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					                           Kol Sholom                                                              
	   	      	                   Beth	Sholom	Synagogue’s	Voice	of		Peace
               Memphis, TN                 March 2006                          1 Adar - 2 Nisan 5766

                            Program Personnel Planning Purim
    What do the Megillah, Isaac Hayes and bagpipes all have in common? Find out for yourself when you join in the
    celebration of Purim at Beth Sholom.

    On Sunday, March 12th the festivities will begin with our Purim Carnival from 10AM until 1:00PM. In addition
    to the traditional carnival offerings, we will have a variety of activities that will appeal to all ages. There will be a
    Moonwalk for the kids, a Cake Walk (with cakes baked by our Sisterhood), a Shalach Manot workshop where you
    can make and fill your own gift bags and a Crafts Area for kids of all ages. All of these activities will, no doubt,
    make you hungry so Cantor Julian and Friends will be serving up hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixins’. Of
    course, no meal would be complete without hamantaschen.

    The pandemonium continues on Monday, March 13th. A spaghetti / pizza dinner will be held from 5:15PM-6:00PM
    to start the evening off right. The cost for dinner is only $5.00 per person with a $25.00 maximum per family.
    Immediately following dinner you can witness, or participate in, our Costume Parade and Contest. The parade will
    lead us into the sanctuary and to the main event of the evening, a Musical Megillah reading. We are pleased to an-
    nounce that The Bo-Keys will provide musical accompaniment for the telling of the Purim story. The Bo-Keys are the
    back-up band for Isaac Hayes and are each accomplished musicians in their own right. What about those bagpipes?
    You will have to attend to find out!

    The evening will conclude with Mincha davening beginning at approximately at 7:30PM. A Traditional Megillah
    Reading will follow minyan at 8:00PM.

    On Tuesday, March 14th, Shacharit minyan will begin at 7:00AM followed by the second Megillah reading. A light
    breakfast, with hamantaschen will conclude our Purim celebrations.

    Thank you to the following congregants for their help in planning this awesome event: Michelle Less, Marsha Bender,
    Myra Alperin, Lauren Dome, Kimberly Greenberg, Rabbi Aaron, Sharona Rubinstein and Cantor Julian.

    Sunday, April 16, 2006                    Pesach in the Park
    Friday, May 5, 2006                       Shabbat Dinner with Russian theme
    Monday, May 22, 2006                      Rabbi Daniel Gordis at the MJCC
    November 10-12, 2006                      Danny Siegel Weekend

    In This Issue...
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         Smart Giving... p. 3                                       Save the Date... p. 6
         Beth Sholom to Host ... p. 4                               Women’s Seder... p. 6
         Mazel Tov... p. 5                                          Perfectly Pleasing Purim... p .7
         B’nai Mitzvah ... p. 5                                     News From Religious School... p. 8
         Condolences... p. 5                                        Contributions... p. 9
         Minyan Captains... p. 5                                    Calendar... p. 10
                                        From the Rabbi....
                           Why should Jews Care About Living Wage Legislation?

   A discussion of Living Wage initiatives is, admittedly, political. What place does such a discussion have within
   the Rabbi’s column? Isn’t this stuff that I should attend to “on my own time” and “in my own space”? The
   answer, I believe, hinges upon the relationship between the political, ethical, religious, personal, and commu-
   nal. Another way to approach the intersection of these realms is to ask: What does Jewish tradition have to
   say about a Living Wage?
   Our tradition doesn’t explicitly address the particulars of what constitutes a minimum standard of the wages
   an ethical employer must pay. But we can find several relevant passages in the Torah, as well as within Rab-
   binic literature. These passages demonstrate that our traditions advocate on behalf of workers.
   Let’s take a quick look at a familiar tale...Back in Genesis [chapters 30 and 31] Laban and his nephew
   Jacob are locked in a multi-faceted conflict. Beneath the many layers of family drama, this is a story about
   the relationship between a boss and his employee. This is about chicanery. Laban is a thoroughly dishonest
   employer, always ready to squeeze more out of the shepherd who is tending his flocks. Various rabbinic com-
   mentators focus upon Laban’s manipulation of Jacob. Let’s listen in...
   Laban: Is it because you are my brother, that you should work for me for free? Name your wages.
   Jacob: I’ll work for you for seven years in exchange for your younger daughter’s hand in marriage.
   Laban: It is better for me to give her to you than to give her to another man. Live with me.

   Now fast forward to the morning after, when Jacob learns that he has been tricked...
   Jacob: What have you done to me? I worked for you in return for Rachel! Why did you deceive me?
   Laban: We don’t do it that way around here, giving away the younger one before the older one. Work another
   seven years, and we’ll give you this one, too.
   Commentary: We don’t do it that way around here, giving away the younger one before the older one - Laban
   is cynically claiming that there are prevailing local standards which outweigh any claims that he has been
   dishonest. Notice how Laban hides behind an artificial “we” - he avoids personal responsibility as an ethical
   Jewish Law speaks directly to ethical standards that should shape the relation between the employer and the
   workers.American Jewish workers suffered from terrible exploitation in the sweatshops of bygone eras. Un-
   fortunately, the exploitation of workers did not go away. Employers (yes, even some Jewish ones) have locked
   out workers who challenge poor working conditions, and those who attempt to organize their fellow workers.
   Bottom Line: These are Jewish issues, and they are important. It is for these reasons that it is more than
   appropriate for me to write about Living Wage in the Kol Sholom. It is spiritually vital for our kehilla to be
   continually educated and challenged on these matters.
   I invite you to visit, and to consider
   the incredibly strong connection American Jews have felt with social justice concerns. The beautiful words of
   the haftarah that are chanted each Shabbat and holiday - are not just words. They are often militant social
   critiques offered by our prophets. Those words made some people angry. The moral charge to support those
   who are vulnerable is something that should inspire us to action, to renewed commitment, to pride in our
   being heirs to this tradition.

                                         Arie’s Kosher Restaurant
                                            $30 Gift Cards
                                     On Sale in the Synagogue Office
                               (a Beth Sholom Religious School fundraiser)
Kol Sholom                                           March 2006                                                 
                                                 Smart Giving
                                   Support Beth Sholom with Appreciated Securities

   A gift of appreciated securities might be right for you if:
       • You're considering an outright gift to the synagogue
       • You're holding stocks that have risen in value
       • You want to maximize your charitable deduction
   The most common appreciated asset, and the easiest to donate, is marketable stocks and bonds. The IRS allows you to
   deduct the full, fair market value of appreciated assets that you gift to the synagogue, and avoid capital gains liability
   on the transfer. This means that you can leverage a larger donation if you use an appreciated asset to make your gift
   instead of cash.

   How can you give more with appreciated stock vs. cash?

   Suppose you purchased 2,000 shares of Company X stock at $10 per share and it is currently worth $50 per share.
   You have been considering making a generous gift to Beth Sholom and now you are trying to decide the best strategy.
   In addition to receiving an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift, giving appreciated securities
   allows the donor to avoid the capital gain that would have been realized had they sold the asset instead. Assume 35%
   federal income tax and 15% capital gains tax.
                                                     Giving Cash                                Giving Stock
   Charitable Gift                                     $100,000                                   $100,000
   Capital Gains Tax Saved                                 $0                                      $12,000
   Income Tax Savings                                   $35,000                                    $35,000
   Net Cost of Gift to You                              $65,000                                    $53,000
   This illustration shows that by giving appreciated securities, the net cost to you is $12,000 less and you have
   essentially made a $100,000 gift to Beth Sholom with the $20,000 that you originally used to purchase the stock!

   There are some other important things to understand when dealing with gifts of stock. Your charitable deduction is the
   average of the high and low prices for the stock on the date of the transfer to Beth Sholom. If the high bid was $80
   and the low was $70 on the day you made your gift, your deduction will be $75 per share. Your gift is complete on the
   day the shares reach our account. Also important to note are the IRS rules regarding the deductibility of appreciated
   assets. You can deduct gifts of appreciated assets up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. Thus, if your AGI
   will be $100,000 this year, you will be able to deduct up to $30,000 in gifts of stock. A gift in excess of the 30 percent
   amount is not wasted, however, because the IRS allows you to carry forward excess deductions through the five tax
   years following the year of your gift.

   Note that the IRS allows cash gifts to be deducted up to 50 percent of adjusted gross income. Therefore, the deduction
   for a large gift of appreciated assets could take longer to claim than the deduction for the same gift made in cash. But
   if the donated assets had a small cost basis, they could still be more tax-efficient to use than cash.
   If you would like to explore ways that you can support Beth Sholom with a gift of appreciated securities pleased
   contact Rose Morrison at 747-0743 or Laura Linder at the Jewish Foundation of Memphis 374-0400.

  Don’t sell the stock first! It must be transferred into an account owned by the synagogue or the Jewish
  Foundation of Memphis before it’s sold. Even though you give Beth Sholom the proceeds as a charitable gift,
  the IRS will impose capital gains tax on your sale, wiping out the benefits of this arrangement.

Kol Sholom                                                March 2006                                                        
      Beth Sholom to Co-Host Acclaimed Play
  Beth Sholom along with the JCC will co-host a performance of the play “Over the
  River and Through the Woods” at the Germantown Community Theatre on Wednesday,
  April 26 at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $25 and include a Wine and Cheese Party afterwards
  with the Cast. Beth Sholom benefits 100% from all ticket sales excluding the ½ the
  cost of the wine and cheese.

  Rarely does a stage play come along that is perfectly suited for a mature audience,
  contains no profanity, political, religious or social trauma, yet speaks of universal
  themes of family, growing up, separation and love. “Over the River and Through the
  Woods” does it, and
  identifies with audiences, leaving them shaking with laughter and apt to shed a tear or
  two. When it was produced in 2002, it played to full houses in a six week run,
  becoming one of the largest audience totals in Circuit Playhouse recent memory.
  Christopher Blank, in his very positive review in the Commercial Appeal June
  15, 2002, headlined his article, “PLAY IS LIKE PERFECT PHOTO ALBUM
  ‘ABSORBING’COMEDIC GEM” Chris Davis of the Memphis Flyer called it “A RARE
  SAPPY.” The play won “Ostrander” awards for it’s cast as Best Ensemble of the year.

  Please contact the synagogue office for information on ticket purchases, and plan to be
  part of an engaging evening that will benefit Beth Sholom.

         Come check out the Beth Sholom

                Judaica Shop
                                                              Spring Planting
                                                       We will be beautifying the cemetery
             For all your shopping needs...          grounds with flowers beginning this
             Gifts, Holidays, Ritual Items           spring, and would really appreciate
                                                     support in this effort. When making a
      Open during Synagogue business hours.          contribution to Beth Sholom, just
           Just ask in the main office.              earmark your check for the cemetery
                                                     fund. Thank you .
                All proceeds support
             Beth Sholom Religious School.

Kol Sholom                                    March 2006                                
                             Mazel Tov!
           Birth of Benjamin Jack Kay to parents Jeff and Larrisa Kay
                     & grandparents Beverly and Lewis Kay
         Birth of Sydney Meryl Shanker to parents Jill and Scott Shanker
                   & grandparents Andie and Michael Uiberall

                       B’nai Mitzvah
   Jacob Twersky will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah March 11, 2006. He is the son of Fran and
   Steve Twersky and the grandson of Helen and Robert Twersky of Florida and Rosalind
   and Arthur King. Jacob is a 7th grade honor roll student at Bornblum Solomon
   Schechter School, and a Participant of Duke Talent Identification program. His interests
   are fly-fishing, hiking, biking, and boy scouts. (Temple Israel Troop 25). Jacob’s Torah
   portion is Ki Tissa. Please come and celebrate this special day with him.

     The Beth Sholom family extends its condolences to the families of:
                                     Johnny Bienstock
                                     Henrietta Diament
                                       Ron Steinberg

                                Minyan Captains

                       March 4 – Rose Morrison, Alan Prouser
                       March 5 – Maury Radin, Skip Rossen

                    March 11 – Bar Mitzvah, no minyan captain
                    March 12 – Amy Slovis, Susan Struminger

                        March 18 – Herb Slovis, Susan Stein
                       March 19 – Keri Unowsky, Brian Wolfe

Kol Sholom                                March 2006                                      
                    Pass the Plate for Shabbat Kiddush, PLEASE!
   What’s there not to love: egg salad, tuna salad, kugel, herring, bagels and cream cheese, salad, relish tray, cakes,
   cookies, and lots more…And, the Sisterhood picks up the tab!! But, you can help, too, and easily.

   The next time you make a donation to the synagogue to celebrate a simcha, memorialize a loved one, or just to be a
   mensch, please consider designating the Kiddush Fund as the recipient of your generosity. Both you and your fellow
   congregants will enjoy the outcome each week after Shabbat services.

   Help the Sisterhood carry on this fine tradition. Your input, through this donation, or through sharing your comments
   about Kiddush, is welcomed and encouraged.

                                         Save the Date!!!
            Beth Sholom Sisterhood’s Torah Fund Brunch will be March 7th.

                              You won’t want to miss it!
         th      The speaker will be Rachel Shankman, Director of the
                   Memphis Region of Facing History and Ourselves.

  For information about becoming a benefactor please contact Debby Schwimmer, 753-5474.
  For more than 80 years, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism supported the Jewish
  Theological Seminary, the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies and its affiliated institutions
  through the Torah Fund Campaign. This year’s Torah Fund Pin is gorgeous! It is made of
  entwined gold and silver with Shalom on the pendant or pin. Harriet Schaffer will model
  pins from previous years at the brunch. Please join the thousands of members of Women’s
  League who work through the Torah Fund to provide Conservative Jews worldwide with the
  opportunity to study and learn.

                                      Women’s Seder
                                Thursday, March 30, 2006
                                    6:30 in the evening
   Sharona Rubinstein will lead the Sisterhood in a lively, participatory Seder, with sing-
   ing and inspirational stories about Jewish women throughout the ages.

   Passover dinner will be served. Please call the office to make your reservation. The
   cost is $20 per person.
Kol Sholom                                              March 2006                                                     
                  PERFECTLY PLEASING
                          Sunday, March 12
                     PURIM EXTRAVAGANZA
                           Games & Prizes
                      Moon Walk & Cake Walk
                      Shalach Manot Workshop
                        Master Balloon Artist
                Hot Dogs - Hamburgers - Hamentashen
                  LOADS OF FUN FOR ALL AGES!

                           Monday, March 13
                        Spaghetti & Pizza Dinner
                     (and of course, hamentashen)
              $5.00 per person ($25.00 family maximum)*
                         COSTUME PARADE
                         MUSICAL MEGILLAH
                Traditional reading to follow at 8:00 pm

                            TueSday, March 14
                    Traditional MEGILLAH Reading
                             After Shacharit
                        Light Breakfast Following

      *for Reservations please call the synagogue office by March 9
Kol Sholom                       March 2006                           
                             News From Religious School -
                          A Framework for Excellence School
  Our school is preparing for a big day on March 4th. The Religious School, along with children from the entire
  congregation, will be participating in a Youth Service at Mincha/Ma’ariv/Havdalah at 5:30pm on March 4th.
  This service will be entirely youth led with no adults involved in coordinating the activity on the bimah. High
  School students will be gabbis, Rabbis and service leaders. Younger children, toddler through 7th grade, are
  assigned multiple parts by grade level so everyone present at the event can participate. A special treat is in
  store with a Parasha Players performance by our 3rd-7th grade Shabbat Zone students, choreographed by
  Sharona Rubinstein. During February, all of our students learned about the Havdalah Service and practiced
  their parts in preparation for this event.

  In our weekday Hebrew School program, Rabbi Rubinstein and Cantor Julian and working with the 3rd
  through 7th grade students on a Biblical Genealogy Project. The children are conducting Biblical detective
  work to create the family tree of the book of Genesis, from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to the fam-
  ily of Jacob migrating to Egypt. A genealogy chart will be created using magnetic “name tags” and white
  boards. When the project is completed later this semester, the students will have accomplished a remark-
  able feat and will have gained invaluable, in-depth knowledge of Torah.

  Of course, Hebrew School also studied Tu B’Shevat during the month of February. Sharon Prager worked with
  the Hebrew School students on a special craft project for the holiday. They also had a formal Tu B’Shevat
  Seder on Tuesday, February 14th. Shabbat Zone celebrated Tu B’Shevat on February 18th with a tasting of
  many fine fruit and nut delicacies.

  Our Celebration of Jewish Learning has been scheduled for Monday evening, May 1st. At this event, we
  graduate our seniors (a large group this year), honor our 3rd grade students (who have begun their Hebrew
  study this year), pay tribute to our Religious School teachers, induct students into the Rabbi Arie Becker Honor
  Society, give special student awards, and have some special presentations in store from our students. The
  entire congregation is invited so please mark your calendars.

  The students and staff of Beth Sholom Religious School would like to say a big thank you to the Judaica Shop
  committee. Led by the marketing expertise of Margie Steinberg, the shop has become quite profitable and
  has helped to fund many of the programs addressed in this article. Harold Steinberg, Esther Roberts and
  Richie Roberts provide support to Margie in this endeavor. We encourage our congregants to support this
  Religious School fundraiser by shopping at the Beth Sholom Judaica Shop.

  Finally, we are pleased to announce the introduction of a newly designed Beth Sholom Religious School web
  page. Go to the Beth Sholom website at and click on Religious School on the
  left side of the screen. Detailed curriculum overviews are available for all parts of our school program and a
  school calendar is provided. Coming soon are photo-
  graphs of our students and teachers in action so check
  the site regularly. Thanks to Russell Scheinberg for his                PRINTER CARTRIDGE RECYCLING
  continued hard work on developing this site.                    Please help the environment and support Beth Sholom
                                                                  Religious School by depositing your used printer cartridges
  Lisa Harris                                                                       (home and/or business)
  Religious School Administrator                                              in the box in the Synagogue lobby.

Kol Sholom                                            March 2006                                                           
              We Gratefully Acknowledge the Following Contributions
  March 2006                           Barry Panitz                             MORRIS MAKOWSKY                 SPECIAL BIRTHDAY OF MIMI GROSSMAN
  RABBI BECKER FUND                    ESTHER MALKIN                            Beverly Frank                   Barbara & Art Jacobs
  IN MEMORY OF: ETHEL PAUL             Janis, David, Maren & Jessica Iansmith   MARION PEARLBERG                JILLIAN SPIEGEL’S CONVERSION
  Dr. & Mrs. Raphael Paul              RUTH KAY                                 Madeleine Bluestein             Edythe Ratowe
                                       Heidi Kay                                HENRIETTA DIAMENT               SPECIAL BIRTHDAY OF MARILYN NOTOWICH
  BUILDING FUND                        HANNAH RUBENSTEIN                        Rose & Wesley Goldfarb          Dot & Stanley Bilsky
  IN MEMORY OF: JOHNNY BIENSTOCK       Susan & Harry Rubenstein                 Linda & Sandy Fenton            Barbara & Art Jacobs
  Rose Morrison                        MURRAY BIDNER                            Myra & Murray Alperin           CANTOR DAVID & CLAIRE
  Rachel & Steve Shankman              Stephen Kasloff                          Dora Weinryb                    JULIAN ISRAEL BOND HONOREES
  Mimi & Ron Grossman                  SAM FRIEDMAN                             Dr. & Mrs. Michael Blaiss       Mindy & Jack Rosensweig
  Kay & Sheldon Saslawsky              Sandy Friedman                           Mr. & Mrs. Allen Tag            SPECIAL BIRTHDAY OF DOROTHY TAG
  Marsha Bender                        SADIE NOVOGRAD                           Betty & Ed Green                Marilyn & Herb Notowich
  Rose Morrison                        Sylvia & Bruce Feldbaum & Family         SEYMOUR SANDER                  ISAC WEIS
  Shirley & Gordon Gruen               JACK LANSKY                              Betty & Ed Green                Marcel Weis
  Margie & Harold Steinberg            GUY LANSKY                               The Kastan Family               ABRAHAM HELLMAN
  Less, Getz, & Lipman                 Mildred Krasner                          Linda & Sandy Fenton            Leon Hellman
  Susan & David Moinester              RIVKE VENGRINOVICH                       Myra & Murray Alperin           LOUIS NOTOWICH
  Cheryl & Gary Kaplan                 Michel Khaimovich                        Mary & Mark Freilich            ROSE NOTOWICH
  HENRIETTA DIAMENT                    ROSE METZGER                             Dorothy & Allen Tag             Herb Notowich
  Margie & Harold Steinberg            Leon Hellman                             Ellie Suss                      GUY LANSKY
  Susan & David Moinester              SARAH GOLD                                                               Rachelle & Paul Lansky
  Shirley & Gordon Gruen               Bob & Brenda Gold                    IN HONOR OF: ROSE MORRISON’S        SAM SHANKMAN
  Rose Morrison                        SEYMOUR SANDER                       SPECIAL BIRTHDAY                    ROSE SHANKMAN
  Marsha & Mitchell Bender             Hazel Lewis                          Monica Segal                        Rena Shankman
  Robin & Andy Rabiner and Family                                           MARILYN NOTOWICH’S SPECIAL BIRTHDAY SEYMOUR SANDER
  Kay & Sheldon Saslawsky              IN HONOR OF:                         Ann Tannen                          Marilyn & Herb Notowich
  Mimi & Ron Grossman                  CANTOR DAVID & CLAIRE JULIAN         THELMA APPLESON                     Elysa & Daniel Simone
  Cheryl & Gary Kaplan                 BEING HONORED BY ISRAEL BONDS        Susan & Skip Rossen                 Mindy & Jack Rosensweig
  Rachel & Steve Shankman              Mr. & Mrs. Lester F. Lit                                                 JOHNNY BIENSTOCK
  MAX GERSON                                                                FOR THE RECOVERY OF: JEFF KASS      Barbara & Art Jacobs
  Herb & Marlene Gerson                CEMETERY FUND                        Michael Tamuz                       Marilyn & Herb Notowich
  BEATRICE LEACH                       IN MEMORY OF: SAMUEL HAYDEN          RICHIE ROBERTS                      HENRIETTA DIAMENT
  Rose Morrison                        Allen Hayden                         The Kastan Family                   Steve & Reva Ziskind
  BABBETTE LEVY                        CHARLES BORODKIN                     SARAH YUKON                         Scott Foam & Fabric
  Diane & Steve Leib                   CHARLOTTE BORODKIN                   Betty & Ed Green                    Marilyn & Herb Notowich
  LOUIS KIEL                           Allen & Barbara Borodkin             Rose & Wesley Goldfarb              Darlene & Oscar Shefsky
  Michele & Mike Less                  JOSEPH READ                                                              Flexible Tape & Label Co.
  LARRY MORRISON                       SOL SHEPP                            PRAYER BOOK                         Frederika Halski
  Anthony & Rachel Morrison & Family   Sally, Brad, Dina & Andrew Magdovitz IN MEMORY OF: DOROTHY TICKNER       Alma Salky
  Rose Morrison                        RACHEL EPSTEIN                       Stephen Kasloff                     Mrs. W. L. Doyle
  CHARLES COOPER                       Stephen Epstein                                                          Mindy & Jack Rosensweig
  Ron Cooper                           BESSIE SASLAWSKY                     RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
  SAMUEL LABOVITZ                      Sheldon Saslawsky                    IN MEMORY OF: MORRIS ZELLNER        FOR RECOVERY OF: ANNE WEISS
  Rachel & Steve Shankman              ELAINE FELSENTHAL                    Michael Zellner                     ALLEN ISRAEL
  HELEN FINK                           Judy & Peter Felsenthal              LARUE LONGINOTTI                    Marilyn & Herb Notowich
  Rose Morrison                        CELIA TAUBE                          SEYMOUR SANDER                      SARAH YUKON
  SEYMOUR SANDER                       Ruth Taube                           Alka & James Cohen                  Rena Shankman
  Andrea Elberger & James Aschberger   IDA KRANITZ                                                              GAIL FOGELMAN
  Marsha Bender                        ALBERT TAUBE                         SCHOLARSHIP FUND                    Barbara & Art Jacobs
  Dot & Stanley Bilsky                 Ruth Taube                           IN MEMORY OF: ROY DUMONT
  Mimi & Ron Grossman                  SAM FRIEDMAN                         Barbara & Jerome Magdovitz          TZEDAKAH FUND
  Shirley & Gordon Gruen               Elaine Alexander                     ABE SERENCO                         IN MEMORY OF: TOBA HARRIS
  Margie & Harold Steinberg            Ben & Sarah Alexander                Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Serenco            Zalotta Walter
                                       ESTHER MALKIN                        SEYMOUR SANDER                      JACK KANTOR
  IN HONOR OF:                         Reed Malkin                          Michal Tamuz                        Edna & Allan Weiner
  70TH BIRTHDAY OF CLIFTON LIPMAN      MAYME FISH                           Esther Shendelman                   IKE BARUCHMAN
  Michele & Mike Less                  Ann Tannen                           JOHNNY BIENSTOCK                    Beverly Buchalter
  ENGAGEMENT OF LAUREN BENDER &        JULIA BRONZE                         HENRIETTA DIAMENT                   VICTOR BROG
  PAUL TOCHNER                         Jeff Bronze                          Bene & Saul Kaplan                  Barbara & Stanley Zitron
  Kay & Sheldon Saslawsky              RUTH KAHN                            Esther Shendelman                   MINA BRANDT
  ENGAGEMENT OF GREG USDAN             MILDRED FENTON                       LOUIS BOZOF                         Isabel Levey
  Rose Morrison                        KIRKE LEWIS                          Arlene Baer                         JOHNNY BIENSTOCK
                                       Sara & Herb Slovis                                                       Susan & Barry Chase
  Shirley & Gordon Gruen               Buddy & Fay Jason                    IN MEMORY OF:MARION PEARLBERG       Barbara & Jerome Magdovitz
  Cheryl & Gary Kaplan                                                      Rachel & Anthony Morrison & Family
                                       FOR THE RECOVERY OF: DR. ALVIN COHEN                                     IN HONOR OF: 63RD WEDDING ANNI-
  MORRIS YUKON                                                              MERYL SHANKER                       Barbara & Jerome Magdovitz
  Sarah Yukon                          KIDDUSH FUND                         Marilyn & Herb Notowich
  ISAC RIJNVELD                        IN MEMORY OF: JESSE ZELLNER          Barbara & Art Jacobs                YOUTH ACTIVITIES
  JETTIE RIJNVELD                      Myra Alperin                         THELMA APPLESON’S NEW HOME          IN MEMEORY OF: JACK HOFFMAN
  Mieneke Gold                         Madeleine Bluestein                  Marilyn & Herb Notowich             Ron Hoffman & Family
Kol Sholom                                                                March 2006                                                             
Su n              M on                      Tu e                 Wed                  Thu                  Fri                    Sat
                                                                              1              BSRS 2                    3        Shabbat Zone 4
                                                                Celebration Mtg.                               4th Grade        MMH Youth Ser
                                                                       B.R. 6:30                               Shabbaton         Hadassah/BBM
                                                                                                                                 Music Program
                                                              Limmud Study 8-9     Purim Cake baking                5:39                  5:30
       BSRS 5                  6                   BSRS 7                     8              BSRS 9                   10    No Shabbat Zone 11
                               P             Youth Comm.
                                                  BR 6:30                                                                         Jacob Twersky
Humantashen                                                      BSRS BR 6:30                                                              5:15

                                                                                                                                                    March 2006
     Baking     Purim cake baking                             Limmud Study 8-9                                      5:45
NO BSRS 12                    13             NO BSRS 14                      15        NO BSRS 16                     17 NO Shabbat Zone 18
                                                                                                                                 Mollie Sherfield
                                                                                                                                   Baby naming
                                                                                                         Chagigat HaSefer                   5:30
 Purim Event     Megillah reading                    Purim    Great Jewish Minds         Exec/Board                 5:51
 No BSRS 19                   20                   BSRS 21                   22             BSRS 23                   24        Shabbat Zone 25
                                    Men’s Club to G rizzly/                                                 Sub-Regional
                                                     Pacers   Freedom Issues8-9                                    5:57                     5:45
 No BSRS 26                   27                   BSRS 28                   29            BSRS 30                    31
                                                                                        Cheryl in late

                                                                                                                                                     Kol Sholom
                                                              Freedom Issues 8-9     Women’s Seder                  6:02
    Thanks to the following advertisers, whose financial support
      helps make the publication of the Kol Sholom possible:

              Ann Barnes, Just Catering-For All Events

                    Ira Berlin, Financial Advisor
                        Morgan Stanley 766-6167

                      Alka V. Cohen, DDS
                          MS Pediatric Dentistry

                      James Cohen, DDS

                        Ron Grossman
                           R. K. Grossman, MD

               Anthony Morrison, Financial Advisor
                        Morgan Keegan, 766-7783

                          Craig Sander
                      Dr. Craig Sander Neonatologist

                  Mark Saripkin, Attorney at Law

                     Dr. Mark Saslawsky
                       Urology and Urologic Surgery

              Memphis Family Vision Practice
                             Dr. Greg Usdan

Kol Sholom                      March 2006                     11
                                                We specialize in creating original
                 Memory                         Bar / Bat Mitzvah invitations,
                                                announcements, save-the-dates,
              Unparelleled in its elegance,      wedding programs, stationery
             attention to detail and service,
               The Peabody is what life’s                & much more.

               grand events are all about.
               Plan your special event at
               the social pinnacle of the
               region. The Peabody, the
                 South’s grand hotel...
                 making memories for
                    over 130 years.
                                                   Shara’s Paperie

                                                      Orleans Place
                                                   1789 Kirby Parkway
                 149 Union Avenue
                 Memphis, TN 38103

Kol Sholom                            March 2006                                     1

   As your family grows, so does your need for protec-
   tion. And nobody can help you provide that protec-
    tion like me, your State Farm agent. See me today.

              David J. Ross, CPCU
              8317 Cordova Road Ste 101
              Cordova, TN


                               State Farm
                               Insurance Companies
                               Home Offices:
                               Bloomington, Illinois

                                                                                BRUCE S. NEWMAN, CPA
                                                                               ATTORNEY AT LAW (NY & TN BARS)

                                                                       NewmaN, DeCoster & Co.
                                                                              ACCOUNTiNg ANd LAW OffiCES

                                                                 NEW YORK OffiCE                MEMPhiS OffiCE
                                                                   55 JOhN STREET                EVERgREEN hOUSE
                                                                      3Rd fLOOR                1726 MAdiSON AVENUE
                                                                 NEW YORK, NY 10038              MEMPhiS, TN 38104
                                                                TEL & fAx: (212) 563-4384         TEL: (901) 272-9471
                                                               EMAiL: P2d2C8@AOL.COM              fAx: (901) 274-4225
                                                                                            EMAiL: BSNATTYCPA@AOL.COM

Kol Sholom                                             March 2006                                                       1
                                               THE SHABBAT
                                         A place for kids to spend Shabbat
                                                  with their friends ...
                                           in a fun and creative learning
                                                   environment …
                                                      in their own
                                                Shabbat community!

                                 A program for toddlers through 7th graders
                                      9:45am to 12:15pm every week

      The Shabbat Zone is a service provided by Beth Sholom Synagogue for our families.

 Humphreys Blvd.
Memphis, TN 10                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                     Printed on Recycled Paper   NONPROFIT ORG.
(01) -1                                                                                         PAID
Our new website address:                                           MEMPHIS, TN
                                                                                                   PERMIT #
Aaron Rubinstein            Rabbi
Arie Becker                 Rabbi, 1959-1979*
David Julian                Cantor
Sharon Nickol               Executive Director
Lisa Harris                 Interim Religious School Administrator
Cheryl Strong               Admin. Assistant
Nancy Lendman               Admin. Assistant
Myrna Klazmer               Admin. Assistant

David Ross                  President
Bruce Newman                Immediate Past President
Lon Alperin                 Vice President
James Cohen                 Vice President
Mitchell Lansky             Vice President
Maury Radin                 Vice President
Kathy Kastan                Vice President
Rose Morrison               Vice President
Dave Harris                 Treasurer
Skip Rossen                 Secretary
Auxiliary Presidents
Myra Alperin                Sisterhood
Anthony Morrison            Men’s Club
Kol Sholom
Shara Danziger              Layout and Design

                             April Deadline
                       Kol Sholom * March 14, 2006

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