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                                      of Theta Xi Fraternity
                                                            WINTER 2005

                                                    Special Effects
                                                   Master Dan Garr
                                                       see page 4

INSIDE: 2003–2004 Award Winners   ●   Alumni Summit Recap   ●   Annual Report
[PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE                                                                              UNICORN

                                                                                                     The official magazine of Theta Xi Fraternity
                                                                                                     Circulation 24,155
                                                                                                     Winter, 2005                    Vol 98, No 1
A Renewed Focus on Recruitment                                                                       Managing Editor:
                                                                                                     Executive Director James E. Vredenburgh
    The start of a new academic year brought a new focus at Theta Xi:
                                                                                                     Copy Editors:
member recruitment. In order to assist our chapters to grow, the Grand
                                                                                                     Jeffrey W. Arnold
Lodge has decided that the National Fraternity will focus its staff                                  Jeffrey R. Vernetti
resources and programming on building successful recruitment pro-                                    David K. Ford
grams at each chapter. These include a new recruitment workshop, plac-
                                                                                                     Magazine Design:
ing recruitment advisors at critical chapters during their formal recruit-                           Jody Toth
ment seasons, updating our recruitment publications, and making many
more recruitment materials available to our chapters over the web.                                   Publisher:
                                                                                                     Maury Boyd and Associates, Indianapolis, IN
    The reason for this emphasis is simple: while we have seen some growth in total member-
ship over the past two years, all of the increase has been through the Fraternity’s expansion        The UNICORN is published under the direction
program. Among our existing chapters, undergraduate membership, on average, continues                of the Grand Lodge of Theta Xi, P.O. Box
to decline. Those of you have who have visited your home chapter in the past few years have          411134, St. Louis, MO 63141.
probably noted this trend: it is likely that the chapter you recently visited is smaller than it     Phone: 314-993-6294. FAX 314-993-8760.
was when you were an undergraduate. The average Theta Xi chapter now has only about                  Email:
60 percent as many members as it did 12 years ago. This statistic is of particular concern to
the Grand Lodge: we worry that many of our chapters are now either too small to be compet-
itive on their campuses, or because of their small size, unable to offer the kinds of programs            North-American               College Fraternity Editor’s
                                                                                                    Interfraternity Conference                Association
and opportunities that will encourage tomorrow’s leaders to join.
    The major new initiative this year is the “Recruitment Work Day,” an intensive one-day           Theta Xi is a member of the North-
workshop program to teach basic recruitment skills and values development. This program              American Interfraternity Conference and
addresses one of the major problems we have observed at many of our smaller chapters: that           the College Fraternity Editors Association.
many struggle with the basic mechanics of recruitment. Many, for example, have not transi-           Theta Xi and        are registered trademarks
tioned from the old “rush” mentality (waiting for prospective members to approach them)              of the Theta Xi Fraternity. Permission to
                                                                                                     reprint articles granted on request.
to that of recruitment (going out and seeking the right men to join). The program teaches
them how to establish a chapter identity that they can market to incoming freshmen, and              Acknowledgements:
then how to set goals, make plans, and execute them. The Fraternity is offering the                  141st Anniversary Convention logo created
Recruitment Work Day this year at locations throughout the country, in order to help our             by Jay Alders, Gamma Mu 11
chapters prepare their recruitment plans.                                                            JW Marriott photo courtesy of
    In addition to the new workshop, headquarter’s staff has been busy updating manuals and          Speed TV logo and Greg White information
publications for our chapters to use. The Fraternity’s primary recruitment publication,              courtesy of
More Good Men, has been revised and updated and distributed via the homepage
( It now includes sections on how to use a
chapter web page to recruit new members. We have also prepared a Theta Xi recruitment
pamphlet that details some of the benefits of the Fraternity. Chapters can distribute this
pamphlet to prospective members, or modify it to include information specific to them.
Many recruitment materials are now available on the Fraternity’s website at
    Finally, we recognize that for some struggling chapters, even a day-long workshop and
additional publications is not enough; some need an entirely new approach. Working in
cooperation with alumni associations, the Fraternity is piloting a program to place recruit-
ment advisors at these critical chapters for an extended period of time. The advisors will help
design new recruitment programs and provide the members with hands-on direction and
assistance. Our hope is that the recruitment advisors can make a long-term difference by
creating a new culture at the selected chapters.
    While it is too early to say whether all of these efforts will reverse the decline in member-    On the Cover:
ship, our goal is to make sure our chapters have the tools they need to be successful. Alumni        Dan Garr, (   683, UC-Davis) toy and
can help, too! Many chapters are literally begging for alumni to help them develop successful        prop maker extraordinaire.
recruitment programs. Recommending candidates is welcomed and appreciated, just contact
the headquarter’s staff by sending a message to
                                                                                                     Award Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
    Our goal is to see more young men take advantage of the opportunity to make Theta Xi a
lifetime, time-of-your life, experience!                                                             Dan Garr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
    Yours in the Bonds,                                                                              Chapter Spotlight. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                                                     Alumni Summit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
                                                                                                     FYI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
                                                                                                     Annual Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
   Steve Baker, 814                                                                                  Alumni Spotlight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
   National President                                                                                Eternal/Directory. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18                                                          2                                                                       THE UNICORN
                                  2003–2004 Award Winners
Beta Alpha Chapter Receives Top Honor

B    eta Alpha Chapter at Georgia Tech
     in Atlanta, Georgia was recognized
at their annual homecoming celebration
as the 2003–04 Memorial Trophy Award
winner, making this the first time the
chapter has been recognized as Theta
Xi’s most outstanding chapter. Beta
Alpha also scored second for the General
Improvement trophy. They showed the
strongest performance of any chapter in
the areas of Fraternity Involvement,
Chapter Activities, Recruitment, Ritual
and Housing. In addition, Beta Alpha
Chapter won the Local Community
Service Award for providing over 6,500
man-hours and donating $3,000 to local
Atlanta charities.
   Alpha Iota Chapter at Kansas State fin-
ished second in the competition, and         Beta Alpha Chapter accepts the Memorial Trophy as the most outstanding chapter of Theta Xi.
Alpha Alpha Chapter at Lousiana State
finished in third place. Beta Omega          Benchmark Excellence Awards                      Beta Alpha (Georgia Tech)–
Chapter at Virginia Tech won the             for scoring highest in a section                  Management, Finance, Fraternity
General Improvement Trophy. Kappa            Alpha Iota (Kansas State)– Finance,               Involvement, Membership Education,
Tau Chapter Advisor John Walsh at West         Management, Membership Education,               Chapter Activities, Ritual
Virginia Wesleyan was presented with the       and Alumni                                     Mu (Iowa State)– Membership Education
Dr. W. Turrentine Jackson Award for          Beta Alpha (Georgia Tech)– Fraternity            Kappa Omicron (Lenoir Rhyne)–
Outstanding Chapter Advisor and Scott          Involvement, Chapter Activities,                Scholarship
Trella of Gamma Chapter was awarded            Recruitment, Ritual, and Housing
the Outstanding Regional Director            Kappa Omicron (Lenoir Rhyne)–                    Outstanding Recruitment
Award for his work with the Northeast          Scholarship                                    Alpha (Rensselaer)
Region. Here are all the awards present-                                                      Eta (Lehigh)
ed with congratulations to all recipients:   Benchmark Achievement Awards                     Iota (Washington University)
                                             for scoring at least 85% in a section            Alpha Beta (Illinois)
Memorial Trophy                                                                               Alpha Eta (Colorado)
                                             Alpha Iota (Kansas State)– Management,
  1. Beta Alpha (Georgia Tech)                                                                Alpha Iota (Kansas State)
                                               Finance, Membership Education,
  2. Alpha Iota (Kansas State)
                                               Alumni                                                               (continued on page 18)
  3. Alpha Alpha (Louisiana State)

General Improvement Trophy                                                                                         Beta Omega President
  1. Beta Omega (Virginia Tech)                                                                                    Jason Stout (left) is pre-
  2. Beta Alpha (Georgia Tech)                                                                                     sented with the General
                                                                                                                   Improvement Trophy by
                                                                                                                   Grand Lodge Director
Memorial Trophy Category Awards                                                                                    Jon Luning (right) and
Campuses with 20 or more Fraternities                                                                              Alumni Association
  1. Beta Alpha (Georgia Tech)                                                                                     President Craig Dennis
  2. Alpha Iota (Kansas State)                                                                                     (center)
  3. Mu (Iowa State)
Campuses with 11–19 Fraternities
  1. Alpha Alpha (Louisiana State)

WINTER 2005                                                       3                                                 
                                                                                       Dan Garr, Beta Epsilon 683 (UC-Davis ’88) has
                                                                                       taken the word creativity to new heights.
                                                                                       Through his company, Hot Buttered Elves, Brother
                                                                                       Garr has made an impact on the toy making,
                                                                                       special effects, and model making fields.

                                                                                               rother Garr graduated from UC-Davis in 1988 and began

                                                                                       B       working for a Japanese company in Silicone Valley, in the
                                                                                               field of International Relations. After two years on the
                                                                                       job, Brother Garr realized that life was to short to wait for what
                                                                                       he wanted both professionally and financially.
                                                                                          He left the Japanese company, headed to Los Angeles, and
                                                                                       found work as a production assistant for a company producing
                                                                                       car commercials. After spending three months running various
                                                                                       errands as a production assistant, he landed a job working in a
                                                                                       special effects shop. Earning just fifty dollars per day, he learned
                                                                                       the ropes as a sculptor and model maker. His first major task
                                                                                       was to work on a B-52 bomber airplane for the Mel Gibson
                                                                                       movie “Forever Young.”
                                                                                          He then spent the next five years working on numerous pro-
                                                                                       jects, including sculpting characters for a costume company,
                                                                                       and working on several movies ranging from “Leprechaun 2” to
                                                                                       “Heart and Souls” to “Demolition Man.” He also worked with
                                                                                       Warner Brothers to create the mascot for the WB television net-
                                                                                       work, “Michigan J. Frog.”
                                                                                          Brother Garr’s largest and most successful Hollywood endeav-
                                                                                       or was his work on the film “Titanic.” He worked with the com-
                                                                                       pany Digital Domain on the scene where the ship broke in half
Brother Garr designing the riveting line and paneling for the bottom of the
Titanic for the break scene. This 120 foot tail section comes crashing down
into the water, and the life boats are digitized in scale under the falling
                                                                                       A“Model” Theta Xi–
                                                                                        and sank. The model of the Titanic and parts of it were created
                                                                                        and sculpted, using twelve-foot blueprints of each section of
                                                                                        the ship. The scale of the ship for their scene was 1/6 and 1/4
                                                                                         scale of the actual vessel. The biggest difficulty was paneling
                                                                                         the side of the ship, which involved a 120-foot long section
                                                                                         revealing only half of the ship. Each panel of the Titanic has a
                                                                                          numbered pattern and a rivet line that had to be duplicat-
                                                                                          ed exactly. It took six months of building models and pan-
                                                                                          eling before they were ready to shoot the scene. The
                                                                                          next few weeks consisted of filming the sinking Titanic
                                                                                          into a water filled tank in front of numerous cameras
                                                                                           and crew.
                                                                                             “Titanic was an amazing film to work on,” said
                                                                                           Brother Garr. “The Academy Award for visual effects
                                                                                           was attributed to all of our work.”
                                                                                             One of the most frequent questions Brother Garr
                                                                             for the   receives is about his company’s name—Hot Buttered
                                               ly of the Starship Enterprise
                 Garr coordinates the assemb played in the Las Vegas Hilton.           Elves, Inc. He created the company shortly after his
                 collection which is currently                                                               4                                                         THE UNICORN
                                                                                                    and licensing. The product line is called
                                                                                                    “Wallables” and can be seen at
                                                                                                       To accompany the “Wallables” prod-
                                                                                                    uct, Brother Garr has written eight chil-
                                                                                                    dren’s books. His latest addresses the
                                                                                                    level of fear that children have of being
                                                                                                    alone in the dark. The book glows in the
                                                                                                    dark (an idea Brother Garr attributes to
                                                                                                    his Theta Xi experience) to assist the
                                                                                                    child in getting over this fear.
                                                                                                       “I discovered in my study case that
                                                                                                    when parents had helped their child get
                                                                                                    over the fear of the dark, those children
                                                                                                    remembered it with beautiful passion,”
                                                                                                    said Brother Garr. “It seemed to open a
                                                                                                    door to a more confident child.
                                                                                                    Reaching out to children with this book
                                                                                                    will do just this.”
                                                                                                       Brother Garr still looks back on his
                                                                                                    times and experiences in Theta Xi with
                                                                                                    great affinity.
                                                                                                       “Most of my experiences revolved
                                                                                                    around the support that would come
                                                                                                    from the brothers,” said Brother
                                                                                                    Garr. “Study groups, social
                                                                                                    events, debates in meetings
                                                                                                    and memorable, great
                                                                                                    moments of strength from the
                                                                                                    older brothers gave me the
  Brother Garr (center) is surrounded by his staff and samples of their work.

Dan Garr,Toy Maker Extraordinaire
  work on “Titanic” was completed. While                   Working with the hospital really         insight that I would not have received by
  he was working building special effects               opened up the door to what would be his     living out of the house.”
  for various motion pictures, he was also              company’s next big project. He created         He went on to say, “Fraternity life was
  working with a hospital designing decora-             large animals made out of wood that are     a separate education for me. There is
  tions for wall designs and waiting rooms.             hung from the walls and ceilings of the     really no class in college that helps you
  When he would call the hospital staff and             hospital hallways and waiting rooms. The    find answers to questions like what can I
  give them just his name, they would put               demand for these designs grew to the        become rather than what am I supposed
  him on hold for a long period of time. In             point where making them out of wood         to become. I recommend Greek life to
  one encounter he was asked, “What com-                became too time consuming and expen-        anyone who is entering college. Theta Xi
  pany is this again?” He blurted out the               sive. He quickly shifted the designs to a   is an organization that adds so much
  name Hot Buttered Elves and the name                  mold of foam casting and began to mass-     color to your life, and doesn’t stop giving
  stuck.                                                produce them.                               when you graduate. It has definitely
     Hot Buttered Elves produces several                   Seeing the demand and potential for      added to the success of my company and
  different lines of toys for Disney, Warner            this idea, he made a prototype of Winnie    I use many of the same techniques to run
  Brothers, DreamWorks, and many more.                  the Pooh for Red Callipoe, one of the       my company that were so well established
  His company has recently produced toys                largest bedding companies in the USA.       in the Fraternity.”
  for such movies as “Van Helsing” and                  The success in the sales of that product       To learn more about Brother Garr’s
  “Shrek 2.”                                            led to the creation of their own products   company, go to ■

  WINTER 2005                                                                   5                                       

                                                                                                                        ORDER OF OMEGA
                                                                                                                         Theta Xi had 21 members initiated
                                                                                                                         into Order of Omega for 2003–04.
                                                                                                                                 They are as follows:
                                                                                                                     Paul Dalton, Mitch Weiser (Alpha, RPI),
                                                                                                                             Craig Rothman (Delta, MIT),
                                                                                                                       Carmen Iammarino (Chi, Ohio State),
                                                                                                                        Adam Broussard (Alpha Alpha, LSU),
                                                                                                                      Justin Hall (Alpha Psi, Missouri-Rolla),
                                                                                                                      Andrew Padgett, Stephen Dixon, Chris
                                                                                                                         Mardis (Beta Alpha, Georgia Tech),
                                                                                                                          Ryan Dragan (Beta Zeta, Auburn),
                                                                                                                       Nick Weiler (Beta Epsilon, UC-Davis),
                                                                                                                      Lee Schlitt (Gamma Epsilon, Southeast
                                                                                                                       Missouri), Alvin Wurfel, Nick Stopher
                                                                                                                       (Kappa Sigma, Kettering), Rob Smith,
                                                                                                                             Ray LaMora, Robbie Morris,
                                                                                                                        Josh Olcott, Norio Omori, Jeff Isner,
                                                                                                                      Josh Carr (Kappa Tau, WV Wesleyan).
Alpha Eta Chapter at the top of Mount Evans.

Alpha Eta – The brothers of          eled house, the chapter hosted a          of campus life. The men of
Alpha Eta Chapter at the             Family Day picnic for parents             Beta Upsilon are a major
University of Colorado started       and other relatives on October 2,         supporter of this program and
the year off on a successful note    and the event was a big success.          help promote it throughout
by associating 27 new members.                                                 campus. If your chapter is
They also made major renova-         Beta Upsilon – A new program              interested in bringing a similar
tions to both of the kitchens in     has been developed at Slippery            program to your campus, please
the chapter house.                   Rock University by the Student            contact Dr. Robert Watson
                                     Affairs office entitled Man2Man.          at 724-738-2003.
Beta Delta – Early in the            The unique program is designed
                                                                                                                   A photo of the flooded coastline
morning on September 25, 2004,       for the men at SRU to be                  Gamma Beta – The state of
                                                                                                                   near Gamma Beta Chapter in
twenty-six men of Beta Delta         friends, leaders, and supporters          Florida had a very difficult end
Chapter spent a portion of their     for all women on their campus.            to the summer, with the constant
day cleaning an abandoned            The program was set up to make            bombardment by hurricanes and
junior high school in Cairo,         all females aware that men at             tropical storms. Theta Xi’s lone    in the middle of much of the
Illinois. The men removed trash      SRU were looking out for their            Florida chapter at Florida          damage to Florida’s coastline.
and old furniture from halls, and    well-being and safety in all facets       Institute of Technology was right   The area faced power outages
painted several rooms. The vol-                                                                                    lasting anywhere from one to
unteer project was an effort to                                                                                    eight days and was without
rejuvenate the school for use                                                                                      running water for as much as
once again.                                                                                                        ten. Hurricane Francis caused
                                                                                                                   FIT to be closed for eight days,
Beta Sigma – Things have been                                                                                      altering the University calendar
busy at California University of                                                                                   to require students to attend
PA as the Chapter and Alumni                                                                                       classes 6-days per week up
Association have been working                                                                                      through Thanksgiving. Gamma
very hard on the chapter house                                                                                     Beta Chapter survived all of the
renovations, which began in the                                                                                    terrible weather without harm
summer of 2003. The house has                                                                                      and is looking forward to a
gone through many renovations,                                                                                     strong and successful year.
such as: rebuilding the chapter
room, the addition of a new hall-                                                                                  Kappa Omicron –
way, new ceiling fans and fix-                                                                                     Congratulations goes out to
tures, and fixing the trimming                                                                                     the Brothers at Lenoir Rhyne
throughout the house. In addi-                                                                                     College in Hickory, NC—they
tion, they contracted with a local                                                                                 were recently presented with the
construction company to install                                                                                    award for Fraternity of the Year,
new siding, gutters and windows                                                                                    2003–04. The chapter is ranked
to the outside of the property.                                                                                    number one in grades and is one
To celebrate the newly remod-        Beta Delta Chapter lends a hand to the community.                             of the leaders in community ser-                                                            6                                                               THE UNICORN
                                                                                 Two Chapters to Celebrate
                                                                                 100th Anniversary!
                                                                                 During this school year, two chapters will celebrate the 100th
                                                                                 Anniversary of receiving their Charter. Both Theta Chapter
                                                                                 (Purdue University) and Iota Chapter (Washington University)
                                                                                 will be turning 100 this Spring. Theta was founded on February
                                                                                 17, 1905, while Iota was founded on March 17, 1905.
                                                                                    Iota Chapter will hold its celebration on Saturday, April 30,
                                                                                 2005 at the Algonquin Country Club in St. Louis, MO. The Iota
                                                                                 Club of St. Louis has planned a wonderful dinner followed by an
                                                                                 evening of music, dancing, and fellowship. The cost of the din-
                                                                                 ner is $50 per person, which includes all charges and gratuities,
                                                                                 plus wine and pre-dinner cocktails. Those interested in attend-
                                                                                 ing must contact Charles McGehee at 314-961-2192 by
Kappa Iota Chapter wins the Intramural trophy at Henderson State
                                                                                 February 1, 2005, or send your check to his attention at 2449
vice and campus participation.      Intramural Championship                      Pocahontas Place, St. Louis, MO 63124.
The chapter continues to be one     Trophy after collecting the most                Theta Chapter’s centennial celebration will be held on
of the premier organizations on     overall points for the 2003–2004
their campus.                       term. Kappa Iota also had a ban-             Friday, October 14, 2005 (Homecoming Weekend) at 7:30 p.m.
                                    ner year in 2003–04 after initiat-           The location is to be determined. Contact the Theta
Kappa Iota – The men of Kappa       ing 19 new members into the                  Association President Mark Bunton at 765-464-1285 for further
Iota Chapter at Henderson State     chapter, making them the largest
captured their first ever IFC       chapter at Henderson State!                  information.

                                    Individual Brother
                                    Achievements: Theta Xi broth-
   Important Dates                  ers from around the country are          Scott Gaught,         863              Tim Delhome,          1014
                                    recognized on their campus for             Student Senate                         University Orchestra and Chorus
  ’05 Regional Conferences:         their achievements in both acad-         David Ruckman,           859           Mark Chambers,          273
    Great Plains-Manhattan, KS      emics and leadership positions.            Art Club Vice President                SGA President
        February 5, 2005            The Fraternity would like to take        Nick Wisneski,        145              Bryce Ciancio,        278
                                    the time to recognize and cele-            Intergreek Council Officer             IFS Vice President
         West-Davis, CA
                                    brate the accomplishments of             Steven Koronka,         146            Chris Hortert,       337
         February 12, 2005
                                    those brothers who have                    Intergreek Council Officer             IFC President, Greek Man of the
      Allegheny/Northeast           excelled on their campus!                Jeffrey Isner,      729                  Year
    Philadelphia, PA, February 19                                              Senior Class President               Nik Buckler,       255
        (Combined Conference)       Michael Martelette,      116             Dal Harty,       740                     IFC Vice President
                                     UIFI Attendee, IGC President              Junior Class President               Kent Green,         562
      Midwest/Ohio Valley
                                    Marc Ashbock,        116                 Steven Sheridan,         649             Campus Newspaper Editor
      Chicago, IL, February 19       Student Government Vice President         IFC President                        Andrew Treaster,        840
       (Combined Conference)                                                                                          Student Government Representative
                                    Ron Botelho,        136                  Andrew Draker,          522
    Bayou Hill-Baton Rouge, LA,      UIFI Attendee                             Student Government                   Sean Kelly,       972
             March 5                Brandon Dean, 492                        John Hyde,        135                  USC Football Team Member
                                     UIFI Attendee                             IFC Officer                          Neil Bergeron, 1356
    Southeast-Greensboro, NC        Mark Majewski 482                        Michael McGreevey,          266          IFC Representative
            March 19                 IFC Risk Management Chairman              IFC Vice President                   Jamison Roth,         486
                                    Ryan Behlman,        416                 David Thibodeaux,           1019         Hockey Club President
      141st Anniversary              GAC President                             National Dean’s List                 Dan Morris,        440
        Convention:                 Bryan Craddock,       407                Carey LeBlanc,         1012              Student Government officer
  August 4–7, 2005 in New Orleans    IFC Vice President                        Association of Future Alumni         Shawn Montague, 1249
                                    Kevin Bray,     419                        Treasurers                             Student Government officer
       Alumni Summit:                Student Government                      Eric Fischer,       1023               Josh Goslinger, ASU 19
      Summer 2006 in Phoenix        Mark Black, 1564                           Geological Society President           IFC Representative
                                     Volleyball Team Captain

WINTER 2005                                                              7                                                     
Don Meringer, Brian Williams, Dennis Marstall, David Ford, Brett    Mark Verbois, Dennis Marstall, Jeff Vernetti, Weston Harding, Tanner
Covert and Pat Griffis                                              Marcantel, Brian Williams, Tommy Stevens, Jon Luning, and Tony Garza

                                                                    Al Garcia, Mike Eaton, Bob Dietrich, Steve Baker, Mike Pitcher and Jim

                  A Great Success!
         ver fifty Theta Xi alumni, spouses, and friends gathered

O        in Las Vegas for the 2004 Alumni Summit. The partici-
         pants enjoyed a fabulous weekend at The Aladdin
Resort & Casino for the Alumni Summit, the first such event
since 1999.
   Attendees took in many activities over the weekend, including
two receptions for all registered guests and educational sessions
designed for chapter advisors and alumni association presidents.
                                    Several alumni took in some
                                    of Las Vegas’ nightlife, such
                                    as attending the shows “Blue
                                    Man Group” and “Cirque du
                                    Soleil,” while many went on
                                    tours of the Hoover Dam,
                                    relaxed poolside, or hit the         (L–R) Brett Covert, Bob Dietrich and David Ford at Hoover Dam
                                    links at one of the many area
                                    golf courses.                        the national organization. The Alumni Summit was designed to
                                      The goal of the Summit was         be a family friendly event, giving brothers from all over the
                                    to re-involve alumni with            country the opportunity to bond with old and new friends and
                                    Theta Xi by promoting social         continue their love and involvement in Theta Xi.
                                    interaction and providing              The Alumni Summit will be held every non-convention year.
                                    update reports on the activi-        The next event is scheduled for the summer of 2006 in
                                    ties and programs of the             Phoenix, Arizona.
Fraternity. The intent was to engage more alumni to take an                Photos from the Alumni Summit are now available by logging
active role in their own chapter’s alumni organization and/or            onto the Theta Xi Media Gallery at ■                                                      8                                                          THE UNICORN
                                                                                                                               F. Y. I. ]

Fraternity Welcomes                Brother Kight replaced
New Staff Member and            Tanner Marcantel, Alpha Alpha             It is NOT too late to purchase the Theta Xi
Says Goodbye to Two             1675 (LSU ’01) on July 1, 2004            Alumni Directory!
                                when Brother Marcantel accept-
    Fraternity                                                               The 2004 Alumni Directory is complete and has been sent
                                ed a Graduate Assistant position
Headquarters                                                              to all who ordered a copy. The directory is a compilation of the
                                in the Greek Life office at the
is pleased to                                                             most current data available on over 33,000 members. The
                                University of Arizona.
announce the                                                                                          directory is an excellent way of
                                   Cory Criter, Gamma Iota 103
hiring of Ryan                                                                                        reliving your days in college and
                                (ERAU ’96) has accepted a posi-
Kight, Mu 1197                                                                                        getting reacquainted with alumni.
                                tion as a pilot with Chautauqua
(Iowa State ’04)                                                                                       Thanks to all who returned their
                                Airlines. Brother Criter had been
as the new
                                employed at Headquarters since                                         questionnaires and if you ordered
                                October 2001, handling numer-                                          a directory—enjoy!
Consultant. He is
                                ous chapter services issues.                                              If you would like to place an order
a former chapter   Ryan Kight
                                   We thank Brother Marcantel                                          for a directory in either book or CD
president and       Mu 1197
                                and Brother Criter for their out-                                       format, contact Harris Publishing at
received a B.S. in
                                standing and dedicated service to                                       1-800-877-6554.
both Finance and Management
                                the Fraternity and wish them well
from Iowa State.
                                in their future endeavors.

  Brothers in the Military
  In the Spring 2004 issue of The UNICORN, we listed numerous Theta Xi’s actively serv-
  ing in one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces. Since our magazine was
  printed, we have learned of many additional Theta Xis serving our country. We take this
  opportunity to recognize and thank these additional brothers for their service:

                                Matt Yeatter, 348                       Chris Monahan,       623
                                Tim Haight, 379                         John Amos,     670
                                                                        Jeff Vanlobensels,     671
                                Alpha Zeta (UCLA)                       Mike Bartlett,     703
                                Dennis Fipps,  703                      Scott Toppel,     737
                                Alpha Eta (Colorado)                    Beta Tau (Texas State)
                                Gannon Frain,    597                    Jeff Ellis,  216
                                                                        James Nicola,    238                      Derek Snyder,    403,
                                Alpha Psi (Missouri – Rolla)                                                        on guard in Iraq
                                Nick Ulmer,     493                     Ronald Schmidt,     239
                                                                        Bruce McClintock,     250
                                Beta Alpha (Georgia Tech)               Bill Sparks,   260
                                Mark Massaro,   469
                                                                        Gamma Alpha (Shepherd)
     Georga Iliadis,     643,   Beta Epsilon (UC Davis)                 Jess Jenkins,   112
         on base in Iraq
                                Bill Seaver,    11                      Jerry Hill,   127
                                Bill Jones,    83                       Brian Kearney,    165
  Chi (Ohio State)              Herbert Little,     180
  Eric Meli, 332                                                        Gamma Lambda (Edinboro)
                                Mike Spellman,       214
  Rob Medve, 337                                                        Scott Thomson, 119
                                John Dooley,       479
  Matt Pottenburgh, 338         Mark Wilson,       490                  Kappa Tau (WV Wesleyan)               Message on a downed plane in
  Mike Harrison, 345            Robert Rice,      533                                                                 Afghanistan.
                                                                        Robert Gilpin, 366

WINTER 2005                                                         9                                                   
Theta Xi Foundation
Message from the Foundation Chairman                                                Alpha-RPI
                                                                                    Anniversary Club                          CUMULATIVE GIVING SOCIETIES
                                                                                    Robert R. Heidemann 5
                                                                                                                           This legend recognizes levels of lifetime giving to
                                                                                    Howell A. Jones Jr. 4
                          Brothers:                                                                                                      Theta Xi Foundation
                                                                                    James M. Leather 3
                              I would like to draw your attention to several        6294 Club                           1 Pearl Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $125 to next level
                           items in the accompanying Annual Report of the           F. Kevin Bodine 4                   2 Ruby Society. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250 to next level
                                                                                    Peter G. Bostock 2
                           Foundation. More specifically the educational            Joseph J. Braun 2                   3 Diamond Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $629.40 to next level
                           opportunities the Foundation provides to our under-      Paul O. Cline 2                     4 Sacred Badge Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000 to next level
                                                                                    Robert C. Dodd 4                    5 Col. William H. Wiley Society . . . . . . . . . . $1,864 to next level
                           graduate members. Our Annual Presidents Academy          Walter R. Engel 5                   6 William S. Mason Society . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,500 to next level
                           ranks as one of the best undergraduate experiences       Jack L. Feininger 4                 7 Nathaniel Henry Starbuck Society . . . . . . $5,000 to next level
                                                                                    Frederick E. Fritschi 2
                           provided by any fraternity to its members. The           Joseph F. Mansfield 3               8 6294 Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,294 to next level
                           leadership tools provided to our Chapter Presidents      Robert W. McNeally 2                9 Thomas Cole Raymond Society . . . . . . . $10,000 to next level
                                                                                    Robert J. Salocks 4                 10 Henry Harrison Farnum Society . . . . . . . $25,000 to next level
                           are valuable lessons, which they can use throughout      Donald P. Simek 3                   11 Samuel Buel, Jr. Society . . . . . . . . . . . . $50,000 to next level
their lives. Secondly the program content of our Regional Conferences is            Eugene F. Wardzinski 1              12 George Bradford Brainerd Society . . . . $100,000 to next level
being upgraded every year, again providing our undergraduate brothers with          Other Loyal Donors                  13 Christopher Champlin Waite Society . . $250,000 to next level
                                                                                    Dr. David J. Barnette 2
valuable lessons and skills, which benefit them far beyond their Fraternity         Victor Brinkman 3
                                                                                                                        14 Ralph Gooding Packard Society . . . . . . $500,000 to next level
experience.                                                                         Howard C. Bursch                    15 Peter Henry Fox Society . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000,000 or higher
                                                                                    David Fredric Carlson 2
    The above examples demonstrate the difference the Foundation makes              Robert F. Cruickshank 1
                                                                                                                           Your ongoing gifts along with those of other loyal
in the lives of undergraduates. For Brothers who have never made a gift to          William E. Dean Jr.
                                                                                                                        alumni makes it possible to provide our undergraduate
                                                                                    Bruce A. Goodale 2                    brothers with quality programming year after year.
Theta Xi, I encourage you to make an annual contribution. If you are one
                                                                                    Carlton G. Provost 2                                                                 Thank you!
of our annual contributors, please consider increasing your gift to the             Malcolm B. Romeiser Jr. 2
Foundation. Only our resources limit the Foundation and what we can provide         John C. Schulz PE 1
                                                                                    William P. Vrooman
for our undergraduate members. As we embark upon a new campaign year,               John R. Wells 1                   6294 Club
we are putting a great deal of effort into increasing our contributors and                                            George M. Blaszczynski 2
                                                                                    Gamma-Stevens                     Jude T. Darensbourg 2
overall support to the Foundation. Won’t you please join your Theta Xi              Rensselaer Society-Founders       Robert R. Imsande 2
Brothers who support our work?                                                      Frank J. Semcer 10                Col. Glenn Stephens Meader Jr. 3
                                                                                    Rensselaer Society-Patron         George H. Siebern 5
    I especially want to thank those who have made a contribution and are                                             Other Loyal Donors
                                                                                    Frank R. Grapkowski 8
listed in our honor roll of donors. I encourage Brothers not listed to seriously    Rensselaer Society-Benefactor     Frederick F. Assmann 4
consider supporting the work of your Foundation and Fraternity. All of us are                                         Steven J. Eberbach 2
                                                                                    Joseph A. Colandrea 7
                                                                                                                      Thomas S. Roberts
richer because of the experiences Theta Xi provided. Please use the envelope        Anniversary Club
                                                                                    J. Timothy Konek 4                Zeta-Cornell
provided to make your gift today. Your contribution enables our undergradu-
                                                                                    Robert A. Meyer PE                Anniversary Club
ate members to be offered the same quality experiences we enjoyed.                  Gerard W. Osborne 4               G. Henry Turrell 4
                                                                                    Hoi L. Young 1                    Don L. Verdiani 1
Thank you.
                                                                                    6294 Club                         6294 Club
YITB,                                                                               Courtney D. Alvey 4               Arthur J. Clark Jr. 3                             “Theta Xi will
                                                                                    Eric Duch 2                       John J. Gilbert Jr. 1
                                                                                    Michael Geller 3                  Dr. Robert T. Guelcher 2
                                                                                                                                                                         never fail a
Dr. Richard McCormac, BE 131
                                                                                    CAPT Robert F. Graham USNR 3      John E. Hayes Jr. 2                               member who
                                                                                    C. Kenneth Holland 3              Thomas C. Trafzer 2
                                                                                    Richard R. Hulbert 4              Robert E. Warren 3                                doesn’t fail it.
                                                                                    John A . Messler 2
                                                                                    Donald B. Pearson 4
                                                                                                                      Other Loyal Donors                                  Thank you
                          ANNUAL GIVING CLUBS                                       Fred Rieger 1
                                                                                                                      Allan K. Bush 1
                                                                                                                                                                          Theta Xi.”
                                                                                                                      Dr. Samuel E Gaskins
    This legend recognizes alumni whose annual support demonstrates leadership      Louis L. Shook Jr. 2
                                                                                                                      Alfred L. Ginty
      in their commitment to Theta Xi through the following annual giving clubs     Other Loyal Donors                Col. Walter H. I. Moos USMC                   – Ryan Duncan, BA 581
                                   and societies:                                   A. Leonard Course Jr. 2           Dr. Thomas W. Weber PE 2
                                                                                    Robert E. Fairchild 2
                                                                                                                                                                   (2004 Rudd Scholarship
        Rensselaer Society - Founders            $2,500 or higher                   Alfred H. Filskov Jr.             Eta-Lehigh                                          recipient)
        Rensselaer Society - Patron              $1,000 to next level               Franklin A. Forsberg              Rensselaer Society-Patron
        Rensselaer Society - Benefactor          $500 to next level                 Carl H. Hevert 2                  Eta Association of Theta Xi
                                                                                    Daniel A. Kaplan 1                                                            Other Loyal Donors
        Leadership Club                          $250 to next level                                                   Leadership Club
                                                                                    Edward P. Krebs 2                                                             Hellmut D. Bauer 3
        Anniversary Club                         $140 to next level                                                   Alfred W. Pedrick 4                         Robert T. Drake 1
                                                                                    Charles H. Maps Jr.
        6294 Club                                $62.94 to next level               Robert F. Mattlage 2              Anniversary Club                            Christopher W. Frey 2
                                                                                    Robert B. Reilly 1                Harold D. Chapman 3                         Jesse D. Hasson 2
                                                                                    John W. Shepherd 1                Kenneth D. Hendrix PE 3                     Richard W. Johnson 1
                                                                                                                      C. Leigh Robinson 4                         Dr. Charles Robinson Katholi 4
                                                                                    Delta-MIT                         Joseph C. Schulter IV 3                     William E. Kirsch 2
                          A Note To Our Donors                                      Rensselaer Society-Patron         6294 Club                                   Alfred A. Lomar
                                                                                    Stephen D. Baker 8                                                            Richard A. Luppy 4
   We have made every effort to be accurate in listing the names of all                                               Preston M. Crabill 4
                                                                                    Adam M. Schwartz 4                                                            William J. O'Donnell 1
                                                                                                                      Paul E. Doxey 5
   donors. However, errors and omissions may occur. These listings are for          Rensselaer Society-Benefactor     John P. Eckert 5
                                                                                                                                                                  Thomas A. Peters 2
                                                                                                                                                                  Kevin S. Randall 1
   contributions made between July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004. We apologize           Christopher Lee Williams 2        Eduardo E. Fernandez M.D. 3
                                                                                                                                                                  John F. Schroeder 4
   if your name is misspelled, omitted or listed incorrectly. Please bring the                                        Frederick W. Feus 2
                                                                                    Anniversary Club                                                              Daniel R. Stare 2
                                                                                                                      Barry O. Jones 3
   mistake to our attention so that we may correct our records. Thank you.          Michael W. Dziekan 2              Thomas Adam Sabol
                                                                                                                                                                  Gregory C. Young
                                                                                                                      Rev. John W. Sheibley 2
                                                                                    First time donors are recognized in italics.                                                                    10                                                                                           THE UNICORN
                                                                           Annual Report 2003–2004
Theta-Purdue                     6294 Club
                                 Jack Bentzinger Sr. 3
Rensselaer Society-Patron
                                 Roland P. Buchmueller 2
Billy D. Christenson 10
                                 Robert J. Cimasi 2                                                              THE RENSSELAER SOCIETY
Leadership Club                  Brian C. Cunningham 3                     Theta Xi Foundation gratefully acknowledges the charter members of the Rensselaer Society. The following
Gerald R. Campbell Jr. 5         Jean P. Dubail 3
Donald S. Marden 6               Daniel P. Egleston 1
                                                                            distinguished alumni have made a gift of $500 or greater in support of Theta Xi’s educational programs.
Anniversary Club                 Edwin L. Ellston 2                          Please help Theta Xi and consider joining the Rensselaer Society. We’d like you to consider joining this
Roger F. Beal 4                  Stanley A. Frederiksen 3                                 prestigious group of men dedicated to supporting Theta Xi at the higest level.
David E. Breedlove 8             Dr. Richard E. Hillger 3
Bruce Alan Drake 4               Glen M. Homsey 2                              Rensselaer Society-Founders                 Dr. J. Franklin Sharp Β∆                    Colin Calle McKenzie ΒΩ
David R. Dye 3                   Donald C. Kaley 3                              Walter Sidney Brock Jr. ΒΠ                  Chris D. Wilson PE ΑΨ                       James Roger Miller Μ
Butch L. Mercer 4                Richard C. Kammann 3                           James M. Koelemay Jr. ΒΑ                  Eta Association of Theta Xi                     Kenneth A. Miller Ο
Louis E. Staak 4                 Don K. Kuhn 3                                      Frank J. Semcer Γ                                                                  William C. Murphy III ΑΖ
                                 Ralph E. Landon Jr. 2                                                                 Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
Robert E. Switek 4                                                                Jeff E. Townsend ΑΑ                                                                Benjamin Wilford Olson ΒΩ
                                 Henry T. Likes 2                                                                        Frederick Lawrence Abel ΚΚ                      Gary M. Peterson Μ
Charles J. Waidelich 9                                                           H. Robert Veenstra Jr. Μ
                                 Donald C. Lochmoeller 2                                                                Christopher Nathaniel Baker Χ                      Norman W. Ray Ρ
6294 Club                                                                        Rensselaer Society-Patron                   George R. Bardwil ΑΝ
                                 James G. McDonald 3                                                                                                                      Donald J. Rippert Σ
Edward Pat W. Beutler 3          Robert S. Mullen 2                                  Donald G. Allison Ο                   Richard Eugene Beck ΓΒ
Samuel S. Blackmore 3                                                                                                                                                  John Joseph Rooney ΓΕ
                                 Donald P. Nies 4                                     Stephen D. Baker ∆                     Oliver C. Boileau Jr. Ο                 Frank Joseph Rubino Jr. ΚΦ
William Cody Burton 2            William L. Parish 2                            Charles Clifford Cameron ΑΑ                   Phillip R. Boyce ΒΒ
Maj. Tyler Monroe Evans USAF 2                                                                                                                                             Richard H. Ruwe Ι
                                 David W. Pearce 4                              Andrew Bernhard Carlson ΚΤ                  Joseph A. Colandrea Γ                      Thomas G. Shaurette ΒΑ
Joseph P. Francel Jr. 4          Robert A. Praechter 2                              Billy D. Christenson Θ                    Robert D. Davis ΑΙ
Donald E. Gray 2                                                                                                                                                       Dr. Ronald Lee Smith ΚΣ
                                 Alan R. Rawizza 2                                 Charles Harry Curley ΒΕ                  Edward B. De Groot Α∆                        Richard J. Spady Α∆
Michael Robert Jefvert 4         John M. Schaefer PE 1                                David A. DeMuro Σ                        John A. Dever ΑΚ
Kenneth Kolbrook 4                                                                                                                                                         Louis J. Swallow Ι
                                 Charles M. Schmidt 2                                   Duane J. Fox Μ                     Robert Glenn Dietrich ΚΤ                   Stephen John Van Clay ΑΒ
Richard M. Plettner 1            Bill L. Thiele 2                                     Donald B. Gerber Ι                    Michael Wayne Eaton Υ
Steven E. Riggs 1                                                                                                                                                       Richard L. Wagner ΒΒ
                                 Anthony F. Vaiana 2                                Frank R. Grapkowski Γ                        Gary A. Halls Ι                            Leo T. Walsh ΑΙ
Dr. Richard E. Rose 2            W. Dennis Wacker PhD 2                           Peter Nikitas Handrinos Π                 John Charles Harris ΒΕ
William H. Ryan 4                                                                                                                                                   Dr. John Henry White Jr. ΚΠ
                                 Robert E. Wagoner 2                         Lt. Co Jean C. Hempstead USAF Μ               Arthur Charles Hoey ΒΩ                     Christopher Lee Williams ∆
COL. Richard W. Sander 4         Robert R. Waites 4                                   David A. Hirsch ΑΒ                       James W.Jeans Ι
Joe Francis Strickland 2                                                                                                                                                 Michael F. Woods ΒΕ
                                 James A. Wessling 2                                  Fred J. Howlett ΑΕ                      Joseph L. Karlin ΑI                          Scott D. Yates ΒΖ
Walter J. Wagner Jr. 3                                                                Scot M. Klimke ΑΒ                         John C. Lowry ∆
F. Paul Wohlford 3               Other Loyal Donors                                                                                                                   Omega Alumni Association
                                                                                     Donald S. Meringer Ι                   Jonathon T. Luning ΒΩ                   Beta Alpha Alumni Association
                                 Gregg Alan Baillie
Other Loyal Donors                                                                   William L. Newell Ο                     William M. Mannel Π
                                 Albert B. Becker Jr. 1
Dirk J. Bengel 1                                                                     Adam M. Schwartz ∆               Dr. Richard Charles McCormac ΒΕ
                                 William E. Been 1
Brian Michael Coleman 7          Oliver J. Belzer 2
Wayne M. Dowden                  Anton Bettendorf 2                                     Level-Founders $2500 or higher, Level-Patron $1000–$2499, Level-Benefactor $500–$999
Steven R. Dreyer                 Dr. Nathan Alan Braverman
Daniel J. Eaton 1                Robert L. Conklin 2
Jeffrey M. Emminger 2            Dr. William S. Gatley 2            Leadership Club                   Ryan C. Jones 2                   Nu-UC Berkeley                     6294 Club
Rev. Louis Andrew Fischer 6      Michael A. Goyda 2                 George W. Will 6                  LTC. Harold R. Lohmann USA 3                                         David C. Auten Esq. 8
John P. Gieselmann 7             Arthur S. Greiner 1                                                                                    Leadership Club
                                                                    Anniversary Club                  Raymond G. McGarry 3                                                 Henry A. Clay 2
Donald J. Goodman 8              Dr. Jules Paul Guidry                                                                                  John Clifford Riley 6
                                                                    Andrew Nestor Jr. 4               Gary B. Sandquist 3                                                  William R. Gibson 2
Jay Allen Granger 2              Robert S. Hays Jr. 2                                                                                   Anniversary Club
                                                                    Dr. James E. Wentz 3              Roy C. Siple 4                                                       Francis E. Gift 4
R. Terry Harrison 1              R. Don Higginbotham PhD 3                                            James L. Thoreen 4                Merrill E. Newman 6                William S. Jeffries 3
William Wallis Hogan 4                                              Ralph J. Sosnowski 2
                                 Dr. Joseph C. Hogan 1                                                Dr. C. Don VanHouweling 4         6294 Club                          Thomas H. Jones 3
Everell W. Jewett Jr. 2          Jordan D. Krimsky 2                6294 Club                         John N. Veenstra PhD 3            William B. Ball 3                  David P. Lerry 1
CDR. Bruce L. MacCall            Kevin R. Mayes 2                   William Marshall Selkirk 4
                                                                                                      6294 Club                         David M. Hansen 3                  G. William Michel 4
Ronald L. Mesker 1               Elwood A. Rosenkoetter 1           Paul R. Casarico 3
                                                                                                      Col. Robert W. Alexander USAF 3   Kenneth M. Holland 2               George W. Schiele 3
Michael James Murphy 4           Phillip Andrew Ruff 2              Mike B. Margerum 3
                                                                                                      Carl J. Bruechert 4               Hon. Jonathan E. Karesh 2          Morris H. Sheer 3
Ernest Neukuckatz 2              Edward M. Schulz 1                 Theodore David Kennedy
                                                                                                      Ronald J. Burkett 2               Dr. Henry A. Leighton 3            Frederick B. Vivino M.D. 2
Richard D. Roley 1               Walter L. Siegerist PE 3           S. Victor Mazza 4
                                                                                                      William G. Challas Jr. 1          Robert N. McDougald 2              Peter H. Watson 4
Ronald J. Tarplee                Allen R. Spelman PhD 2             Jeffrey Sean Beaufort 1
Col. James Edward Trask USAF 2                                                                        Melvin L. Fruechtenicht 2         Steven P. Rusch 2                  Other Loyal Donors
                                 Dr. Srikanth A. Sundaram 1         Other Loyal Donors
Arthur F. Woods 5                                                                                     James P. Galvin 3                 Kirby P. West 2                    Walter S. Carr 2
                                 Jack D. Taylor 2                   David C. Borland 2                Robert D. Lundahl 1               Other Loyal Donors                 David V. Cresson 2
                                 Brian C. Toeneboehn 2
Iota-Washington U                R. Wallace Waterman 2
                                                                    David C. Kennaday 3               Richard K. Smith 2                Richard D. Abbott 1                Dr. John W. Fischer
Rensselaer Society-Patron                                           David C. Black 2                  John M. Stallman 4                                                   Nick S. Fisfis 2
                                 Mitchell R. Weiss 2                                                                                    Donald W. Abbott 2
                                                                    Lester L. Boyer PhD 2             Bernhard E. Strom 2                                                  Eben Rockwell Hill
Donald B. Gerber 8                                                                                                                      John S. Killian 4
                                 Kappa-Rose Hulman                  Dr. Donald A. Shiffler 2          Stanley D. Zellmer 4                                                 Leander H. Hoke 3
Donald S. Meringer 9                                                                                                                    Winton E. Mather 4
                                                                    Richard J. Zovack 1                                                                                    Edward J. Kelly 1
Rensselaer Society-Benefactor    6294 Club                                                            Other Loyal Donors
                                                                    Eric R. Wilkinson Esq.
                                                                                                      Wayne V. Carlson 1
                                                                                                                                        Xi-Iowa                            Hank Smith CPA 2
Gary A. Halls 6                  John S. Blair 2                    Roger D. Rolf CPA 1
                                                                                                      James W. Dresser 1                Anniversary Club                   Lee W. Smith 2
James W. Jeans 8                 Nik L. Bradley 4                   Stephen A. Baloga
                                                                                                      James D. Gaines 1                 John W. Moore 3                    John C. Thompson 2
Richard H. Ruwe 6                James R. Duzan 2
Louis J. Swallow 4               Henry E. Jackel 4                  Mu-Iowa State                     Richard H. Good 3                 6294 Club                          Pi-Carnegie Mellon
                                 John L. Klausman 4                 Rensselaer Society-Founders       James V. Harrington               Arthur M. Clark MD 2
Leadership Club                                                                                                                                                            Rensselaer Society-Patron
                                                                                                      Dale P. Hoffman 3                 William D. DeVoe
Charles T. Fike 4                Other Loyal Donors                 H. Robert Veenstra Jr. 9                                                                               Peter Nikitas Handrinos 6
                                                                                                      Erick B. Kandl 2
Harry B. Holtgrewe 6             Joseph E. Blastic 2                Rensselaer Society-Patron                                           Other Loyal Donors
                                                                                                      Kenneth R. Karr 2                                                    Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
Thomas J. Pashos 6               Col. Robert J. Burger USAF 2       Duane J. Fox 11                                                     Herbert L. DePrenger 2
                                                                                                      Gary D. Krasche 2                                                    William M. Mannel 6
Richard L. Pearce 6              Lt. Col. David L. Cotton USAFR 3   Lt. Co Jean C. Hempstead USAF 9                                     Franklin O. Eddy 3
                                                                                                      Donald C. Larson 4
Charles A. Wilson 2              Robert W. Dispennett 2                                                                                 Duane E. Means 3                   Leadership Club
                                                                    Rensselaer Society-Benefactor     Lt. Col. Arthur A. Marston USAF
                                 Robert U. Grant 2                                                                                                                         Edward E. Koos 6
Anniversary Club
                                 Arnold Robert Kays 1               James Roger Miller 6              James Allen McCall 2              Omicron-Penn
Roger F. Boughman CLU 3                                             Gary M. Peterson 6                Dr. Charles Miller 1                                                 Anniversary Club
                                 Richard J. McDaid 2                                                                                    Rensselaer Society-Patron
James P. Gamble 4                                                                                     George Lee Nielsen 2                                                 Thomas R. Atkinson 2
                                 Charles P. Spencer 2               Leadership Club                                                     Donald G. Allison 9
Peter W. Likes 4                                                                                      Edward Joseph O'Connor 2                                             William H. Eppehimer 5
                                 John Wargo Jr 2                    Craig A. Field 6                                                    William L. Newell 8
Charles L. McGehee 3                                                                                  George K. Sassmann                                                   Robert I. Hayford 4
                                                                    John E. Vondracek 6                                                 Rensselaer Society-Benefactor      Edmund R. MacKenty 4
Albert E. Schaefer 4             Lambda-Penn State                                                    Theodore H. Schutte 1
Alan H. Siegerist 1                                                 Anniversary Club                  Donald D. Streeter 1              Oliver C. Boileau Jr. 8            Michael P. Moran 1
                                 Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
Dr. Richard R. Streiff 2                                            Col. Elmer E. Black USAF 4        Mark A. Veenstra 1                Kenneth A. Miller 6                Robert C. Patten 4
                                 John C. Lowry 4                    Marvin D. Hixson 4                                                                                     Jack E. Werner 3
                                                                                                      Donald H. Zarley 4

WINTER 2005                                                                                       11                                                                          
Theta Xi Foundation
                                                                                                 LaLander S. Norman 9              Omega-Washington
                                                                                                 Gilbert Ross Jr. 3                State
                                  Franklin Guild                                                 Glenn A. Rossman 4
                                                                                                                                   Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
                                                                                                 Craig V. Spalding 3
                               Theta Xi Foundation recognizes friends and brothers                                                 Omega Alumni Association
                                                                                                 Other Loyal Donors
                             of Theta Xi Fraternity who have joined the Franklin Guild.          Harold E. Britton 2               Anniversary Club
                                   The Franklin Guild is the Foundation’s planned                Philip H. Conley 1                Gary Arthur Charles Backus Esq. 2
                              giving club named to honor the spirit and reputation of            David A. Hansz 2                  6294 Club
                             Benjamin Franklin, our patron saint. Members provide a              Daniel O. Head 2                  Russell G. Fahland 1
                                                                                                 John W. Keeler 1                  John G. Hensel 4
                             lasting legacy through bequests and life insurance gifts.
                                                                                                 Roger Levy 1                      Other Loyal Donors
                            Anyone can join the Franklin Guild, regardless of age, and           Dr. J. Michael Moore 2
                               participate in this special giving club. No matter what                                             Andrew John Allinger 1
                                                                                                 Stephen G. Nagy 1
                                                                                                                                   David L. Dickinson 2
    your financial position, you can include a gift within your means. Supporting the            Thomas H. O'Donnell 2
                                                                                                                                   LTC. Frederick K. Kamaka 2
    Foundation as a member of the Franklin Guild helps your Fraternity, your broth-              Jeffrey W. Parker 2
                                                                                                                                   Arthur Koweek 1
    er and you. Please consult a financial advisor to learn the important and benefi-            Erwin R. Price 1
                                                                                                 James T. Sakai
                                                                                                                                   Daniel M. Roberts 2                     “Presidents
    cial tax benefits that may be realized. Whether a planned gift is large or modest,
    good planning can magnify its impact, both to you and the future generations of
                                                                                                 CDR. David W. Stamps 3            Alpha Alpha-LSU                       Academy was a
                                                                                                 James H. Wickizer 1               Rensselaer Society-Founders
                 brothers who will benefit from the legacy you provide.                                                                                                 great experience.
                                                                                                 Tau-Stanford                      Jeff E. Townsend 6
                 We acknowledge the following Brothers who have made a                           Anniversary Club                  Rensselaer Society-Patron             I am now more
                          planned gift to Theta Xi Foundation:                                   Warren H. Sturmer 5               Charles Clifford Cameron 12         knowledgeable and
                                                                                                                                   Leadership Club
     Donald G. Allison, Ο 758                     Raymond A. Hoffman, Χ 95                       6294 Club
                                                                                                                                   John E. Jones Sr. 2
                                                                                                                                                                        enthusiastic about
                                                                                                 Frank L. Mallory 3
     Barry E. Breen, ΑΖ 551                       Fred J. Howlett, ΑΕ 481                                                          Dr. Bradford S. Patt 4                   Theta Xi.”
                                                                                                 William Richardson Mitchell 3
     Walter S. Brock, Jr., ΒΠ 103                 Roger K. Kraus, ΑΙ 284                         Christopher J. Quinn 2            Anniversary Club
     Christopher M. Burnham, ΚΦ 564               J. Parry Laird, ΒΕ 122                                                           Clint M. Bishop 2
                                                                                                 Other Loyal Donors                                                        – Jeff Isner, KT 729
     Stanton L. Cadow, ΒΠ 209                     William L. Newell, Ο 389                                                         Philip G. Caire 1
                                                                                                 Carroll Bailey Cox 1
     Milton A. Collick, ΑΓ 210                    Dr. George H. Royer, Π 408                     Ernest M. du Bray                 Donald W. Keller 3                  Kenneth R. Maglia 3
     Robert G. Dietrich, ΚΤ 331                   Richard H. Ruwe, Ι 502                         Bruce Parsons 2                   Michael L. McKay 3                  Robert A. Moffat Jr. 2
     Duane J. Fox, Μ 727                          Dr. Ronald L. Smith, ΚΣ 2                      Harry Torimoto 2                  Robert J. Wilson Sr. 7              Jack C. Mooberry 1
     Capt. Ralph B. Grahl, ΑΝ 106                 H. Robert Veenstra, Jr., Μ 740                                                   6294 Club                           Elmer Norton 2
     Frank R. Grapkowski, Γ 919                   James E. Vredenburgh,       11
                                                                                                 Upsilon-Washington                Hon. William J. Burris 1            Richard G. Ollila 3
     Lt Col Jean C. Hempstead, Μ 298              Richard P. Wilkin, Μ 906                       Rensselaer Society-Benefactor     John M. Byrne 2                     Dr . Carl S. Schlageter 2
     David A. Hirsch, ΑΒ 1078                                                                    Michael Wayne Eaton 6             Dr. John T. Cole 2                  Charles A. Sommer 4
                                                                                                 Leadership Club                   Richard F. Fenton 4                 William W. Stewart 3
                                    In recognition . . .                                         Richard D. James 6                Fred A. Kent 1                      John E. Strout 4
                                                                                                                                   Edward Paul Landry 1                Robert M. Travers 2
        This past year a bequest was received from Carl B. Eklund, Alpha Eta 234.                Anniversary Club
                                                                                                                                                                       Greg M. Woolridge 3
                                                                                                                                   Robert D. Lawrence 4
    If you are interested in learning more about planned gifts, or if you have already           William A. Tracy 5                                                    Anthony L. Youga 1
                                                                                                                                   Joseph Tanner Marcantel 1
      listed Theta Xi Foundation in your estate plans and want to be included in the             James O. York 6
                                                                                                                                   A. Robin Richard 3                  Other Loyal Donors
    Franklin Guild, please contact: David K. Ford, Vice President of Alumni Relations            6294 Club                         Joseph M. Sciortino 4               Gilbert L. Ashlock 2
     & Development, Theta Xi Foundation, P.O. Box 411393, St. Louis, MO 63141,                   Edwyn J. Buzard III 3             Paul B. Stanley 2                   Dr. Richard C. Baldwin 2
                   800-783-6294, ext 101 or email                             Robert N. Davidge 4               Leland W. Williams 4                Daniel P. Doheny 2
                                                                                                 Other Loyal Donors                Other Loyal Donors                  Gregory J. Karolich 1
                                                                                                 Richard F. Donofrio               Gary D. Clark                       R. F. Lotz 6
                                                                                                 James J. Gaudina 1                Andrew H. Henderson 1               Donald M. May 2
6294 Club                        Gregory J. Santacroce                                           Conrad Norman Nelson 2            L. K. Herlong 2                     Jerold Myers 1
                                                                 Wilfred Thomas Dawson 3
                                 LTC. Douglas W. Sarver USA 2                                                                      Jack C. Skains 1                    Milton C. Otto 3
Marc L. Archambault 2                                            James R. Eddins                 Phi-Wisconsin
                                 Dale E. Schweinsberg                                                                              Robert W. Smartt 1                  Greg E. Roosevelt 1
Michael Barna 2                                                  James A. Feibelman 1
                                 Roy W. Shear Esq. 2                                             6294 Club                         Thomas Clifton Woltz Sr. 2          Charles J. Spencer 1
Henry F. Carlsen                                                 Dr. Robert A. Forster 1
Vincent A. Carozza 2             Robert H. Stevenson 3           W. Roy Hallmark Jr. 2           George Kowalczyk Esq. 4           Glynn A. Young 1
                                                                                                                                                                       Alpha Gamma-IIT
George C. Dreistadt 1            Robert G. Walters               Robert L. Hargrave CPA 4        Other Loyal Donors
                                 Jesse W. Whitlow PhD 2
                                                                                                                                   Alpha Beta-Illinois                 Leadership Club
Michael A. Ehrgott 3                                             Randolph Heartfield 2           Norman W. Lofthus 2
                                 Carl Frank Zorowski PhD 2                                       Frederic A. Ulrich 1              Rensselaer Society-Patron           Dean E. Johnson 4
Edward Fortner 3                                                 C. Read Kennon
David B. Haynie 4                                                C. Bart Melton Jr. 2                                              David A. Hirsch 7                   Anniversary Club
Plato S. Karayanis 4
                                 Rho-Texas                       David W. O'Brient 2             Chi-Ohio State                    Scot M. Klimke 6                    Walter S. Stasioski Jr. 6
Frank A. Lee 4                   Rensselaer Society-Benefactor   Earl James O'Brient 2           Rensselaer Society-Benefactor     Rensselaer Society-Benefactor       6294 Club
Daniel L. Lewis 3                Norman W. Ray 8                 Dr. Michael D. Sander           Christopher Nathaniel Baker 4     Stephen John Van Clay 6             Charles B. Arends PhD 3
Conrad Mitchell 2                Leadership Club                 Daniel L. Smith 2               6294 Club                         Leadership Club                     Philip J. Brust 5
Other Loyal Donors               Dr. Thomas K. Meier 4           Joe Spindler 2                  John H. Barrett 1                                                     Milton A. Collick 3
                                                                                                                                   Craig S. Burkhardt 6
Ludwig Benner Jr. 3                                              James P. Westerheid 1           Charles L. Hahn 2                                                     Jeffrey A. Foster 4
                                 Anniversary Club                                                                                  Edward F. Kerwin 7
George K. Brennen Jr. 3          Philip A. Geis PhD 4            Sigma-Michigan                  COL. Edgar C. Meier USA 3         Anniversary Club                    Ronald M. Goldman 2
Charles H. Cooke 2               Niran E. Kellogg 5                                              LTjg Lawrence W. Pettett USNR 2                                       John A. Malo USN 4
                                                                 Rensselaer Society-Patron                                         Ciro Cirrincione MD 4
Albert E. Deeds 1                Rev. Gene Norman 4                                              James Joseph Reed 1                                                   Chester W. Schirmer 4
                                                                 David A. DeMuro 8                                                 Timothy J. Crowley 4
Harold K. Eberenz 2              Donald Keith St. Martin 5                                       Other Loyal Donors                Barton M. Kort 2                    Other Loyal Donors
David James Faller 2                                             Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
                                 6294 Club                                                       Donald E. Johnson 2               James G. Sternburg PhD 3            Michael J. Aichinger
Jeremy H. Geller PE 1                                            Donald J. Rippert 3             William E. Krauss PhD 1           William Vischer 5                   Norman A. Brabec 3
                                 Hon. Samuel J. Day 2
Robert E. Griscom 3                                              Leadership Club                 Ted J. Maybaugh 2                                                     Donald A. Dahl 1
                                 James W. Johnson 2                                                                                6294 Club
Michael R. Guido 1                                               David R. Moss 5                 Lewis H. Merrill                                                      Richard J. Dufek 1
                                 George A. Peabody 4                                                                               Ronald L. Benedict 4
Evan H. Komito                                                                                                                                                         Col. James J. Malone USAF 1
                                 W. Reed Quilliam Jr. 4          Anniversary Club                                                  Burnett D. Bruce 4
Robert L. Landis 2
                                 Joe F. Tucker 1
                                                                                                 Psi-Minnesota                                                         Max B. Willig 1
Michael Weiler Libby                                             Jack L. Lawrence 3                                                Henry Hank Dougherty 2
                                 Robert L. Turner Jr. 3                                          Leadership Club                                                       Glenn F. Workman 2
Edward M. Margolis 4                                             A. Zacks 2                                                        John T. Doyle 2
                                                                                                 Leonard A. Olson 4
Rodney K. McDowell 3             Other Loyal Donors              6294 Club                                                         Dr. Richard E. Eddy                 Alpha Delta-Oregon
                                 Robert D. Bailey 3                                              6294 Club                         Gregory A. German 3
Kenneth E. McIlvried 3                                           Joseph K. Betten 2
                                                                                                 John L. Sontag 3
Harry W. Miller 2                Stephen D. Belcher 3            Paul W. Burdick 2                                                 Russell O. Graybeal 3
                                                                                                                                   Eric S. Lukas 2                     Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
Dr. Arthur T. Murphy 2           Walter E. Braly 1               John J. Eisz 1                  Other Loyal Donors
                                                                                                                                   James R. Lundgren 3                 Edward B. De Groot 9
                                                                 Warren C. Lindeman 5            Kermit W. Halden 2                                                    Richard J. Spady 8
First time donors are recognized in italics.                                                                              12                                                                                   THE UNICORN
                                                                         Annual Report 2003–2004
Anniversary Club                  James M. Weldon                                                                                  Anniversary Club                     COL. John W. Witt 1
Richard F. Clarke 1                                                                                                                Jeffrey K. Levin 3                   Baird R. Wonsey 2
Dr. David L. Schreiber 4
                                  Alpha Zeta-UCLA                       1864 Undergraduate Club                                    6294 Club                            Alpha Xi-Mississippi
                                  Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
Wesley A. Smith 5
6294 Club                         William C. Murphy III 7                  Interest Continues!                                     Dr. Alex J. Bart 2
                                                                                                                                   Dr. Paul F. DuMont DBA 3             State
K. Gordon Borchgrevink 4          Leadership Club                      The Foundation proudly recognizes the following             Charles M. Ioas 4                    Other Loyal Donors
Richard W. Bowne 5                John C. Lopuch 5                    undergraduates who demonstrated their apprecia-              Keith L. Kline 3                     Earl H. Greer 2
Other Loyal Donors                Anniversary Club                       tion of the programming provided them by                  Norman P. Leist 2                    Jerald J. Herring
Richard A. Crone 2                William James Choppe 3                  making their own gifts of at least $18.64:               Dr. E. Virden Moore 4
                                                                                                                                                                        Alpha Omicron-UL-
Gordon R. Linn 2                  Peter J. Maimone 2                                                                               Other Loyal Donors
LTC Edwin L. Noble USA            Eugene S. Putnam Jr. 5             Ryan Paley                       Matthew Funk                 Thomas B. Conn
Arthur H. Patterson 2             Robert J. Walters 2                Matthew Carvey                   Eric Hampton                 Allen Charles Deolazarra 2           Anniversary Club
Elm N Petterson 2                 John J. Watrous 2                  Michael Whitaker                 Mark Ianucci                 Culvin S. Edwards                    Harry S. Kaufman 3
Lyman E. Seely 2                  Lee G. Weldon 5                    Paul A. Tanski, Jr.              Ryan Detri                   William C. Holton 2                  6294 Club
Jerry C. Street 2                                                    Chris Tucker                     Alan B. Oliver               LTC. Richard James Kruse Jr.
                                  6294 Club                                                                                                                             James K. Leach 1
                                                                     Ryan Hillary                     Robert Crum                  Walter H. Lussky 2
                                  James R. Allen Jr. 3                                                                                                                  E. Mel Wood 4
Alpha Epsilon-                                                       Ryan Kight                       Daniel Moses                 Thomas R. Naumann 2
                                  Gen. Norman J. Anderson USMC 4                                                                                                        Other Loyal Donors
Nebraska                          Brooks E. Baldwin 4
                                                                     Kris Azevedo                     Ron Botelho                  John R. Zuske 1
                                                                     Paul Mattus                      Daniel Blankenhagen                                               John A. Cottrell Jr. 2
Rensselaer Society-Patron         Gaetano L. Belcore 6
Fred J. Howlett 8
                                                                     Justin Cinicolo                  Drew Stewart                 Alpha Lambda-                        James S. Fitzgerald 2
                                  David E. Berman 2                                                                                                                     Russell P. Foreman Jr.
                                  J. Kenneth Clancy 4
                                                                     Neil Bergeron                    Dan Morris                   Alabama
Anniversary Club                                                     Daniel Griffin                   Justin Van Slyke                                                  Charles K. Ohlmeyer Jr. 2
                                  R. Douglas 2                                                                                     Anniversary Club
Charles Kelly Bartles 1                                              Mark Majewski                    Derek Stephens                                                    Octave J. Tournillon PhD
David H. Jones 2                  Robert Matthew Durand 2                                                                          Raymond P. Hummell Jr. 4
                                                                     Ryan Jones                       Macario Viezca
David R. Knapp 5                  James P. Egbert 4
                                                                     Garrett Chassee                  Gary Spickes
                                                                                                                                   Jay Niendorf 3                       Alpha Pi-U Conn
Larry A. Schuster 4               Jeffrey R. Graham 4                                                                              6294 Club                            Anniversary Club
                                                                     Paul Heath Hattaway              Nicholas J. Stopher
                                  Barton U. Halberstadt 3                                                                          Hon. Edwin D. Breland 3              Robert G. Peck 3
6294 Club                                                            Allen Clark                      James E. Atkins
                                  Louis S. Hayward 4                                                                               Dr. Clifford J. Hataway 4
Leonard P. Barker 2                                                  Eric Schaible                    Jason Cavey                                                       6294 Club
                                  Gene D. Hersh 3                                                                                  Harry K. Jamesson 4
Thomas W. Brown 4                                                    Derek Vanosdall                  Richard Gillespie                                                 Robert J. Christie 3
                                  Dr. Balfour Jeffrey Kay 2
Roger T. Castonguay 2                                                Simir Filho                      Matthew Graves               Other Loyal Donors                   Philip J. Connell 1
                                  Craig M. Littenberg 4
Thomas E. Geu 4                                                      Damir Makic                      Jeff Isner                   Ernest W. Frix                       CAPT Robert B. Doyle 3
                                  Edwin P. Lynch LAD 4
Terrence J. Grasmick 2                                               Mike Seibert                     Robert Morris                Lt. Co. Stanley F. Koropsak USAF 2
                                  Michael T. Quaranta 2                                                                                                                 Other Loyal Donors
Leonard A. Hammes 3                                                  Branden Comfort                  Colony Contributors:
                                  Karl T. Stahl 2                                                                                  Alpha Mu-Amherst                     Richard K. Ayer 2
Christopher C. Hayes 3                                               Matt Myers                       Eric Cervenka ASU
                                  Capt. Laurence J. Stuppy 4                                                                                                            Roger W. Benton
Kent R. Hildreth 1                                                   Carey J. LeBlanc                 Jon Tullo ASU                6294 Club
                                  Rick D. Telles 1                                                                                                                      Joseph P. Brown PhD 1
John E. Nelson 3                                                     Sean Fagan                       Derek Oien Wisc-Superior     Howard J. Gross 3
                                  Steinar Tweiten 3                                                                                                                     William L. Burgess 2
Ronald R. Sack 4                                                     David Ruckman                    Alex Pfannebecker            Other Loyal Donors
                                  Other Loyal Donors                                                                                                                    Dr. Walter M. Collins
Dr. Stephen R. Schaefer 1                                            Andrew Draker                      Wisc-Superior
                                  E. Robert Bichowsky 2                                                                            Richard R. Riendeau                  Charles F. Ford
John C. Schreiner 4                                                                                                                Warrick C. Robinson 2                Arthur Edward Girard PhD 2
Robert C. Warner M.D. 4           L. George Bishop 2
                                                                        If you’re an undergraduate and would like to get                                                Richard E. Kosikowski 2
Herbert T. Williams 1             Jeffrey R. King 1                                                                                Alpha Nu-USC
                                  William E. McKee III
                                                                           involved in the 1864 Club, please contact us                                                 Richard Willard Lewis 1
Other Loyal Donors                                                           or visit our webpage at              Rensselaer Society-Benefactor        Dr. Alexander Miller 2
                                  CDR. John T. O’Der USN 1
Mark Astro A. Anderson 2          Christopher J. Petrini 1               Members receive an 1864 Club insignia pin for             George R. Bardwil 5
Richard E. Brown                                                                                                                                                        Alpha Rho-Oklahoma
                                  Richard V. Price 1                        enrolling. Show your dedication to Theta Xi            Leadership Club
F. Dayton Chapin 1                Niles Rasmussen PE 2                                  by signing up today.                       Glenn A. Giffin 4                    Anniversary Club
Milton D. Clark 1                 R. Randolph Reck 1                                                                               Brian Mercadante 3                   W. Frank Spooner 2
Col. William H. E. Doole USAF 1   Keld G. Sorensen                                                                                                                      Other Loyal Donors
                                                                                                                                   Anniversary Club
Howard G. Duncan 1                Christopher J. Stenzel 2                                                                                                              Gilbert J. Shaw 3
Wayne W. Gallant 2                                                                                                                 Clyde O. Boothe 2
                                  Paul B. Thompson III 3           Other Loyal Donors              6294 Club                                                            Nova L. Smith
Lt. Col. William R. Kasselman                                                                                                      Dr. George T. Root 5
                                  John R. Trapnell 2               Richard Gottardi 2              Kevin A. Govert 2                                                    Don H. Wiesen 2
   USAF 1                                                          Raymond C. Richardson PhD 2     Russ Anthony Grabbe             6294 Club
Robert M. Kovarik 3               Alpha Eta-Colorado               Donald G. Salyards 2            Karl M. Hemker 3                Richard E. Finley 4                  Alpha Sigma-Bradley
David A. Krecek 2                 Anniversary Club                 John P. Stroud                  Wayne A. Horlacher 2            David J. Gibbs 4                     Anniversary Club
Gerald D. McCracken 1             Carl B. Eklund 2                                                 Harold A. Olson 2               Frederick K. Gleason 2
                                                                   Alpha Theta-Lafayette                                                                                Melvin B. Bullard 4
Thomas C. Munson 3                CDR. John D. Peebles USNR 3                                      Kevin C. Sampson 2              Norman Leroy Hawes 2                 Morton D. Fowler 6
Michael L. Naden 2                Ray C. Bissell 3                 Leadership Club                 William F. Stephans 4           Ray S. Hopkins 4                     Robert J. Hains 4
James Burton Rishel 2             Donald Ellsworth Good 4          Robert E. Wells 4               Dennis Tucker 2                 John G. McCandless 2                 David S. Joseph 2
Harold K. Scholz 3                George J. Ivans 4                                                Gerald D. Wilhelm 2             Col. James B. Middleton USAF 4
                                                                   6294 Club                                                                                            William C. Pickett 1
David A. Schreiner 2              Donald B. Kamp 2                                                 Clifford Jay Woodley 3          Richard A. Moczygemba 2
                                                                   James S. Drake 3                                                                                     6294 Club
Dallas R. Smetter                 David Von Hamm 2                                                                                 Capt. Gerald E. Monahan USN 1
                                                                   Other Loyal Donors              Other Loyal Donors                                                   Dr. Douglas B. Babel MD
Richard M. Tempero 2                                                                                                               William H. Scott 4
                                                                   Earl F. Snyder Jr.              Robert F. Arnold 2                                                   Joseph Conklin Jr. 4
                                                                                                                                   James O. Stolaroff 6
                                                                                                   Lyman E. Cavin                                                       Donald W. Diekman 2
                                                                   Alpha Iota-Kansas               Dr. Robert W. Disney 2          Other Loyal Donors
                                                                                                                                                                        Ralph W. Grandle 2
                                                                   State                           Douglas D. Gish 1               John W. Cline CIA                    Robert J. Grotto 2
       Matching Gift Companies                                     Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
                                                                                                   Scott W. Groth                  Royal M. Cunliffe 2                  Darwin L. Miller
                                                                                                   Christopher Craig Hansen        Oscar Denenberg 2                    Roger C. Sables 3
       Theta Xi Foundation recognizes the following                Robert D. Davis 6                                               James E. DePaoli 1
                                                                                                   Kenneth F. Kern 2                                                    Larry M. Salvatori 2
       companies which matched employees’ gifts                    Joseph L. Karlin 6                                              CAPT. Ralph B. Grahl CEC 2
                                                                                                   Roger K . Kraus 2                                                    Charles R. Shive 3
                                                                   Leo T. Walsh 4                                                  Malcolm Edward Jones 2
            during the 2003–2004 fiscal year:                                                      Clyde H. Olson 2                                                     David F. Turner
                                                                   Leadership Club                 Dr. Douglas K. Stigge 2         Kenneth J. Kearns 2
                      Hale and Dorr LLP                                                                                            Bruce W. Lilly 2                     Other Loyal Donors
                                                                   Dennis E. Marstall 2            James A. Weast
                   U.S. Central Credit Union                       LtC. James M. Pierce 5                                          Jeffrey J. Ludwikowski 2             Matthew R. Ault 2
                                                                                                   Gale R. Wiley 2
                      Pfizer Foundation                            Terry M. Quinn 5                                                William P. McGinn 2                  Eric L. Larson
                   The Coca-Cola Company                           Craig W. Wallace 3              Alpha Kappa-                    Richard R. Reyes 3                   Norman L. Mitchell 1
                                                                                                   Northwestern                    Philip K. Sherman Jr. 1              Mark H. Pettegrew 1
                      Cingular Wireless                            Anniversary Club                                                                                     Charles D. Stone
                                                                                                   Rensselaer Society-Benefactor   Tommy J. Silver 2
                                                                   Maurice E. Arnold Jr. 5
     We encourage donors to check if their employer                                                                                Justin V. Smith 2
                                                                   Casey G. Fishburn DMD 2         John A. Dever 7
                                                                                                                                   J. Norman Swaton
                                                                                                                                                                        Alpha Tau-Indiana
     will match gifts to Theta Xi. For more information            David D. Jennings 4             Leadership Club                                                      Anniversary Club
           consult your Human Resources office.                                                                                    Paul E. Trejo 3
                                                                   Dr. Kyle Wayne Kelly 3          Thomas H. McAboy 6                                                   William P. Lambert 4
                                                                                                                                   William C. Volkel Jr. 2
                                                                   Dr. Theodore W. Pope 2
                                                                                                                                   Robert S. Warren 2

WINTER 2005                                                                                      13                                                                        
Theta Xi Foundation
6294 Club                         Col. Charles Dale Preetorius USA 4                                                                                                      Beta Rho-Emporia
James M. Davis 5                  Jack Conrad Webb 4                                                                                                                      State
Michael R. Franceschini 2         6294 Club                                                                Memorial Gifts                                                 Other Loyal Donors
Other Loyal Donors                J. Ron Coursey 2                           Gifts to memorialize Theta Xi brothers were donated on behalf of the following               Robert John Cowan 1
Marion P. Clark                   Frederick O. Dischman III 4                                     brothers, friends or family members.                                    Wayne Lee Donaldson
Richard T. Elston 3               Richard I. Doughty 3
LeRoy D. Gudeman 1                Henry Hallowell Harvey Jr. 4                                                                                                            Beta Sigma-Cal U
William R. Hinkle 1               Channing E. Jones 2
                                                                                                             In Memory of . . .                                           of PA
Harold W. Ross 2                  David D. Lester 3                                 Harold A. Thomas, Jr., Iota 404—by his wife Marian E. Thomas                          Other Loyal Donors
Dr. Raymond O. Waldkoetter 4      John I. Michaels III 2
                                                                                      Kenneth A. Geiger, Alpha 779—by his wife Marilynn J. Geiger                         Thomas A. Delsandro
                                  Richard M. Williams 3
Alpha Upsilon-                                                                                                                                                            Steven Francis Kelly 1
                                  Other Loyal Donors                                    John A. Sullivan, Delta 493—by his wife Marie F. Sullivan
                                                                                                                                                                          Charles Frederick Knowlden Jr.
Louisiana Tech                    George W. Adams 1                                 Henry S. Morton, Alpha Beta 241—by his daughter Susan Lloyd                           George Llewellyn Thompson 1
Other Loyal Donors                James W. Fulton 2                                   James Burkett, Mu 249—by his son Ronald Burkett, Mu 641
William B. Boggs Jr. 1            Benjamin C. Harrell                                                                                                                     Beta Upsilon-Slippery
Joseph S. Maranto 1                                                              Clifford “Don” Daigler, Upsilon 443—by Conrad Nelson, Upsilon 480                        Rock
Daniel J. Simpson                 Beta Beta-San Jose                                Douglas S. Cormack, Alpha Zeta 218—by his wife Jean Cormack                           6294 Club
                                  State                                            Richard C. Brasington, Theta 304—by his wife Evelyn Brasington
Alpha Phi-South                                                                                                                                                           Ronald C. Shidemantle 1
                                  Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
Dakota                                                                           Jack McSorley, Omicron 961—by his parents John & Judy McSorley                           Other Loyal Donors
                                  Phillip R. Boyce 6
                                  Richard L. Wagner 5                                                                                                                     William Samuel Disantis MDT
6294 Club
                                                                                                                                                                          Daniel Louis Hale
Eugene C. Fingerhut 2             Other Loyal Donors                                                                                                                      Thomas Hamilton Hogg
Harold W. Moulton 3               James R. Fritz 2
                                                                       Other Loyal Donors                                                                                 Robert Thomas Jameson II 1
Other Loyal Donors                John Frederick Howard 3                                                                                                                 Larry Michael Yost 2
                                                                       C. Michael Cisson PhD 3
Harold H. Harms 3                 Beta Gamma-Bowling                   Roger Alan Harris 2                                                                                Beta Phi-West Liberty
Alpha Chi-Trinity                 Green                                John W. Ostrom 1
                                                                                                                                                                          6294 Club
Anniversary Club                  6294 Club                            Stephen C. Quickert 1
                                                                                                                                                                          Thomas William Signorelli 2
                                  Carmen Pomp Cerreta 1                Jonathan A. Saul
Robert S. Heins 4                                                                                                                                                         Other Loyal Donors
                                                                       Michael A. Siino 2
6294 Club                         Other Loyal Donors                   Daniel Jay Watt 2                                                                                  James M. Buonamici
William T. Robinson 4             Joseph F. Marconi 2                                                                                                                     James Stiles Norman 1
                                                                       Beta Zeta-Auburn                                                                                   CAPT. Alexander J. Sabol USN 1
Other Loyal Donors                Beta Delta-SIUC                      Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
John B. McGaw 2                   Rensselaer Society-Patron                                                                                                               Beta Psi-UL-Monroe
                                                                       Scott D. Yates 4
Alpha Psi-Missouri-               Dr. J. Franklin Sharp 8                                                                                                                 Anniversary Club
                                                                       Anniversary Club
Rolla                             6294 Club                            LTC. Edgar Franklin Harlin Jr. 3                                                                   Gregory David Pizzigno 3
Rensselaer Society-Patron         Michael R. Albers 1                                                                                                                     Steven Paul Thibodeaux 2
                                                                       6294 Club
                                  Jeffery T. Ball 2
Chris D. Wilson PE 7                                                   Joel Albert Hastey 3                                                                               Beta Omega-Virginia
                                  Fred R. Habermehl 1
6294 Club                         Robert L. Phillips 1                 Other Loyal Donors                                                                                 Tech
Donald W. Beegle 5                Dr. Robert L. K. Richardson 4        Dr. William Bradley Fuqua 4                                                                        Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
Michael J. Brynac 3               Jimmy J. Rogers 2                    Alan L. Gardner 2                      Paul Mattus, O 1085 reviews materials at 2004               Arthur Charles Hoey 4
Randal G. Hasselfeld 1                                                 Rudy Lynn Hampton
                                  Other Loyal Donors                                                                       Presidents Academy.                            Jonathon T. Luning 6
Brian D. Miles 2                                                       Robert Harold Hudson                                                                               Colin Calle McKenzie 3
                                  James A. Butterfield
Dr. Eugene R. Russell Sr. 3                                            Andrew M. O'Reilly 2                                                                               Benjamin Wilford Olson 8
                                  William Roy Foreshee
Other Loyal Donors                Lowell Len Halliburton 2             Wayne Thomas Rowan 1
                                                                                                                                                                          Leadership Club
James S. Blank 2                  James W. Hurst 2
                                                                                                                What other participants are saying
                                                                       Beta Eta-Northern                                                                                  James E. Vredenburgh Jr. 6
John M. Bruns                     Christopher John Stemler
                                                                       Colorado                                  about Presidents Academy . . .                           Anniversary Club
John Warner Evans 1               Peter F. Stoltz 2
Michael P. Fahy 2                                                                                                                                                         Steven Richard Bacon 4
                                  James L. Zeller 2                    Anniversary Club                                      “ . . . very enriching . . . ”
Robert E. Farrell                                                                                                                                                         Matthew Lloyd Barnes 3
                                                                       Norman Nicholas Anderson 4
Douglas A. Gaertner 3             Beta Epsilon-UC Davis                                                       “ . . . the best single motivating experience . . .”        Larry Shannon Brown CPA 3
                                                                       6294 Club
Jerry G. Johnson 1                Rensselaer Society-Patron                                                             “ . . . nothing but excellent . . . ”             6294 Club
                                                                       Lawrence Snyder 2
David L. Maschler PE              Charles Harry Curley 9                                                                                                                  Leonard David Frank 4
Robert F. Schmitt
                                                                       Ronald Eugene Walters 3                           “ . . . thank you, Theta Xi . . . ”              Mark Christopher Gibson 2
                                  Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
Robert J. Valleroy 2                                                   Other Loyal Donors                                                                                 Joseph Anthony Latore
                                  John Charles Harris 6
Thomas E. Walsh                                                        Arnold Al Quinonez                                                                                 Paul Easley Owen 1
                                  Dr. Richard Charles McCormac 8
Donald E. Wiseman 1                                                                                                                                                       Dr. Charles G. Penick Jr. 4
                                  Michael F. Woods 6                   Beta Theta-Western                 Beta Mu-Central                   Kory Adam Marino
                                                                                                                                                                          William James Poad Jr. 1
Alpha Omega-                                                           Michigan                                                             Donald John Murphy 1
                                  Leadership Club                                                         Arkansas                          Trace Mark Timken             Christopher John Spoth 2
Michigan State                    Dr. John Michael Osborn MD 6         6294 Club                          Other Loyal Donors                                              Robert Eugene St. John 3
Other Loyal Donors                Anniversary Club                     LTC. Thomas Michael Sternal        Fred Morris III 2                 Beta Omicron-Clarion          Other Loyal Donors
Charles S. Daymond                Steven L. Horton 4                     USA 2                                                              Other Loyal Donors            Ronald A. Bartelt 2
Manfredo C. Drago 2               Dr. John L. Lyman 4
                                                                                                          Beta Nu-UNK                       SSG Michael Lee Davis USAR
                                                                       Other Loyal Donors                                                                                 David Smith Compton 6
Col. Roger L. Nelson USAF         Bradley J. Nichols 2                                                    6294 Club                         Gregory Paul Kopay
                                                                       Larry A. De Fries                                                                                  James Luke Martin 2
Col. Robert Leland Toney USAF 2   Col. William Roy Seaver USA 4        Charles Arthur Straub 1            Robert Allan Phares 2                                           John Finley McLaurin 1
                                  6294 Club                                                               Other Loyal Donors
                                                                                                                                            Beta Pi-S.E. Louisiana        Francis Thomas Terminella 2
Beta Alpha-Georgia                                                     Beta Kappa-Clarkson                                                  Rensselaer Society-Founders
                                  Dr. James William Brode 5                                               Milton Arthur Steiner 2                                         Russell Hendrix Wright 1
Tech                                                                   Other Loyal Donors                                                   Walter Sidney Brock Jr. 10
                                  Dr. Bruce Harold Carter 4
Rensselaer Society-Founders       John M. Dooley 1                     James Edward Arnold II             Beta Xi-New Orleans               Leadership Club
                                                                                                                                                                          Gamma Alpha-
James M. Koelemay Jr. 10          Dean E. Ekman 2                      Gordon James Lindsay 1             Anniversary Club                  Stanton Lee Cadow CFRE 5      Shepherd
Rensselaer Society-Benefactor     Jim Robert Erdman 5                  Paul Martin Olson 1                Wayne Charles Landwerlin 2                                      6294 Club
                                                                                                                                            Anniversary Club
Beta Alpha Association            Anthony P. Giannotti OD 2                                               6294 Club                                                       Gabor Ferenc Volker
Thomas G. Shaurette 4             Hon. Martin Ronald Gladstein 3       Beta Lambda-IUP                                                      Dr. David Charles Schwab 6
                                                                                                          Michael A. Falgoust Sr.                                         Other Loyal Donors
                                  Alec A. Hurd 3                       Other Loyal Donors                                                   6294 Club
Leadership Club                                                                                           Michael Albert Flick 2                                          Robert E. Hughes II 2
                                  Lloyd Wilson Lowrey 2                Doug C. Reed                                                         Louis Steve Prokop 3
Jonathan Lee Jones 2                                                                                      Other Loyal Donors                Christopher R. Prokop         Curtis W. Jordan 2
                                  James Philip Matzinger 2             Dale Alan Reigel 4
Anniversary Club                                                                                          Michael Robert Barre                                            Ronald Stuart Nutzman 1
                                  David B. Panconi 2                   Rolando D. Toccafondi 1                                              Other Loyal Donors
Alan G. Amrhein 3                 Erle M. Petrie 4                                                        Allen Christopher Enger
                                                                                                                                            Frank Stafford Joule
Larry M. Balkin 6                 Dr. Terence Kirby Prechter 4                                            Col. Billy Michael James USAF 2

First time donors are recognized in italics.                                                                                       14                                                                            THE UNICORN
                                                                        Annual Report 2003–2004
Gamma Beta-Florida              Gamma Theta-Lake                 Kappa Gamma-                    Patrick John Kelley
                                                                                                 William G. Schafer 1
Tech                            Superior                         Fairmont State
Rensselaer Society-Benefactor   Leadership Club                  Other Loyal Donors              Kappa Lambda-Old                                DID YOU KNOW?
Richard Eugene Beck 5           Timothy Scott Lawrence 4         Jay M. Teacoach 1               Dominion                                The Franklin Guild is Theta Xi Foundation’s
Leadership Club                 Anniversary Club                 Kappa Delta-Indiana             6294 Club                               planned giving club named to honor Benjamin
William Dale Johnson 4          John Clare Schafer 4                                             Johannes Oswald Hoffmann EdD 2          Franklin, our patron saint and our country’s first
Anniversary Club                Gamma Iota-Embry                                                 Other Loyal Donors                      philanthropist.
                                                                 6294 Club
Jay Daniel Moser 3                                                                               John Slater Hadfield 1
                                Riddle                           William George Gorman 3                                                 The Rensselaer Society was unveiled in 2003 to
6294 Club                       Other Loyal Donors               Other Loyal Donors              Kappa Mu-RIT                            honor annual alumni donors of $500 or more.
John Patrick Balcerowski 4      Patrick John Elko 2              Donald Gordon Henderson 2       6294 Club                               In its first year, 70 loyal Brothers became
Robert (R.J.) James Edwards 3                                                                                                            charter members.
                                Christopher C. Peralta                                           Frank Ross Geraci 3
Other Loyal Donors                                               Kappa Epsilon-
John T. Bailey 2
                                Gamma Kappa-UIC                  Concord                         Other Loyal Donors                      The 1864 Club is Theta Xi’s undergraduate
                                Other Loyal Donors                                               John Somerville Snyder 2                giving club. Now in its third year, more than
Scott James Bruyere                                              Other Loyal Donors
Thomas John Stanek Jr.          Mark Jerry D'Apice Jr.                                           Kappa Nu-Defiance                       100 student members have demonstrated their
                                                                 Raymond Edward Hayslett 2
                                                                                                                                         appreciation of the Foundation’s work by
Gamma Gamma-                    Gamma Lambda-                    Kappa Zeta-                     Anniversary Club
                                                                                                                                         making a gift.
South Alabama                   Edinboro                                                         Philip E. Mallott 4
                                                                 Charleston                                                              More than 1,100 Brothers made gifts to the
Other Loyal Donors              6294 Club                                                        6294 Club
                                                                 Other Loyal Donors                                                      Foundation in 2003-04; of those, 92 were first-
                                Ben W. Carbaugh 1                                                William John Cody 3
Thomas Andrew George                                             Matthew Ira Byock 2                                                     time donors (recognized in italics).
                                                                                                 Other Loyal Donors
                                Gamma Nu-Delaware                Kappa Eta-Glenville
Gamma Delta-Loyola                                               State                           Daniel Arnold Jenkins 3                 Undergraduate Brothers volunteered more than
                                Leadership Club                                                                                          300 man-hours to contact alumni during our
6294 Club                                                                                        Kappa Omicron-Lenoir
                                Kevin Christopher Johnson 2      Other Loyal Donors                                                      phone campaign to update records, share news
Joseph Scott Kaplan
                                6294 Club                        David Reid Booth 1              Rhyne                                   about Theta Xi and request Fund Drive support.
Gamma Epsilon-SEMO              Brian J. Newmark 2               Daniel E. Gooding 2             Anniversary Club                        Special thanks to Mu, Gamma Epsilon, Alpha
Rensselaer Society-Benefactor                                    Alfred Ray Holbert 1            Broadus Grover Reese 4
John Joseph Rooney 4
                                Gamma Pi-UNC-                                                                                            Sigma, Beta Alpha, Chi, Pi and Kappa Tau Chapters
                                Pembrooke                        Kappa Theta-Western             Other Loyal Donors                      for assisting the work of the Foundation!
Leadership Club
                                6294 Club
                                                                 Illinois                        Luther Wayne Barringer 2
                                                                                                                                         The 6th annual Presidents Academy broke
Brian Dean Joos 6
Donald Joseph Morris 2          Vincent J. Castano 2             Other Loyal Donors              Kappa Pi-Wayne State                    another attendance record with a 20% increase
                                                                 Larry Richard Bordner           Rensselaer Society-Benefactor           over last year’s participation.
Anniversary Club                Gamma Sigma-UW-                  Stacy John Hegeman 2            Dr. John Henry White Jr. 5
Jeffrey Royce Vernetti 2        Stevens Point                                                                                            2004 Regional Conference attendance boasted a
                                                                 Kappa Kappa-Ball                Leadership Club                         78% chapter participation rate with over 200
6294 Club                       Other Loyal Donors
James Gregory Farr
                                                                 State                           Arthur Jay Hayden 3                     undergraduates.
                                Chad Quentin Alberg 1
Bryce Lee Heitman 1                                              Rensselaer Society-Benefactor   Other Loyal Donors
Aaron Ray Julian                Kappa Alpha-                     Frederick Lawrence Abel 6       Terry Aldon Rowland 2
Trevor Michael Sumner 1         Youngstown State                 Anniversary Club                Kappa Rho-Ferris
Other Loyal Donors              6294 Club                        Thomas Jay Weesner 4                                             Other Loyal Donors               6294 Club
Daniel Evan Freyling            Edward Stephen Lariccia 2        Earl C. Yestingsmeier 4                                          Chuck Beauchamp 2                Brett Michael Covert 2
                                Andrew Michael Liptak 2                                          Leadership Club                  James Allen Bentley 2            Charles Wesley Harvey
Jeffery Dale Williams Esq.                                       6294 Club
                                                                                                 William Thomas Stewart 2         Shawn Thomas Burns 1             Steven Parnel Nelson 2
Gamma Eta-Nicholls              Kappa Beta-AK-                   David Robert Guinnup AICP 1
                                                                 Charles Edward Oberlie 4        Anniversary Club                 Michael John Chrzanowski 2       Robert Elliott Raffety
State                           Monticello                                                       John A. Agnone 4                 Wayne Alvin Cypress 2            Lee Mayhew Sherman CPA 2
                                                                 Darcel Eugene Tolle 1
6294 Club                       6294 Club                                                                                         Neil De Koker 2                  Other Loyal Donors
                                David Dail 2
                                                                 Other Loyal Donors              Kappa Sigma-                     James Mark French 2
Jeffrey Michael Montz 2                                                                                                                                            Kevin W. Bruny SPHR
William James Pousson Jr. 1     Hector New                       Jeff Stephen Brown              Kettering                        John Edward Hingst 1             Timothy Groah Harman CLU
                                John Thomas Ross 2               Lawrence L. Buell               Rensselaer Society-Benefactor    Howard C. Larsen III 2
Other Loyal Donors                                               James Glenn Cox 2                                                                                 David Lloyd Hughes 1
                                                                                                 Dr. Ronald Lee Smith 7           Ronald Keith Manche 1            Jason Michael Martin
Brad Anthony Galland 2                                                                                                            Charles Deal Moore 1
                                                                                                 Anniversary Club                                                  James Clark Roach
                                                                                                                                  Kevin Patrick Moore 2            Gary George Weller
                                                                                                 Douglas Mark Bahun 1
                                                                                                                                  Harry C. Poston 2
                                                                                                 Paul Kime Morgan 1                                                Kappa Upsilon-Utica
                                                                                                                                  Robert Curry Ryder 2
                                                                                                 Stuart James Pierce 2
                        Theta Xi 2004 Statistics                                                 Randy Burton Richardson 4
                                                                                                                                  Carl Martin Scheffel 2
                                                                                                                                  Glenn Chester Simet 1
                                                                                                                                                                   Other Loyal Donors
                                                                                                                                                                   Paul Askins Jarrett 2
                                                                                                 Jon Bruce Robertson 2
       Over 63,000 Brothers in the Bonds initiated since founding at Rensselaer in                                                Steve James Sumners              Wayne John Schreck 2
                                                                                                 Reinhold Martin Tischler 5
                                                                                                                                  Lawrence David Sutter 1
       1864.                                                                                     Jerry Raymond Wallace 5                                           Kappa Phi-WCU
                                                                                                                                  David Paul Utykanski 2
       Currently 50 Chapters and 6 Colonies.                                                     Darren Craig Williams 2
                                                                                                                                  John Arnold Wackerman 2          Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
                                                                                                 John Michael Wilson 5
                                                                                                                                  Ronald LeRoy Weber               Frank Joseph Rubino Jr. 4
       The UNICORN of Theta Xi is redesigned and each issue is mailed to over                    6294 Club                        Robert Mark Williams 2
       25,500 alumni.                                                                                                                                              Leadership Club
                                                                                                 William Begg Jr. 2               Melvin Charles Zehnpfennig
                                                                                                 Russel Harold Behm 5                                              Dr. Fred Donald Hinson 2
       28 official alumni clubs located across the USA.                                                                           Kappa Tau-WV
                                                                                                 Brian Jeffrey Govern 1                                            Anniversary Club
       2004 Alumni Summit was held in Las Vegas and is designated an alumni                      Robert James Grutter 2           Wesleyan                         Ted Segar 2
       convention “off year” event.                                                              Michael Holt Hadley 3            Rensselaer Society-Patron        Other Loyal Donors
       141st Anniversary Convention will be held Aug. 4–7, 2005 and will be                      Charles Arthur Hanje 4           Andrew Bernhard Carlson 5        Christopher Morris Burnham
                                                                                                 Eric William Hemker 1                                             Carl Ray Cruse
       Theta Xi’s third New Orleans convention.                                                                                   Rensselaer Society-Benefactor
                                                                                                 Gerard Raymond Lilly 2                                            Rev. Jeffrey Douglas McCarthy 3
                                                                                                                                  Robert Glenn Dietrich 7
       2004 Theta Xi Alumni Directory, valuable for networking and strengthening                 David Michael Look 2
       Brotherhood, is now available to members.                                                 Lawrence Michael Maloney 4       Leadership Club                  Kappa Chi-Lawrence
       Eta Chapter celebrated 100 years in 2004, with 2005 centennial festivities
                                                                                                 Michael Edward McLean 3          David Keith Ford 2               Tech
                                                                                                 Robert Alen Patterson 1          Anniversary Club                 6294 Club
       planned for Theta Chapter at Purdue and Iota Chapter at Washington                        Paul John Schnobrick 4           John Brooks Jones 2              Roger Allan Somerville 1
       University.                                                                               Robert Dale Thomas 3             Donald Scott Lambie 2
       Headquarter’s staff members made consultation visits to all 56 Chapters and
                                                                                                 Timothy Charles Wahl             Randolph R. Scott SPHR 2         FRIENDS OF THE
       Colonies during the 2003–04 academic year.
                                                                                                 Jeremy James Wudy 1              John Michael Walsh 2             FOUNDATION
                                                                                                                                  Harry Dorman Willis 2            John & Jean Metzler     ■

WINTER 2005                                                                                  15                                                                       

Jean Hempstead, Mu 298,
celebrated his 100th birthday
on August 6, 2004. Brother
Hempstead is a role model of a
Theta Xi lifetime experience.                                                                                                                   Greg White,
As a professor at Iowa State,                                                                                                                   TV host of
Jean was introduced to the                                                                                                                      “2 Wheel
Mu Chapter and invited to                                                                                                                       Tuesday”
become an alumni initiate. He
was initiated on November 26,
1940. Brother Hempstead was
called to the service during
WWII and taught at the US Air
Force Academy until his retire-                                                                                         Greg White, Gamma Iota 57
ment from the service in 1964.                                                                                          (ERAU ’93), is the host of the
He then returned to Ames and                                                                                            weekly show “2 Wheel Tuesday.”
accepted a professor position at                                                                                        The show is featured on Speed
Iowa State, where he taught                                                                                             TV and is about the world of
another ten years. Throughout                                                                                           motorcycles and motor racing.
this period and since he supports                                                                                       Brother White has been hosting
Mu Chapter, attends 6294 events                                                                                         the show since February 2003
                                        (L to R) Manette Sammons, Cliff Cameron, Lillian Landrum, and Jim Ragland       and has been involved in televi-
and uses every opportunity to
remind others that “Theta Xi is                                                                                         sion since 1997. He also is an
the greatest” as he continues to        tion, his 100th birthday and               “Sammy” Sammons Kitchen,             avid motorcyclist who has
urge young and older alumni to          recognize his decades of loyal             Betty Schneider Fenton House         competed in several races in the
play an active role in the              service and support for Theta Xi!          Director’s Suite, and the Paul N.    United States and Europe.
Fraternity. Brother Hempstead                                                      & Evelyn E. Howell Educational       For more information, go to
was presented with the                                                             Account were all dedicated after
Fraternity’s Distinguished Service      Alpha Alpha Celebrates                     the completion of a fundraising
Award in 1969 for services as an        Dedication                                 campaign that had been ongoing       Sean Touhey, Eta 1027 (Lehigh
officer of Mu Association.                 On September 25, Alpha                  since 1996. Over 120 brothers        ’99), formed a charitable organi-
   Mu undergraduates, alumni            Alpha (Louisiana State) Chapter            pledged more than $300,000 in        zation called “Playing for Peace,”
and Executive Director                  and Alumni Association celebrat-           contributions for Alpha Alpha for    whose goal it is to bring together
Vredenburgh gathered together           ed the dedication of several               house improvements and educa-        people of different ethnic and
at the Iowa State Chapter house         remodeled areas to their chapter           tional resources. Brother            social backgrounds through bas-
on October 19 to celebrate the          house. The Charles “Cliff”                 Cameron, Theta Xi’s Man of           ketball leagues and clinics.
64th Anniversary of his initia-         Cameron Living Room, Leslie                Distinction, served as Honorary      About 7,500 children in
                                                                                   Chairman on the campaign.            Northern Ireland and 20,000
                                                                                   James Ragland, Alpha Alpha           kids in South Africa have partici-
                                                                                   Association President, served as     pated in the program. He has
                                                                                   the local Chairman and was assist-   even involved his chapter broth-
                                                                                   ed by Leslie Sammons, Tommy          er Thibault Manekin, Eta 1041,
                                                                                   Bernard, John Hightower, Walter      to help coach the activities.
                                                                                   Brock and others.                    “Playing for Peace” recruits for-
                                                                                                                        mer college athletes to coach and
                                                                                                                        is funded largely by local institu-
                                                                                                                        tions and foundations. To learn
                                                                                                                        more, visit

                                                                                                                        Dr. Warren Collmann, Eta 365
                                                                                                                        (Lehigh ’43), was recently
                                                                                                                        honored with a retirement
                                                                                                                        reception in his honor after
                                                                                                                        spending nearly half a century
                                                                                                                        as a physician in Farmville, VA.
                                                                                                                        Brother Collmann spent three
                                                                                                                        years in the Navy during World
                                                                                                                        War II and was one of three
                                                                                                                        Collmann brothers that were in
                                                                                                                        the Eta Chapter at the same
Brother Hempstead (center), members of Mu Chapter, and alumni guests at his          Warren Collmann (left) and Eta     time— Reid ’44 and Spencer ’49.
100th birthday celebration.                                                           Chapter Advisor Al Pedrick                                                               16                                                           THE UNICORN
                                                                                      The late Mark Taylor and son, Conner.

                                                                                      Beta Epsilon Raises Money for Educational Trust
Newly remodeled exterior of Alpha Beta Chapter house at U. of Illinois.                  In March 2004, Mark Taylor, Beta Epsilon 632 (Cal-Davis ’87) died as
                                                                                      a result of injuries suffered in the conflict in Iraq. After being notified
                                                                                      of Brother Taylor’s passing, and learning that his six-year old son
Robert Devine, Alpha Beta 1048
                                                                                      Conner survived him, numerous alumni of Beta Epsilon Chapter bond-
(Illinois ’80), was recently award-
                                                                                      ed together to raise money for his son. Brother Taylor’s parents, Bob
ed a Distinguished Service Award
in recognition of the countless                                                       and Roberta Taylor, formed a trust for Conner in Stockton, California
man-hours he expended to                                                              and has a result of the contributions of nearly eighty Beta Epsilon
improve the Alpha Beta property                                                       Alumni, the funds now total over $14,100. For more information on
this past summer. Working with                                                        Conner’s trust, or if you would like to contribute to this fund, please
a limited budget, Brother Devine                                                      contact David Ingram at or 916-244-3418.
oversaw the planning and labor
on the project, which lasted the
entire summer. The house
underwent major renovations to                                                        of Commerce, was recently               book. The books are available
the landscaping, sidewalks and                  See Back Cover                        promoted. He now serves as              in major bookstores across the
entryways, retaining walls,                    for details on the                     Counselor to the General                country, as well as
plumbing, and the basement.                    141st Anniversary                      Counsel of the Department, and          and
                                                  Convention                          therby assists with department          Theta Xi brothers can purchase
Kenneth Allison II, Alpha Beta                                                        wide legal matters and opera-           signed copies of these books
1123 (Illinois ’83), relocated                                                        tional issues. Burkhardt joined         at significant discounts by
to Los Angeles to build a                  Top Male Athlete at Lehigh in              the Bush Administration in 2003         contacting Brother Gordon
Nanoscience Technology Lab                 1988–89. Currently, he is the              after a 19-year career with the         at
on the UCLA campus. Brother                President of Vantage Point                 Illinois based law firm Sorling,
Allison is a licensed architect,           Benefits, where he serves as an            Northrup.
and works for Rafael Vinoly                employee benefits consultant.
Architects, headquartered in                                                          Bob Gordon, Eta 607 (Lehigh
New York. Visit www.cnsi.ucla.             Craig                                      ’69), just celebrated the release
edu/mainpage.html to view the              Burkhardt,                                 of his third book, “Ed Pinckney’s
progress of the project.                   Alpha Beta                                 Tales of the Villanova Hardwood
                                           1077 (Illinois                             as told to Bob Gordon.” Brother
Chris Cameron, Eta 892                     ’81), who                                  Gordon’s first two books were
(Lehigh ’89), was inducted into            accepted a                                 “The Team That They Said Had
the Lehigh Athletic Department             White House                                Nothing But a Championship”
Hall of Fame on May 8, 2004.               appointment                                (about the 1960 Philadelphia
Brother Cameron was a two-                 as Chief                                   Eagles) and “More Than Beards,
sport star, excelling in both              Counsel for                                Bellies and Biceps” (about the          Bob Gordon, author of Ed
lacrosse and soccer. He led the            Technology                                 1993 Phillies). Sports Publishing       Pinckney’s Tales of the Villanova
nation in lacrosse scoring twice           at the U.S.        Craig Burkhardt,        Company, in Champaign,                  Hardwood as told to Bob Gordon.
in his career and was named the            Department                1077             Illinois, published his latest

WINTER 2005                                                                      17                                                      
Awards                           (continued from page 3)

                                                     Gamma Theta (Lake Superior State)                Dr. W.Turrentine Jackson Award
                                                     Kappa Tau (West Virginia Wesleyan)               for Outstanding Chapter Advisor
                                                                                                      John M. Walsh, advisor to Kappa Tau
                                                     Outstanding Scholarship Awards                   Chapter (West Virginia Wesleyan)
                                                     for placing first among all Fraternities         Excellence Awards:
                                                     Beta Xi (UNO)                                    Great Plains Region: Dr. M. Douglas
                                                     Gamma Xi (Monmouth)                                Kenealy – Mu (Iowa State)
                                                     Kappa Tau (West Virginia Wesleyan)               Bayou Hill Region: Derrick P. Morgan –
                                                                                                        Gamma Tau (Texas Tech)
                                                     Scholastic Achievement Awards                    Midwest Region: Dr. Michael T. Kelly –
                                                     for achieving 0.2 above the all male GPA           Gamma Kappa (Illinois-Chicago)
                                                     Alpha Iota (Kansas State)                        Northeast Region: Andrew C. Cartaina –
                                                     Greensboro Colony (Greensboro College)             Gamma (Stevens)
                                                                                                      Ohio Valley Region: Thomas S. Roberts –
Director of Chapter Operations and
Expansion Jeff Vernetti (right) presents Iota        Outstanding Communications                         Sigma (Michigan)
President Blake Fuhler (left) with the               Awards                                           Southeast Region: Neil L. Jones – Beta
Haughton Cup.                                        Overall Best Web Page                              Alpha (Georgia Tech)
                                                     Mu (Iowa State)                                  West Region: Christopher C. Peralta –
                                                                                                        Arizona State Colony (Arizona State)
Beta Alpha (Georgia Tech)                            Best Web Site Content
Beta Delta (SIU– Carbondale)                         Alpha Eta (Colorado)                             Outstanding Region Award
Beta Upsilon (Slippery Rock)                                                                          Great Plains Region
                                                     Best Web Site Design
Gamma Epsilon (Southeast Missouri)
                                                     Gamma Tau (Texas Tech)                           Mu (Iowa State)
Gamma Kappa (Illinois– Chicago)
Gamma Lambda (Edinboro)                              Web Site Achievement Award                       Alpha Eta (Colorado)
Gamma Mu (Montclair State)                           Gamma (Stevens)                                  Alpha Epsilon (Nebraska)
Kappa Tau (West Virginia Wesleyan)                   Beta Alpha (Georgia Tech)                        Alpha Iota (Kansas State)
Wisconsin– Superior Colony (Wisconsin-               Alpha Iota (Kansas State)                        Alpha Psi (Missouri-Rolla)
                                                     Outstanding Newsletter                           Outstanding Regional Director
Daniel J. Haughton Award                             published by a chapter or alumni association     Scott S. Trella, Northeast Region ■
for Service to the Multiple Sclerosis Society        1. Beta Omega for ThetaXi Dispatch
Iota (Washington University)                         2. Eta for Eta News
                                                     3. Omicron for The Omicronicle
Excellence Awards:
Alpha Iota (Kansas State)
Kappa Sigma (Kettering, A Section)
Gamma Epsilon (Southeast Missouri)

Habitat for Humanity Service
Gamma Theta (Lake Superior State)
Excellence Awards:
Alpha Beta (Illinois)
Beta Alpha (Georgia Tech)

Local Community Service Awards
Beta Alpha (Georgia Tech)
Excellence Awards:
Eta (Lehigh)
Iota (Washington University)
Alpha Beta (Illinois)
Alpha Zeta (UCLA)
Alpha Eta (Colorado)                                 John Walsh (center) of Kappa Tau is presented with the Dr. W. Turrentine Jackson Award for
Beta Sigma (California U of PA)                      Outstanding Chapter Advisor.                                                          18                                                         THE UNICORN
[CHAPTER ETERNAL                                                                                     [ DIRECTORY

ALPHA (RENSSELAER POLYTCHNIC INSTI-                                                                  Fraternity Headquarters
TUTE) 541 Edwin H. Ahlefeld Jr.
                                                          Memorial Archives                          745 Craig Road, Suite 222
                                                                                                     P.O. Box 411134
NOLOGY) 428 William C. Bennett                        Fraternity jewelry and badges of deceased      St. Louis, MO 63141
DELTA (MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF                       members may be donated to Theta Xi           Telephone: (800) 783-6294
TECHNOLOGY) 194 John M. Phillips, 201 T.K.          Fraternity Headquarters at the discretion of     Fax: (314) 993-8760
Hine, 206 Howard T. Evans, 238 C. N. Baker,          the family. Badges or jewelry will be kept in   Email:
260 Lewis J. Powers, 261 Robert P. Ramsey, 290         the Fraternity archives, or upon request,     Website:
Charles A. Higgins, 301 Russell W. Ambach, 304           passed to a deserving member of the
Gifford H. Symonds, 320 Adolph F. Maertins Jr.,                                                      Grand Lodge
                                                       deceased member’s chapter. Charitable
340 Harry W. Shimmin, 347 James P. Langwill,                                                         President: Stephen D. Baker
                                                       donations may be made in memory of a
352 Stewart A. Phillips, 390 Frederick F.                                                            Vice President: Michael A. Pitcher
                                                    deceased chapter brother or family member.       Treasurer: Dennis E. Marstall
Assmann, 409 Donald C. McDonald, 424 James
                                                    Please contact David Ford (    Directors: Jonathon T. Luning, Donald J. Morris,
A. Acteson Jr., 455 Paul W. Kind, 477 Dr.
Richard T. Daly Jr., 535 David L. Yeager, 661       at Theta Xi Foundation for further informa-      Richard D. James, Peter N. Handrinos
William C. Johnson, 740 Robert B. Foster                      tion about Memorial Gifts.             Undergraduate Directors: Brett M. Covert, J.N.
EPSILON (COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY) 105                                                                    “Nate” Watson
Maxwell Neff Naas                                                                                    Headquarters Staff
ZETA (CORNELL UNIVERSITY) 427 Louis G.            ALPHA THETA (LAFAYETTE COLLEGE) 214                Executive Director: James E. Vredenburgh
Martsolf                                          Lloyd O. Sandt Jr.                                 Director of Chapter Operations and Expansion:
ETA (LEHIGH UNIVERSITY) 489 Robert W.             ALPHA IOTA (KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY)               Jeffrey R. Vernetti
Swingle                                           65 Capt. Roy S. Belcher USN, 234 Robert Baetz      Chapter Consultant: Ryan A. Kight
THETA (PURDUE UNIVERSITY) 304 Richard             ALPHA OMICRON (UNIVERSITY OF                       Administrative Assistants: Lois Leslie, Cynthia
C. Brasington, 372 Arthur F. Woods, 373 Don F.    LOUISIANA-LAFAYETTE) 67 Nolan J. Sahuc,            Walden
Caffee                                            375 Oliver E. Blanchard, Sr.                       Bookkeeping Consultant: Ronald J. Trucks
IOTA (WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY) 258                  ALPHA PI (UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTI-                  Committee Chairmen
Raymond H. Reinhold, 453 Ralph C. Manring,        CUT) 22 Schuyler G. Slater, EdD, 85 Sidney R.
462 James E. Splitstone, 533 Henry E. Prokop,                                                        Alumni Activities: Michael W. Eaton
554 Charles T. Fike                                                                                  Chapter Activities: Dr. Michael T. Kelly
                                                  ALPHA TAU (INDIANA UNIVERSITY) 4                   Constitution: Donald S. Meringer
KAPPA (ROSE-HULMAN INSTITUTE OF                   Nickolas J. Ernest                                 Expansion: Thomas G. Marlow
TECHNOLOGY) 390 James A. Hagan                    ALPHA PHI (UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKO-               Nominations: H. Robert Veenstra, Jr.
LAMBDA (PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVER-                TA) 31 Arthur R. Sanford                           Recruitment: Tanner J. Marcantel and
SITY) 362 Dr. Leonard A. Wenzel, 599 John         BETA DELTA (SIU-CARBONDALE) 36 Cecil               Christopher N. Baker
(Jack) H. Behler, 659 Ronald J. Swartz            E. Neunaber, 110 Thompson J. Kelly                 Unicorn: Jeffrey W. Arnold
MU (IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY) 216 Vernon             BETA ZETA (AUBURN UNIVERSITY) 217                  Regional Directors
C. Guse, 433 Dr. Thomas H. Haried, 483 D.         Jimmy R. Harold
Phillip Smith, 514 Carlton R. Shulkin                                                                Allegheny: Ronald C. Shidemantle
                                                  BETA ETA (UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN                   Bayou Hill: Thomas M. Stephens
XI (UNIVERSITY OF IOWA) 315 Charles H.            COLORADO) 48 Dale Dean Trostle, 53 Richard         Great Plains: Brian M. Coleman
Salisbury, 645 Donovan D. Gilbreaith              M. Kanemto, 92 Thomas O. Moore                     Midwest: Aaron R. Julian
OMICRON (UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVA-                 BETA XI (UNIVERSITY OF NEW ORLEANS)                Northeast: Scott S. Trella
NIA) 415 Ronald E. Vaughn                         31 Novel J. Vocke Jr.                              Ohio Valley: Christopher J. Stemler
RHO (UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS) 375 Edward C.           BETA OMICRON (CLARION) 104 Leonard A.              Southeast: Jonathan L. Jones
“Pete” Patterson, 404 Charles W. York PhD         Pfaff                                              West: Dr. Christopher P. Tooker
SIGMA (UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN) 218 A.             BETA TAU (TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY-SAN               Theta Xi Foundation
Marriott Walker                                   MARCOS) 113 Alwyn L. Chitwood Sr.
                                                                                                     Address: P.O. Box 411393, St. Louis, MO 63141
UPSILON (UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON)                BETA PHI (WEST LIBERTY STATE COL-                  Telephone: (800) 783-6294
384 Virgil F. Walker                              LEGE) 159 Wade Rondell Lanum                       Fax: (314) 993-8760
PHI (UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN) 222                 KAPPA ALPHA (YOUNGSTOWN STATE                      Email:
Robert R. Greenwald, 241 Norman W. Lofthus        UNIVERSITY) 12 Thomas J. Laffey, 14 Edward
OMEGA (WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSI-                 A. Koperdak, 20 John D. Hutch, 36 Richard J.       Board of Trustees
TY) 306 Thomas B. Brutzman                        Gergely, 55 James E. Richards Jr., 57 James R.     Chairman: Dr. Richard C. McCormac
ALPHA ALPHA (LOUISIANA STATE UNI-                 Benton, 70 Anthony M. Mastramico, 78               Vice Chairman: Fred J. Howlett
VERSITY) 164 Mark Dudley Wentz, Jr., 573 Guy      Raymond B. Dolak, 80 Robert J. Finnerty, 82        Treasurer: Robert G. Dietrich
E. Faget, 1163 Whitney J. Poche                   Charles F. Lehnerd, 88 John R. Delserone, 106      Trustees: Donald G. Allison, Duane J. Fox, H.
                                                  Mario F. Stoffiere, 137 Kenneth R. Zarro, 206      Robert Veenstra, Jr., Walter S. Brock, David A.
                                                  Francis M. Krotec, 207 Paul H. Kechler Jr.         DeMuro, David C. Auten, Dr. Ronald L. Smith
TECHNOLOGY) 175 Henry W. Faulstich, 327
Joseph F. Kovar                                   KAPPA PI (WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY) 2
                                                  William Hagen Reiher Jr.
ALPHA DELTA (OREGON STATE) 251                                                                       Executive Director: James E. Vredenburgh, Jr.
Gordon C. Hoare                                   KAPPA SIGMA (KETTERING UNIVERSITY)                 Vice President of Alumni Relations and
                                                  239 Jeffrey A. Yingling, 1201 Nathaniel A.         Development: David K. Ford
KA) 96 Willard A. Braasch, 135 John C.
Schreiner                                         GAMMA IOTA (EMBRY RIDDLE) 20 Scott                 Current contact information on all Chapters,
                                                  Kelly                                              Colonies, Alumni Associations and Alumni Clubs
                                                                                                     is available by contacting Fraternity Headquarters
94 Mark S. Ramsey Jr.
                                                                                                     or by looking online at

WINTER 2005                                                              19                                                  
                                                                    have Fun!!!
                                                                    Attend the 141st Anniversary
         he 141st Anniversary Convention will be held in New Orleans, LA from August 4–7, 2005 at the JW

T        Marriott. The JW Marriott, formerly the Meridian Hotel, is one of New Orleans’ premier hotel proper-
         ties. Located on Canal Street, it is convenient to the French Quarter, the Louisiana Aquarium, the D-
day Museum and other attractions. Brothers and their families will have a wonderful time taking in the local
sites, exchanging ideas and setting Theta Xi’s path for the upcoming two years. Registration and information
materials will be available on the homepage ( and sent out to all chapters and alumni volunteers
in March 2005.
                                                 In addition to the election of Grand Lodge officers and directors,
                                               important legislation affecting the governance structure of the
                                               Fraternity in regard to the composition of the Grand Lodge and
                                               the Convention voting structure is already scheduled. Presentation of Theta Xi’s Man of
                                               Distinction Award and all other Fraternity awards for the 2004–2005 year will take place.
                                               Last, but not least, undergraduate and alumni educational workshop tracks will be offered
                                               to help strengthen chapter and alumni operations.
                                                 All chapter, colony, and alumni members are invited and urged to attend what should be
                                               a fantastic convention. So mark your calendar today and we’ll see you in New Orleans in
                                               the summer of 2005!

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PARENTS or GUARDIANS: Your son’s magazine is sent to his home address while he is an undergraduate in college. During               U.S. POSTAGE
this time we hope you enjoy reading about the activities and brotherhood enjoyed by members of Theta Xi. If your son is no
longer attending college or not living with you, please send his new permanent address to: Theta Xi Fraternity, P.O. Box              PAID
411134, St. Louis, MO 63141, or via email to                                                                      Permit No. 392
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