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					Campbell’s Confections
Managers’ Update

The renovation and construction projects for the Indiana store are progressing on schedule. If projected
deadlines are met, the grand opening ceremony is planned for next quarter. All stores will participate by
offering special sales and promotional events.

A Grand Opening committee comprised of corporate and retail staff will be announced next week.

ISO 9000

Emergency Action Plan
An emergency action plan is a written document that each manager must complete. The plan must
include the procedure for reporting fires and other emergencies, evacuation procedures and emergency
escape route assignments, exit diagrams, and procedures to account for all employees after an
emergency evacuation has been completed. Once a plan is written, it must be updated regularly, and
every employee must be familiar with the plan.

ECO Report

Workplace Safety
The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to provide a workplace free from hazards
and to comply with occupational safety and health standards. Managers are required to follow these
standards and should prepare for workplace inspections. Each manager should prepare an agenda for a
training session for employees, and verify the accuracy and completeness of records.

Food Code

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