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					Citrix Synergy 2008

   Al Solorzano
   Principal Architect
   Agile360 - a Division of Entisys Solutions, Inc

• Citrix End-to-End Vision
• Citrix XenDesktop – Basics and
• When to choose Citrix XenDesktop or
  Citrix XenApp or Combine the solutions
• Citrix Netscaler and XenApp Integration
• Citrix Branch Repeater - Microsoft and
  Citrix cooperation
• Preview new features of Windows Server
  2008, Citrix Project “Delaware” and
  “Apollo” and more!


• Entisys Solutions acquired Agile360 (based in
  Southern California) in Jan. 2008
• Entisys Solutions named Citrix Partner of the Year
  for 2007
• Citrix Synergy in Las Vegas
  – May 20th- 23rd, 2009
  – to register

Citrix’s End to End
                               End to End Vision

            Apps                  Apps

           Content               Content

Internal                                   Consumers
Internal to the Business
                             External to the Business

            Application     Content       Web
NetScaler    Firewall     Acceleration   Browser
                                          Terms for the Seminar

• Delivery Center
    – A dynamic infrastructure that transforms the datacenter from a static,
      production-oriented facility to a dynamic, service-oriented delivery center
• Citrix XenApp (Formerly known as Citrix Presentation Server)
    – Application Virtualization/Application Streaming
• Citrix XenDesktop
    – Virtual Desktop Solution
• Citrix XenServer
    – Bare metal hypervisor for Operating System virtualization
• Citrix Netscaler
    – .com class Web Application Delivery system for scalability, security and
• Citrix Provisioning Server
    – Disk Virtualization for streaming server or desktop Operating Systems to
      physical or virtual machines
    – Dynamic workload management that saves on disk storage requirements

                                                     Terms (Part 2)

• Citrix Password Manager
   – Single Sign-on for application that works with desktops or XenApp Servers
   – Password management for Windows, Web and Terminal Emulators
• Citrix Edgesight
   – Application Performance Monitoring with a XenApp and desktop focus
• Citrix Access Gateway
   – Secure remote access with End Point Analysis
   – Correct level of access based on the user and endpoint
• Citrix WANscaler
   – WAN Optimization technology (appliance to appliance or software to
• Citrix Branch Office Repeater (NEW)
   – Windows based appliance with WAN Optimization technology and
     localized Windows networking services
• Application Receiver
   – Any device that can connect to an application, desktop or has its OS
   – Thin Clients, Desktop PCs, PDA, etc.
Citrix XenDesktop:
     Basics and


                                         Windows Server OS


          • Expensive to manage PCs in
Users       the field                        Data
          • More apps, meant more
                                      Server Based Computing

                                                          Desktop Desktop

                                                          Windows Server OS


        •   Optimal for office workers in call centers,

Users       branch banks or retail centers.                   Data
        •   Instant on, one log-in & always works.

        •   Best TCO, security, and availability.
                                    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

                                                       Desktop   Desktop

                                                        XP          XP



        •   Optimal for non-repetitive, office-based

            administrative tasks.
Users                                                        Data
        •   Instant on/off, one log-in, personal,          Centers

            always fast, always current, & portable

        •   Better desktop TCO and security.
                                      and with Citrix XenDesktop…


                                                                Windows XP

                                                                 Blade PC

        •   Optimal for complex tasks using a wide range of

            compute-intense applications.
Users                                                             Data
        •   Ultimate in performance, multi-tasking and access
            to multiple machines.

        •   Better TCO, more eco-friendly & horsepower.
                                     What Our Customers Are
• “Green Computing”
  – Best of “Server Based Computing”
    with “Personal Computing”
• Engineering
  – Remote engineering with CAD and
    other High End Graphics (DirectX)
    application uses
• Desktop Refreshes
  – Decrease application compatibility
• Support Desk Users
  – Multiple Operating Systems and
• Developers
  – LAN-like access to high end
    systems while protecting intellectual
                                                  Integrate XenDesktop
                                           Components into Infrastructure

                                Delivery Controller      Citrix Provisioning
             users with
         Desktop Appliances

                                 Virtual Machines       Citrix XenServer
                                                        Microsoft Hyper-V
                                                          VMware ESX

Remote and            Access
home users            Gateway   Active Directory with
                                  roaming profiles
                                                        Citrix XenApp
                                                                               Data Center

• ICA Protocol is better than RDP
• Save money on disk storage
   – 1 OS Image can be used to deploy multitudes of machines
   – Standard (Read-Only) Images or Private (Read-Write) Images
• Avoiding Lock-in
   – Runs on different Virtual Infrastructures
   – Support for Traditional PCs and Blade PCs (Not just VMs)
   – Heterogeneous Client Support
   – Doesn’t force you into certain SAN manufacturers for data
   – Run other Application Delivery mechanisms (manual install,
     Microsoft Application Virtualization, etc)
                                                                                                Announcements: Pricing

        Features                                        Express                    Standard       Advanced   Enterprise   Platinum
                                                        Free up to 10                 $75          $195       $295        $395

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Infr.1

Secure Access                                                                               2         2           2           3

Provisioning Server

XenApp for Desktops

Desktop As A Service
       - EasyCall, GoToAssist, EdgeSight,
       WAN Optimizer Client (HW sold separately)

1 – Restricted by EULA to only Citrix XenDesktop Infrastructure
2 – Citrix Access Gateway Standard User Licenses. Hardware must be acquired separately.
3 – Citrix Access Gateway Universal User Licenses. Hardware must be acquired separately.
                             Announcements: Upcoming

• Available today!
• Promotion for Citrix XenApp, Platinum Edition
  – Acquire Citrix XenDesktop Advanced Edition for
    $95/CCU ($100 per user savings)
• Project Apollo for Citrix XenDesktop
  – High End Graphics Applications that require a GPU
    (Graphical Processing Unit)
  – Designed for Blade PCs or Traditional PCs
  – DirectX Based applications like AutoDesk Inventor, etc
  How and when to
combine Citrix XenApp
and Citrix XenDesktop

                                              What is the goal?


Server Based
Server Based   Virtual Desktop
               Virtual Desktop    Blade PCs
                                  Blade PCs     PCs
 Computing      Infrastructure
What does your
user base look like?
                                             Task Workers –
                                              Keep It Simple
 • Standardized work environment
 • Fast startup / low support
 • Data security
 • Compliance control

Task Workers

                          Delivering shared desktops w/ apps

                                              Office Workers – Pristine,
                                                      Yet Personalized
  • Office day extension
  • Inter / intra office roaming
  • Infrequent travel
  • PC upgrade, move, refresh

Office Workers
                          Delivering virtual desktops
                                   with apps                    Deliver apps into

                   Desktop                                                   XenApp for
                  Appliance,                            XenDesktop        Virtual Desktops
                                         Mobile Workers –
                                        Flexible Portability
  • Frequent travel and offline work
  • Unmanaged/low-managed devices
  • PC upgrade, move, refresh

Mobile Workers
                          Delivering apps into an installed
                                    desktop OS

Adding XenDesktop to Existing XenApp Implementations

•       Keep existing apps on Citrix XenAppTM
    –     Identify applications that are deployed to the
          desktop and determine why
    –     Identify applications that can be deployed via:
          • Citrix XenAppTM (Best ROI)
          • Citrix XenDesktopTM (Additional Personalization)
          • Combination of Citrix XenDesktopTM and Citrix XenAppTM
    –     Review Application Streaming capabilities of existing
          Citrix XenAppTM Infrastructure
                                                    Integrate XenDesktop
                                              components into infrastructure

•       Implement Citrix XenDesktopTM components to
    –     Virtualization Infrastructure
          • Citrix XenServerTM
          • Microsoft Hyper-V
          • VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3
    –     Citrix Provisioning ServerTM for Desktops
    –     Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller
    –     Citrix Web Interface (if not already deployed for
    –     Citrix Access GatewayTM (for remote access if not
          already deployed for XenApp)
                                          Build desktop images and

• Perform a Physical to Virtual migration or build from
    – Manually or via automated build processes with Microsoft
      ADS/SMS or Altiris
• Install Virtual Desktop Agent, App Receiver (hosted or
• Capture image to Citrix Provisioning Server
• Deliver Virtual Desktops to users!!!
•   Continue to move apps from the desktop PC over to XenApp at your
    own pace
•   Re-purpose PCs for existing users as desktop appliances or add
    desktop appliances for new users
•   Review possibilities for Blade PCs in the data center for high end users
                                      More Information

• Reasons to use XenDesktop only
  – Unique IP per user every time
  – User require access to install their own applications
• Reasons to use XenApp only
  – Already in your environment and it meets all your
  – All apps work on XenApp
• Reasons to use combine the solutions
  – Some apps don’t work or are not supported on XenApp
  – Desktop refresh where the users still require some
    elevated rights.
Citrix Netscaler MPX

                                                           Growing Web
                                                 Application Complexity
     • User volume increasing
     • More dynamic content
        • Video, voice, Flash, XML
        • Interactive media, embedded applets

     • More application-specific policies
        • Acceleration, Compression, Caching, Security

     • Rise in web app security threats
        • Web apps connect directly to most sensitive data
        • 300% increase in web application attacks in past
          year (FBI)
        • Requires wire-speed inspection for application-layer

     • More secure transactions requiring
Requires massive app-layer transactions/sec (HTTP/SSL)
                                                                 Trends in Next-Gen
                                                                      Data Centers
• More Dynamic
   • Modularity: rapid adoption to new Complex Web apps (SOA, Web 2.0, rich media-10X in processing)
   • Extensibility: provide a wide variety of app delivery services for any application need
   • Flexibility: deliver all types of applications with common infrastructure
• Virtualization
   • Decouple application services from physical infrastructure elements
   • Dynamically shift back-end resources with no application disruption or change
   • “On the fly” provisioning and allocation of servers
• Shift to 10 GE infrastructure build-outs
   • Less network segmentation
   • “Wire-speed” throughput
• Green computing: cutting power/cooling demands
• More features used concurrently: App F/W, Compression, SSL, etc.
• Scalable components to prevent fork-lift upgrades
   • Excess capacity for future feature support
                                  MPX-Series: Next-Generation
                                  Application Delivery Controllers

Delivers 2.5X the number of applications
Only ADC delivering 15+ Gbps, App F/W, GSLB and
advanced acceleration
Built for next generation Internet and enterprise data
Enables the Dynamic Data Center
• Deliver more applications with less power consumption
• Works with XenServer and other CDC components to automate data centers
                                                                                         Citrix NetScaler
                                                                       High-Performance Product Lines

                               10010                    12000                  MPX 15000               MPX 17000
                       Size         2U                         2U                        2U                     2U

             Power Supplies          2                         2                          2                      2

                  Processor       Single                      Dual                Dual (4 cores)           Dual (8 cores)

                    Memory         4GB                        4GB                      16GB                    32GB

                                                     8x Fiber/Cu GB SFP, or                               4x 10G Fiber XFP
                               4x - 10/100/1000 &       8x Cu GB SFP; or         2x 10G Fiber XFP +              or
   Network Interface Support
                                 4x – GB Fiber      4x Fiber & 4x CU SFP; or   8x CU SFP 10/100/1000     2x 10G Fiber XFP +
                                                    2x10GE & 8x10/100/1000                             8x CU SFP 10/100/1000

        System Throughput        4.8 Gbps                    6 Gbps                  15 Gbps                  15 Gbps
        HTTP Compression
                                 555 Mbps                   1.3 Gbps                  3 Gbps                  6 Gbps
  HTTP Requests per Second         250K                       275K                    340K+                   340K+

  SSL Encrypted Throughput       760 Mbps                   3 Gbps                    6 Gbps                  6 Gbps

SSL Transactions per Second        8800                     28,000+                5,000-48,000               48,000
                                MPX: Promoting Green

• Low Power Operation:
  – 20-50% under competitive offerings on power/throughput
• Increased functional integration
  – Maximum feature concurrency at high loads
  – Integrate point products: Load balancers, Caching, SSL
    VPN, Application Firewalls, etc.
• Server farms reduced in excess of 50-80%
• Minimized network segmentation
  – Maintain 10GE links
  – Fewer switches required
     Citrix Netscaler
for XenApp/XenDesktop

                                      Globally Available Secure
                                            Access for XenApp

Business          Secure
                  Remote         Local Load
Continuity                       balancing
                •Secure access   •Web Interface
                to virtualized   servers
XenApp sites
                                 •XML Broker
•Minimal user
                •Policy-based    servers
impact          access control

                                                  Interface   App
                                                   Servers    Silo
                                         Globally Available Secure
                                               Access for XenApp

Business             Secure
                     Remote         Local Load
Continuity                          balancing
                   •Secure access   •Web Interface
                   to virtualized   servers
XenApp sites
                                    •XML Broker
•Minimal user
                   •Policy-based    servers
impact             access control

                NetScaler Enterprise Load             Interface   App
  GSLB                 VPN
                       AG-E         balancer         Sharepoint   Silo
                   Load Balancing                       SAP
• The end-state of
 evolution is fully                               Automate
 fluid, automated
 and dynamic              Monitor                  Decide                      Act
• NetScaler offers        Sensors                    Policies                   Scripts
 a rich palette of    NetScaler                  NetScaler Policies        NetScaler
                      •Inline Health Check       •Spill Thresholds, …      Actions
 sensors and          •Scriptable Monitors                                 •Inline HA

 actions              •Async and Sync
                      Notifications              Command Center
                                                                           •Backup Vserver
                                                                           •Surge Queuing
                                                                           •Compression Bypass

                                                 XenServer                 XenServer, PVS, …
                      EdgeSight, XA
                      3rd Party …                                          3rd Party

                                             Citrix Workflow Studio Orchestration
     The Citrix Delivery Center in Action
                                                                                       Citrix XenServer                         Unpowered, bare
             Citrix Workflow Studio                                                                                              Metal servers

                                                                                                                        Pool A

                 Citrix NetScaler                                                                                       Pool B

             Monitor                                               Decide                                                Act
NetScaler monitoring passing traffic                    NetScaler determines pool oversubscribed   NetScaler sends “add capacity” event
Workflow Studio recieves “add capacity” event                                                      Workflow Studio sends “provision” event
XenServer Platinum recieves provision event             XenServer determines VDisk to provision    XenServer provisions unpowered, bare metal server
XenServer sees provisioning successful                                                             XenServer sends “successful provision” event
Workflow Studio receives “provision successful” event                                              Workflow Studio sends “capacity available” event
NetScaler receives “capacity available” event                                                      NetScaler adds capacity to pool
NetScaler monitoring passing traffic                    NetScaler determines over-capacity         NetScaler removes server and sends
                                                                                                   “release capacity” event
Workflow Studio receives “release capacity” event
                                                                                                   Workflow Studio sends “de-provision” event
XenServer receives de-provision event
                                                                                                   XenServer powers down server and returns to spare pool
                                                                   8.1 Main
               Feature                                         Benefit

Clientless, browser-based access       Access resources from any PC without the need for
(Phase 1 – OWA 2003/2007 and           the full Secure Access Client
simple http rewrite)

Installation wizards & revamped        Easier installation and configuration

Access scenario fallback with client   Ability to set rules that dictate how users may access
choices                                resources based upon EPA results (full client or ICA
                                       only). Users have options when they successfully
                                       pass EPA scan.

Vista client                           Expand opportunities

Enhanced NavUI with XenApp             Provide a seamless user interface to XenApp
applications list                      applications
FTA – File Type Association            Ability to automatically launch a XenApp published
                                       application when a file is double clicked for viewing
                                Load balancing XenApp
With NetScaler and Access Gateway Integrated

 Network Health     Server Health    Application Health
                                XML Service
                           Application Health

• Complete health
 checks for XenApp
 XML Service
   • Network
   • Server
   • XML Service
    application behavior

• Used for both local
 load balancing and
                              Web Interface
                           Application Health

• Complete health
 checks for XenApp
 Web Interface
   • Network
   • Server
   • Web Interface
    application behavior

• Used for both local
 load balancing and
                                                         Simple Wizard-driven

*Wizard-based configuration available in NetScaler 8.1
Citrix Branch Office

What is the Problem?
What is the solution?
                          What can it be used for?

Already in the Citrix WANScaler product line
• WAN Optimization for the Branch Office
• Caching of Application Streaming packages
• ICA-Aware QoS

New in the Citrix Branch Office Repeater
• Local Windows Network Services (DHCP, DNS,
• Local File Services with DFS/FRS
• Local Print Services
Citrix and Akamai

•   Known for optimizing delivery of         •   Known for powering rich media
    Application, Web Applications and            delivery and electronic software
                                                 delivery over the internet
•   NetScaler MPX reduces datacenter
    costs by delivering twice as many        •   Content delivery for Fox, Clear
    web applications with the same
    infrastructure footprint.                    Channel, NBA, Adobe, etc.

•   “Optimize the Edge” with Citrix Netscaler and “Optimize the Cloud” with Akamai
•   Citrix-Akamai Online Community – designed to help enterprise customers share best
    practices, experiences and support questions when using Citrix and Akamai web
    application delivery solutions together.
And more…

                                    Citrix User Profile Manager

• Acquired from Sepago
• By default, Imports/Exports all changes to profile (currently
  only a Mandatory profile) during Logon/Logoff Procedures
• Administrator can exclude certain folders or only include
  certain folders.
• Potential Usage (Not shipping today)
   – Citrix XenApp
   – Citrix XenDesktop
   – Provisioning Server Desktops

• No statements on licensing or product/edition inclusion
• Available for Tech Preview Download from
                                               Citrix Workforce
                                            Continuity Licensing

• Exception based offering from Citrix
• For Disaster Recovery/Emergency Purposes
   – 12 month contract (must be renewed yearly or after each
     Declaration Event)
   – 90 days of additional licenses (1 90 day period per contract)
   – CCU count defined when contract is written
   – DR Testing does not start the 90 day countdown
   – Licenses are in client hands on day 1 of contract
• XenApp Enterprise ($100/CCU) and XenApp Platinum
  ($150/CCU) Only
   – XenDesktop and Access Gateway User CALs (standalone) are not
     available yet.
Why might you need Citrix Workforce
              Continuity Licensing?
                              How it works: Part 1

• Client decides they want Citrix Workforce
  Continuity Licensing
• Client works with Citrix and Entisys/Agile360
  – Contract Terms
  – Cost
  – Number of CCU of XenApp
• After contract has been completed, the client
  obtains their Citrix Workforce Continuity Licensing
  for the number of CCUs
• Client can put licenses on Licensing Server or
  wait until emergency/DR event occurs
                                       How it works: Part 2

• When emergency/DR event occurs, client can immediately
  start using the licenses or at that point add them to the
  Citrix Licensing Server.
• Within the next 30 days, client must notify Citrix that an
  emergency/DR event occurred and that they are using the
  licenses. (Declaration Event)
• During the course of the next 60 days, client should
   – Purchase new XenApp Licenses that matches the new concurrent
   – OR
   – Purchase another Workforce Continuity License Contract for an
     additional 90 day that can be used at any time during the next 12
• If a Declaration Event does not occur by the end of 12
  months, the contract ends and the client must purchase
  another 12 month contract.
                                       Windows 2008 TS

• Group Policy Preferences
• Terminal Server Enhancements
  –   TS RemoteApp
  –   TS Web Access
  –   TS Session Broker
  –   TS Gateway
  –   TS Easy Print

      Note: These features are not on par with Citrix XenApp
                              Windows 2008 TS Differences
                                        with Citrix XenApp

• TS RemoteApp
  – No Security Groups
  – Limited application control
• TS Web Access
  – Limited control (Yes or No only)
• TS Session Broker
  – Load Evaluator is based on user load and weighting
  – A TS Farm assumes all servers are the same
• TS Session Gateway
  – RDP over HTTPS only. No VPN.
                                                “Project Delaware”

• Currently in Tech Preview
• Will be latest release of Citrix XenApp will be later this
• Works on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server
• New Features
   – Application Streaming 2.0
       • Application Isolation Interoperation
       • HTTP Delivery
   – Preferential Load Balancing
   – New Web Interface
   – New Client “Look and Feel”
                                        “Project Apollo”

• Currently in Tech Preview
• Enhance Remote Display Acceleration of
  Windows Vista Aero, including DirectX, OpenGL,
  WPF, GDI, Flash, Silverlight, etc.
• Enhances XenDesktop for Workstations with High
  End GPU for Application Streaming 2.0
  – Think “Citrix Virtual Design Studio”
    for XenDesktop
  – No change to XenDesktop Arch.
  – Differentiator from other competitors
                        Don’t Forget!!!

Citrix Synergy 2009 in Las Vegas
            MGM Grand
        May 20th- 23rd, 2009

This presentation was prepared by:


Al Solorzano
Principal Architect

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