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ABC plans to air soft-core pornography in NYPD BLUE


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									                                    AMERICAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION                                                            September, 1993
                                                                                                                           Attention Pastors
                                                                                                                           Christians & Society TODAY,
                                                                                                                           pages 3 and 4, can be
                                                                                                                           reproduced locally on a
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ABC plans to air soft-core                                                                                                 bulletins or newsletters.

                                                                                                                            5 TV & Movies
pornography in NYPD BLUE
   ABC has decided to ignore the         later ABC announced they were            ports indicated that as many as
                                                                                                                              TV & movie violence

                                                                                                                          12 Culture
pleas of thousands of Americans          taking 15 seconds from the initial       one-third of the affiliates would
                                                                                                                             America’s decline
and scores of their network affili-       program, forcing Bochco to back          not air NYPD BLUE.
ates and air Steven Bochco’s new         down on his pledge. Still, Bochco           The liberal New York Times           14 AFA
soft-core, violent pornographic          said that none of the nudity in the      called NYPD BLUE “the raci-
                                                                                                                             Affiliates on
NYPD BLUE. The program is set            explicit sex scenes was eliminated.      est show ever to appear on the
                                                                                                                             the front lines
to begin in September.                       Even the edited program was          network’s prime-time schedule.”
   On July 15, Bochco told USA           so explicit that many ABC affili-        The program is so violent that it       21 Homosexuals
Today that he would make no              ates still said they would not air the   was originally said to be the only
                                                                                                                             Pointing to Christ
changes in the program. “If I do         program. Jim Matthews, President         series which would carry the new
make any modifications, they will         and General Manager of WJKS              warning about violence.                 17 Media
be very minor. The modification          in Miami, Florida, said his station         Marc Gunther, TV writer for
                                                                                                                             “Fabricated Five”
would not include language, nudity       “would not air NYPD BLUE in              the Detroit Free Press, said “If
or violence.” However, two weeks         its current edited form.” Early re-      NYPD (Continued on back page)           19 Marriage
                                                                                                                             Marriage rebirth

Johnson Wax says boycott                                                          K-mart snubs                            18 Pornography
                                                                                                                             Helping wives
                                                                                  concerns, continues
doesn’t hurt, contacts decline                                                    in porn business
                                                                                                                             of addicts
   Chrm. William D. Perez of S.C.          our U.S. business is off to a very                                             16 Washington
Johnson Wax, in a memo to his em-          good start this new fiscal year,”         Kmart, which publicly promotes
                                                                                                                            Grass roots strength
ployees dated August 3, said that          Perez said.                            itself as a family store, continues
the boycott by AFA and Christian              The memo came after Perez had       as one of the leading retailers of 20
Leaders for Responsible Televi-            requested and attended a meeting       pornography in America. Kmart
                                                                                                                            How to teach
sion (CLeaR-TV) hasn’t hurt and            with officials from CLeaR-TV.          Chairman Joseph Antonini, who
                                                                                                                            your child
that the number of individuals com-        Perez had adamantly refused to         has arrogantly snubbed thousands
plaining about their sponsorship           meet with CLeaR-TV for over two        of concerned individuals for two 22
continues to decline. “Fortunately,        years. The reason for the meeting      years, refuses to get his company
                                                                                                                            FOCA vs Americans
we have not felt any impact (from          was to try to find a way to end the     out of the pornography business.
the boycott) and as a matter of fact,      boycott.                                  Despite two straight quarters of
                                                         CLeaR-TV officials       declining profits, Antonini keeps
                                                     decided, after the meet-     his company in the porn business.
                                                                                                                            09 News of Interest
                                                     ing on June 18 and let-      Recently pension groups from both
S.C. Johnson                                         ters and phone calls be-     the United Methodist Church and
                                                                                                                            11 Boycott Box
                                                                                                                            06 TV Reviews
  Personal Products – Agree shampoo, Aveeno          ing made between Perez       the Southern Baptist Convention
                                                                                                                            02 From Don & Tim
  bath products, Curel skin lotion, Edge shav-       and CLeaR-TV chair-          have withdrawn investments
  ing cream, Fisher Price bath products, Halsa       man Dr. Billy A. Melvin,     worth millions of dollars from
  shampoo/conditioner, Off insect repellent, Soft    that since S.C. Johnson      the company. Antonini refused to
  Sense lotion                                       Wax refused to give a        discuss the situation with either of ALL-MEMBERSHIP PLAN
                                                     clearly written statement    the two groups. Many individuals Use All-Membership Plan to
                                                     stating their intention      have also sold their Kmart stock.    subscribe for members or
  Household Products – Drano drain opener,
  Favor polish, Glade room deodorizer, Glory rug to implement changes
                                                                                                                               of your
                                                                                     Kmart is one of the largest leadersyear per church.
                                                                                                                       $4 per           subscription
  cleaner, Mr. Muscle over cleaner, Pledge Dust-     in their TV sponsorship      retailers of pornography in the (minimum–10).
  ers, Raid insecticide, Shout stain remover, Step to reduce the amount of        country. They sell the porn in their Send check, name of church
  Saver cleaner, Toilet Duck cleaner, Vanish         sex, violence and pro-       Waldenbooks stores.                  and legible mailing list:
  toilet cleaner, Windex glass cleaner               fanity they help sponsor,       A F A u r g e s c o n c e r n e d AFA Journal
                                                                                                                       P.O. Drawer 2440
                                                     that the boycott would       individuals to call Kmart customer Tupelo, MS 38803
  Waxes & Polishes – Bravo wax, Brite floor wax, continue.                         service. The number is 1-800-63- Single subscription –
  Clean & Clear wax, Future floor coating, Glo            AFA urges support-       Kmart. Please be polite when you     $15/year.
                                                                                                                           Copies of this issue are avail-
  Coat floor coating, Johnson wax, J-Wax, Klear ers to increase their ef-                                                   able at $12.50 for 50 copies.
  floor coating, Pledge wax, Pride wax                forts in promoting the
                                                                                                                           Enclose check with order.
                                                    (Continued on back page)                 (Continued on back page)
2                                                                                                   AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993

                  Would the real Jesus                                                  Promise Keepers –
                                                                                        hope for tomorrow
                  please stand up?                                                         I just returned from
                                                                                        the 1993 National
                                                                                                                  By Tim Wildmon
                                                                                                                    Vice president
                      I have met these people, many By Dr. Donald E. Wildmon            Men’s Conference
                   of them, during the past 16 years. I AFA President                   sponsored by an organization known as
                   know when it is coming. I can hear                                   Promise Keepers. The gathering of 50,000
                                                                                        men was held in Boulder, Colorado on the
                   it I should of their a good Christian.
suggestions on howin the toneact to be voice and their They all make about the          campus of Colorado University and at-
same points. Here is a general outline of their suggestions.                            tracted men from all 50 states and every
   As a young minister I read a story told by J. Wallace Hamilton, a preacher of        continent except Antarctica. We still don’t
    1   Jesus didn’t criticize people, therefore I should not criticize those who are   know what happened to those guys.
                                                                                           Most of us have attended events that
        responsible for filth on television or who produce and distribute pornogra-
                                                                                        have impacted our lives in a very power-
        phy.                                                                            ful way. This experience was—and I think
    2   Jesus didn’t condemn anyone, He loved them. They usually point to the           I speak for the other 49,999 men—sim-
        woman caught in the act of adultery on this one. They even quote me scrip-      ply awesome. To hear 50,000 men singing
        ture: “Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more.”                          praises to God and pledging themselves
                                                                                        to be men of integrity, valor, honesty and
    3   Jesus lived His life so that people respected Him and sought to follow Him.
                                                                                        purity in a world of immorality, shifting
        As Christians, we need to live our lives in a similar manner. That means that   values and deceit was—to say the very
        we don’t disagree with anyone, but rather try to convince them by our ac-       least—refreshing.
        tions rather than our words.                                                       I want to share with you the seven com-
    4   Jesus made friends with everyone. He accepted everyone. He was friends          mitments that one must sign onto in order
                                                                                        to be a “promise keeper.” They are:
        even with those with whom He disagreed. He didn’t turn them off simply
                                                                                           1) Honor Jesus Christ through prayer,
        because they disagreed with Him.                                                worship, and obedience to His Word.
note who died in 1968. It seems that a non-too-dignified, but somewhat successful,          2) Spiritual, moral, ethical and sexual
preacher was preaching at a chapel service at a large and respected university. Now     purity.
this preacher was not a good public relations person. He was somewhat unreserved           3) Build strong marriages and families
and preached what many would call a straight-forward, perhaps even blunt, ser-          through love, protection, and biblical val-
mon. I’m sure that you have heard that kind. He called sin: sin. Then laid out the         4) Support the mission of my church, by
plan of salvation. He just wasn’t a very tactful preacher because he offended some      honoring and praying for my pastor and by
who were present with his bluntness.                                                    actively giving my time and resources.
   Following his sermon, he was met at the back by one of the professors. Calling          5) Reach beyond any racial and denomi-
                                                                                                           (Continued on back page)
the preacher aside, he told him that he had preached a good sermon but that if he
would change it just a little, not be so straight-forward, that he could do so much
more good. “You know,” the professor said, “if you will search the scriptures you       AFA Journal • Volume 17 • Number 9
will find that Jesus was the most loving, non-condemning, forgiving, helpful person
who ever lived. I’m simply suggesting that you make your sermons as tactful as          A publication of the American Family As-
Jesus made his. It would really help your ministry.”                                    sociation. Published monthly and Novem-
    The preacher thought for a little. “You think I need to be more tactful?” he        ber/December.
asked.                                                                                  Address: P.O. Drawer 2440,
   “I think it would be a big help to your ministry, ” said the professor.              Tupelo, MS 38803.
   “Was Jesus a tactful person?” the preacher asked.                                    Phone: 601/844-5036.
   “The most tactful person who ever lived, “ responded the professor.                  Subscription rate: $15 per year
   The preacher thought a little mor, the spoke. “Professor, please answer a ques-
                                                                                        Executive Editor: Donald E. Wildmon
tion for me. If Jesus was the most tactful person who ever lived, how did He man-       Editor: Randall Murphree
age to get Himself crucified?”                                                           Editorial Assistant: Jessica Huckaby
   The professor did not answer the question.                                           Associate Editor: Rusty Benson
   Moral of story: When you take a stand for right, you are going to offend
someone because of that stand.                                                          AFA is a Christian organization
                                                                                        promoting the Biblical ethic of
Don                                                                                     decency in American society
                                                                                        with primary emphasis on TV
                                                                                        and other media.
                                                                                                                               SEPTEMBER, 1993

                A supplement for local bulletins & newsletters from the American Family Association

ABC offers free violence hotline CBS won’t carry
   ABC has established a toll-free hotline           of ABC programs which will contain a
for viewers to call for warnings on upcom-           warning about sex, violence and profanity.          violence warning
ing programs featuring sex, violence and                American Family Association will keep               CBS Entertainment President Jeff
profanity. The number is 1-800-213-6ABC              the readers of the AFA Journal advised              Sagansky says he has changed his mind
(1-800-213-6222).                                    as to which companies help sponsor                  and that no CBS series will carry the new
   The number will give viewers an update            programs on which ABC will carry the                violence rating which his network earlier
                                                     warning.                                            told Congress they would begin using.
                                                                                                            Sagansky says it was easy for Con-
                                                                                                         gress to take potshots at the commercial
Major networks ignore religion                                                                           networks on the violence issue, but says
                                                                                                         he hopes lawmakers will now move on to
in television programming                                                                                other societal causes of violence.
   USA Today reports that prime-time                 of those came from three shows – DR.                                   Associated Press, 7/20/93
network TV nearly ignores religion in its            QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN (CBS),
programing but greatly exaggerates vio-              HOMEFRONT (ABC), and MATLOCK                        Fifty-five films get
lence and sex outside marriage.                      (ABC).
   Despite statistics that show that 42%                “You’d never know by looking at TV               new NC-17 rating
of viewers consider religion an important            that religion is a source of joy for so many
part of their lives, the one-week survey             people,” says Mike McManus, a syndi-                   As of early June, 55 films have been
of ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox found that                  cated newspaper columnist who writes                tagged with the new NC-17 rating from the
among more than 1,300 characters, only               on religion and ethics. “It’s as if religion        Motion Picture Association of America.
5% practice religion in any way. One-third           didn’t even exist.”                                 NC-17 (“not for children”) replaced the
                                                                  USA Today, 7/6/93 and 7/12/93          X rating. NC-17 films circumvent the
                                                                                                         prohibitions which previously kept X films
                                                                                                         from being shown in local theaters and
Ads reveal MTV’s real intent                                                                             advertised in local newspapers.
   Think television doesn’t have a strong            channel, (but a) cultural force.” Still an-                                   Movieguide, 7/93
influence on young people? MTV knows                  other (and perhaps even more revealing) ad
   A recent self-promotional ad in an
                                                     shows a young man relaxed in an arm chair
                                                     with his remote control. The ad copy tells
                                                                                                         Entertainers join
advertising trade publication brags, “Any
channel can deliver eyeballs. But how
                                                     us this man is the “opinion leader” among
                                                     his friends. The headline declares, “Buy
                                                                                                         homosexual march
many can include hearts and minds?” In               this 24-year-old and get all his friends               Many familiar entertainment industry
another ad, MTV calls itself “not a TV               absolutely free.”                                   faces joined 300,000 others at the march
                                                                        Advertising Age, 7/28/93         on Washington, D.C. in April.
                                                                                                            Supporting the homosexual rights
                              Television Violence                                                        movement were actors/celebrities Cybil
                                                                                                         Shepherd, Judith Light (WHO’S THE
              TYPE OF VIOLENCE                           CHILDREN’S                   PRIME TIME         BOSS), Ian McKellen, Kathy Najimy
                                                        PROGRAMMING                                      (Sister Act), Phil Donahue, Harvey Fier-
               violent acts per hour                            32                          4            stein, Judd Hirsch, Dick Sargeant, Marlo
                                                                                                         Thomas, Giancarlo Esposito, Joan Riv-
                violent characters                             56%                        34%            ers, Stephen Sondheim, Suzanne West-
                                                                                                         enhoefer; Melissa Etheridge, the Indigo
     characters who are victims of violence                    74%                        34%            Girls, Patti Austin, and Lorna Luft. Others
                                                                                                         who phoned in their support include Lily
     characters who are killers or get killed                  3.3%                       5.7%           Tomlin and Jane Wagner.
                                                                                                            March sponsors included the National
   characters who are perpetrators or victims                  79%                        47%            Organization for Women, the American
                                                                                                         Civil Liberties Union, the Socialist Work-
 Source: Newsweek, 7/12/93, Prof. George Gerbner, Annenberg School of Communications, University of PA   ers Party, and the Trotskyist League.
                                                                                                                                         TV etc., 7/93
4                                                                                                             AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993
                                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER, 1993

Admitted murderer blames rap music
    Ronald Ray Howard says he learned               If convicted, Howard faces up to life in     and a hatred for police.
his hatred of police officers from years of       prison or the death penalty.                       Prosecutor Bobby Bell said he agrees
listening to violent, anti-police rap music.        Howard, 19, confessed to shooting            the music played a part in the killing and
Now he’s asking that his life be spared in       Trooper Bill Davidson in the neck after         plans to call California rapper Tupac Am-
the fatal shooting of a state trooper because    Davidson stopped him for a missing head-        uru Shakur and members of the Houston
of the influence of that rap music.               light in April 1992. The car turned out to      rap group Gangsta N.I.P. as witnesses.
    “There’s no doubt about it, Ronald           be stolen. Howard said the trooper “pulled         Howard was listening to those groups
Howard is going to be convicted of capital       me over for nothing,” according to grand        the night of the shooting. One of the songs
murder,” defense attorney Allen Tanner           jury testimony.                                 on Shakur’s “2pacalypse Now” album
said during Howard’s trial. “We’re not              Before the killing, Tanner said, Howard      talks about shooting a policeman.
asking that he be found not guilty because       had driven 120 miles from Houston to                      The Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/4/93
of the music. We think that he ought to be       Victoria listening to “gangsta rap,” a genre
spared his life ... due to the music.”           of rap that focuses on drugs, sex, violence

Editorials criticize                             Killing followed film, police
lottery promises                                    An Attala County, Mississippi, teenager
                                                 was jailed on a murder charge in the shoot-
                                                                                                 gang violence. The chief said witnesses
                                                                                                 had reported that following the film, Jen-
    Two recent editorials in Advertising Age     ing death of Andrew Carter, 32. “He told        kins had made remarks that indicated he
report that opposition to lottery advertising    us all about it about 11:45 this morning,”      wanted to shoot someone.
is on the rise, “and with good reason.”          Police Chief Dirk Thayer said, one day             Thayer said Jenkins told him that
    One TV spot in New York shows a              after Orlando Jenkins, 17, was taken into       Jenkins and Carter had discussed a drug
mother telling her daughter she doesn’t          custody.                                        purchase and that Carter was killed when
need to study hard for a scholarship exam           Thayer said the killing was drug-related     he said he had no cash.
because Mom is playing the lottery. A bill-      and had taken place after Jenkins and other               The Commercial Appeal, 7/23/93
board in Chicago’s poverty stricken West         youths had watched a movie that included
Side tells prospective gamblers that the
Illinois lottery is “Your way out.”
    One editorial calls for states to regulate   Violence is epidemic in schools
themselves and eliminate “reckless and               A senior federal health official said that   10-14 and 62% of deaths among black
misleading lottery ads.” Another writer          violence in America’s schools has reached       males ages 15–18. Among black females,
asked,“Doesn’t the (ad) industry have to         epidemic proportions, and fighting it will       homicide was the leading cause of death in
be a little concerned about the long-term        require public health resources as well as      the 10-14 age group, accounting for 36%
effects of an incessant ad barrage that says     education and the criminal justice system.      of all deaths.
it’s OK to smoke, to drink, to gamble?”              The comments by Dr. Mark Rosenberg,            According to data collected by the
                     Advertising Age, 5/17/93    an associate director for injury prevention     Education Department, about three million
                                                 at the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease        thefts and violent crimes occur on or near
                                                 Control and Prevention, came during a           school campuses annually. In addition, one
Advertisers pay big                              two-day national conference on school           of every five high school students carries a
                                                                                                 firearm. And 23% of seniors report being
bucks to get to you                                  Rosenberg said the problem is particu-      injured or threatened with a weapon.
                                                                                                    “Violence is an epidemic in the United
                                                 larly acute among black males. He noted,
   How much will advertisers pay to get          for example, that homicides account for         States today. It is a public health problem,”
into your living room? A lot! The most           30% of deaths among black males ages 5-         Rosenberg said.
expensive time on TV, according to Daily         9, 41% of deaths among black males ages                            Cox News Service, 7/21/93
Variety, an entertainment industry trade
publication, is during ROSEANNE. A
30-second spot on the ABC sitcom costs           Playboy’s Hefner sued by publisher
$279,000.                                            Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc. has sued Playboy Enterprises Inc. and
   At the other end of the blurb spec-           its founder, Hugh M. Hefner, for failing to produce a Hefner autobiography.
trum, a half minute on SIGHTINGS costs               Bantam, in a complaint filed in state court in Los Angeles, said it signed a contract with
$32,000.                                         Playboy in October, 1985, for a book of between 125,000 and 200,000 words to be deliv-
                       Daily Variety, 6/1/93     ered by April 30, 1987. The deadline was later extended to October 1, 1992, and length
                                                 requirement changed to 850 book-printed pages.
                                                     Mr. Hefner and Playboy, however, missed the later deadline and have refused to return
    Sources cited for “Christians and
                                                 $400,000 in advances, according to Bantam, which seeks a return of its money with inter-
     Society Today” indicate source
       of basic information only.
                                                                                                                 Wall Street Journal, 7/29/93
AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993                                                                                                                  5
                                                           TV & MOVIES

TV and movies teach violence                                                                                                By Bob Greene
                                                                                                                   Reprinted by permission
                                                                                                                      Tribune Media Services
                 e’ve all begun to pay the price for the violence          “All of these news stories about children killing other chil-

“W               that is passed off as entertainment in this country.
                 The people who run the movie studios and TV
                 networks are always saying that they’re not respon-
sible for the growth in the violence in our society.
                                                                        dren—how do you think that happened?” Barbara McDermott
                                                                        said. “There are generations of children who have grown up seeing
                                                                        ever increasing violence delivered into their homes on television
                                                                        programs. Shootings and beatings and murders are right in their
   “But they’re wrong, and I think they know they’re wrong.”            homes, and they see it day after day, night after night, and after a
                                                                                                  while it seems exciting and even logi-
ENTERTAINMENT EXECS LYING                                                                         cal. If you get angry enough, you grab
    Those are not the words of a conser-                                                          your gun and shoot. Before all of this,
ative activist, or of a member of the cler-                                                       you never saw children bringing guns to
gy. The speaker is Barbara McDermott,                                                             school. You do now.”
a 45-year-old Midwestern mother of two                                                                Is it unfair to blame the entertain-
who also works as a tutor for boys and                                                            ment executives for this? No. Television
girls who are unable to go to school. She                                                         is still such a new phenomenon that we
is reflecting a growing sentiment among                                                            have yet to learn everything about how
many Americans: that after all the years                                                          it has changed our world. It has changed
of entertainment executives protesting                                                            it in good ways and bad, but maybe the
that they are only reflecting the violence                                                         worst is that it has enabled people you
in society, not promoting it, the time has                                                        would never allow into your house to
come to understand that the entertain-                                                            come in all the time, showing and doing
ment executives are liars.                                                                        things you would never permit if you
    “If you show people something over                                                            had a choice.
and over, they’re going to absorb it,”                                                                Now you have no choice—not un-
McDermott said. “If a child has a work-                                                           less you make the drastic decision to
ing brain, and he or she sees terrible                                                            have no television set at all. It does no
violence day after day, hour after hour,                                                          good to watch only programs you know
that child is going to pick up on it. Vio-                                                        to be violence-free; the networks and
lence becomes accepted once you’ve                                                                local stations are constantly promoting
seen it enough from the safe distance                                                             their more lurid fare during commercial
of a movie screen or a TV set. Violence                                                           breaks all day and all evening, and fami-
becomes an option.”                                                                               lies with children are especially appalled
    No wonder the entertainment execu-                                                            when a promo for something vicious and
tives are nervous these days. The Ameri-                                                          base comes on and off their screen be-
can people have finally caught on that                                                            fore they can do anything about it.
the purveyors of television and movie
violence are not operating from some                                                                NOT A RIGHTIST AGENDA
moral high ground of freedom of ex-                                                                    People who complained about this
pression. They are actively harming the                                                             used to be accused of having a far-right
quality of life in our country by send-                                                             political agenda. That is changing rap-
ing the worst kind of inhuman behavior                                                              idly. “Even if it were to stop completely
into millions of homes, and they’re do-                                                             right now, it might be too late,” Barbara
ing it because it’s an easy way to make                                                             McDermott said. “We have seen these
money.                                                                                              constant violent images for so long,
    “They’re just selling it,” Barbara Mc-                                                          maybe it can’t be fixed. Most families
Dermott said. “That’s all they’re inter-                                                            have rules about what is acceptable be-
ested in.”                                                                                          havior, but what comes into the house on
    The old argument that ours is a vio-                                                            TV violates those rules all the time.”
lent society, and that the movie and tele-
vision producers are simply mirroring                                                                  The people who peddle this violent
what goes on around us anyway, does                                                                 and harmful programming categorize
not work. The American Psychological                                                                themselves with such names as creators
Association has estimated that the aver-                                                            and directors and executive producers.
age child in the United States sees on                                                              But the country has at last discerned
TV 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of                                                                what they really are. They are home
violence before finishing elementary school.                             invaders.
    Regardless of how rough a neighborhood a child lives in, the
horrific violence that is being peddled via television and the movies       Bob Greene is a nationally syndicated columnist. Readers may write to
is more, in quantity, than any child will ever see in real life. And    him c/o Tribune Media Services, 64 E. Concord St., Orlando, FL 32801.
there are consequences to this.
6                                                                                                              AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993
                                                       TV REVIEWS

Priest belittles abstinence in Fox              with Nurse Faber that night.                     the illicit act.
Network series with Pepsi ads                      One advises Doogie, “If you haven’t              Furthermore, when the priest confesses
    In the July 13 rerun of BEVERLY             docked (had sex) by the third date, you          to his superior at the Vatican, the Cardinal
HILLS 90210, series regular Donna is pres-      might as well abandon ship!”                     replies, “It is as our Lord Jesus Christ wills,
sured by David to have sex. “What’s the            “So, Doctor,” teases another, “are you        and I think perhaps you had a great lesson
problem?” David demands. “Your parents          ready to put to sea, is your hull scrubbed, is   to learn which could not be learned in any
are out of town.... I have protection....”      your spar upright?”                              way less destructive.”
    “There’s more to it than that, David,”         “Aye, aye, Captain!” responds the young          Adultery thus becomes a redeeming act,
Donna responds. “I was brought up believ-       physician.                                       condoned by the Cardinal himself.
ing I’d wait ’til I got married. I can’t just      Preparing for his date, Doogie counts out     Top advertisers: AT&T and General
wipe all that out because of how my body        condoms—“One, two . . . six” and places          Mills – addresses #9, page 8; #3, page 7
feels.”                                         them on his bedside table. However, he and
    Four series regulars attend an AIDS ben-    the nurse do not have sex.                       Pepsi ads support porn, illicit sex,
efit where the comedienne/hostess asks             When doctor friends dig for details of        dad teaching children how to lie
front row teens—including David and Don-        his date, Doogie says it was fine.                    In the opening scene of the July 8 rerun
na—about their sex lives. Donna explains           “Struck out, huh?” mocks one. “I told         of THE SIMPSONS on the Fox network,
that she plans not to have sex until after      you she was too much woman for him!”             Homer Simpson coaches his children in
marriage. The comedienne responds, “Tell           “I didn’t say that.”                          how to lie about their ages when they reach
your mom she did a real good’s okay       “What are you saying?”                        the ticket booth at Duff Gardens.
to wait. For all of you who are having sex,        “I’m not one of those guys who needs to           In another plotline, Aunt Selma decides
please be careful, and every time, use a        brag about their conquests!”                     she wants to have a baby. On a videotape
condom!”                                           They all conclude he had sex, and con-        for a dating service she declares: “I want to
    A few days later, Donna goes to her         gratulate him.                                   have a baby before it’s too late. You’re look-
priest for counsel.                                Nurse Faber overhears the men’s con-          ing at a free lunch, boys. Come and get it!”
    “I don’t know what to do about sex,” she    versation and angrily spreads rumors that            Another scene has Marge and Homer in
tells Father Chris.                             they tried to have sex, but Doogie couldn’t      bed watching a porn movie while the kids
    “What does your heart tell you to do?”      achieve an erection. Thus Doogie becomes         are at Duff Gardens with Aunt Selma. At
he asks.                                        the laughingstock of the hospital staff.         Duff Gardens, children’s choruses sing—
    “It’s not my heart I’m worried about.”         In another storyline, Doogie’s friend         over and over and over—“Duff Beer for
    “The love you choose to give to another     Vinnie learns that Mark, his college room-       me, Duff Beer for you; I’ll have a Duff, you
is a precious gift that includes your sexu-     mate, is homosexual. Vinnie imagines that        have one, too!”
ality. Your virginity is a gift, Donna, so      Mark is in love with him, but the two finally         Script writer David M. Stern was also
you’ve got to ask yourself if David’s the       have a heart-to-heart conversation and un-       listed among a gaggle of 15 producers for
one you want to give it to.” (References        derstand each other.                             this anti-family drivel.
to abstinence and marriage are obviously        Advertiser: PepsiCo – address #1, page 7         Advertiser: PepsiCo – address #1, page 7
    “I love him, and he loves me.”              AT&T, General Mills bring                        Grand Met advertises
    “That’s wonderful. That just makes this     adulterous priest on ABC series                  on bloody ABC movie
decision that much harder for you, doesn’t         ABC’s miniseries THE THORN BIRDS                 Brawn, bullets, bombs and blood are the
it? Why don’t you pray on it for a while.       first aired during holy week, 1983. ABC          order for ABC’s August 1 Sunday Night
And remember, no matter what you do,            chose the series, which perpetuates tele-        Movie, THE DEAD POOL. In the opening
God will always love you.”                      vision’s anti-Christian stereotyping, to air     scene, Inspector Harry Callahan’s car is
    Following the priest’s counsel, Don-        for the third time July 18-24, 1993. The         stopped, riddled with gunfire, crashed and
na makes plans for pre-marital sex, tell-       Carmen Culver screenplay was based on a          overturned; but Harry, the hero, escapes and
ing David she is going to wait until after      novel by Coleen McCullough and was pro-          guns down his assailants.
they graduate from high school (just a few      duced by Stan Margulies.                            Other graphic scenes include the San
months away).                                      The six-part series centers around a          Francisco cop gunning down men in a res-
Advertiser: PepsiCo – address #1, page 7        Catholic priest’s torrid sexual relationship     taurant, and being the target for a virtual
                                                that stretches across many years. A hand-        barrage of bullets in a glass elevator, then
Homosexual, casual teen sex are                 some, ambitious man, Father Ralph gains          gunning down one of his attackers. Still
themes of show with Pepsi support               control of a vast estate and uses his wealth     another has him beating up suspects who
   Boy wonder DOOGIE HOWSER, M.D.               to get a position at the Vatican. He falls in    turn out to be officers assigned to protect
dates an older nurse in the July 7 rerun of     love with a strong-willed beautiful Irish        him. The villain is a murderer who blows
the ABC series created by Steven Bochco         woman and their illicit affair provides the      up automobiles via explosives attached to
and David E. Kelley. Nick Harding was           central plot. Their affair also is the focus     remote controlled model cars. The conclud-
writer-producer. In the opening scene Doo-      for sex scenes which director Daryl Duke         ing scene features the hero using a weapon
gie and other doctors enter a locker room       indicated were more explicit on television       to blast a harpoon-like missile through the
as one shares, “This girl...had a real fetish   than they had been in the novel on which         body of the murderer. The missile pierces
for doctors. She had some really creative       the series was based.                            the man’s body, propels him several feet
ideas for tongue depressors!” His friends          When the priest and his lover go to bed       through the air and pins him against a wall.
grin and leer.                                  together, the scene is so romanticized, that     The Steve Sharon screenplay was produced
   Doogie tells them he has his third date      the viewer is subtly encouraged to applaud       by David Valdes.
AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993                                                                                                                            7
                                                        TV REVIEWS

Top advertiser: Grand Metro-            to keep her alive until their baby is    illicit sex theme in sitcom
politan, Inc. – address #2, page 7      born, and her mother is determined           HERMAN’S HEAD hero Her-              ACTION
                                        to withdraw life support. This issue     man tells his friend Jay that he
P&G, Pepsi support pro-                 is fairly debated.                       hasn’t had sex with Elizabeth, his
homosexual story with                       Homosexuality is again the           current girlfriend, in the July 4 epi-
casual sex theme                        theme of the July 29 rerun in which      sode of the Fox sitcom.                               1
   Maggie’s and Joel’s sex dream        Sheriff Brock’s teenage daugh-               “You mean to tell me,” exclaims      Chrm. D. Wayne Calloway
sequences become quite graphic in       ter Kimberly and her friend Lisa         Jay, “she’s your girlfriend and you      PepsiCo
the July 5 rerun of CBS’s NORTH-        “experiment.” After discussing           haven’t planted the flag yet!?”           Anderson Hill Road
ERN EXPOSURE. When Joel                 boyfriends with the most talented            Jay used to date Elizabeth, and      Purchase, NY 10577
picks up his lingerie catalog at the    tongues, the girls share a kiss, and a   in one scene, the two of them en-        FAX 914-253-2070
post office, the postmistress also      bed in the opening scene.                                                         1-800-433-2652
                                                                                 gage in ugly name-calling (“Cow!”
gives him a Playboy magazine and            Little brother Matthew eaves-                                                 Doritos corn chips, Pizza
                                                                                 and “Scum!” e.g.).
                                                                                                                          Hut restaurants, Slice soft
one that is “a little racier.” Spring   drops on a subsequent conversation,          “Have you ever related to a          drink, Taco Bell fast food.
fever has everyone in town feeling      and rumors begin to fly. Sheriff and      woman with any organ other than
sexually repressed, so sex is the       Mrs. Brock (Kim’s step-mother)           your penis!?” Elizabeth screams                        2
subject of every scene.                 are distraught that they think them-     at Jay.                                  Chrm. Ian A. Martin
   On the July 26 rerun, the series     selves liberal, yet don’t want Kim-          In another scene, Herman and         Grand Metropolitan, Inc.
featured the story of the “taming”      berly to be a lesbian. Kim’s moth-       Elizabeth are down to their un-          200 Sixth Street
of the little town of Cicely, Alas-     er, Lydia, it is revealed, had told      derwear, preparing for their first       Minneapolis, MN 55402
ka, setting for the series. It turns    Kim about her own lesbian affair.        sex, when recent girlfriend Susan        612-330-4966
out that culture, class and civiliza-   The episode leaves the story open,       knocks at the door. Herman can’t         FAX 612-330-5200
tion—and all other good things,         with Lisa confessing her “love” for      figure out which girl to choose,         Alpo pet food, Burger King,
apparently—were brought to Cic-         Kimberly.                                so Elizabeth storms out. In a few        Green Giant, Hungry Jack,
ely close to one hundred years ago          Both scripts were written by         minutes, however, she’s back of-         Pillsbury products.
by two lesbian lovers.                  David E. Kelley, and produced by         fering her body to Herman so he
   The lesbian love affair was pure,    Mark B. Perry and Robert Breech.         can make an “informed decision”                       3
good and right—almost holy, the         Advertisers: Unilever and                between the two girls.                   Chrm. H. Brewster
script would have viewers believe.      Philip-Morris (General Foods)                The story was written by Mi-         Atwater, Jr.
Writers Diane Frolov and Andrew         – addresses #4 & 5, page 7               chael B. Kaplan and produced by          General Mills, Inc.
Schneider, and producers Matthew                                                 Nina Feinberg.                           P.O. Box 1113
Nodella and Rob Thompson did            P&G top advertiser on                    Top advertiser: Nestle – address         Minneapolis, MN 55440,
this episode.                           pro-homosexual CBS series                                                         Phone 612-540-2311
                                                                                 #10, page 8
Top advertisers: Procter &                  Walt Disney’s Touchstone Com-                                                 FAX 612-540-4925, Bis-
                                                                                                                          quick mix, Lucky Charms
Gamble and PepsiCo – address-           pany produced the short-lived            Illicit sex becomes theme                cereal, Red Lobster restau-
es #1, page 7; #6, page 8               CUTTERS series for CBS. The last         in politically correct show              rants, Wheaties cereal.
                                        episode, aired July 9, was written       with Nestle, Unilever ads
Unilever, PM/General Foods              by Bill Levinson and produced by             Chief Gillespie, the widowed                       4
support pro-homosexual                  Patricia Rickey.                         police chief in CBS’s IN THE             Chrm. Michael A. Miles,
episodes on CBS series                      It focused on a battle of the        HEAT OF THE NIGHT, is embar-             Philip Morris Companies,
   The July 8 rerun of PICKET           sexes as a group of men in the           rassed when townspeople see him          Inc.
FENCES on CBS tackled two mor-          beauty/barber shop eagerly await         as his lover—Harriet, a divorcee—        120 Park Avenue
al issues—euthanasia and homo-          arrival of the swimsuit edition of       drives him to work after a night         New York, NY 10017
sexuality.                              a men’s magazine. The men drool          of illicit sex. Harriet feels guilty     FAX 212-878-2167
   Dr. Paymer, a dentist in the         over the magazine’s photos and           sneaking around and not telling          1-800-343-0975
small town where the series is          discuss the anatomy of the models        her teenage son about her sex life.      Cappio Cappucino, Gen-
set, is HIV positive. Sheriff Brock     as women in the shop grow angrier        The two lovers discuss the fact that     eral Foods products, Jell-O
confronts the homosexual dentist;       by the minute. Lynn (female) rips        very few people in town are not          desserts,
Brock is afraid because his young       the magazine to shreds. The scene        aware of their illicit relationship.     Post cereals.
son bit the dentist’s hand during       sets up a new battle in the recur-       And so another prime-time hero
an exam. When the city cancels          ring love-hate relationship between      falls victim to the Hollywood pens                     5
Paymer’s contract to do dental ex-      Lynn and Joe, one of the barbers.        which insist that sex outside mar-       Pres. Richard A. Goldstein,
ams at school, an ACLU attorney             Another storyline features series    riage is the norm.                       Unilever United States
helps Dr. Paymer win a suit against     regular Troy, a homosexual, and                                                   Inc.,
                                                                                     The major story line follows the
the city and get his job reinstated.    Joe. Joe is furious when men in a                                                 390 Park Avenue
                                                                                 U. S. Senate campaign of white
                                                                                                                          New York, NY 10022
In his ruling, the judge denounces      bar all stare at Troy. Joe thinks it’s   supremacist George Deschamps             1-800-598-1223
the “bigotry” of parents who don’t      because Troy is homosexual, but          who says that he wants to lead a         All detergent, Caress soap,
want their children to see a dentist    it’s actually because they recognize     “revival of conservative tradition.”     Good Humor ice cream
with AIDS.                              Troy as an Olympic medalist.             Nothing politically incorrect here!      bars, Surf detergent,
   In another story line, Cindy         Top advertiser: Procter &                Any white supremacist is—obvi-           Vaseline.
Bufell, three months pregnant, is in    Gamble – address #6, page 8              ously—a political conservative.
a coma. Her husband is determined       Nestle supports casual,                  (And vice versa?)
8                                                                                                                   AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993
                                                            TV REVIEWS

                                  The story focuses on an ugly
 ACTION                       adulterous relationship between                          The Good Stuff
                              Deschamps’ wife and Chris Pas-
  INDEX                       tory, his campaign manager. Pas-         P&G movie is uplifting drama
                              tory arranges to have Deschamps             CBS’s July 6 rerun movie TRIUMPH OF THE HEART: THE
              6               assassinated during the campaign         RICKY BELL STORY, is an example of television realizing its po-
Chrm. Edwin L. Artzt,         rally, but instead himself becomes       tential in positive terms. The touching story of the friendship between
Procter & Gamble              the target of the assassin’s bullet.     terminally ill football star Ricky Bell and the handicapped, young
P.O. Box 599                      The tawdry tale of murder, adul-     Ryan Blankenship was written by Jeff Andrews and produced by Da-
Cincinnati, OH 45201,         tery and illicit sex was a Matt Har-     vid Permut and Daniel Levy.
FAX 513-562-4500              ris teleplay produced by Joe Gan-           Bell first befriends Ryan before Bell himself faces death. He urges
1-800-543-7276                non.                                     the young boy to be his best despite debilitating physical problems and
Cheer detergent, Downy        Top advertisers: Unilever and
fabric softener, Hawaiian
                                                                       learning disabilities. The football star gives him hope for his future.
                              Nestle – addresses #5, page 7;              When Bell contracts a terminal muscle disease, it is young Ryan
Punch fruit drink, NyQuil
                              #10, page 8                              who gives him hope and courage.
                                                                       Top advertiser: Procter & Gamble – address #6, page 8
                              Reebok, ABC present young
Chrm. Michael Eisner          hero in sex scenes                       P&G sponsors positive portrayal of priest
The Walt Disney Company          Shadowy lighting did little to           MILES FROM NOWHERE, The July 10 rerun CBS movie, relates
500 S. Buena Vista Street     conceal details of bed scenes fea-       a family’s trials after a teenage son is critically injured. The Steve
Burbank, CA 91521             turing ABC’s young hero Indy             McGraw story was produced by Hugh Spencer-Phillips. Excepting
818-560-1000                  Jones in the July 10 episode of          occasional profanity, the movie is superb.
Miramax Films, The Disney     THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES                     Mr. and Mrs. Riley are firm in their Catholic faith. A carpet installer
Channel, Walt Disney          CHRONICLES. It was written               by trade, Riley dreams of better things for his children, and pushes
Pictures, Walt Disney At-     by Carrie Fisher and produced by         them—often too hard—to achieve. Frank, a wrestling star, gets a
tractions and Theme Parks.    Rick McCallum.                           chance at a college scholarship, and Mom and Dad are elated until
                                 In the story, Indy is fighting in      Frank insists he doesn’t want to go to college.
             8                the Belgian army in 1916. On leave,         When Frank lets his brother Emmet (about 14) drive home alone
Chrm. Paul Fireman            he visits Paris where he meets and       one night, Emmet is hit by a drunk driver and left comatose. Subcon-
Reebok International Ltd.     falls for the infamous Mata Hari.        sciously, both Frank and his dad hold Frank responsible, providing
100 Technology Center         The two have sex several times,          the base for more tension, numerous arguments and intensified family
Drive                         and Indy plays “peeping tom” to          conflict. Frank commits his every moment to Emmet’s recovery. Fa-
Stoughton, MA 02072           one of her sexual encounters with        ther and son reconcile at the movie’s end.
FAX 617-341-5087              another man.
                                                                          The parish priest, who appears in several scenes, is portrayed in a
                              Top advertiser: Reebok – ad-             positive light as a natural part of the Rileys’ life. One scene features
Reebok athletic and casual
                              dress #8, page 8                         the family in church; their faith is clearly an integral part of their life.
footwear and apparel, Rock-
port shoes.                                                            Top advertiser: Procter & Gamble – address #6, page 8
                              Down the Shore is down the
                              gutter on Fox Network                    Disney ads on series with positive values
              9                   Without the theme of casual sex          The strained relationship between Dr. Michaela Quinn and her
Chrm. Robert E. Allen         and the presumption that everyone        mother is resolved in the July 3 episode of DR. QUINN: MEDICINE
AT&T                          is doing it, DOWN THE SHORE              WOMAN, CBS’s Old West drama series. It was written by Cathleen
32 Ave. of the Americans      would not have a plot for its July       Young and produced by Arthur Seidel.
New York, NY 10013            1 episode. The setting of this Fox           The elder Mrs. Quinn had dreamed for her daughter only that she
1-800-222-0300                sitcom is a beach house where six        would grow up in Boston’s finest society, marry a well-bred Bostonian
FAX 212-605-6248              hip “twenty-something” characters        and settle quietly into comfortable snobbery. Dr. Quinn, however,
AT&T phone services,          retreat on weekends.                     chose first to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a doctor. As
NCR office machines and            From the opening segment when        if that weren’t enough, she chose to head west and practice medicine
computers.                    Aldo confesses he has a crush on         in a remote Colorado town.
                              Sammy, an attractive brunette who            Mrs. Quinn comes for an unexpected visit, and, through a number
                              favors wearing her bra on the out-       of circumstances, she and her daughter are brought closer together
             10               side of her clothes a la Modonna,        than either had ever dreamed possible.
Chrm. Tim Crull               the dialogue is replete with the lan-    Top advertiser: The Walt Disney Company – address #7, page 8
Nestle USA, Inc.              guage of casual sex.
800 N. Brand Blvd.                After Sammy’s date with a phi-
Glendale, CA 91203            losophy major and Zack’s date with      litically correct sex – they used a      couple parts with a kiss.
                              a lady fire fighter (“she’s used to a     polka-dot condom.                        Advertiser: AT&T – address
Butterfinger, Coffee-mate,
                              long hose”) both flop, the couple           The next day Zack wants to pur-      #9, page 8
Friskies, Lean Cuisine.
                              find themselves back at the beach        sue the relationship with a date.
                              house consoling each other. The         Sammy puts the brakes on saying,
                              pity party quickly turns to passion     “Wait! We’re getting ahead of our-
                              with Zack and Sammy having po-          selves.” Zack backs off and the
AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993                                                                                                                     9
                                                        NEWS OF INTEREST

Lady refuses to wear                 officials were reported to be un-      documents obtained by the AP         Playboy empire “has become a
bikini, leaves contest               affected by Norton’s charges.         show that Arkansas was distrib-      fixture of the cultural landscape,
   A contestant quit the Miss        National & International Religion     uting condoms that were bought       an institution as universal as
Texas USA Pageant because she                         Report, 7/26/93      from the same supplier, Ansell       Disneyland and Coca- Cola.”
considered the bikini she was                                              Inc. of Dothan, Alabama, which          Now author Cliff Kincaid
required to wear too skimpy.         Playboy, USA Network                  sold them under the brand name       has written a book exposing
“I would not wear it. Maybe          airing porn soap opera                LifeStyle.                           the financial underbelly of The
in my back yard, but not any-           The USA Network and Play-             Tests on four lots of the Ar-     Playboy Foundation and its
where in public,” says Shawna        boy Enterprises have teamed up        kansas condoms by the Food           support for pro-abortion, pro-
Andes, 22, of Austin. The pag-       to bring a steamy soap opera          and Drug Administration found        pornography, and anti-Christian
eant, whose winner goes to the       to cable television. EDEN will        a defect rate more than ten          causes. While this list probably
Miss USA pageant in February,        run at 11 p.m. Monday through         times higher than the limit set      will not surprise you, the Play-
switched to two-piece swim-          Thursday for six weeks.               by the FDA.                          boy Foundation gives to the
suits this year because the na-         USA says it’s the most erotic         The rate was high enough          ACLU, People for the American
tional pageant began requiring       soap opera ever made for televi-      that the FDA moved immedi-           Way, National Gay and Lesbian
them.                                sion.                                 ately to obtain a court order that   Task Force, and the National
              USA Today, 7/26/93        The acting and plots don’t         would allow U.S. marshals to         Abortion Rights Action League.
                                     really matter here. What’s im-        seize the condoms, according to      Campaign support has gone to
Anti-Christian teachers’             portant can be seen in the June       the documents obtained by AP.        politicians Gary Hart, Carol
conference in Colorado               issue of Playboy, which has a         During Elders’ tenure the state      Mosely Braun, Barbara Boxer,
funded with tax dollars              full-color spread revealing the       was distributing more than one       Dianne Feinstein, Alan Crans-
   A national teachers’ confer-      outstanding features of the ac-       million condoms a year, but of-      ton, Paul Simon, Jesse Jackson,
ence, “Responding Democrati-         tors.                                 ficials concluded that telling       and, you guessed it, Bill Clin-
cally to Religious Agendas,”            The series takes place at an       the public the condoms had           ton.
has upset some individuals in        exclusive tropical resort called      flunked leakage and breakage            How does it make you feel
Colorado. Public school teach-       Eden. When the owner is killed        tests would cause an unneces-        knowing that our nation’s presi-
ers from 15 districts recently at-   in a speedboat accident, he           sary scare and hurt their efforts    dent accepted money from
tended the national conference,      leaves control of the place to his    in promoting condoms.                Playboy?
subtitled “Right Wing Pressure       widow and his younger brother.               American Life League, 7/93       The Mediator, Volume 8, Issue 3
Groups and School Reform,”              The staff is hot for passion,
at a taxpayer cost of at least       and so is the brother who de-         Movie inspires youth                 “Safe sex” not so safe
$20,000.                             sires his sister-in-law. But ev-      to murder 50-year-old                   A California physician offers
   “The thrust of this confer-       ery four episodes a new guest            One of four youths who            an interesting analogy to the
ence was one of overt discrimi-      arrives to complicate matters.        police say killed a man after        “safe sex” campaign of condom
nation against a specific class of    As a condition of the will, the       they were inspired by a violent      promoters. Steven J. Sainsbury,
individuals, namely those who        widow has to remarry or lose          movie will be tried as an adult.     a specialist in emergency medi-
hold traditional Judeo-Christian     the fortune. It’s a task that’s not   Children’s Court Judge Rus-          cine, writes on the OP-ED page
beliefs,” said former U.S. At-       easy in Eden.                         sell Stamper made the decision       of the Los Angeles Times:
torney Mike Norton. Accord-                The Tampa Tribune, 6/27/93      to waive jurisdiction in the 17-        “Suppose that, for unknown
ing to a front-page Denver Post                                            year-old’s case.                     reasons, automobiles suddenly
article, Norton has filed suit on     Did Elders lie about leaks               Roger Buchholz, 50, was           began to explode every time
behalf of several Christian cli-     or con constituents                   gunned down during an at-            someone turned the ignition.
ents. He has asked school su-        about condoms?                        tempted robbery just hours after     Motorists were getting blown
perintendents to sign an agree-         Besides being an advocate of       the boys had seen the film Men-       up all over the country. Finally,
ment barring future attendance       abortion, condom distribution         ace II Society. Two boys later       the government comes out with
at or support of such conferenc-     in schools, sex education start-      told officers they were “hyped        a solution. Just put this addi-
es; his request also condemns        ing in kindergarten, and tax-         up” and “got ideas” from the         tive in the fuel, they say, and the
similar discrimination based         subsidized Norplant for drug-         film, according to delinquency        risk of explosion will go down
on religious beliefs, which are      addicted prostitutes, having a        petitions.                           to 90%. Would you consider
constitutionally protected.          record of questionable financial                Associated Press, 6/24/93   the problem solved? Would you
   “If this particular conference    practices and salary standards,                                            still keep driving your car? I
had been directed at how to ex-      and alleged unpaid social se-         Politicians accept                   doubt it. Then why do we ac-
clude other classes of people        curity taxes, Surgeon General         support from Playboy                 cept condoms as the solution
— blacks, women or Hispanics         nominee Joycelyn Elders now               Nearly four decades after        for AIDS?”
— the entire Colorado commu-         faces yet another controversy.        Hugh Hefner borrowed money              So, what does this doctor,
nity would be outraged,” said           Associated Press reports           to produce an undated issue of       who daily treats teenagers with
Norton, who expressed an in-         that Ms. Elders decided to hold       Playboy magazine with a nude         venereal disease, recommend as
terest in First Amendment cas-       back information on defects in        centerfold of Marilyn Monroe,        an answer to the threat of AIDS
es. “Frankly, I’m troubled that      condoms that were being dis-          it’s clear that American society     and other sexually transmitted
there can be such a conference       tributed to schools and clinics       has accommodated his once-           diseases? Abstinence and mo-
directed at what the conferees       in Arkansas while she was state       rejected nudity and free sex rev-    nogamy.
call the religious right.” School    health director. Government           olution. Hefner brags that the          Noting that he can “hear the
10                                                                                                             AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993
                                                       NEWS OF INTEREST

moans already” from “condom          arrogance.”
fans” that he’s “unrealistic,           Lehrer even suggested that
naive and old-fashioned,” Dr.        viewers boycott news media
Sainsbury says: “Just as we try      they find offensive. “Do not
to teach our children to be hon-     tolerate lousy, arrogant, snide
est, kind and gentle, perhaps        journalism,” he told the gradu-
we can also teach them to be         ates. “If someone does it in the     Fighting Porn                                      abortionists’
chaste. Why do we harbor such        newspaper you read or on the         Peddlers                                           residences. AFA
reluctance to teach abstinence       TV news you watch...complain.            AFA Law Center attorneys        attorneys Nate Kellum and
and marital fidelity?”                Don’t watch those programs.”         have joined a group of concerned    Nick Nikas are defending the
       Los Angeles Times, 7/13/93    He even said journalists think       citizens in Hillsborough, North     pro-lifers on First Amendment
                                     they know more than everyone         Carolina, to fight a mail-order     grounds.
Ted Turner speaks out                else.                                pornography business trying to         The lawsuit was filed in
against violence on TV                  “There is a stench of con-        locate in their town.               connection with Operation
   Cable network magnate Ted         tempt...only the journalists of          Townsend Enterprises, Inc.,     Rescue’s “Cities of Refuge”
Turner blamed TV for causing         America are smart enough to          one of the biggest producers        campaign in July.
violence in America and ad-          know what to do in Bosnia,           of pornography in the country,
vised Congress to “ram it down       about health care.”                  wants to locate its sexually-       Representing Street
their throats” if the television                  MEDIAWATCH, 7/93        oriented mail-order business in     Preachers
industry doesn’t voluntarily                                              Hillsborough.                          The Law Center has entered
start a rating system.               Stern wants to make                      Recently the company was        a civil rights lawsuit on behalf
   Turner, accompanied by his        clean, exciting films                 unable to obtain zoning approval    of several South Carolina street
wife, actress Jane Fonda, ad-            Daniel Stern, who makes his      because it did not comply with      preachers.
vised the House Energy and           directorial debut in the baseball    a requirement concerning               The case involves preachers
Commerce telecommunications          film Rookie of the Year, wants        “adult use” businesses.             in Beaufort who have been
subcommittee not to let up its       to make movies that amuse,           The company appealed this           targeted by a noise ordinance
campaign against TV violence.        not titillate. “I don’t want to      finding to the Superior Court       designed to censor their street
   “Unless you keep the gun          exclude anybody,” he said re-        of North Carolina. The Town         preaching.
pointed at their heads, all you’ll   cently in the Los Angeles Daily      of Hillsborough declined to            A FA G e n e r a l C o u n s e l
get is mumbly, mealy-mouthed         News. “So as not to exclude          defend, leaving the door open       Ben Bull said that for several
BS,” he said. “They just hope        people, I don’t have violence....    for locating the porn business in   years, one day a week for
the subject will go away.”           I don’t want sex. I don’t want       Hillsborough.                       several hours, Christian pastors
   He admitted that more vio-        (offensive) language. I can tell a       However, a group of citizens    have preached on the streets.
lence than he wished has been        funny, warm, romantic, exciting      represented by the AFA Law          Local merchants successfully
creeping into programming on         story without those things.”         Center, moved to intervene.         lobbied city officials to enact
his own TNT cable network.               Rookie of the Year is the            The court granted the           an ordinance banning all “loud
   “We’ve eased up because           story of an awkward boy who,         group’s motion to intervene, but    and unseemly noises.” The
we are being forced to by the        after breaking his arm, develops     reversed the ruling made by the     ordinance has been applied
competition,” he said. “They’re      a 100-mph fastball and is signed     zoning board. The Law Center        only to the preaching and no
guilty of murder. We all are         by the Chicago Cubs. Stern,          will appeal to the Superior         other speech activities.
–me, too.”                           who played a hapless hoodlum         Court.
   “Television violence is the       in the Home Alone movies and             The case is an important        Law Center                Adds
single most significant fac-         henpecked husband in City            one in the fight against porn.      Attorney
tor contributing to violence in      Slickers appears in Rookie of        Citizens in small town America         The AFA Law Center is
America,” he said, calling for       the Year as a bumbling batting       should be able to prevent porn      pleased to announce the ad-
a rating system along with TV        coach.                               mills from setting up shop next     dition of Regent Law School
sets equipped to block violent          Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/5/93    door to their churches, homes       graduate Bruce W. Green in the
programs.                                                                 and playgrounds.                    position of Legal Counsel. Mr.
     Greenville (SC) News, 6/26/93                                                                            Green also holds a Master of
                                                                          Defending Operation                 Theology degree from Dallas
Jim Lehrer says many                                                      Rescue, participants                Theological Seminary and a
media people arrogant                                                        The AFA Law Center is            Bachelor of Arts degree from
   In a refreshing display of                                             representing several individuals    East Texas Baptist University.
candor, one of the media’s                                                as well as Operation Rescue of      From 1989 until joining the
own criticized reporters dur-                                             Mississippi in a lawsuit filed in    Law Center staff he served as a
ing a commencement address                                                Jackson, Mississippi.               staff attorney to the Honorable
at Williams College. On June 8,                                              The lawsuit, filed by pro-       Jack D. Shanstrom, Judge of
The Boston Globe’s Cate Chant                                             abortion forces, seeks a            the United States District Court,
reported that Jim Lehrer, co-                                             permanent injunction against        District of Montana. Mr. Green
anchor of PBS’s MACNEIL/             Sources cited for “News of Inter-                                        will concentrate in the area of
                                                                          pro-life activities within a
LEHRER NEWSHOUR, took                  est” items indicate source of                                          Christian civil liberties.
                                                                          certain distance of the abortion
his colleagues to task for “snide         basic information only.
                                                                          center and the picketing of
AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993                                                                                                                      11
                                                      NEWS OF INTEREST
                                                      NEWS OF INTEREST

Dispute grows over different                                                                                        AFA
methods of sex education                                                                                          BOYCOTT
   Here are the basics of the two approaches being used to teach sex education in our public schools.
         This approach focuses on giving students skills to resist peer pressure to have sex and em-                 (ALSO SEE PAGE 1)
phasizes negative consequences of sex for teens. The examples are from “Me, My World, My Future,”                          K MART
published by “Teen-Aid,” and “Sex Respect.”                                                                     Chrm. Joseph E. Antonini
                                                                                                                3100 West Big Beaver Rd.
For junior or senior high students:                                                                             Troy, MI 48084
    • Sexual intercourse is a private and pleasurable way for married couples to show their deep love           1-800-63-Kmart
and commitment to each other.
    • Not having sex before marriage is a healthy, responsible choice that can show care and respect for                     Reason
yourself, your family and your future children.                                                                 Kmart, through its
    • Facing the reality of sexually transmitted diseases should be an important part of deciding               subsidiary Waldenbooks, is
whether to be sexually active.                                                                                  one of the leading retailers
    • Sexual activity outside marriage can make a teen feel anxious and worried about getting caught,           of pornography in America.
and/or becoming pregnant or getting someone pregnant.                                                           Kmart has the authority to
    • If pregnancy occurs, the emotional trauma of abortion, adoption or raising a child at this time in        order Waldenbooks to get
life would be painful and have lasting effects on the teen and people the teen cares about.                     out of the pornography
    • Some of the more delicate and controversial issues related to sexuality (masturbation, homosexu-          business at any time. All
ality, pornography, artificial birth control or sterilization...prostitution, abortion) are best discussed by    profits from the sale of
students with their parents and/or religious leaders.                                                           pornography go to Kmart.
    • Human beings have control over their sexual drive. They have the ability to channel sexual energy         Kmart owns Waldenbooks,
into other productive activities.                                                                               American Fare Stores, Pay
                                                                                                                Less and Pay N Save Drug
PLANNED PARENTHOOD APPROACH:                                                                                    Stores (in the Northwest
         This approach provides detailed information about sex, birth control, homosexuality and                U.S.), Office Max, Bargain
other issues. The examples are taken from guidelines published by the Sex Information and Education             Harold’s, Builders Square
Council of the U.S.                                                                                             home supply stores, Sports
                                                                                                                A u t h o r i t y a n d PA C E
Ages 5-8:                                                                                                       Membership Warehouse
  • Sexual intercourse occurs when a man and a woman place the penis inside the vagina.                         stores.
  • Touching and rubbing one’s own genitals is called masturbation.
  • Masturbation should be done in a private place.
  • Individuals and families have different values.                                                                   HOLIDAY INNS
                                                                                                                Chrm. Bryan Langton
Ages 9-12:                                                                                                      3 Ravinia Dr., Ste. 2000
  • Sexual intercourse provides pleasure.                                                                       Atlanta, GA 30346
  • Children are not ready for sexual intercourse.                                                              1-800-HOLIDAY
  • Homosexual love relationships can be as fulfilling as heterosexual relationships.
  • A legal abortion is very safe.                                                                                           Reason
                                                                                                                A l l c o r p o r a t e l y ow n e d
Ages 12-15:                                                                                                     Holiday Inns carry Satellite
   • People should use contraception unless they want to have a child.                                          Cinema movie service
   • Young teenagers are usually not mature enough for a sexual relationship that includes intercourse.         which includes in-room porn
   • Homosexual couples behave sexually in many of the same ways as heterosexual couples.                       movies known as Sensations
   • Masturbation, either alone or with a partner, is one way a person can enjoy and express their              Features. Holiday Inns is the
sexuality without risking pregnancy or...disease.                                                               largest provider of in-room
   • Values should be freely chosen after the alternatives and their consequences are evaluated.                pornographic movies in the

Ages 15-18:
   • For most people, sharing a sexual experience with a partner is the most satisfying way to express
sexuality.                                                                                                     Send AFA Responses
   • Some common sexual behaviors shared by partners include kissing, touching, caressing, massage,               Please send AFA copies of
sharing erotic literature or art, bathing/showering together, and oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse.          replies you receive from ad-
   • Some people continue to respect their religious teachings and traditions but believe the same             vertisers and other companies.
views are not personally relevant.                                                                             Also, send news clippings on
                                                                                    Education Reporter, 7/93   family issues. Your assistance is
                                                                                                               deeply appreciated.
12                                                                                                            AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993
                                                          C U L T U R E

Quantifying America’s decline
I    s our culture declining? I have
     tried to quantify the answer to
     this question with the creation
of the Index of Leading Cultural Indicators.
                                               By Wlliam J. Bennett
                                             Former Sec. of Education
                                                                         living in single-parent homes; more than a 200% increase in the
                                                                         teenage suicide rate; and, a drop of almost 80 points in SAT scores.
                                                                            Clearly many modern-day social pathologies have gotten
                                                                         worse. More important, they seem impervious to government’s
    In the early 1960s, the Census Bureau began publishing the           attempts to cure them. Although the Great Society and its many
Index of Leading Economic Indicators. These 11 measurements,             social programs have had some good effects, there is a vast body of
taken together, represent the best means we now have of interpreting     evidence suggesting that these “remedies” have reached the limits
current business developments and predicting future economic             of their success.
trends.                                                                     Perhaps more than anything else, America’s cultural decline
    The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators, a compilation of the       is evidence of a shift in the public’s attitudes and beliefs. Social
Heritage Foundation and Empower America, attempts to bring               scientist James Q. Wilson writes that “the powers exercised by the
a similar kind of data-based analysis to cultural issues. It is a        institutions of social control have been constrained, and people,
statistical portrait (from 1960 to the present) of the moral, social
and behavioral conditions of modern American society—matters                    Perhaps more than anything else,
that, in our time, often travel under the banner of “values.”
    Perhaps no one will be surprised to learn that, according to the      America’s decline is evidence of a shift in
index, America’s cultural condition is far from healthy. What is
shocking is just how precipitously American life has declined in the             the public’s attitude and beliefs.
past 30 years, despite the enormous governmental effort to improve
    Since 1960, the U.S. population has increased 41%; the gross         especially young people, have embraced an ethos that values
domestic product has nearly tripled; and, total social spending by       self-expression over self-control.” The findings of pollster Daniel
all levels of government (measured in constant 1990 dollars) has         Yankelovich seem to confirm this diagnosis. Our society now places
risen from $143.73 billion to $787 billion—more than a fivefold           less value than before on what we owe to others as a matter of moral
increase. Inflation-adjusted spending on welfare has increased by         obligation; less value on sacrifice as a moral good; less value on
                                                                         social conformity and respectability; and, less value on correctness
        Since 1960...violent crime up 560%                               and restraint in matters of physical pleasure and sexuality.
                                                                            Some writers have spoken eloquently on these matters. When
             ...quadrupling in divorce rates                             the late Walter Percy was asked what concerned him most about
                                                                         America’s future, he answered: “Probably the fear of seeing
          ...200% increase in teen suicides                              America, with all its great strength and beauty and freedom...
                                                                         gradually subside into decay through default and be defeated, not
                                                                         by the Communist movement, demonstrably a bankrupt system, but
630%, spending on education by 225%.                                     from within by weariness, boredom, cynicism, greed, and in the end
   However, during the same 30-year period there has been a 560%         helplessness before its great problems.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn, in
increase in violent crime; a 419% increase in illegitimate births; a     a speech earlier this year, put it this
quadrupling in divorce rates; a tripling of the percentage of children

                                              Cultural Indicators
       AVERAGE DAILY                        SAT SCORES                       PERCENT OF                           CHILDREN WITH
         TV VIEWING                                                      ILLEGITIMATE BIRTHS                     SINGLE MOTHERS
         1960 5:06 hours                     1960 975                            1960 5.3%                            1960 8%
         1965 5:29 hours                     1965 969                            1970 10.7%                           1970 11%
         1970 5:56 hours                     1970 948                            1980 18.4%                           1980 18%
         1975 6:07 hours                     1975 910                            1990 26.2%                           1990 22%
         1980 6:36 hours                     1980 890
         1985 7:07 hours                     1985 906
         1990 6:55 hours                     1990 900
         1992 7:04 hours                     1992 899                                                            Source: Bureau of the Census;
                                                                                                               Donald Hernandez, The American
     Source: Nielson Media Research       Source: The College Board          Source: National Center for     Child: Resources from Family, Govern-
                                                                                  Health Statistics                  ment and the Economy
AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993                                                                                                                             13

   “The hard truth is that in a free society                               we should temper our expectations of what government can do. A
                                                                           greater hope lies elsewhere.
  the ultimate responsibility rests with the                                   Our social and civic institutions—families, churches, schools,
                                                                           neighborhoods and civic associations—have traditionally taken
people themselves. The good news is that                                   on the responsibility of providing our children with love, order
                                                                           and discipline—of teaching self-control, compassion, tolerance,
   what has been self-inflicted can be self                                 civility, honesty, and respect for authority. Government, even at
                                                                           its best, can never be more than an auxiliary in the development of
                            corrected.”                                    character.
                                                                               The social regression of the past 30 years is due in large part
                                       WILLIAM J. BENNETT                  to the enfeebled state of our social institutions and their failure to
                                                                           carry out their critical and time-honored tasks. We desperately need
                                                                           to recover a sense of the fundamental purpose of education, which
way: “The West...has been undergoing an erosion and obscuring of           is to engage in the architecture of souls. When a self-governing
high moral and ethical ideals. The spiritual axis of life has grown        society ignores this responsibility, it does so at its peril.
dim.” John Updike has written: “The fact that, compared to the
inhabitants of Africa and Russia, we still live well, cannot ease the
pain of feeling we no longer live nobly.”
   Treatises have been written on why this decline has happened.
The hard truth is that in a free society the ultimate responsibility         FROM PAUL GREENBERG
rests with the people themselves. The good news is that what has             LOS ANGELES TIMES SYNDICATE
been self-inflicted can be self-corrected.                                       Can it be that what we have here is not entirely an
   There are a number of things we can do to encourage cultural              economic problem? Maybe persistent poverty has social
renewal. First, government should heed the old injunction, “Do no            and cultural roots in behavior and beliefs. Maybe poverty
harm.” Over the years it has often done unintended harm to many              is related to the breakdown of the family and sexual
of the people it was trying to help. The destructive incentives of the       mores. Maybe it has something to do with the cultural
welfare system are perhaps the most glaring example of this.
                                                                             trends promoted by our bi-coastal elites in Hollywood
   Second, political leaders can help shape social attitudes through
public discourse and through morally defensible social legislation.          and New York. (Call it the Condom Culture.) Maybe it has
A thoughtful social agenda today would perhaps include: a more               to do with the stylish contempt for old-time values, now
tough-minded criminal justice system, including more prisons; a              derided as reactionary, repressive and otherwise politi-
radical reform of education through national standards and school            cally incorrect.
choice; a system of child-support collection, whereby fathers would
be made to take responsibility for their children; a rescinding of no-          Unthinkable thought: Could Dan Quayle, the official
fault divorce laws for parents with children; and, radical reform of         national laughingstock for four years and favorite target
the welfare system.                                                          of our oh-so-advanced elites, have been right?
   However, even if these and other worthwhile efforts are made,

                                               Cultural Indicators
        CHILDREN                           TEEN SUICIDE                      VIOLENT CRIME                            MEDIAN PRISON
       ON WELFARE                              RATE                         RATE (PER 10,000)                          SENTENCE*
         1960 3.5%                            1960 3.6%                            1960 16.1                              1954 22.5 days
         1965 4.5%                            1965 4.0%                            1965 20.0                              1964 12.1 days
         1970 8.5%                            1970 5.9%                            1970 36.4                              1974 5.5 days
         1975 11.8%                           1975 7.6%                            1975 48.8                              1984 7.7 days
         1980 11.5%                           1980 8.5%                            1980 59.7                              1988 8.5 days
         1985 11.2%                           1985 10.0%                           1985 53.3                              1990 8.0 days
         1990 11.9%                           1990 11.3%                           1990 73.2
                                                                                                                  Source: National Center for Policy
                                                                                   1991 75.8
                                                                                                                *“Serious crime:” murder, rape, robbery, ag-
 Source: Bureau of the Census; U.S.   Source: Bureau of the Census; U.S.             Source: FBI                gravated assault, burglary, larceny/theft and
     House of Representatives             House of Representatives                                                          motor vehicle theft.
14                                                                                                           AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993
                                                   AFA AFFILIATES

AFA affiliates fight for family values
                        “COMMITMENT, PERSEVERANCE, ACTION.”
    This army of American Family Association affiliate organizations      vision to return their communities to basic family values.
is over 450 strong and operating in nearly every state in the nation.       In Michigan Bill Johnson, state director, works primarily with
The ranks have swelled to over 60,000 warriors fighting for decency       governmental agencies. “We try to encourage local prosecuting
in their state and local communities.                                    attorneys and law enforcement officials to enforce the existing
    “These people are truly the champions of the family,” says           obscenity statues,” he said. Bill’s focus has been with pornography
Buddy Smith, AFA Associate Director. “They do more than talk.            issues. His work has led to important rewriting of obscenity
They are out there taking action!” Smith says the groups are             legislation in Michigan. Bill also produces a five-minute weekly
involved in letter writing campaigns to TV advertisers, organizing       radio program broadcast on nine stations in the state.
pro-life demonstrations, fighting local pornography peddlers,               Meanwhile, local affiliate groups in Michigan distribute “clean
providing information about local and state legislation affecting the    store” decals, organize rallies against porn distributors and stay
family, and more.                                                        active on several other fronts.
    “It’s the perfect place to plug in for people who are willing to
stick their neck out,” Smith said. “We’re often confrontational. But
we care enough to speak the truth in love.”                                       “Persistence and education –
GRASSROOTS ORGANIZATION                                                               those are the keys.”
   Not long after the American Family Association formed in 1977,
President Don Wildmon saw the need to organize local action                                                   WAYNE LAWSON
groups. While AFA in Tupelo serves as an educational and legal                                     SPOKANE INLAND EMPIRE AFA
resource, the movement depends on the independent local affiliates
to fight the front line battles.                                          MAKING A DIFFERENCE
   In addition to local groups, state-wide directors coordinate the         Efforts by AFA affiliates are making a significant impact across
work in 20 states. These state directors work with local prosecutors     the country.
                                                                             ➤ In Alexandria, Virginia, an AFA group has caused the
                                                                                 removal of Playboy from a chain of convenience stores.
         “We’re often confrontational.                                       ➤ The Greater Daytona Beach, Florida, AFA has distributed
                                                                                 the Attorney General’s Report on Pornography to public
            But we care enough to                                                and university libraries.
                                                                             ➤ The Northern California AFA has influenced more than
           speak the truth in love.”                                             4,000 businesses to stop selling pornography.
                                                                             ➤ Work in Birmingham, Alabama, significantly cleaned up
                                              BUDDY SMITH                        the objectionable broadcast of a local radio station.
                                    AFA ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                   ➤ Over 250 AFA activists in Racine, Wisconsin, picketed
                                                                                 the S.C. Johnson Wax Company headquarters while the
                                                                                 company was one of the leading sponsors of TV trash.
                                                                             ➤ The Altoona, Pennsylvania, affiliate was successful in
and law enforcement officials promoting pro-family issues. Smith                  having their mayor sign a proclamation aimed at ridding
says a long list of other states need state directors now.                       their area of pornography.
    “One of the strongest assets of the AFA organization is the              ➤ In Joplin, Missouri, AFA members exposed a far-left sex
autonomy at the bottom,” said Nolen Cox, AFA of Georgia State                    education organization seeking to get into local schools.
Director. “Issues originate and are acted upon at a local level.” Cox,       ➤ The area around St. Genevieve, Missouri, is completely
a former insurance company district manager, lives in Valdosta. He               free of pornography due to the persistence of an AFA
is a full-time, self-supporting, state director. “I believe if enough            group.
local organizations clean up their own communities, we can impact
the whole state. And if enough states are changed, we can change
the nation.”                                                                Characteristics Of An Effective Affiliate

TAKING ACTION                                                              • Pray. (Isaiah 6:8)
   Membership in local AFA groups cuts across denominational and           • Select leaders who know how to mobilize others.
social lines. “We have the whole spectrum of churches represented          • Consider all relevant issues. (Although most groups come
in our group,” said Marilyn Lawson of Spokane, Washington.                   together to fight a particular local problem, effective
Marilyn is a secretary for an insurance company. Her husband,                groups stay active on other issues after the first problem is
Wayne, is president of the Spokane Inland Empire AFA. Wayne                  resolved.)
works as a grounds keeper at a condominium complex.                        • Publish an effective and regular newsletter.
   Business people, housewives, doctors, attorneys, retirees, hourly       • Stay active and visible.
workers – AFA activists come from all walks of life, but share the
AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993                                                                                                                     15

   Smith says that the affiliates are currently working in nine pro-
family areas.
                1. PORNOGRAPHY/OBSCENITY
Affiliates have experienced much success in this area. Activities
include contacting store owners, picketing, “family-friendly” store           KENNY WILLIAMS LIVES IN ST. MARY, a tiny Missouri
decal campaigns, encouraging local prosecutors to enforce existing            community, where he works with his father in a dirt
statutes, working against “adult entertainment” clubs, etc.                   excavating business. Kenny spends most of his days riding a
                     2. LETTER WRITING                                           In 1987 local promoters booked a traveling strip show
Affiliates write sponsors of objectionable TV programming and                 into a building in nearby downtown St. Genevieve. Kenny,
encourage boycotts of unresponsive advertisers.                               a Christian, was outraged! When the show opened, Kenny,
                                                                              his wife, Donna, and local citizens picketed the show. The
                      3. TV MONITORING                                        protest was ineffective and the show continued. Kenny
Local affiliate groups help AFA in Tupelo with the spring and fall             wanted to do something, but he didn’t know what.
monitoring of TV sweeps.

                      4. PRO-LIFE ISSUES
Groups participate in abortion clinic pickets, right-to-life rallies,                          AFA tactics work!
crisis pregnancy center work, and educational efforts.

                   5. HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA
State directors and local groups are educating their own members                 When someone suggested he contact AFA of Tupelo,
and the public about the homosexual agenda and their attempts to              Kenny responded, “What does someone in Tupelo,
secure special rights protection.                                             Mississippi, know about Missouri?” Reluctantly, Kenny
                                                                              called Don Wildmon and followed his advice on how to fight
                  6. FREEDOM OF SPEECH                                        back. The strip show closed.
National and local issues focus on prayer and equal access in                    In the process of organizing local citizens to fight the strip
schools and on public property.                                               show, Kenny formed the St. Genevieve County AFA. The
                                                                              group began work to rid their entire area of pornography.
                      7. LEGISLATIVE WATCH                                    “Today you can’t even find a Playboy in the county,” Kenny
State directors and local groups educate their supporters regarding           said. “AFA tactics work!”
legislative issues affecting the family.                                         Kenny advises, “You have to be persistent...and
                                                                              aggressive. When the local prosecutor wouldn’t answer my
                     8. SEX EDUCATION                                         phone calls, I went to his house. When he wouldn’t see me
Affiliate groups monitor public school programs for pro-                      at his office, I just sat there and waited.” Kenny says that
homosexual, anti-family and value-free content.                               word has gotten around St. Genevieve County that “if you
                                                                              have pornography, you’ll hear from Kenny and he’ll keep
           9. EDUCATION/CURRICULUM REFORM                                     coming until something is done.”
Groups are involved in the fight against “outcome-based” and                     The group even picketed outside a Mafia run strip show
“affective” education trends.                                                 despite a threat from police to “throw me in jail.” The strip
                                                                              show closed and the building is still vacant today.
   For information about an AFA affiliate near you or starting a
group in your area, call Buddy Smith at 601/844-5036.

    AFA of Alaska, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Head,         244-8493                                         el, OH 45106-0060, Phone 513-734-2326
Sr., P.O. Box 20218, Juneau, AK 99802, Phone          AFA of Indiana, Vickie Bowman, P. O. Box          AFA of Pennsylvania, John Berry, P.O. Box
907-463-3834                                       92, Garrett, IN 46738, Phone 219-357-5484        6683, Harrisburg, PA 17112-0683, Phone 717-
    AFA of Alabama, Thomas Blackerby, P.O.            AFA of Iowa, Larry R. Johnson, P.O. Box       652-6647
Box 11453, Montgomery, AL 36111, Phone             10111, Cedar Rapids, IA 52410, Phone 319-            AFA of South Carolina, Laura Hudson, 1900
205-834-4439                                       377-1746                                         Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210-7005,
    AFA of Arkansas, Bob Hester, P.O. Box             AFA of Kentucky, Dr. Frank Simon, P.O.        Phone 803-798-5299.
9076, Jonesboro, AR 72403, Phone 501-932-          Box 6689, Louisville, KY 40206, Phone 502-           AFA of Tennessee, Harry Grothjahn, P. O.
5065                                               895-6263                                         Box 412, Alcoa, TN 37701, Phone 615-977-
    Northern California AFA, David Woodel,            AFA of Maryland, Bill Hoffman, Box 56,        7871
P.O. Box 605, Citrus Heights, CA 95611, Phone      Delmar, DE 19940, Phone 410-546-3512                 AFA of Texas, Jeff Fisher, P.O. Box 140917,
916-988-1060                                          AFA of Michigan, Bill Johnson, P.O. Box       Austin, TX 78714, Phone 512-472-9196
    Southern California AFA, Dr. Wiley S. Drake,   202, Fremont, MI 49412, Phone 616-924-4050           AFA of Virginia, Rev. Mark Jarvis, 754 Ger-
6671 Longfellow Dr., Buena Park, CA 90620,            AFA of Missouri, R. L. Beasley, P.O. Box      manna Hwy., Culpeper, VA 22701, Phone 703-
Phone 714-522-7201                                 2862, Joplin, MO 64803, Phone 417-624-9385       825-1549
    AFA of Florida, David Caton, P.O. Box             AFA of New Jersey, Robert Kellow,      P.O.       West Virginia AFA, Sam A. Cravotta, 3008
82722, Tampa, FL 33682, Phone 813-971-4622         Box 699, Waretown, NJ 08758, Phone 609-693-      Glen Dr., Martinsburg, WV 25401, Phone 304-
    AFA of Georgia, Nolen P. Cox, P.O. Box         9590                                             274-2794
3112, Valdosta, GA 31604-3112, Phone 912-             AFA of Ohio, Scott Ross, P.O. Box 60, Beth-
16                                                                                                              AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993
                                                            V A L U E S

Pro-life grass roots movement shows
surprising strength in Congress

          resident Clinton’s all- By Pat Trueman, Legal Counsel           of the pro-abortion side is to get the Senate to expand the Hyde
          out assault on unborn                                           Amendment, to allow funding for abortions which in the opinion
                                                   AFA, Washington, DC
          life is faltering. If pro-                                      of the abortionists are necessary for the “health” of the mother. The
          life pressure keeps up,                                         word “health” defined in court cases is so expansive that an abor-
it will collapse all together. The President’s influence on Congress       tionist would be reimbursed for any abortion which in his opinion
is still considerable despite his precipitous drop in the polls, yet,     would make the woman feel better, physically or mentally. Thus,
in promoting abortion, he doesn’t have the grass roots support to         the Hyde Amendment would be gutted if pro-abortion groups suc-
match that of pro-life forces fighting against him.                        ceed in their strategy. A vote is expected in mid-September.

   Mr. Clinton must rely on organizations like the National Organi-       FREEDOM OF CHOICE ACT
zation for Women, The American Civil Liberties Union, and People              The Freedom of Choice Act, which would knock down any
for The American Way (what a whopper of a misnomer) to help him           meaningful state abortion regulation, is in deep trouble in both
win in Congress. But these pro-abortion forces can generate little in     houses of Congress. Pro-life forces are unified in their opposition
the way of organized grass roots support—such as letters and phone        to FOCA while the abortion groups are fighting among themselves
calls to Congress—on abortion legislation. In contrast, right to life     on how far the bill should go in erasing state legislation. Some want
organizations know how to turn up the heat in our nation’s capitol.       all meaningful state abortion restrictions stricken by FOCA and
One out of every three letters received in some U.S. Congressional        others would compromise and agree to a weakened FOCA, allow-
offices urges the member to vote pro-life. Christian radio stations        ing, for instance, state laws that require a physician to perform the
as well as churches and synagogues which hold human life as a             abortion, and others that require parental consent or notice before
sacred creation of God, have also generated substantial grass roots       a minor’s abortion. The Speaker of the House, Thomas Foley of
support.                                                                  Washington has announced that he may not let FOCA be voted on
                                                                          because of this disagreement. Thus, abortion groups may yet suc-
                                                                          ceed in killing FOCA.
 Pro-abortion forces can generate little in                                   In the Senate there is a belief that pro-FOCA senators don’t have
                                                                          the 60 votes necessary to end a filibuster, which is sure to take place
the way of organized grass roots support.                                 on this bill. Every senator has been inundated with letters and calls
                                                                          generated by the pro-life movement, and not without effect.

                                                                          ABORTION CLINIC ACCESS
                                                                             The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, is a clear
                                                                          attempt by its chief senate sponsor, Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massa-
HYDE AMENDMENT                                                            chusetts, and the abortion movement to settle the abortion debate in
   Pro-life strength was demonstrated in the recent victory in the        this country by destroying the First Amendment rights of those who
U.S. House of Representatives on the Hyde Amendment prohibit-             demonstrate against the destruction of life at abortion clinics. The
ing federal funding of abortions. Prior to the vote the outcome was       bill makes it a federal crime to engage in the kind of non-violent
thought by many to be too close to call. The abortion forces were         civil disobedience that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. participated
clearly expecting to win. Yet the pro-life side, led by Illinois Con-     in during the civil rights struggle in the 1960s. It also gives anyone
gressman Henry Hyde, a moral giant in the Congress—one of the             seeking abortions or an abortion clinic employee a right to sue in
very few—won by a lopsided 256 to 171. The New York Times, in             federal court those who participate in demonstrations. The abortion
an analysis of the Hyde Amendment battle said that pro-life forces        side believes that few will risk a federal civil suit to express their
looked effective and made the other side look naive, unprepared and       views on abortion at a clinic. Defense against such a suit can cost
inept. The article concluded, “That combination will give uncertain       hundreds of thousands of dollars and take years to resolve.
lawmakers one more reason to move toward the anti-abortion side.             Many constitutional problems may exist in the bill which is not
Nobody likes swimming to a ship that, if not sinking, seems at least      moving forward in either house at this time. If it passes, the pro-life
becalmed.”                                                                movement will look to the courts for help.
   A leader of the abortion movement in the U. S. House, Eleanor
Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia, said after the vote, “I           President Clinton’s ultimate abortion-related goal is to have
really don’t know where we go from here.... I think it’s time for         abortion included in his national health care legislation, which a
the women’s movement to regroup.” Another, Congressman Bill               task force chaired by Hillary Rodham Clinton is drafting. If agreed
Richardson of New Mexico said, “The main message is that the              to by Congress, this would greatly expand the number of Americans
women’s groups have to get out to the grass roots. They will do that      who would have insurance covering abortions and, undoubtedly,
now like never before due to their surprise defeat in the House of        greatly increase the number of abortions. Early on Mr. Clinton said
Representatives.                                                          abortion would be included in his plan. If pro-life grass roots forces
   The Hyde Amendment battle has shifted to the Senate, where             can continue flexing its considerable muscle, this may be just one
there is worry that pro-life grass roots lobbying has lessened since      more broken promise of President Clinton.
the victory in the House at the same time abortion groups are pour-
ing everything they have into a battle to defeat the bill. The strategy
AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993                                                                                                             17
                                                             M E D I A

                                                                                                                     By L. Brent Bozell III
The media’s “Fabricated Five” stories                                                                                          MediaWatch

IN THE HEAT OF POLITICAL BATTLES, both sides often march                is exploding.” Last November 12, CNN’s Susan Rook said “It’s
with their own statistics, and it’s up to the journalist to present     just a matter of time before AIDS becomes widespread among
both sides of the debate. Statistical claims are complex things to      heterosexuals.”
present in a 90-second TV story, and even print journalists can be         Michael Fumento, author of The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS,
too quick to present statistics without real proof. When that happens   told MediaWatch the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found
debates can be distorted, and federal spending can jump billions of     “cases attributed to heterosexual transmission increased 17 percent
dollars to address media-manufactured crises with little statistical    in 1992, down from a 21% rise in 1991.” But dire predictions keep
foundation.                                                             the cash coming: AIDS receives 20 times as many federal dollars
   To underline the worst examples of the media’s biased number-        per death as cancer.
crunching, MediaWatch has listed five of the most common                   Reporters also overcount teens with AIDS. On April 11, 1992,
statistical exaggerations, dubbed “The Fabricated Five.” Some of        NBC reporter Henry Champ claimed: “The statistics are frightening.
these fractured factoids appear daily, others only occasionally, but    A 77% increase in AIDS among teenagers in just two years. There
they all affect billions of dollars in tax money.                       are now 9,000 American teenagers with AIDS and many, many
                                                                        thousands more with the HIV virus.” Three months later, Surgeon
      Medicare and Medicaid “cuts.” This is a daily error. On           General Antonia Novello wrote in USA Today: “Through June,
      CNN’s INSIDE POLITICS June 22, reporter Wolf Blitzer              872 cases of adolescents with AIDS were reported in the United
      suggested White House aides know a budget deal “won’t be          States.”
easy, given the difference on such sensitive matters as the form of        Stories on young children with AIDS were even worse, On the
an energy or gasoline tax and the amount of cuts in Medicare and        April 20,1992 CBS EVENING NEWS, Edie Magnus asserted:
other social programs.” Reporters also made that mistake in 1990.       “It’s no secret that AIDS is ravaging the nation’s very young. Up
On October 1, CBS reporter Susan Spencer claimed “Medicare              to 20,000 children have AIDS.” On November 11,1991, ABC
took a direct hit in this agreement—$60 billion in savings, half the    WORLD NEWS TONIGHT anchor Peter Jennings claimed: “As
domestic spending cuts.”                                                many as a million and one-half other Americans have the AIDS
   In fact, Medicare and Medicaid are among the biggest and fastest     virus, more than one-quarter [375,000] of them children.” In June
growing programs in the budget. From 1989 to 1993, Medicare grew        1992, the CDC said the total number of people diagnosed with
from $85 billion to $146.4 billion, up 72%; Medicaid rose from          AIDS is 230,209. Of that, 3,898 are children age 12 and under.
$34.6 billion to $80.3 billion, a 132% jump. (Inflation rose only        Falling federal aid to states and cities. On June 19, CBS reporter
16%.) But reporters imply spending is going down. Occasionally,         John Roberts proclaimed: “Through 12 years of Republican
reporters stumble into accuracy, like Michael Wines of The New                administrations, payments to cities decreased 75%.” On June
York Times on June 24: “Most of those cuts will come from                     20, NBC anchor Garrick Utley interviewed the chairman
limiting the explosive rise of Medicare spending.”                            of the Conference of Mayors: “Their concern: the major
     Mushrooming homelessness. On the June 10 NBC NIGHTLY               cuts in financial aid from the federal government that occurred
     NEWS, reporter John Gibson guessed: “Nationwide now, there         in the 1980s...What government spending or subsidies from the
     are up to three million homeless people, a problem that seems      Washington level were cut 50% in the 1980s?” Cato Institute
to defy easy answers.” On January 9, weekend TODAY co-host              economist Stephen Moore found federal aid to states and cities rose
Jackie Nespral claimed: “Nationally right now, five million people       from $89.5 billion in 1989 to $142.8 billion in 1993 in constant
are believed to be homeless...and the numbers are increasing.”          1990 dollars, a 60% leap. But reporters claimed federal neglect.
ABC and CBS claimed “three million” or more in the days after              In the ’80s, Congress sent money directly to the poor instead of
Christmas 1992. In 1989, CNN anchor Lou Waters cited a study on         the mayors. Wrote Moore: “While direct federal aid was cut in the
“40 million Americans on the knife edge of homelessness.”               Reagan years, aid to poor people living in cities increased.” Still,
   In 1990, the Census Bureau conducted a one-night partial count       the Census Bureau found total municipal spending rose 26% after
of America’s homeless population, employing 15,000 enumerators,         inflation in the 1980s.
the largest effort ever to count the homeless. The Census Bureau        The rich grew richer, the poor grew poorer in the 1980s. In the
counted 220,000. When they announced the number on April 12,            April 26 U.S. News & World Report, writer David Hage argued:
the networks and news magazines ignored it.                                   ‘The richest fifth of American families saw their incomes rise
   Instead, media outlets continue to use three million. Of 83                by a solid 13.9%, while the incomes of all other U.S. families
estimates examined by the General Accounting Office in a 1988            stagnated or declined.” On February 7, 1992, NBC NIGHTLY
study, only the late activist Mitch Snyder claimed a number as          NEWS reporter Keith Morrison went further: “Did we wear
high as three million, and it was not one of the 27 studies the GAO     blinders? Did we think the ’80s just left behind the homeless?
considered “useful.” Snyder told Congress in 1954: “These numbers       The fact is that almost nine in ten Americans saw their lifestyle
are in fact meaningless. We have tried to satisfy your gnawing          decline.”
curiosity for a number because we are Americans with Western little        Claims like these are classic Democratic campaign slogans, but
minds that have to quantify everything in sight, whether we can or      Census Bureau data shows that average family income increased
not.” Despite the lack of hard proof of mushrooming homelessness,       in every fifth of income earners from 1982 to 1989. Median family
housing assistance grew 120 % from 1989 to 1993.                        income increased in every one of those eight years, rising 13% after
The coming explosion of heterosexual AIDS. On the June 11 CBS           inflation.
EVENING NEWS, reporter Dr. Bob Arnot warned: “Heterosexual
      AIDS among Americans is growing faster than any other
      risk group, up 30% in 1992 alone....Heterosexual AIDS...
18                                                                                                                AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993

Helping wives of pornography addicts
           alerie Martinez says                     By Lawn Griffiths
           pornography addiction drove                                       Attention, pastors and local groups
           her husband to suicide.                      Cox News Service
              Bob was spending up to                                             Porn Awareness Week
$5,000 per year in film rentals and adult magazines. He would                    ■ October 31 – November 7, 1993
rent as many as 15 sexually graphic films per week and stayed up
watching them late into the night.                                                     Watch for October Journal feature
    “I wouldn’t be in the house,” she says. “I took my kids and we’d                        or call AFA at 601/844-5036
drive the streets sometimes until three in the morning because I
didn’t want to be in the house,” she says.                                                      for more information.
    Mrs. Martinez regularly dumped into the trash any adult materials
she found in the house, and periodically Bob, an active church
member and Christian band drummer, “would go down and pray                 must be something wrong with me. I read everything and tried to do
and come back and cry big crocodile tears and say, ‘I’ve changed.’         everything, but it still didn’t help.”
Maybe it’d last a month or two, and he’d start slipping back.”                 When Mrs. Martinez married Bob, her second of three husbands,
    During their nine-year marriage, Mrs. Martinez says, her husband       he was 19. “He always seemed dedicated, but as time went
became increasingly sexually abusive to her and physically abusive         on, he became angry all the time and became consumed (with
to their children.                                                         pornography). That is all he wanted to do.”
    “I didn’t tell anyone except the pastor for eight years and nothing        “A couple of months after we were married, I found all these
was ever done,” says the 38-year-old Mesa woman.                           pornography magazines around the house,” she recalls. “For the
    Mrs. Martinez has begun a support ministry for women whose             first couple years, we went back and forth. He was bringing in the
husbands or mates are consumed by adult-oriented materials.                magazines, and I was tossing them out. He said he was not going
It’s called “Wounded Warriors: Ministering to God’s Victims of             to look at them again. So then I found out he was going to the adult
Pornography.”                                                              theaters and watching movies there.”
    Counseling and Bible study will be part of the ministry. Mrs.              When Bob bought a VCR and began renting movies, he was
Martinez tells her story in the May issue of Virtue magazine.              hopelessly hooked, she said. “It kept getting worse and worse. He
    “I try not to blame the church,” she says of her failed efforts in     started with one movie a week and near the end, it was up to 15
Tucson to get help for her husband. “I understand that maybe they          movies a week. The whole time, he stayed with the church, played
don’t know how to deal with sexual addiction. It’s not something           music there and got up and testified and then would go home and
they want to talk about or want to admit to. A lot of pastors aren’t       watch a porn movie until three in the morning.”
sure how to approach it. They say just pray about it.”                         “He’d come home from work and stop at the video store, and
    Her Tucson church pastor’s “pat explanation for me was ‘to go          say, ‘I’m going to watch a movie tonight.’”
home and pray about it, and he’ll change,’” she recalls. “I got all             I’d say “Let’s go shopping, kids, let’s go to a movie, let’s go out
the books I could get my hands on about marriage. I thought there          to eat,” Mrs. Martinez recalls. The suicide came seven years ago.
                                                                           Mrs. Martinez had told her husband to move out of the house.
                                                                               Four months later, she allowed him to return. But a week later,
                                                                           he was bringing home new adult magazines. At that point, she told
                                                                           him he would have to call the pastor and get counseling. That night,
                                                                           the minister at their nondenominational, charismatic church told
                                                                           Bob he was too busy to talk but Bob should call him in the morning.
                                                                           “He packed up and moved to his mother’s house and apparently
                                                                           called the suicide prevention line all night and talked to them,” Mrs.
                                                                           Martinez says.
                                                                               At 6 a.m., he drove his Volkswagen at 70 mph into a Tucson
                                                                           freeway abutment and was killed.
                                                                               In the following years, Mrs. Martinez talked to other women
                                                                           with similar stories about pornography.
                                                                               While she advocates support groups for men seeking to free
                                                                           themselves from sexual addiction her work focuses on ministering
                                                                           to women only.
                                                                               “It’s the violence, the rape, things degrading, homosexuality,
                                                                           bestiality, group sex. That is not lovemaking,” she insists.
                                                                               “What is unfair is that when you are trying to be what he wants,
                                                                           you’re put in competition with the actresses on the film and there
                                                                           is no way you can really compete,” she says. “They’re paid, they
                                                                           may be forced into doing things they don’t want to do, so here you
                                                                           are trying to compete with someone. They have all the nice lighting
                                                                           and makeup and these ladies are basically perfect, and here you are
                                                                           trying to be like that, and you can’t.”
                                                                               Write Mrs. Martinez at P.O. Box 41785, Mesa, Arizona 85274.
AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993                                                                                                                 19

Marriage Encounter is like                                                                                         4th in a series by
                                                                                                                     Mike McManus
coming home with new spouse
M          y marriage to Harriet was under great stress in 1976.
           My work in Connecticut had ended, and I found myself
           commuting from Stamford to Washington, D.C.
   I’d get on a train at 2 a.m. Monday, roll into Washington by 8,
work all week, and come home Friday night, arriving about 11
                                                                         felt deserted.” In our talk, she added, “This is NO marriage. I never
                                                                         see you during the week.
                                                                             “You work all the time and don’t even take the boys for a swim.
                                                                         This is not why I married you. You’re a workaholic. You love your
                                                                         work, not me.”
p.m.                                                                         I broke down and wept. I was so absorbed in the difficulty of
   Harriet put up with this graciously for months, fixing a lovely
late dinner Fridays. Saturday and Sunday I was buried in writing. I            I was shocked by Harriet’s letter...
was not a good father or husband. During those months, friends at
church began asking, “Why don’t you and Harriet go on a Marriage                 she felt “bruised” by my work....
Encounter weekend?”
   I asked, “What is it?”
   They were rather mysterious. “It’s a way to strengthen your           my life that I had not realized its impact on Harriet. I asked her
marriage.”                                                               forgiveness. I did not know she held this burning feeling within her
   Somewhat miffed, I retorted, “I already have a good marriage.”        all those months.
   “But Marriage Encounter is designed to make a good marriage               That experience taught me that our leaders were right, that it is
better!”                                                                 absolutely essential to take time out with one’s spouse every day.
   It seemed like a good idea to me. But when I mentioned it to          (For 17 years, we have gotten up earlier than usual for unstructured
Harriet, she said “No!” rather sharply. “We can’t afford it,” she        talk, reading of Scripture, and prayer. Christ became a third partner
                                                                         of our marriage.)
                                                                             Harriet and I fell back in love that weekend. Nor is our experience
       Marriage encounter is designed to                                 rare. My new book, Marriage Savers, published by Zondervan, tells
                                                                         of some 30 academic studies which report that 80-90% of attendees
          make a good marriage better.                                   find a new joy. As an 80-year-old exclaimed, “We have this to say:
                                                                         Every couple should make a Marriage Encounter. It’s like coming
                                                                         home with a new bride!”
added. When I mentioned that to the next person who talked about             One study of 325 couples who attended over the last 25 years
Marriage Encounter, he replied, “But your way is already paid for.       reports that nearly half said their marriage was only fair to poor
Go and we’ll take your kids.”                                            beforehand, and only 48 said it was excellent. Immediately
    Harriet ran out of excuses. We drove 80 miles to a motel, arriving   afterward, 200 said the marriage was excellent, an astonishing
at dinner on Friday. Our first shock was that every couple who had        four-fold growth. Today, 100 couples say it’s excellent and 145 call
urged us to go, was already there! They had decorated the place,         theirs very good.
fixed a special meal and served it. “We love you,” they said to the           Fr. Gabriel Calvo, a Spanish priest who created Marriage
20 attending couples.                                                    Encounter, wrote in Face To Face: Becoming A Happier Married
    After dinner, three couples we did not know, made the first of        Couple:
many intimate presentations about their marriages, on one key idea:          “There is within each couple a divine energy of love and if it
“Emotions must be expressed—not repressed. One’s feelings are            can be brought alive, it can loose a true revolution of love over the
neither right nor wrong. They simply are. If not expressed, a spouse
can not understand you. As Paul writes, ‘Submit to one another out
of reverence for Christ.’”                                                    There is within each couple a divine
    We were then asked to go to our motel room, writing the first
of many “love letters” to describe what we liked about our spouse           energy of love and if it can be brought
and our marriage. Then we exchanged letters and talked about them
privately.                                                               alive, it can loose a true revolution of love
    Suddenly I was enormously glad I was there, spending time
alone with Harriet.                                                                       over the whole earth.
    The talks from the lead couples were often deeply moving.
Father Bob, an Episcopal priest, confessed, “I was married to my
job.” (I winced, for that sounded like me!) He continued, “I gave        whole earth. But in order for this energy to be produced, it has to
little time to Susan. The parish was my world.”                          be released in deep sharing between husband and wife, through the
    When Susan spoke, she began sobbing, “A conspiracy kept me           communication of their feelings and of their whole life together.
from my husband. It is as if he were born with a two-way radio,          It can not be done in one moment but rather through dialogues of
responding to everyone but his wife. I was ignored.”                     many hours and days.”
    Then we were asked to write a “love letter” to our spouse                Marriage Encounter is a movement in 10 denominations. To
sharing something “that I couldn’t or didn’t share.” I was shocked       learn of the next Marriage Encounter in your faith tradition near
by Harriet’s letter. She wrote she felt “bruised” by my work in          you, phone 1-800-795-LOVE.
Washington. “You left me for a year and a half...quite voluntarily. I
20                                                                                                                AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993
                                                          P O L I T I C S

Teach your child about politics
           ecause I write about politics,          By Joseph Sobran
           people are forever asking me                                          Make as many rules as possible. Leave
                                                Universal Press Syndicate
           the best way to teach children
           how our system of government                                         the reasons for them obscure. Enforce
works. I tell them that they can give their own children a basic
civics course right in their own homes.                                          them arbitrarily. Accuse your child of
   In my own experience as a father, I have discovered several
simple devices that can illustrate to a child’s mind the principles on         breaking rules you have never told him
which the modern state deals with its citizens. You may find them
helpful too.                                                                     about. This will prepare him for living
   For example, I used to play the simple card game War with my
son. After a while, when he thoroughly understood that the higher-                    under democratic government.
ranking cards beat the lower-ranking ones, I created a new game
I called Government. In this game, I was Government, and I won
every trick, regardless of who had the better card. My boy soon lost        the lawn. When he has mowed it and asks to be paid, withhold $5
interest in my new game, but I like to think it taught him a valuable       and explain that this is income tax. Give $1 to his younger brother,
lesson for later in life.                                                   and tell him that this is “fair.” Also, explain that you need the other
   When your child is a little older, you can teach him about our tax       $4 yourself to cover the administrative costs of dividing the money.
system in a way that is easy to grasp. Offer him, say, $10 to mow           When he cries, tell him he is being “selfish” and “greedy.” Later in
                                                                            life he will thank you.
                                                                                Make as many rules as possible. Leave the reasons for them
                                                                            obscure. Enforce them arbitrarily. Accuse your child of breaking
 AFA Resources                                                              rules you have never told him about. Keep him anxious that he may
     • Public School Sex Education: A Report. A documented                  be violating commands you haven’t yet issued. Instill in him the
       study on sex education and school-based health clinics.              feeling that rules are utterly irrational. This will prepare him for
     • A Guide to What One Person Can Do About Pornography.                 living under democratic government.
       Step-by-step guide to fight porn in your community.                       When your child has matured sufficiently to understand how the
     • Christianity and Humanism: A Study in Contrasts. Six-                judicial system works, set a bedtime for him and then send him to
       sessions, Biblically based, good for Sunday school, bible            bed an hour early. When he tearfully accuses you of breaking the
       study.                                                               rules, explain that you made the rules and you can interpret them
     • Pornography: A Report. An in-depth look at the effects of            in any way that seems appropriate to you, according to changing
       pornography.                                                         conditions. This will prepare him for the Supreme Court’s concept
     • Anti-Christian Bias in America. Reveals bias in                      of the U.S. Constitution as a “living document.”
       government, media and education.                                         Promise often to take him to the movies or the zoo, and then, at
     • The Fight Back Book. Gives addresses of TV advertisers               the appointed hour, recline in an easy chair with a newspaper and
       and government officials.                                             tell him you have changed your plans. When he screams, “But you
                                                                            promised!” explain to him that it was a campaign promise.
             For Each of the above titles send: One copy $2;                    Every now and then, without warning, slap your child. Then
              2-9 copies $1.50 each; 10-49 copies $1 each;                  explain that this is defense. Tell him that you must be vigilant at all
                      50 or more copies $.50 each                           times to stop any potential enemy before he gets big enough to hurt
                                                                            you. This, too, your child will appreciate—not right at that moment,
     • Bumper Sticker. “Porn banned” sticker (3.75" x 4.5") The             maybe, but later in life.
       word “PORN” on black background with familiar red circle                 At times your child will naturally express discontent with your
       and cross bar superimposed. Order in quantity only: 100/$12;         methods. He may even give voice to a petulant wish that he lived
       250/$27; 500/$50; 1000/$90                                           with another family. To forestall and minimize this reaction, tell
     • Anti-Porn Billboard. Ready to apply to standard-size                 him how lucky he is to be with you the most loving and indulgent
       billboard. Red and black; “Pornography victimizes women              parent in the world, and recount lurid stories of the cruelties of
       and children” slogan with photo of child. Has AFA name.              other parents.This will make him loyal to you and, later, receptive
       $25 each, includes shipping. Junior Billboard, $15.                  to schoolroom claims that the America of the postmodern welfare
     • AIDS Billboard. Standard-sized billboard reads “Abstinence           state is still the best and freest country on Earth.
       or AIDS: It’s your choice.” Red and blue on white background.            This brings me to the most important child-rearing technique
       AFA i.d. line can be replaced with local sponsor, $25. Junior        of all: lying. Lie to your child constantly. Teach him that words
       Billboard, $15.                                                      mean nothing—or rather that the meanings of words are continually
     • The Gay Agenda. Video containing vital information about             “evolving,” and may be tomorrow the opposite of what they are
       the homosexual movement and lifestyle which the major                today.
       media is not reporting. Some scenes are offensive. $9.95.                Some readers may object that this is a poor way to raise a child.
       Send check with order to: AFA, P. O. Drawer 2440,                    A few may even call it child abuse. But that’s the whole point:
       Tupelo, MS 38803                                                     Child abuse is the best preparation for adult life under our form of
AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993                                                                                                                 21

The church should point homosexuals to Christ

             university student at a                 By Sara Rankin         John now has a strong relationship with the Lord.
             Christian school (whom I                                       “We all need to take a personal mandate to lessen our busyness
             will call John) is a former                 The Standard    and get more in touch with the Lord to allow Him to lead us to
             homosexual. Because of                                      individuals to build solid relationships with,” said John.
his past, he has insight and an awareness of others who have                He said that he has found some good counselors at his school
experienced similar struggles.                                           and a good church to attend, but it took a lot of effort on his part.
    John came from a dysfunctional family and said he was not close         “I sought to be ministered to,” said John. “I went to 12 different
to either of his parents. He struggled with homosexual tendencies        churches in the area which only seemed interested in their building
all of his life. At the same time, he said it was this inner struggle    projects and other things. They were not interested in me. As a
that drew him to the Lord. At age 18, John became a Christian.           visitor, they sent me a pledge card.”
    “I picked up the Bible and read about how all of these people           But John didn’t give up until he found a church where he could
[homosexuals] are under the wrath of God,” he said. “I knew that I       open up about his struggles.
had these frustrations inside that I couldn’t change, but I had hope        “This issue of homosexuality is such an unspoken thing in the
that God could change me, so I vowed my heart and life to the Lord       church,” he continued. “People need to feel like they can approach
and to missions.”                                                        the leadership for counseling. The problem is, you can go to church
    Although John was a faithful Christian for many years, he            and hide all of your sins through the week.”
experienced many disappointments and deep hurts, some from                  “The church has to be that place of open arms and acceptance,”
within the Christian community. Once, when he went to sign up            he said. “There should be encouragement from the leadership first
with a mission board, he was asked if he was gay. His reply was          for confessing your sins one to another, and really encouraging that
“no,” because he had remained faithful to the Lord despite the           healing aspect of Christ, then people will submit themselves to the
struggles with his homosexual feelings. He was then asked if he had      discipline of the church.”
homosexual tendencies, and his answer was “yes.”
    “After I shared my testimony with them and they prayed with
me, I was dismissed,” said John. “I was not material to be used. I       Searching for meaningful relationship
felt this strong stamp of rejection on my life. I thought by this time   By Mark Gephardt, The Standard
I would have been on the mission field.”                                      It was a beautiful spring day nearly two years ago when I was
                                                                         approached by a young man in a park who asked me if I would like
   “I went to 12 different churches in the                               to go to dinner. I must have flushed with embarrassment, because
                                                                         the young man laughed and said that I didn’t have to go to bed with
area which only seemed interested in their                               him!
                                                                             This was my first experience with an overtly homosexual man,
  building projects and other things. They                               and as it turned out, I was able to share my faith with him for
                                                                         nearly four hours. I later retraced the steps of our conversation,
   were not interested in me. As a visitor,                              pondering this man’s life. I thought that AIDS was not so much a
                                                                         result of sexual appetite, but the result of a gnawing loneliness never
           they sent me a pledge card.”                                  fulfilled.
                                                                             The young man I talked to in the park seemed to be very happy
                                                                         with the way things were in his life, even though he found himself
   John blamed much of this hurt on the Lord, and began to fall          overwhelmed with loneliness. Why change a lifestyle that had
away little by little. He became miserable and hopeless.                 worked for him for so many years?
   “In quiet rebellion, I threw my faith to the wind,” he recalled. “I       Sin often blinds a man from seeing his lifestyle as sinful, and a
was in a real ripe position to be pulled into ‘the [gay] lifestyle.’ I   person doesn’t have to be a homosexual to understand that.
had been working with some open, professing homosexuals. They                I believe homosexuality is a type of addiction. Once a man
were warm, affectionate, and loving. Of course I knew it wasn’t          realizes his need to break free, he must begin to vacate his old
what I needed, but at the time I didn’t have a church that was there     haunts and friends and the literature that lead him into this lifestyle.
for me.”                                                                 This can be difficult, since even among churchgoers our Western
   John remained in the homosexual lifestyle for two years,              culture rarely allows men to develop relationships that are pure
admitting that it only resulted in more hatred for himself. During       and meaningful. We seem to be obsessed with the male image of
this time he cried out to the Lord. He ended up in the hospital for      toughness, success, and sexual prowess. We forget about sharing
two knee surgeries that his medical insurance didn’t cover.              insecurities and accountability.
   “I went into tremendous debt,” he said. He felt prompted to read          I still see a lonely young man sitting on a park bench. Somewhere
the passage from Hebrews 12:12 which states: “Make straight the          he is searching for that meaningful relationship which will bring
path of the Lord, and strengthen the knees that are weak.”               him security and fulfillment. As believers we know that we find this
   John said that from this passage the Lord spoke to him saying, “I     in Christ, but to the many homosexuals who cruise the streets, there
am going to have to strengthen your knees because your legs have         is nothing but hollowness.
been taking you down crooked paths.”                                         Now is the time for believers to love the homosexual first for
   John believes that it was the Lord’s judgment that drew him back      who he is, then show him the most meaningful relationship he could
to himself. “Judgment in the sense of discipline—discipline from a       ever have—one with the Lord Jesus Christ. The lonely heart must
loving father,” he said.                                                 find this healing balm before AIDS claims another life.
22                                                                                                           AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993

Do Americans want Freedom of Choice Act?
WILL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS be stampeded by pro-abortion pressure groups into passing
the “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA), a national abortion that is far more liberal than that favored
by overwhelming majorities of Americans?
   National Abortion Rights Action League and some other pro-abortion groups are calling the FOCA a “codification of the principles of
Roe v. Wade.” This is merely a “marketing strategy.” If the FOCA passes, the courts will enforce the plain language of the FOCA—which
is much simpler and more sweeping than Roe v. Wade, and which would clearly invalidate many laws that the Supreme Court itself ruled,
during the 1970s and early 1980s, were permissible under Roe v. Wade. In numerous specific areas of the law, the FOCA would impose an
extreme pro-abortion policy that is far outside the mainstream of American public opinion. Consider:

What Americans believe                                                  What the Freedom of Choice Act does

    73% say that abortion should not be legal (except to save the       FOCA says that states “may not restrict” abortion before
  mother’s life) after the first three months of pregnancy. (January     “viability” (that is, “may not restrict” during the fourth, fifth, and
                                                  1991 Gallup poll)     sixth months).

     President Clinton notes that “almost all Americans believe that    FOCA allows only the abortionist to define “viability,” thereby
     abortions should be illegal when the children can live...outside   nullifying all laws that place a time limit on abortions (e.g.,
                          the mother’s womb.” (February 19, 1993,       24 weeks); FOCA also states “may not restrict” third trimester
                                      remarks at Chillicothe, Ohio)     abortions for “health,” including “emotional...well-being.”
                                                                        (official Senate committee report)

                      75% favor mandatory 24-hour waiting period.       FOCA requires that states permit abortions with no wait – on
                                      (January, 1992 Gallup poll)       demand.

                                                                        FOCA requires that states allow abortion for any reason even as a

     55% think abortion should be legal, at most, only in cases of
     rape, incest, and life endangerment; only 32% think abortion       method of birth control or sex selection.
should be legal “if the parents don’t want another child”; 80% say
                      abortion should not be legal for sex selection
            (January, 1993 Wirthlin poll; March 1992 Washington
                          Post poll; 1989 Gallup poll, respectively)

 By 51% to 42%, Americans oppose federal funding of Medicaid            The Senate bill (S. 25) currently contains an exception to allow
                       abortions. (Newsweek poll, April 1993)           states to refuse to pay for abortions, but this “exception” is
                                                                        opposed by NOW and the ACLU. These pro-abortion groups
                                                                        approve of the House bill (HR 25), which contains no such
                                                                        exception, and thus would require all states to fund abortions with
                                                                        state funds.

                          80% favor requiring parental notification.     The Senate version (S.25) currently contains a provision that

                               (March 1992 Washington Post poll)        nullifies all state parental consent and notice laws unless they
                                                                        give every minor the option of consulting with some “other
                                                                        responsible adult” of her choosing. However, even this
                                                                        “exception” is opposed by NOW and the ACLU, and on March
                                                                        18, 1993, it was removed from the House bill (HR 25). Thus,
                                                                        the House bill currently would nullify genuine parental consent/
                                                                        notice laws, as well as the worthless “responsible adult” laws.

                          Most Americans oppose forcing religious       The Senate version (S.25) currently permits states to allow private

                                  hospitals to perform abortions.       hospitals to refuse to perform abortions. But NOW and the ACLU
                                                                        strongly oppose this “exception,” and an attempt to add it to the
                                                                        House bill (HR 25) was defeated in committee in 1992. Both S.25
                                                                        and HR 25 would require public hospitals to perform abortions.
               Write your Congressmen about FOCA!
      U.S. Senate • Washington DC 20510
      House of Representatives • Washington DC 20515
AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993                                                                                                                 23

This dedication of the unborn was prepared by Dr. Robert W. Jackson, a minister in the Church of the Nazarene, and Dr. Donald E. Wild-
mon, a minister in the United Methodist Church. American Family Association grants permission to photocopy or otherwise reproduce this
Dedication Service for use as desired. A four-page (5.5" X 8.5") bulletin insert format is available from AFA. Cost is $5/100 bulletin inserts.
Send check with order to Dedication Inserts AFA, P.O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS 38803.

It is recommended that this service be observed as soon after knowledge of conception as possible. At the appointed time let the expectant
parents come forward for the dedication of their unborn child before the congregation in a house of worship. Names of the husband and
wife may be substituted in this act of dedication.

Opening Scripture Sentences: The minister is to share the read-          They come to affirm together their faith in the salvation which God
ing of the Holy Scriptures, including any of those below or oth-         has given them.
ers deemed appropriate.                                                  They come to affirm their responsibilities as Christian parents.
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were             They come to affirm their love for their unborn child.
born I sanctified you.” —Jeremiah 1:5 NKJ                                 They come to rededicate their lives to God and to the nurturing of
“The Lord has called Me from the womb; From the matrix of My             this unborn child so that he or she may “increase in wisdom and
mother He has made mention of My name.” — Isaiah 49:1 NKJ                stature, and in favor with God and man.” (Luke 2:52)
“For You have formed my inward parts; You have covered me in my
mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonder-         DECLARATION OF INTENT
fully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows             The Minister shall then inquire of the parents:
very well.” — Psalm 139:13-14 NKJ                                        Minister: Do you acknowledge that this unborn child is a gift from
“And it happened, when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, that        God entrusted to your care?
the babe leaped in her womb.” —Luke 1:41a                                Couple: We do.
The Minister shall say to Zthe parents and to the congrega-              Minister: Do you pledge, before God and this congregation, to pro-
tion:                                                                    vide a home where Christian love will care for him or her while in
To the parents: It was with great joy that you received the news of      the womb and after?
the conception of this child. A precious life has been conceived. It     Couple: We do.
has brought you a life to be loved and cherished.                        Minister: Do you covenant to provide what you have learned of the
To the congregation: We have gathered today as a congregation in         ways of the Lord by praying together for this child’s well-being, by
God’s house, to celebrate the beginning of this new life. We are         attending the public worship of the Lord together and by living a
gathered here to publicly testify to the sanctity of life—born and       Godly life so that when this child is born you will have established
unborn. We come together, as members of the Body of Christ, to           patterns which will help him or her grow in the love of Christ?
join with these parents in praying for God’s protection of this pre-     Couple: We do, with God’s help.
cious child.
                                                                         ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY
PRAYER OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                The Minister shall then inquire of the congregation:
The Minister shall then offer the following prayer:                      Minister: Do you, as members of the Body of Christ and this local
Father, affirming that all life comes from You, we acknowledge that       congregation, solemnly promise to help this couple in the raising
into the lives of this husband and wife has come a child, not yet        of this unborn child, to encourage them in their responsibilities and
born, yet on the journey from conception to birth. Together with         privileges, to provide an atmosphere of love and concern for them
them, we dedicate our lives to the safety and protection of this Your    and their unborn child, and to pray diligently for the well-being of
unborn child. We promise, together with the husband and wife, to         this family?
help provide the necessities of life, spiritual and material, which      Members of Congregation: With God’s help, we so promise.
will make it possible for this child, whom You created, to fulfill one
day the mission of being used in Your service.                           Prayer of Dedication:
O God, our Father, help us in these our responsibilities, we pray.       Our Father, Creator and Giver of Life, we bring into Your presence
AMEN.                                                                    this day this husband and wife and their unborn child. We dedicate
                                                                         them to You. Life is a precious gift; therefore, help us never to treat
PRESENTATION                                                             it lightly, cheaply, or without conscience.
Here shall the minister present the couple and their unborn              Lord, bless this child and may he or she grow strong in the mother’s
child to the congregation. The Minister shall face the congrega-         womb. May this child’s birth be a time of great joy.
tion and say:                                                            Give the help of Your Holy Spirit to this husband and wife as they
As the angel announced to Mary, “...behold, you will conceive in         begin now to mold the environment of the home into which this
your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Jesus,”         child shall be born.
(Luke 1:31) so this couple has conceived a child.                        May the child grow to be a blessing to You, to these parents, to
They come before you to affirm gratitude for the joy, hope and love       Your Church, and to others.
God is bringing into their home.                                         We pray these things in the name of the Father, the Son and the
They come to the House of the Lord to affirm their belief that God        Holy Spirit. AMEN.
is the Giver of all life.                                                Minister: We rejoice with you in this wonderful gift of life which
They come to affirm their faith in the Father, the Son, and the Holy      the Lord God has given you.
Spirit as their Savior, Redeemer, and Sustainer.                         Minister and Congregation: Amen.
24                                                                                                            AFA JOURNAL • SEPTEMBER 1993
                                                        articles continued

NYPD...continued from pg. 1                                              $1 per hundred and can be distributed to friends, family and church
NYPD BLUE succeeds, the rules of prime-time television will have         members. Order from K-mart Boycott Cards, P.O. Drawer 2440,
to be rewritten.                                                         Tupelo, MS 38803.
   Another paper wrote: “In the shocking premiere episode of                Also write Chrm. Joseph Antonini, Kmart Corporation, 3100
NYPD BLUE...viewers will see a naked couple making love and              West Big Beaver Road, Troy, MI 48084. Kmart owns Waldenbooks,
a prostitute setting up a half-naked detective for a hitman’s hail of    American Fare Stores, Borders bookstores, Pay Less and Pay N
bullets. And they will hear a stream of language strong enough to        Save Drug Stores (in the Northwest U.S.), Office Max, Bargain
make a tough longshoreman blush....If BLUE goes on the air in its        Harold’s, Builders Square home supply stores, Sports Authority and
present form, viewers will want to make sure the kids are in bed be-     PACE Membership Warehouse stores.
fore a detective strips a policewoman—whose breasts and buttocks
are clearly visible—as they make passionate love in a wild scene
that would earn an ‘R’ rating in any movie theater.                      S.C. Johnson...continued from pg. 1
   “And when another detective...goes to a prostitute’s apartment,       boycott. “Since Mr. Perez says that complaints are declining, that
the audience sees her pulling his trousers off just before a Mafia hit-   indicates that he puts importance on the number of complaints he
man riddles the cop with bullets in a scene that splatters the screen    receives. Therefore, we are urging concerned individuals to call
with gore.”                                                              and/or write Mr. Perez,” said Donald E. Wildmon, president of AFA
   Advertisers have stayed away from NYPD BLUE by droves.                and executive director of CLeaR-TV.
AFA president Donald E. Wildmon wrote every company which                    AFA has available packets of S.C. Johnson boycott cards listing
advertises on network television, sending them copies of the porn        all their products and the reason for the boycott, plus a postcard
scenes taken from the program. Not one company said they plan            which can be torn off and mailed to S.C. Johnson. The cards are
to help sponsor the program. “ABC will fill the time slots with ads       available for only $1 per hundred. Order from S.C. Johnson Boycott
sold at a fraction of their normal rate. They will give away time        Cards, AFA, P.O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS 38803.
to some movie companies. Only companies which buy distressed                 The address: Chrm. Samuel C. Johnson, S.C. Johnson &
merchandise will advertise in the program. Companies which care          Sons, Inc., 1525 Howe Street, Racine, WI 53403, Phone 414-
about the public and the quality of their products will not help spon-   631-2000, TOLL FREE 1-800-558-5252, FAX 414-631-2133.
sor it. Companies like Slimfast and Thompson Medical (Dexatrim)
are the kinds of sponsors the program will have. ABC will lose
$1.5-2 million in advertising revenue every time the program airs,”      Promise Keepers...continued from pg. 2
Wildmon said.                                                            national barriers to demonstrate the power of biblical unity.
   He said that ABC will say all the time slots were sold out. “But         6) Influence my world, being obedient to the Great Command-
they won’t tell you the price,” he said.                                 ment (Mark 12:30-31) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-
   He urged concerned individuals to watch the program. “Then            20).
use your FIGHT BACK BOOK which AFA has mailed to you and                    7) Pursue vital relationships with a few other men, understand-
call and write the sponsors the day after it airs to complain,” he       ing that I need my brothers to help me keep my promises.
said. AFA has mailed well over one million copies of the FIGHT              A nation is only as strong as the families which make it up. If we
BACK BOOK which contains the products and addresses of every             are to turn things around in America—turn back from the slippery
company which advertises on network TV.                                  slope of moral and social decline we’ve been on—then Christian
   AFA is asking individuals to do the following:                        men in our country must lead the way and lead by example. The
 • Call and write your ABC affiliate and ask them not to carry           Promise Keepers movement is on the brink of sweeping the coun-
    NYPD BLUE. Ask others to do the same. The local ABC affil-            try. It was founded in 1990 by Colorado University head football
    iate’s address can be obtained in the phone directory, or from       coach Bill McCartney with 71 men. In 1991 it grew to 4,200 men
    your cable company, or when calling to ask them not to carry         who gathered in Boulder and in 1992 22,000 men were present.
    NYPD BLUE.                                                           And this year 50,000. Thousands more who couldn’t attend were
 • Reproduce the petition AFA mailed to you and distribute it. Be        with us in spirit.
    sure to fill in the address of your ABC affiliate at the top of the       I encourage you to write for more information: Promise Keep-
    petition BEFORE reproducing it.                                      ers, P.O. Box 18376, Boulder, Colorado 80308. They have a mes-
 • Go to your local ABC affiliate at 12:00 noon on Monday, August
    30, and join others in picketing your local station.
                                                                          American Family Association                          Non-Profit Org.
                                                                          Post Office Drawer 2440                                U.S. Postage
                                                                          Tupelo, Mississippi 38803                                 PAID
                                                                                                                               Permit No. 36
K-mart...continued from pg. 1                                                                                              Gordonsville, VA 22942

call. Individuals should also call their local Kmart store and tell
the manager you are boycotting Kmart and asking others to do the
   The pornography is sold in Waldenbooks, owned by Kmart.
Kmart has the authority to order Waldenbooks to get out of the
pornography business at any time. All profits from the sale of
pornography go to Kmart.
   AFA also has “Boycott Kmart” postcards available. The cards
contain information about Kmart’s involvement in pornography
and a postcard to mail to Kmart. They are available from AFA for
                                                                                       ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED

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