2011 Carbon Fast for Lent

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					Scripture or reading          Sunday                                  Monday                Tuesday                          Wednesday                 Thursday                         Friday             Saturday
WEEK 1: ELECTRICITY           Fasting has a long history in many religious traditions including Christianity. There are      March 9, 2011             10                               11                 12 ADVOCACY
This is the fast that         many exhortations to fast and accounts of fasting in the Bible. In the Old Testament           ASH WEDNESDAY             Determine to completely          Dry clothes on     ACTION
pleases me: to let the        perhaps the best known is Isaiah 58:6-12. In Matthew 9:14-15; Mark 2:18-20, and Luke           Commit to shutting        shut off all electronics at      outside line       Meet with Municipal
oppressed go free and         5:33-39 Jesus exhorts his followers to fast after he has left them. Acts 13:2-3 and 14:23      off all                   source when not in use.          or on laundry      Representatives and
break every yoke…             describe fasting in the Early Church as well. Fasting is not just a literal abstaining from    lights when leaving                                        racks.             ask what plans are in
Then will your light shine    food but also a time of prayerful reflection and a gesture of commitment to God’s justice.     any                                                                           place to reduce
like the dawn.                Participating in a                                                                             room.                                                                         the area’s use of
(Isaiah 58: 6–8).             “Carbon Fast” means that we will try to reduce our use of fossil fuels, the leading cause of                                                                                 energy. Join a
                              climate change.                                                                                                                                                              committee that
                                                                                                                                                                                                           oversees energy use
                                                                                                                                                                                                           in your area.
WEEK 2: HEAT                  March 13, 2011               14                            15                                  16                        17                               18                 19 ADVOCACY
Then the LORD will            Do an energy audit of        Turn your thermostat          Weather-strip your doors            Observe heat use at       Reduce the idling time of        Consider           ACTION
create…a cloud of             your                         down                          and windows.                        church,                   your vehicle to a minimum        installing a       Write a letter to the
smoke by day and a            home or participate in       1 degree. Make a habit                                            school or work and        or speak of your concern         ceiling fan for    Prime Minister asking
glow of flaming fire by       an                           of                                                                make                      to someone who is idling         better heat        him to renew
night; over all the glory     energy audit of your         putting on a sweater                                              a suggestion for          excessively.                     circulation and    funding for the
will be a canopy. It will     church.                      instead                                                           increased                                                  more               successful
be a shelter and shade        For help go to 13            of turning the heat up.                                           energy efficiency.                                         efficient          ecoENERGY for
from the heat of the                                                                                                                                   cooling.           Renewable
day, and a refuge and         171.                                                                                                                                                                         Power program,
hiding place from the                                                                                                                                                                                      which ended
storm and rain. (Isaiah                                                                                                                                                                                    in January of 2010.
WEEK 3: TRAVEL                March 20, 2011               21                            22                                  23                        24                               25                 26 ADVOCACY
This I believe, I shall see   Using the calculator on      If you have two cars,         Consider your next planned          Seek out and use          When replacing your              Arrange for        ACTION
the goodness of God in        the KAIROS website,          discuss                       plane travel. Is there an           alternative               vehicle, commit to               KAIROS to          Contact your MP to
the land of the living.       calculate your carbon        becoming a one-car            alternative? Could you avoid        commuting                 purchasing a hybrid or           give a Carbon      talk about
Put your hope in God, be      footprint for all travel     family.                       plane travel for one full year?     arrangements—car          the most energy-efficient        Sabbath            climate change and
strong, let you heart be      last year and resolve to     Resolve not to travel in a                                        share,                    car possible.                    Initiative (CSI)   demand
bold, put your hope in        reduce it by at least 20%    car for one day or one                                            public transit, biking,                                    workshop           an increase in
God. (Psalm 27:13–14)         in 2011. Go to 20:           full week,                                                        walking.                                                   at your church.    legislative and
                        whatever is a challenge                                                                                                       Or do our own.    monetary support for
                              68                           for you.                                                                                                                                        public
WEEK 4: WASTE                 March 27, 2011               28                            29                                  30                        31                               April 1            2 ADVOCACY ACTION
Why spend money on            Resolve not to buy the       Undertake to recycle or       View the ten-minute video “The      Pledge always to          Today in 2010 was Bottled        Darn or mend a     Initiate a petition to
what is not bread, your       “next best thing” in         donate                        Story of Stuff” at 29               bring your own            Water                            piece              send to your local
wages on what fails to        electronics for two          your old computer to               shopping bags rather      Free Day. Stop buying            of clothing        grocery store to lobby
satisfy? Listen, listen to    years.                       schools                       With your family and decide         than using plastic.       bottled water. Take the pledge   instead of         against excess
me, and you will have                                      and community centers         how you can buy less stuff.                                   at 31                            throwing it out.   packaging; if your
good things to eat and                                     instead of discarding                                                                                           area does not have a
rich food to enjoy. Pay                                    used                                                                                                                                            waste division
attention, come to me,                                     computers in the trash.                                                                                                                         program for organics,
listen, and your soul will                                                                                                                                                                                 contact
live. (Isaiah 55:2–3)                                                                                                                                                                                      your local councilor.

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WEEK 5: SHOPPING            April 3, 2011                4                              5                                   6                        7                                 8                 9 ADVOCACY ACTION
There was a man with        Inventory your living        Inventory your closets.        If you have children in your        Inventory your           Inventory your disposable         Inventory the     Support an
two sons… [The Father]      room with your family.       Are there items that you       life, inventory their toys with     cleaning                 products…plastic bags, cameras,   amount of time    organization,
divided his property        Separate the things          wish                           them. How many do                   products. Resolve to     lighters, storage                 you spend with    such as the Maquila
between them. The           that you need, from the      you had not purchased?         they actually use? Discuss, at an   use simple, non-toxic,   containers, and cleaning tools.   loved             Solidarity Network
younger son gathered all    luxuries that you have       Why?                           appropriate level,                  alternatives for one     Eliminate at least                ones. Decide to   that
he had and traveled to a    accumulated. Refrain         What can you do                the negative effects of             month                    three disposable products.        spend at least    works for fair labour
distant country, and        from unnecessary             differently?                   over-consumption.                   and note the results.                                      two days a        practices
squandered his property     shopping for the rest of                                                                                                                                   month in          in source countries.
in dissolute living. When   the Lenten season.                                                                                                                                         2011 enjoying
he had spent everything,                                                                                                                                                               activities
a severe famine took                                                                                                                                                                   that will bring
place throughout that                                                                                                                                                                  you closer
country and he began to                                                                                                                                                                together.
be in need. (Luke 15: 11-
WEEK 6: WATER               April 10, 2011               11                             12                                  13                       14                                15                16 ADVOCACY
Everyone who thirsts,       Cease or limit your use      Purchase a reusable            Never dispose of toxic waste        Reduce the time that     Pledge to sweep outdoor areas     Experiment by     ACTION
come to the waters; and     and participation in the     water                          such as leftover paint,             you                      instead of using                  reducing          Meet with your MP to
you that have no money,     use of power craft on        bottle for use on the          medications into the water          let the water run        a hose or blower from now on.     your shower to    discuss concern about
come, buy and eat!          lakes and rivers             road.                          systems. Bring to local             while                                                      half the          the privatization of
Come, buy wine and          such as skidoos,             Advocate the use of tap        collection depots.                  brushing your teeth                                        usual time.       water. Ask for a
milk without money and      motorboats, ATVs, etc.       water in church, school                                            or                                                                           review of Canada’s
without price. …I will                                   and                                                                washing hands.                                                               National Water Policy
make with you an                                         municipal programs.                                                                                                                             to ensure safe and
everlasting covenant.                                                                                                                                                                                    sustainable access to
(Isaiah 55:1, 3)                                                                                                                                                                                         drinking water for all
WEEK 7: FOOD                April 17, 2011               18                             19                                  20                       21                                22                23 ADVOCACY
He took a cup and after     Learn about nutritional      Promise to abstain from        Visit an organic farm in your       Refrain from eating      Determine to increase             Help arrange /    ACTION
giving thanks he said,      equivalencies in local       eating any meat at least       area with your family during        out                      the percentage of your grocery    organize          Ask your MP to
“Take this and divide it    food compared to exotic      twice a                        the Easter Season. Also, visit      for one week a           order that is grown within 100    a 100-mile        introduce
among yourselves…           foods.                       week for one year.             a factory farm. Talk about the      month.                   miles of your city/town.          dinner at your    legislation to label the
Then he took a loaf of      Check out the website                                       experience as a family.                                                                        church as part    carbon
bread and when he had         :                                                                                                                                                        of a Easter       footprint on all
given thanks, he broke it                                                                                                                                    Season Event      grocery items so
and gave it them…He                                                                                                                                                                                      citizens may make
said, “Do this in           for ideas to re-orient                                                                                                                                                       better
remembrance of me.”         your eating habits.                                                                                                                                                          choices.
(Luke 22:15-19)

April 24, 2011 Easter Day –Celebrate the new Life that your Carbon Fast will yield.

/adapted from Kairos 2010 Carbon Fast for Lent

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     Portion of material from the web-site as of Saturday, March 19, 2011:
              British Columbia — You pay $150 for the first energy audit. The BC Government’s LiveSmart BC program currently pays HomePerformance for the remaining portion of the cost.
           First audit — Your first Home energy audit takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete. Your certified ecoENERGY advisor will be happy to answer any questions about energy use in your home. The advisor will
need access to the entire house, including attic, crawl space, heating and cooling equipment, or any other hard to reach areas.
            Grant report — You will receive an ecoENERGY report as part of your home energy audit. This report contains recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home.
 See C:\GladwinHts-dj \Care for the Earth Vision 2010\ \
Note units for Kairos calculator are Kg Co2e, ecofootrpint calculator used in fall 2010 and listed in March 20 bulletin is hectares of your footprint.
     Link is working Saturday, March 19, 2011.
     Link is working Saturday, March 19, 2011.
     Link is working Saturday, March 19, 2011.

Why the ‘100-Mile’ Diet?
It’s an easy way to start thinking local. A 100-mile radius is large enough to reach beyond a big city and small enough to feel truly local. And it rolls off the tongue more easily than the ‘160-Kilometre Diet.’
How difficult is the 100-Mile Diet?
We walked into the diet cold turkey for a full year, and it was hard. For example, we live on the West Coast, so it took us seven months to find a rogue local farmer who actually grows wheat. Meanwhile, we ate an unbelievable
number of potatoes. Doing the diet the hard way taught us a lot about the current food system, but it isn’t for everybody. A more realistic approach is to plan a single, totally 100-mile meal with friends or family, and see where
you want to go from there.
Was it mostly fun, or mostly frustration?
The 100-Mile Diet is about learning by doing. Getting to know the seasons. Understanding where our food comes from, and at what risk to our health and to the environment. Sorting out how we all ended up eating apples that
taste like cardboard and cakes made with petrochemicals. It was a challenge, but a good one - a genuine adventure.
Is this some kind of foodie cult?
Do we think the world would be a better place if more people ate local food more often? Yes. Do we want to pick fights or lose friends about it? No.
Did you feel malnourished?
For one year we ate only the freshest food that had traveled the shortest possible distances and was eaten or preserved at its seasonal peak. Most of it was organic, and everything we ate was prepared from scratch and nothing
came out of a box. Does that answer that question?
Were your meals repetitive and boring?
At first, yes. As we found more and more local food sources, though, our meals became more interesting than ever before. Farmers and farmers’ markets introduced us to foods and flavors we’d never tried before. We
discovered the seasons, and the micro-seasons, and the micro-micro-seasons. What’s available is always changing.
Was it expensive?
Again, only in the beginning. Most of us pay a big premium for out-of-season foods like cherries in winter or prepared foods like spaghetti sauce, usually with a long list of ingredients we might prefer not to have in our bodies.
Eating locally, we bought fresh ingredients in season and direct from the farmer - and we were often buying bulk. We preserved enough food for the winter that we rarely had to buy groceries. Our bet? Most people eating a
typical diet could save money by eating locally.
Did it take a lot of time?
We won’t lie - it takes time to find local food sources, to make food from scratch, to do canning for winter, and so on. But it also raises interesting questions about how we’re spending our time. What if we spent more time on
self-sufficiency and less time at the office?
What did you miss the most?
Every region has foods that are hard - or impossible - to find. We went without wheat for seven months. We missed pasta. We missed bread. We missed pancakes. Then we found our wheat farmer, and we pigged out.
Are you still on the 100-Mile Diet?
Yes - more or less. We lived a year on the 100-Mile Diet as an experiment. Now we’re committed to eating locally, but certain long-distance favorites have made it back into the larder. Like olives. And chocolate. And beer.
Will local eating save the world?
Check out our 12 Reasons for Eating Locally.
Will I lose weight while I save the world?
The world of weight-loss diets is a weird and not-so-wonderful place. Let’s put it this way: a local diet is likely to involve lots of fresh produce and homemade meals, and not a lot of junk food, processed fats, additives and sugar.
You’re also far more likely to know where your food came from, and what’s in it.
Can this be done in New York City/Alaska/the desert?
We recently ate a 100-Mile Meal in New York, and we’d only been there for one day. We’ve also managed totally local eating at 55 degrees north latitude and on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. There are places where it’s
easier and places where it’s harder, but with a little planning, local eating is never impossible. And yes, that’s a direct challenge to scientists in Antarctica and astronauts in the International Space Station.
Did you cheat? Read our tell-all book about a year on the 100-Mile Diet.

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