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Buyer's Guide


									  Buyer ’s Guide
A Buyer ’s Guide to make your property search
            a positive experience

                   Alison Dudziak
                   Real Estate Consultant
                   15 year of experience in Real Estate

                 Realty Executives Brio

                              Alison Dudziak
                       “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
     Before your home search begins
Making the decision to buy a home can be difficult. We
can help! WHY are you buying a home and when
MUST you be moved.

Study the contracts so you are comfortable with them and
understand the conditions of your purchase. There are
several terms in them to protect you.

Be PRE-APPROVED for your financing. There should
be no question that you afford the home or that you are
agreeable with the payment.

      Searching for your new home!
     We have found that buyers are in a better position to
     place an offer on a home and enjoy the home search
     so much more when they have prepared.

     When we find the right home
  When you find the right home, we put your offer in
  writing. We will address any issues and do our best
  to protect you from future problems.

  Negotiations can be quick. Keep your goals in mind, set
  your bottom line. Remember, in negotiations there
  needs to be something for all parties.

  After the contract is agreed upon, “timing is of the
  essence”. We will be sure that you complete all tasks
  on time and keep you informed up to closing.

  Closing is once the money is to the seller and the
  property is recorded with the county. The Possession
  date might be after closing but you’ll be in soon.

                          Alison Dudziak
                   “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                           Before We Get Started
                                               What is expected of me
                                               What is expected of you
                                               Benefits of "Buyer Agency"
                                               Buyer Agency Agreement

                                           My Company
                                               Getting to know me
                                               About Realty Executives
                                               One-stop-shop Service Ctr.

                                           Ready, Set, Go . . .
                                               Market facts
                                               Loan factors and programs
             One                               Needed Documentation
Meet with us in the office to                  Assessing your needs
look at your needs and quali-

             Two                           Writing Your Offer
Find the best home that                        Concerns we will cover
meets your needs and quali-                    Positioning
fications.                                     What's there to protect you?
                                               Glossary of terms
Write your offer, present it,
negotiate for you and see it
to a close.                                Purchase Agreement
                                               The basic contract and
                                               sample addenda.
See you at our meeting!

                                       Alison Dudziak
                                “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
   Before We Get Started

     What is expected of me

    What is expected of you

Your benefits from "Buyer Agency"

 The "Buyer Agency" agreement

                     Alison Dudziak
              “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
What is expected of you . . .

                   Meet with me in our office preferably before your new home
                    search begins. We will explore:
                             a) Your needs
                             b) Purchase contracts
                             c) Your qualifications
                             d) The buying process

     Call me with your questions concerning any properties. It will help me to
      understand what you are looking for and keep me connected.

     Be ready to make a decision to buy:
               a) Obtain pre-approval for your home loan.
               b) Make the appropriate arrangements for your move.
               c) Be available to see properties at reasonable times.

                   Once we have decided to work together
            I ask that you purchase your new home through me.

        I only get paid if I write your purchase and sale agreement,
                   negotiate for you, and see it to a close.

               What do we do next?

                   Identify your wants and needs to determine our search

                   Contact a loan officer to find loan options and to begin the
                    loan approval process.

                   Set our next appointment for us to preview homes that fit
                    your lifestyle.

                                               Alison Dudziak
                                        “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                          What is expected of us . . .
    My promise to you:
            Contract with you as a “Buyer’s Agent”.

            Hear and offer solutions to your needs.

            Update you daily during your home search.

            Negotiate to get the best price and terms for you.

            Alert you of all important dates on the contract.

            Keep the transaction moving forward to closing.

   Call me for prompt accurate information on any properties. The
   seller and their agent are looking out for the seller. I will get the
   whole story for you and represent you on . . .
                Any exclusively listed property you drive by.
                Any ad in newspapers, Internet or display magazines.
                Any “for sale by owner” or unlisted property.
                Any distressed or unkept properties.

How I work for you is your option. I can supply you daily with lists of
homes that meet your needs by fax, phone, e-mail or mail
and ...
     A. Look over the properties I will send and decide which ones to
        view. I will set up appointments to view them together.
     B. If you choose to drive by the properties, call me, and I will set
        an appointment to see the ones you like. While we’re there, we
        will open a couple other doors in the neighborhood to compare.
     C. Let me know what will work best for you … I am Flexible!

     Remember: The best homes priced right sell first and sell fast!
                       Don’t wait … let’s see it now!

                                             Alison Dudziak
                                      “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
 The Benefits Of Buyer Agency . . .
Be careful about what you know. It is common place in many states for both the broker
who lists the property for sale to be called the Listing Broker and the broker who works with
a buyer is the co-broker. They both work for the Seller. This Is Not The Case With
Washington State!

In Washington State it is typical for the buyer to be represented by a Buyer’s Agent.
This is a contractual agreement between the Buyer and the Agent.
   A Buyer’s Agent must:
    Advocate for your best interest in the agreement. This means that they fight for you.
    Be fair and honest to you as well.
    Assist you in negotiations of price and terms.
    Your Buyer’s Agent is paid through the listing commission paid by the Seller.

The listing agent represents the Seller. They have a contractual agreement similar to
the Buyer Agency agreement between the parties.
   A Listing Agent (Seller’s Agent) must:
    Fight for the best interest of the Seller.
    They must be fair and honest to the seller. Only honest to the Buyer.
    The Seller’s Agent will also assist the seller in negotiations of price and terms.

Be careful! The Listing Agent can also be a Duel Agent. Some Buyer’s think this is a
wise way to go because they might save a couple thousand dollars or the agent has an in-
side track to the Seller. But, looking at agency you will think twice about that.
   When there is a Duel Agent:
    The agent basically manages the transaction. They can’t fight for both parties..
    They must be honest with all parties BUT it’s difficult to be fair to both sides.
    The Duel Agent can only be part of the negotiations or strategies only if they
     disclose discussions and strategies with the other party. It can sometimes seem self
    By not having representation, purchase price and terms can quickly eat up what
     you thought you were saving and jeopardize you in the future.

Always choose Buyer Agency and get it in writing!
             It’s just good business.

                                                    Alison Dudziak
                                             “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                                        Buyer Information . . .
Communication and dispursement of important information is so important throughout the
process of finding your next home, negotiating the purchase agreement and the closing process.
Please complete the following information for me.
Name#1:________________________________________________ Start Date:________________
Name #2:________________________________ Name#3:_________________________________
Address:_________________________________________ Years there:_______  Own  Rent
 Month to month  Lease agreement: Expiration Date: _____________  Early Termination?
Home phone: _____________________________ Work Phone: ___________________________
Cell number #1: __________________________       Cell number #2: __________________________
E-mail address #1: ________________________         E-mail address #2: _______________________

Have you contacted a lender by phone and been Pre-Qualified (no application): Y N When: ________
Have you made application for your loan and been Pre-Approved: Y N    When: _______________
Do you have a letter of Pre-Approval? Y N     DO you have a God Faith Estimate? Y N
Lender: ___________________________________ Company: ____________________________
Phone: ___________________________________           E-mail: ______________________________

What 3 things do you expect from me during your new home search?
1. ______________________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________________________

What are your 3 greatest concerns in searching for your new home?
1. ______________________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________________________

        You MUST let me know if at any time you are away from the above methods of
                    communication or you are thinking of switching lenders.

                                                Alison Dudziak
                                         “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
Commitment starts the process . . .

                          ME SERVICE COMMITMENT TO YOU
   Meet with you to explain the home searching process, financing, the Purchase Agreement and
    to give you a copy of our Buyer’s Guide when we agree to work together.
   Contract with you as a Buyers Agent and provide our professional services to you.
   Assist you in arranging financing and getting pre-qualified.
   Communicate to you responsibly and honestly.
   Utilize the Multiple Listing Service in searching for available properties and show you
    properties that match your requirements.
   Perform a comprehensive Market Analysis on areas and homes of interest, counsel and
    explain all pertinent Real Estate documents in advance of any transaction.
   Professionally present your offer and negotiate the best terms for you.
   Provide you with an estimate of your closing costs.
   Review and counsel you on all offers, counter offers and multiple offers.
   Explain and arrange for a Home Warranty, if desired.
   Coordinate inspections: pest, structural, contractors, well, septic, roof, etc. and oversee
    paperwork throughout the transaction, escrow and closing.

                               YOUR COMMITMENT TO ME
   To communicate responsibly and honestly and provide pertinent information as needed.
   To submit a loan application within the next 2 days and supply all lender required information
    as requested when financing.
   To promptly inform me of changes in timing, property search parameters and other critical
    information which affects your commitment to me.
   To enter into the Buyer’s Contract and Purchase Agreements in good faith and make every
    effort to adhere to all terms and negotiated contingencies.
   To inform all other real estate agents that you are represented by Alison Dudziak with Realty
    Executives Professionals.

I agree to work with Alison Dudziak of Realty Executives Professionals for the next ______ days
as my sole agent in a cooperative effort to locate and purchase a new home.

__________ ___________ ____________                    __________ ___________ ____________
    Agent         Agent           Date                     Buyer         Buyer             Date

                                                          Alison Dudziak
                                                   “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
    Alison Dudziak ...

    Getting to know me

  About Realty Executives

One-Stop-Shop service center

   My charitable ventures

       Alison Dudziak

                   Alison Dudziak
            “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
Alison Dudziak . . .

                                              My Commitment To You
                               I will listen to you and design a Pro-Active Plan to get
                          you to your goal. I will communicate throughout the
                          process and I will ensure that the price and terms of your
                          sale are in your best interest.

                                 Honesty, Experience and Accountability
                                    I have over 15 years of real estate sales.
               My Pro-Active system ensure success to Buyers and Sellers.
                I stay in tune with the current issues that may affect you.
                 I am in tune with today's technology and use it for you.
                        You can depend on my honesty and candor.
                           I adhere to the Realtor Code of Ethics.

                                        Alison Dudziak
                  13 years of Real Estate experience in Victoria B.C. Canada
                              Licensed in WA since August 2008.
                                    Real Estate Education:
 Canadian Real Estate License, Rockwell Institute of Real Estate, CCIM Institute: Introduction to
Commercial Real Estate, Negotiation Skills Training. Washington State Housing House Key Train-
                        ing/Home Buyer Education Instructor Training.

  I am married: we have 3 children, two dogs, a cat and more. We have lived on the Eastside
  for the past 12 years. I am involved in local school activities and church. Real Estate has al-
  ways been my hobby and passion. I love what I do.

  You can expect a friendly personalized approach to all your real estate needs. My work eth-
  ics encompass aggressive strategies, market knowledge and negotiating experience with a
  high level of integrity and ethical standards.

  I am continually taking real estate related courses which allows me to assist you in making
  informed and educated decisions.

                                                      Alison Dudziak
                                               “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                   My Advantage is your benefit . . .
Personal web site - Check it out: - is designed to “Get
      Homes SOLD”. The “One-Click Guarantee” puts Buyers only a click away from seeing
      photos of your home with all the information and a virtual tour. Of course, we have
      links for Buyers to enroll in Home Search: a property search tool that alerts the Buyer
      when properties that match their needs are available.

Virtual Tours. Every property is getting a virtual tour with voice over.   I have still photos
      for the impatient but the buyer for your home will view the virtual tour. The longer I
      can keep the Buyer at your home on line, the better the chance they will see your home.

Unique Email Address - email I will set up a unique
      email address for your home. When the Buyer inquires about your home, I
      capture the Buyer’s address . They receive an Auto-Reply email response with
      information about your home and a link to your Virtual Tour.

Emailed real time property searches -              In any market, the good homes sell fast and I
      will do all we can to be sure you know about them quickly. I give instant and consistent
      information through the internet. Your search will be automated and updated often dur-
      ing the day. My attention to details will get you into your next home without the stress.

I stay up on the technology available to me – If it’s out there and it will help us
      serve our clients, we will find it. I regularly attend seminars and classes to keep up on
      technology. I instruct first time buyers seminars.

Many in one – Wow, what a great group of professionals:       Realtors, lenders, inspectors and
      others with one give you World Class Service! You will always be able to
      count on me.

                                                Alison Dudziak
                                         “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
The only company named for it’s people . . .

                 REALTY EXECUTIVES Professionals, LLC

      Is the first of 9 locations in Washington. (3 new locations opening soon)
      In 2005 agents averaged approximately 2 closed sales each month.
      Is an active force in residential and commercial real estate.
      Has hands-on management and support staff on site.
      Offers technology to enhance ease of business and customer satisfaction.
      Proudly serving Seattle, Seattle's Eastside and the Greater Puget Sound area.

Realty Executives Pacific Northwest:

Ken Bell, the principal owner of Realty Executives Professionals is also the owner of Realty
Executives Pacific Northwest which owns the Realty Executives franchise rights for
Washington and Oregon. He has opened 9 Washington locations and 2 in Oregon in just 6
years. Ken understands that his drive and insight are only enough to grow this name in the
Northwest with the right Owners and Executives filling each of the offices.

    North Seattle—San Juan Islands—Clarkston 2 more locations coming soon!

                                                     Alison Dudziak
                                              “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                            One Stop Shop Advantage . . .
Residential Real Estate Needs:
Alison Dudziak, with Realty Executives Professionals, I am ready to take care of your
residential real estate needs. My 15 years of experience and Pro-Active Systems will surely
give you an advantage over the competition and peace of mind.

Commercial Real Estate Department:
Our Commercial Real Estate Department is well-rounded and ready to serve your needs. If
you need office space, an apartment building, a business opportunity or any other
commercial property, call us first.

                New construction and land acquisition assistance:
                We have experience helping developers find land for their projects and then
                go on to sell their finished lots or the finished houses and condominiums. Our
                plan is comprehensive and results driven.

Relocation anywhere in the USA:
Realty Executives Nationwide Referral Network is equipped to take care of your
move to any part of the country. We are set up to handle the sale of a house or
get you an experienced agent for a home purchase anywhere in the United

Smooth sailing to closing with Real Estate Law Firm:
Mark Hodges and associates, P.S. in Bellevue is equipped to make your closing
quick and painless. If there is ever a problem at closing, they will quickly take care of it.
They bend over backwards to get the sale closed.

Quick, accurate service from Old Republic Title Company:
It has been our privilege to affiliate with Old Republic Title
Company. Jennifer Peterson has worked tirelessly to assist
our agents and clients alike.

Competitive loan options with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage:
We are proud of our affiliation with Wells Fargo. They have always offered competitive loan
                           programs and impeccable customer
                           service. Even if you have loan approval, let our in house staff see if
                           he can deliver a better loan option.

                                                 Alison Dudziak
                                          “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
A Name Known Across The Country . . .

                                                   775 Offices
                                                13,100 Executives
                                               Located in 45 States
                                              5 Provinces In Canada
                                           11 Countries and Territories

                                        Australia, Canada, Costa Rica,
                                        France, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico,
                                        South Africa, Panama, Nicaragua,
                                        United States

   Simply put, REALTY EXECUTIVES draws only the best
   agents there isn’t a place for part-timers dabbling in
   real estate.

 Our associates are top performers in their communities. Our system is
 designed for those top-notch, highly motivated agents who want to
 concentrate on the success of their clients. Nothing else!

 We provide associates with office support systems they need to function
 efficiently. We don't bog them down with administrative duties or
 constrictive schedules. The people who join are already proven producers,
 people who are serious about their work.

 Statistics show REALTY EXECUTIVES are                                       top
              performers in their communities.

                                             Alison Dudziak
                                      “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                  A Vision that Grew Across The Country . . .

                         In 1965, Dale Rector had a
                         vision that would change the
                         course of real estate dramatically.

    He found a way to attract only the very best REALTOR's® to a
company. Also, a new way to reward them and motivate them to                An
serve their clients with the highest level of professionalism. A way   International
to virtually assure that you will meet with success in your real es-
tate transaction and realize a maximized return.                          Force in
                                                                        Real Estate.
                                                                       Over 36 Years
         In 1987, Dale decided to franchise offices                    of Exceeding
      around the country. By the following year, 31                       Peoples
      franchises with 624 agents were realizing the
      benefits of his philosophy. His company, along                   Expectations.
      with his vision, has grown steadily year after

   Today, REALTY EXECUTIVES remains a leader in the industry by staying on the leading
edge of technology and customer service, adding more of the most qualified agents in every
market, every year.

                              Expect the Best,
                          Experience the Difference

                                               Alison Dudziak
                                        “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
Caring Advantage . . .

    We are proud to help bring joy into the hearts of children and families.
    Our efforts reach out each year. A smile and thanks is more than we could
    ever want from these special people. A warm Thank You goes out to the
    organizers and staff of the Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity.
                                            Together we do make a difference.

                                                         Realty Executives works
                                                         with Habitat for Humanity
                                                         through our “Homes From
                                                         The Heart” program. We
                                                         donated more than
                                $120,000 in 2007 and organized hundreds of
                                volunteers to help with the construction of several
                                homes. Thousands of hours of volunteer time go
                                into building each Habitat home, and we are a vis-
                                ible part.

                                Since 1976, Habitat has built more than 125,000
                                houses in more than 80 countries, including some
                                45,000 houses across the United States.

                                                   The Special Olympics allows
                                                   athletes with disabilities to
                                                   compete against over 500 East
                                                   King County kids and young
                                                   adults, then move on to the
                                                   championships. The Special
Olympics is known by most of us, but we can’t ever know the joy that the kids
experience from competing . The events include many local competitions as well
as the state championships at Fort Lewis.

I will match your donation of $100 to one of these organizations at closing. The do-
             nation commitment form is in the back sleeve of this book.

                                                Alison Dudziak
                                         “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                                  Partnership Advantage . . .

Lender:                                            Appraiser:

Mathew Lord                                        Bob Drinkard
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage                          Advance Appraisal
2370 130th Ave NE #101                             12207 NE 8th ST
Bellevue, Washington 98005                         Bellevue, WA 98005

Office:      206-390-2441                          Office :     206-948-8468
Fax :        425-828-9191                          Fax :        425-984-0192
e-mail:               Email:

Title Insurance:                                   Real Estate Lawyer:

Jennifer Peterson                                  Mark E. Hodges P.S
Old Republic Title                                 Real Estate Law Firm
11040 Main St. #280                                2375 130th Ave NE suite 102
Bellevue, WA 98004                                 Bellevue, Washington 98005

Office:       206-226-2870                         Office:     425-558-4800
Fax :         425-392-4566                         Fax:        425-556-1750
e-mail:                         e-mail:

Escrow Services:                                   Home Inspection Services:

Crystal Park                                       Housemaster of America
Real Estate Law Firm                               Home Inspections
2375 130th Ave NE suite 102                        14336 SW Allen Road
Bellevue, Washington 98005                         Beaverton, Oregon 97005

Office:     425-558-4800                           Office:     800-995-4063
Fax:        425-556-1750                           Fax:        800-560-2824
e-mail:                          e-mail:

       I trust these professionals to do the best job for you and to care about your pur-
       chase or sale. They rely on referral business and the only way to get referrals is to
       perform at the highest level.

                                                 Alison Dudziak
                                          “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
          Ready, Set, Go ...

        About our real estate market

       Loan options and requirements

Factors to consider when selecting a new home

         Needs analysis worksheets

                         Alison Dudziak
                  “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                        Buying a home is a good investment . . .
   Buying a home for your primary residence has always been a
   good investment. In our area the appreciation and tax
   benefits have far outpaced inflation. Ask your accountant.
   More importantly, home ownership provides shelter and the
   opportunity for a lifestyle of your choice.

Buying a home in the Greater Seattle area:
              The marketplace in Seattle and the Eastside may be different from your part
              of the country. Even in today's market, Homes sell for approximately 97%
              or more of the asking price and 61% of the properties are SOLD within
              60 days. Transactions are placed into a thirty day “Escrow”. Most
              transactions don’t go through attorneys. However, if you feel the need to
              consult a Real Estate Attorney, we can recommend one. Other factors that
              may effect your decision to buy in our area could be:

     a) Understanding the affects of the world recession on the local market.
     b) Technologies, financial and aerospace industries provide long term security.
     c) Geography and climate make the area very desirable.
     d) Housing available from the mid $200,000’s to several million.
     e) City high-rise, small urban lots to acreage, view and waterfront . . .

                   Buyers Market or Sellers Market

                      Does it really matter?
        In any market the best houses with the best price will sell first and sell
 fastest. Even in a “bad market” you will see multiple offers on the good homes.

     Bottom line: Work with our Pro-Active Home Buyer Program
           to secure the best home at a price that suits you.

                                            Alison Dudziak
                                     “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
   Some of your loan options . . .
                There are more than 50 ways to mortgage a home.
                  Here are just a few. During your meeting with our lender
                        you will be educated on several loan types.

Fixed Rate Loans are usually the choice of Buyers looking for long term ownership of a new
home. Your principal and interest payment will not change over the term of the loan.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) are often attractive to short term Buyers. The interest rate
will adjust periodically. 10 Year ARM will allow the Buyer a fixed rate payment for 10 years then it
would roll into an ARM.

Interest Only Payments are designed to allow the Buyer to stretch their borrowing power. The
payoff of the loan doesn’t change through the term of the loan. The thought is that the appreciation
will surpass the original loan amount.

Limited Doc and NO Doc Loans are the choice of many self-employed Buyers. The required
down payment may increase and but your finances are less scrutinized.

FHA Insured Loans & VA Insured Loans will sometimes be the loan of choice. The maximum
loan amounts vary by area. These loans are usually more forgiving to the Buyers situation such as
credit problems. VA loan entitlements can be checked with the VA office in Seattle.

Buyer Assistance, Grants and State Programs are set up to allow first time and low income
Buyers to close on a property. Most programs require a class for the Buyer and a certified lender.

All In One Construction Loans work well for building your dream home. The loan is paid out in
increments as the work on the home is completed. The land is paid off first. You pay interest only
on the amounts paid and the loan rolls into a loan option of the Buyer’s choice upon the completion
of the home.

Zero Down Loans are very popular options. The purchaser borrows the Down payment from the
lender or the Seller. Sometimes called 90/10, 80/15/5 or 80/20 loans.

Rehabilitation Loans will put together a transaction on properties that need some work. The
Buyer won’t pay out of pocket to repair the property, it’s in the loan. These loans are more
complicated to initiate but when the work is done it’s worth it.

Seller Financing can be a good option. There are usually savings on up front expenses, the
closing time can be very quick, and you still get all the tax benefits. The Seller will usually require a
substantial down payment and a slightly higher interest rate.

State Bond and Buyer Incentive Programs might be for you. There are income requirements
and target areas for most programs.

Be sure to ask the lender to show you the hot new products that might work for you.
Remember that programs change almost daily. So, act quickly on your loan.

                                                             Alison Dudziak
                                                      “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                      Same Buyer, Same Income, Same Debts … More

  All Of These Loans Have The Same Loan
  Payment Of $1,423 A Month.

                                   le al
                            Ex amp r for ree.
                                  d     r
                            r len    mpa
                         you s to co
                      See ber

                                                                                                                            30 Year Graduated Payment Mortgage

                                                                                                                                                                    30 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage
                                                                                            30 Year Fixed 2-1 Buy Down
                                    30 Year Fixed Rate Loan
       15 Year Fixed Rate

                                                                30 Year Due in 5

    $162,978                    $196,503                      $205,630                   $210,459                        $237,653                                $250,149

  These Loans Are With only 10% down. There are other options
    with Zero Down … The Right Loan Really Does Matter!

Your loan is the conduit to your next home. Your down payment, monthly payment and
the amount you can purchase is directly related to your comfort level.

                                         Be sure to have your lender explain
                                  the benefits of 5 different types of loan programs
                                         and amortize 3 of them over 5 years

                                                                                          Alison Dudziak
                                                                                   “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
 Components of your mortgage payment . . .

PITI: This acronym is used to describe a total loan payment that includes; Principle,
      Interest, Taxes and Insurance. For condominiums they will add Homeowners Dues.

Principle: The original or remaining loan amount. In the beginning of your loan there is
      very little principle paid. Your payment is mostly interest.

Interest: The charge for the use of the money you’ve borrowed. In a fixed rate mortgage
      the interest rate and payment remains constant. However, the amount of interest
      paid is smaller as the principle reduces.

      A loan of $200,000 at 7% interest over 30 years, brings a payment is $1330. That is
      $1167 of interest and $163 toward your principal balance. Ask your loan rep about
      loan options and ways to accelerate the payoff of your loan. You can save
      thousands of dollars.

Property Taxes: The county                               Insurance: Home Owners
     tax assessor charges taxes                                insurance protects against
     on your property based on                                 loss from specified hazards
     the value of your home, the                               such as fire. In some cases
     tax statute and any levies in                             you may need additional
     your area. Two property tax                               insurance for floods. You
     payments each year. One                                   must obtain a policy prior to
     in October and the second                                 closing. Coverage varies in
     in April. Some loan instruc-                              policies, so compare. This is
     tions have taxes included in                              also included in some loan
     the payment.                                              payments.

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): A down payment lower than 20% will, in most
     cases, trigger the need for PMI. This is because of the greater risk for the lender in
     case of Borrower default. As it is included in the calculation of your monthly payment,
     it greatly effects your borrowing power. When your property appreciates to allow your
     equity to exceed 20% you must contact your lender and prove value to eliminate PMI.

Home Owners Dues (HOD): The amount of the homeowners dues varies from
     project to project. It is voted on by the owners and the money goes to the everyday
     expenses, emergencies and projected maintenance.

                                                     Alison Dudziak
                                              “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                               Factors that affect your loan . . .
                Each borrower is different and each loan program is different,
                but the factors that affect your loan remain the same.

                Conforming vs Jumbo Loans: At the present time $417,000 is the
               limit for a conforming loan. Any loan amount over that are JUMBO loans
               and the interest rate will be higher. The lender may suggest a first and
second conforming loan to save you money each month.

The Down Payment required by the lender may be from 3% to 30% of the purchase
price. Some loan programs will allow the down payment to be paid with borrowed funds
from the lender or by a family gift.

Your Closing Costs may include discount points, loan origination fees, title, escrow and
several other fees and prorations. These costs will be estimated on your “good faith
estimate” and show on your closing documents. Some loan programs may allow these fees
to be paid by the seller, the lender, or by a family gift.

Cash Reserves refer to money in your bank account or other accessible accounts after
closing. You may be required to have up to three months of mortgage payments in your
checking or savings account. This is not always a requirement.

The Credit Report will be from the top 3 credit gathering services. It will be reviewed by
the lender. Your credit rating is reviewed as a "FICO" score which your lender will explain.
Any derogatory credit may need to be explained or cleared. Check on your credit now!

Income to Qualify looks at your gross monthly income which includes wages,
consistent bonuses, consistent overtime, consistent child support and other approved
income. The lender may also evaluate your employment history, future earnings and

Acceptable Debt Ratios to qualify for your mortgage loan reflects the percentage of
your gross income that is paid out on your mortgage payment and installment debt. Each
loan package will differ in the maximum allowed. Debt load includes your car payments,
credit cards, child support and other qualifying debt.

The Property Condition and Appraisal is supplied to the lender by the appraiser.
To loan on the property, the lender will rely on the appraisers assessment of the property
value and condition. The property condition weighs heavy with VA, FHA and low down
payment loans.

                                               Alison Dudziak
                                        “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
What the lender may require . . .
    Full legal name and social security number.

    Current/Past residence address and time at this address (minimum 2 yr. history).

    Current/Past employer(s), length of employment, job descriptions, address, phone
     and the supervisor to contact for verifications (minimum 2 yr. history).

    W-2 forms for the past 2 years and your last 2 paycheck stubs.

    The last bill received from all of your monthly installment debtors.

    The last statement and current balance of all savings and checking accounts.

    Know the approximate value of your cars, boat, or other toys. Have an idea of the
     value of your furniture, clothing, appliances etc. (personal property).

    If there is child support being paid or received, bring a copy of the divorce decree and
     records to show such payments or deposits.

    Proof of citizenship, green card or visa.

Other information that may be needed:

    Bring documentation showing the balances and any penalty for early withdrawal for
     other savings vehicles such as CD’s, 401K, stocks, etc.
    Know the current cash value and the carrier of your life and disability policies.

    To use retirement income, bring a copy of the declaration of benefits.

If you are self employed:

    Bring a copy of the last 2 years tax returns. They may require a current profit & loss
     or a yearly update.

If you currently own a home or income property:

    Supply the lender with your last statement from the current lender and a copy of your
     existing mortgage. You may include a copy of your current title policy.

    For rentals, you may need addresses, lease / rental agreements and vacancy

                                                    Alison Dudziak
                                             “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                                       Financial Information . . .
Including taxes and insurance, what monthly payments do you want:                  $_______________
What approximate price range do you want to look in:                               $_______________
How much cash do you have available for a down payment?                            $_______________
Does this include closing costs?     Yes     No
Are you currently renting?           Yes     No                 If yes, rent =     $_______________

Do you currently own?                Yes     No            If yes, do you need to sell before buying? Yes No
Why: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
How much do you think your home is worth? $_______________
What is the unpaid balance? $___________       Type of Loan____________          Interest rate______%
Dated___/___/___ Monthly payments            $_______________

List your regular monthly payments (installment debt, revolving charges, student loans, etc.)
                  Description                                                           Amount
_____________________________________________________________                      $_______________
_____________________________________________________________                      $_______________
_____________________________________________________________                      $_______________
_____________________________________________________________                      $_______________
_____________________________________________________________                      $_______________
Are you current on all your debts?           Yes      No        Explain: ________________________________________
Is there any problem with your credit?       Yes      No        If yes, please explain: _____________________________

Employer: ___________________________________ Years employed: ____ Monthly income: $_________________
Other income? Y N If yes, how much: $_______________ From Where: ____________________________________
Spouses Employer: ____________________________ Years employed: ____ Monthly income: $_________________
Other income? Y N If yes, how much: $_______________ From Where: ____________________________________
Have you or your spouse ever taken bankruptcy?                  Yes      No
If yes, please explain:___________________________________________________________
Have you or your spouse had a home foreclosure?                 Yes      No
If yes, please explain:___________________________________________________________

                                                          Alison Dudziak
                                                   “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
Needs Assessment . . .
                     Now that you understand the process and the financial
                     aspect , we can get on with the fun part … finding your next
                     home. Let’s start with listing your needs (basic
                     requirements) and your wants (the nice extras you desire).
                     Buyers must first realize that there are no perfect
                     homes and they may not get all they want.

The Neighborhood:
     Selecting the right neighborhood can be very important to you. The following factors
     are sometimes a priority. Real estate agents can NOT steer clients to or redline
     clients from cities, neighborhoods or street on the basis of any protected class listed
     in the civil right act.

            Young families              Retirees                    Schools
            Shopping                    Transportation              Restrictions
            View                        Waterfront                  Lifestyle

Type, Style, and Location of Home:
     Of course, there is a wide selection of homes from which to choose. First, decide if
     you want a single family home, townhouse or condominium. We have city high-rises,
     small urban lots, acreage, view and waterfront properties. Choose from one-level,
     two-level and two-story or tri-level homes. Think about home styles and lifestyle.

Floor Plans and Amenities:
     As you consider your new home, picture your family living in the home. What rooms
     do you need? Do you need a large garage, sport court or anything special?

Condition of the Property:
     Take your imagination with you. A house might need a little work to match your
     picture of your new home. It’s easy to paint, carpet, add a fence or to complete small
     building projects. There are loan programs available for properties in need of
     rehabilitation. Don’t miss a good house just because it needs a little work.

Ready, Set, Go . . .
     Now make your lists and set your priorities. I have supplied you with easy to use
     forms. Highlight your “Needs”. Each decision maker should fill in a form
     separately. Then complete one together.

                                                   Alison Dudziak
                                            “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                    What are you looking for . . .
Before we start, answer these important questions:
    1) Why are you making this move? ___________________________________________

    2) When must you be moved? ______________________________________________

           How long have you been looking? ______________________________________

    3) Which area(s) would you like? ______________________________________________

           Commute Time _________

    4) What school district would you choose? ____________________________________

           Specific Schools? __________________________________________________

    8) Bedrooms: _____ Bathrooms: _____ Family Rm.: _____ Rec. Rm.: _____

    Office: _____ Style: ____________ Sq. Ft: ________ View: _____ Waterfront: _____

    Garage: _____ Lot Size: __________ Other: _________________________________

    9) Are there any areas, styles or amenities that you will NOT accept? ________________

    10) Tell me a little about your lifestyle: _________________________________________

    11) What did you like about your past homes? ____________________________________

    12) What did you dislike about your past homes? _________________________________

              Have each decision maker complete a copy of this form
                         then get together and compare!

                                             Alison Dudziak
                                      “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                   What are you looking for . . .
Before we start, answer these important questions:
    1) Why are you making this move? ___________________________________________

    2) When must you be moved? ______________________________________________

           How long have you been looking? ______________________________________

    3) Which area(s) would you like? ______________________________________________

           Commute Time _________

    4) What school district would you choose? ____________________________________

           Specific Schools? __________________________________________________

    8) Bedrooms: _____ Bathrooms: _____ Family Rm.: _____ Rec. Rm.: _____

    Office: _____ Style: ____________ Sq. Ft: ________ View: _____ Waterfront: _____

    Garage: _____ Lot Size: __________ Other: _________________________________

    9) Are there any areas, styles or amenities that you will NOT accept? ________________

    10) Tell me a little about your lifestyle: _________________________________________

    11) What did you like about your past homes? ____________________________________

    12) What did you dislike about your past homes? _________________________________

             Have each decision maker complete a copy of this form
                        then get together and compare!

                                             Alison Dudziak
                                      “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                     Because You Are Planning Ahead
              We may find your new home on our first day out.

                             Complete this form together!
1) Why are you making this move? ___________________________________________

      2) When must you be moved? ______________________________________________

             How long have you been looking? ______________________________________

      3) Which area(s) would you like? ______________________________________________

             Commute Time _________

      4) What school district would you choose? ____________________________________

             Specific Schools? __________________________________________________

      8) Bedrooms: _____ Bathrooms: _____ Family Rm.: _____ Rec. Rm.: _____

      Office: _____ Style: ____________ Sq. Ft: ________ View: _____ Waterfront: _____

      Garage: _____ Lot Size: __________ Other: _________________________________

      9) Are there any areas, styles or amenities that you will NOT accept? ________________

      10) Tell me a little about your lifestyle: _________________________________________

      11) What did you like about your past homes? ____________________________________

      12) What did you dislike about your past homes? _________________________________

      13) Should I send information to any other decision makers? ________________________

                                               Alison Dudziak
                                        “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
        Writing your offer ...

        Concerns we may need to cover

        Positioning for best negotiations

What's in the purchase agreement to protect you?

               Glossary of terms

                           Alison Dudziak
                    “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
  Put yourself in a strong negotiating position . . .
                   a) Be pre-approved for your loan. (Subject to appraisal and title)
                   b) Deposit a substantial amount of earnest money (2 1/2% to 5% ).
                   c) Make a substantial down payment. (See your accountant)
                   d) Limit conditions to those that are important to you.
                   e) Be flexible about the closing date and other small issues.
                   f) What is the home REALLY worth to you?

The offering price should reflect your opinion of what the property is worth to you. We
will look at the data from comparable “sold” properties. Remember that properties sell, on
average, for approximately 98% or more of the list price at the time of the sale. We will
provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis, similar to the one that the seller should
use to price the home, and we will help you analyze it.

Financing terms will be spelled out in the agreement. We may ask the seller to pay part
of your closing costs. We will know and disclose the type of loan you have chosen and we
will include a copy of your pre-approval letter.

The title and escrow companies are dictated by you, in most cases. The title
company will insure the title and show that you are getting clear title to the subject property.
An escrow company (closing agent) is a disinterested third party. Their job is to follow the
instructions in the purchase and sale agreement. They will draw up the closing documents,
officiate at the signing, record the property and disperse the funds.

Your earnest money deposit gives the seller confidence that you will perform on the
agreement. The money is put into a trust account and is credited to you at closing.

Other issues to discuss in your offer may include one or all of the
following. Each agreement is unique so we will always check our list of red

              a) Included personal property, condition and value.
              b) Property disclosure form (FORM 17).
              c) Home warranty contracts to cover mechanical systems.
              d) Walk through prior to closing to inspect the property condition.
              e) Fire and hazard insurance coverage for the subject property.
              f) Certifications and inspections for the roof, septic, well, pool, etc.

                                                       Alison Dudziak
                                                “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                                    Writing your offer . . .

Time for acceptance and response to counter offers will depend on each
situation. We will try to keep the period allowed as short as possible.

Is a counter offer safe from being terminated? NO! A counter offer can be
rescinded at any time prior to notice of acceptance being received by the party
making the counter. Of course, the counter offer also expires with no notice per the terms
of the agreement. We will make every effort to respond to all counter offers ASAP. Please
respond to all counter offers even if we respond with the original terms.

When is an agreement “Accepted”? You have a legally accepted agreement when
all parties have signed the agreement or all changes are initialed, and notice of the final
acceptance is delivered to all parties in accordance with the instructions of the agreement.

The closing date of a typical transaction is 20 to 30 days. The date to close will vary
depending on your financing, work orders, your schedule, and that of the seller. Closing is
determined as the time that the sale has been recorded and the funds, if any, are available
to the seller or buyer. The keys are to be delivered to the Buyer upon closing.

Possession will be upon closing or as directed within the purchase and sale agreement.
Possession is when you can actually move into the home. Sometimes, by contract, the
Seller stays in the home a couple days after closing. Rarely, the Buyer is allowed to move
in prior to the closing date.

             In order to win in any offer negotiations
   your offer must be presented in a way that appears to satisfy
                 one or more of the sellers needs.

                                               Alison Dudziak
                                        “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
  It’s in the Purchase Agreement to protect you . . .

Some of these are NOT automatic … We will discuss each when we write your offer!

Form 17 - Property Disclosure Form is mandated by the State and in most cases
must be delivered to the Buyer. If you find something wrong, you may choose to rescind
your offer.

Lead Base Paint Disclosure - Required for houses built prior to 1978. The seller is
not required to test for lead, only disclose if it is known or unknown to be present. If you find
results you don’t like, you may choose to rescind your offer.

Neighborhood Review - Time for you to look into the neighborhood, schools, commute
times etc.. If you find something you don’t like, you may choose to rescind your offer.

Title Review - The title will be clear of all liens and encumbrances unless disclosed and
accepted by the buyer and the lender. Also, with Form 22T, if there are any title findings
that affect your use of the property, you may choose to rescind your offer.

Subject to Inspection - We recommend that you have a professional inspector check
the house for any structural defects. You may ask the seller to repair or replace the defects
discovered. If the Seller will not comply, you may choose to rescind your offer.

                  Homeowner’s Association Review Period - You may review the
                  restrictions placed on the neighborhood, and decide if you agree or
                  disagree to them. If there are things you don’t like, you may choose to
                  rescind your offer.

                  Homeowners Insurance Binder - You will have up to 15 days to ac-
                  quire    affordable homeowners insurance. If it exceeds the amount in
                  the agreement, you may choose to rescind your offer.

Information Verification Period - You will have 10 days to discover and identify any
significant material inaccuracy given by the Seller about the subject property. This refers to
the seller either misrepresenting the property or the condition of the property, you may
choose to rescind your offer.

Subject to financing - You may have 20 to 30 days to receive your financing
commitment before the Seller asks you to waive the contingency. If you don’t qualify for a
loan you may be due a full refund of your earnest money. It is based on loan disapproval
and a good faith effort.

Utility Payoff Form - We will direct the closing agent to payoff all of the utility bills that
follow the title of the subject property. You won’t get stuck with bills that aren’t your’s.

             Real estate agents are not attorney’s and can NOT practice law.
             If you need any legal direction, we will refer you to an attorney.

                                                        Alison Dudziak
                                                 “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                                                       Glossary of terms . . .
Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM): A mortgage with an interest rate that changes over time in line with movements in
the index. ARMs are also referred to as AMLs (adjustable mortgage loans) or VRMs (variable rate mortgages).

Adjustment Period: The length of time between interest rate changes on an ARM. For example, a loan with an
adjustment period of one year is called a one-year ARM, which means that the interest rate can change once a year.

Amortization: Repayment of a loan in equal installments of principal and interest, rather than interest-only payments.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): The total finance charge (interest, loan fees, points) expressed as a percentage of the
loan amount.

Assumption of Mortgage: A buyer’s agreement to assume liability under an existing note that is secured by a mortgage
or deed of trust. The lender must approve the buyer in order to release the original borrower (usually the seller) from

Balloon Payment: A lump sum principal payment due at the end of some mortgages or other long-term loans.

Cap: The limit on how much an interest rate or monthly payment can change, either at each adjustment or over the life
of the mortgage.

CC & R’s: Covenants, conditions and restrictions. A document that controls the use, requirements and restrictions of a

Certificate of Reasonable Value (CRV): A document that establishes the maximum value and loan amount for a VA
guaranteed mortgage.

Closing Costs: Expenses incurred in the closing of a real estate or mortgage transaction. Purchaser’s expenses
normally include: cost of title examination, premiums for title policies, survey fees, attorney fees, lender’s service fees
and recording charges. In addition, the purchaser may have to place in escrow a sum of money to cover accrued real
estate taxes and insurance.

Closing Statement: The financial disclosure statement that accounts for all of the funds received and expected at the
closing, including deposits for taxes, hazard insurance and mortgage insurance.

Contingency: A condition that must be satisfied before a contract is binding. For instance, a sales agreement may be
contingent upon the buyer’s obtaining financing.

Conventional Mortgage: A loan neither insured by the FHA nor guaranteed by the VA.

Conversion Clause: A provision in some ARMs that enables you to change an ARM to a fixed-rate loan, usually after
the first adjustment period. The new fixed rate is generally set at the prevailing interest rate for fixed-rate mortgages.
This conversion feature may cost extra.

Due-On-Sale Clause: An acceleration clause that requires full payment of a mortgage or deed of trust when the secured
property changes ownership.

Earnest Money: The portion of the down payment delivered to the seller or escrow agent by the purchaser with a
written offer as evidence of good faith.

Equity: The difference between the market value of the property and the homeowner’s indebtedness (mortgage).

Escrow: A procedure in which a third party acts as Smart Buyer’s Guide.

                                                             Alison Dudziak
                                                      “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
Glossary of terms . . .
Escrow Payment: That portion of a mortgagor’s monthly payments held in trust by the lender to pay taxes, hazard
insurance, mortgage insurance, lease payments and other items as they become due. Known as “impounds” in some

FHA Loan: A loan insured by the Insuring Office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development; the Federal
Housing Administration.

Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA): Popularly known as Fannie Mae. A privately-owned corporation
created by Congress to support the secondary mortgage market. It purchases and sells residential mortgages insured by
FHA or guaranteed by the VA, as well as conventional home mortgages.

Fee Simple: An estate in which the owner has unrestricted power to dispose of the property he wishes, including
leaving by will or inheritance. It is the greatest interest a person can have in real estate.

Finance Charge: The total cost a borrower must pay, directly or indirectly, to obtain credit according to Regulation Z.

Graduated Payment Mortgage: A residential mortgage with monthly payments that start at a low level and increase at
a predetermined rate.

Home Inspection Report: A qualified inspector’s report on the property’s overall condition. The report usually
includes an evaluation of both the structure and mechanical systems.

Index: A measure of interest rate changes used to determine changes in an ARM’s interest rate over the term of the

Investor: The holder of a mortgage or the permanent lender for whom the mortgage banker services the loan. Any
person or institution that invests in mortgages.

Joint Tenancy: An equal undivided ownership of property by two or more persons. Upon the death of any owner, the
survivors take the decedent’s interest in the property.

Lien: A legal hold or claim on property as security for a debt or charge.

Lease Purchase Agreement: Buyer makes a deposit for the future purchase of property with the right to lease the
property in the interim.

Loan Commitment: A written promise to make a loan for a specified amount on specified terms.

Loan-to-Value Ratio: The relationship between the amount of the mortgage and the appraised value of the property,
expressed as a percentage of the appraised value.

Margin: The number of percentage points the lender adds to the index rate to calculate the ARM interest rate at each

Mortgagee: The lender of money or the receiver of the mortgage document.

Mortgage/Deed of Trust: Pledge of real property to secure a debt by a written instrument given by the mortgagor.
Should be recorded in the County Recorder’s Office.

Mortgage Life Insurance: A type of term life insurance often bought by mortgagors. The coverage decreases as the
mortgagees balance declines. If the borrower dies while the policy is in force, the debt is automatically covered by
insurance proceeds.

                                                                 Alison Dudziak
                                                          “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                                                     Glossary of terms . . .
Mortgagor: The borrower of money or the giver of the mortgage document.

Negative Amortization: Negative amortization occurs when monthly payments fail to cover the interest cost. the
interest that isn’t covered is added to the unpaid principal balance, which means that even after several payments, you
could owe more than you did at the beginning of the loan. Negative amortization can occur when an ARM has a
payment cap that results in monthly payments that aren’t high enough to cover the interest.

Note: A written promise to pay a certain amount of money.

Origination Fee: A fee or charge for work involved in evaluating, charging, preparing and submitting a proposed
mortgage loan. The fee is limited to 1% for FHA and VA loans.

PITI: Principal, interest, taxes and insurance.

Planned Unit Development (PUD): A zoning designation for property developed at the same or slightly greater overall
density than conventional development, sometimes with improvements clustered between open, common areas. Uses
may be residential, commercial or industrial.

Point: An amount equal to 1% of the principal amount of the investment or note. The lender assesses loan discount
points at closing to increase the yield on the mortgage to a position competitive with other types of investments.

Prepayment Penalty: A fee charged to a mortgagor who pays a loan before it is due. Not allowed for FHA or VA

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): Insurance written by a private company protecting the lender against loss if the
borrower defaults on the mortgage.

Possession Date: The date agreed upon in the agreement when the Buyer is allowed to occupy the home.

Purchase Agreement: A written document in which the purchaser agrees to buy certain real estate and the seller agrees
to sell under stated terms and conditions. Also called a sales contract, earnest money contract or agreement for sale.

Regulation Z: The set of rules governing consumer lending issued by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in
accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

Tenancy in Common: A type of joint ownership of property by two or more persons with no right of survivorship.

Title Insurance Policy: A policy that protects the purchaser, mortgagee or other party against losses.

VA Loan: A loan that is partially guaranteed by the Veteran’s Administration and made by a private lender.

                                                            Alison Dudziak
                                                     “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
From Offer To Closing . . .

                                     Offer To Close Process

       Discuss With                      Discuss With                      Discuss With
          Buyer                          Listing Agent                        Lender

Included Personal Property          Appointment To Present                Price Of Home
 Repairs to be Completed           Time Needed for Response                    Taxes
    Inspections Needed              Seller’s Price and Terms             Homeowner Dues
 State and Federal Forms                Legal Description                Insurance issues
      Offering Price                        Close Date
  Earnest Money Deposit
        Close Date                                                         Type of Loan
                                                                          Down Payment
                                                                        Needed Concessions
                                                                            Close Date
                             Complete the Purchase and Sale

  Buyer Available               Present Offer To Seller and             Lender Available
    By Phone                 Listing Agent Whenever Possible               By Phone

                                  Negotiate Counter At
                              Presentation Over The Phone
 Get Buyer’s Initials
    On Changes                   Fax to Listing Office
                                      Call Agent
                               MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE

       NOTICES TO DELIVER                                       FOLLOW-UP
           Loan Application                                  Timelines for Notices
        Neighborhood Review                                      Loan Process
      Apply For Hazard Insurance                                  Title Issues
         Title Report Review                                  Progress of Repairs
         Structural Inspection                                  Escrow Process
         Waiver Of Financing                             Review HUD 1 Before Signing
            May Be Others

                                                 Alison Dudziak
                                          “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                          The Loan Process . . .
                                                                Chart from the edge

                      Loan Application

                    Reviewed by Manager
                    Assigned to Processor
                    Check Sheet Filled Out

                      Loan File Opened
                    Information Ordered                 Five Day
                          Appraisal                   Follow-Up on
                        Credit Report                  Items Not
                        Verifications                   Received
                      Title Information
                     Others, in writing…

                    Information Received
                       To Underwriter

   Approval                 Denied                       Additional
  Commitment           Notice to branch
   letter out                                         Conditions sent to
                       Branch forwards
Documents sent to       denial to Buyer
                                                      Processor satisfies
                                                     conditions with Buy-
                      File returned to pro-             er’s assistance
Signed Documents              cessor
Returned to Lend-                                       Returned to
        er                                              underwriting

   Loan closes

                                      Alison Dudziak
                               “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
The Title Insurance Process . . .
Chart from the edge

                            Escrow officer opens title orders with title unit

                        Customer service verifies legal & vesting, if needed

                                    Title orders to searching plant

           Computerized             Searcher          Required           Engineering            Tax/bond
          property chains           examines         documents            department             searches
           general index            chain and        are printed         prepares plat         prepared by
           sellers buyers         general index                              maps               municipal

                                                  Title officer examines complete search pack-
                       Search to hall of                age and writes prelim. title report.
                      records for manual
                          if necessary            Word processing operator types prelim. En-
                                                  ters information onto disc retrieval system

                                                       Messenger service delivers prelims
                                                            to escrow and lenders

                                                   New documents/demands and statement of
                                                      information submitted to title unit

                                                          Escrow authorizes recording

                                                   Documents record following morning and
                                                     encumbrances of record are paid off

                                                         Title officer writes title policies

                                                  Word processing operator retrieves info from
                                                     disc and prepares final title process

                                                         Title policies released to client

                                                            Alison Dudziak
                                                     “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
                                                            The Escrow Process . . .
                                                                                                     Chart from the edge

                                        Prepare escrow instructions
                                         and pertinent documents

       Order title search                     Obtain signatures

      Receive and review               Request beneficiary statement                   Process financing
      preliminary report

                                                                                        Request and prepare
       Receive demands,                Request beneficiary statement
                                                                                        new loan application
      request clarification               and enter into file. Review
      of other liens (if any)           terms of transfer and current
      and review taxes on              payment status. (Prior approv-                     Obtain loan
             report                       al is necessary to record.)                    approval and
                                                                                        determine` that
                                                                                       terms are correct
        Receive demands and
           enter into file
                                                                                Request loan documents

         Review file to determine that all conditions have been met and that all documents are
        correct and available for signature (termite inspection, contingencies released, Homeowners
                insurance ordered, additional documents, second deed of trust, bill of sale, etc.)

  The call from escrow                   Complete file and request signatures                     Prepare escrow
for your appointment to                     on all remaining documents                           instructions and
   sign documents will                                                                               pertinent
  come ONLY after all                                                                               documents
                                                Obtain funds from buyer
     doc’s are ready.

                                                    Order recording

                                     Close file: Prepare statements and disburse

                                    Complete closing. Forward all documents to all
                                       interested parties: buyer, seller, lender.

                                                           Alison Dudziak
                                                    “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
The Purchase Agreement ...

  Review this agreement, highlight your questions
and I will clarify your concerns at our next meeting.

The home buying process is easy and less stressful
 when a buyer is clear on their financing options
            and the contract terms.

                            Alison Dudziak
                     “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
Reach out and help the kids ...

                               I am so grateful to have this opportunity to ask for your

 What we                       participation

                               My pledge is to match the donations of my clients up to
give comes                     $100.00 per closing. Your donation is made at closing
                               and you will receive a donation receipt from the
 back ten                      organization you’ve selected. I hope that you will find it
                               in your hearts to contribute.
  fold ...                                                               Thank You for your help!

  Instructions to the closing agent:

  I                                   Buyer/Seller (circle one) in the transaction between
                /              dated                                hereby instruct the closing
  agent to send a check at the closing of this transaction for the amount of
  $ __________________ to the charity selected below . Alison Dudziak, my agent, agrees
  to match my donation dollar to dollar up to $100.00.

  Please send the donation to (check one) and debit the parties accordingly.
           Homes From The Heart                 Washington Special Olympics

         Homes From The Heart                              Special Olympics of Washington
             2398 E. Camelback Road Suite 900                    2150 N. 107th St. Suite 220
             Phoenix, AZ 85016                                   Seattle, Wa. 98133
             Phone - 602-957-0747                                206-362-4949

                                                  Alison Dudziak
                                           “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
       Alison Dudziak
“Let’s Discuss Your Options”
  Pack Your Bags, It’s Time To Move . . .

                       Date                   Buy   ___   List   ___   Other


                       Others moving with you:

Relocating?            Address:


We will find a good    Phone:   __________            Work Phone:
Experienced Agent
  anywhere in the      email:

 United States to      Other: ____________________________________________
help you Buy or sell
                       Destination City, State:                   Price:
      a home!

                       Style:         Size:         Bdr/Bth:               Gar:


                       Are you pre-qualified? Y N Lender:

                       Down payment:                Monthly payment:

                       Must you sell your house before you buy? Y      N

                       Additional Information:

                       I will have an agent from your destination city
                       contact you very soon. If for any reason you want
                       a different agent, just let me know.

                                            Alison Dudziak
                                     “Let’s Discuss Your Options”
Alison Dudziak                                Realty Executives Professionals                          Buyer Representation
425-894-1898                                  “Proudly Serving Seattle’s Eastside”

                           The home buying process can be very easy, efficient and effective
                                        or it can be chaotic and stressful ...
                                                        It’s your choice!

Your agent should be watching your every step starting with the first ones. The following is an outline of the process:

Step 1: Find out what to do next.                                  We all need to be on the same page! It’s all important; your
     Meet with me to discuss the home purchase process.           needs, your price range and how we will work together. This is
     Receive a copy of our “Buyer’s Guide”.                       a smooth and fun process as long as we are all going in the same

Step 2: Go through the “Buyer’s Guide” at home.                    It’s time to get your ducks in a row! The forms in the “Buyer’s
     Complete the forms.                                          Guide” keep us focused on your goals. Go over several loan
     Call lenders for Pre-Approval.                               options with our lenders so you know your loan is right. Review
     Go through the Purchase Agreement for questions.             the Purchase Agreement and highlight your questions.

Step 3:   Get the answers to all your questions.                   I have found that only after a Buyer is comfortable with the
         You are comfortable with the process.                    buying process, their loan options and the Purchase Agreements
         You are comfortable with your financing.                 can they really be STRESS FREE. Oh yea, by now I will have
         You are comfortable with the Purchase Agreement.         earned your trust … So let’s have some FUN!

Step 4:   Let’s go find your next home.                            My computerized system will search the active properties all
         I will email or call you daily with properties.          day long for matches. I will forward them on to you for review.
         Contact me for appointments or with questions.           Just let me know when you want to view a home or need more
         I will help evaluate homes that interest you.            information. I will be there for you.

Step 5:   The negotiations                                         Your offer will be strategically written so the Seller feels a ben-
         I have 15 years experience in real estate negotiation.   efit but it satisfies your needs. It takes extra work but my goal
         My attention to detail and strategies work.              is to get everything negotiated out in one night so you don’t risk
         I deliver the accepted paperwork to the listing agent.   losing the house and you can get a good nights sleep.

Step 6:   The closing process                                      I will give you a timeline and make sure that it is met. One slip
         I make sure that the timeline is followed.               and you could be in default. Inspections, having the right docu-
         I assist you in getting the answers you need.            ments and talking to the right people are all part of this process.
         I make sure there are NO surprises at closing.           Be picky … You deserve the best!

                             I am an integral part of your buying process. I give you winning strategies from the
                                first meeting and when I write an offer, I write it to be accepted and closed.”
                           Contact me today for your No Hassle — No Obligation consultation.
                     Check and find your next home … the FUN and easy way!

                     er Age !           Contact me for “Effective Service”
                  Buy FREE!
                    is                              I am ready to help!

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