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AARP Facts


									                                                                          AARP Facts

F   ounded in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired educator from California, AARP
    is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization that helps people 50 and
over improve the quality of their lives as they age. AARP has grown to over 39 million
members and has offices in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and
the U.S. Virgin Islands. As the nation’s largest membership organization for people
50+, AARP is leading a revolution in the way people view and live life after 50.
AARP is governed by a 21-member volunteer Board of Directors.
Who We Are                                                 companies make available quality products
AARP’s mission is to enhance the quality of life           and services to enhance the quality of life for
for all as we age, leading positive social change          people over 50. AARP Services is where AARP’s
and delivering value to members through infor-             mission meets the marketplace.
mation, advocacy and service. 2008 marks                   ARP Financial, Inc., a wholly owned subsid-
AARP’s 50th anniversary. We believe strongly in            iary of AARP Services, is the investment advisor
the principles of collective purpose, collective           and administrator for AARP Funds, provides
voice, and collective purchasing power, and                financial advice and education, and manages
these principles guide all organization efforts.           AARP-endorsed financial and insurance prod-
AARP works tirelessly to fulfill its vision: a society     ucts. AARP Financial makes available simple
in which everyone ages with dignity and pur-               and easy to understand financial products to
pose, and in which AARP helps people fulfill their         meet the needs of Americans age 50+.
goals and dreams.                                          ARP Global Network is an alliance of like-
While comprised of different legal entities, AARP          minded, nonpartisan, national organizations
speaks with one voice—all united by a common               working to meet the needs of older adults
motto: “To serve, not to be served.”                       around the world. AARP Global Network mem-
                                                           bers have access to knowledge, technology
  he AARP Foundation is the philanthropic
  T                                                        and other insights to help advance their social
  arm of AARP. It is a catalyst for social change          missions while striving to enhance the breadth
  and a champion for people 50+, particularly              and quality of products and services available
  those facing significant challenges in meeting           to their members.
  their basic needs. Low-income people, women
  and minorities are primary audiences for                 RTA: AARP’s Educator Community (formerly
  Foundation programs and services.                        known as the National Retired Teachers
                                                           Association) is a division of AARP composed
  ARP Services, Inc., is a wholly owned taxable
  A                                                        primarily of educators and school personnel
  subsidiary of AARP, and manages the relation-            dedicated to educational opportunities,
  ship with AARP-endorsed providers. These                 advocacy, and service.

AARP 601 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20049
What We Do                                           Products and Services—We lead the way in
Advocacy—We stand up for our members and             the marketplace by being a force in influencing
society as a strong nonpartisan advocate for         companies to offer new and better choices for
social change. We work on the issues that are        our members. These include health and finan-
important to 50+ Americans, including:               cial products, travel and leisure products, and
  romoting adequate, affordable health care,
   P                                                 life event services. Specific products include
   including prescription drugs and long-term        health insurance; automobile and homeowners
   care;                                             insurance; member discounts on rental cars;
                                                     cruises, vacation packages and lodging; special
  eading efforts to strengthen Social Security
                                                     offers on technology and gifts; life insurance;
   and promote other retirement savings efforts
                                                     a credit card; pharmacy services; alternative
   to help everyone achieve lifetime financial
                                                     health services; legal services; and long-term
   security; and
                                                     care insurance. AARP Services manages all
  ocusing on livable communities to ensure
   F                                                 relationships with endorsed providers.
   affordable and appropriate housing, sup-
   portive community features, and driver safety     Publications and Media—We provide valuable
   and mobility options.                             and trustworthy information to our members as
                                                     the premiere information source for people 50+.
Divided We Fail—AARP is leading a nationwide
effort to demand bipartisan action, answers,           e publish AARP The Magazine, the world’s
and accountability on health care and lifetime          largest-circulation magazine; the AARP
                                                        Bulletin, a newspaper published 11 times a
financial security. Our Divided We Fail initiative
                                                        year; Segunda Juventud, a bimonthly maga-
represents a coalition of business, employee,
                                                        zine (and radio program) in Spanish and
and consumer groups who recognize that indi-
                                                        English; a public affairs radio program,
viduals, businesses, and government all have a
                                                        Prime Time; and an award-winning
role and a responsibility to ensure health and
lifetime financial security for all.
                                                     Research—AARP conducts extensive research
Community Service—We help our members
                                                     on aging related subjects. Our Public Policy
and their communities help themselves. Caring
                                                     Institute publishes major reports on the 50+
and compassion are the bottom line of AARP.
                                                     population, and we compile an annual list of the
Our goal is to give people a voice, a sense of
                                                     Best Employers for Workers Over 50.
community and a purpose.
                                                     Global Aging—AARP is a leader in working
  housands of volunteers form what AARP’s
                                                     internationally with governmental and nongov-
   founder called “an army of useful citizens” to
                                                     ernmental organizations to exchange ideas and
   help people of all ages live safer, more com-
   fortable and happier lives.                       find solutions to aging concerns worldwide.

  hrough the AARP Foundation, members
   T                                                 National Event—Life @50+ is AARP’s National
   contribute directly to those in need across       Event & Expo, which annually brings informa-
   the United States. Programs such as Legal         tion and entertainment to 24,000+ members and
   Counsel for the Elderly, Tax-Aide (a free tax     nonmembers. The 2008 event is scheduled for
   assistance service), Money Management, and        Washington, DC.
   the AARP Grandparent Information Center all
   work to provide assistance to the most

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