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ACC Nov - Dec 2011.indd


       “Age is a Matter of Attitude“
                                                     November - December 2011

Lake Oswego Adult Community Center
Serving the Community since 1970

                                                       Inside this Issue:

                                               Our Center                       2
                                               The Manager’s Letter             3
                                               Recreation Services            4-8
                                               Project Alert                    9
                                               Human Services               10-13
                                               CLC                          14-15
                                               Volunteers                   16-17
                                               Lunch Program                18-19
                                               Registration Info & Form     20-23

   The 50+ Newsletter!
A division of Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation
505 “G” Avenue, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Ph: 503-635-3758 -
                                 “The LOACC is a community focal point that celebrates aging through creative,
                                 inspiring and exciting opportunities that promote independence, as well as
                                 physical and emotional wellness”

                                                         The Center

      Lake Oswego                                                                         ACC Staff
Adult Community Center
                                                                               Ann Adrian
Serving the community since 1970                                                ACC Manager
                                         Did you know?
              Open                                                             Debra Carline
                                                                                Recreation and Education
        Monday- Friday                     An interactive version of the        Program Manager
         8am - 9pm                      Leisure News is available online at:
                                              Berta Derman
         Office Hours                                                            Social Services Supervisor
          Monday-Friday                    We welcome your comments
                                                                               Dana Tassos
          8am - 4:30pm                          and suggestions.
                                                                                Client Services Coordinator
                                        Please click on program feedback
                                        or contact or submit comments in       Teresa O’Halloran
                                         the ACC Lobby’s suggestion box.         Administrative Support

                                                                               Jim Liu
                                                  Thank You!
      Center Donations                                                           Transportation

          Joyce Hastings                                                       Rose Ann Freeman
          Kurt Sandman                                                          Administrative Support
            John Naddy                                                         Gary Abraha
             Bob Arbini                                                         Building Maintenance
        Josephine Kearney                  Monthly Meetings
          June Cameron                                                         Ruth Berberich
           John Stendal                          LOAC Foundation                Meals Program Manager
           Rachel Taylor                     First Wednesday 8:30 am
                                                                               Julynne Pang
          Fowler Family                       CLC Advisory Board                 Center Cook
          In memory of                      Second Monday 11:30 am
          Peg Paterson                                                         Nate Crider
                                               50+ Advisory Board               Cook’s Assistant
      Joan Teller & Larry Levy
          In memory of                       Fourth Thursday 8:30 am           Ranajo Lanz
           Peg Paterson                         (West End Building)             Cook’s Helper
      Russell & Evelyn Fowler                     LOMN Board                   Pam Montoya
          In memory of                                                          Administrative Support
                                            Third Wednesday 1:00 pm
          Peg Paterson

  2    For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
       For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                             “Age is a Matter of Attitude”

                     The Manager’s Letter

  Dear Members,

   If you haven’t visited the ACC in the past few months, I invite
 you to stop in for a visit and see the Phase One of the interior
 projects made possible through the Ellouise Minter gift. As
 many of you know, Ellouise Minter was a long time supporter
 of the ACC who made a very generous gift to the Center in
 her will. Along with community input, we made a plan for
 the distribution from the interest of this endowment, which is
 managed by the Oregon Community Foundation. Phase One
 was implemented during our annual closure during the last two weeks in August.
   Our goal was to retain the warm, welcoming atmosphere that so many people enjoy at the ACC, while
 creating a more contemporary impression and user friendly color palette that will be attractive to the
 four generations we serve. We are also mindful that we must be good stewards of our 35 year old
 building, and keep it viable and robust for future users.
   Some of the changes you may note that occurred during our August closure:
   •    Treated the ceiling in the Oak/Acorn Rooms to a fresh coat of paint
   •    Finished the walls in the lower level for a smoother appearance, then gave the walls new paint
   •    Upgraded the flooring in the lower level to reflect the uses of the rooms
   I thank the Lake Oswego City Council for approving this line item in the FY 2012 Budget. I am also
 appreciative of the recommendations from the Lake Oswego Adult Center Foundation, members of the
 50+ Advisory Board and the LOACC Self Assessment Committee who lent their support to this decision.
 Lastly, thank you to City Councilor Donna Jordan, who coordinated with representatives of all three
 groups and guided prioritization of projects.

   At the time this newsletter is going to print, construction has begun on the east parking lot, which
 is now closed, except for slope project traffic. Please take exta caution as you drive to and aroung the
 Center. I thank you all for your continued patience and flexibility during this time. The work that is being
 accomplished is absolutely essential to the long term stability of the grounds, the parking lot, as well as
 the affected area of Tryon Creek State Park and the creek itself.

  My Best,

For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758                           3
 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                             The ACC offers a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities.
                             The ACC offers a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities.
                             Activities, classes and trips are available to members only and in most cases
                             Activities, classes and trips are available and in most cases require registration.
                             require registration. Membership is required to participate, unless otherwise
                             Please call the Center for more information 503-635-3758.
                             noted. Please call the Center for more information 503-635-3758.

                                               The & Education
                                         Recreation Center
         Debra Carline
       Program Manager
                                     Book Discussion Group                          Special Interest
                                     Love to read and discuss? The group
                                     meets the first Wednesday of each
                                                                               Introduction to Beginner Ukulele
                                     month. Students are responsible to
                                                                               Learn fundamental from the ground
                                     read the following books on your
          The Arts                   own, and plan to share at the next
                                                                               up in a patient and fun atmosphere.
                                                                               Brogan                        Birch
                                     meeting. November, The Namesake,
Painting Open Studio                                                           ACC Members $50/All Others $55
                                     by Jhumpa Lahiri; December,
This is an independent class for                                               4818805 1:30-2:30p T 11/1-11/22
                                     Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand.
students who want to continue        New participants are welcome.
working independently on their                                                 Ukulele Intermediate Jam
                                     Brown                         Cedar
projects.                                                                      An opportunity to continue working
                                     ACC Members $3/All Others $5
No Instructor             Hobby                                                on a variety of skills: rhythm &
                                     4818201 1-3p         W 11/2 &12/7
ACC Member $10/All Others $15                                                  strumming, chord vocabulary,
4821401 1-3p     M 11/7-12/19                                                  listening skills, finger picking &
                                                                               singing. Light instruction, lots of fun.
                                                                               Brogan                            Birch
                                                                               ACC Members $55/All Others $65
                                                                               4818806 9:30-11a T 11/1-11/22

                                                                               Ukulele Elementary Jam
                                                                               Learn fundamentals from the
                                                                               ground up in a patient and fun
                                                                               Brogan                       Birch
                                                                               ACC Members $55/All Others $65
                                                                               4818807 11:15-12:45p T 11/1-11/22
                                     Current Events
          Literary                   An interactive open forum where
                                     participants discuss politics, science,
Poetry Workshop                      arts, business, education, timely
This workshop is centered on the     books and other topics. SSI asks for
participant’s own path of creative   an annual membership of $30.
expression. Work is shared in an     Senior Studies Institute           WEB
atmosphere of support. All levels    ACC Members/All Others No Fee
and interest in poetry welcome.      4801801 1-3p          W 11/2-12/28
Harris                       Cedar
ACC Member $10/All Others $15
4818700 10-11:30a M 11/7-12/19

   4    For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
        For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                  Recreation & Education

                                        Health & Wellness
   The Woodman Chronicles
  Conjuring the Supernatural:
       Ghosts and Witches
                                      Line Dancing - Beginning I/II
Woodman             Media Room        Get out and dance without having
ACC Members $8/All Others $12         to find a partner. Moderate aerobic
4819101 1-3p   M 11/7-12/19           movement that gets you to kick up   Zumba 50+
                                      your heels! No class on 11/23       Ditch the workout, join the party!
The following movies will be shown    Viers                    Oak/Acorn  Class will feature exotic rhythms
followed by discussion.               ACC Member $35/All Others $52       set to high-energy Latin and
                                      4824401 2:30-4p W 11/2-12/21        international beats.     A cardio-
11/7  42nd Street (1933)                                                  based class combining fast and
Ruby Keeler saves the show on                                             slow rhythms that tone and sculpt
Broadway.                                                                 the body using an aerobic/fitness
                                      Sit and Be Fit
                                      Learn and practice exercises you approach. Easy to follow, effective
11/14 Top Hat (1935)
                                      can do while seated, have fun, and and totally exhilarating.
Fred and Ginger go through                                                No Class on 11/11,11/25,11/29,12/2
                                      receive positive reinforcement.
mistaken identity plot.                                                   Berger                   Oak/Acorn
                                      No class on 11/11,11/25
                                      Bantz                     Oak/Acorn ACC Member $40/All Others $60
11/21 Rose Marie (1936)                                                   4824001 7:00-8:00p Tu/F 11/1-12/16
                                      ACC Member $40/All Others $60
Jeanette and Nelson meet in the
                                      4824101 10-11a M/F 11/7-12/16
Canadian Rockies.

11/28 Girl Crazy (1943)                                                     Tai Chi Advanced Long Form
Mickey and Judy meet in the wild      Strength Training                     An on-going class in the Yang-style
west.                                 Experience low-impact strength        form of tai chi chuan. Intended for
                                      training that uses weights and        people who have previously learned
12/5     An American In Paris (1951   DynaBands to strengthen muscles       the 24 movement short form.
Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron meet      around joints. It is a great way to   Spreyer/Schmidt/Normura Oak/Acorn
in the city of lights.                increase muscle strength, improve     ACC Members $25/All Others $37
                                      muscle coordination and improve       4824700 9-10a      Tu/Th 9/6-11/22
12/12 SevenBridesForSevenBrothers     balance.
(1954)                                No class on 11/11,11/23,11/25
Howard Keel and Jane Powell meet      Bantz                     Oak/Acorn Tai Chi Beginning and Continuing
in the Pioneer Northwest.             ACC Member $40/All Others $60        A graceful form of Chinese exercise
                                      4824204 9-10a         M/F 11/7-12/16 that benefits body, mind and spirit.
12/19 Broadway Melody Of 1940                                              This Yang-style 24 movement short
(1940)                                ACC Member $25/All Others $37        form is opened to newcomers and
Dance partners Fred Astaire and       4824206 9-10a       W 11/2-12/14 continuing students.
George Murphy meet Eleanor            4824207 10-11a W 11/2-12/14 Spreyer/Schmidt/Nomura Oak/Acorn
Powell.                                                                    ACC Members $25/All Others $37
                                                                           4824500 10-11a Tu/Th 9/6-11/22

For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758                         5
  For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                               Recreation & Education

                                     Pinochle                                Pre-Arranged Thursday Bridge
                                     For participants who have playing       Program is currently at capacity.
                                     knowledge        and     experience.    Interested participants are welcome
Happy Hikers                         Interested players are asked to         to add name to a substitute list by
Explore the trails at Tryon Creek    preregister in advance by calling the   calling the Center.
State Park. Carpool or caravan from  Center. This helps to coordinate the    Membership required.
the ACC. Participants can contact    afternoon.                              Fox                           Hobby
Krstl Robbins at 503-635-0041 for    No cost                        Media    No cost
more information on the program or   1-3p              W         ongoing     12-3p              Th       ongoing
meet at the Center.
Robbins                      Lounge Scrabble
No cost.                                                                     Quilters In Stitches
                                     For participants who enjoy the          If you have an unwanted quilt or
9:15a-11:30a      T/W       ongoing game of words. Interested players
                                                                             a family quilt that you would like
                                     are asked to pre-register in advance    finished, the Quilters are here to
Duplicate Bridge                     by calling the Center. This helps to    help. Proceeds benefit the ACC. If
The purpose of the tournament is coordinate the afternoon.                   you are looking for a place to quilt
to provide an opportunity for all to Hamilton                       Media    with a talented group of people, we
play competitive duplicate bridge No cost                                    welcome you to join in. Each month
in the company of your own peers. 1-3p                 Th         ongoing    a quilt is put on display for everyone
Membership required.                                                         to enjoy.
Center closed on 12/26                                                       Aden/Rackliffe                     Birch
Denison                       Hobby                                          No cost
ACC Members $3 per visit ongoing                                             10a-2p              F          ongoing

Pre Arranged Tuesday Bridge                                                  Jottings from 5th and G
Pre-registration required.                                                   All enthusiastic writers and inspired
Contact Sharon Paz, Volunteer                                                authors are invited to join this group
Bridge Coordinator, 503-636-9757.                                            of talented contributing writers who
Membership required.                                                         submit weekly articles to the Lake
Paz                            Hobby Creative Hands                          Oswego Review. Lots of discussion
No cost                               Knitters and Crocheters: Join us as    and good exchanges. Interested
12p               T          ongoing we think of creative ways to turn       writers call the center. Meets every
                                      donated yarn into useful items.        other month.
American Mah Jongg Open Play          Projects include caps and booties      Parsons                          Cedar
This group is for experienced for the preemies at Doernbecher,               No cost
players. Interested players are asked blankets for Project Linus, this and   1-2p              F               11/4
to preregister in advance by calling that for Annie Ross, and whatever
the Center. This helps our volunteers else suits our fancy. New hands,
to coordinate the afternoon.          ideas, and yarn always welcome.
Lewis                          Media Petrequin                      Hobby
No cost                               No cost
1-4p        W                ongoing 9:30a-12p          Th        ongoing

   6    For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
        For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                               Recreation & Education

                                       Lakewood Center Dress Rehearsal Presents:

                                          Tickets are complimentary of Lakewood Theater.
         Friday Matinee              Members can register for one at a time to give others an
Enjoy a movie and free popcorn.      opportunity to attend. Add name to waiting list as needed.
Titles named are subject to          Membership Required.
availability. Call to make a
reservation. Seating is limited.                   Meet at Lakewood Theater at 7:15p,
No cost             Acorn Room                       located at 368 S State Street.
The Social Network
1-3p              F          11/4
127 Hours
1-3p              F          12/2
                                                          White Christmas
                                    Irving Berlin's White Christmas is a delightful new musical based
                                    on the 1954 smash hit movie. Two army buddies, Bob and
                                    Phil, have a successful song- and-dance act after the war. With
                                    romance in mind, the two follow a duo of beautiful singing sisters
                                    to a Christmas gig at a Vermont lodge, which just happens to be
  Wednesday Movie Classics
                                    owned by their former Army commander. The boys soon realize
Enjoy a classic movie and
                                    they are the only guests at the resort because there is no snow! In
free popcorn. Call to make a
reservation. Seating is limited.    order to help the General, they come up with a scheme to bring in
No cost             Acorn Room      a crowd. The show features classic Irving Berlin hits such as "Blue
High Society                        Skies," "Sisters," "Happy Holiday," "Count Your Blessings Instead of
1-3p              W         11/16   Sheep," and the unforgettable title song, "White Christmas."
                                              4800001           7:30p      Th              11/3

Roman Holiday
1-3p              W        12/21

For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758                      7
 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                Recreation & Education

                                       Pendleton Woolen Mills
                                       Get ready for the holidays or the
                                       cold weather! If anything, get out
                                       and come along for the ride. Lunch
                                       to follow at McMenenamins on the
 Join the Adult Community Center
                                       Columbia River, on your own.
 for a variety of escorted local and
                                       ACC Members $8/All Others $12
 chartered excursions designed for
                                       4876600 9:30a-2p         T    11/8
 Call center for more complete
 travel information and listings
 or by calling 503-635-3758.
 We reserve the right to use the                                            THE ENTERTAINMENT
 center’s vehicles in order to                                                   BOOK 2012
 avoid cancelling a chartered trip.
 All trips depart from the ACC
                                                                                  IS HERE!
 unless otherwise indicated. Costs
                                                                            Just $25 this year, with $23
 are inclusive unless otherwise
                                                                            savings at QFC Markets and an
 specified.                            The Von Trapp Family Christmas       additional $30 value in bonus
                                       The family Von Trapp shares their    cards for great places like Pizza
                                       holiday music. (Wait list only)      Schmizza, Chevy’s, Papa John’s,
                                       ACC Members $38/All Others $57       and Famous Dave’s. Other
Lunch Bunch Gallivants                 4875500 6:15-10:30p Sa 11/26         coupons are good for more than
Trip will not meet in November                                              50% off at some of your favorite
and December.                                                               restaurants!
                                       The Canadian Tenors Christmas
                                       You’ve seen them on Oprah, at the    More savings for travel, activities,
Wellsprings      Vitality    Bistro/   2010 NBA All-Star Game and the       hotels and more. Proceeds from
Woodburn Outlets                       Vancouver Olympics – four gifted     the books go to Lake Oswego
Whether you decide to window           young vocalists singing holiday      Meals on Wheels program.
shop, buy or just along for the ride,  selections in close harmony.         Get yours soon because they
you are in the right place. Enjoy      (Wait list only)                     disappear right before the
lunch at the Bistro followed by a      ACC Members $38All Others $57        Holidays!
stop at the Outlets. Includes lunch,   4875501 6:15-10:30p F 12/16
beverage, dessert and gratuity.
Shopping on your own.
ACC Members $29/All Others $43.50 St. Aidan’s Crab Feed
4870800 10:15a-2:30p Tu 11/1 An annual all you can eat crab and
                                      shrimp feed, served family style.
                                      Designed for 50+
                                      ACC Member $27/All Others $40
                                      1870900 4:30-7p           Th 2/23

   8    For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
        For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                  Project Alert 2012

                                    It’s time to sign up!

        ho Operates Project Alert?

                                                         Attention Berta Derman
                                                         505 G Ave.
                                                         Lake Oswego OR 97034

                               REGISTRATION FORM
To be completed by the person registering his/her name to the registry or updating information.
Name:                             DOB:                               Phone:
Name of Spouse (if residing at same address):
Address:                                                             Apt. No.:
City:                                                                Zip:
In case of Emergency: (Person most likely to know where you are, if you are not at home)
1.                                Address
Home Phone:                       Alternate Phone:                   Relationship:
2.                                Address
Home Phone:                       Alternate Phone:                   Relationship:
Physician                                                            Phone:
Important medical condition and medications:

Do you have air conditioning: Yes          No
Do you own a pet? Yes        No                                    Type:
Pet’s Name:                       Veterinarian:
Address:                                                             Phone:

 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758                9
     For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                   The ACC is a focal point for services in our community. Services are
                   available to both members and non-members. We are here to help when
                   you need it. Confidentiality respected.
                        Support Groups are open to all seniors no fee, no registration.

                                         Human Services
  Berta Derman                                                                                          Dana Tassos
  Social Services Supervisor                                                             Client Services Coordinator
                                      Home Visits                                 Tri-Met Lift Program
    Center Services
                                      A Client Services Coordinator is            Designed to provide door-to-door
                                      available to help coordinate services       transportation for participants who
                                      and assist families in resolving            have medical appointments, need
Medical Equipment Loan
                                      problems and helping to maximize            to go shopping, ambulatory as well
A variety of equipment is available
                                      independence. Call Dana.                    as non-ambulatory individuals, and
for short term loan. No fee, donation
                                                                                  those who can no longer drive and are
appreciated. Call Dana.               Information and Referral                    not able to use regular Tri-Met buses.
                                         A Client Services Coordinator assesses a
                                         participant’s needs and connects them Medical Escort
                                         with appropriate community-based Volunteers using their own car take
Outreach Services                        services. Call Dana.                     older adults to and from medical
                                                                                  appointments. Three working days
                                         Meals-on-Wheels                          advance notice required. No fee,
Care/Share Nutrition                     A delicious, hot, well-balanced donations appreciated. Each individual
Monthly food baskets are assembled       meal delivered by volunteers to is limited to a maximum of three
and distributed to people in need;       housebound older adults and medical rides per month.
co-sponsored by Lake Grove               disabled adults under age 60 on
Presbyterian Church. Call Dana.          M-W-F, 11:30a–12:30p. Call Dana. Shuttle Service
Family Consultations
                                                                                  Door-to-door service is offered to and
Client Services Coordinator confers      Medicare and Health Insurance Help from home and the Center M-W-F
with concerned family members about      Trained SHIBA (Senior Health Insurance within the Lake Oswego service area.
issues such as health and well-being,    Benefits Assistance) volunteer assists T-Th for special events only. Suggested
safety, caregiving, housing, long-term   with Medicare claims/appeals and donation $1.00 each way. Call the
care and respite services. Call Dana.    supplemental insurance options. Call Center for more information.
Grocery Shopping
Tuesday mornings, a center volunteer
                                         Project Alert
takes phone calls from housebound
                                         A Center program in conjunction
participants   ordering     groceries.
                                         with Lake Oswego Police Department
Volunteers then shop for the groceries
                                         providing daily telephone calls and/
and deliver them on Wed. Call Berta.
                                         or assistance to City residents during
                                         emergencies. Form pg. 9 or on web

     For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
  10 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                           Human Services

                                          Caregivers Group                          Vision Group
    Support Groups                        The Caregivers Group is designed          This monthly group offers visually
                                          for family members and friends            impaired adults an opportunity to
                                          caring for older adults with memory       obtain information, education and
 Support Groups are provided as a         problems due to Alzheimer’s disease       mutual support in matters related to
 service to the community. Groups         or related dementias. In this small       vision impairments. A guest speaker
 are open to everyone, there is no        group, you receive understanding,         is featured monthly, offering a broad
fee, or registration required. Please     information and ideas to benefit          range of topics related to vision loss.
   contact the Adult Community            you and your loved ones. The group        Tassos                          Acorn
Center for updated information on         is co-sponsored by the Alzheimer’s        Fourth Monday of the month, walk in.
           group speakers.                Association.                              1-2:30p           M             11/28
                                          Tassos/Colaianni                Cedar     James Schroeder, Rehabilitation
                                          Third Tuesday of the month, walk in.      Instructor, Commission for the Blind
                                          1:30-3:30p        Tu     11/15, 12/20     No meeting in December.
Widow Group
Expect to be greeted with acceptance
and understanding by the men and
                                                                                    Low Income Home Energy Assistance
women in this group. The members,
                                                                                    This federal program provides
all of whom have lost a spouse,
                                                                                    assistance with winter heating bills to
offer encouragement and hope for
                                                                                    low-income residents of Clackamas
maintaining a meaningful life in spite
                                                                                    County. LIHEAP opens on October
of the changes.
                                                                                    1 for priority groups (over 60 or
Weitman Psy.D                   Cedar
                                                                                    disabled) and opens to the general
First Wednesday of the month, walk in.
                                                                                    public on December 1 as funding
10-11:30a        W         11/2, 12/7
                                                                                    allows. Income guidelines have yet to
                                                                                    be released for 2011/2012; however,
Mental Illness Family Support
                                                                                    last year’s guidelines were 1757.00
                                          Arthritis Group                           per month for a single individual or
Do you have a spouse, loved one, or
                                          These monthly meetings feature a          2,298.00 per month for a couple. These
care for someone with mental health
                                          variety of programs to benefit those      guidelines are expected to change
problems? Adults can benefit through
                                          living with arthritis. Participants       in 2011-12. Please call the Energy
sharing in a supportive, confidential
                                          enjoy speakers on a range of              Assistance Line for further information
setting. Whether you are married to
                                          topics, as well as sessions devoted       at 503-650-5640. If your heat has
someone with lifelong depression,
                                          to support and sharing. The group         been shut off or if you are facing shut-
have a sister with bipolar disorder, or
                                          is co-sponsored by the Arthritis          off, please call the Energy Assistance
a friend with schizophrenia, it may
                                          Foundation.                               Line and leave a message describing
be helpful to you to discuss your
                                          Martin                          Alder     your circumstances. For any additional
experience with others who are living
                                          Fourth Wednesday of the month, walk in.   information call Dana.
in similar circumstances.
                                          10-11:30a         W             11/23
Adrian                           Cedar
                                          Support and share, Give your feet a
Second Tuesday of the month, walk in.
2-3:30p           Tu       11/8, 12/13
                                          No meeting in December.

 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758 11
   For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                       Human Services

                                      Respite Program                          Scams,Fraud&IdentityTheftProtection
                                      This program is designed for             Today, more than ever, it is
         Please note:                 older adults with memory loss or         necessary to protect yourself from
                                      confusion Call Berta Derman for          unscrupulous individuals both at
All Human Services health,            information and intake.                  home and abroad. Kyle Kavas of the
wellness and consumer programs        McMath/Berger             Oak/Acorn      Better Business Bureau discusses
are subject to cancellation if the    $30 per session includes lunch           the latest frauds, scams and identity
minimum number of participants        11:30a-3:30p      Tu       11/1 -12/27   theft and how to protect you and
for the program is not met.           11:30a-3:30p      Th       11/3 -12/29   avoid becoming a victim.
Registered individuals will be                                                 Kavas                          Alder
noti ed if a program is cancelled.                                             No Fee
There is no fee for Human           Legal Program                              10-11:30a           W          12/14
Services programs unless noted      A 30-minute consultation with
in the information for a particular volunteer attorney. By appointment
program.                            only Confidential.                         AARP Safe Driving Program
                                    Note: If an appointment is not             This 8 hour program is the nation’s
                                    canceled on or before on the day           largest refresher driving course
                                    of the appointment, you will not           and helps refine existing skill and
Blood Pressure Checks               be permitted to make another               develop safe, defensive driving
Nurses check and monitor blood appointment for 3 months.                       techniques. Graduates of the course
pressure.                           Local Attorneys               Cedar        may be eligible for a discount
Pierleoni/Martin              Cedar No Fee                                     from their auto insurance carrier.
No fee donations accepted           9-11:30a         F      11/18, 12/9        Classroom course no vehicle used.
10:30-11:30a      F      11/4, 12/2                                            AARP Instructor      WEB/Santiam
10:30-11:30 a     F   11/18, 12/16                                             $12 AARP Members $14 Non-AARP
                                    Lunch & Shop                               Members
                                    Center van takes participants from         12:30-4:30p Tu/Th 11/15 & 11/17
                                    the Center to Safeway for one hour
                                    of grocery shopping, and then drives       AARP Instructor           ACC/Alder
                                    them home. Driver can assist with          12:30-4:30p Tu/Th        1/10 & 1/12
                                    parcels as needed. Lift equipped
                                    $1.00 each way suggested donation
                                    1-2p              M      11/7-12/19
Foot Care Services
Nurses cut toe nails and check for
problems. Bring plastic basin and
two small towels.
Checks to Foot Care Nurses, LLC.
$30 cash or check             Cedar
8:30a-3:30p     W     11/23, 12/28

     For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
  12 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                       Human Services

Own Your Future: The Changing
     Shape of Retirement and                                                    “Solo” Dinner
Long-Term Living Options in LO           Short & Sweet
This program is designed for                 Trip                             This group is open to all
pre-retirees, retirees, and adult                                             Center members who do not
children of aging parents who            This activity is designed            have a significant other and
want to understand and explore           for those with less mobility         would enjoy the company of
life-style options in Lake Oswego        due to inability to walk             others for a casual mid-day
and surrounding communities. A           long distances or visual             dinner. Center membership
panel of experts focuses on the          impairment. Wheelchairs can          and reservation required.
impact of change as we age, legal             be accommodated.                Meet at the restaurant. every
and financial matters, successful        Lunch is on your own.                         4th Sunday
aging in place with supportive           Restaurant subject to change.           Lunch is on your own.
services     and      technologies;                                           Restaurant subject to change.
care coordination, community
resources, and navigating long-                                             Derman
term care options.                    Albertina Kerr                        Old Spaghetti Factory
Doors open at 1:30p                   Albertina’s Classic Lunch with        2p                             11/27
Panel                         Oak     beverage. Time to browse and shop.    Many new items on menu.
2-5 p              Su         11/6    Derman/Liu                            Reasonably priced. Price includes
                                      $23                                   soup or salad, entrée, dessert
                                      4850302 11:00a-3:00p Tu 11/22
  Taking Care of You: Powerful
       Tools for Caregiving                                                 Royal Panda
These classes are designed to         Cheryl’s Cup of Tea                   (Across from Bridgeport Village)
empower family caregivers of          A complete traditional luncheon       2p                           12/18
older adults to take better care      tea including Scones, Table Cream,
of themselves. The “tools” learned    Lemon Curd, Jam, Assorted Tea
in the six week series benefit        Sandwiches and Mini Quiche,
caregivers by helping them            Homemade Cup of Soup or Garden
reduce stress, improve caregiving     Salad, Dessert Tray and Pot of Tea.
confidence, establish balance in      Derman/Liu
their lives, communicate their        $25.00
needs, make tough decisions and       4850303 11:30a-2:30p Tu 12/20
locate helpful resources. Each
participant receives a free copy of
the book: “Powerful Tools for the
No Class on 1/16 & 2/20
Certified Class Leader        Alder
10a-12:30p         M      1/9-2/27

For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758 13
 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                The CLC is a friendly, accessible, state-of-the art classroom equipped

                                with PCs and Macs, and people showing you how to use them.

                                Visit the web at: or email us for more information at:


                                       Computer Learning Center

                                                                           CLC Users’ Group
                                                                          Mondays 9:30 – 11a
  November                                                            Topics Available via website:
  Meet at Computer School on State Street.                        
  7       Library Presentation
  14      TBD
  21      TBD                                                                      PC Core Classes
  28      Q & A with Bob Guyan, Wally Helm and Mark Matson offering
          individual computer help.                                          Beginning Windows 7
                                                                             Get hands-on with this unique, fun
  December                                                                   approach to the new Windows 7.
  5     Library Presentation                                                 Learn how to get around using both
  12    TBD                                                                  the mouse and keyboard, adapt your
  19    Q & A with Bob Guyan, Wally Helm and Mark Matson.                    desktop to fit your style and needs,
  26    Center Closed                                                        work with files and file folders, send
                                                                             and receive Email, use desktop tools
                                                                             and get a sneak peek at fun features.
Supervised Lab                                                               Matson                             CLC
Wednesdays 12:30 – 2pm                                                       ACC Member $40/All Others $60
Everyone welcome.                                                            4838301 2:30-4p Tu/Th 11/1-11/17

MAC Users                           One on One Tutoring
2nd and 4th Thursdays 12:30 –       A 1.5 hour tutoring session on a topic   Specialty Classes
2:00pm                              not covered in a regularly scheduled
                                    MAC or PC class or a refresher on a      Basic Computer Skills (or more) Required.
Special Interest Investment Group class previously taken. Tutoring           Digital Camera
Join a group who are enthusiastic is available for beginner and              Introduction to digital photography:
about sharing their interests in advanced MAC or PC users. Or learn          Learn the camera controls and
investments.                        how to get started using Facebook,       settings; tips for taking better pictures;
No Instructor                   CLC the Internet, digital cameras. Photo     transferring images to, and organizing
No Cost                             Editing and Email and how to safely      them on a computer. Please bring
F        10a-12p      11/18 & 12/30 shop on-line.                            your digital camera and manual to
Group usually meets the last Friday Instructors will be assigned             class.
of each month unless Center is according to interests                 CLC    Sanders                               CLC
closed for a holiday.               ACC Member $15/All Others $25            ACC Member $16/All Others $24
                                    4835100       10-11:30a     9/7-12/28    48360001 12:30-2p M 11/7-11/14
                                    4835101       12:30-2p      9/1-12/21

     For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
  14 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                              Computer Learning Center

Editing Your Digital Photos             Intro to Facebook                        Beginning MAC
Introduction to photo editing: learn    Navigate the world of social             Primary skills, word processing,
basic photo editing techniques;         networking using Facebook. Must          email and Internet.
introduction to photo editing           have an Email account. Topics            Sleeper                      CLC
programs with an emphasis on            include learning Facebook jargon,        ACC Member $10/All Others $15
Photoshop Elements; explore some        understanding what you see on the        4840000 12:30-2p Tu        11/29
advanced techniques used in photo       screen, creating a profile, setting      (Primary Skills)
editing.                                privacy/security parameters, finding     4840001 12:30-2p Th              12/1
Sanders                          CLC    and adding friends and chatting          (Basic Word Processing)
ACC Member $16/All Others $24           and posting wall messages.
                                                                                 4840002 12:30-2p      Tu         12/6
4836301 12:30-2p M 12/5-12/12           Strull                           CLC
                                        ACC Member $10/All Others $15
Microsoft Word 2007                     4838500 12:30-2p Tu             11/1     4840003 12:30-2p      Tu       12/13
The basics of navigating Microsoft                                               (Email)
Word. Create documents, enter           eBay & Amazon
text, revise, format, save, retrieve,   Looking to get rid of stuff or looking   More MAC Functions
and print with ease. Feel confident     for that odd item? Learn how to sell     IWork is a suite of productivity tools
to tackle any document. Topics          and buy items using the popular          that includes Pages for producing
include: Understanding the Desktop      sites: eBay and Amazon. Must be          professional looking documents and
interface, toolbars; Creating and       familiar with using the Internet and     Numbers for creating spreadsheets
Editing documents, Formatting           have an Email account.                   and tables and charts. This course
text and documents, Saving and          Strull                             CLC   will introduce creating documents.
Opening documents; Envelopes            ACC Member $10/All Others $15            Also find out how to produce
and Labels, and Printing.               4838000 2:30-4p        M          12/5   spreadsheets for everything from
Steingraber                      CLC                                             family budgets to event planning.
ACC Member $22/All Others $33                                                    Sleeper                           CLC
4835401 10-11:30a Tu 11/22-12/6                                                  ACC Member $10/All Others $15
More Windows Secrets for Windows 7                                               4840104 12:30-2p Th             11/17
Additional skills: Control windows                                               (Word Processing – Pages)
setting, desktop, control panel and                                              4848105 12:30-2p M              11/21
more.                                                                            (Spread Sheets – Numbers)
Matson                           CLC     Craigslist and FreeCycle
ACC Member $22/All Others $33            Cleaning out the garage or house        Mac Tune-Ups
4835900 2:30-4p Tu/Th 11/22-12/1         and want to sell or donate your         Improve system stability and the
                                         items? Looking for that item that       performance of a Mac. Discover
Files and Folders Windows 7              you just can’t seem to find or          how to modify settings to optimize
Create and save folders so you’ll never need a local service? Craigslist and     functionality.
lose a file again. In addition, organize FreeCycle is the answer. Must be        Sleeper                        CLC
and manage your information. A familiar with using the Internet and              ACC Member $10/All Others $15
must for all users.                      have an Email account.                  4840800 10-11:30a Th          11/3
Matson                               CLC Strull                          CLC
ACC Member $10/All Others $15            ACC Member $10/All Others $15
4836200 2:30-4p          Tu         12/6 4838001 2:30-4p     Tu        12/13

 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758 15
   For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                 Volunteers are the key to our success!
                                 If you are interested in being an Adult Community Center volunteer, we
                                 have opportunities for meaningful service.
                                 Please come by or call for more information at 503-635-3758.


        Where Do I Turn?
   The Medical Escort Program
                                            Thank you                                           ity Center artis
                                                              ke Oswego A       dult Commun                     ich
Where     can     you     turn     for
                                            To the many La                                     nt Auction wh
                                                                             work in the Sile
transportation to important medical                        eir array of art                ely 21 painting
                                                                                                             s were
                                           who shared th                 ly. Approximat
appointments when you live in Lake                           ne and Ju                                  ated back
                                           took place in Ju                              ds being don
Oswego and are no longer able to                              of the   artists’ procee            ed for this sm
                                           sold with 20%                        5 .00 was receiv
drive? Where do you turn if friends                           A total of $30                     put their time
                                            to the Center.                    e thank all who
and family are not able or available                          ject. Again w                    work to the p
                                            fundraising pro                   wonderful art
to help out? The answer is that many
                                             energy into o
                                                             ffering such                             continuing it
                                                                                 isti ng the ACC in
senior and disabled adults in LO turn                        same time ass
to the Adult Community Center’s              while at the
Medical Escort Program.                       fundraising eff
                                                                                              ok Exchange p
                                                                   Skip Kra  ft from the Bo           donated books
Affordable transportation options                Steve Beal and                      who has kindly
                                                                  ank everyone                    elighted to see
are not readily available in our               would like to th                    ge. They are d
                                                                 Book Exchan                   u will notice a
area. Private transport can cost                to the Center’s                being read. Yo
                                                                 ks that are                                    are sure
                                                number of boo                                 rogram and we
as much as $50 and up for a
                                                                  of the Bo  ok Exchange p            been created
round trip ride. The Adult Center’s              in the location                      space that has
                                                                  njoy the book
program was developed to link                     that you will e
those needing medical escort with                 you.
caring volunteers who use their
own vehicles to pick up participants
at their homes, take them to the
appointments and return them
home after the visit.

The program affords volunteers
an opportunity for meaningful
civic engagement while providing                                                              In Memoriam
flexibility as assignments are based
on a volunteer’s availability to assist                                                         Peg Paterson
on a given day and time.                                                                         Sue Harden
Medical Escort volunteers report a                                                               Helen Grigg
high level of satisfaction knowing
                                                                                                Donald Burns
that they are providing such a vital,
life sustaining service in their own                                                              Pat Hulee
community. Call Berta if you have                                                               Marjorie Crew
time to give to this vital service.

     For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
  16 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                    Volunteer Feature

                   A Man for All Seasons

  Since its inception over forty years ago, the Center has benefited from many
talented and dedicated volunteers. This legacy continues and we are very grateful.
This month, I would like to introduce you to ACC volunteer, Frank Woodman who
developed and helps coordinate this very special program.
  Frank currently hosts Monday’s Woodman Chronicles, an eight week program
with different themed films each term. Having done two series already, next
term’s themed, “Movie Musicals,” is scheduled to begin on November 7th.

 Frank was born in Oakland, CA, grew up in San Jose, and attended college at
UC-Berkeley and San Jose State. He majored in English. Always interested in theatre, he held a part in All’s
Well That Ends Well for Willamette Shakespeare, performing outdoors at Reed College and 2-wineries. He is
now rehearsing in Richard III for the Portland Actors Ensemble. Frank has also acted with Northwest Classical
Theatre Company and other groups. Other interests include travel (most recently Holland, England and
Mexico), music (jazz and classical), and of course, movies, mostly classic and foreign films.

  While recovering from surgical procedures (a pacemaker and a shoulder replacement ), he thought it might
be interesting to group films, mostly from the forties and fifties, into categories such as musicals, politics,
private eyes, wartime comedies and currently witches and ghosts and present them at the Center. Not that
Frank doesn’t have a busy schedule, he has worked for OPB for a number of years, during which time he was
an announcer and produced a series on Shakespeare that won a Peabody Award.

  Frank came to Oregon only by chance when, in the late fifties, a friend was driving from central California
to Oregon and asked if he wanted to come along. He said yes and he has been here ever since!

  Thank you, Frank, for the enjoyment you bring to the Center!

For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758 17
 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
              November Lunch Information

                                                                 Meal Network
                                                                Serving Group Schedule
Lunch Enterntainment          LOMN Donations               2      Helping Hands
            11:30a              May and June 2011          4      Lake Bible Church
                                                           7      Our Lady of the Lake Church
                                                           9      Lake Grove Garden Club
                                 New Seasons Market        11     Closed
14    Joan Diehl                                           14     New Seasons Market
                                   Janet Hoffmann          16     United Methodist Church
21    Virginia MacDonald
                                                           18     Luann & Friends
23    Joan Diehl                   Florence Durtschi
                                                           21     LOMEA
                                     Joseph Stern          23     City Slickers
                                                           25     Closed
                               The Old Spaghetti Factory   28     Newcomers Welcome Club
                                                           30     Silver Sages
                                     Denise Taylor

                                 Lake Oswego Rotary
                                                                Special Lunches
                                 Lake Grove Lions Club
  If you enjoy playing the                                  Veteran’s Day
                                    Betty Wiegner
 piano, join this dedicated                                 W                            11/9
 group of volunteers who                                    Thanksgiving
                                    Carol Culhane           W                           11/23
 play on a monthly basis.
                                                            Winter Holiday
                                   Winnifred Archer         F                           12/23
     If you are interested,                                 New Years
       please call Debra.     Laura D Wanser Foundation     F                           12/30

                                                            Call to make a lunch reservation.
                                                           Suggested donation $4 for the 60+
                                                                      All Others $5

   For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
18 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                   November Lunch Menu

          Monday                             Wednesday                             Friday
Menu items are subject to change
   For your reservations call:
                                    2          Caesar salad          4         Spinach salad
       503-635-3758                         Sour cream chicken                  Braised beef
                                                Brown rice                      Egg noodles
                                                  Broccoli                    Butternut squash
                                                Rye bread                        Wheat rolls
                                         Cranberry coconut cookies               Berry crisp

7                                   9       Broccoli slaw            11
         Caesar salad
                                     Salmon w/maple ginger glaze
      Bbq pork on hoagie
                                              Rice pilaf                         CLOSED
         Baked beans
                                          Braised cabbage                     VETERAN’S DAY
        Peas and corn
                                            Oatmeal rolls
       Oatmeal cookies
                                             Lemon bars

14      Spinach salad               16      Caesar salad             18     Cottage cheese
        Baked chicken                        Meatballs               Pork roast w/cranberry sauce
      Scalloped potatoes             Spaghetti w/marinara sauce               Brown rice
         Green beans                  Green and yellow squash                   Broccoli
          Wheat rolls                         Focaccia                     Pumpkin scones
       Peach-Pear crisp                     Tea cookies                        Ice cream

21        Fruit plate               23     THANKSGIVING              25
                                              Tossed salad
 Bay shrimp & spinach Alfredo
                                    Roast turkey &Mashed potatoes
         Egg noodles                                                             CLOSED
                                             Bread stuffing
       Butternut squash                                                       THANKSGIVING
                                         Green bean casserole
   Rosemary parmesan rolls
                                              Dinner rolls
   Lemon poppyseed cake
                                              Pumpkin pie

28       Tossed salad               31     Raspberry yogurt
        Beef pot roast                Pork roast w/ country gravy
        Potato chunks                       Sweet potatoes                 $4 suggested donation
        Carrot chunks                           Broccoli                  for those age 60 or better;
                                                                                $5 for all others.
           Biscuits                           Wheat rolls
       Tapioca pudding                       Birthday cake

For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758 19
  For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
              December Lunch Information

Lunch Enterntainment               Meal Network
Lunch Enterntainment
                                       Serving Group
           11:30a                        Schedule
12      Joan Diehl
19   Virginia MacDonald       2      Lake Bible Church
14 Joan Diehl
23   Tom Stroud               5      Our Lady of the Lake Church
21 Virginia MacDonald
28   Joan Diehl               7      City Economic Dept.               Meal Network
23 Joan Diehl                                                      Advisory Board Officers
                              9      Rotary
30   Tom Stroud
                              12     New Seasons Market
                              14     Rotary                              Andy Harris
                              16     Luann & Friends                      Vice Chair
                              19     LOMEA                               David Davies
                              21     United Methodist Church              Treasurer
                              23     LO Fire Dept & EtAl                Art Henderson

  If you enjoy playing the    26     Closed                               Secretary
 piano, join this dedicated                                             Brenda Grubbs
                              28     City Slickers
 group of volunteers who      30     Rotary                               Members
 play on a monthly basis.                                               Elaine Dickson
                                                                       Dorothy Fashana
     If you are interested,                                              Nancy Raske
       please call Debra.                                               Brenda Grubbs
                                                                          Linda Flynn
                                    $4 suggested donation               Shelle Winkler
                                   for those age 60 or better;          Frank Bridwell
                                         $5 for all others.
                                                                         Lynn Brokaw

    For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
 20 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                             December Lunch Menu
                             September Lunch Menu

          Monday                       Wednesday                               Friday
3                              5      For your 5 senses!           2        Spinach salad
                               Wholesome meals give you                     Chicken stew
                              more energy and help you look        (Potatoes and tomatoes, carrots
                              better, resulting in a self-esteem          and mushrooms)
                              boost.                                          Focaccia
                                                                            Jello w/pears

5        Caesar salad          7        Tossed salad               9           Cole slaw
     Ham w/cranberry sauce            Salisbury steak                       Sole Florentine
            Yams                         Brown rice                          Egg noodles
           Broccoli                    Peas and corn                         Green beans
        Rosemary rolls                 Oatmeal rolls                          Wheat rolls
           Sherbet                 Chocolate chip cookies                      Brownies

12       Spinach salad        14        Caesar salad               16       Tossed salad
        Cheddar chicken                     Fish                         Pork w/applesauce
           Rice pilaf                      Chips                           Sweet potatoes
             Beets                         Peas                           Braised cabbage
           Focaccia                      Cornbread                          Oatmeal rolls
          Apple crisp                   Lemon bars                      Butterscotch pudding

19                            21      NARFE Christmas              23
                                                                   23      Christmas Lunch
          Broccoli slaw                 Spinach salad                        Caesar salad
         Tuna casserole              Chicken cordon bleu                      Prime ribs
            Zucchini                        Orzo                            Baked potatoes
            Rye rolls                    Baby carrots                   Broccoli and cauliflower
          Apricot bars             Cranberry-orange scones                    Dinner rolls
                                   Ginger molasses cookies                   Cheesecake

26                            28        Tossed salad               30    New Year’s Lunch
                                                                           Spinach salad
                                   Bacon-mushroom quiche
                                                                    Salmon w/hollandaise sauce
          CLOSED                       Potato wedges
                                                                      Orzo w/ black eyed peas
         CHRISTMAS                   Oranges and apples
                                                                         Butter nut squash
                                         Wheat rolls
                                                                          Currant scones
                                        Birthday cake
                                                                             Pecan pie

For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758 21
 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                                       ACC Registration Form

                                                     For Classes, Trips and Activities

             Detach & Mail to:                  Lake Oswego Adult Community Center
                                                505 G Ave., Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Name (s)                                                                            Membership Number(s) #

(Please include both members’ names if registering for two)                                              #
                                                                                    Phone No.

I wish to register for the following:
  Catalog Number                Activity/class/Trip Title          Date       Cost per Person    Total

Name as printed on card                                                             Exp.
Visa or MC Card #                                                               Total Enclosed

                                                              For Office Use Only

        Received Date: _______________ Cash/Check # _______________ Date/Initial ________________

  22 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
  22 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
                                Why not try online registration?! Located off the ACC’s website, you can
                                access online registration for most of our activities at
                       If you experience any problems with online
                                registration, please call our registrar office at 503-635-3758.

           Photography                                              Membership:
The ACC reserves the right to         ACC membership is available to anyone 50+ and the funds assist the Center
photograph program participants       in meeting its financial budgetary goals. Members receive the Center’s
for publicity purposes.               newsletter Leisure News mailed to their homes and complimentary
These photos are for City use         event tickets. Membership is not required for most Human Service
only and may be used in future        programs.
promotional      materials and         Residents: $40 single or $55 per couple per year.
newspaper articles.                    Non-Residents: $50 single or $75 couple per year.

            Disclaimer                To become a member of the ACC please download a Participant Data Sheet
“The City of Lake Oswego              from our website or stop by 5th and G to pick
Adult Community Center offers         up a membership packet
programs as a service to Center
members and the community, for
their general information about                                       Participation:
the topic. The Center does not        If you choose not to become a member, we still want you to participate in
recommend, promote, or endorse        Center activities and get counted for it. So please fill out the top portion of
any individual or business,           the Participant Data Sheet and bring it to the front reception desk on your
including those participating         next visit to receive your key tag which we now use to sign up for activities.
in or mentioned in the Center’s
informational programs. Program                                Registration Information:
attendees are encouraged to           Registration is required for classes, trips and most special activities,
independently evaluate risks and      unless otherwise specified in the description of the program.
benefits prior to purchasing any      Registration begins on the Monday, October 17, 2011 for ACC
goods or services, including from     members and on Monday, October 24 for all others.
persons or businesses participating
in or mentioned in any Center                                         Fees Policy:
program.”                             Fees must accompany registration or it cannot be processed. Registration is
                                      accepted via mail, walk in, or phone in with a credit card.

                                                                  Cancellation Policy:
                                      The Center reserves the right to cancel any of its programs and attempts
                                      will be made to notify participants and a full refund or credit will be issued.
                                      If there is a minimum requirement set for participation in a specific program
                                      and it is not met, the program will be subject to cancellation. All participant
                                      cancellations require notification to the Center at least 3 business days
                                      before the beginning of the class, activity or trip to receive a refund or credit.
                                      A $5 processing fee will be retained by the Center from refunds. When a
                                      participant cancels after the published cancellation date, the Center cannot
                                      provide a refund or credit if unable to fill the open reservation.

 For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758 23
  For more information or to register: or call 503-635-3758
             City of Lake Oswego
                                                                            Presorted Standard
             Adult Community Center
                                                                             U.S Postage Paid
             505 G Avenue
                                                                               Permit #124
             Lake Oswego, OR 97034
                                                                            Lake Oswego OR

                                                                                 Louis & Barbara Fredd
                                                                                    Mary Malinski
                                                                                        Bea King
                                                                                      Sandy Zinck
                                                                                      Joy Dawson
                                                                                  Marc & Lori Garner
                               Marilyn Abend         Jim & Janet King              Les & Diane Hall
   Anita McLellan               Gayle Smart             Vicki Suyat                 Marie Thomas
  Kathleen McEnter         Jonathan West & Janet        Cathy Scott                Sandi Hutchens
   Joyce Wendling                  Schaefer        Mark & Virginia Tracey            Nancy Jones
  Robert & Lindsay                Lois Isbell       Idamarie Wagner                    Lois Dikes
      Nicholson                     Joy Lee         Suzanne Edwards
    Helen Bedney                  Sally Baker        Katherine Carter
Russell & Lottie Sacco             Pat Rau             Carrie Deane
    Diana Dorney                Elsie Harmon            Toni Beiser
James & Linda Morris        Mike & Peggy Burger       Peggy Medina
     Joy Carlson                 Jobi Frorath          Jane Switzer
     Mitzi Rohan              Arlene Stebbins          Lynn Rothert
    Caroline Blind          Joe & Linda Apodaca        Cindy Felger

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