30
PM to join us on stage to accept a very
exciting donation from Vincent Moretti
                                                       Wish List
and Maria Milito: 10 electric guitar kits    Please consider making a tax
from Yamaha!!!                               deductible, in-kind donation.
                                                Mac computers and laptops
                                                Televisions and DVD players
                                                iPods and portable iPod/CD players
                                                Musical instruments and equip-
                                                 ment (cello, violin, alto sax, tuba,
                                                 amplifiers, mic stands, etc.)               Attention Parents:
                                                Industrial strength sewing
                                                 machines                                    Keep up with your camper this
                                                Electric Drills                             summer through the Camp Blog
                                                Lighting equipment (source 4s, par          & Summer Photos!
                                                 cans and fresnels)
                                                                                             We want our camp families to be part
                                                Dress dummy                                 of the fun! Check our Camp Blog in the
                                                Painting drying racks                       Current Parent Area of our website to hear
                                                Glass and metal scraps, fabric,             about all of great things your camper is
                                                 yarn, buttons and beads                     doing at Appel Farm, and view hundreds
                                                Digital cameras and SLR film                of photos of classes, bunk life, and special
                                                 cameras                                     events. Our Camp Documentarian will
The Appel Farm Library has been                 Photography enlargers                       post news, photos, and important infor-
renovated, updated, and organized! So,          Tennis racquets, yoga mats and              mation every day! Access to the Camp
this summer we hope you will all visit the       blocks, exercise balls and tumbling         Blog and Summer Photos is restricted to
library during canteen hours to borrow                                                       current camp families. Please log in to the
a book! Also, feel free to donate your                                                       Current Parent Area for access. If you don’t
                                                Bookshelves, Adirondack chairs              remember your login information, please
books from home once you’ve read them.           and Benches                                 e-mail us at
½ Introduce your favorite author to Appel
  Farm. Check out what other Appel           Please join us in welcoming our first Camp Interns:
  Farmers are reading.
½ Borrow a book to read during Rest           Victoria Bennett, Alex Carlbon, Tori de Faria, Jake Emch, Alyssa Ladd, Stewart
  Hour, Free Time, or Flashlight Time.        Myers, Shelby Reinish, Michael Sankovich, Siona Stone and Kayla Weber.
½ Donate books you have already read,
                                              These former CITs will be joining our staff through the Camp Internship
  and borrow ones you haven’t!                Program, and will be working with campers in their classes and bunks!

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