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									Technical Ladder
Aparna Ballakur
Plan for the session

Creating a vision for your future

Introduction to the Technical Ladder

Panel Discussion on Technical Ladder

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Creating a Vision for your Future
Do you know what you want your future to look like?

Visualizing your future

Verbalizing your vision


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           The Technical Ladder

             Rashmi Mohan
             Yahoo! R & D

Yahoo! Confidential
Defining the role

 A software technical engineering role involves
  designing, building, debugging and supporting
  a software system, platform or application

 It is a role that is focused on the individual
  working independently, while collaborating
  with a group for the larger picture
Comparing the ladders

                 EVP    Fellow

      VP                         Distinguished Engineer/
                                 Distinguished Architect

  Sr. Director                   Sr. Principal Engineer/ Sr

   Director                        Principal Engineer II/

  Sr. Manager                      Principal Engineer I

   Manager                              Tech Lead
Characteristics of the role

 Individual Contributor or Subject Matter Expert
  or Architect
 ›   Has deep vertical domain expertise
 ›   Passion for coding
 ›   Responsible for component design and
 ›   Takes a holistic approach to software development
 ›   Introduce technology trends to the community
Success criteria

 Passion for technology and coding
 Ability to spot, grasp new trends and evangelize
 Build a system which contributes to measurable
  business success or solves a business problem
 Negotiate between various groups to get “buy-in”
 Ability to articulate risks and dependencies
 Provide mentorship to team members
Not just a bed of roses

 Need to be greatly self-motivated
 Need to constantly evaluate the intrinsic value of the
  technology choice
 Educate people about non-managerial role
Why should I consider it?
 Flexibility/Work independently
 Greater marketability
 Lends naturally to breaks in career
 Environment is conducive to ICs
 Pay scales comparable to management track
 Genuine interest and love for problem solving and
 Plenty of growth opportunities
       Panel Discussion

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            Lavanya Lakshman

               Jyoti Ahuja

               Mani Abrol

              Hari Vasudev

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