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5 Fatal Mistakes


fatal mistakes people make
when they don’t delegate
                                                                                            page 2

So you’ve finally decided you’re
ready to delegate some of the tasks
                                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
required to keep your business                                              WELCOME MESSAGE FROM TODD LAY - 2
running smoothly. Now you’re                  GETTING CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTED BY TAKING YOUR OWN PHONE CALLS - 3
probably faced with the problem
                                              HANDLING EVERYDAY ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES THAT DON’T MAKE MONEY - 6
of choosing exactly what tasks
                                                                                DELEGATING OUT OF YOUR HEAD - 8
you can let go of and hand off to
others. I think the hardest part for                 USING UP TOO MUCH TIME ON SOCIAL NETWORKING ACTIVITIES - 10

many people is the mere fact of just                                           STRUGGLING WITH BOOKKEEPING - 14
letting go and trusting someone                                 SCHEDULE A FREE DELEGATION STRATEGY SESSION - 17
else to do a good job for you. This                            5 KEY AREAS COVERED DURING YOUR FREE SESSION - 19
report highlights just a few of the
                                                                                              MEET TODD LAY - 20
most common situations that hurt
businesses that don’t delegate.

              Todd Lay
         Author, Speaker &
         Business Leverage Coach            1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                                page 3

   by taking your
      own phone

           mistake #1
Have you every sat through a            In his book The No-B.S. Approach         •   What if it’s someone I need to
                                        for Time Management, Dan Kennedy             speak with right away?
meeting with someone who’s
preoccupied by their phone?             says that you need to create a buffer
                                        around you to get things done.           But what if someone else can do it

                                        For a few bucks a month, I highly        better, faster or for less money than
It’s a common habit that’s extremely
                                                                                 you can? What if you could really
distracting to everyone and it does
                                            Stay focused on the important        have all of your calls answered and
little to build rapport, confidence           and have strategies for the
                                                       urgent                    you didn’t have to check caller ID
or professionalism. But what if a
                                                                                 every time and wonder,
client needs to contact you urgently?
The solution—delegate your calls!       suggest getting someone to answer                 “Do I take this one?
Now consider how effective you          your phone for you. At first it may be            What if it’s urgent?”
would be if your attention wasn’t       hard to cope with, since you’re used     only to find that someone needs to
constantly side-tracked by every text   to doing it yourself.You will likely     confirm your fax number?
or phone call.                          worry about the following things:
                                        •   What if the person can’t answer
                                            the callers questions like I can?             1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                                    page 4

        “either you run
         the day or the
              runs you”
             Jim Rohn

         the solution
Get someone else to answer               freeways to take.You could also            From there, the receptionist will call
your phones.                             furnish your team of live receptionists    my assistant and tell her who is on
                                         with a list of basic questions to ask or   the line and what the call is regarding.
Modern reception services and            simple replies to common questions         We also have an internal VIP list,
call centers have software that is       prior to connecting the call to you.
programmed with business details.
When you open an account you             All of my calls ring into my live
will be provided with a unique toll-     reception services, where there are
free number. So when someone             four people who can take the call.           Something To Consider
calls your business line, it will                                                       I pay a little over $2/hr for
automatically roll to the answering      They answer calls with,                       a receptionist to cover the
service.Your receptionist will know                                                      phone every day. Are the
                                               “Thank you for contacting
the call’s for you and will greet your                                                   activities in your business
callers appropriately.Your account                                                     worth more than $16 a day?
                                                  How may I help you?”
can also include directions to your
office, including landmarks and what              1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                         page 5
these people will                                          At the end of the
always get through to          “The first rule of          day, my assistant will
me, no matter what.            management is               give me a list of calls.
Everyone else will be        delegation. Don’t try         She will return many
advised that I’m not          and do everything            of the basic calls on
available and will return      yourself because            my behalf, everything
calls within 24 hours.            you can’t”               else, I will return the
                                                           next day.
                                Anthea Turner

I realize what I have just shared may not connect with some people, and that
is fine. Either way, I suggest that at the very least, make sure someone else
answers your phone, and stop being interrupted every five minutes. After all, is
                                                                                       DAVE & MICHELLE LOVETT
your time more valuable as a CEO or as a secretary?                                      MASTER CONSULTANTS
                                                                                                 TOP EARNERS

                                                                                      Todd has done it again. A
                                                                                        home run on helping all
    three                                                                              us free our business lives
    Essential Questions Your Receptionist Should Ask                                   and leave the small stuff
                                                                                      to others. As always,Todd

    1     Name of
                             2     Name of
                                                      3     Reason
                                                                                       delivers a down to earth,
                                                                                          practical 21st Century
                                                                                        solution to delegating to
                                                                                      others and to focusing on
          caller                   business                 for call                        the important items.

When your assistant receives this information, she can decide whether to
accept the call or set a later time to get in touch with the caller.               1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                                 page 6

         duties that
        don’t make

              mistake #2
Have you stopped to think               The obvious solution is to delegate some items off your list so you can
about what you’re really doing          focus on the high pay-off activities. But how you approach delegating your
throughout your day?                    administration work is a vital step in the solution.

•   Do you still have a stack of        Can you justify delegating?
    business cards sitting on your      Say you work 2,080 hours a year. Minus             2,000 HOURS A YEAR
    desk from the last business mixer   two weeks for vacation that is 2,000
    you went to?                        hours a year. So if you earn $50,000 a year,
                                        your time is worth $25/hour. If you earn
•   How often are you sending thank-    $75,000 a year, your time is worth about
    you cards to the people you meet    $37.50/hour. It’s costing you money to do
    and do business with?               activities that you can pay someone else               $25 PER HOUR
                                        to do for less than $25 an hour. So ask
You’re very busy and have good
                                        yourself, “Am I working like a CEO or
intentions, but there always seem to
                                        a secretary?”
be certain items that remain on your
to-do list.             1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                                   page 7

    “Time is more valuable than
       money. You can get more
     money, but you cannot get
                     more time”

                         Jim Rohn

        the solution
For one week, record                      Once you’ve documented your tasks        After you’ve crossed out the items
everything you do. Keep track             for the week, go through your list and   you must do yourself, anything that
of each task and how much                 cross out the items you MUST do          remains on the list can be passed to
time you spend on them. For               yourself.                                your virtual assistant.
example, at the end of the week, your
tracking might look like this:            Your list might look like this:                         What
                                                                                             gets measured
•   Answering phone - 3 hrs..             •   Answering phone - 3 hrs
•   Customer e-mails - 4 hrs              •   Customer e-mails - 4 hrs                         gets done”
•   Social networking sites - 2 hrs       •   Social networking sites - 2 hrs
•   Sales calls: 10.5 hrs                 •   Sales calls: 10.5 hrs                          Peter Drucker
•   Data entry: 6.75 hrs                  •   Data entry: 6.75 hrs
•   Struggling with internet marketing:   •   Struggling with internet marketing:
                                                                                  Now you have more time to focus
    9.5 hrs                                   9.5 hrs
•   Blog postings: 2 hrs                  •   Blog postings: 2 hrs                on high pay-off activities such as sales
•   Cold calls (yikes!): 10 hrs           •   Cold calls (yikes!): 10 hrs         calls and building partnerships.               1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                     page 8

              out of
           your head

           mistakes 3
Whenever you delegate tasks,           In his book, Millionaire Real Estate
don’t just shoot random                Agent, Greg Keller of Keller Williams
                                                                                          Brent Gove, CEO
instructions out of your head          Real Estate observed that people             Keller Williams Realty,
                                                                                       Roseville California
and expect other people to             often manage using the “seagull”
                                                                                   Tired of the inefficiencies
immediately understand what            approach. This involves the person        that plaque your business?
you want done. Productive              flying in the door with a latte in tow,       Todd Lay’s new book is
                                                                                                  the perfect
delegation requires a little           in an obvious hurry, running late,
                                                                                          step-by-step guide
planning ahead.                        making a ton of noise, dumping all                          on how to
                                       over their team or assistant, then                           fix it fast!
Frequently business owners will give   flying out the door, gone the rest
ambiguous instructions and fail to     of the day. Later, this person gets
check that the person they are         frustrated with the assistant or team
handing off to understands what        because the task was not completed
needs to be done.                      according to his expectations.            1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                                   page 9

     “Surround yourself with
     the best people you can
     find, delegate authority
  and don’t interfere as long
  as the policy you’ve decid-
    ed upon is being carried

                   Ronald Reagan

          the solution
Delegation is a learned skill.             •   I can do it better myself.          decide what to delegate? Remember
It feels awkward and requires              •   By the time I’ve explained it...    the task list you created in step 2?
practice and as with many                  •   Nobody will do it as well me!
activities, delegation does not            •   I tried it once and it was a        Review the items left on your list and
happen in a vacuum. It’s success               terrible disaster!                  ask :
comes combining many other skills          •   I don’t have anyone to delegate     Are there activities that you shouldn’t
such as clear communication, strong            to!                                 be doing? If so, don’t delegate, delete!
time-management and a dash of self-
awareness.                                 Do these responses sound familiar?      The next step is to create a plan
                                           They are all natural reactions          for each task. Don’t give out tasks
Clients use many reasons to avoid          to change, and again a little time      without clear instructions, deadlines
delegation, this is where a little self-   exploring fears and assumptions will    and most of all, expectations for
awareness helps. Over the years I          help.                                   quality, scope or outcome.
have heard a variety of reasons for
not delegating:                            So, once you’re ready to connect with
                                           the idea of delegation, how do you                1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                   page 10

       using up too
         much time
           on social

           mistake #4
In recent years, joining on-line         Think of twitter as a great way to
                                                                                                 Eric Smith
social networks has been all             promote your hot offer. Just like
                                                                                TeamWorks International
the rage.                                classified ads, signage or a thirty      Founder and President
                                         second spot on TV or radio.                    Todd knows how to
                                               A man who dares to                     integrate current and
Sites such as Facebook,
                                                                                  leading-edge technologies
LinkedIn,Youtube, and Twitter are just        waste one hour of life                 with practical business
some of the most popular brands.              has not discovered the                  approaches to create
                                                   value of life                        major performance
                                                                                          improvement and
This report does not cover strategies                                                significantly expanded
for marketing through social                       Charles Darwin                                   potential
networking. However, it is important     As in any other elevator type pitch,
to have at least a basic understanding   it is important that your headline
of some social networking.               speaks to the customer. And the
                                         most important part of that is
Let’s look at the basics of two of       a recognizable name or tag line.
them: Twitter and Facebook.              Smoochie-boy-cutie might do for              1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                                        page 11
part of your social network. It’s not       and I have season tickets, 26J and 27J.        •   Let your heart show. Twitter is
going to get the attention you want         We loved Carmina Burana. I must admit              great for specials and epiphany
in a business world. My suggestion,         I don’t know anything about the ballet             type messages and getting people
because of character limitations on         as a business.Tell me a little bit about it”       to read the rest of the story.
twitter, is to follow the old
        make—model—year                     Rapport building and relationship              •   Twitter is also a great feedback
philosophy from the newspaper days.         building require a plan and execution.             tool. Use Twitter to invite people
                                            Be very careful about what you put                 to a tips session at your local
This catches my eye:                        on Facebook. HR and purchasing                     coffee shop, for example, at the
“35% off and bonus book to the first        managers are now searching social                  same time gather feedback on
100 sign-ups to our Delegation skills       networking sites to check out                      your products and services.
webinar on August 30th.”                    potential hires and vendors. A picture
                                            of you from your college days using            Don’t be fooled. Social networking
A ninth reminder with a coupon at           a beer bong probably won’t help                is still marketing. Plan and execute
the end wont’ get read.                     you get business. Unless it is with a          a smooth connection of all your
                                            fraternity house. And then they might          marketing - virtual and traditional.
Facebook is more like a networking          hide the beer when you show up.
or Chamber meeting. This is where                                                          Now we will show you how you can
you initiate and build relationships        It doesn’t matter which social                 delegate tasks that will efficiently
and gain and give significant useful        networking platform you choose:                maintain your social networking
knowledge. It takes a while to build        Here are a few tips.                           accounts.
relationships.You don’t walk up to
someone at a chamber mixer and ask          •   The right people on your list are          Being relevant is vital. Keeping your
“Are you buying printing services?”             better than lots of people. Make           social networking sites fresh and
                                                sure your tweets and updates               updated requires time-consuming
What do you do? You say...                      connect with your audience.                attention to detail. Which is why
“Howdy, my name is Joe from Joe’s               Remember WIIFM? What’s in it               there are social networking tasks
Printing. I see by your name-tag that you       for me?                                    that can be better managed by your
are the head of the ballet here. My wife                                                   assistant.                 1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                              page 12

        “the key is in
       not spending
          time, but in
         investing it”
     Stephen R. Covey

         the solution
For every on-line site you                My assistant also manages Facebook     Twitter groups. I respond to inquiries
join, there are vital tasks you           in the following way:                  and comment on posts when I can.
can delegate. Reviewing                   •   Creating albums
                                                                                 All other tasks are automated or
requests from people wishing                                                     delegated.
to join your contact list is one          •   Adding pictures to profiles           “Know the value of your
example.                                                                                    hour”
                                          •   Consistently updating my profile
                                              across all sites                                Todd A. Lay
To clarify expectations with my
virtual assistant, I have established     •   Thanking people for adding me to   I have a list of people whose Twitter
a set of criteria to follow before            their network                      content I really enjoy so I have
adding names to my contact lists. For                                            documented that my virtual assistant
example, I do not accept contacts         In Twitter, I have another set of      is to RT or ReTweet them. This is
that post indecent pictures or            procedures. It is very important       a manual process of copying their
profiles that are unprofessional, and I   to retain your own voice. That’s       message to my post on Twitter. This
will not allow sales spam.                why I personally want to maintain      promotes the profile of the person
                                          contact with people in each of my      that I have “retweeted”.               1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                      page 13
Post links to various landing
pages we have created, such as

My assistant schedules posts through
sites like This is
a repetitive and time-consuming
activity, but it is a necessary part of
on-line marketing.

My Virtual Assistant also logs
in everyday and post thank you
messages to people who are
following my Twitter feeds, for            Post upcoming events I will attend
example                                    or host. Example - conference calls
                                           with the date and time included                            Joy Klepac
“Thank you @EricLofholm or thank           and countdowns to an upcoming                     Klepac enterprises
you @Keithhugget for following me on                                                        Business Consultant
                                           conference call.
                                                                                       Todd has been specifically
                                                                                        helping me with speaking
                                           The most recent task I’ve assigned                  engagements, book
When I meet someone for lunch or                                                       writing and aside from the
                                           my assistant is to post a link to a quiz
                                                                                         business I do as a coach.
partner with them on a conference          or a survey on             Todd has been extremely
call, I ask my assistant to thank them     This is valuable feedback for various             helpful n sharing the
publicly. I include the person’s profile                                               concept and going over all
                                           projects that I involved in and that
                                                                                        of the particular avenues
in my message to further promote           too can be posted in Twitter.              of available thru his service
them in Twitter.                                                                          and been very clear on
                                                                                       how the operations works                1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                           page 14

         with your

            mistake #5
We’re all bombarded with                     understanding of accounting?       everything, so that’s exactly what they
statements from the bank,                •   What is a journal entry?           do. They then show up at my office
personal credit cards and                •   Do you know all the ins and outs   with a grocery bag containing all their
business credit accounts.                    of your accounting software?       receipts. What a disaster!
                                         •   Do you actually enjoy
We must keep receipts needed                 bookkeeping?                       Keeping your accounts in order
for tax purposes, and then                                                      is much easier if you consistently
there’s   invoicing, accounts payable,   It makes sound business sense to pay   manage the process on a weekly, or
reconciling and generating end of        someone else (at a much lower rate     monthly basis rather than leaving it to
month, quarterly and end-of-year         than your marketing time is worth)     the end of the year.
financial reports.                       to provide bookkeeping services for
                                         your business.                         Now, with so many transactions being
•   How much time are you spend                                                 captured through on-line banking,
    on bookkeeping activities?           I’ve seen many business owners         it’s easy to delegate and monitor
•   How much is your time worth?         continue to struggle in this area.     accounting duties.
•   Do you have a clear                  Some people are told to save              1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                             page 15

      “as a rule, we find
   what we look for; we
   achieve what we get
              ready for”
   James Cash Penney

        the solution
Get organized and find a virtual           private clearing house for scanning
Here’s my system:                       Within two to three days, I will receive a confirmation e-mail. This tells
                                        me that the scanned receipts are now available as a c-s-v file. The scanning
                                        clearing house also returns my original documents and includes a postage
1. Since I want to know where my
                                        paid envelope for my next shipment.
   money goes every month, I save
   all my receipts.
                                        I then send a copy of the confirmation message to my virtual bookkeeper.
2. I have two envelopes on my           I can either e-mail a PDF statement, or scan my bank, credit card, and any
   desk, one for personal items, the    other statements at the end of the month.
   other for business. I label the
   envelopes with the month when        My bookkeeper imports and enters all of the transactions into our online
   the transactions took place.         version of Quickbooks.

3. Once the month is over, I seal
                                        If my virtual bookkeeper needs added information about a particular
   the envelopes and send them to a
                                        transaction, she just logs in to view the details of my scanned receipts.            1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                    page 16
Once everything has been settled, we have a 15 to 20 minute conference call
to discuss transactions that need additional clarification. This process is far
more flexible and superior to the bookkeeper driving to our office to collect
everything, and then driving back.

      Delegated Bookkeeping Process

        Personal Receipts                          Business Receipts
                                                                                              Lynne Center
                                                                                  RM Property Management
                                                                                          The starting process
                                                                                      was really great. Sitting
                                                                                           down with Todd and
                                                                                         getting organized and
                           Scanning Clearing House                                     looking at our business
                                                                                       practices and mapping
                                                                                           everything out. The
                                                                                     system that we’ve put in
                                                                                        place has been a total
                              Virtual Bookkeeper

                              Bookkeeping Done!               1(800) 482-5339
  Are you getting everything done?
  Are you in command of your business? Or are you bogged
  down with day-to-day details?
                                                                strategy session.
                                                                Claim yours

  Book your free 30-minute delegation strategy session. We’ll
  teach you how to reclaim 2-3 hours every day!

  Are you ready to make a commitment to your success?

  Only 5 free delegation sessions are available each month.
  Call 800-482-5339 to claim your private session today.          1(800) 482-5339
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    CALL 1(800) 482-5339 TODAY

Imagine you have an extra 2-3 hours each day to work ON
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•    How many more customers would you be able to serve?

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       5 key areas
   covered during
         your free

          take action
During your free session you                   5 KEY HOW-TO STRATEGIES YOU WILL LEARN
will learn how to focus on your
strengths and delegate the                            How to reduce interruptions and distractions so you
                                                      can work on your most important tasks and projects

                                                      How to hand off your routine administrative duties so
Also included, when you reserve your
                                                      you can focus on revenue-producing activities
session, a complementary copy of my
e-book, “Seize your Opportunities.”
                                                      How to implement effective systems and stop flying
This valuable resource is packed with                 by the seat of your pants
practical tips designed to elevate your
business. Learn potent strategies                     How to manage your social networking time to
such as the power of documenting                      increase your return on Investment (ROI)
and tracking your way to success.
                                                      How to free yourself from bookkeeping while
    BUY HARD COPY FROM                                keeping your eye on the bottom line
 GETOPPORTUNITIESBOOK.COM               1(800) 482-5339
                                                                                               page 20

             meet todd
Todd Lay is an accomplished              since age 19 and has personally           Full-time and part-time virtual
speaker, business leverage               experienced, and developed solutions      assistants represent significant
coach and author of Seize your           to, the business challenges his clients   savings over in-house personnel.
Opportunities.                           face today.                               Going virtual eliminates frustrations
                                                                                   and inefficiencies when you try to do
As a recognized expert, Todd helps       As CEO of SimpleBackOffice,               everything yourself.
business owners reclaim their time so    Todd’s company proudly provides
they work on their business instead      administrative support to busy                   It’s time to reclaim
                                                                                                your time!
of in it.                                entrepreneurs who have reclaimed
                                         time by automating and delegating
                                                                                   For more information, contact Todd
By sharing delegation strategies, Todd   business tasks such as:
                                                                                   at 1(800) 482–5339
supports clients as they learn how
                                         •   ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT      
to integrate techniques that leverage
                                         •   BOOKKEEPING                 
their unique talents and increase
                                         •   PAYROLL
their profitability.
                                         •   AND MANY MORE
Todd has been an entrepreneur              1(800) 482-5339
don’t   put this off
        any longer!
        It’s time to reclaim your time
        and benefit from the secrets
        that have enabled millions of
        entrepreneurs and companies
        worldwide to work
        SMARTER not HARDER

        1(800) 482-5339


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