Wind Mill based Power Generation for Mobile Phone Charger by ncctweb

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Windmill a mill that is powered by the
wind and that extracts usable energy
from winds

Generating power is of great importance in
today’s world. Due to the pending
exhaustion of fossil fuels, it is crucial to
develop alternative energy sources.
Energy-converting windmills are capable of producing significant amounts of
electricity worldwide, an attractive alternative because wind is a renewable
resource. The technologies behind wind energy converters still have much room
for improvement in efficiency.
                           Wind, as an energy input of windmill systems, can be
                           given by two parameters: speed and direction.
                           Because the energy output of the windmill is
                           determined from the input, it is important to be able to
                           understand the stochastic fluctuations in wind
                           Wind behaviour will be
                           approximately    constant
                           over long periods of time,
                           but for any given period
                           wind can be extremely
                           variable in speed and
Parameters of the wind that is necessary for                 The Wind Turbine
predicting turbine performance are mean wind speed,
directional data, short-term variations (gusts), long-
term variations and height variations

     A windmill is an engine powered by the wind to produce energy, often
   contained in a large building as in traditional post mills, smock mills and
     tower mills. The energy windmills produce can be used in many ways,
   traditionally for grinding grain or spices, pumping water, sawing wood or
                                hammering seeds.
   Modern wind power machines are used for generating electricity and are
                  more commonly called wind turbines
Our Project / proposed system is practical,
portable charger unit for phone users.
This project shows how the wind energy can
be used to charge a mobile during journey or
in the remote area. The system has a highly
effective wind energy system with all
necessary blocks.
This can be used in the car, train or even in the mountain, remote places
where charging power is not available. This energy converter is a hand
held windmill and electronic charging system.

•   Easy to Mount
•   Ease of Installation
•   Simple to Maintain
•   High Technology is Not Necessary
•   Inexpensive to Transport
•   Low Running Costs
•   Electricity can be Produced at a
    Lower Cost after Installation
                                                        KIT & CHARGER
                                                        KIT & CHARGER

                       Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into more useful
                     forms, usually electricity using wind turbines. In 2005, worldwide
                       capacity of wind-powered generators was 58,982 megawatts;
                        although it currently produces less than 1% of world-wide
                     electricity use, it accounts for 23% of electricity use in Denmark,
                       6% in Germany and approximately 8% in Spain. Globally, wind
                     power generation more than quadrupled between 1999 and 2005.

                    Most modern wind power is generated in the form of electricity by
                    converting the rotation of turbine blades into electrical current by
                       means of an electrical generator. In windmills (a much older
                    technology) wind energy is used to turn mechanical machinery to
                        do physical work, like crushing grain or pumping water.

                    Wind power is used in large-scale wind farms for national electrical
                    grids as well as in small individual turbines for providing electricity
                               to rural residences or grid-isolated locations.

                     Wind energy is ample, renewable, widely distributed, clean, and
                      mitigates the greenhouse effect if used to replace fossil-fuel-
                                           derived electricity.

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