The Eagle Lake Headlight Christmas Greetings — News for Southern Colorado County, Texas                                                                                                      Thursday, December 22,2005, Page 3

              Mrs. Davis
                                       Buone $ este Ulatad^kl
                                              Dear Santa,                           a rmotcntrel car I want a nice famle
    Dear Santa,                               I want a ball and a bike for Christ- thanks for the toys.                                Mrs. Zahradnik
    I waut a skooter and bike for Christ- mas I love you and I have been good           Love,                                    Dear Santa,
mas. A bike for Christmas.                this year.                                    Caden                                    How are you? For Christmas I
    Love,                                     Love,                                                                           want a phone. I also want a dog and
    Jacey                                     Diego                                                                           also a cootr and also horses.
                                                                                        Dear Santa,                              Love,
    Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,                               I have been very good. I love you.       Dajanique Johnson
    I want X-box and clothes for Christ-      I want a shot block basketball for I want a laptop an movie and boats.
mas. I am going to make you cookies Christmas. I Promise I was good this Thank you for the toy.                                 Dear Santa,
and milk for Christmas.                   year, youv probably been watching             Love,                                   How are you? For Christmas I
    Love,                                 me. Have a great Christmas.                  Yazmine                                want a game boy. I also want a dog.
    Michael                                   Love,                                                                             Love,
                                              Ryan                                      Dear Santa,                             Satos Daniel Tavera
    Dear Santa,                                                                         I have been very good I want dog
    I want five chocolate bars, tow           Dear Santa,                           playstation 2 xbox toys                      Dear Santa,
robots five fast monster trucks and           I want a roket a basketball a bas-        Love,                                    How are? For Christmas I Want a
a guinea pig. I am going to make cup ketball cart for Christmas I am going              Samantha                              scooter a dog a cors game.
cakes cookies with milk I am going to to make cookies for you.                                                                   Love,
gie toys I have been good not notty no        Love,                                     Dear Santa,                              Gerarolo Polarco
I bad I beleve in God and Santy               Andrew                                    I want a Dora house, and a Barbie
    Love,                                                                           jeep. I want a baby doll. I love you
    Lucio                                     Dear Santa,                               Love,
                                              I want a play kitchen for Christ-         Sha/a
    Dear Santa,                           mas. I been good at sohool I will make
    I want a Jeep for Christmas. I Will cookios for santa. I wanta Toy and a            Dear Santa,
Make cookies. I been Good and Goog game for Christmas.                                  I want a basketball and some hot
at school.                                    Love,                                 wheels cars. I want a Gameboy and
    Love,                                     Gabrielle                             a Batman.
    Melissa                                   Dear Santa,                               Love,
    Dear Santa,                               I want hot wheels. For Christmas          Johnny
    I wanta watch and a basketball I have been good.
and some new colors and some new              Love,                                     Dear Santa,
markers and some fishs and some               Jack                                      I have been very good I want lap-
fishs food. I will give you a note for                                              top, makeup, brats, thank you for the
Christmas. I have been good at school         Dear Santa,                           presents that the elves made.
every single day. I been on green every       I wan tad og fer christ. I a mas I am     Love,
single day.                               going to mike, cookie 1 for you.              Julianna
    Love,                                     Love,
    Collin                                    Kyle                                      Dear Santa,
                                                                                        I have been, very good. I wont
    Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,                            ducks box robot.
    I want a spider man toy for chueryst      I wanta Gamboy, and a game for            Love,
mas. I been on green every day. I wat my I want a gokuto gamecube.                      Dylan
a bamin toy for chueryst.                     Love,
    Love,                                     Omar                                      Dear Santa,
    Auttony                                                                             I have been very good. I want a
    Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,                            xbox and a grab boy toy and a game
    I want Brat doll, for Christmas. I        I have been very good. I love you. cube. Please eat my milk and cook-
will make cookie for you. I Bee good. I want a Princess DVD. I want a Prin- ies.
    Love,                                 cess T.V. I want a Princess doll thank        Love,
    Sierra                                you for the toys that the elves that          Kieran
                                          made my toys and I love you.
    Dear Santa,                               Love,                                     Dear Santa,
    I want a Dora doll, for Christmas.        Chelsea                                   I have been very good. I want Bratz
I have been. Good, very good, Santa                                                  Barbie slippers thank you
Claus. I think you are the best.              Dear Santa                                Love,
    Love,                                     I have been very good and I love           Sarah
    Caitlin                               you I want a Bratz ana Barbie ana
                                           princess DVD movie.                           Dear Santa,
   Dear Santa,                                        Love,                           I have been very good. I want
   I want a baby. For Christmas. I                    Hailey                       playstation 2 DVD xbox thanX you
been good. I love you santa. Santa is                                               for prents
my pal.                                     Dear Santa,                                 Love,
    Love,                                   I have been very good I love you. I         Jaguhrry
    Summer                              want DVD Bratz duds I am happy of
                                        all the tos you give to the every one         Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                         in wherled.                                   I have been very good. I want a
    I want, two four wheelers and           Love,                                  bratz DVDs dog. Thank you for the
diaibieke, I deserve a bike because I       Jadelynn                               presents.
stay on Green every day I am going to                                                 Love,
make cookies and put milk withr them        Dear Santa,                               Ashley
on Christmas and I want a box.              I have been good. I want a Graboy                                                          b we herald the start of
    Love,                               and a shot gun and a Babe Godzilla. I         Dear Santa,                                      the coming Yuletide,
    Fabion                              love you Santa hab carismis.                  I have been very good. I want                 please accept our gratitude
                                            Love,                                  cadillac Jeep xbox playstation 2.1              and best wishes for the most
    Dear Santa,                             Hunter                                 love you.
                                                                                                                                       joyous and heavenly
    I want a play chain saw for Christ-                                               Love,
                                                                                                                                      holiday season on earth!
mas. I have been good this year.            Dear Santa,                               Ronney
    Love,                                   I have been very good, and I love                                                                                       WE'D LIKE TO DELIVER A LOAD OF BEST WISHES TO OUR
    William                             you. I want teddy bears I want DVDs            Dear Santa,                                 The Atilano                      PATRONS ALONG WITH A BUNDLE OF THANKS. HAVE A
                                        I want Xboxs. Thank you for the Toys
                                        that the elve
                                                                                       I have been very good. I want
                                                                                   xbox, shoes, game cube, thank you
                                                                                                                                  Cardenas, Jr.                                       GREAT HOLIDAY!
    Dear Santa,
    I want hot wheels, double seven         Love,                                  for the toys.                                     Family                                   CLASS CONCRETE
going to make cookies and have milk         Marian                                     Love,                                     "Tony", "Gina",
for you                                                                                Riley                                                                                     949 FM 3013
    Love,                                   Dear Santa,                                                                         Anthony, Michael,                                EAGLE LAKE. TEXAS
    Jesus                                   I have been very good. I want Bratz       Dear Santa,                                 Danny, Carol,
                                        DVD playstation 2.                            I have been very good. I love you                                                            979-234-5806
    Dear Santa,                             Love,                                  santa. I want a Bratz Barbe Game boy.         David and Mark
    I ant candy and a brat doll for         Jessi                                  Thank you Santa.
Christmas. I want a dall and a burbe                                                  Love,
and a brasformey and a boll and a cat       Dear Santa,                               Marissa
toey and a hat of cinde                     I have been very good. I am glad
    Love,                               you thot cirsmis I want a game I want
    April                                                                                                                                                                                                WkCOur
  Dear Santa,
  I want a x-Box whith all of the                                                                                                                                                                               UL
Game. I will give you cookies and I
want control a remote.
  Adrian                                                                                                                                                                                                 Puttees accent
                                                                   THANK YOU                                                                                                                               a/ <faLer<Hi&
                                                                   THANK YOU                                                                                                                            /leZAuuf vj-pitr
                                                                   THANK YOU                                                                                                                                jratihttfc-
                                                                   THANK YOU                                                                                                                             UUS flOHltlftt/
                                                                   THANK YOU
         Spread                                                      WE JUST CAN'T THANK YOU
                                                                      ENOUGH FOR YOUR LOYAL
                                                                   BUSINESS AND HOPE YOU ENJOY
    With our best wishes for the season, goes our
                                                                        THE VERY MERRIEST
                                                                          HOLIDAY, EVER!                                                                                                                   VC/VUUf    (/(Hi
 fjpreciation for your generous support. We owe c

  uccess to you, our friends and neighbors, and lex
   forward to seeing you again in the year ahead.

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