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					           Bringing you the most up-to-date and relevant news, research and policy
                     developments affecting children, youth and families.

                                                                                             July 4, 2007
    In This Issue                 Editor's Note
 Make it Your Own Awards          The Weekly is on vacation this week, but we'll back in full next week. In the
                                  meantime, here are two items worth recapping: the Case Foundation grants and
                                  CFK's intern search.
      Intern with CFK
                                  If you or your organization has content to share, let us know! Email us at
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                                  Happy Independence Day, everyone!
                                  Caitlin Johnson and the Connect for Kids team
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     Connect for Kids            Make it Your Own Awards
Forum for Youth Investment                                  From the Case Foundation
                                                            Do you have big dreams for your community? The
 Youth Policy Action Center                                 Case Foundation can help you make them a reality. To
                                                            encourage community members to come together to
                                                            create local solutions, the Foundation is offering
                                                            twenty $10,000 grants; four finalists chosen online by
                                                            the public will each get an additional $25,00! All
                                                            applicants welcome, ages 14 and up. Application
                                                            deadline: August 8th.

                                                         Intern with CFK
                                                        Learn more and apply online!
                                                        The Forum for Youth Investment and Connect for Kids
                                                        seek a talented intern located in New York or
                                 Washington, D.C., to work 10 to 15 hours per week on and
                                 the CFK Weekly.

                                  Caitlin Johnson and Thaddeus Ferber
                                  Connect for Kids and the Forum for Youth Investment

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