Bloomberg Trish O’Flaherty Carleton by yurtgc548


									          Trish O’Flaherty
Carleton University Library
   Book a time in the blue binder available at the
   Limit each session to 2 hours
   Login to network using connect account
   Login to Bloomberg following directions
    taped inside the front cover of binder
   Excel, work, ppt are all available on work
   Key in a company name – do not hit go. Look
    down the page under heading Securities and
    double click on your company from that list.
    ◦ WJA CN Equity   Westjet Airlines Ltd (Canada)

   You will be taken to a Menu Screen for that
    company. Use this page as a springboard or
    index to information.

   At the top, you will see the current trading
    figures and the delay time.
     DELAY 9:34 Vol 22,908 Op 12.1 ...
   The first menu option is

   Company Overview
   DES Description            MGMT Management
   EVT Event Calendar         CF Company Filings
   DVD Dividends              CACS Corporate Action
   WGT Index Weightings       HDS Holders
   RELS Related Securities    ISSD Issuer Description
   Provides an overview of current infomation

   Allows you to generate a summery report
    ◦ Key in 98 <go>
    ◦ Type RPT to view, print etc
   Other options include:

   Event calendar           Company filings
   Dividends                Corporation actions
   Indes weightings         Holders
   Related securities       Issuer description
   Financial analysis   Relative Valuatioin
   Earnings Estimates   Analyst Recs
   Prod/Geo Segments
   Financial Analysis

   Detailed financials
   Use >> symbols to see more years
   Use Actions to create reports, download to
   1<go> provides chart views
   Hit green HELP key once to get help for the
    page you on
   Hit green HELP key twice to become
    connected to Bloomberg help desk
   Key in BU <go> - Bloomberg University.
    Provides cheat sheets and videos

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