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                    Who is the AARP?

• The AARP is the American Association for
  Retired Persons
• The AARP is a nonprofit nonpartisan
  membership organization for people 50 and
• They provide information and resources;
  advocate on legislative consumer and legal
• The AARP assists members to serve their
  communities and offer a wide range of
  unique benefits, special products, and
  services for our members.
What does the AARP do?
• The AARP foundation provides direct
  services to senior citizens, particularly in
  the areas of consumer advocacy, legal
  assistance, tax counseling, job training and
  placement, and health care and long term
  care information.
• A national program, AARP Foundation
  Litigation is supported by the AARP as well
  as by many private foundations and
  government agencies.
• AARP foundation works in communities
  using volunteers as well as professional
  staffed offices.
• It is a 501(c)(3), nonpartisan, tax exempt
  organization that does not conduct lobbying
  or political activities.
        Computers and Technology

• The AARP provides expertise help in the
  computer field for people over 50.
• Their web site provides a list of commonly
  asked questions on computers and
  technology topics
• Their help makes elderly peoples time on
  their computers easier and more time
                   Health & Wellness

• They provide information to the elderly to
  help them with their awareness of health
  topics and concerns.
• They also provide information concerning
  the issues of caregiving for the elderly.
• They provide information concerning health
  insurance options, Medicare, and nursing
                     Legislative Issues

• The AARP is heavily involved in legal
• Affordable Prescription drug coverage
• Campaign finance reform
• Electric Utility Restructuring
• Nursing Home Reform for better care
                       Leisure and Fun

• Discounts on vacation packages, car rentals,
  hotels, flights, entertainment and
  attractions,cruise lines,and computers are
  some of the benefits that come along with
  being a member of the AARP.
                         Life Transitions

• The AARP helps people deal with the
  transitions and challenges of aging.
• Changing jobs, creativity, end of life issues,
  financial planning, funeral and burial costs,
  grief and loss, power of attorney, wills and
  probate & living trusts, and working
                     Money and Work

• The AARP provides advice on news, tips
  and discussions on money and work
• Financial Planning
• Consumer issues
• Work issues for people over 50
• Wise spending

• The AARP has a research staff that
  investigates all issues of concern for people
  involved with the group.
• Research is basic to everything that the
  AARP does.

• Since most of the members of the AARP
  are retired they stress the importance of
  devoting the majority of their time to
  volunteer work to help people less fortunate
  than they are.
• Food drives, meals on wheels, tax help, and
      Why is the AARP important?

• The AARP is important because it gives
  people who are 50 and over a place to spend
  their new found time.
• It provides a very important discounting
  system for its members which enables them
  to do more with the money they have so that
  they can enjoy their retirement.
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