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					    srchrondeJAN 12 1973           plea during a phone call
                                   from his wife. An alternate
  Watergate                        juror took his place.
                                                                      was killed last month in a
                                     A s was the case on              Chicago plane crash.
                                   Wednesday, jurors were ab-
  Defendant's                      sent from the jury box yes-          "Anything I may have
                                                                     done I believed to be in the
                                  terday when Hunt, 54, a for-
                                  mer agent of the Central In-        best interests of my coun-
  Guilty Plea                     telligence Agency, pleaded
                                  guilty to three more charges
                                                                     try." Hunt told reporters.
                                                                        "With the tragic death of
                                                                     my wife, I felt I could not
      L.A. Times Service                 See Back Page               sustain the experience of a
                                                                     long trial. I felt I should be
Washington                                                           with'•' 'my four children. I
  Watergate case defend-                                             hoped that my plea might be
                                                                     taken into consideration at
ant E. Howard Hunt Jr.                                               my sentencing later on.!:
pleaded guilty to all six
charges against him yes-                                                       SEGRETTI
terday but said he had                                                  Hunt said he knew of no
                                                                     wider espionage camign
no knowledge of any                                                 against Democrats thin the
higher officials of the                                              government has already al-
Nixon administration be-                                            leged. Government prosecu-
ing involved in political                                            tors, however, have not in-
                                                                    cluded in their case the ac-
espionage.                                                          tivities of Los Angeles law-
    Looking pale and grim                                            yer Donald H. Segretti.
 as he faced reporters out-                                             A t least eight persons
 side the federal court-                                            have told reporters they
 house, Hunt said that "to                                          were approached by Segretti
 my personal knowledge"                                             in late 1971 and asked to spy
 —if called before a grand                        UPI Telephoto     upon Democratic presiden-
 jury—he could not impli-             G. GORDON LIDDY               tial candidates. Segretti told
 cate any White House or                His trial goes on           some he was working for the
 Republican officials.                                              White House.> According to
   He said the government                                           government sources, Segret-
 was "substantially correct"                                        ti received thousands of dol-
 in its opening trial state-
 ment Wednesday that he
                                       GUILTY                       lars from Newport Beach,
                                                                    Calif., attorney Herbert W.
 and G. Gordon Liddy, both       From Page 1                        Kalmbach, President Nix-
former White House aides,                                           on's personal lawyer.
 principally organized t h e     of second degree burglary             Earl J. Silbert, chief as-
 bugging of Democratic Na-       and attempted bugging.             sistant U.S. attorney, 'told
tional Committee offices and        He had previously pleaded       Sirica that Hunt would be
led unsuccessful attempts to     guilty t o three major             summoned before a federal
plant an eavesdropping de-       charges of conspiracy, bug-        grand jury- at a later date to
vice in the Washington head-     ging and burglary. But Sili-       see if he lmew about the in-
quarters of Senator Goerge       ca said he would not accept        volvement of others.
S. McGovern (Dem-S.D.).          Hunt's plea unless it includ-
                                 ed all six charges against                  TESTIMONY
   Meanwhile, trial of Liddy                                           In testimony at the trial,
and five othes accused in the    him.                               Thomas James Gregory, 25,
Watergate episode last sum-        "Did you commit all of          a student at Brigham Young
mer continued in the court-     those acts?" the judge said.       University, said Hunt hired
room of chief U.S. District        "I did, your honor," Hunt       him for $175 a week from
Judge John J. Sirica.                                                                                   ami. .
                                replied.                           last, February through June
                                                                   15 to, infiltrate the Washing-         He said Hunt, Liddy and
          ADVICE                   No date for sentencing .                                            McCord enlisted his support
                                was set. Sirica said Hunt          ton headquarters of McGov-          in attempts to bug McGov-
  The jury was not told of      could receive a maximum            en and Senator Edmund; S.
Hunt's plea. Sirica simply                                         Muskie (Dem-Me.).                   ern'a headquarters, but the
                                sentence of more than 30                                               efforTs were unsuccessful.
advised the jurors, who are     years imprisonment and a              He said Hunt• wanted in-
being sequestered, that         $40,000 fine.                      formation about the sena-             Gregory testified that the
"you are no longer to be                                                                              FBI did not contact him un-
                                                                   tors' schedules, public ap-         til as recently as three
concerned with the case of                   BOND .               pearances, campaign per-
the U.S. vs. E. Howard Hunt       He set bond for Hunt at                                              weeks ago.
                                                                  sonnel and any dissensions             "An agent came to my
Jr."                            $100,000, noting the defend-      or quarrels in their organi-
                                 ant fled to Los Angelesjast       zations.                           apartment in Provo, Utah,"
  The judge denied a motion                                                                           Gregory said. "He asked me
by defense attorneys, made      summer when he learned                Gregory said Hunt later
                                FBI agents wanted him for                                             if I knew Hunt. I told him to
in his chambers, that a         questioning in the Watergate      introduced him to Liddy and         sit down, that I had quite a
mistrial b e granted on                                           three other defendants in the       bit to tell him."
grounds the jury may de-        break-in. Hunt was in custo-      Watergate case — James W.
duce from Hunt's absence .      dy about four hours before        McCord Jr., then security
that he has pleaded guilty.     posting bond.
                                                                  director for President Nix-.
                                  He told reporters he made       on's re-election campaign,
  One juror, in fact, was or-   bond by assigning the pro-
dered excused when it was                                         and Frank Sturgis and Vir-
                                ceeds of a $225,000 life insur-   gilio Gonzalez, both of Mi-
found he learned of Hunt's      ance policy on his wife, who

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