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					                   believe in children.
                                        Annual Report

    believe in children.
    We believe in children. We believe in hope. And we believe
    every child has a right to fulfill their potential.

    At Edgewood, to believe in children is to believe in families
    too. But the challenges some families face can be
    daunting – challenges like abuse, neglect, mental illness
    and crisis. That’s when Edgewood steps in.

    For more than 155 years, we’ve been a helping hand
    in the San Francisco Bay Area, preventing serious
    problems from getting worse by working with families
    to overcome obstacles.

    When families need more intensive assistance, we offer
    that as well, through interventions that keep children
    safe and help them to heal. We also address the core
    issues that can impact generation after generation of
    children in a family.

    And we are a voice for change – speaking out, loud and
    strong, on behalf of children who cannot advocate for
                                                                                  believe in family.
                                                                    The Mission of Edgewood Center for Children and Families
                                                                    is to strengthen children, youth and families through
                                                                    service, training, advocacy and research.
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from the chairman                                                                                             from the ceo

Edgewood‘s work to change the odds for the San Francisco Bay Area‘s                                           Hope is the birthright of every child. Yet, the barriers of abuse, neglect,
most vulnerable kids rests on a foundation that is supported by many                                          violence, family crisis and mental illness squash the hopes of far too many
pillars: generous donors, committed business leaders, thoughtful                                              children in the San Francisco Bay Area.
policymakers, our passionate staff and the community at large.                                                During a year in which tough times demanded difficult decisions to be made, I continued to be inspired
                                                                                                              by a team of bright, ambitious and caring individuals, who are committed to removing roadblocks for our
The last year gave our Board of Directors an opportunity to take a close look at our agency’s challenges
                                                                                                              community’s most vulnerable children. Over the last year, we did just that while, at the same time,
and our future role in improving the chances of local children. The result is a new Strategic and Business
                                                                                                              crafting solutions to long term challenges facing Edgewood.
Plan for the next three years starting in July 2008.
                                                                                                              Our new Safe Start program is helping children who have been exposed to violence at an early age.
The plan calls for Edgewood to continue to serve the Bay Area's most at-risk children. The challenges our
                                                                                                              Parent University launched in the Bayview/Hunter’s Point, a San Francisco community where destructive
children face are complex and layered. In the populations we serve, to neglect a child's family and
                                                                                                              forces pull at the fabric of already fragile families. Our Edgewood Turning Point wraparound program
community is to neglect the child. That is why our new plan focuses on providing exceptional services that:
                                                                                                              celebrated its one year anniversary by providing an alternative to residential treatment to high-need
1. Directly improve the well-being of children,                                                               children. These are just a few of the many successes of the last year.
2. Support their families, and
                                                                                                              We also made strides in our advocacy work. Part of our mission is to defend children and families who
3. Improve their schools and neighborhoods.
                                                                                                              cannot advocate for themselves. Perhaps the most exposed of these are children who require
Despite the statewide funding deficit for residential treatment programs, our new plan makes clear             residential care. During our “Believe in Children” campaign in the Spring and Summer of 2008 we
that Edgewood will never give up on children who bear the deepest scars of abuse, neglect, crisis and         successfully fought to protect funding for the treatment of San Francisco children with severe emotional
mental illness. At the same time, it lays out a vision for evolving residential care that we believe will     and psychological wounds.
provide children in Edgewood's Residential Treatment program their best chance for happiness and self
                                                                                                              As our work to change lives continues, our Board and staff joined to tackle the agency’s budget deficit.
sufficiency in adulthood.
                                                                                                              That work resulted in a new Strategic Plan laying out concrete steps to buttress Edgewood against an
Our plan to revitalize our historic campus and deepen the impact of all of our programs is truly exciting     unpredictable funding climate, while increasing our impact on children's lives. It budgets for three years
to our Board. Long-standing members are engaged with renewed enthusiasm and we've also added                  of deficit spending, while we invest in infrastructure and reorganize our program mix to match the
energetic new members to our numbers. That is why I want to thank our supporters for their vision             current funding climate.
and generosity. I am proud to be a part of this incredible Edgewood team and I look forward to
                                                                                                              With a clear focus and passionate people in place, I believe the best is yet to come for Edgewood. Of
participating in its growth and success.
                                                                                                              course, our ability to give children greater access to the American Dream is made possible by you, our
                                                                                                              donors. I appreciate your devotion to Edgewood and I am committed to making your investment pay
                                                                                                              great returns in building a brighter future for our children and our community.

Graeme Hanson M.D.
Chairman of the Board
                                                                                                              Nancy H. Rubin
                                                                                                              President and CEO

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                                                edgewood in the community
    “I lost my wife five                         2007-2008 program highlights: community-based services
    years ago, so when my                       Edgewood is more than just a place. We offer a broad range           Our new wraparound program, Edgewood Turning Point, is

    daughter went to pris-
                                                of services to help children and families at home, in schools,       an alternative to residential placement. The state-of-the-art
                                                and in the community. In 07/08 Edgewood continued to                 wraparound program enables troubled youth to remain in
                                                collaborate with children, parents, teachers, and partner            their communities. Our Drop-in Center serves as a welcome
    on, it was just me and                      agencies to prevent problems from becoming more severe and           home for youth that otherwise have no place to go as they
                                                more difficult to treat.                                             transition into school and careers. It feels like a comfortable
    little Jesse. It’s tough                    Children should first be supported in the homes of relatives
                                                                                                                     young adult’s apartment. It has a wonderful computer room
                                                                                                                     with brand new Apple computers for homework and job
    sometimes but we have                       and remain in their communities. Research shows it is better
                                                for the child, and it is also a less expensive alternative to
                                                                                                                     searches, a full kitchen for learning cooking and independent
                                                                                                                     living skills, and a lounge.
    each other. And we                          traditional foster care. Yet, few resources exist for heroic
                                                caregivers who step up when a relative can no longer care for        We also found new ways to collaborate with community

    have Edgewood .”                            their children due to crisis, substance abuse, mental illness,
                                                incarceration, economic hardship, divorce, domestic violence,
                                                                                                                     partners this year. For example, Edgewood’s partnership with
                                                                                                                     UCSF’s Langley Porter School of Child Psychology expanded
                                                or other challenges. Edgewood Kinship was created in 1993 to         from our residential program to include our wraparound
        EDGEWOOD KINSHIP SUPPORT SERVICES       fill the gaps in public services available to relative caregivers.   program too.
                                                Then, it was the first program of its kind. Today, Edgewood’s
                                                innovative program is a model for others across the country.         Parent University is part of San Francisco Mayor Gavin
                                                                                                                     Newsom’s Communities of Opportunity initiative. It
                                                This year Edgewood Kinship established the first Transitional        builds stronger families in the Bayview and Hunter’s Point
                                                Housing Program (THP-Plus) for caregivers in California.             housing projects. Edgewood is partnering with Florence-
                                                THP-Plus provides funding for emancipated foster care youth          Crittenton Services to provide four services: Baby College,
                                                to find housing in the home of a supportive adult.                   School Readiness, Parent Leadership, and Job Readiness.

                                                Safe Start is a nationwide initiative that helps young children      Edgewood’s commitment to family-centered programming
                                                who have been exposed to violence. Edgewood’s Kinship                can be seen in this year’s expansion of the agency’s Family
                                                program is conducting a new research study to determine              Conferencing program. Family Conferencing helps families
                                                the effectiveness of tailoring Safe Start services to the unique     create plans with concrete goals to solve their problems. The
                                                needs of children who are being raised by a relative. Like many      program works across all Edgewood services to bring children
                                                Edgewood programs, it has the potential to become a model            and families together with their support networks - friends,
                                                for similar programs across the nation.                              extended family members, teachers, and professional service
                                                                                                                     providers - to help them overcome obstacles.

        believe in children. believe in love.

                                                A youth in Edgewood’s wraparound           Kinship caregivers and their children        Kinship programs from 28 counties met in
                                                program was honored in Sacramento          raised money for a trip to the mountains.    Sacramento for an Edgewood-organized
                                                during National Foster Care Month.         Having fun as a family is an important       conference for California Kinship programs.
                                                                                           part of building strong families.

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                             “I used to be by myself                  edgewood in schools
                                                                      2007-2008 program highlights: school-based services
                              on the playground.
                                                                      Edgewood has provided early intervention and prevention,           Where classroom behavior problems do exist, Edgewood
                              Now when we go                          mental health, and capacity-building services in San Francisco’s   Behavior Coaching helps students and teachers manage
                                                                      public schools since 1986. Today, we are the largest provider of   disruptive behavior. This program helps build self-esteem and
                              outside to recess my                    school-based services in the city, offering a continuum of care    empathy through group interaction and individual coaching.
                                                                      to families and children in 31 San Francisco public schools        It also supports teachers in creating and implementing
                              friend and I like to                    including, teacher training, family support, mental health
                                                                      services, and overall school wellness. Edgewood staff provide
                                                                                                                                         individual plans for students.

                              look at bugs, but not                   significant assistance to schools ranging from supporting
                                                                      difficult students struggling with behavioral challenges to
                                                                                                                                         Our newest school-based program, Edgewood Well-Being:
                                                                                                                                         The Grace Magill Project, is now operating in three
                              spiders.”                               simply being a friend to those children who may be shy and
                                                                                                                                         schools. The program helps schools create an environment
                                                                                                                                         that supports a holistic approach to wellness. This program
                                                                                                                                         educates students and eliminates stigmas associated with
                              EDGEWOOD PRIMARY INTERVENTION PROGRAM   We opened 10 new Edgewood PIP (Primary Intervention                mental illness. It builds peer-to-peer support and teaches
                                                                      Program) sites in 07/08. When children show “quiet”                educators, parents, and teens how to recognize and respond
                                                                      symptoms of school adjustment problems, Edgewood PIP               to signs of mental illness.
                                                                      prevents them from escalating by improving self esteem,
                                                                      teaching appropriate behavior and improving a child’s              For many San Francisco families - particularly economically
                                                                      ability to express themselves.                                     disadvantaged families and new immigrants, challenges like
                                                                                                                                         soaring housing costs, unaffordable child care, language
                                                                      Throughout the year, teachers from around the Bay Area             barriers, and unemployment get in the way of parents fully
                                                                      participated in trainings and coaching sessions put on by          participating in their child’s education. Edgewood’s Family
                                                                      Edgewood experts to learn how to proactively and positively        Resource Center help parents tackle some of these problems
                                                                      manage their classrooms and handle challenging behavior            while getting them more involved with their child’s school.
                                                                      more effectively. The Edgewood Teacher Training Program            While the parents are giving their time to help their child
                                                                      provides educators with a toolbox of techniques to improve         achieve academic success, the school is giving back to the
                                                                      student behavior, attitude, and motivation, without relying        parents by providing a place of support, a place where a
                                                                      solely on discipline. Using materials from CHAMPS, a               parent can turn to for help, for something as simple as a
                                                                      proactive and positive approach to classroom management,           warm coat for their child, a referral for a dentist, or a carton
                                                                      the program gives teachers tools to make decisions about how       of milk to go with dinner.
                                                                      they want to run their classrooms.

    believe in children. believe in education.

                                                                                  Teachers learn how to manage their classrooms                Anne and Jim Magill established a memorial
                                                                                  more effectively in one of Edgewood’s Teacher                fund at Edgewood after their daughter Grace
                                                                                  Training seminars.                                           died in January, 2005. The Grace Magill Project
                                                                                                                                               is Edgewood’s school-based intervention pro-
                                                                                                                                               gram. It builds wellness and resilience in school

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                                               edgewood’s campus
                                               2007-2008 program highlights: intensive services
                                               Edgewood provides a safe, therapeutic environment for                  maintains a full-time staff of psychiatrists, residents from
                                               36 boys and girls ages 6 to 14 at our San Francisco campus.            UCSF’s Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute, nurses, and a
                                               These children are unable to live with their biological                pediatrician to respond to the medical and psychiatric needs
                                               families due to severe and complex behavioral, mental                  of the children we serve.
                                               health, academic, and family issues. Edgewood’s Residential
                                               Treatment program is one of California’s few licensed Level            Children with severe emotional issues need enriching
                                               14 programs, which offer the highest-level of treatment                activities to fill their non-school hours more than anyone. Yet,
                                               outside of psychiatric hospitalization. Residential care               these are often the children who have the least access to arts
                                               teaches physical safety, relationship development, structure,          and recreation programs. This year, Edgewood launched a
                                               consistency, social skills, life skills, and emotional stability and   pilot program with the San Francisco Unified School District
                                               management. A professional, multi-disciplinary team provides           to expand after-school care for children in our Non-Public
                                               our residential youth with the care and support they need to           School. The Edgewood Art and Recreation Therapeutic
                                               navigate severe issues and achieve lasting success.                    Services (Edgewood ARTS) after-school program gives at-risk,
                                                                                                                      behaviorally challenging children and youth, who historically
                                               Edgewood’s Non-Public School is tailored to students who               are unable to be successful in after-school programs, the
                                               have significant learning and behavioral challenges that               chance to participate in sports and the arts. The program
                                               are too severe to allow them to successfully attend public             offers after school classes in fine arts and crafts, music,
                                               schools. Special Education teachers create and implement               creative drama, physical education, gardening, cooking,

    “Pickles can shake                         individualized learning plans based on each student’s specific
                                               needs. The curriculum focuses on academic development,
                                                                                                                      and dance, giving the youth at our San Francisco campus
                                                                                                                      opportunities for self-exploration and personal growth. By
                                               improving social skills, and helping students transition               taking classes, seeing exhibits, and attending performances,
     hands, speak and roll                     to mainstream school settings. Our Non-Public School                   students can explore their creativity while learning the skills
                                               serves both residential youth and students from the                    needed for positive self-expression.
     over. He knows if I’m                     general community.
                                                                                                                      Not only do these programs help children and youth heal,
     sad and tries to lick                     Edgewood’s Day Treatment Program supplements our
                                               educational and residential services with a comprehensive
                                                                                                                      they give them opportunities to establish better friendships,
                                                                                                                      improve self esteem, and build stronger connections with
     my face. That always                      mental health treatment program. Psychiatric and mental
                                               health services focus on helping youth and families who
                                                                                                                      family members.

     makes me laugh.”                          face severe emotional and behavioral challenges. Individual,
                                               group, and family therapy models are based on best practices
                                               and approaches that have proven to be successful. Edgewood

    believe in children. believe in healing.

                                               Therapy dogs work with children on Edgewood’s          Children in Edgewood’s Residential          A youth and teacher from the
                                               San Francisco Campus. Therapist Patti Ryan             Treatment program are awarded               Edgewood ARTS program ham
                                               who owns Sadie, a standard poodle, says,               medals by CEO Nancy Rubin after             it up on stage in a slap-stick mime
                                               “The kids all want to say ’hi’ to Sadie in the         running in the Emerald 12K Across           routine.
                                               morning when they arrive and ‘bye’ in the              the Bay.
                                               afternoon when they leave. When a child is
                                               upset, Sadie often goes over to the child and
8                                              sits quietly next to them.”                                                                                                              9
                                  EDGEWOOD ADVOCACY
                                                      a champion for children
                                                      2007-2008 program highlights: research, advocacy and training

                                                      ADVOCACY                                                            RESEARCH
                                                      Edgewood is a champion for children and families                    The Edgewood Institute for the Study of Community-
                                                      statewide, promoting the development of sound public policies       Based Services (Edgewood Institute) focuses on research
                                                      and programs.                                                       and evaluation of Edgewood services and those of similar
                                                                                                                          programs nationwide with the goal of continuously improving
                                                      In the Spring of 2008, we notified counties that send children      services to children and families.
                                                      to our residential treatment program that they would be
                                                      required to renegotiate rates for new placements. When San          As part of Edgewood’s overall aim of becoming a learning
                                                      Francisco announced it would be unable to provide funding           organization, the Institute is responsible for conducting
                                                      to treat county children requiring residential care, Edgewood       internal evaluations on all of our programs. Furthermore,
                                                      launched its “Believe in Children” campaign.                        its reputation for excellence earned it several requests for
                                                                                                                          assistance from programs outside Edgewood. This year
                                                      In May, dedicated Edgewood supporters attended a San                Edgewood’s research group was contracted to perform
                                                      Francisco Board of Supervisors hearing on the county’s              evaluation services for a community-based organization
                                                      funding for residential treatment and testified about the           that serves a diverse population of Asian refugees and
                                                      vital need for Edgewood’s intensive services within the             immigrants in the East Bay called “Lao Family Community
                                                      community. Through the hearing and subsequent media                 Development.” Lao Family has been awarded a Federal
                                                      coverage, Edgewood built tremendous support from the                grant under the Children’s Bureau for the Contra Costa
                                                      community and partner organizations.                                County Asian Family Outreach Program to provide culturally
                                                                                                                          competent marriage education as a means of support and
                                                      After an aggressive advocacy campaign, San Francisco                prevention for Asian families in or at risk of entering the
                                                      came through with short-term supplemental funding and a             child welfare system.
                                                      shared will to work on finding a long-term funding solution
                                                      for children who need residential care. Such a solution will        TRAINING
                                                      require San Francisco to align Mental Health, Probation, and        Edgewood’s internal Training department coordinates
                                                      Youth and Family Services around a cohesive plan to serve           hundreds of staff trainings throughout the year. Ongoing
                                                      high-need youth and families in the county.                         training keeps Edgewood staff current on the latest best
                                                                                                                          practices and is a critical contributor to the high level
                                                                                                                          of care Edgewood offers across the agency’s programs.

believe in children. believe in protecting.

                                                      When funding for Edgewood’s          Medical Director Dr. Robin Randall stands            Edgewood Board Members Luis Belmonte
                                                      Residential Treatment program        in front of a banner reading “San Francisco          and Rick Mariano are joined by Edgewood
                                                      fell short, the community            Believes in Children” to celebrate the residential   parent and supporter Kelly Dearman at
                                                      responded to media coverage to       funding campaign’s victory and to thank the          our “Believe in Children” thank you rally
                                                      make sure our kids received the      Mayor and Supervisors for their support.             at San Francisco City Hall.
                                                      treatment they needed.

10                                                                                                                                                                                      11
statement of activities                                                                                                                       statement of financial position
For the year ended June 30, 2008                                                                                                              June 30, 2008 with comparative totals at June 30, 2007
With comparative totals for the year ended June 30, 2007

                                                                         TEMPORARILY     PERMANENTLY                                                                                                                  TEMPORARILY         PERMANENTLY
                                                      UNRESTRICTED        RESTRICTED       RESTRICTED               2008              2007                                                      UNRESTRICTED           RESTRICTED           RESTRICTED                     2008                 2007
Revenue and Support                                                                                                                           Assets
Government contracts                                       16,561,875                                         16,561,875      16,655,634      Cash and cash equivalents                                 380,171                                                        380,171            1,062,815
Contributions                                                 806,694       1,319,003                          2,125,697       1,906,860      Accounts receivable                                     3,269,223                                                      3,269,223            3,670,839
Transfer to operations from investments                       189,000                                            189,000         900,000      Pledges receivable                                                             454,560                                   454,560              188,059
Other income                                                1,274,598                                          1,274,598         710,699      Prepaid expenses                                          219,804                                                        219,804              260,233
Special events                                                597,294                                            597,294         648,349      Defined benefit plan - funded surplus                       468,009                                                        468,009              336,418
In-kind donations                                             309,198                                            309,198         294,283      Investments                                             8,231,553              782,596              130,000            9,144,149           10,520,553
Trust income                                                  126,853                                            126,853         139,161      Property and equipment                                  3,291,529                                                      3,291,529            3,383,870
Net assets released from program restrictions               1,081,877       -1,081,877
                                                                                                                                              TOTAL ASSETS                                           15,860,289            1,237,156              130,000           17,227,445           19,422,787
TOTAL REVENUE AND SUPPORT                                  20,947,389         237,126                         21,184,515      21,254,986
                                                                                                                                              Liabilities and net assets
Expenses                                                                                                                                      Liabilities
Program services                                           19,833,582                                         19,833,582      19,547,082      Accounts payable                                        1,183,453                                                       1,183,453           1,024,278
Support services                                            4,187,480                                          4,187,480       3,990,650      Accrued liabilities                                     3,211,216                                                       3,211,216           2,791,497
TOTAL EXPENSES                                             24,021,062                                         24,021,062      23,537,732      Accrued unemployment liability                             48,004                                                          48,004              52,044
23,537,732                                                                                                                                    Line of credit                                          3,000,000                                                       3,000,000           1,500,000
                                                                                                                                              Note payable                                                  449                                                             449               5,831
Change in net assets before gain on investments
and pension related changes other than net                                                                                                    TOTAL LIABILITIES                                       7,443,122                                                       7,443,122           5,373,650
periodic pension cost                                       -3,073,673        237,126                          -2,836,547      -2,282,746

Gain (loss) on investments                                  -1,374,930                                         -1,374,930          725,620    Net assets
                                                                                                                                              Unrestricted undesignated                                 185,614                                                         185,614           3,340,525
Pension-related changes other than net
periodic pension cost                                          -53,337                                            -53,337                     Unrestricted board designated                           8,231,553                                                       8,231,553           9,578,582
                                                                                                                                              Temporarily restricted                                                       1,237,156                                  1,237,156           1,000,030
Effect of adoption of recognition and measurement
                                                                                                                                              Permanently restricted                                                                              130,000               130,000             130,000
date provisions of FASB Statement No.158                                                                                           -479,478

Change in assets                                            -4,501,940        237,126                          -4,264,814      -2,036,604     TOTAL NET ASSETS                                        8,417,167            1,237,156              130,000             9,784,323          14,049,137

NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR                               12,919,107      1,000,030          130,000        14,049,137      16,085,741      TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                       15,860,289            1,237,156              130,000           17,277,445           19,422,787
NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR                                      8,417,167      1,237,156          130,000         9,784,323      14,049,137

                                                                                                 78%: government contracts
                                 84%: program expenses
                                                                                                    12%: contributions                        financial narrative
                                      13%: administrative services                                       6%: other income                     Edgewood is a resilient and historic agency. The agency has successfully evolved over more than 155 years to continue to meet the changing needs of
                                                                                                                                              the San Francisco Bay Area’s most vulnerable children and families. Yet, like many other non-profit organizations, Edgewood is currently facing fiscal
                                                                                                            1%: gain on investments
                                          3%: development                                                                                     challenges due to county, state, and federal funding cuts. Edgewood has worked to supplement decreases in public sector support through increased
                                               and marketing                                                  3%: special events              private fundraising; however, cuts in government funding to agencies like Edgewood have surpassed our fundraising capacity in recent years. In
                                                                                                                                              response, Edgewood completed an organization-wide, Board-led strategic planning process directed by the Bridgespan Group during this fiscal year.
                                                                                                                                              Our new Strategic Plan eliminates our deficit over the next three years. Edgewood continues to maintain a sound financial status through a diverse
                                                                                                                                              combination of private and public contributions. This is possible because local families, foundations, businesses, and child welfare agencies have come
                                                                                                                                              to trust Edgewood programs for their excellence and impact.

     Operating Expenses                                                    Revenue Sources
12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  13
                                          fiscal year 2007-2008

     Since 1851, private donations have
                                          HOPE INVESTOR                              State Street Global Advisors             Laura and Mark Yockey
                                          $100,000+                                  Wildcat Cove Foundation
                                          Anonymous (2)

     supplied a critical portion of the
                                                                                     STEWARDS                                 $2,500-$4,999
                                          Edgewood Auxiliary
                                                                                     $5,000-$9,999                            Alain Pinel Realtors
                                          Ubben Foundation
                                                                                     Anonymous (2)                            Aqua Surf Shop

     funding for Edgewood’s programs
                                          Willow Springs Foundation
                                                                                     Ainsley-Hicks Foundation                 Suzanne and Douglas Baird
                                          VISIONARIES                                Courtney Benoist and Jason Fish          Bank of the West
                                          $25,000-$99,000                            British Motor Car Distributors, Ltd.     Barclays Global Investors

     and services. We are grateful for
                                          North Baker Trust                          CAL Insurance & Associates, Inc.         Zoe and David Bonnette
                                          Blum Family Foundation                     Cecily Cameron and Derek Schrier         Corrina and Chris Bonomo
                                          The Bothin Foundation                      Frank A. Campini Foundation              Mrs. Violet Brooks

     the many friends of Edgewood         The David B. Gold Foundation
                                          George and Pamela Hamel
                                                                                     The Cardinal Foundation
                                                                                     CDM Foundation
                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Brown
                                                                                                                              Leslie and Buzz Burlock

     who have shown their support for
                                          Hedge Funds Care                           CIBC World Markets                       Mrs. DeWitt K. Burnham
                                          The Kimball Foundation                     Deloitte                                 CALFOX, Inc.
                                          The McKenzie Foundation of San Francisco   The Estate of Dorothy J. Disney          The Dan & Stacey Case Family Foundation

     the children and families we serve
                                          Sequoia Healthcare District                Ducommun and Gross Family Foundation     Michael and Jeanie Casey Fund
                                          Silicon Valley Community Foundation        Dana and Bob Emery                       Martha and Paul Chamberlain
                                          Lionel Steiner Trust                       First Bank                               Michelle Lynn Cheatham

     by making a financial contribution    PROTECTORS
                                                                                     The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta
                                                                                       Gellert Foundation
                                                                                     Genstar Capital Partners LLC
                                                                                                                              Cisco Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                                              Elizabeth Strong Coover and Gary Coover

     in 2007-2008.
                                                                                                                              Dolan Family Fund of the Minneapolis
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Gould             Foundation
                                          Douglas and Nancy Abbey
                                                                                     Jeannie and Mark Harris                  Peggy and Steve Dow
                                          Ann Fay Barry
                                                                                     Heffernan Insurance Brokers and IICF     Doyle Design Group
                                          Nancy and Luis Belmonte
                                                                                     Hellman Family Foundation                Generations United
                                          Citigroup Foundation
                                                                                     In-N-Out Burger Foundation               Julie and Gregory Flynn
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fenzel
                                                                                     KKR Financial LLC                        Cornell and Kelly French
                                          Dodge & Cox
                                                                                     The Stanley Langendorf Foundation        Greenberg Traurig, LLP
                                          Tamara Fritz
                                                                                     Jon Love                                 Dr. Graeme Hanson
                                          Full Circle Foundation
                                                                                     Michael McCue                            Dr. W. Scott Harkonen
                                          Eva Gunther Foundation
                                                                                     Keith and Sheila McWilliams              Dennis and Sabrina Higgs
                                          John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
                                                                                     The Melanson Family Foundation           Paul B. Holm, Jr.
                                          Keare/Hodge Family Foundation
                                                                                     Grace and Roland Perkins                 Innovations, PSI
                                          Koret Foundation
                                                                                     The Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund   Sally Jacobs and Lewis Byington
                                          Lawrence Israel Family Foundation
                                                                                     Jeff and Kim Qvale                       George M. and Adelaide M. Keller Foundation
                                          Jeffrey W. Loomans

                 Thank you.
                                                                                     Gisele Rainer                            Cheryl and Gary King
                                          William and Mary Ann Margaretten
                                                                                     Rey Vaden Family Foundation              James Marver
                                          Rick Mariano and Katherine Feinstein
                                                                                     RhodyCo Productions                      Arnold A. and Annabel McClellan
                                          McBean Family Foundation
                                                                                     Nancy Rubin and James Loyce              Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
                                          Susan and Bill Oberndorf
                                                                                     Brooke Shields and Deborah H. Wald       Morgan Stanley Foundation
                                          William O’Keeffe
                                                                                     The Cardinal Foundation                  Nordstrom
                                          Mrs. Lillian E. Poage
                                                                                     VISA USA                                 Janet and Clyde Ostler
                                          Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation
                                                                                     Ali and John Walecka                     Pacific Gas and Electric Company
                                          Mike E. Rielly
                                                                                     Ruth E. and Arthur Weiss                 Plant Construction Company, L.P.
                                          San Francisco 49ers Foundation
                                                                                     Wells Fargo Foundation                   Miriam and Ray Rike
                                          Annunziata Sanguinetti Foundation
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Minott Wessinger            Patricia K. Scott
                                          Sandra and David Schmaier
                                                                                     John and Wendy Williams                  Susan Bolle and Harold Sogard
                                          Silver Giving Foundation
14                                                                                                                                                                          15
fiscal year 2007-2008

St. Clair’s Gourmet Services, Inc.       Christine DeSanze and Scott Anthony   Legend Merchant Group, Inc.           Ryan Associates General Contractors           Gina and Geoffrey Baldwin                  Megan and John Esrey
Mr. and Mrs. Tolan Steele                Denise Dettore                        Kathy LeGrand                         Albert Sanford and Dorothy Wildman            Joanna R. Ballou                           Francine and Richard Falk
Polina and David Steier                  Theresa and Edward Diao               Loretta and Leonard Levy              San Francisco Federal Credit Union            Constance M. Goodyear and Barry C. Baron   Valli Farmaian and Mrs. Mandy Farman-Farmaia
Triage Consulting                        Adam and Ana Dierkhising              Marie and Barry Lipman                Dale and Hayedeh Scott                        Kirsten and Michael Beck with              Holly and James Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Turkatte            Dan and Ann Doyle                     Pat Kuleto                            Anne and Edwin A. Seipp, Jr.                    Lorin Flynn and Gary Bell                Mr. and Mrs. Paul Felton
United Behavioral Health                 Mrs. Morris M. Doyle                  Estate of Cherry L. Lockwood          The Sher Family                               John J. Bell and Jason Spicer              Mr. and Mrs. Hill Ferguson
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private      Patrick and Jennifer Doyle            Cynthia C. Lohr                       Mary Beth and David Shimmon                   Carter and Amy Bick                        Kevin and Laura Ferguson
  Wealth Management                      Tara and Stephen Earley               Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Lohr           Rich Silverstein and Carla Emil               Diane and Richard Blackman                 James M.P. Feuille and Nancy J. Murray
Stephen and Katherine Van Dusen          Bryce E. Eberhart                     Louis R. Lurie Foundation             Susan and Robert Skinner                      Todd Blatt                                 First National Bank of Northern California
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Veley               Glen and Janette Elliott              Anne and Jim Magill                   Sally Smith and Donald Burns                  Jim Blattner                               Jennifer Caldwell and John Fisher
Dr. Bernard and Jane von Bothmer         Jacqueline and Christian Erdman       Quimby and John Margaretten           Lisa and Nicholas Solinger                    Karen and Jeff Block                       Katie and Bart Foster
Bill and Missy Waytena                   Falope Fatunmise                      Shelley Marks and Erik Gaensler       Claire and Holden Spaht                       Mary Bonnette and Herb Briggs              Mr. and Mrs. T. Jack Foster, Jr.
David and Derry Wisnom                   Jenna and Steven Feinberg             Alison and Michael Mauze              Laura and Gregory Spivy                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boyden                Courtney Weaver and Simon Frankel
Roger and Ruth Wu                        Laura and John Fisher                 Shanna McBurney and David Stanton     Greg and Lisa Stanger                         Gabrielle and Orlando Bravo                Gene Garces
                                         Kelly and Chris Fogarty               Alexandra McClure and Blake Hayward   Jessica Pers and Robert Stein                 Dr. and Mrs. Melvin C. Britton             Christine and Curtis Gardner
                                         Maureen and Philip Fox                George E. McGuire                     Jennifer Steinman                             Francine Burnham                           Miss Sandra Gerner
                                         Freeman Winery                        Drs. Andrew and Kate Mecca            Richard W. Strong                             The Linda and Hugh Burroughs Fund          Amy and Eric Glass
ABD Insurance - A Wells Fargo Company
                                         The Friend Family Foundation          Greg R. Melanson                      Ronna Tanenbaum                               Mrs. Barbara A. Cabrol                     Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gregory
Donna and Eric Abrahamson
                                         Lulu and Larry Frye                   MentaCapital, LLC                     TomKat Foundation                             Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Calhoun, Jr.        Sallie and Dick Griffith
Julie and Jason Ader Family Foundation
                                         Gap Foundation Gift Match Program     Ann Gray Miller                       Paul R. Touchstone                            Alex and Katie Calhoun                     Katy Guse
                                         Peter S. Garcia                       Megin Scully and Reed Minuth          Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Townsend              Elizabeth Callander                        Joseph C. M. Hall
The Isabel Allende Foundation
                                         Mr. and Mrs. William Garlock          Sarah L. Moody                        Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Tracy                 Elizabeth Clark and Steven Camahort        Patricia S. Hanson and Jean Behee
AMB Property Corporation
                                         Evan and Cindy Goldberg               The Morrison & Foerster Foundation    Visa USA Political Action Committee           David and Sheri Chapman                    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hargrave
James B. Andrews
                                         Jan L. Deming and Jeff Goodby         Kathleen Mulligan                     The Walton Family Foundation, Inc.            Colby and Caskie Collet                    Harrington Group
Gary Angel and Sharman Spector-Angel
                                         Eric and Carter Graber                Judith B. Nadai                       WDFA Marketing                                Martha Sutherland and Barnaby Conrad       Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Hayden
Tricia and Brent Arslaner
                                         Mark R. Grace                         Linda Y. Ng                           Webcor Builders                               Chris and Jane Cook                        Marian and Robert Heath
Lynn Atkinson and Brad Dickman
                                         Janelle and Michael Grimes            Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Nice               Angela and Gene Weber                         Lurline R. Coonan                          Corinne Hedrick
Peggy and John Baker
                                         H2W, LLC                              Nollenberger Capital Partners, Inc.   Miss Nancy P. Weston                          Kathleen McGrath Crabbe                    Lisa and Brad Henske
                                         Paul Haahr and Susan Karp             Angela Nomellini and Ken Olivier      Amasa P. Willey Trust                         Angela and Scott Crabill                   Conrad and Dianna Herrmann
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Birkhofer
                                         Lauren and Michael Haswell            Edna T. O’Hara                        Diane B. Wilsey                               Barbara N. Craig                           Jenny Hess
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Black
                                         Homer Hayward Family                  Susan and Richard Olness              Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation   Lucy Craig                                 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hetherington
Blum Capital Partners, L.P.
                                         Suzanne and Douglas C. Heske          Sandra and Scott Ormerod              Douglas and Jane Wolf                         Cheryl Cruver and Nigel Burns              Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt F. Bowman
                                         Jason Hilton                          Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Osher            Zacks Utrecht and Leadbetter, P.C.            Donald P. Curtin and Catharine Keena       Diana and Doug Horner, Jr.
Eileen Brennan Revocable Trust
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Holbrook        Pam and Larry Pace                    Anna M. Zara and Robert M. English            James and Carole Daley                     William L. Hudson
Anna and Gregg Brockway
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Rick Holliday            Kim and Gary Palmer                                                                 Cathy and Sandy Dean                       Tracy and Christian Huebner
Mr. and Mrs. Angus Brunner                                                                                           LEADERS
                                         Judy Holm                             Christy and Peter Palmisano                                                         Deborah J. & Peter A. Magowan              Christopher Isidro
Brush Family Foundation                                                                                              $500-$999                                      Foundation, Inc.
Sherri and Jed Bullard                   Elizabeth and Zachary W. Hulsey       Marcy Taylor Pattinson                                                                                                         Jennifer and Sean Jeffries
                                                                                                                     Anonymous                                     Hilary and Mark Desrosiers
Byzantium Brokerage Services             Leslie and George Hume                Patricia and Duane H. Pellervo                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Jenson
                                                                                                                     807 Montgomery Street Associates LLC          David and Margie Dines
Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Carter              Julene Hunter                         Richard J. Perkins                                                                                                             Lee and Jeff Johnson
                                                                                                                     Kylee P. Acidera                              Sandy Donnell and Justin Faggioli
Stacey Case                              Maryellie and Rupert Johnson          Warren W. Perry                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Johnston
                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Alioto                   Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dostart
Michele Chaboudy                         E. Richard Jones Family Foundation    Mary E. and Paul Phillips                                                                                                      Alexis and George Kalikman
                                                                                                                     American International Group, Inc.            John and Marilyn Dougery
Charity Funding Services                 Carol Juhl                            Debra Pinto and Christopher Zellner                                                                                            Ann and Jim Kauffman
                                                                                                                     Apprivo, Inc.                                 Janice and Tom Downey
The Chrysopolae Foundation               Melissa B. and Scott Kepner           PricewaterhouseCoopers                                                                                                         Deborah and Scott Kay
                                                                                                                     Ann and Anil Arora                            Sheila Whelan Duffy
Martha and Jean-Pierre Conte             Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Kimball       Belena and Preston Raisin                                                                                                      Steven Kay
                                                                                                                     Michelle and Joe Asiano                       Happy Dumas
Paul Corning and Lisa Wilcox Corning     Donald and Karyn Kintzer              Ronald B. Rankin                                                                                                               Colleen and Donald Kieselhorst
                                                                                                                     Jennie Aspelin                                Cecilia Dyba
Penny and James George Coulter           Liz and Cort Larned                   Miss Geraldine F. Rausch and                                                                                                   Kathryn Hall and Tom C. Knutsen
                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jay Backstrand                   Steve Eliopoulos
                                         Lautze & Lautze                        Miss Roberta J. Rausch                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Bradford C. Koenig
Stephane and Allison de Bord                                                                                         Pam and Larry Baer
                                                                               Jeanne and Sanford Robertson                                                        Nel and Charles Ellwein
Susan Deming                             Elizabeth Leep
                                                                                                                     Bain & Company, Inc.                          Valerie and Paul Erickson
16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         17
     fiscal year 2007-2008

Nicole and John Kontrabecki                   Keira and Charles Muller                 Julie and Shelton Shugar                  Joseph and Joyce Behar                Roxanne Fleming and David Soward        Mr. and Mrs. David H. Levy
Lucy Hume Koukopoulos and                     Mr. and Mrs. Tim Naylor                  Erik and Margaret Smith                   Louis de K. Belden                    Cynthia and William Floyd               Joan and Evan Lewis
  Nicholas Koukopoulo                         Rose Fox Noll                            Ron Smith                                 David Bell                            Dennis and Kathy Foley                  Shelly R. Littlewood
Alexandre Kryska                              Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Nollenberger          Victoria C. Smith                         Beronio Lumber Company                Nick Francu                             R. Gisela Lloyd
Bo and Kathryn Lasater                        Frank and Lois Noonan                    Nancy Spooner and Ken Bloch               Janet and Nick Bijur                  Mr. and Mrs. Todd Frederick             Mr. and Mrs. John S. Logan
Janet Lee Lautenberger                        Northern California Grantmakers          Kira and Marc Steifman                    Susan Bishop                          Lycia and Rocky Fried                   Chuck Louderback
Dr. and Mrs. John Lavorgna                    Nancy K. Nugent                          Reagan and Peter Steppe                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Bloch          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gerrity            Jim Lucas
Laura Kline and Michael Lazarus               Mr. and Mrs. William J. O’Connor         Mary and Louis Stervinou                  Brenda and Steve Bottum               Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Gilley, Jr.      Susan T. Lucas
Rosy Le                                       Christine and Vincent O’Gara             Wim and Gina Stocks                       Mr. and Mrs. David Bowlby             Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Glatze           Colby Zintl and David Markus
Mary Beth and Ben Leahy                       The John K. Palladino Family             Pamela and Brewer Stone                   Monene Bradley                        Christine and Brian Goldstein           Mr. and Mrs. John F. Maroney
Kent and Julie Ledbetter                      Will and Julie Parish                    Susan and K. C. Stone                     Susan Brissenden-Smith                Carrie and John Goodman                 Roger J. Marr
Sara and Derek Lemke-von Ammon                Bob Buchbinder and Lynn Pearson          Miss Ella Storey                          Churmane Brown                        Rachel and Warren Goodrich              Michael A. Mazza
Elizabeth S. Lester and Wulff E. Piotraschk   Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Perkins         Mrs. John A. Sutro                        Joe Bruketta                          Steven and Donna Gothelf                Christine R. McArthur
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Locke                      Serena and Alec Perkins                  Shalomit L. Thompson                      Shari Burnham                         Stephen and Karen Gould                 Eloise McCormick
Victoria and Todd Lowdon                      Angela Perry                             Timeless Treasures                        Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Callander          Mr. and Mrs. David Guarnieri            Sarah B. McCourt
Sara and Rob Lundgren                         Deborah Phillips                         Mr. and Mrs. Juan Carlos Torres           David Carson and Kim Broomley         Claire Gummere                          Nancy McKain
Patricia Lurie                                Kathy Piziali                            Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tsang                 Denis and Victoria Stein Casey        Holly Hagens and Todd Sisitsky          Tessa McMillan
MacCorkle Insurance Service                   Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Pollock              Donald Tusel and Gerard Garcia            Abbot Chambers                        Kelly Hagerthy                          Ernie McNabb
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Mack                      The Precourt Foundation                  Mr. and Mrs. David Verklin                Mr. and Mrs. Matthew I. Chanoff       Pamela Hakman                           Eda McNulty
Gina Mackintosh and Steven A. Wright          Dave Puccini                             The Village Doctor                        Harry and Janet Chapman               Danielle Harney                         Christine and John Meharg
Tricia and Joseph Magher                      Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon C. Ramsay           Daniel G. Volkmann, Jr.                   Kirsten Chapman                       Alison Hawkins                          Miles Family Fund
Jill and Rich Maisto                          Dr. Robin R. Randall                     Jo Wallace                                Patricia L. Christen                  Mrs. Susan E. Hendrickson               Jo Cummins and Barry Milgrom
Charlot and Gregory Malin                     Mrs. Robert C. Redfield                   Mr. and Mrs. Ward Waltemath               Heidi Cleveland                       Mr. and Mrs. Dave Herzer                Patrick Millette
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey A. Mann                 Redgrave Daley Ragan & Wagner LLP        Washington Mutual Matching Gift Program   Margaret Colby                        Gretchen and Mark Higbie                Ernest Mims
William and Hillary Marino                    Mr. and Mrs. Terence Redmond             Anissa Williams                           Charlton H. Yu and Lanier Coles       Ned Hills                               Lee Ann and James Monfredini
Mary and Bruce Marsh                          Adam and Val Reilly                      John Parker Willis                        Jane Corrigan                         Per and Mary Joy Hilmo                  Mr. and Mrs. James D. Mott
Tracy Leeds and Evan Marwell                  Debbie and Roger Reynolds                Barbara H. Wilson                         Merlyn A. Corwin and Michael Corwin   Mr. and Mrs. Harvey D. Hinman II        MSR Communications LLC
Judge Tomar Mason                             Urs and Janny Rieder                     Lara K. Witter and Curt Sigfstead         Mr. and Mrs. Stone D. Coxhead         Kerry and Sean Honey                    Misty M. Mueller
Anne Marie and Stephen Massocca               Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Righetti            Patricia and James Woodruff               Malcolm Cravens Foundation            Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Hooker          Mr. and Mrs. Jonahtan Murchinson
Maverick Capital Charities                    Louisa and Greg Ritter                   Cynthia Woods and Myron Sugarman          Dr. Kerry L. Davidson                 Carlyn Hunter                           Maria and Guy Muzio
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Maymar                      Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Robb                Mr. and Mrs. Loring A. Wyllie, Jr.        Leslie and Brian Davis                Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jamieson            Mr. and Mrs. Don Nazzal
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Maynard                    Stephanie and Mark Robinson              Kelly E. Wyllie                           Mr. and Mrs. David DeRuff             Mr. and Mrs. William Johnston           Mr. and Mrs. George Newhall
Belle and Ryan McBride                        Heather N. Rodeman                       Rick P. Young                             Mr. and Mrs. John Dilatush            Jonathan and Kate Kalstein              Sheila and Turner Newton
Kristen and Michael McCarthy                  Mr. and Mrs. Javier E. Rojas             Mr. and Mrs. E. Anthony Zaloom            Mrs. Andrews Dillingham               Kenneth S. Katzoff                      Erin P. Nolan
Bill and Christina McClure                    Cary Rose                                Peggy and Lee Zeigler                     Ding Sum, Inc.                        Carolyn M. Keegan                       Mary S. Orbe
Jo-Ann McDevitt                               Pamela A. Routh                                                                    Sarah and Brooks Doggett              Charlie and Emily Kelley                Marie Luise Otto
Deborah and Ron McMicking                     Ernie Ruehl and Julie Aldridge                                                     Alexis Woods and Daniel Donahoe       Kristen and Jim Kelly                   Ali and Scott Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McMillan                  Robert N. Ruggles                                                                  Mary Jane and Laurent Dubois          Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kennedy               Paul L. Patton
                                                                                       Anonymous (2)
McRae & Company                               William and Amy Salisbury                                                          Rose Duignan                          Paul and Kay Koerner                    Mr. and Mrs. Jon H. Paulsen
                                                                                       Ghada Aboukhater
Mary Jane McRory and Mark de Vere White       Martha Frick Symington Sanger                                                      Meredith and Kempton Dunn             Mr. and Mrs. Eron Kosmowski             Jon and Sonja Perkins
                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Alioto
Patrick Meade and Jennifer Hoblyn             Kirsten Schlenger and Roy Ruderman                                                 Erik Eberhart                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard La Motte           David and Stephanie Philipp
                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Eric Alt
Meitetsu Travel U.S.A. Corp.                  Lizzie and Adam Schneiberg                                                         Carrie and Stouffer Egan              Lu and Christina Lacourte               Sally H. Piehl
                                                                                       Terje Arnesen
Christy and Ravi Mohan                        Theo Schwabacher and Michael Gallagher                                             Michael and Jessica Eisler            Laura and Scott Lambert                 LeAnn Pipkins
                                                                                       Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant
Elizabeth A. Moore                            Lee McGrath-Schweizer and                                                          Elizabeth Ellis                       Mr. and Mrs. Jude P. Laspa              W.M. Primozic
                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Tim Attinger
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Moorhouse, Jr.          Raymond Schweizer                                                                Regine J. Familet                     Margo Leahy and Starr Babcock           David Pursley
                                                                                       Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
Robert and Cristina Morris                    Tom and Candy Shepard                                                              Sandra Familet                        Kewchang Lee, M.D. and Kevin De Yager   Mr. and Mrs. James Renfrew
                                                                                       The Wilkes Bashford Company
Allen and Morgan Morton                       Joseph and Sandra Sherman                                                          Lola Feldman                          Scott and Susan LeFevre                 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rice
                                                                                       Carl A. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Mueth                   Adria and Brian Sheth                                                              Rob and Susan Fisher                  Jane and Richard Leider                 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Roberts
                                                                                       The Baum Foundation

18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            19
fiscal year 2007-2008

Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Ross, Jr.         John and Maggie Zeman                     Robert T. Bradford, Jr.                    Leslie and Charlie Dicke                 Shelley Gordon                           Jennifer Hurwick
Anne and Kevin Ryan                                                               Julie and Randy Bradner                    Mrs. Theodore S. Dobos                   Adriana Gores                            Don Young Hwang
Sarah and Kyle Ryland                                                             Richard Brechin                            Lindy Donnelly                           Linda Shen and Bill Gorgas               Peter Isaacson and Stacey Geis
Mr. and Mrs. David Sandler                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew Broadbent         Mr. and Mrs. Chris Donohoe               Dr. Robert E. L. Gotcher                 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ishisaki
Teri Sardonia and William D. Podesto                                              Janet and Micah Broude                     Kathryn Ann Dougery                      Frances and Victor Gotti                 Mark Iverson
                                        Tilly Abbe
Barb Schafer                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Derek L. Brown                Mary Dowdell                             Len Gousetis                             Kathleen and Theodore Jablonski
                                        Charles Abendroth
Juana M. Schurman and Tony Ligamari                                               Sandra Brown                               Matthew Duchesne                         The Govenar Family                       Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jaquier
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Abra
Miss Victoria B. Schwartz                                                         Mrs. Beverly Buller-Tannen                 Mrs. Charleen Duke                       Mrs. Janet F. Graham                     Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Jedlicka
                                        Alison Affrunti
Anne Kenner and Jim Scopa                                                         Taylor and Dan Burkhart                    Dawn Dzedzy                              Mr. and Mrs. John Grassi                 Chris Jenkins
                                        Tahlma and John Ahlers
Lynn Segal                                                                        C & B Transportation Service               Julie Ebner                              Mark Gray                                Eugenia E. Jesberg
                                        John Ailanjian
Kimberly E. Shickel                                                               Pat and Mike Cafferata                     Mr. and Mrs. Braden Edwards              Donald M. Gregory, Jr.                   Charlene H. Johnson
                                        Ann M. Alioto
Jamie J. Shilling                                                                 William and Jeanne Cahill                  Fred and Suki Edwards                    Denise T. Groebner                       Sarah Johnson
                                        Doral Ann Allen
Sumi Shohara                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Colin D. Caldwell             Mrs. Gene Edwards                        Angela Neal Grove                        Craig Jones
                                        J. Douglas Amsden
Anne Wiliams and Harry Shulman                                                    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Callan, Jr.           Jon and Julie Elam                       Daniel Gustafson and Zorina Matavulj     Kathryn M. Jones
                                        Brian Andrews
Erin and Michael Sinclair                                                         Dr. and Mrs. John N. Callander             Electronic Arts Matching Gifts Program   Ryan Hailey                              Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jordan
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Rob Appleby
Renee and Michael Sitzman                                                         Raymond J. Canepa                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Emerson             Catherine Hall                           Jill Jordan
                                        Andi and David Arrick
Mrs. Virginia Smith                                                               Stephanie Carullo                          Cheryl Enright                           James L. Hall, Jr.                       Gavin Joughin
                                        AT&T Services, Inc.
Joseph T. Sneed                                                                   Edythe Chan                                Tyker Fagg                               Nora and Tony Hall                       Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kahn
                                        John W. Bacon
South End Rowing Club                                                             Mrs. Suzie Chang                           Julie and Tom Feldstein                  James Halligan                           Unhei Kang
                                        Susan D. Badger
Sports Basement                                                                   Lisa Bradbury and George Chao              Paula M. Ferkull                         Jonathan Hamel                           Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kaplan
                                        Angela R. Bakeis
Peter and Martha Stabler                                                          Dr. Chau-Chun Chien and Mrs. Maelin Wang   William K. Ferrato                       Mrs. Kathe N. Hardy                      Michelle Keene
                                        Mrs. Ranier Baldauf
Elliot D. Stein, CPA                                                              Claire H. Chow                             Ellen M. Fetty                           Bernadette and John Harney               Mrs. Barbara C. Keller
                                        Marty Balogh
Stephanie Smith Stein                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Clarke III         Alli Fitzgerald                          Heath Hatchett                           Timothy Kelley
                                        Peter Baltaxe
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Stenzler                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Clot                  Sheelagh M. Flanagan and Peter Walsh     Mrs. John C. Hays                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I Kelly
                                        Harriet L. Barbanell
Christina Stephens                                                                Cullen and Sally Coates                    Jason Flegel                             Mary Hazard                              Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kenady
                                        Jennifer Bareilles
The Setzer Foundation                                                             Karen D. Cochran                           Jason Flynn                              Mr. and Mrs. Chris Headrick              Jane Quilter Kennedy
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barger
Sibhan Stokes                                                                     Joseph Coglitore                           Mrs. May L. Fong                         Anne Heaphy                              Patricia A. Kern
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Don Barnby
Brian Stone                                                                       Pebbles Collins                            Mr. and Mrs. James Forbes                Lauren Hall and David Hearth             Donald J. Kerner, M.D.
                                        Marti Baroody
William A. Stone                                                                  Monica and Raymond Conrady                 Patty Foresman Foundation                Terrance Heath                           Rev. Frances Hall Kieschnick and Michael
                                        Tiffany Barr
John C. Suttle                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Converse                 John Foster                              Joanne C. Heffelfinger                      Kieschnick
                                        Frank and Karen Batmale
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Swindle                                                        Mike and Frannie Cooley                    Elvin L. Fowler                          Ann A. Heller                            Gilbert Kim
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Randall Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Taaffe                                                     Ann and Cornelius Corkery                  Lisa Freeman                             Cailin Henderson                         Don and Carolyn Kinnaird
                                        Barbara and Earl L. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Taylor                                                          Angelo F. Cosentino and Meghan S. McCart   Mr. and Mrs. Larry Frey                  Robert E. Henriksen                      Patricia A. Kirby
                                        Stacy H. Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Thom                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Coughlan            Penelope and Dwayne Frey                 Katharine Henry                          Sloan and Rob Klein
                                        Miss Carol Benz
Susan Tien                                                                        David R. Cox                               Elizabeth Froemming                      Karen Herrerias                          Nicole Klionsky
                                        Joanne Benz-King
Tiffany & Co. - Matching Gift Program                                             Robin Craig                                Mr. and Mrs. John Gable                  Barbara and Jim Herwitz                  Dorothy F. Knecht
                                        Rachel Berg
Tina and Jono Tunney                                                              Margaret Crandall                          Ellen J. Garber and Glenn Hunt           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Hickey            Kathy Nyrop and Stephen Koch
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bernstein
Anian and Peter Tunney                                                            Lorna E. and Steven S. Curry               Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Gardner               Gisel Hiscock                            Gretchen and W. Brian Koch
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Burton Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vaszko                                                       Richard Curtis                             Linda C. Gilbert                         Kurt and Melanie Hoefer                  Gary Koenig
                                        Reva Bhatia and Chris Armentrout
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ward                                                         Cypress Golf Course                        Gilmore & Associates, CPAs               Arnold Johnson Holm                      Marty and Louanne Kohr
                                        Mr. and Mrs. David Bickham
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Warner                                                          Andrea Danforth                            Fabio L. Giuntarelli                     Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hooker                Mr. and Mrs. Yural Koren
                                        Robert G. Bjorkquist
Olive Gamble Waugh                                                                Sherry Daniel                              Mr. and Mrs. Rob Glen                    Hotwire                                  Barry and Kevin Kuhn
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Bley
Weaver, Schlenger & Mazel                                                         Patricia Dassios                           Nancy M. Golden                          Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Hovan                  Victor C. H. Lam
                                        Michael Bobroff and Celeste Lee-Bobroff
Gabrielle P. Whelan                                                               Evie and Matt Davis                        Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Goldstein            Nancy E. Hudgins                         Nina Lamour
                                        Cathie Lesjak and Brian Boisseree
Mary Bess and Lawson Willard                                                      Jeffrey Arthur Davis                       June B. Goltermann                       Mrs. Allison Huegel and James S. Sergi   Molly M. Lane
                                        Mrs. Lorraine M. Bosche
World Oyama Karate                                                                Christina de Limur                         Deborah Goodman                          Matthew R. Hughes                        Martine B. Larsen
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bower
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Wynn                                                         Andrea DeBerry                             Mr. and Mrs. Jim Goodman                 Michelle and Justin Hughes               Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Lau
                                        Susan Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Zanoli                                                       Samuel N. DeHaven                          Nina Goodwin                             Mary Ann Hurlimann                       Joan Lautenberger
                                        Williamson and Catherine Bradford

20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        21
fiscal year 2007-2008

Mrs. Anne C. Lawrence                   Dannette Y. Mitchell                 Jeffrey J. Pulvirenti                     Jeffrey S. Straw                       Kelly and Stephen Willrich             Suzanne and Douglas C. Heske
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lawrence           Michelle Molfino                      Fran and Bob Pundt                        Tracy Strelow                          Jennifer Wolfe and Nolan Zail          Michelle and Justin Hughes
Nel A. Leal and Darlene Gong            Steven and Nina Moore                Jeunesse B. Raymundo                      Mr. and Mrs. James Student             Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Wolff               Invisible Chef
Courtney Leary                          Dr. Thomas E. Moore                  Jane and Ernest Reddick                   Mr. and Mrs. Roger Stuhlmuller         Doris Y. Wong                          Sally Jacobs and Lewis Byington
Andrea and Jon Leavitt                  Walter J. Morris                     Shirley A. Reece                          Beverly J. Sutton                      Keith Woodland                         Jawanna Jefferson
Mrs. Muriel Leland                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mottershead   Karen Rhodes                              Suzman and Cole Design Associates      Jolaine C. Woodson                     Joshua Ets-Hokin Photography
Sharon Levins                           Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Mueth          Mr. and Mrs. John Riccitiello             Robert E. Swingley                     Weihan Wu                              Kaiser Medical Center
Willie L. Lew                           Sreedhar Mukkamalla                  Linda Rizzo                               Mary Tam                               B. Magalli Yoho                        Melissa B. and Scott Kepner
Joseph Lichy                            Julie S. Munro                       Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Robbins          Tiffany Tan                            Meredith Young                         Korn/Ferry International
Mrs. Bonnie L. Lindahl                  Mr. and Mrs. Adam Murphy             Rick and Judith Roberts                   Robin G. Taylor                        Zachery Young                          Diane Lopez
Chris F. Lindquist                      Anh H. Murphy                        Shirley and Tom von Karl                  Virginia Taylor                        Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Zaldastani       J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines
Caroline M. Ling                        Thomas Murray                        Jessica Rogers                            Sara and Chris Tewksbury               Zanze’s Cheesecake                     Jill and Rich Maisto
Jean Lippi                              Eve Murto                            Nancy B. Rogers                           Carey H. Timbrell                      T. G. Zimmerman                        The McKenzie Foundation of San Francisco
Eran J. Liron                           Wendy Myers Forrester                Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rosendahl               Rita H. Times, R.N.                    Nancy W. Zinn                          MDV II
Ray and Christina Jen Liu               Mary Louise Myers                    Jerome A. Rosenthal                       Julian C. Ting                                                                Meadowood Napa Valley
                                                                                                                                                              IN-KIND DONORS
Carole F. Lough                         Dr. Renu Nallicheri                  Laura and Arnold Rotbert                  Kristy Topham                                                                 Melanson Vineyard
Doreen and Larry Low                    Alan Natanson                        Mr. and Mrs. Morris Rubin                 Monelle Totah                                                                 NewSkin Clinic
Amy Lowery                              Sheila M. Brown and Farley Neuman    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Ryken             Georgene Tozzi                                                                Sara G. Noel
                                                                                                                                                              Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lukowitsch           Catherine A. Newsom                  Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Sanford              Zara Traina                                                                   Old First Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                                                                              Bart Police Department
Suzanne MacDonald                       William K. Nisbet                    Sapient Corporation                       Alexander Tsatkin                                                             The Pajama Program
                                                                                                                                                              Wilkes Bashford
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Maddan          Mr. and Mrs. George O’Connell        Samuel E. Saravia                         Mrs. Stephanie R. Tuttle                                                      The John K. Palladino Family
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. and Ms. David H. Black
Andrew T. Madden                        Ann C. O’Connor                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sarlatte              Christopher P. Tzortzis                                                       Peter Olivetti Photography
                                                                                                                                                              Blue Ice Vodka
Anne and Matthew Maddox                 Michael O’Gorman                     Greta Savage                              Bernardo Urquieta and                                                         Polo-Ralph Lauren
                                                                                                                                                              Zoe and David Bonnette
Dipak Makwana                           Jennifer Olsen                       Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schier                    Kathleen E. Smythe De Urquieta                                              PricewaterhouseCoopers
                                                                                                                                                              Henry Brulay
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Malaspina        Dave Olson                           Bernadette M. Schild                      Megan van Linda                                                               Jeff and Kim Qvale
                                                                                                                                                              Caviar Affair Magazine
Moosa Malek                             Aine and Christian Ourtiague         Mr. and Mrs. Randy Schlemmer              Kathleen Velykis and Kenneth Lewis                                            Gisele Rainer
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Chappellet
The Malibu Life, Inc.                   Philip and Lilli Ouyang              Charlotte and John Schmiedel              Niall Vignoles                                                                Ross and Virginia Roberts
                                                                                                                                                              Cisco Systems, Inc.
Harold and Nancy Mann                   Molly Padien-Havens                  Karen Schneider and Ignacio Sanz-Pastor   Jamie Vogel                                                                   Rue Inc
                                                                                                                                                              Philip K. Claypool
Mr. and Mrs. Baird Marble               Lien Do and Chau Do Papatheodorou    Kirk Schneider                            Peter H. Vogt                                                                 Ruston Family Vineyards
                                                                                                                                                              Marc Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Marchetti       Mr. and Mrs. Tony Park               Molly Seitel                              Suzanne Voll                                                                  San Francisco 49ers Foundation
                                                                                                                                                              Columbia Cosmetics
Marin Academy                           Gregory H. Parks                     Aric Shalov                               Gregg Walker                                                                  San Francisco Bay Whale Watching
                                                                                                                                                              CPIC International
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Marks           Alice Paulsen                        Patti W. Shavelson                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wall                                                     San Francisco Choral Society
Beverly G. Marlow                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pedrero          Cara A. Sheean and Dan Dillon             Catherine Walsh                                                               San Francisco Food Bank
                                                                                                                                                              The CW Bay Area - CBS5
Cheryle Matteo                          Bill and Lauren Peichel              Patricia and Steve Shepard                Kate Warner                                                                   San Francisco Giants
                                                                                                                                                              The Disney Store
Mr. and Mrs. Davin McAndrews            Victoria Penfield                     Lori Shigekane                            Gary and Jenny Warnes                                                         Sandra and David Schmaier
                                                                                                                                                              Tara and Stephen Earley
Seana McDevitt                          Shelley Perelmuter                   Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Shiver               Miss Ramona Wascher                                                           Charlotte and John Schmiedel
                                                                                                                                                              Eric Schumacher Photography
Paula and Tim McGowan                   Phillips Perkins                     Jonathan Shoemake                         Robert L. Webster, Jr.                                                        Signature Building Maintenance, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                              Ryan and Cesalee Farr
Dr. Laura Miller and John McHugh        Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Peterson     Lisa Sieber                               Whitney Gates Weisel                                                          Lisa and Nicholas Solinger
                                                                                                                                                              U.S. Senator Dianne C. Feinstein and
Mr. and Mrs. John McInerney III         Dianne Pettigrew-Yancey              Roy E. Simon                              Mrs. Betty Jean Weiss                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Solmssen
                                                                                                                                                                Mr. Richard C. Blum
Barbara McLellan                        Mrs. Lindsay Pettit                  Charles and Carolyn Skuba                 Anne Wenzel                                                                   St. Gabriel School
                                                                                                                                                              Filoli Center
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNamara           Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Pharr           Sandra Farish Sloan                       Aimee West                                                                    Nicole Suckle
                                                                                                                                                              Food Runners
Mrs. Kathryn K. McNeil                  Plant Bros. Corp.                    Mary Ellen and Richard A. Smith           Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wexler                                                      SVB Financial Group
                                                                                                                                                              Freeman Winery
Brian P. McPherson                      Nancy Player                         Stefanie F. Smith                         Dennis R Wheatley                                                             The Terraces Winery
                                                                                                                                                              Janet Fruehstueckl
Michael Mellor                          John Pola                            Mr. and Mrs. Cordy Snyder                 Gail Andrews Whelan                                                           Tortilla Heights
                                                                                                                                                              Fyvebydora Wall Art
Tessa and John Melvin                   Mrs. John Arnold Pope                Ann Sonnenberg                            Martha Lee White                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Charles Veley
                                                                                                                                                              Gifts In Kind International
Paige Meuse                             Robyn Pope                           Mrs. Berenice R. Spalding                 Mr. and Mrs. John Whittle                                                     Winston & Strawn LLP
                                                                                                                                                              Gilmore & Associates, CPAs
Mr. and Mrs. John Clifford Miller III   Fred and Diane Price                 Robyn L. Steele                           Michael Glover and Curtis J. Wilhelm                                          The Worth Collection
                                                                                                                                                              Go Fish
Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Miller            Lisa R. Prochello                    Ann Steiner                               Johnnie M. Williams                                                           Laura and Mark Yockey
                                                                                                                                                              Golden Gateway Tennis and Swim Club

22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              23
leadership                edgewood auxiliary
2007-2008                 2007-2008

                          Elizabeth Leep                  Jill Maisto
                                                          Quimby Margaretten
Graeme Hanson, M.D.*      FAIR CHAIRMEN
                                                          Belle McBride*
                          Zoe Bonnette
VICE CHAIRMAN                                             Kristen McCarthy
                          Kimberly Veley
Paul B. Holm, Jr.*                                        Annabel McClellan*
                          ASSISTANT FAIR CHAIRMAN         Alexandra McClure
Luis A. Belmonte*         Colleen Backstrand              Mary Jane McRory
David H. Black
                                                          Sarah L. Moody*
Michele L. Chaboudy       Kylee Acidera*
                                                          Sara Palladino
Denise Dettore            Catherine Cogliandro Alioto
                                                          Brooke Perkins
Douglas C. Heske*         Tricia Arslaner*
                                                          Stephanie Philipp
Cynthia Lohr              Lynn Atkinson
                                                          Deborah Phillips
Rick S. Mariano*          Suzanne Baird
                                                          Debra Pinto                                      MORE AT EDGEWOOD.ORG
Jon H. Paulsen            Lynda Boyden
                                                          Kim Qvale
Gisele Rainer             Anna Brockway
Miriam M. Rike            Violet Brooks
                                                          Lizzie Schneiberg*
                                                                                                           Additional information about Edgewood,
                                                          Eve Shaw
Teri Sardonia             Michelle Cheatham
                                                          Mary Beth Shimmon                                our services, and how you can get involved
Sandra L. Schmaier        Colby Collet
                                                          Susan Skinner
Brooke Shields*           Lisa Wilcox Corning*
                                                          Lisa Lynn Solinger
                                                                                                           is available online.
Elizabeth Strong Coover   Alexandra Cowley
                                                          Claire Spaht
Paul Touchstone           Lucy Craig
                          Christine DeSanze
                                                          Nancy Spooner                                    In 2008 we added video to
AUXILIARY PRESIDENT                                       Reagan Steppe*
Elizabeth Leep
                          Hilary Desrosiers
                                                          Katherine Van Dusen                              These video “Stories of Hope” allow our
                          Mary Jane Dubois
                                                          Betsy W. Vobach
PRESIDENT AND CEO         Genevieve Ferguson*                                                              supporters to see and hear how their
                                                          Ashley Waltemath
Nancy H. Rubin            Laura Ferguson*
                                                          Patricia S. Woodruff                             generosity helps change lives. Take a
                          Julie Flynn*
                                                          Kelly E. Wyllie
EXECUTIVE TEAM            Kelly Fogarty
                                                          Laura Yockey                                     moment to watch these inspiring stories.
                          Anne Frey-Mott
                          Amy Glass
Nancy H. Rubin
                          Carter Graber
CFO AND COO               Danielle Harney*
Debra Menaker             Jeannie Harris
DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS      Lauren Haswell
AND STRATEGY              Marian Heath
Ken Epstein               Suzanne Heske
                          Jill Hetherington
                          Sally Jacobs
Dr. Robin Randall
                          Tracy Jaquier
                          Lee Johnson
                          Alexis Smith Kalikman*
                          Melissa Kepner
                          Cheryl B. King
                                                                                                           Don’t miss a particularly moving video about “Billy”, a special
                          Janet Lautenberger                                                               boy who needed to overcome many obstacles to make his
                          Elizabeth Lester                                                                 dreams come true.
                          Aimee Logan                                                            

                                                                               * Denotes committee chair

     San Francisco Campus
     1801 Vicente Street
     San Francisco, CA 94116
     Tel: 415.681.3211

     Edgewood Family Center
     101 15th Street
     San Francisco, CA 94103
     Tel: 415.865.3000

     Parent University
     Malcolm X Academy
     Elementary School
     350 Harbor Road
     San Francisco, CA 94124


     Edgewood San Mateo
     957 Industrial Road, Suite B
     San Carlos, CA 94070
     Tel: 800.496.3019

     Edgewood Drop-In Center
     841 San Bruno Avenue
     San Bruno, CA 94066
     Tel: 800.375.7626


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