Candy Bar Award Ideas

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					Candy Bar Award Ideas

Whoopers Award: for the best storytelling.
Milky Way Award: for the class daydreamer
Mr. Goodbar Award: for the student who exhibits the good
qualities of friendship
Jolly Rancher Award: for the person always telling jokes
Nestle Crunch Award: an alternative to pencil chewing
Skor Award: for athletes in the class
Dove Award: for the class peacemaker
Symphony Award: for anyone musical
Butterfinger Award: for the person who broke the most
things accidentally
Bit-O-Honey Award: for someone very sweet
Baby Ruth Award: for baseball-minded person
Teddy Grahams Award: for the most huggable
Almond Joy Award: for the person who is always happy
Hershey's Kisses Award: for the class flirt
Payday Award: for someone who always forgets his lunch money
Lifesavers Award: for the person who is always helping
someone in need
Laffy Taffy Award: for someone sweet disposition
Gummy Bears Award: for a very lovable is always laughing
Sweet Tarts Award: for having a sw child
Spree Award: for someone who loves to shop
Kit Kat Award: for the student always at the teacher's side
Nutrageous Award: for an outstanding personality
Ouch Bubble Gum Award: for the one who got hurt the most
Three Musketeers Award: for the one always with the group
Snickers Award: for having an outstanding sense of humor
Zero Math Award: - for outstanding performance in Math
Gummy Worms Award: for being the class wiggler

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