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									What Is Data Visualisation?
The concept of visualising data is truly a fascinating one, and it can be clearly explained only
with an illustration. Data visualisation is using graphics and images to present information
clearly, and you will find that nearly every company uses this concept to help connect ideas and
data together. Rather than having to store all the information in your head, these visualisation
concepts make it much easier for you to organise your thoughts, quite literally.

There are a number of tools that you can use to make your own visualisation when you need to
organise information:

- LivePlasma is a tool that enables you to find music and movies that are similar to your
favourites. If you enjoy a musician like Bon Jovi or a movie like Gladiator, simply input this
information into the data visualisation tool. It will then bring up a large number of other movies
or music that shares common factors with the original data. You will be shown a giant 'molecule-
like' structure that is connected via various factors to other things that you might enjoy.

- Swarm is a data visualisation tool that you can use with Digg. There are hundreds of users and
stories flying around the screen of this tool, and users are able to 'Digg' a story. They are then
taken to the story and connected to it for a short time, and you will find that this service is great
for finding stories with the excellent user interface.

- Research Chronology is a tool that helps to track the research patterns of students. The tool uses
Delicious bookmarks that were marked during the entire semester, and it helps to connect their
various research paths.

- TwittEarth is a tool that enables you to see where all of the Tweets from around the world are
coming from. The tool displays the world as a giant 3D globe, and the location of the Tweets are
highlighted in real time on the map. You can find new Tweeters to follow, or you can just sit
back and enjoy the amazing software as it displays the latest data visualisation.

- Tag Galaxy displays Flickr tags in the style of a solar system, with various planets and stars
being the tags in questions. The star is the tag being searched, and the planets are the tags related
to the original search.

- Twingly Screensaver is a fascinating tool that allows you to see the blogosphere around the
world in real time. The screensaver displays the activity of bloggers around the world as they
post, and the steady feed of blog activity makes for a truly amazing display.

- The Bloom Diagram is a data visualisation tool created by the IBM Watson Research Center.
This tool acts as a visualisation of all of the contributions made by different individuals to the
many open source projects currently in operation.
- Akami Real-Time Web Monitor displays internet activity around the world in real time. The
information displayed includes traffic, network attacks, and internet latency. The colour coded
maps are easy to read, but the information is fairly general.

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