; “The Golden Kite the Silver Wind” (PowerPoint)
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“The Golden Kite the Silver Wind” (PowerPoint)


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									“The Golden Kite, the
   Silver Wind”
    By Ray Bradbury
Respond to the following statements…
1. Competition inevitably produces unhealthy feelings and exhaustion.
     Agree             OR         Disagree
2. The daughter negatively influenced the Mandarin.
     Agree             OR         Disagree
3. This story has a larger meaning than simply two towns building walls to upstage each other.
     Agree             OR         Disagree
4. The Mandarin’s true concern is that his people are happy and feel useful.
     Agree             OR         Disagree
5. The outcome of building the club-shaped wall was what the Mandarin wanted and expected.
     Agree             OR         Disagree
6. Philippians 2:3-4: 3 Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory; rather, humbly regard others
     as more important than yourselves, 4 each looking out not for his own interests, but (also) everyone
     for those of others.” Thus the citizens and Mandarin deserve whatever calamity comes their way.
     Agree             OR         Disagree
7. The Mandarin is a bad leader.
     Agree             OR         Disagree
8. “One without the other is nothing.” The cities really needed each other in the end.
     Agree             OR         Disagree
9. Each town demonizes the other, making the adversary appear evil.
     Agree             OR         Disagree
10. The similes, metaphors, and personification in this story are not very effective. (I.e.: “disease ran off
     like a frightened jackal” or “Death swam in the wetness of an eye.”)
     Agree             OR         Disagree
      Cause & Effect Chart
    Construction of the wall shaped like a pig
          Construction of bludgeon wall
           Construction of bonfire wall
             Construction of lake wall
         Construction of many more lives
People loose time for harvesting & other productive
  Sickness & death spread through the towns .
  The mandarins meet to try to end the vicious
 How can this story been seen as
 an allegory about the cold war?
• In an allegorical reading the two
  mandarins can be seen as the
  leaders of the U.S. & the former
  Soviet Union.
• The town leaders’ race to build
  walls represents the race to build
  nuclear arms, which the two
  countries engaged in for nearly 4
What do you think is the theme of
           this allegory?
• The lesson is that an arms race
  can only lead to self-destruction
  & that both the U.S. & the Soviet
  Union would be well served by
  cooperation rather than
• Kind of metaphor in which a
  nonhuman thing is given human
• Death is said to clatter “his white
  bones like musical instruments” &
  swim “in the wetness of an eye.”
• Poverty is said to make “a sound
  like a wet cough.”
• A Comparison of 2 unlike things
  using the words as, like, than, or
• “The Mandarin’s heart sickened
  within him, like an autumn fruit
  upon the ancient tree.”
~autumn signifying decay, aging,
  & death.

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