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latex paint HOW DO


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									                                                 HOW DO I GET RID OF IT?
                             The A to Z Guide for Recycling & Disposal in Pinellas County
                                               Questions? Call Solid Waste at 464-7500.
                                  All phone numbers are area code 727, unless otherwise indicated.

                                                      Latex Paint
                           water-based latex, vinyl, or acrylic paint in a spray or can

             * Latex paint CANNOT be disposed in the regular trash because it is a liquid.
          It is safe to throw away empty/dry paint cans. However, if liquid paint remains
           in the can, please use it up, donate it, or dry it out before putting it in the trash.
       To dry paint: use an open, secure, sheltered area—away from flames, children or pets.
               Leave the can open, or pour the paint into a box of crumbled newspaper.

         1. Reduce waste by buying only as much paint as you need.

         2. Use leftover paint by:
            a) Painting a closet, garage, basement, attic, or some other out-of-the-way place.
            b) Painting a primer coat (which will be covered with a final coat).
            c) Mixing paints with similar colors (latex only). Don’t mix interior with
            TIP: If the paint will mix when stirred, it is probably still usable. Do not reuse
            paint purchased before 1978 since it may contain lead. See Tips to Extend the
            Life of Leftover Paint.

         3. Drop off unopened or partially used cans at a Pinellas County mobile collection
            or the HEC3 facility for reuse or recycling (free for residents).

         4. Donate leftover paint:
            a) The City of St. Petersburg needs donations of unopened or partially used cans
               of paint for repainting homes of elderly or low-income residents. Call Brenda
               Stewart at 893-7373 to arrange drop-off or pickup.
            b) Habitat for Humanity’s outlet store located at 3071 118th Ave. N., Pinellas
               Park (209-2199). New, full (unopened) containers of latex paint or stain are
               accepted. No containers smaller than one gallon please.
            c) Use Freecycle—Sign up for a local group (Clearwater, Clearwater Beach,
               North Pinellas, Largo, or St. Petersburg), and list your paint.
            d) Use CraigsList Free Stuff—Select “post” to list your paint.
            e) Local theater group, home hobbyist, house rehabilitation organizations, low-
               income housing program, graffiti eradication program, or school (for art,
               theater, or woodworking classes).

         5. Business options:
            a) See options listed above.
            b) Drop off paint at a Pinellas County mobile collection or an EnviroBusiness
               Day event at the HEC3 facility (for a fee).

    Also see:             Arts & crafts supplies
                          Oil paint

      This guide is provided as a service for our residents. A listing does not constitute an endorsement by Pinellas County.
   The listing is not all-inclusive or exclusive, and is subject to change. Contact the organizations listed to verify program details.
Help us keep the guide up-to-date! Please click here to give us comments, corrections, or additions.

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