GOVERNMENT MATTERS
                                                     NJ STATE ASSOCIATION
                                                    OF JEWISH FEDERATIONS
SUMMER 2008                                                                                       VOLUME 1, NUMBER 2

                                                           “As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the
 JACOB TOPOREK, ESQ. EXECUTIVE                             establishment of the State of Israel, we in New Jersey
                                                           mark the 20th anniversary of our own sister-state
                                                           relationship with Israel. We have so much in common, as
                                                           demonstrated by our strong and extensive collaborations
 JEWISH FEDERATION OF ATLANTIC                             in scientific research, trade, educational and cultural
 AND CAPE MAY COUNTIES                                     exchanges and our shared commitment to democratic
                                                           ideal.,” Governor Jon Corzine

 CLIFTON-PASSAIC                 Governor Corzine Leads Salute to Israel @ 60
 CUMBERLAND COUNTY               Governor Jon Corzine accepted the Honorary Chairmanship of the State Committee
                                 for Israel @ 60. “I am honored to join so many public officials in serving on this
 UNITED JEWISH COMMUNITIES OF    important committee,” said Governor Corzine.
                                 The State Committee, made up of more than 200 members, is an initiative of the
 JEWISH FEDERATION OF            State Association designed to highlight support in New Jersey for the State of Israel
                                 as it marks six decades of independence. “Congratulations to the New Jersey State
                                 Association of Jewish Federations for bringing us all together to commemorate this
 MONMOUTH COUNTY                 special occasion,” the Governor acknowledged.

 UJA FEDERATION OF NORTHERN      Joining Governor Corzine as an Honorary Chair of the State Committee are former
 NEW JERSEY                      Governors Brendan Byrne, Tom Kean, Christine Todd Whitman, Jim Florio, Jim
                                 McGreevey, U.S. Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez and retired Chief
 JEWISH FEDERATION OF OCEAN      Justice of the NJ Supreme Court Deborah Poritz and James Zazzali.

 UNITED JEWISH FEDERATION OF     Also accepting the State Association’s invitation to serve as Honorary Chairs are
 PRINCETON MERCER BUCKS          former Governor and current Senate President Dick Codey, General Assembly
                                 Speaker Joseph Roberts and Secretary of State Nina Mitchell Wells.
 HUNTERDON & WARREN COUNTIES     The make-up of the Committee sends a strong message of our state’s unity with
                                 Israel and the importance of the milestone Israel celebrates this year,” State
                                 Association President Roy Tanzman noted. “To have New Jersey’s past and
                                 current government leadership support the State Association initiative
                                 underscores the vitality of the extraordinary relationship between the sister
                                 states, New jersey and Israel”, Tanzman added.

                                                   NJ State Association of Jewish Federations
                                                           501 Green Lane, Suite 202
                                                                Union, NJ 07083
                                                            Phone: (908) 352-7930
                                                              Fax: (908) 352-5204
                          Honorary Vice-Chairs include all 13 members of New Jersey’s delegation to the
                          House of Representatives and 66 members of the State Senate and General
                          Assembly. Former government officials Attorney General John Degnan, Secretary of
                          State Rev. DeForest Soaries and U.S. Senators Bill Bradley and Robert Torricelli
                          have also accepted the Honorary Vice-Chair title.

                          “With a membership of more than 200 distinguished and respected citizens
   NJ State Association   of New Jersey, the State Committee is a compelling symbol of the deep
                          emotional, cultural and ideological ties that exist between the two states,”
                          remarked Howard Gases, Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of
                          Greater Monmouth County.

                          Honorary Associate-Chairs include Daniel C. Kurtzer, who served as United States
                          Ambassador to Israel and Egypt. More than 30 mayors and city officials endorsed
                          Israel’s 60th Anniversary including Mayors Corey Booker of Newark, Jun Choi of
                          Edison, Colleen Mahr of Fanwood, Bernie Platt of Cherry Hill, Gwen Faison of
                          Camden, Christian Bollwage of Elizabeth, Michelle Roth of Manalapan, Dr. Gary
                          Schneiderman of Livingston and David DelVecchio of Lambertville.

                          The State Committee membership also includes college presidents including Richard
                          McCormick of Rutgers, business leadership and a broad cross section of interfaith
                          and Jewish community activists.

                          Leadership Gathers for Trenton Mission
Jewish Federation of
                          The State House in Trenton was the destination of 65 Jewish Community leaders,
Atlantic and Cape May
                          both lay and professional, in a State Association sponsored mission on May 12, 2008
                          to meet policy makers in the Administration and Legislature.

                          The purpose of the visit to Trenton was to inform government officials of the Jewish
                          community agenda. “More specifically, we sought to share our immediate
                          priority, supplemental funding for Holocaust survivors and our long term
                          goal, a permanent funding source for NORCs, naturally occurring retirement
                          communities,” said Mission Chair Susan Penn of the UJA Federation of
                          Northern NJ and member of the State Association’s Government Relations

                          Mission participants were greeted in the General Assembly chamber by
                          Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D.22), who also serves as Deputy Speaker. After a
                          briefing on the State Association’s agenda by Executive Director Jacob Toporek,
                          current issues relating to Israel was the topic for a presentation by Benjamin
                          Krasna, Deputy Consul General of Israel. He highlighted the State Association’s
                          effort last December in ensuring the passage of Iran Divestment legislation.

                          Governor Jon Corzine’s Administration was represented by Policy Director Adam
                          Zellner and Heather Howard, Commissioner of the Department of Health and Senior
                          Services. Director Zellner detailed the Governor’s energy initiative and sought
  Jewish Federation of    community support for the policies now being developed.
       Central NJ
                          Commissioner Howard outlined the Department’s goals in addressing the needs of
                          senior citizens. “The Commissioner’s appearance was a valuable opportunity
                          to speak with her about the importance of the continuum of care for our
                          elderly, including support for NORCs and nursing homes,” noted Max
                          Kleinman, Executive Vice-President of United Jewish Communities of
                          MetroWest NJ. “We were pleased that Commissioner Howard agreed to
                          continue the conversation with working meetings to explore the possibility
                          of a permanent state source of funding NORC programs in our community,”
                          Kleinman added.

                          Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R.21) addressed Mission attendees on the
                          States fiscal concerns and the ongoing budget debate, while also advocating on
                          behalf of legislation that he and Senate President Dick Codey had sponsored
                               authorizing tax incentives for charitable giving.

                               The Senator’s remarks were followed by a luncheon reception wherein community
                               leadership hosted members of the State legislature. Attending the luncheon were
                               Senator Leonard Lance (R.23), Assemblyman Neil Cohen (D.20), Assemblywoman
                               Amy Handlin (R.13), Assemblywoman Mila Jasey (D.27), Assemblywoman Marcia
                               Karrow (R.23) and Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D.37).

                               Mission participants joined Governor Jon Corzine in the concluding event of the day
                               in Trenton, the signing of a gubernatorial proclamation celebrating Israel @ 60 in the
Jewish Federation of Clifton   chamber of the State Senate. Prior to the proclamation, the Governor officiated in
          Passaic              the opening ceremonies of an exhibit highlighting, through its governors, the New
                               Jersey’s relationship with Israel.     The exhibit was created by the NJ-Israel
                               Commission in cooperation with the State Association.

                               NORCs Initiative Aired at DOH & SS Meeting

                               As a result of Commissioner Heather Howard’s address during the State Association
                               Mission to Trenton, representatives of the organization met with Assistant
                               Commissioner Patricia Polansky and a team of elderly care managers from the
                               Department of Health and Senior Services (DOH). The purpose of the meeting was
                               to initiate discussions seeking a permanent state funding source for NORCs, the
                               aging in place programs of the federations.

                               “This has been a hit or miss process as a result of tough financial times,”
                               stated Roy Tanzman, State Association President and meeting participant.
                               “During the past few years a total of 9 NORC projects have received federal
                               funding, however, some of these programs have run out of funds and are
                               no longer running the programs or have been forced to find other
                               federation resources to keep the program serving our elderly, often at a
                               scaled down version,” Tanzman added.

   UJC of MetroWest NJ         Joining Assistant Commissioner Polansky, was Tina Zsenak, Administrator, Office of
                               AAA Administration, Gregory Papazian, Program Manager, Office of Community
                               Choice Options and Gerry Mackenzie, Program Manager, Community Education and

                               Presentations on federation NORC programs were given by Jennifer Weiss, JFS
                               Director of the Jewish Federation on Southern NJ, Karen Alexander, Director of
                               Eldercare for the United Jewish Communities of MetroWest NJ, and Tom Beck, who
                               serves as executive Director of JFS of Central NJ. Jennifer Weiss indicated that the
                               NORC program is located in a Cherry Hill apartment complex with 525 units and that
                               the average age of the program’s participants is 84 years old. Staff participants
                               include a social worker, a registered nurse, home health aides, housekeepers and
                               volunteers. The program includes social recreational activities and nursing care to
                               prevent premature institutionalization. There is a council made up of members which
                               recommends policy for the program.

                               Karen Alexander related that “Parsippany LIVE”, the MetroWest NORC project in
                               Morris County, is based on a needs assessment of the Parsippany community which
                               evaluated how effectively health and well being needs were being met for seniors
                               living in the area. The assessment, which received the approval and cooperation of
                               Parsippany’s mayor, included a total of 440 seniors. A resident advisory council
                               determines policy and a newsletter is sent out to seniors throughout the community.
   Jewish Federation of        There is a program in which Jewish Vocational Services provide job search
 Greater Middlesex County      assistance to those seniors looking for employment and that to date 69 seniors have
                               found work.

                               Tom Beck reported that Central NJ JFS runs 3 NORC programs, Lexington
                               Village in Clark, a second in Elizabeth and the third in the Vauxhall section
                               in Union (primarily African American population). Beck noted that, “JFS had
                               developed a basket of services such as transportation, home health service
                               and Meals on Wheels to reduce isolation and depression. He added that,
                          “although some NORCs have a minimal participation fee, there is no charge
                          for the program as the JFS on Central NJ serves a needy population.”

                          Assistant Commissioner Polansky acknowledged that, “the federations’ NORC
                          projects are unique to the state in that the Jewish community is the sole sponsors of
                          NORCs in New Jersey and the NORC models would be of interest to the
                          Department”. The Assistant Commissioner expressed appreciation that the State
                          Association is opening up discussions about NORCs and offered to continue the
                          discussion through regular meeting in the future.

   Jewish Federation of   After the meeting, State Association Executive Director Jacob Toporek stressed that,
Greater Monmouth County   “The meeting accomplished our goal of beginning a conversation with DOH for long
                          term funding for NORCs in New Jersey and at the same time securing a commitment
                          from the DOH to continue the conversation.”

                          State Budget Crisis Negates Funding Request for
                          Holocaust Victims

                          The effort to secure a $500,000 allocation in the 2009 State Budget specifically for
                          services for NJ’s survivors of the Holocaust was not successful. In order to cut
                          spending, the Legislature and the Governor determined that the Budget would
                          include no additional monies for programs sponsored by members of the
                          Legislature. The State Association request for the Holocaust funding was one of
                          those programs.

                          The State Association effort to secure approval of the budget resolution introduced
                          by State Senator Paul Sarlo (D.36) moved forward until the final week when budget
                          negotiation between the Governor and the Legislature intensified. “Even when it
   UJA Federation of      came to our attention that earmarks were in jeopardy, attempts were made
     Northern NJ          through the Governor’s Office to find the money elsewhere in the various
                          budgets of the Executive Branch departments”, noted Joel Kaber, CEO of
                          the Jewish Federation of Southern NJ.              Kaber was among the Federation
                          Executive Directors, CRC Directors, Board members and Jewish Family Services
                          Directors who participated in supportive activities for the funding initiative.

                          State Senators Loretta Weinberg (D.37) and Robert Gordon (D.38) and
                          Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D.37) have introduced legislation (S-
                          1801/A-3024) to secure supplemental funding for Holocaust survivors. According to
                          Howard Charish, Executive Vice-President, UJA Federation of Northern New
                          Jersey, “The legislators efforts and the bills give us hope that supplemental
                          funding may be secured when the Legislature returns in the fall. We always
                          understood that the initiative would face difficult allocation choices,
                          especially this year, but the State Association looks forward to continuing
                          to seek the funds that our Holocaust survivors deserve”.

                          State Association Annual Meeting Hosts DHS
                          Commissioner and Elects Officers

                          Department of Human Services Commissioner, Jennifer Velez, served as the keynote
                          speaker of the State association’s Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors.
                          Commissioner Velez related her vision for how government can best serve the
                          people. The budget affects how responsive the agencies are in serving the people.
    UJA Federation of     She expressed concern for the rate of child poverty in the state as being unchanged
 Princeton Mercer Bucks   and worsening in many counties. “There have been great strides in child welfare but
                          it’s unacceptable to have child poverty,” she said. “The government cannot tackle
                          this problem alone and relies on partners such as Jewish Family Services and other
                          social service agencies. She said that “the system of caring for people would
                          crumble without outside partners.”

                          The Commissioner also touched on the importance of being responsive to the
                          Developmentally Disabled population and patients with severe mental problems. Her
                          goals as Commissioner include ensuring affordable supportive housing for everyone
                          served by the Department of Human Services (e.g. group homes for the
                          developmentally disabled). Another target is employment opportunities for people
                          with disabilities. At present this population has a 60% unemployment rate. An
                          additional objective is health care for children and families who are unable to afford
                          health care insurance. The major challenges are getting quality healthcare, as well
                          as services in our hospitals. She would like to see increased access and equity to the
                          medically underserved.

                          Commissioner Velez said that “The efforts of one person can really make a
                          difference.” She cited the example of a woman who has a son with developmental
  Jewish Federation of    disabilities who submitted a proposal to her department. That proposal is now
Somerset, Hunterdon and   receiving serious consideration by her office and the Department in an attempt to
    Warren Counties       help this woman, and others similarly situated.

                          A highlight of the Annual Meeting of the State Association Board of Directors was the
                          election of Officers as follows:

                                  Roy Tanzman (Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County)
                                  Ruth Cole (UJA of Northern NJ)
                                  Roger Jacobs (United Jewish Communities of MetroWest NJ)
                                  Arthur Sklar (Jewish Federation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties)
                                  Herb Klein (Jewish Federation of Greater Clifton Passaic)
                                  Mark Levenson (Jewish Federation of Greater Clifton Passaic)
                                  Annabel Lindenbaum (Ocean County Jewish Federation)
                                  Toby Shylit Mack (Jewish Federation of Greater Monmouth County)
                          Members at Large
                                  Lynny Ravitz (Jewish Federation of Southern NJ)
                                  Phil Cantor (Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County)
                                  Gordon Haas (Jewish Federation of Central NJ)
                                  Susan Penn (UJA of Northern NJ)
                          Immediate Past President
                                  Larry Lerner (Jewish Federation of Central NJ)
                          Executive Director
                                  Jacob Toporek

                          In announcing the new officers, State Association President Roy Tanzman also
                          expressed appreciation to Eleanor Rubin (Member at Large and former President,
                          (Jewish Federation of Central NJ), Al Passner (Treasurer, Jewish Federation of
                          Greater Middlesex County) and Elihu Davison (Vice-President, United Jewish
                          Communities of MetroWest NJ) for their dedication to the federation community and
                          State Association activities during their years of service as officers.

                                 CELEBRATING ISRAELI STATEHOOD
  Jewish Federation of
      Southern NJ
                                                            60 YEARS

                                           3 IYAR 5768 - MAY 8, 2008
                          For a complete listing of Federation and agency events celebrating 60 years
                          of Israel’s statehood contact the State Association, your local Federation or
                              log onto the State Association web site at

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