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					 Duty Statement                                                                                                     Database Specialist

                                                                                                   Duty Statement

Position Details

Position Title:                          Database Specialist (including Data Warehouse)

PSU Name:                                Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Department:                              Service Management
Team:                                    Infrastructure Engineering – Operations

Position Classification:                 HEO 9

Primary Function:                       ICT assists the University in achieving its strategic objectives. It prioritises services
                                        that support research & innovation, learning & teaching, and the student experience.
                                        It aims to increase the University’s ability to respond to technological innovation and
                                        return on technology investment, balanced by managing cost improving efficiency of
                                        University processes.

                                        The Database Specialist is part of a team that is actively involved in the design,
                                        implementation, administration and support of the database processes to ensure the
                                        University maximises its return on investment in these technologies.

                                        The Specialist will be required to design and administer database standards,
                                        procedures and methodologies and to provide database advice for the nominated
                                        technology supporting administrative applications.

                                        The University has standardised on both Microsoft database technology as well as
                                        the Oracle RDBMS platforms, with a mix of other database software solutions
                                        including Sybase, and MySQL.

 Position Scope

 Reports to:                             Manager, Operations

 Supervises:                             No staff supervised

 Estimated number of staff in this unit:                             9

 Estimated financial budget this role is responsible for:            N/A

 Primary Internal Contacts / Stakeholders:                           other parts of ICT

 Primary External Contacts / Stakeholders:                           CSO and other University staff

 Selection Criteria

The selection criteria must be consistent with the duties of the job listed overleaf. These criteria are to be used for the
advertisement, for short listing, in the interview process and for short-term appointments on nomination.

Essential (important factors which are required to do the job)

 1. Demonstrated MS SQL database administration skills including:
         installation, upgrading, configuration, support and maintenance of database engine and components
         database clustering and mirroring
         database theory and methodologies, including design, modelling and implementation
         database monitoring and problem solving skills especially with regards to system performance
         analysing performance statistics providing pro-active capacity planning recommendations
         database backup and recovery procedures
         configuring database maintenance plans

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 Duty Statement                                                                                     Database Specialist

                 source control methodologies and tools

 2. Ability to provide strategic advice and direction with regards to database technology
           Competent in SQL scripting and programming
           Ability to work on multiple projects and activities according to agreed schedules, timelines and
           Competent documentation skills related to standards, procedures, assessments and recommendations
           Demonstrated ability to establish and exceed client needs
           Track record of keeping up to date with skills, knowledge and experience to facilitate continuous
               improvement of IT practices, processes and procedures. Applies this in day to day work
           Demonstrated ability to manage resources and improve the quality of work including coordinating
               activities, budgets, facilities or other resources for consistent, repeatable and commercially sound
               solutions / systems and processes
           Demonstrated contribution to the achievement of whole of business and team outcomes, contributing to
               the provision of cohesive end-to end IT services
           Understanding of change management practices and theory and ability to successfully co-ordinate tasks
               from other groups towards the delivery of small-medium initiatives
           Demonstrated ability to work independently with minimal supervision and allocate priorities
           Demonstrated communication skills both verbal and written at the conceptual and technical level


 1. Extensive experience with performance monitoring and tuning/optimisation techniques
 2. Configuration of failover/HA capabilities involving log shipping, mirroring and/or clustering
 3. Access Control and security management of database servers and databases
 4. Significant experience in other facets of database administration tasks, activities and procedures including:
           resource management and capacity planning
           general support, maintenance plans and housekeeping activities
           upgrades and/or Patch management
           source control methodologies and tools
 5. Significant experience working with multiple project managers on a number of project related tasks and activities
    within agreed schedules and timeframes to provide required deliverables; this includes regular status updates to
    major stakeholders
 6. Significant experience translating client requirements into technical recommendations

 Training/qualifications (or equivalent experience):

 1. Tertiary qualifications in Information Technology or significant experience in this area
 2. Industry certification in MCITP, MCTS or MCDBA

Desirable (additional factors which are useful to do the job)

 1. Design, configuring and supporting databases for Sharepoint 2007
 2. Demonstrated data warehouse skills including:
          ETL tools
          warehouse builders
          migration tools
 3. Extensive experience in enterprise wide database administration activities within multiple environments operating
    on diverse operating systems
 4. Oracle 10g/11g Database administration skills

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Duty Statement                                                                                        Database Specialist

Work Performed

The duties and responsibilities of this position are numbered in order of importance. They include the major
accountabilities of the position and the frequency that each task is generally performed. (eg on a daily, weekly, monthly
or yearly basis, or as required)

     Tasks/Activities                                                                                      Frequency

     1.   Support:                                                                                         Ongoing
           Maintain and improve database availability and reliability in supporting the business
            requirements of the University’s major administrative, learning and teaching systems
           Provide database systems support for development, testing and production
            environments to developers, testers, users and administrators
           Establish, review and maintain database security in relation to user accounts and
            accessibilities, in accordance with policies and procedures
           Undertake strategic and proactive database resource management including capacity
            planning, monitoring, and configuration
           Communicate effectively to managers, system administrators, users, developers and
            analysts, changes made to the database and/or database procedures

     2.   Monitoring:                                                                                      Ongoing
           Proactively implement database performance monitoring and tuning activities to
            maintain the optimum performance capabilities of systems databases

     3.   Project Services:                                                                                As required
           Analyse and undertake frequent database change requests and maintain database
             version control of each change
           Assist in the migration and integration processes between various databases including
             associated tasks involving maintenance of database integrity and consistency
           Deliver superior, flexible, expandable, scalable database system designs and processes
             including all the deliverables as per the agreed scope
           Provide technical leadership for assigned project activities.

     4.   Process Improvement:                                                                             As required
           Undertake, review and recommend improvements to database maintenance procedures
             including start-ups/shutdowns, backup and recovery of databases, housekeeping
             activities, etc.
           Develop standards and procedures for the use of database software so uniformity and
             consistency are achieved
           Assist in implementing and improving quality of service through better data structures
             and procedures

     5.   Establishes and exceeds client needs (internal and external) by:                                 Ongoing
           Delivering and supporting solutions which meet client needs (coaches, conducts detailed
            needs analyses, delivers to commitments);
           Providing reliable, consistent and professional service (keeping the client regularly
           Listening to the client;
           Taking responsibility for resolving issues;
           Establishing and maintaining effective internal / external relationships.

     6.   Keeps up to date with skills, knowledge and experience to facilitate continuous                  Ongoing
          improvement of ICT practices, processes and procedures. Applies this in day to day
          work by:

           Mentor/coach other team members in technical and administrative database issues
           Keeping abreast of contemporary IT industry trends;
           Seeking new ideas to improve processes and procedures from colleagues;
           Implementing improved ways of doing things based on contemporary IT practices;
           Seeking new ideas to improve processes and procedures from colleagues;
           Contributing ideas and suggestions as part of the consultative processes associated
             with work place change;
           Learning from mistakes.

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 Duty Statement                                                                                             Database Specialist

      7.   Manages resources and improves the quality of work including coordinating                             Ongoing
           activities, budgets, facilities or other resources for consistent, repeatable and
           commercially sound solutions / systems and processes by:

            Adopting consistent ways of doing things;
            Continuously improving the way things are done within individual area of accountability
             (eliminating ineffective and unnecessary technologies and processes, focuses on
            Delivering commercially sound solutions (based on return on investment, balances cost
             and quality, complies with policy and practice, etc.)

      8.   Actively contributes to the achievement of team outcomes, contributing to the                         Ongoing
           provision of cohesive end-to end ICT services being provided to the University by:

                  Supporting the “One ICT” mission strategy;
                  Seeking to assist and co-operate with other ICT team members within the Service
                   Management department and other departments within ICT;
                 Taking responsibility for understanding and contributing to ICT’s / the University’s
                  business goals;
                 Adhering to ICT’s change control procedures
                 Making effective decisions within ones area of accountability (acts quickly and
                  decisively, engages stakeholders, considers the impact on others);
                 Working with other departments and teams to assist in making end-to-end processes
                  more effective (takes accountability for their individual part in the process);
                 Giving and seeking constructive feedback regularly;
                 Keeping others informed / involves stakeholders in decision making;
                 Communicating effectively (eg. provides context, tailors messages to the audience,
                  keeps others informed, actively listens and clarifies to ensure the audience understands
                  their message).

      9.   Occasional out of hours work, such as rostered on-call work                                           As required

      10. Any other duties appropriate with this classification as may be assigned by the                        As required
          Manager or Director.

      11. Comply with Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action by:                                    Ongoing

            Observing and applying EEO and AA policy and procedures when liaising with staff,
             students and outside contacts.


I confirm that this Duty Statement reflects the inherent requirements and true priorities of this position. Only relevant
skills and experience have been specified as essential or desirable.

Head of Department/Unit:

Name: __________________________________                                             Signature: _____________________

Date: __________________________________

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Duty Statement                                                           Database Specialist

Organisation Chart

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