June 28 - Town of Clinton by yaosaigeng


									                    WEB/TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE
                    TOWN HALL CONFERENCE ROOM
                            June 26, 2010
Present:      Dolly Mezzetti, John Crovo, Peter Neff, Karen Marsden and Lois Ruggiero

Absent:       Major Todd Lawrie and Chuck Venter

The meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM.

Marsden made a motion, seconded by Crovo to approve the minutes of May 17, 2010. The
motion was unanimously approved.

The committee reviewed the Policy and Procedures Manual.

Page 2 - General Duties:
L. Ruggiero suggested omitting the sentence that says clerks should respond to requests from the
general public as needed. P. Neff said he will make the change in the document.

Page 3 - Filing and Reporting Agendas and Minutes:
P. Neff asked L. Ruggiero to provide a sample agenda template for the next meeting.

Page 5 – Recommended Minutes Template and Practices:
L. Ruggiero said you shouldn’t have to list members present on agendas, only minutes.    P. Neff
said he will make the change in the document.

Central Filing Procedures:
P. Neff said C. Venter and J. Crovo would provide the central filing procedures.

Discussion on who should be receiving agendas and minutes:

J. Crovo said agendas and minutes should be emailed to the Town Clerk’s office, the Webmaster
and the First Selectman’s office. It was also determined that it is the clerk’s responsibility to
make sure agendas and minutes are filed in a timely manner. All agendas should be submitted as
an attachment. Agendas that are submitted embedded in an email will be rejected and not
considered filed. All minutes should note date, time the meeting started and meeting location.

Next Meeting Date: Monday, July 19th at 5:00 PM in the First Selectman’s office.

J. Crovo made a motion, seconded by K. Marsden, and unanimously approved, to adjourn the meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:35PM.


Mary Schettino
Administrative Assistant

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