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									Emergency Services Council
Report of Projects for 2006
Updated 8/9/06
Item # Project   Description                          Lead        Impacted       Status                                             Comments             State
       Name                                           agency      agencies

  1   SAFE       Special Assistance For Emergencies Community Fire and Law   Red Cross widely distributed forms. Completed          SAFE data was        In
                 (SAFE): Complete development of    Health &                 forms have been entered into database and              used for live        Progress
                 database of individuals who would  OES                      scanned. Geo-coding forms and placing them on          purposes during
                 need assistance during an                                   GIS map is complete. Distribution of data to           the heat wave.
                 evacuation.                                                 Maptool (fire trucks) is complete. Distribution of
                                                                             data to Sheriff is being tested. Updates to data are
  2   CERT     Community Emergency Response          Community Fire and Law Several CERT classes have been conducted.               Communities        In
               Team (CERT) Train 60 more CERT Health                         Com Health has taken on the role of CERT               where training has Progress
               volunteers; Develop a funding model                           training from Red Cross. Federal funding runs out      been offered;
               for long term                                                 this year. CCC is looking for long term funding.       (LOP, LWW(2),
                                                                             Pub Health has put in for CERT funding in the          Cascade Shores,
                                                                             FY06 grant. We are possibly planning our next          NSJ, Trk)
                                                                             class in September.
  3   Exercise Conduct an exercise in 2006 for a     ESC       Fire, Law,    Exercise Committee hired a consultant to write         Hospital did their   In
      2006     WMD event to test evacuation plans Exercise/Tr Red Cross,     and conduct elements of exercise. Exercise to be       decon portion        Progress
                                                     aining    Hospital,     WMD with focus on evacuation. Exercise got             though.
                                                     Committee Health, CERT postponed from Aug to Nov.
  4   HSG      Complete 2004 Grant; Implement        OES       Fire, Law,    Just a few items left on FY04. FY05 is underway.                            In
      Grants   2005 Grant; Apply for 2006 Grant                Health, OES FY06 applied for.                                                             Progress
  5   CCC      Citizens Corp Council (CCC): Use      CCC       Red Cross,    CCC conducted forum with non-profits. RSVP is                               In
               CCC to develop a plan for use of                OES, CH       proposing to handle spontaneous volunteers.                                 Progress
               volunteer agencies during a disaster,                         Considering Twin Cities church for donations
               spontaneous volunteer management,                             management. CERT may get FY06 funding
               spontaneous donations, and CERT                               through Pub Health. Volunteer plan is being
               model.                                                        written.
  6   Command Order and equip the Command            SO        SO, Fire, OES Command Vehicle ordered, expect delivery in                                 In
       Vehicle Vehicle for deployment in 2006.                               August 18. Outfitting to take place subsequently                            Progress
                                                                             using FY06 grant.
  7   Sheriff  Review the Sheriff MDT's project for SO                       Board approved project.                                                     In
      MDTs     compatible use with other agencies.                                                                                                       Progress
8    NIMS       Complete the conversion from SEMS OES                Fire, Law,      FY06 EMPG grant to focus on this. Training is         We do not plan to     In
                to NIMS to bring Nevada County into                  Health, OES     being offered through CH and so far Sheriff, JH,      train all             Progress
                compliance with Federal standards.                                   EH, NCPD have taken it. Some Fire agencies            employees, just
                Must show substantial progress by                                    have been trained as well as EOC staff. This          those with an
                Sept 2006.                                                           meets the September requirement.                      active role in an
9    Recovery Review recovery assistance for              OES        DOTS, NID,      Public projects were submitted to FEMA for            DOTS is now           In
              winter/spring storms                                   Trk, GV, NC,    funding. Private property owners (50+) applied.       reporting 3 roads     Progress
                                                                     TDPUD,          Local Disaster Recovery Center was established.       damaged.
                                                                     TDPRD           DOTS applying for FEMA reimbursement on
                                                                                     several projects.
10   Inter-      Mature the Inter-operable                Fire        Fire, Law,     Spike (NCCF) is working on the plan. Plan to be                             In
     operability Communications Plan to ensure            (NCCF)      Red Cross,     tested in the 2006 Exercise.                                                Progress
                 quick deployment.                                    OES
11   JIC         Joint Information Center (JIC):          Fire (USFS) Fire, Law,     Ann (For Serv) is chairing this effort. Several       Plan to be tested     In
                 Create a JIC agreement and                           Health, OES    meetings held. Draft policy has been circulated.      in Exercise 2006.     Progress
                 operational model.                                                  Three tabletops has been conducted.
12   All         All Hazard Mitigation Plan: Comply       OES        Fire, Law,      Cities, County, and most other agencies have                                In
     Hazard      with DMA 2000 by creating a multi-                  Health, OES,    approved. Final version submitted to State and                              Progress
     Mitigation jurisdictional multi-hazard plan,                    cities          FEMA in July. We received notice of $10 mill for
     Plan        identifying strategic mitigation                                    northern CA. Notified agencies with projects.
                 projects for possible future FEMA                                   DOTS and CDF are submitting projects.
13   Rapid       Teleworks and other rapid notification   OES, CH    Fire, Law,      Teleworks is in use by CH and OES. Has been            Siren (Maptool) is   In
     Notificatio systems: Deploy Teleworks to                        Health, cities, offered to GV, NC, NID, Hospital, Trk, fire districts, developing a         Progress
     n           several more organizations.                         districts, etc. and others. Rich is investigating high volume          similar product.
                 Research high volume rapid                                          services. ARES and Red Cross have notification
                 notification systems for future                                     lists established. Plan to add press list and EOC
                 deployment.                                                         secondary list.
14   EOP         Emergency Operations Plan: Fold in       OES        Health, EH,     Shelter Plan has been updated. Bio-T and SNS                                In
                 new component plans, refine the                     Red Cross,      plans have been updated. Pandemic Flu is being                              Progress
                 original plan, and seek Board                       Fire, Law       developed. Haz Material Response Plan is being
                 approval.                                                           updated. JIC plan will need to be incorporated.
                                                                                     Volunteer Plan should also get added.
15   EMS      Emergency Medical Committee            ESC EMS Fire, Law,         EMS Committee is being chaired by Gene Vander                          Still
              (Ambulance Performance Contract):      Subcommitt Health          Plaats. Nevada County contract is to be                                waiting
              Review and recommend                   ee                         negotiated next over the next few months.                              our turn.
              performance standards for the                                     Supervisor Horne is NC representative on the SSV
              ambulance services in Nevada                                      Board.
              County to Sierra Sac Valley.
16   Maptool  Maptool Updates: Work with the JPA     OES, Fire   Fire, Law,     Additional (5) computers have been purchased     Planning to host a    In
              to further develop and deploy the                  Health         from the FY05 grant. Maptool feature upgrades    Maptool training      Progress
              Maptool product to Fire, Law, and                                 are now being deployed. SAFE data has been       day.
              EOC                                                               added. Investigating GPS capabilities.
17   Mass     Mass Evacuee Reception Plan:           OES         Fire, Law,     Rich has reviewed the El Dorado Plan and intends                       Not
     Evac     Begin the process of developing a                  Red Cross,     to launch an effort to adapt it to our county.                         started yet
              plan for how we would handle a                     Churches,
              mass exodos of evacuees from                       Non-profits
              Sacramento into the foothills.
18   Pandemic Pandemic Flu Plan: Develop a plan      Health,     Fire, Health   Community Health is working on this. Three         There will be an    In
              for pandemic flu for local response.   OES                        meetings have been held. Draft plan due out        interim report to   Progress
                                                                                soon. GVFD developed an IAP.                       the BOS in late
19   Mednet    Reactivate local Mednet Radio         SSV         Ambulance,     SSV using HRSA grant to reactivate equipment.      Signed lease for    In
               system                                            SNMH           May require updating some equipment.               Donner vault        Progress
20   Nieghborh Foster development of nieghborhood OES, Fire      Fire, Law,     LOP & Penn Valley have plans getting ready to go   Cascade             In Progress
     ood Plans emergency planning                                OES            to press.                                          complete.

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