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Invitation to tender for LSIS STEM Centres                           Have your say
Do you want to be more involved in the STEM support for
teaching and learning in your region? LSIS is seeking              Brilliant teaching, training and
contractor(s) who can work successfully to support regional        learning in the 21st Century
engagement, and to provide continuing professional                 What do you think the priorities for
development (CPD) activity for teaching and learning within        brilliant teaching and learning are?
the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and            IfL and LSIS are working in
Mathematics) in the learning and skills sector. This               partnership to identify what the
opportunity is being tendered as nine separate contracts,          priorities for brilliant teaching,
each embracing one Government Office Region in England.            training and learning are in the 21st
Tenderers may submit tenders for just one region or all nine       Century. To have your say and be
regions or any combination in between. When submitting for         part of this exciting research,
more than one region, a discrete, independent tender for           complete the short online survey
each region will be required, including a discrete price for       and let us know what you think. Your
each region. Contracts will be awarded for 10 months initially     views will impact directly on the
(from 01 June 2010 to 31 March 2011). The cumulative value         outcome of the research, as IfL will
of the initial nine contracts will be in the region of 1,350,000   be working to create a selection of
(including VAT). Further information is available on the LSIS      opportunities that reflect the needs of
website.                                                           the sector. For more information visit
Explore Space: a new context for teaching                          the IfL website.
Would you like to explore a new context for teaching
science, mathematics and engineering? In April LSIS is
releasing a new resource that lets you do that. Click here
for a preview. The LSIS STEM programme, the National
Space Centre and the University of Surrey have been
working together to develop these exciting new activities            Your sector
and teaching approaches for post-16 science and maths
curriculum areas around GMES, the use of satellite data to         Get a preview of providers who
safeguard the future of earth.                                     have made a quantum leap
                                                                   If you are attending the Subject
                                                                   Learning Coach networks or the
                                                                   Teaching and Learning Programmes'
New resources to support your CPD and                              annual conference planned for
teaching and learning                                              Tuesday, 15 June, you will be treated
LSIS has developed a raft of invaluable new resources that         to a showcase of action research
will be available online from April and at the Teaching and        projects that were awarded Quantum
learning conference on 15 June.                                    project funding last year. Providers
                                                                   were asked to submit projects that
New resources in curriculum areas will be:                         used at least two change agents to
                                                                   drive forward the innovation and
       Continuing professional development (CPD)                  improvement agenda in their
        resources to support teaching and learning in music,       organisation. The Quantum projects
        particularly exploring the music-making business           are:
        from creation to marketing.
       STEM space resources that support teaching and             College of North West London with
        learning of STEM subjects in a new context (see            their project to support 'Learners
       above).                                                    tracking learning' using an integrated
      The award winning Cliffhanger Studios for Modern           online individual learner plan and
       Foreign Languages (MFL) is being further developed         progress tracking system.
       to create Cliffhanger Studios for English for
       Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), an exciting            John Leggott College with their
       interactive resource to support ESOL practitioners in      project 'SMART whole organisation
       delivering inspirational ESOL learning sessions.           improvement', which aims to
                                                                  maximise the impact of their change
There are also new cross-curriculum websites that will help       agents by integrating CPD initiatives
you find and use resources to contribute to particular areas of   using e-communications and web
your CPD and teaching and learning. These will be:                technology.

      Employability skills which will help you use               KM Training and Prostart Training
       resources that support the teaching and learning of        with their project to 'improve the
       employability skills for the 21st Century.                 quality of e-learning through online,
      Functional skills which will help you use resources        work-based skills videos', which has
       that support the teaching and learning of Functional       involved providing learners and staff
       skills.                                                    with a rich resource bank of online
      Going for gold which will help you find resources          skills learning videos to improve the
       that support your organisation's continuous                quality of the learner journey.
       improvement in readiness for inspection. This has
       two sections. The first maps resources to section B1       Derbyshire Adult Community
       of the Common Inspection Framework (CIF), the              Education Service (DACES) with
       second to section C5 of the CIF.                           their project to increase the overall
      Support Your CPD.This area of the Excellence               quality of active teaching and
       Gateway is being refreshed with an increased focus         learning taking place for all their
       on dual professionalism with particular examples           learners.
       from STEM.
                                                                  Castle College with their project to
Last, but by no means least, will be three new tools:             develop and pilot individual learning
                                                                  plans in Moodle in order to support
Teaching and learning central is a new online personal            personalised learning.
learning space that provides an easy and personalised route
into the teaching and learning resources and communities.

Media Content Packager will enable you to access fantastic
video clips from sources including Teachers' TV and package         Your role
them together for use in your practice.
                                                                  Nominate an E-Guide for the Tony
                                                                  Burgess Award 2010
Cascader is a software tool that will help you to plan,
                                                                  Has an E-Guide made an
manage and monitor your organisation's CPD activities. .
                                                                  outstanding impact on teaching and
PDAs eCPD programme scores high on its                            learning in your organisation? Now is
first birthday                                                    your chance to nominate them for
Since its launch last February, the Professional Development      the Tony Burgess Award 2010. LSIS
Advisers (PDAs) eCPD programme has trained over 640               is sponsoring this year's Niace Tony
PDAs and 30 Advanced PDAs from across the post-16                 Burgess Award, which was created
sector to champion e-learning across the whole of their           last year in honour of the late Tony
organisations and enhance teaching and learning through the       Burgess' achievements for e-
effective use of technology. Journalists from ICT Skills          learning. We are looking for
Briefing and The Guardian have recently interviewed some of       nominations of E-Guides who inspire
these PDAs to find out how the programme has helped them.         with their enthusiasm for e-learning
Theresa Rowland, development officer for Hull Adult               and who have made a real difference
Education and Hull Training, said: 'On the eCPD training I        through their role. Most importantly
was able to meet other trainers and discuss common                we are looking for an E-Guide who
challenges'. Sandra Taylor, ILT coordinator at Ashton Sixth       has significantly contributed to a
Form College, and one of the first cohort to be trained,          better experience for learners. The
described the PDA training as 'the best e-learning and ILT        successful nominee will be
training I've ever had. I've done other courses but the PDA       presented with the Award at the
training was by far the best'.                                    LSIS conference in June. Find more
                                                                  information and access a nomination
Register now for network opportunities to work with               form on the Niace website.
colleagues across SLC, STEM and IAS support                       Nominees must be practitioners in
programmes                                                        the post-16 sector who have trained
Three network events this month provide an opportunity to         through the E-Guides programme
work with colleagues from different support programmes,           since 2003.
including STEM, the Improvement Advisers Service (IAS)
and the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). They
are on 10 March in York, 16 March in Nottingham and 25               Cross-curriculum
March in Twickenham, London. Events are free to attend for
practitioners from LSC funded providers in the learning and       Speed date with the experts with
skills sector, so register online for an event near you, call     EMCETT
0845 602 9154 or email                                            East Midlands Centre for Excellence                              in Teacher Training are hosting free
                                                                  events that bring together all the key
                                                                  support programmes in the East
                                                                  Midlands region including Skills for
                                                                  Life, Functional Skills and
                                                                  Foundation Learning support
                                                                  programmes, JISC, NIACE, LLUK,
                                                                  BKSB and the Subject Learning
                                                                  Coach programme. It's your chance
                                                                  to ask questions, share your
                                                                  concerns and get information about
                                                                  resources to support your learner
                                                                  and your own CPD. Each event runs
                                                                  from 9.30am to 1.00pm. There are
                                                                  places available at Newark Beacon,
                                                                  Newark, on 12 March and at the
                                                                  Holiday Inn, Corby, on 19 March. For
                                                                  more information and to book your
                                                                  place email Angelina Jenkins
                                                                  telephone 01629 536486

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