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									Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue
       Mequon, Wisconsin

        2005 - 5766
                             About the Holidays

E       ach Jewish holiday has its own rituals and purpose, but they all begin at sundown with the
        lighting of candles and the giving of tzedakah, money to those in need. The Torah says: “You
        shall surely open your hand to your poor and needy kin” (Deuteronomy 15:11). Rabbis have
interpreted this to mean that although one shouldn’t wait for a holiday to help someone else, the holi-
days do provide an additional chance to ease suffering.
R O S H H A S H A N A H ([RO]SH ha-shah-NAH)
Rosh Hashanah marks the start of the Jewish year and usually falls in late September or early October.
It celebrates the beginning of the world and the creation of human beings. While most Jewish holi-
days celebrate historical events, Rosh Hashanah focuses on the individual. It is a joyful but solemn
festival, the time when a person faces the mistakes of the past year and asks forgiveness of anyone he
or she has harmed. Blowing the shofar during the prayers in the synagogue is supposed to awaken the
spirit to self-examination. Everyone hopes that the year will be sweet as apples and honey, which is
why they are part of the festival meal.
Yom Kippur means “Day of Cleansing.” On Kol Nidre, the night before the day of Yom Kippur, eve-
ryone fills the synagogue to participate in the most important holiday of the calendar, even those Jews
who may only attend services once a year. Jews may not eat, drink, work, or go to school on Yom
Kippur. They spend most of the day in the synagogue reading from the Torah and reciting special
prayers that offer people the courage to make a fresh start. Fasting isn’t intended as a punishment but
as a reminder of how dependent we are upon God for food, and as a way to focus on our spiritual
needs, rather than our material needs. The fast is also a way to remember the suffering of the poor and
N’ilah is the last service of Yom Kippur and ends at sundown when everyone goes home, eager to
break the fast with a family meal. Immediately after the dinner, the custom is to hammer in the first
nail of the sukkah as a way to shift from reflection to deed.
S U K K O T (Soo-COHT)
Sukkot, which falls five days after Yom Kippur, celebrates the fall harvest and the forty years that the
Jewish people wandered in the wilderness. Sukkot means “booths,” the temporary shelters the Jews
lived in during their journey to the promised land. The most joyful holiday of the Jewish calendar, it
is celebrated by building and decorating a little hut, called a sukkah, with fruits and vegetables. Some
people actually live in the sukkah for the week-long holiday. Others simply eat meals in it and invite
friends and family to share in the celebration. During Sukkot, one prays with a lulav and an etrog,
shaking them in all directions to acknowledge God’s sovereignty over the natural world.
S I M CH A T T O R A H (sim[K] HAHT to-RAH)
Simchat Torah means “Rejoicing of the Torah.” This holiday, which is the last day of Sukkot, cele-
brates the annual completion of Torah readings. Divided into weekly portions, the Torah is read and
discussed each Shabbat all year round. On Simchat Torah, both the last and first portions are read.
The congregation carries all the Torahs in a march around the synagogue, singing as they go.
           Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue
         Volume 69 Issue 73              Elul 5765     Tishrei 5766              October 2005


S’LICHOT                                        SUKKOT
Saturday, September 24                          Monday, October 17
S’lichot Service              7:30 pm           Erev Sukkot Service             7:30 pm

ROSH HASHANAH                                   Tuesday, October 18
Monday, October 3                               First Day Sukkot Service        9:00 am
Erev Rosh Hashanah            7:30 pm
                                                Wednesday, October 19
Tuesday, October 4                              Second Day Sukkot Service       9:00 am
Day Services                  8:00 am
*Children – Teen Services    10:30 am           SHEMINI ATZERET
Tashlich                      6:30 pm           Tuesday, October 25
Mincha and Ma’ariv            7:00 pm           Yizkor Service                  9:00 am
                                                Consecration/Torah Service      7:30 pm
Wednesday, October 5
Second Day Services           8:00 am           SIMCHAT TORAH
*Children – Teen Services    10:30 am           Wednesday, October 25
                                                Simchat Torah Service           9:00 am
Wednesday, October 12
                                                      For security reasons, no one will be
Kol Nidre Service             6:00 pm                 admitted to the High Holiday service
                                                     unless they have a High Holiday ticket.
Thursday, October 13
Yom Kippur Services           9:00 am
*Children – Teen Services    10:30 am
Yizkor Service (approx.)     11:00 am
Study Session                 1:30 pm
Mincha                        4:45 pm                                      L’Sha-
N’eelah Service               5:45 pm                                       nah
Shofar                        7:00 pm
Break-the-Fast                7:00 pm

                    * 4 – 5 year old Service from 10:30 – 11:30 am
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                     Published Monthly                                                            IN MEMORIAM
                 From September to June by                                                    We mourn the passing of:
                                                                                   Bessie Kristal - Beloved mother of Susan Wine and Dr.
     BETH EL NER TAMID SYNAGOGUE                                                   David (Barbie) Kristal, beloved grandmother of Dr.
                                                                                   Winifred (Daniel) Abramson, Thatcher (Kristen Carpen-
                   2909 West Mequon Road                                           ter) Wine, Stephanie Kristal, beloved great-grandmother
                                                                                   of Dylan and Madeline Abramson.
     An Independent Progressive Conservative
                  Synagogue                                                        Ann Pittelman - Beloved wife of Ted, beloved mother
                                                                                   of Nancy Cahn (David), Debbie Rubach (Dan), Shari
                                                                                   Huppert (Todd), beloved grandmother of Scott, Mat-
                                                                                   thew, Sarah, Melissa, Jacob, Benjamin, Danielle, Re-
Dr. Gideon M. Goldenholz ------------------------------------------Rabbi           becca, Austin and Spencer.
Jerome I. Berkowitz -------------------------------------------------Cantor
Robert Rudman ---------------------------------------------------President         Florence Pollack - Beloved wife of the late Jack, be-
Diana Kahn -------------------------------------------- Executive Director         loved mother of Mark (Barbara) and Neal (Marina Mel-
Naomi Berkowitz ------------------------------------- Education Director
                                                                                   berg) Pollack.     Beloved grandmother of Deborah
Enid Bootzin------------------------------------------------ Choir Director
Maggi Treager-----------------------------------------------------Librarian        (Steven Domsky) Pollack, Suzanne (Gregory) Sitrin;
Dortha Lenges -------------------------------------------- Accountant              Serena, Alana, David and Alexandra Pollack. Beloved
Donna Neubauer ------------------------------------ Sisterhood President           great-grandmother of Jacob and Jonah Domsky; Jeremy
Kevin Nashban and Rodney Ugent-------- Men’s Club Co-Presidents                    and Lauren Sitrin.
Jean Dolgin ------------------------------------------------- Bulletin Editor
Rebecca Brodie -------------------------------- Administrative Assistant

                                                                                                  Sneak into Schul!
    Synagogue and School Office                                                 There is a tradition in Judaism that when we come
         Phone: (262) 242-6900              Fax: (262) 242-3952                 to the synagogue on Yom Kippur, we should not
E-Mail Addresses:                                                               wear leather shoes. We would like to encourage
General Synagogue Address: ------------------ bent@wi.rr.com                    more of our members to “sneak into schul” (wear
Rabbi Gideon Goldenholz----------- RabbiGideon@wi.rr.com                        sneakers for services). Those who do
Cantor Jerome Berkowitz ------------- CantorJerry@wi.rr.com                     wear sneakers will receive an adorable
Diana Kahn-------------------------------------------Dkahn@wi.rr.com            keychain with a miniature sneaker on it,
Naomi Berkowitz----------------------------- Naomi@wi.rr.com
Rebecca Brodie -------------------------------- Rivky@wi.rr.com                 made possible by a generous donation.

             Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue
               Minyan/Service Schedule
                                                                                    to all our new mem-
Monday - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -7:30 a.m. and 5:45 p.m.
Tuesday - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7:30 a.m.
Wednesday - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7:30 a.m.       Adam Segal and Gretchen Bunders
Thursday - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -7:30 a.m.          Laura and Tzvi Tokayer
Friday - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Saturday - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 9 a.m. and 12 noon
                                                                                        Barbara Bushek-Greve
Secular Holidays - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -9 a.m.       Melinda Steffey and Bruce Weiss
If you require a special Minyan, please notify the
Beth El office at 262-242-6900. Please contact your
friends and family to help ensure a minyan, and
give our office sufficient time to make the arrange-
 Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue Bulletin                                                                              Page 5

Rabbi’s Message                                              Cantor’s Message
By Rabbi Dr. Gideon                                          By Cantor Jerome
Goldenholz                                                   Berkowitz
                                                             “Prayer cannot mend a broken bridge, re-
The Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe)                               build a ruined city or bring water to parched fields. Prayer can
are a time to reflect on how well we live. We need to        mend a broken heart, lift up a discouraged soul and strengthen a
ask the “big questions” and try to push ourselves to         weakened will.” (Ferdinand Isserman, mahzor chadosh)
find a path leading toward the answers. We do this
individually as well as collectively. Our task is to real-   Praying is not an easy activity. The ability to pray is not inher-
                                                             ited. Faith is not easy to come by and the act of prayer arises as
ize our capacity to change ourselves for the better, and
                                                             much from uncertainty and doubt as it does from belief and
to improve the world. In order for us to make a mean-        dogma. In Judaism, prayer is not restricted to the pious, the
ingful contribution to the world, we need to encourage       scholarly, the firm believer. Prayer is a path for all to explore;
our own spirituality.                                        those who are at peace with God, and those who are angry.

The Yamim Noraim give us an opportunity for spiri-           The great Rabbi philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote,
tual transformation and renewal. May we all be               “Faith is not something that we acquire once and for all. Faith
blessed with peace and happiness, blessings, grace,          is an insight that must be acquired at every single moment.
love and compassion, fullness of life and the light of       Those who honestly search, those who yearn and fail, we do not
God’s presence.                                              presume to judge. Let them pray to be able to pray, and if they
                                                             do not succeed, if they have no tears to shed, let them yearn for
                                                             tears, let them try to discover their heart, and let them take
                                                             strength from the certainty that this too is prayer.”

 Membership in the Congregation                              Prayer in Judaism is much more than a formula. Although our
                                                             prayer books are filled with numerous prayers, our tradition
  Although the weeks just prior to the High Holy             beseeches us to pray from where we are and what we feel as
Days represents the thrust for the work of the               individuals. No less a luminary than the beloved Rabbi Levi
Membership Committee, the members of the                     Isaac of Berditchev (1740-1810), despairing over the terrible
committee continue to work throughout the year.              conditions to which the Jewish people were subjected during his
                                                             time, called God to come before a religious court of law and
                                                             prayed, “Good morning, master of the universe; I, Levi
   Our Membership Committee, however, can
                                                             Yitschok of Berditchev have come to hold judgment with you
succeed only with the help of each and every
                                                             concerning your people Israel. What have you against Is-
member of the congregation. What can you do?
                                                             rael?...And I, Levi Yitschok of Berditchev say: I will not move
                                                             from this place, from this very spot until there will be an end to
1. Notify the main office of every new Jewish per-
                                                             this exile. Magnified and sanctified be the great Name.”
   son or family that has moved to Milwaukee
   during the past year. We will then make con-              As we gather together as individuals, as families, as a commu-
   tact with them.                                           nity of Jews for this Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, let each
2. Let us know the names of unaffiliated people              of us approach these Days of Awe in our own way and from our
   who might consider membership in our con-                 own frame of mind. I would like to leave you with a wish or
   gregation.                                                prayer in the words of a prose poem written by Issachar Miron.
3. As you speak to people, let them know about
   the congregation and why we think they                    “Let Rosh ha Shanah reward us
   should consider membership.                               with courage
4. When you see strangers at services, become a              to stand alone in pain
   friend. Nothing is more important than the                If need be
   first impression people get. Are we friendly or           Strength of perseverance,
   unfriendly?                                               dawn of spirituality
                                                             gratification of friendship,
   Each member of Beth El Ner Tamid is an ex-                God-given health and happiness,
tension of the Membership Committee. With all                commitment to acts of loving-kindness.”
the exciting prospects facing our congregation in
the coming year, this is a perfect time to consider          L’Shanah Tovah to one and all.
membership. We ask each one of you to become
a spokesperson for our congregational family.
Page 6                                                                        Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue Bulletin

President’s Message                                                   Voice of the Men’s
By Robert Rudman                                                      Club
I hope all of you had a chance to enjoy this last summer. It was      By Kevin Nashban and Rodney
indeed a busy time at Beth El. Membership committees, school          Ugent, Co-Presidents
committees, and many others met continually through the sum-
mer. There was much to be done and I thank all of you who             Along with eight other BENT members
pitched in to help! I know I’ll probably forget someone, so my        and hundreds of other conservative Jewish brothers, I attended
apologies in advance, but I need to make mention of a few.            the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs International biennial
                                                                      convention.      Although I was reluctant to attend, my
First, Marge Kulakow and her entire picnic committee. What a          apprehension abated within 15 minutes of my arrival. After a
wonderful job they did. With the generous help of Jim Weitz-          quick nosh, I sat down next to a few other men that I had never
man, this group put together a Beth El picnic second to none. It      met before, although they weren't strangers. We had a common
was far and away the largest turn out in recent memory and we         bond of Conservative Judaism and a desire to keep our
thank all of you for making this possible.                            congregations strong and vital. The next few days turned out to
                                                                      be filled with the most ruach and spirit that I had ever felt. We
Second, Todah Rabah to Larry Orenstein for chairing this              shared ideas and everyone returned home energized. I witnessed
year’s successful rummage sale. The amount of work and plan-          our Rabbi and Cantor receiving the utmost respect and
ning this whole crew put into this event is amazing. To all who       admiration from countless attendees who spoke to me about our
donated their time and energy, thank you from the entire con-         great clergy without knowing where I was from. The Cantor
gregation.                                                            even received two standing ovations when joining with Cantor
                                                                      Joel Fox during an evening of entertainment. We now have a
To the Men’s Club, especially Rodney Ugent, for donating              CD of Cantor Joel Fox available. For a complete rundown of
their time and skills to repair and paint our school classrooms.      the convention, visit the website www.fjmc.org/2005. I strongly
                                                                      encourage everyone to attend the next convention, to be held
To Naomi Berkowitz, for putting together our new school and           July 11—15, 2007.
doing an incredible job of filling up our newly painted class-
rooms.                                                                We are especially happy that Rodney Ugent was honored at the
                                                                      convention with the Ma’asim Tovim, or Man of the Year, award
To Ken Friedman and the Religious Services Committee for              for our region. Thank you, Rod, for your continuing leadership.
again coordinating the High Holiday Aliyot. With the help of
the Rabbi and the Cantor, this group tries to assure us of            We need a few volunteers to:
smooth running and meaningful High Holiday services.                           Help set up chairs Sunday, Oct. 2 for the High Holidays
                                                                               Be greeters for High Holiday services
And… a special thanks to the Chamoy family for again spon-                     Help set up our Sukkah on Sunday, Oct. 16 at 9 am
soring the beautiful high-holiday floral arrangements that we         If you would like to volunteer, please call me, Kevin Nashban,
all enjoy in our sanctuary.                                           at (414) 352-1242.

As you can see, Beth El is a very busy place that does not run        Be on the lookout for a flyer for our annual Paid-Up
by itself. It not only takes paid staff, but many volunteers as       Membership dinner in November. All new members are
well so that we may enjoy the events and activities we attend.        welcome to join us at no charge.
As we start a new year, why not plan to dedicate some time to
helping your synagogue? The days of assuming someone else             Come to our Minnyanaire’s breakfasts and enjoy the exuberance
will do it are over. It’s time for all of us to pitch in. No matter   of our youth every Sunday at 9 am. We wish everyone a happy
how little time you can invest, I assure you it will be greatly       and healthy new year.
appreciated. Helping your own synagogue is an excellent way
to start your list of mitzvot in the year to come.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to wish all of you a
happy, healthy new year. We look forward to sharing the holi-
                                                                                                     TREE OF LIFE
days with you. L’shanah Tovah Tikatevu.                                                   A gift of a leaf on the Tree of
                                                                                          Life is a gift that lasts forever.
                                                                       Why not remember that Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the
             Tree of Life Dedication                                   special anniversary, birthday, or any other family
       A Gold Stone was dedicated in honor of                          simcha with a dedication to the Tree of Life?
         Micah, Colin, Scott and Casey Litow                           Please contact Fred Meyer at (414) 351-4556 for
           with all our love, Mom and Dad                              more information.
                 September 3, 2005
BethEl Ner Tamid Synagogue
Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue Bulletin                                                                                       Page 7
                                                                                                                           Page 3
Vo i c e   of                          the                                  BETH EL NER TAMID SYNAGOGUE
                                                                                 JUDAICA TREASURES
Sisterhood                                                                            GIFT SHOP
By Donna Neubauer, Presi-                                                        Gift Certificates Available
dent                                                                            Start Traditions…
                                                                                Sabbath Candlesticks    Menorahs,
L'Shana Tovah; greetings from the Sisterhood!                                      Seder Plates   Bride's Bible
                                                                                      Mezuzahs    Shofars     Tallitot
The period of time before and during Rosh Hashanah is not
only an occasion which demands spiritual stock-taking in gen-
eral, it also begs for a profound inner appreciation of the tre-                      Gift Shop Hours:
mendous capabilities which one possesses, as a person and as a     The gift shop is open 10 am—12 pm and when school
Jew to whom the Creator has given his Divine Law of Life.           is in session. Please call 262-242-6900 for an ap-
                                                                           pointment to shop at any other time.
As Sisterhood women, we are special women of faith. Our
Sisterhood provides opportunities for every woman to grow                        DO YOU HAVE OUR NUMBER?
through study groups, retreats, social gatherings, holiday cele-   GIFT SHOP
brations and Friday evening Onegs. We have beautified our          SUNDAY (when school is in session)
synagogue with our tapestries and chapel seat covers. Through      10 a.m. - Noon (Monday - Thursday) or by appointment.
our successful fundraising efforts we have and continue to sup-    Please call: Arlene Litow                262-242-6242
port the Jewish Theological Seminary where our future reli-                     Jean Dolgin                414- 352-6400
gious leaders are trained. The Sisterhood provided five scholar-                Sarie Shainock              414-352-8924
ships to our young people for meaningful Jewish experiences                     Ilene Wasserman             414-228-8307
during the past summer. We are truly blessed by the wonderful      SCHOLARSHIP FUND CARDS
members of our Sisterhood who provide a wide range of oppor-       (In Honor Of, In Memory Of, Speedy Recovery, Congratulations, etc.)
tunities that are available to synagogue members and the com-      Chair:       Jeanette Rozansky         414-873-6238
munity.                                                            BEAUTIFICATION FUND CARDS
                                                                   (In Honor Of, In Memory Of, Speedy Recovery, Congratulations, etc.)
May G-d, who looks into the heart, on seeing the determination     Chair:       Anita Blumberg            414-464-7783
behind these good deeds send His blessing for future realiza-
                                                                   TORAH FUND CARDS
tions in the fullest measure - in joy and gladness of heart and
                                                                   (In Honor Of, In Memory Of, Speedy Recovery, Congratulations, etc.)
affluence, materially and spiritually.
                                                                               Bea Chudnow                 262-242-6666
On behalf of Beth El Ner Tamid's Sisterhood Officers, Trustees                 Harriet Blumberg            414-351-6107
and Chairwomen, we wish Rabbi Goldenholz, Cantor Berko-                        Freda Pressman            414-228-8269
witz, our Sisterhood members, Men's Club members, Board
members and the congregational family be blessed with good                  As you plan for the future,
health, happiness and success in all your endeavors.                please consider naming Beth El Ner Tamid
                                                                       as a beneficiary of your will or trust.
                                                                   When you remember Beth El in your estate plans, you become
               Entertainment Books                                 part of the eternal legacy of our community. More impor-
                                                                   tantly, you enable the continuation of a rich Jewish heritage of
      are now available at the synagogue office!                   spirituality, prayer, music and learning; a tradition of social
These handy coupon books can be                                    action, caring and advocacy; a culture of celebration, compas-
yours for the low price of $35. They                               sion and comfort.
also make wonderful gifts for any occa-                            Here are some sample provisions that you can add or adapt
sion. Your purchase supports Beth El.                              easily for inclusion in your will of trust:
Please contact the synagogue office at                                       I give $_______ (or specified property) to Beth El
(262) 242-6900 and we will reserve a                                         Ner Tamid Synagogue as an unrestricted gift.

copy for you, or just drop by.                                               I give _______% from the residue of my estate to
                                                                             Beth El Ner Tamid as an unrestricted gift.
                                                                   If you have already named Beth El as a beneficiary of a be-
      We are now selling AHAVA hand cream                          quest, or if you intend to do so, please contact Robert Rudman
            in the Sisterhood Gift Shop                            at 414-351-2199 or Robert Peterman at 262-238-9988. The
                                                                   Congregation would like to express its gratitude for your gen-
               5.1 fl oz tube for $12.00                           erosity and forethought.
           (Regular retail cost is $17.00)                         Please consult legal counsel or a tax professional to advise
        Support Israel and your Sisterhood!                        you in the process of creating or modifying your estate plans.
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Beth El Ner Tamid Family                                              Mazel Tov to the
Education Center News                                                following student
By Naomi T. Berkowitz                                                on his Bar Mitzvah
I am pleased to report the Beth El Ner Tamid Family Edu-         Daniel Marcus will become a Bar Mitzvah on October 15,
cation Center is off to a wonderful start. The first day of      2005. His proud parents are Lynn and Jeff Marcus and his
                                                                 brother is Michael. He is the grandson of Freda and Joe Kauf-
school was on September 11th. The congregation and
                                                                 man, Milton Marcus (of blessed memory) and Dave and Sylvia
students joined together for an intergenerational minyan         (of blessed memory) Friedman.
followed by breakfast, then classes for our students and a
parent orientation. At 11:30, adults and children joined         Daniel is in the seventh grade at Maple Dale School. His hob-
together for an assembly and lunch.                              bies are playing ice hockey and baseball. Daniel is looking
                                                                 forward to sharing this special and important occasion with his
In August I took the opportunity to attend the Coalition         family and friends.
for Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE) conference
in Seattle, WA. There were close to one thousand Jewish
educators from around the country and around the world
from all walks of life: teachers and administrators, teens       Schedule of BENT Religious School classes:
and college students learning together, praying together,
singing together and eating together. We had the added           September
beauty of attending this conference on the campus of the         15 - School (Grades 3-7)
University of Washington with a magnificent view of              16 - Kids In Shabbat Service, 7:30 pm
Mount Rainier.                                                   17 - Rebbe’s Tisch following Shabbat Service
                                                                 18 - School (all grades)
Our classes were held in many different buildings.               22 - School (Grades 3-7)
Armed with maps, we set out to each class trying to allow        25 - School (all grades)
the proper amount of travel time. On one particular              29 - School (Grades 3-7)
morning, several of us stopped to look at the map to see
the best way of reaching our destination; a student from         October
the university approached us to offer assistance. Seeing         2 - School (all grades) Ulpan begins
our maps, she asked, “Wow, are you guys on a treasure            6 - School (grades 3-7)
hunt?” I could not help but think it was a beautiful meta-       8 - Jr. Congregation and Rebbe’s Tisch
phor. We were in fact on a treasure hunt. We were hunt-          9 - Fun Run/Walk and Macabea
ing pearls, pearls of knowledge. When the hunt was over,         16 - School (all grades) Ulpan
our prize was to be one of the most precious treasures           20 - School (grades 3-7)
imaginable, a string of knowledge pearls to bring back to        21 - Kids In Shabbat Service, 7:30 pm
our communities and share with others.                           23 - School (all grades) Ulpan

As a Jewish educational director, I take my role in your
lives seriously. I believe that each student, regardless of
age, ability or level of understanding, is entitled to a qual-
ity Jewish education. I will do my best to share my string                   Kosher meals
of knowledge pearls with you and provide the opportunity
for others to do the same. I invite you take advantage of                   are available to order through
the classes, lectures and other educational programs avail-                 the Jewish Chaplaincy Program
able to you and your children through the new Beth El
Ner Tamid Family Education Center.
                                                                               during the High Holidays
The student at the University of Washington will never
know how profound her question was to an educational
director from Mequon, WI. She will never know how
much thinking went on after she was long gone from the
scene and I was long gone from Seattle. As we begin this
                                                                  For information on ordering kosher and High Holiday ap-
New Year, 5766, let us all make the commitment to learn          propriate meals, please call Beth at the Jewish Chaplaincy
new things, to become a Congregation of Learners. Sha-                          Program at (414) 390-5800.
nah Tovah, T’kivatanu. May you and your loved ones be
blessed with good health and happiness in this year to
Page 9                                                            Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue Bulletin

                          YAHRZEITS                       Yahrzeits cont.
                         AUGUST - SEPTEMBER               Dorothy Rosenberg, beloved mother of Jane Rosenberg
              “BECAUSE OF CHARITY THE WORLD ABIDES...”    Dora Rosenfeld, beloved mother of Norman Rosenfeld
                         RASHI, PIRKEI AVOT               Sarah Rotter, beloved mother of Emanuel Rotter
                                                          Sandra Rotter, beloved wife of Emanuel Rotter
                                                          Morris Sadowsky, beloved father of Clara Goffman
Dorothy Ancelovitz, beloved mother of Harvey Marks
                                                          Lena Safer, beloved mother of Marjorie Kulakow
Mrs. Apt, beloved mother of Erica Kahn
                                                          Meyer Safer, beloved father of Marjorie Kulakow
Alex Atlas, beloved husband of Jeanette Atlas
                                                          Ann Schwartz, beloved mother of Carol Schwartz
Jean Bander, beloved sister of William Stern
                                                          Anna Shapiro, beloved mother of Jeanette Rozansky
Sarah Bard, beloved sister-in-law of Bernard Bard
                                                          Samuel Shapiro, beloved father of Jeanette Rozansky
Murray Bein, beloved brother of Blanche Kahn
                                                          Theodore Sosnay, beloved brother of Florence Pollack
Charlotte Berliant, beloved sister of Sharie Berliant
                                                          Uriel John Spiegel, beloved husband of Sylvia Spiegel
Rose Bistritz, beloved mother of Dorothy Sattler
                                                          Sanford Spitz, beloved husband of Mindy Spitz
Fannie Bloom, beloved mother of Stuart Brafman
                                                          Ben Stein, beloved father of Milton Stein
Tillie Bodner, beloved mother of Yetta Kaufman
                                                          David Stern, beloved brother of William Stern
Rebecca Boxer, beloved mother of Aaron Boxer
                                                          Ann Sweet, beloved sister of Yetta Kaufman
Mae Chester, beloved mother of Fred Chester
                                                          Fruma Teitelman, beloved mother of Molly Sanchick
Max Chudnow, beloved father-in-law of Anita Chudnow
                                                          Frima Victor, beloved mother of Rodica Iancu
Ruth Chudnow, beloved sister-in-law of Anita Chudnow
                                                          Jack Walchok, beloved uncle of Harleene Hoffman
Israel Cohen, beloved father of Irene Rudman
                                                          Molly Weiner, beloved mother of Mrs. Mickey Lerner
Rachel Cowen, beloved mother of Myne Minash Hootkin
                                                          Morris Weiner, beloved father of Mrs. Mickey Lerner
Rachel Cowen, beloved grandmother of Terri Schuster
                                                          Herbert S. Wilk, beloved father of Stuart Wilk
Florence Derzon, beloved sister of Lester Derzon
                                                          Barney Zacks, beloved father of Lillian Zacks
Franklin Dubin, beloved brother-in-law of Carol Dubin
                                                          Goldie Zacks, beloved sister of Lillian Zacks
Lew Dubin, beloved father-in-law of Carol Dubin
                                                          Jenny Zacks, beloved mother of Lillian Zacks
Shirley Einfrank, beloved sister of Samuel Einfrank
Oscar Eisendrath, belovd husband of Ilse Eisendrath
Jacob L. Feldman, beloved father of Mindy Spitz
Joseph S. Feldman, beloved brother of Mindy Spitz
Edythe Freeman, beloved sister-in-law of Melvin Sommer
Harry Friedman, beloved husband of Minnie Friedman
Esther Goldberg, beloved wife of Herman Goldberg
Rae Gottfried, beloved mother of Arlene Wertheim                          “We Care”
Helen Hoffman, beloved mother of Ralph Hoffman
Iancu Iancu, beloved father of Ionel Iancu
Jeffrey Kabins, beloved son of Joan and Laurence Kabins   “We Care” is the Pick ‘n Save non-profit organization
Esther Kampner, beloved mother of Carol Dubin             donation program. Our Sisterhood is a member. Go to any
Irwin Kampner, beloved father of Carol Dubin              Pick ‘n Save grocery store and register to join. Our Sister-
Henry Kaner, beloved father of Sandra Kaner               hood identification number is 055400. Each quarter our
Celia Kastrul, beloved mother of Sidney Kastrul           Sisterhood receives a check based upon how much our
Israel Kastrul, beloved father of Sidney Kastrul
                                                          members spend. If you have not done so, please take a
Aaron Kaufman, beloved father of Dr. Kiesl Kaufman
Ida Kaufman, beloved mother of Dr. Kiesl Kaufman          moment to register at any Pick ‘n Save. This is an easy
Lowell Kendall, beloved father of Nancy Kellman           way to benefit our Synagogue.
Lowell Kendall, beloved father of Wendy Lewensohn
Leo Kimmel, beloved husband of Rose Kimmel
Harry Kozoll, beloved father of Sheila Eglash
                                                                The Beth El Ner Tamid Sisterhood announces
Harold Kulakow, beloved brother of Milton Kulakow
Max Laufer, beloved father of Allan Laufer                               a new fundraising project
Harold Loebel, beloved husband of Janice Loebel
Florence Mayer, beloved sister of Evelyn Garfinkel           SAVE YOUR EMPTY INKJET CARTRIDGES
Harry Montag, beloved father of Ruth Berman                         FROM YOUR PRINTERS
Edward Nashban, beloved husband of Sheila Nashban
Gussie Nashban, beloved mother-in-law of Sheila Nashban   We have a box located in the synagogue office in which
Max Orenstein, beloved father of Larry Orenstein          you can deposit your empty inkjet cartridges from your
Hyman Pittelman, beloved father of Theodore Pittelman     printers. This is a great way to reduce, reuse and con-
Mae Pittelman, beloved mother of Theodore Pittelman       serve our natural resources. Please help our Sister-
Ruth Pluss, beloved mother of Susan and Bill Caplan
                                                          hood raise funds in order to provide additional monetary
Willard E. Pollack, beloved father of Jeri Ann David
Max Prusow, beloved father-in-law of Eva Prusow           support to our synagogue.
Ione Ruth Pumpian, beloved sister of Maxine Orenstein
Michael Resnick, beloved father of Robin Block
                        August             Fund Cards                  September

GENERAL FUND                                          Ann Pittelman          Donna & Chuck Luber
In Memory Of:                                         Esther Spero Harris    Anita & Barney Blumberg
Nate Irwin              Linda & Mark Freedman
                        Florence Pollack              Speedy Recovery Of:
                        Lieba & Dan Savitt            Donna Luber            Anonymous
                        Elaine & Sol Resnick
Sam Marcus              Beverly & Alan Zembrosky      TORAH FUND
Edith Benner            Anita & Robert Stone          In Memory Of:
Ann Pittelman           Freda Pressman & Ted Kahn     Nate Irwin             Rosalind & Sol Weinberg
                        Ruth & Eugene Gannon                                 Ruth & Norman Rosenfeld
                        John O. Walch, Jr.                                   Sylvia & Ricki Spiegel
                        Harriet & Milt Stein          Laurie Merar           Ruth & Norman Rosenfeld
                        Yvonne & Joseph Pick          Sarah Wasserman        Myne Hootkin
                                                      Yehudit Engle          Beverly & Judy Rubenstein
In Honor Of:
Judith Levin            Eugene & Lillian Frank        Speedy Recovery Of:
(70th birthday)         Nathan & Eleanor Goodwin      Sylvia Zacharias       Myne Hootkin
                        Judy & Al Cohl
                        Arlene & Marty Zuckerman      MUSIC FUND
                        Isabelle & Joe Richmond       In Memory Of:
Simon Levin             Eugene & Lillian Frank        Nate Irwin             Jim Weitzman
(80th birthday)         Nathan & Eleanor Goodwin
                        Judy & Al Cohl                Mazel Tov:
                        Arlene & Marty Zuckerman      Casey Litow & family   Sophie & Sherman
                        Isabelle & Joe Richmond                              Hochman
Sol Wienberg            Ilene & Edward Baker
(90th birthday)                                       MURIEL ABRAMS MEMORIAL FUND
Rosetta Sweed           Freda Pressman & Ted Kahn     In Memory Of:
(Special birthday)                                    Nate Irwin      Julie Ansfield & Barry Karp

Speedy Recovery Of:                                   MARCUVITZ EDUCATION FUND
Shirley & Jack Langer   Sheila & Hy Eglash            In Memory Of:
Regina Conn             Freda Pressman & Ted Kahn     Nate Irwin      Ruth & Jeffrey Zitzer
                        The Litow family
                                                      CHARLES PLUSS MEMORIAL FUND
Thanks To:                                            In Memory Of:
Renee & Leo Weinshel    Jill & Mike Weinshel          Ruth Pluss       Susan Pluss Caplan
(Love and support)
                                                      SANDRA & EMANUEL ROTTER ENDOWMENT FUND
MURIEL & JACK ABRAMS ENDOWMENT FUND                   In Memory Of:
Speedy Recovery Of:                                   Sandra Rotter    Emanuel Rotter
Harriet Bocksenbaum Shirley & Jack Langer             Sarah Rotter     Emanuel Rotter

In Honor Of:
Harriet & Eli Hait Molly & Edwin Sanchick
(60th anniversary)                                                            Buy your Marcus
In Memory Of:                                                                Theater certificates
Sam Marcus              Anonymous
                                                                               at Beth El Ner
WANT TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION TO ONE                                             Tamid. It helps
          OF OUR FUNDS?
 Contact Marge Kulakow at her new phone number:                                  support our
  414-540-6630 or send a check to her new address:                               synagogue!
8855 N. Port Washington Rd. #115, Bayside, WI 53217

                 Robert Rudman, President
    Glenn Yamahiro           Melanie Bandos          David Tepper
    Ilene Wasserman          Dr. David Gutterman     Ava Bortin
    Mark Treager             Gail Fox                Al Simon
    Michael Schlossmann      Barbara Abrams

                  BOARD OF TRUSTEES
    Nancy Zelman             Arlene Litow            Spencer Block
    Adam Gerol               Marjorie Kulakow        Ken Friedman
    Richard Goldman          Sarie Shainock          Teri Bold
    William Trost

            Chevra Mishna President    Al Simon
            Sisterhood President       Donna Neubauer
            Men’s Club Co-Presidents   Kevin Nashban
                                       Rodney Ugent

                    PAST PRESIDENTS
   Dr. David Gutterman        Nate Rudman           Carl Millman
    Patricia Chamoy         Harold Rozansky       Eliot M. Bernstein
     Alan Marcuvitz          *Nathan Irwin         *Dewey Erbstein
       Howard Loeb          Howard Moeckler        *Morris Gordon
    Barbara Abrams          Norman Rosenfeld         *A.L. Sholnik
  Dr. Sheldon Bernstein        Leo Weinshel      *George Rosenberg
   Marvin Schenbaum             Fred Meyer         *Oscar Plotkin
       Milton Stein          *Dr. Sol V. Stern      *Nathan Stein
    Joseph Hirschberg          *Sol E. Dorff      *Michael Shapiro

    The Jewish Home and Care Center                                                 Sixth Annual
is looking for volunteers to help during their move in
November. No heavy lifting is required. A minimum
                                                                       Avrum & Anita Chudnow
commitment of two days is necessary, and you must                       Recognition Shabbat
attend two preliminary meetings and an HIPPA train-
ing session. Please contact Mina Tepper at (414) 277-    The sixth annual Chudnow Recognition Shabbat will take place on
8801 or at mtepper@jewishseniorliving.org.               Saturday, October 29th at 9 am.
   Jewish Book and Culture Fair 2005                     This year the committee has chosen six members that have shown
        Please save these dates                          their devotion to the synagogue by attending daily Minyans, Shab-
Nov. 7 - Daniel Libeskind, author of Breaking            bat services and volunteering to serve on committees.
Ground, at 7 pm
Nov. 8 - David Deutch & Joshua Neuman, The               The honorees are Eddie Blumberg, Fred Chester, Bobbi Fishbein,
Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies, at 7 pm                 Amy Kazilsky, Annette Kanshepolsky and Terri Schuster.
Nov. 9 - Rachel DeWoskin, Foreign Babies in Bei-
jing: Behind the Scenes of a New China, 11:30 am         Following the services, a delicious luncheon will be held in Weitz-
Nov. 13 - Ann-Marie Asner, author of Shmutzy             man Hall.
Girl & Noshy Boy, at 1 pm
Nov. 15 - Dr. Gary Guten, author of Injuries in
Outdoor Recreation, at 7 pm
                                                                      Thank you and mazel tov
Nov. 16 - Shulamit Reinharz, American Jewish                           to all of our honorees!
Women and the Zionist Enterprise, 3:30 & 7 pm
Nov. 30 - Tom Reiss, The Orientalist, 7 pm
        Additional information will
              be forthcoming

                                                                                                             NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                        Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue           U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                        2909 W. Mequon Rd.                         PAID
                                                                                                               MEQUON, WI
                                                                        Mequon, WI 53092                      PERMIT NO 62

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