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									   Regulation for Personnel and Object Entering and Exiting Storage of
                National Science and Technology Museum
           Established pursuant to Guan-Mi-Zih No. 0930004354 Order on 2004.11.05

1. In order to properly manage personnel and object entering and exiting the storage
    of National Science and Technology Museum (herein after referred to the Museum)
    and maintain the safety of the storage and collections, this Regulation is
2. Collection manager referred in this Regulation is defined as: Staff of Collection and
    Research Division assigned by the Chief of Collection and Research Division to
    take responsibilities of management of storage and collection.
3. Related personnel and object that enters or exits the storage must comply with this
    Regulation. Those not covered by this Regulation shall be governed by Collection
    Policy of the Museum, Collection Management Procedure, and other regulation.
4. Security of the storage shall be responsible by the Chief of Collection and Research
    Division and the collection manager assigned by the Chief. When collection
    manager may not carry out duty, assigned proxy personnel shall take over the
5. Security management of storage shall comply with the followings:
      (1)Video Surveillance: Set up at major internal and external entrances of the
           storage; monitored by the central control 24 hours per day. Copy of video
           should be kept for at least one year.
      (2)Security Card (herein after referred to as the Card) and Holder of Key to
           Storage: Control of the card is limited to Chief of Collection and Research
           Division, first proxy for the Chief, and collection manager. Control of the key
           to storage is limited to collection manager.
      (3)Escort and control of Entering Personnel: Personnel entering storage must
           be escorted by collection manager or assigned proxy; entrance to the
           storage requires card reading and door lock opening procedures. Record of
           use of card is linked to Central Control Room for control.
      (4)Card and key to storage may not be duplicated or borrowed. If lost, then
           report to Chief immediately for reset of card code and change of door lock.

     (5)When Chief of Collection and Research Division or collection manager loses

           the privilege of card or key holding due to change of job position, the card or
           key should be returned to Collection and Research Division prior to change
           and hand-over.
6. Only collection manager and its direct superior supervisor, the personnel escorted
    by the direct superior supervisor, personnel whose application or report is
    approved for entering, and necessary personnel in emergency circumstance may
    enter storage; all other personnel may not enter storage without permission.
7. Procedure for Personnel Entering Storage:
     (1) Entering with application or report: Depending on the purpose of entering,
          application or report method is:
          1. Use of collection: Applicant should file application in accordance with
             “Regulation for Use of Collection of National Science and Technology
        2. Visit Storage: Social educational institute or academic organization in
           related fields with purpose of business inspection, education, research, or
           media reporter covers report of the Museum, or museum staff that needs
           to visit storage may visit storage. Applicant must fill up “Application Form
           for Entering Storage” (see Attachment One) and file the application.
        3. Supervisory authority of the Museum visiting and inspecting Storage:
           When superior organization inspects storage, Collection and Research
           Division shall comply in accordance with official letter of inspection, fax,
           email, or phone message received.
        4. Maintenance of Collection: Regardless of scheduled or emergency
           maintenance, the person in charge of collection maintenance should fill up
           “Application Form for Entering Storage” and file application. In the case of
           outsourced maintenance, then the personnel should file application on
           behalf of the service provider.
        5. Collection Inventory Check: Property manager of the Museum shall fill up
           “Application Form for Entering Storage” and file application.
        6. Repair and Inspect Equipment at Storage:
                     cheduled Inspection: Maintenance personnel must fill up
                     “Application Form for Entering Storage” and file application.
                     mergency Repair: Collection manager shall call maintenance
                     personnel for repair; no application form is needed.
        7. Handling Emergency Disaster: In the case of emergency disaster,
           entering the storage for emergency handling and report afterward is
           allowed under the principle of protecting collections. Personnel should ask
           for pass card to storage from collection manager or Central Control to
           enter the storage and rescue, and follow “Regulation for Emergency
           Processing of Storage and Collection of the Museum”.
    (2) Review:
        1. Follow “Regulation for Use of Collection of National Science and
           Technology Museum” for use of collection.
        2. Discretion of Museum Deputy Director: Superior organization of the
           Museum inspecting storage.
        3. Discretion of Chief of Collection and Research Division: All other
           purposes of entering to storage.

   (3)Entering and Exiting Storage: Follow “Regulation for Use of Collection of

        National Science and Technology Museum” for use of collection; follow
        Regulation for Emergency Processing of Storage and Collection of the
        Museum” for handling emergency disaster. All other personnel entering
        storage shall need collection manager or Chief of Collection and Research
        Division to open storage and be escorted. Application for entering storage
        requires filling of “Application Form for Entering Storage” (see Attachment
        Two). After exiting, collection manager shall close storage.
8. Object Entering or Exiting Storage shall comply with the following rules:
     (1) Collection entering storage shall follow “Regulation for Preservation and
         Maintenance of Collection of National Science and Technology Museum”.
     (2) Other non-collection objects entering storage shall require entering
         personnel to fill up “Application Form for Entering Storage”, on which the
         object should be recorded. In the case that application is not required,
         collection manager should record the object that enters storage on “Storage
         Entering Record”.
     (3) Objects prohibited from entering storage are listed in Subparagraph 4,
         Paragraph 1, Article 8 of this Regulation.
     (4) Collection manager should prohibit object that may impose danger to
         storage or collection from entering, and should be alerted about whether the
         object that a person carries in is identical to the object that the person
         carries out.
9. Personnel and objects that enter or exit storage should comply with the following
     (1) Personnel and object that enters storage are limited to the personnel and
         object applied for.
     (2) Personnel that enters the storage should not deviate from the purpose
         applied for and should be careful and cautious, keeping storage safe and
     (3) ”Storage Entering Record” must be filled when entering the storage.
     (4) Personnel that enter storage may not carry any beverage or food,
         flammable item, explosive, natural material or biologic material not properly
         processed, personal carrying bag, or back pack, except for pen, notepad,
         water, necessary books, and computer. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
         Camera is allowed with approval in advance.
     (5) Personnel enter storage for use of collection may not enter other areas of
         storage except assigned area for use.
     (6) Approved visitor enters storage should be escorted by accompanying
         personnel and wear gloves; no touch on collection is allowed.
     (7) In order to maintain a stable environment inside storage, keep door closed
         at all time.
     (8) If a person in storage has any need, please notify collection manager.
     (9) Any person in storage who finds any abnormal condition or emergency
         issue should notify collection manager, Central Control Room, or security
         personnel and take necessary emergency steps.
10. Other rules pertaining to entering and exiting storage:
     (1) Open Hours of Storage: Open during office hours. If entering during
         non-office hours is needed due to business requirement, then approval may
         be granted with considerations of urgency and importance in accordance
         with Article 6 of this Regulation.
     (2) The Museum maintains the right to cancel any application for entering
         without advance notice due to reasons of climate, Artifact maintenance,
         storage repair, or emergency issue.
     (3) Collection and Research Division should consolidate “Storage Entering
         Record” weekly; after acknowledging Secretary Office and manager in
         charge of security matters in that Office, submit to the Museum
         Director-general for review. Every record of entering should be kept for at
         least five years.
11. This Regulation is reviewed by Collection Advisory Committee, passed by the
Museum Assembly and approved by the Museum Director-general for
implementation. Amendment shall follow the same procedure.


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