Engineering a Ctirix Virtualisation Solution

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					         Mise en œuvre d'une solution de virtualisation

• Completion of the following courses or demonstrate equivalent knowledge: CXA-201-1 -                       CVE-400-1I
Implementing Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008;CXS-200-1 - Implementing Citrix
XenServer Enterprise Edition 5.0;CXD-200-1 - Implementing Citrix XenDesktop 3;CXA-300-1 -                     DUREE
Advanced Administration for Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008;Perform a XenApp server                  5 jours
upgrade using the vDisk update process. • Experience using the following Citrix products:Citrix
XenApp 4.5 or higher;Citrix XenServer 5.0 or higher;Citrix XenDesktop 2.0 or higher;Citrix
Provisioning Services 5.0 or higher ;Citrix EdgeSight for Load Testing 3.0 ;Citrix EdgeSight for
Endpoints 5.0;Citrix EdgeSight for XenApp 5.0. • Experience using Windows Server 2008, including:              Anglais
Active Directory;Terminal Services;DHCP;DNS;Performance Monitoring;Troubleshooting;Base OS,
including server roles;Group Policy Objects;Experience using Microsoft SQL Server.                            FILIERE
                                                                                                           Aller plus loin
• Server, Network and Systems Engineers. • Systems Administrators and Application Engineers. •
Systems Integrators.


• Configure a resource pool for optimal performance.. • Configure an EdgeSight alert to trigger a
Workflow Studio workflow. • Configure network connectivity and storage for the XenServer host.. •
Configure XenApp for optimal performance in a virtualized environment. • Create an order of
execution plan that reflects the tasks required to implement the virtual solution and organizational
goals.. • dentify the available Provisioning Services server optimizations.. • Explain how network
considerations, including network topology, utilization requirements and the number of interfaces,
affect a virtualization host server.. • Explain the benefits and considerations for VM storage,
including local host disk, iSCSI SAN, Fibre Channel SAN and NFS SAN.. • Identify common
workflows that can be automated using Workflow Studio. • Identify information in the project
documentation that is required for project decision-making purposes.. • Identify the components that
comprise a XenDesktop virtual solution. • Identify the uses and differences of EdgeSight for Load
Testing, EdgeSight for Endpoints and EdgeSight for XenApp.. • Install, configure and test a
Provisioning Services configuration.. • Prepare, install and configure a provisioned XenApp server
within a Citrix virtualization solution.. • Provision a XenDesktop pool in a virtual solution..


Exercices pratiques et/ou ateliers tout au long de la formation

Module 1 : Host Server Concepts                               Module 2 : XenServer Integration
•   Key Virtualization Terms                                  •   ISO Storage
•   Hardware Configuration                                    •   Pre-Installation Considerations
•   Memory Considerations                                     •   Troubleshooting
•   CPU Considerations                                        •   Configuring XenServer Networking
•   Network Considerations                                    •   Configuring XenServer Storage
•   Virtual Machine Management                                •   Creating a Resource Pool
•   Virtual Machine Migration                                 •   Testing High Availability
•   Identifying Media Storage Considerations                  •   Project Planning and Implementation Strategies
•   Differentiating Between Local Storage and SAN             •   Project Roles
•   Determining RAM Scalability                               •   Project Documentation
•   Determining CPU Scalability                               •   Implementation Planning
•   Determining Network Interface Strategies                  •   Implementation Case Studies
•   Determining HA Priority Levels                            •   Identifying Gaps in Documentation
•   Identifying Storage Overcommitment Risks
• Interpreting Project Documentation and             •   Testing the Desktop Pool
Identifying Goals                                    •   Configuring NetScaler VPX
Module 3 : Provisioning Services Integration         Module 5 : Virtualized Environment
• Network Support of Streaming                       Monitoring
• Provisioning Services Optimizations                • EdgeSight
• Streaming Other Workloads                          • EdgeSight for Load Testing
• Troubleshooting                                    • Installing EdgeSight for Load Testing
• Installing and Configuring Provisioning Services   • Installing EdgeSight Server
Server                                               • Configuring the EdgeSight Server
• Creating and Configuring the vDisk                 • Installing EdgeSight Agent Database Server
• Testing the Configuration                          • Installing EdgeSight Agent on XenDesktop
• Adding Additional Server to Farm                   Desktops
• Configuring Load Balancing and HA for              • Configuring EdgeSight
Provisioning Services                                • Testing the Monitoring Environment
Module 4 : XenApp Integration                        Module 6 : Virtualized Environment
• Application Delivery                               Maintenance
• XenApp Configurations                              • Workflow Studio Overview
• Provisioning Services with XenApp                  • Workflow Automation
• XenApp Migration                                   • Sample Maintenance Workflows
• Troubleshooting                                    • XenApp and XenDesktop Server Backup
• Installing XenApp                                  • Configuring a XenServer Metadata Backup
• Provisioning XenApp Servers                        Schedule
• Configuring XenApp Servers                         • Performing a XenServer Hotfix Update
• XenDesktop Integration                             • Performing a XenApp Application Update
• Virtual Desktop Components                         • Upgrading a Provisioned XenApp Server
• Desktop Groups                                     • Configuring Lab Manager
• XenDesktop Management                              • Configuring Citrix Receiver for Citrix Dazzle
• NetScaler VPX
• Troubleshooting
• Installing the Desktop Delivery Controller
• Installing the Additional Desktop Delivery
• Configuring the XenDesktop Farm
• Creating a Virtual Desktop VM
• Provisioning the XenDesktop Pool
• Configuring the Desktop Group

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