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           ndiana Farm Bureau Insurance has been a part
           of Indiana for more than 70 years. We have
           agents in every county in Indiana, and only
    Indiana. It’s why every auto, home and life insurance
    policy we offer is based on your community, your
    values, your future. And it’s why we can promise that
    from Elkhart to Evansville, Terre Haute to Richmond,
    we’ll be there.

    Our multi-line approach allows one agent to cover
    all your insurance needs – home, life, auto, business,
    or farm. Getting your questions answered quickly is
    our priority 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any
    time you have a question call us at 1-800-723-FARM
    or (317) 692-7200. If you prefer the Internet, visit for a variety of options
    to get the help you need. To make your life a little
    easier, a choice of convenient payment options by
    mail, phone or in person is also available. We accept
    personal checks, any MasterCard or Visa credit or
    debit cards, or electronic funds transfer.

    Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance believes in investing
    in the youth of Indiana to ensure the future prosperity
    of our state. We are the only insurance company in
    Indiana to make a solid commitment to that future,
    through programs like the Teenage Driver Safety and
    Education Program, the eXceL Awards (formerly
    known as Project XL) and an exclusive corporate
    partnership with the Indiana High School Athletic

               Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance...
                    We’re Part of Your Life.

                United Farm Family Mutual Insurance Company
                      UFB Casualty Insurance Company
                              Indianapolis, IN
#31-808 7/06
       Competitive Rates and Outstanding Claims Service

          t Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance we know how               Save Money on
          important saving time and money can be. That’s why        Your Automobile Insurance
          we offer automobile coverages flexible enough to meet
                                                                     In addition to competitive rates, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
your needs, insurance rates that are competitive, and outstanding
                                                                     offers a variety of money-saving discounts:
claims service that has you in mind.
                                                                     Multi-Automobile Discount
If you need to report a claim, we have both a 24-hour hotline         You are eligible if you have more than one automobile insured
and Internet website allowing you to report a claim when it is        by Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.
convenient for you. Anytime day or night, a representative for       Multi-Line Discount
                                                                      If Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance insures both your
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is available to assist you.
                                                                      automobile and your home, you will save 15% on your
                                                                      Automobile and 15% on your Homeowners policy premiums.
A Solid Indiana Company                                              Safe Driver/Premier Discount
with Knowledgeable Agents                                               As an extra incentive to drive safely, Indiana Farm Bureau
                                                                        Insurance rewards safe drivers with a history of claim and
  Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance agents have the integrity               violation free driving.
  and experience to provide you with the help you need when          Top Scholar Discount
  insuring your automobile. With at least one Indiana Farm             Youthful drivers who maintain at least a “B” average in school
                                                                       during each of the two preceding semesters may also qualify
  Bureau Insurance office in every county in Indiana, the              for a valuable discount.
  excellent service we provide is never far away.                    Mature Driver Rates
                                                                       Lower rates are offered to drivers who are 45 years
  Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is a financially strong, Indiana       of age or older.
  company that has been insuring Hoosier drivers for more than       Farm Rates
  70 years. Every policy we offer is based on your community,          Farmers who have automobiles principally garaged on a farm
                                                                       can take advantage of special rates for those automobiles.
  your values, and your future.

                                                                          5 IMPORTANT REASONS
                                                             Insure your automobile with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

                                                                         1     Excellent coverage and competitive rates

                                                                         2     Money-saving discounts

                                                                         3     24-hour claims service

                                                                         4     Exceptional financial strength and stability

                                                                         5     Offices in all 92 Indiana counties


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