How to Safely Use Cooking Oils

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					    How to Safely Use Cooking Oils

    By Mallory Sosinski, eHow Contributor




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    Oil is a necessary part of cooking--whether used to grease cake

    pans, flavor pasta or fry just about anything. It can also be one of

    the most dangerous parts of cooking because of its ability to burn

    the cook, the food and sometimes even catch fire. With a few basic

    cautions and tips, you can safely use cooking oil in your home.

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1. Cooking Oil Safety
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    Monitor cooking oil closely. The National Fire Protection

    Association (NFPA) says that 43 percent of all fires on stoves or

    ranges started with cooking oil. The closer you monitor your

    cooking oil, the less likely you are to have a fire. Never leave the

    kitchen when cooking with oil. The NFPA also lists some more tips

    on cooking safely with oil that are summarized below.

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    Know the signs of overheating oil. They include oil that is starting to

    "bubble or froth excessively and/or smoke." The NFPA states you

    should immediately remove the pan from the heat if you see these

    signs. Just turning the heat down won't let the heat drop quickly


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    Dry all pots, pans and utensils before using cooking oil. If a fire

    starts, you should never use water to try and put it out. The NFPA

    recommends, "wearing an oven mitt, carefully slide a lid over the

    pan to smother the fire," and then remove the pan from the heat. If

    you can't, get everyone out of the house and call 911 immediately.

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    Use a pan big enough to leave space for the oil and whatever food

    you're cooking. Always go with a bigger pan rather than a smaller

    pan, as it will prevent the oil from jumping to the burner and igniting.

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    Wear clothing with either short or tight-fitting sleeves. Clothes with

    loose or long sleeves can catch fire.

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