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					April 2010 l N° 15

   Magazine about Data Center Solutions

                                      In this edition
                                      XenDesktop PoC:
                                      a complete

                                      Proof of Concept
                                      in 2,5 days
                                      Page 4 and 5

   40% of all professional desktops   Infrastructures:
   will be virtualized in 2013        for desktops,
                                      servers and storage
                                      Page 6

                                      User Workspace
                                      desktops into
                                      Page 7

                                      User Virtualization:
                                      migrate users to
                                      virtual desktops
                                      Page 8

                                      Printer Virtualization:
                                      a central hub for
                                      all your print jobs
                                      Page 9
      Will your
      Will your
      users still
      users still

      have their
      when   you
      migrate to
      migrate to
      Windows 7?
      Windows 7?
      User Workspace Management aids transformation of migrating an organisation to its to
      User Workspace Management aids thethe transformation of migrating an organisationnewits new
      operating system - bringing user settings over from the previous desktops while also reducing the
      operating system - bringing user settings over from the previous desktops while also reducing the
      amount of time taken get users up and running again. Rather than starting from from the wrong
      amount of time taken toto get users up and running again. Rather than startingthe wrong place, place,
      the right migration strategy will increase productivity providing organisations real a real short-cut.
      the right migration strategy will increase productivity providing organisations with awith short-cut.

             Watch the movie at:
             Watch the movie at:

    making the Data Center work

                                     the Data Center work

     “When you have                                      Dear Partner, think interAct!                                  3

            a desktop                                   interAct’s focus in 2010 is on Desktop Virtualization and
                                                        the migration to Windows 7. We have built our product
        virtualization                                  portfolio to have the right virtualization solutions to
                                                        address the needs in the market. And, typical for a
          project and                Value Add Distributor as interAct, we will also help you implementing these,
                                     sometimes complex, IT solutions.
             you need
                                     In this edition of our Interaction magazine you will find some of our key
    the best solution:               solutions that are related to desktop virtualization.
      think interAct.”               Let’s start with our PoC. Indeed, one of the best ways to experience and
                                     discover the benefits of a certain solution, is implementing this solution in
                                     your own or within one of your customers IT infrastructure. That is what we
                                     call a Proof of Concept (or PoC). On page 4-5 we explain our PoC offering for
                                     XenDesktop 4 and what benefits it brings to you and your customers.
                                     When talking about virtualization we always think about server, desktop and
                                     application virtualization. But what about the virtualization of your storage?
                                     Well, on, page 6 you will find more information about DataCore, the perfect
ChannelWorld                         storage virtualization add-on to your virtual servers.
2010:                                Workspace Management and Profile Management within a virtual desktop
interAct ‘Best                       environment are also very important. On page 7 and 8 you will discover our
                                     solutions from RES Software and AppSense that address these needs.
Networking &                         Another important issue many companies face when implementing desktop
Security’ distributor                or application virtualization is printing. On page 9 we give you an overview
                                     of ThinPrint. Print Server Engine, the leading solution for those who plan to,
On Wednesday January 27,             or already use, central print servers in their virtual environment.
ChannelWorld organized its 8th       And then of course, there is the expert advice from our technical people,
edition of the ChannelWorld          the different trainings about virtualization we provide and the marketing
Awards. During this prestigious      activities we’re organizing to support you in your virtualization business.
channel event interAct received
                                     As you can see, interAct is as ready as one can be for the Deskop Virtualization
for the second time the award
                                     market. So when you have a desktop virtualization project and you need the
for ‘Best Networking & Security
                                     best solution: “think interAct”.
Rudi Lenaerts, CEO interAct:
”interAct is focused on driving
new business opportunities for
its resellers and this award is a
valued recognition of our efforts.
A sincere ‘thank you’ to all our     Jürgen De Wolf
partners in the BeLux.”              Marketing Manager
    We don’t need to remind you that desktop virtualization is on the agenda of every
    CIO and IT Administrator. Better yet, research shows that 40% of all professional
    desktops will be virtualized by the end of 2013. All this points to an important
    revenue and margin opportunity for our partners, today and in the coming years.


                            Experience in 2,5 da
                            the benefits of Citri
    T   he best solution now available for
        virtualizing all your applications
                                             experience as an on-demand service
                                             to any user, anywhere. Whether users
                                                                                       Let your customers discover
                                                                                       the benefits of XenDesktop
    and desktops is Citrix XenDesktop 4.     are task workers, knowledge workers       by implementing a
                                             or mobile workers, XenDesktop can         Proof of Concept
    Citrix XenDesktop is the desktop         quickly and securely deliver individual
    virtualization and VDI solution that     applications or complete desktops         To explore and discover the possibilities
    delivers a complete Windows desktop      while providing a high-definition user    of XenDesktop 4, we help you and your
                                             experience.                               customer build a small environment,
                                                                                       requiring only a minimum use of
                                                                                       their IT infrastructure, resources and
                                                                                       time. In this environment they can
                                                                                       run, test and evaluate how some of
                                                                                       their applications work under
                                                                                       XenDesktop 4. The PoC architecture
                                                                                       will be built on a XenServer platform
                                                                                       within their or your environment to
                                                                                       create an as realistic possible situation.
                                                                                       If this Proof of Concept is successful
                                                                                       you and your customer can be assured
                                                                                       that a broader implementation will
                                                                                       work as well.

    making the Data Center work
 The proposed PoC environment
                                                                                   What we
                                                                                   will do
                                                                                   for you and/or
                                                                                   your customer:

                                            A complete Pr
                                           of Concept foroof
                                                                                   Day 1



                                                                                       Kick off meeting: setting the goals
                                                                                       for the PoC and giving an overview
                                                                                       of the XenDesktop architecture
                                                                                       Installation of XenServer
                                                                                       Import of virtual servers for:

                                           our partners a                              l Citrix License Server

                                           their end-user nd
                                                                                       l Citrix Web Interface

                                                         s                             l Citrix Delivery Controller

                                                                                   l   Allocation of demo licenses
                                                                                   l   Creation of Windows 7/XP template

ix XenDesktop 4
                                                                                       l OS customisation

                                                                                       l XenDesktop Agent installation

                                                                                          in OS

                                                                                       l offering Microsoft Office in OS

                                                                                   Day 2
 Possible Extensions                       •	 Additional custom applications to
                                              be included                          l   Installation of 1 custom application
 You or your customer can even enrich      •	 Feasibility and capacity planning        of your choice in OS template
 the Proof of Concept of XenDesktop 4         report                               l   Creation of 5 virtual Windows 7 / XP
 by adding other services you would like                                               PC’s
 to test.                                  4 reasons to sell a PoC                 l   Installation of XenDesktop Client
                                           to your customer                            on 5 workstations
 •	 OS Streaming (Provisioning Services)                                           l   First tests on the XenDesktop
 •	 Online applications / Offline          1. They get an insigth in the use of        installation
    applications (Citrix XenApp / Citrix      the XenDesktop architecture          l   Training of administrators

    Application Streaming)                 2. They get a real test in their user   l   Establishing a test plan
 •	 Secure access for virtual desktops        environment
 •	 User Workspace Management              3. We give a full evaluation of the     Day 3 (After 2 weeks testing)

    1                                       2
 •	 High Availability (XD Design              VDI environment during a short
    Handbook)                                 workshop                             l   Evaluation workshop of half a day
 •	 High graphical applications            4. They can customize the Proof of
    * High graphical monitor                  Concept with other extensions

    4 possibilities to request a PoC
    1. Call 03 870 60 20 and               3. Go to
       ask for Tim                            xendesktop
    2. Mail to          4. Call your regular sales
                                              contact at interAct
      Lanamark, get a view of
      your future infrastructure... Now!
      DataCore provides virtual infrastructures
      for desktops, servers and storage

                                    Dear partners, go virtual! DataCore is the Perfect
                                    Complement to Your Virtual Servers regardless
                                    whether you are running VMware vSphere, Citrix
                                    XenServer or Microsoft Hyper-V.

                                    DataCore software makes storage and SAN infrastructures fault
                                    tolerant, flexible and virtual. It is the virtual storage layer of a total
                                    enterprise virtualization strategy.

     Order your free trial          2 important benefits of using DataCore:
     version today, email            Benefit 1:
                                    Manage More with Less
                                                                              Benefit 2:
                                                                              Enhance Server Virtualization

                                    • Users can utilize their storage and     • DataCore’s application transparent
                                      hardware at levels never previously       high-availability and automatic
                                      achieved                                  failover and failback capabilities slash
                                    • Increases utilization rates up to 80%     downtime while protecting your
                                      or more                                   critical business data
                                    • Reduces Provisioning times for new      • DataCore’s software boosts the
                                      applications from days to minutes         performance of the disk subsystems
                                    • Accelerates Response times for            helping to overcome the sluggishness
                                      change requests, time is money            from concentrated I/O workloads
                                    • Eliminates disruptions for upgrades     • DataCore’s storage virtualization
                                      and hardware maintenance                  software insulates your virtual
                                                                                server environments from the adds,
                                                                                moves and changes in the physical
                                                                                disk configuration

                                       Interested in DataCore?
                                       Contact for more information,
                                       a free trial version or a personal visit of one of our

      making the Data Center work
Transforming physical and virtual desktops
into workspaces: the new RES PowerFuse 2010
RES PowerFuse, the only complete user workspace
management solution, allows you to centrally manage
the workspace separately from your operating system,
your applications and even your hardware. Take a new
approach to IT. User Workspace Management is not
just about technology; it will drive a fundamental shift
in the way you manage your pc population.

5 innovations in RES PowerFuse 2010?
1. Desktop transformation                  3. Microsoft sql azure                    thus making it possible to accelerate
                                              database support                       and support mobile adoption.
IT is a fast moving world. You can
expect to transform your environment       RES PowerFuse now enables IT              5. User setting restoration
every few years. But do you have real      professionals to take advantage of
insight into what your users need or       Microsoft’s highly available, cost-       End users are able to restore their own
are you guessing? With RES PowerFuse       effective Azure cloud offering, by        user settings, a task previously requiring
you scan your current environment and      enabling them to store user               IT administrators to intervene. As a
extract the useful rules so they can be    configurations in the cloud.              result, end-users are able to manage
reapplied to the new environment. You                                                their own technology, reducing the
can gradually implement user workspace     4. Folder synchronization                 need to call IT for assistance.
management in your environment. You
remain in full control and by testing      Allows an IT administrator to set up
certain topics on smaller user groups,     and execute synchronization of local
you keep risks to a minimum.               and network folders on all devices,
                                           download files and folders from the
2. Zero profile technology                 network to local computers and upload
                                           local files and folders to the network,
There’s no need for “Profile
Management” when you can just get
rid of your profiles. RES PowerFuse
provides a unique method for storing          Interested in
and applying user settings outside the
user’s profile. Zero profile technology
                                              RES PowerFuse
automatically and immediately preserves       2010?
and applies user settings and it can be
used either for specific applications or      Go to www.respowerfuse.
at a global level. A sampling mode is         com for more information
provided to give the IT administrator         or to download your
feedback on which settings were stored        free 60 day trial version.
and which settings may be irrelevant.
         Providing user virtualization solutions
         for virtual desktops
8        Desktop virtualization enables hosting     systems and applications. Successful           These benefits can only be realized if
         of individual desktops inside virtual      desktop virtualization reduces the high        the user accepts their environment -
         machines running in a data center. Users   cost of ownership and security risks           users will accept nothing less than the
         access the desktops remotely from a PC     of physical PC’s, enables a tangible           physical PC experience they have been
         or a thin client. By running desktops      reduction in desktop management                used to. User virtualization enables
         within a data center, organizations        through standardization and optimizes          organizations to realize these benefits.
         have central control of operating          the storage and infrastructure required.

    Download now your free                          How to migrate Users
                                                    to Virtual Desktops?
                                                                                                   and application access. This Policy
                                                                                                   and Personalization data is used in
       21-day trial software                                                                       combination to turn a standard desktop
     on                            Migration      to      virtual    desktops     into a personal, compliant, managed
                                                                                                   and accepted user environment.
                                                    opens up opportunities for desktop
                                                    standardization,        thus      reducing
                                                    management overhead.However,moving             What is dynamic desktop
                                                    the user from a fully personalized, familiar   assembly
                                                    PC to a standardized virtual desktop is a
                                                    challenge. With user virtualization, user      Applications can be streamed or
                                                    data within the physical PC is decoupled       published into virtual desktops as
                                                    and moved to a central store. The user         required, enabling operating system
                                                    can then be moved to a standardized            and applications to managed separately
                                                    virtual desktop. When the user accesses        and assembled to form a desktop when
                                                    this standard desktop, user data is            required. User virtualization participates
                                                    dynamically applied, recreating the PC         in this assembly process by applying
                                                    environment. Personalization changes           user data as the desktop is created. This
                                                    are persisted between virtual desktop          ensures the user receives a PC experience
                                                    sessions ensuring the user always has a        despite their desktop being ‘constructed’
                                                    familiar, personal experience                  using various delivery mechanisms and
                                                                                                   technologies. Such mechanisms include
                                                    How to personalizing                           published, streamed, locally installed
                                                    Standardized Desktops?                         applications as well as provisioned
                                                                                                   operating systems.
                                                    Desktop      standardization     reduces
                                                    management costs and minimizes
                                                    storage      requirements.      However
                                                    standardized desktops are impersonal to            Interested in
                                                    a user and are therefore subject to low            AppSense?
                                                    user adoption. User virtualization takes
                                                    a standardized desktop and applies                 Contact
                                                    all aspects of the user to that desktop  
                                                    when the user accesses it. Such aspects            for more information
                                                    of the user not only include personal              or download a free 21
                                                    preferences, such as desktop look and              day trial on www.
                                                    feel, but also company-defined settings  
                                                    such as drive mappings, default printer

         making the Data Center work
Your solution for a central hub for your Citrix,
VMware and Terminal Services print jobs

ThinPrint .print Server Engine
The .print Server Engine is the leading                                                                     9
solution for those who plan to, or
already use, central print servers in their
network environment.

Whether you want to print in a
Citrix, VMware or Terminal Server
environment, the .print Engine reduces
the time and costs necessary for printer
driver administration thereby reducing
the demand on your application
server. Thanks to the high rate of print
data compression and an optimized
bandwidth control, your printout is
always quickly available.

Your benefits:

• Print without restrictions in SBC
  environments (Citrix XenApp or               •	 Integration	of	central	print	servers
  Microsoft Remote Desktop Services /          •	 Cluster	operation	of	print	servers
  Terminal Services) or using virtualization   •	 Support	for	remote	print	servers	and		
  strategies (VMware, Citrix XenDesktop,          print appliances
  server virtualization)                       •	 Printer	Virtualization	Layer
• Benefit from all the advantages of the       •	 Connection-oriented	bandwidth		
  print server concept                            control for print data
• Significantly reduce the time required       •	 Size-Optimized	Native	Printing
  for the administration of printers and       •	 Direct	printing	to	network	printers
  printer drivers                              •	 Support	for	blade	PCs
• Use cost-saving thin clients and directly    •	 SSL	/	TLS	encryption
  address network printers                     •	 Recording	and	analysis	of	company-	
• Monitor printing patterns in your               wide printing costs
  company and systematically sink costs        •	 Support	for	all	protocols	(ICA,	RDP,		
• Create the conditions to ensure the             TCP/IP)
  integration of host print flows into your    •	 Automatic	printer	mapping	with	.print	
  SBC environment                                 AutoConnect
                                               •	 Central	configuration	using	MMC
Features and Functions:

•	 Driver	Free	Printing
•	 Operation	of	client	print	properties            Interested in ThinPrint?
•	 Advanced	adaptive	compression
•	 Mixed	32	bit	and	64	bit	print		                 Contact for more information,
   environments                                    a free trial version or a personal visit of one of our
•	 Printing	to	thin	clients,	network		             specialists
   printers, printboxes
      Cocktail Q1

      March 9, 2010                                    March 16 & 18, 2010                                   March 16 & 18, 2010
      DataCore Channel Event                           XenDesktop Sales &                                    interAct Reseller Awards
10                                                     Technical Update
      On Tuesday March 9, interAct and                 interAct organized for its partners only              On Thursday February 4, interact
      DataCore organized their first Channel           a sales & technical update about Citrix               organized its 6th edition of
      event for the Belux. More than 35                XenDesktop 4 on March 16 in Belgium                   the ‘interAct Reseller Awards’. More
      channel partners attended this event and         and March 18 in Luxemburg. More than                  than 90 people attended this event
      got an overview of the new DataCore              50 interAct partners attended these                   which was organized at San Marco
      products and the roadmap for 2010.               update events.                                        Village in Antwerp.
      The event was closed with a nice Bowling

      Y o         u      r         c       o   n   t      a     c     t    s                    a   t        i   n    t     e       r   A   c   t
      Peter Beurghs                                                               Diego Lens
                                                                          Marketing Technical
      Reseller Manager                                                            Solutions Architect                                                 
      • Dedicated sales & reseller support                                        • Citrix certified instructor
      • Special pricing, projects                                                 • Training & technical workshops
                                                                                  • Technical consultancy & support
      Roger Moes                                                                  Jan Stroombergen
      Reseller Manager                                                            Solutions Architect                                                 
      • Dedicated sales & reseller support                                        • Market development
      • Special pricing, projects                                                 • Product research

      Carla Volders                                                               Jürgen De Wolf

      Reseller Manager                                                            Marketing Manager                                         
      • Dedicated sales & reseller support                                        • Reseller marketing support & MDF
      • Special pricing, projects                                                 • Seminars, events, workshops, incentives, etc.
                                                                                  • Training planning
      Peter Willemoons                                                            Yannick Lepère
      Internal Sales                                                              Marketing Executive                                      
      • Internal sales                                                            • Marketing support
      • Citrix SA quotations & follow-up                                          • Website, e-newsletter
                                                                                  • Training registrations
      Roel Gydé                                                                   Jeanine Van der Heijden
      Technology Manager                                                          Operations Manager                                                  
      • Vendor Management                                                         • Finance & administration
      • Enduser business development                                              • Order processing & follow-up
                                                                                  • Stock management & RMA
      Yves Peeters                                                                Rudi Lenaerts
      Technology Manager                                                          CEO                                                  
      • Vendor Management                                                         • General management
      • Enduser business development

      Contact us at +32 (0)3 870 60 20
                                 Upcoming events
                                 Q2 - 2010                                                                      Mark thes
                                                                                                             events in y
                                                                                                               calendar! r

      How to manage              Date         22/04/2010 from 9.30 till 12.30                                                 11
      your customers ICT         Location     interAct, Oudestraat 119, Aartselaar
      infrastructure centrally
                                 What         Pre-sales workshop where you get a
      and cost-efficient
      (pre-sales workshop)                    complete overview of our solutions
                                              for the central management of your
                                              ICT infrastructure and workplaces
                                 To register or mail

      How to make                Date         11/05/2010 from 9.30 till 12.30
      your customers             Location     interAct, Oudestraat 119, Aartselaar
      virtual environment
                                 What         Pre-sales workshop where you get a complete overview of our
      more efficient.
                                              solutions that might solve some possible issues (profiles, printing,
                                              thin clients, security, …) in any virtual environment
                                 To register or mail to

                                 Date         20/05/2010 from 9.30 till 12.30

                                 Location     interAct, Oudestraat 119, Aartselaar
                                 What         Pre-sales workshop where you get
      Improve the access and
                                              a complete overview of our Access & Security
      security of your ICT
      Infrastructure                          solutions (thin clients, authentication, …)
      (pre-sales workshop)                    for your ICT infrastructure
                                 To register or mail

making the Data Center work
     Training Calendar
     interAct wins the award for
     ‘Citrix Authorized Learning Center of the year’                                                                  Diego Len
                                                                                                                      interAct Ci
                                                                                                                                 trix Certifie
                                                                                                                                              d Instructo

12   interAct is the Citrix Authorized Learning Center (CALC) for Belgium and Luxembourg. This means that interAct is the technical training
     facility authorized to provide technical instructions for installation and administration of Citrix products, including XenApp, Access
     Gateway, XenServer, Provisioning Server, Password Manager and the Management Services. interAct teaches Citrix-authorized courses
     that prepare students for Citrix Certification. Citrix Authorized Courseware are instructional materials developed by Citrix, to assist in
     educating the industry professionals on Citrix technology.

      Citrix                                                                          Code          Days     Price     April                 May             June
      Citrix XenApp
      Implementing XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008                                   CXA-201-2l      5     €1840                        17-21 14-18
      Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2003: Administration                       CTX-1259CI      5     €1840                        17-21 14-18
      Implementing Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008: Skills Update           CXA-202-1I      3     €1199                        26-28

                                                                                                                                                                    In compiling this publication, the Publisher relies upon information supplied by a number of external sources. The publication is supplied on the basis that while the Publisher believes all the information in it will be correct at the time of
      Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2003: Skills Update                        CTX-4100BI      3     €1199                        26-28
      Advanced Administration for Citrix XenApp 5.0 for
                                                                                      CXA-300-1I      5     €1840 19-23
      Windows Server 2008
      Providing Help Desk Support for Citrix XenApp                                   CXA-100-1I      2      €990        7-8

      Access Gateway

                                                                                                                                                                    publication, it does not warrant its accuracy or completeness. Technical specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are VAT excluded. - 10-0685
      Implementing Citrix Access Gateway 9.0 Enterprise Edition                       CAG-200-1I      2      €990                        11-12

      DataCore SANmelody implementation & administration                              MEL205          3      €899     28-30

     A registration form can be found on
     interAct has a cooperation agreement with the following training centers:
     l	 RealDolmen (    l	 Telindus Luxemburg (

     l	 Telindus Belgium (         l	 Xylos (

                                                              Oudestraat 119 - 2630 Aartselaar - Belgium
                                                              T. +32 (0)3 870 60 20 - F. +32 (0)3 870 60 21 - -
                                                              Responsible editor: Jürgen De Wolf

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