Silver Circle Award Winners

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					                        College of Business Administration
            Winners of the Silver Circle Award for Teaching Excellence

Every year graduating seniors select faculty members to receive the Silver Circle Award
for Teaching Excellence. The College of Business Administration is proud to have the
following faculty win this award.

              2005   David Koehler           Managerial Studies
              2004   Mary Brown              Finance
              2003   Renata Jaworski         Managerial Studies
              2002   David Koehler           Managerial Studies
              2001   Rob Kearney             Managerial Studies
              2000   Mary Brown              Finance
              1999   J. Fred McLimore        Management
              1998   Brian Leventhal         Accounting
              1997   Mary Brown              Finance
              1996   Sharon Reeves           Information & Decision Sciences
              1995   Edward Minieka          Information & Decision Sciences
              1993   Irvin Heckmann          Management
              1992   Charles King            Marketing
              1991   J. Fred McLimore        Management
              1990   Ronald Moses            Economics
              1989   Irvin Heckmann          Management
              1988   Geroge Roe              Accounting
              1987   Chandan Mukhopadhyay    Information & Decision Sciences
              1986   Irvin Heckmann          Management
              1985   Charles King            Marketing
              1984   Geroge Roe              Accounting
              1983   Irvin Heckmann          Management
              1982   Dennis Gash             Economics
              1980   Edward Suntrup          Management
              1979   Alfred Robinson         Accounting
              1978   Irvin Heckmann          Management
              1977   Paul O'Brien            Accounting
              1976   James Adler             Accounting
              1975   Ronald Miller           Management
              1974   James Adler             Accounting
              1972   Samuel Fox              Marketing
              1970   Walter Wadycki          Information & Decision Sciences