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General Membership Meeting Tuesday, May 18th from 7-8:45 PM at the Glen Allen
Library. 10501 Staples Mill Rd. Richmond, VA Election of officers will take place at
this meeting.
There will also be a sign up sheet for those wishing to bring a dish to the following event,
please try to be at this meeting!
‘Dog, Dish, and Drink’ on Sunday June 20th from 3-7 PM for CVAC members and
prospective members at Brian and Paige Port’s place! They are located in New Kent
County in the town of Quinton.
From Richmond, take 64 East to Exit 211.
At the exit ramp, turn LEFT (north on Rte 106)
Go approx 1.5 miles to the first road on your left...Pine Fork Road (sign is on
right...road on left)
Go approx 2.5 miles to 5600 Pine Fork Road.
Mailbox on left (with Agility Dog signs, naturally!)
Driveway on right. Pull up to gate and use the call box.

Cheryl Weferling and Gus
On March 28th in Roanoke, Gus earned (2) 1st place finishes, (2) Q’s in Novice Standard,
his Outstanding Dog Title in Novice and a 3rd place ribbon in jumpers.
On April 11th , in NC, Gus got (2) 1st place finishes and 1 Q in novice standard, and a 2nd
in jumpers novice and a 2nd in open gamblers.

Paige Port and Marlo
Marlo is a UKC All Star for 2003! Points earned during the year put Marlo in the top
scoring 50 dogs for AG3, granting them an invitation to attend the All Star Tournament at
the UKC Premier.
Paige Port and Lulu
While at Clean Run Camp, Paige and Lulu took on the 60-weave pole challenge. Lulu is
now the world record holder for Chihuahuas...doing 60 weaves in 23.55 seconds!

Carol Denny and Candy
Candy is a UKC All Star for 2003! Points earned during the year put Candy in the top
scoring 50 dogs for AG2, granting them an invitation to attend the All Star Tournament at
the UKC Premier.

Leih Merigian and Zodi
Zodi earned the Open Standard title at the Hampton Roads AKC trial over the weekend
of April 10-11th. Zodi and Leih also earned their Open Jumpers title in April.

Carolyn Wilkerson and Renny
Renny finished his AX title at the Merrimac DTC trial the first weekend of April.
Carolyn and Renny have also picked up two MXJ legs this year already, bringing their
total to three so far.

Beth Horsley and Paris
Paris has qualified to compete in the AKC Nationals to be held in
Tampa, FL in January 2005. In order to qualify a dog must earn at
least four Double Qualifying Scores and a minimum of 150 speed points
from Excellent B Classes between Oct. 3, 2003 and Oct. 31, 2004.

Sue Diveley and Oscar
Oscar earned his OGC, Nadac Open Gamblers title on March 27th .

Beth Kortze and Sprite
Sprite earned his Open Standard title on April 17th at the Caanan Dog Club Trial. Beth
and Sprite had a clean run, were 24 seconds under course time and earned first place.

Linda Barrett and Scully
Scully earned her NA and NAJ titles in March at the age of 14 months.
East Coast Events are far too numerous to list; here is a taste of what’s available.
More information located at

May 22 – 23 Charlotte, NC      Stacy Peardot-Goudy Seminar
June 26 - Charlotte, NC Pat Hastings Seminar
July 3 – 4 Fountain Inn, SC    Chris Zink Seminar
July 25 Raleigh, NC    Conditioning & Gait Analysis of the Canine Athlete Seminar

May 1 – 2 Gloucester, VA UKC Trials
May 8 – 9      Gloucester, VA AKC Trials
May 8 – 9      Fincastle, VA AKC Trials
May 8 – 9      Sterling, VA USDAA Trials
May 15 – 16    Gloucester, VA AKC Trials
June 5 – 6     Woodbridge, VA UKC Trials
June 6         Glen Allen, VA Fun Match
June 25 – 27   Lynchburg, VA AKC Trials

May 15 – 16    Fletcher, NC USDAA Trials
May 22 – 23    Youngsville, NC NADAC/ASCA Trials
May 29         Chapel Hill, NC USDAA Sanctioned Match
June 5         Youngsville, NC *AKC Sanctioned Match
June 12 – 13   Fletcher, NC AKC Trials
June 19        Youngsville, NC USDAA Sanctioned Match
July 3 – 4     Sanford, NC AKC Trials
July 17        Youngsville, NC Show & Go
May 1 – 2 Millersville, MD AKC Trials
May 9          Boonsboro/Hagerstown, MD Mini-Clinic & Run-Thrus
May 14         Frederick, MD Run-Thrus
May 15 – 16    Westminster, MD AKC Trials
May 15 – 16    Millersville, MD USDAA Trials
May 28 – 30    Millersville, MD NADAC Trials
May 29 – 30    Queenstown, MD AKC Trials
May 31         Queenstown, MD AKC Trial
June 6         Boonsboro/Hagerstown, MD Mini-Clinic & Run-Thrus
June 11        Frederick, MD Run-Thrus
June 12 – 13   Frederick, MD *AKC Trials
July 10 – 11   Westminster, MD NADAC Trials
July 24 – 25   Westminster, MD AKC Trials

Please note that any event with an * is either a tentative date or is pending approval.
For additional information on Trials, Run-Thrus, Sanctioned Matches, Fun Matches,
Show & Go’s, Seminars, Training Camps, Judging Clinics, and National Championships,
go to:

Our first ‘In The Spotlight’ column will focus on CVAC members who recently attended
Clean Run Camp in Lexington, VA. I asked them to relay their experiences at camp;
these are their replies.

PAIGE PORT: I had a great time and learned a lot. It was an exhausting 4 days full of
lectures, seminars and agility sessions with most of the top names in the Agility
world...Nancy Gyes, Jim Basic, Greg Derrett, Jen Pinder, Susan Garrett, etc.

CINDY BRIGGS : I can say this about Camp; Susan Garrett is everything she is built up
to be. She was incredible, as were the instructors from her training center. I also loved
Wendy Pape's motivation skills and teaching of the teeter. I have used many of the things
I learned at Camp with many students.

GINNY MYERS: I attended Clean Run Camp this year as an auditor. The nice thing
about auditing was that I could go to any class I wanted, with any instructor, instead of
having a set schedule. I also got more out of the class by being able to listen, watch, and
take notes instead of managing my restless dog or trying to memorize the sequences
while the instructor was lecturing. I could also leave a class and jump over to another one
if the class was not what I expected. Auditing was also half the price of a working spot.
The courses were available to run with my dogs before classes in the early AM, over the
lunch break, and after classes in the evening. I had plenty of time to work my dogs and
could let them run off leash to play in designated outdoor areas. I just could not bring
them to class and run the sequences with an instructor watching. This year instead of
attending mainly technical handling classes as I did in the past, I selected the
motivational and canine behavior classes. They included motivational games to play with
your dog before and after trial and training runs, when and how to reward your dog to
increase drive and confidence, and recognizing the small things we all do that
demotivate, stress, and slow our dogs down. I couldn't be happier with my choices. Sure,
crosses are important but if my dog is shutting down or unmotivated what good is a
perfect front cross?
The only negative thing I could say was that I spent way too much money at the Clean
Run Store!

JANIE SIMMONS: This was my third year at Clean Run Camp and Zack's second year.
We both enjoyed our elective--advanced distance work and picked up lots of pointers in
our other classes. Each year I have met and worked with so many of the top handlers in
the USA and Europe. It's exciting to take the knowledge that you pick up at Clean Run
and apply to your own dogs.
This year I entered Zack in the 60-weave pole challenge. I had never even seen 60 poles
in a row much less ever practiced them. On the night of the challenge, Zack had worked
in all four sessions that day (6 1/2 hours) so he was tired but was successful in
completing all 60 poles!! He's a good boy!

BARBARA WUST: This year, as in 2002, I audited Clean Run Camp accompanied by
Korick and Kiowa. I like the auditing option as it allows you the freedom to pick and
choose as you like, and if you go to a seminar/workshop and it does not suit your needs,
you can slip out without anyone noticing. Also a good deal cheaper, and Clean Run
Camp allows you a lot of time to go practice with your dogs.
Many first time folks say they are overwhelmed by all the information that is at times
conflicting. I take it this way: you know your dog, listen to what is shared and then
follow the axiom – take what you like and leave, or shelve the rest. Who knows if down
the road I might not get a dog that would benefit from a style that does not work with my
present agility crew.
As a NADAC person I was disappointed that there weren’t more NADAC style
presenters and the one they did have, was not a particularly good instructor. I talked with
Sharon Nelson, the President of NADAC, about this when I saw her last week. So the
short of it is, I am so glad that I went since this was Clean Run Camp’s last time in VA.
Not sure if I will make the trek up to Massachusetts in two years (I go every other year),
but for those of you that have never done one, do it! You will learn a lot, meet some neat
people, get a chance to watch some incredible dogs, and have lots of fun. And maybe like
me, if you have a less popular breed, you will get the added surprise of seeing one of the
best Kelpies on the USDAA circuit at the moment, Infiniti, run. That was a blast!
TinkerTots makes some tunnels for backyard playtime
Click on Dog Agility Training Tunnels link to the left of the page
The Dog Agility Page at
Agility Ability at
Dogwood Training Center/Just For Fun Agility

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