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                                                                      July 2011                   Voice: 216-759-3713

Elaine Szaniszlo, Editor

July General Meeting                                            CHRISTMAS I JULY
Wednesday, July 13, 2011                                        by Dick Rose
Westlake Porter Public Library
27333 Center Ridge Road, Westlake, OH                           Again this year we are
        This month's program welcomes back                      presenting you with our
Tony Kurkov to help us learn how to evaluate a                  special "Christmas In
computer processor, how to determine if your                    July" membership
old computer processor can be upgraded with                     opportunity. If you are a
Microsoft Windows 7 software or, if necessary,                  current member and
what new computer processor is the best price                   wish to extend your
and most improved in reliability (for example,                  membership for one or
Intel vs. AMD).                                                 more years, July is the MERRY CHRISTMAS?
        Come early at 6:30pm for the social                     time when you should
(including refreshments), followed by club                      do so.
announcements at 7:00pm. The main program
begins at 7:15pm.                                                       Our normal membership year is based on
                                                                the time of your entry and twelve months forward.
                                                                The renewal fee is normally $25.00 any time you
In This Issue
                                                                renew. If you prepare your check and send it to us
 Email Nybble No. ……………………...2                                  postmarked in July the renewal amount is only
 A Happier Longer Life? Volunteer!.......... 3                  $20.00 per additional year, regardless of the
 Help Wanted! ..............................................3   expiration month. Yes, we will accept more than
 Stop, Think, Click—Online Safety ...........4                  one year at that rate per additional years if you wish
 Where Are Those Files Coming From? ......5                     to do so.
 Some Interesting Websites ..........................5                   This bargain is good only during the month
 Review of June 8 Meeting...........................6           of July so please don't ask us to acknowledge this
 How to Clear the Clipboard.........................6           rate if you neglect to get it to us in July.
 How Do Photocopiers Work?......................6
 Web Addresses Explained...........................7                   Keep in mind that membership in NEOPC
 ICANN Expands Internet Domain Names ..7                        by one member of a household shall include all
 Desktop Gadgets..........................................8     members of that household as one voting member.
 How Much Do You Know?.........................9                This offer is extended to members’ renewal. A
 Coming Events—July................................10           new membership is still at the normal rate as shown
 General Meeting Program Schedule..........11                   in our brochure or on page 12 of this newsletter.
 Membership Application...........................12
 ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                          Volume 27, 10—July 2011

WHAT TOPICS A D STYLES ARE                                 (LOL for “laughing out loud,” and scores more), so
                                                           common in texting, may be either inappropriate or
                                                           undecipherable in an email message.
       By Janet Byron Anderson
                                                           Read the message as if you were the recipient.
                                                                    Some words are fraught with peril. To take
Every email is potentially public.
                                                           one example: A word like “liberal” means different
        Every email can become public, simply by           things depending on the background, personality,
the recipient unintentionally clicking “Forward” in        and even gender of the person who uses it. Our
our message. They might also forward                       meaning might not match our recipient’s meaning.
intentionally, assuming that your message would            In conversation, we can clarify what we mean.
also interest a friend of theirs, a third party whom       With email, we can’t do this without getting
you don’t know. The etiquette of forwarding might          entangled in a tiresome thread—a no-no (see Email
not occur to your recipient: Ask permission to             Nybble No. 3). Therefore if you write, “My boss is
forward, unless communication is regular among             liberal,” you might mean that your boss is non-
members of a team. In the worst case, email can            judgmental. But the recipient might take it to mean
become public if our email is hacked. We should            ill-disciplined, morally suspect.
therefore assume that our email messages may land
                                                                    If we can’t be sure of how a recipient,
in strange inboxes. So if a comment we want to
                                                           especially a stranger, might take our words, we’ll
make is one we wouldn’t want others to overhear
                                                           have to infer how they might take them from what
in a real conversation, we shouldn’t include the
                                                           we know about the person. If we remain unsure,
comment in an email message.
                                                           it’s best to err on the side of caution, especially in
Humor isn’t always translatable.                           formal messages. Choose words that don’t carry
                                                           too much emotive baggage: The boss is easy to talk
         In addition, a remark that we intend to be        to, approachable, non-judgmental. If the message is
ironic or humorous might be taken literally by the         serious (application for a job, letter of reference), it
recipient, and therefore misunderstood. As you’ve          might help for someone to read the message
noticed, not everyone has a sense of humor. They           objectively before you transmit it. Another reader
don’t get the joke. Sometimes we don’t get the             might spot socially loaded or ambiguous words, or
joke, especially if understanding the joke requires        emotionally inappropriate content, all of which
in-group knowledge. Since communication today              should be weeded out before the message is
involves diverse social groups, extra sensitivity is       transmitted.
required, especially in emails. Email presents a
paradox. It’s easy and cheap, but the price we pay         Refrain from direct attacks on named people.
for this is vulnerability to misunderstanding, and to
                                                                   Because of the potentially public nature of
being misunderstood.
                                                           email, attacking someone by name is taboo. If
Email lacks body.                                          we’re sickened by corruption in County
                                                           government, we must refrain from mentioning by
        In face-to-face communication and                  name anyone who has been indicted or convicted.
videophoning, body language and facial                     Usually we experience no adverse consequences
expressions support meaning and emotion. In                from written openness. But there’s always that one
written communication, including email, we’re              time… If we wish to get specific, it’s best to
deprived of these aids. And emoticons are no               telephone the recipient; or attend a public meeting,
substitute. For one thing, they’re often ambiguous.        in which views                  (Continued on page 5)
In addition, they might be inappropriate for many
recipients or messages. Finally, Internet slang

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 ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                                Volume 27, 10—July 2011

VOLU TEER!                                                  Our officers and key members are volunteers, and
                                                            if you talk to any of them, my guess is that you’ll
                                                            find they enjoy taking an active part in our com-
         Although there may be some situations
                                                            puter users group, keeping it alive to fulfill its
where volunteering would not necessarily get you
                                                            mission. In addition, they find they increase their
a longer, happier life (any veteran could fill you in
                                                            computer skills by interaction with others.
on that), recent studies show that people who vol-
                                                                      EOPC’s purpose, according to our By-
unteer at least two hours a week do in fact receive
health benefits from volunteering.                          laws, “is to obtain current and accurate
         According to an article by Adam Voiland            information about the trends in the computer
at http://health.usnews.com, a 2007 report which            industry and educate our members about
drew on the results of 30 studies said volunteering         computers. Our goals are to keep abreast of
can indeed be good for your health. Voiland                 future technology as well as optimizing older
says the report indicates that “people who volun-           technology. The purpose of ortheast Ohio PC
teer enjoy longer lives, higher functional ability,
                                                            Club is to promote and encourage the
and lower rates of depression and heart disease.”
Volunteering keeps a person active and interested,          education, training and understanding of its
as well as helping stay connected with others.              members and guests in the use of personal
         Voiland quoted Steven Post, director of a          computers.”
research group at Case Western Reserve Univer-
sity that focuses on the “scientific study of altru-                Think about why you joined NEOPC, and
ism, compassion, and service,” as saying, “The              why you keep renewing your membership each
helping impulse is very fundamental. When it is             year. Maybe you have computer expertise to offer
locked off we do not flourish.”                             and you enjoy helping others. Maybe you don’t
         If we look around, there are friends,              know a lot about computers and are looking for
neighbors, and family who could use a helping               help. Whatever your reason, it is irrelevant to
hand now and then. There are also nonprofit or-             participating in leadership of our group. People
ganizations whose mission is to help people. You            with many different lives, leisure and work ex-
may belong to one. In fact, if you’re reading this          periences have served as officers. You can, too.
newsletter, chances are you belong to Northeast
Ohio Personal Computer Club. Every group                    (Excerpted from an article by Sr. Dorothy Robinson,
                                                            Editor, Olympia Microcomputer Users Group, WA)
needs leadership, and NEOPC is no exception.

                                                             Elections are coming up, so
         NEOPC has several leadership positions
                                                             let us hear from you soon!
available. Several members are performing double
or triple duty. You are cordially invited to
consider one of the jobs shown below. You will               Opportunities:
find helpful camaraderie with other members of
the Executive Committee. If you are interested, the          NEOPC 2nd Vice President
person listed in the newsletter as presently having          NEOPC 3rd Vice President
that position will be happy to provide more details          NEOPC Club Historian (new position)
of the job. More details about the positions may be
found on our website under “Constitution.”

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ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                     Volume 27, 10—July 2011

      by Ira Wilsker
                                                       website are the U.S. Department of Justice;
        The news has been overwhelmed by               Department of Homeland Security; Internal
stories about the dangers of the internet. Just in     Revenue Service (IRS); Securities and Exchange
recent days, we have heard of major banks losing       Commission (SEC); Naval Criminal Investigative
the personal information of hundreds of                Service (NCIS); Consumers Union (Consumers
thousands of account holders; a congressman's          Reports magazine); National Cyber Security
indiscretions on a social networking website;          Alliance; Anti-Phishing Working Group
hackers accessing thousands of accounts at a           (APWG); National Center for Missing &
major retailer; and many other mass data breaches      Exploited Children; Cyberbully411; The SANS
that may result in wholesale identity theft.           Institute; The National Association of Attorneys
        Individuals are still falling prey to the      General; Better Business Bureau (BBB); National
infamous "Nigerian 419" scams, sending money           Crime Prevention Council (McGruff the Crime
to pay the "fees and taxes" in order to receive        Dog); and several other agencies and
unimaginable riches from the Nigerian Oil              organizations. The extensive resources of these
Minister's widow. Many people are duped into           agencies and organizations have created and
ordering merchandise from crooks who take the          compiled some excellent online safety resources
money (or credit card data), and have no intention     for the use of children, adults, and families.
of ever delivering the purported merchandise.                   This website consists of three major
        We constantly hear of children who have        sections; Topics, Games, and Videos; all of the
become the victims of cyber-bullying, where            information is presented at a level that would be
social network websites or chat rooms are utilized     appropriate for family viewing. The Topics
to engage in the cyber-bullying. Russian crooks,       section consists of over two dozen discreet
often teenagers, continue to spread rogue              subjects, each hyperlinked to a detailed
antivirus software in order to extort money from       explanation of that subject. The Topics include a
victims, and then sell the credit card information     child online safety section "Net Cetera"; scam
to other crooks.                                       avoidance; instructions on how to safely dispose
        We plead that something ought to be done       of old computers, considering both personal
about these and the other endemic online scams;        security and environmental concerns; "An
once again, the federal government has launched        Overview of Computer Security - Stop • Think •
a website to educate us such that we may become        Click"; securing your home wireless network;
resistant to such scams and other internet threats,    identity theft; internet auctions; "Kids' Privacy";
OnGuardOnline.gov.                                     laptop security; spyware, malware, and viruses;
                                                       online investing safety; safe online shopping tips;
        According to the header on the opening         phishing (identity theft); hotspot safety and
page of OnGuardOnline.gov, "(this website)             security; and other relevant and useful topics.
provides practical tips from the federal
government and the technology industry to help                  Many kids and adults like playing games,
you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure         and the Games section has a bakers' dozen games.
your computer, and protect your personal               According to the Games page, "Feeling up for a
information." The website is maintained by the         challenge? Then test your cyber smarts with one
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with the                or all of our interactive quizzes on everything
assistance of a substantial public - private           from spam and spyware to phishing and file-
partnership.                                           sharing." I tried several of the online games, and
                                                       they are both
       Among the federal agencies and private
organizations that contribute material to the                                             (Continued on page 9)

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ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                           Volume 27, 10—July 2011

COMI G FROM?                                            SOME I TERESTI G WEBSITES:
                                                        While you’re doing some cleaning around the
QUESTIO : I have an annoyance/puzzlement
question for you: When I first bought my laptop 3       home or office, don’t forget about your
years ago, when I would run a Norton Full               computers! Cleaning them can help increase
System Scan, it would scan about 90,000 items.          performance and fix issues. (http://
The next time it was well over 100,000. The next        www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?
time it was around 300,000, and so on. When I           p=1713580
ran one last night, the count was over 800,000! I
haven't installed anything in the last several
months and not a lot before that, either. So why        Do you know how to tie your shoes? This clip
does the count keep going up so much??? Not a           shows you the “right way.”
huge deal but it does now take several hours to
run and it used to be around one. - Jay B.              http://www.flixxy.com/how-to-tie-your-shoe-
A SWER: Installing programs isn't the only
way to add to the number of files on your
computer. If you've downloaded music, pictures,         If you are a Windows 7 user, you may be
etc., those can add up fast. A prime suspect is the     interested in downloading this free Windows 7
temporary Internet files (also known as the             handbook:
browser cache files) that are downloaded to your
computer whenever you visit and view a web site.        http://www.thelongclimb.com/books/
Norton itself is probably creating many of these
files, too, as it creates protected bin files, log
files, etc. If you have System Restore turned on, it
will create restore point files. Some games create      EMAIL YBBLE #4
files every time you play them. All of these add        (Continued from page 2)
up over time.
         If you don't already, run the Disk Cleanup     can be openly expressed; write letters to the Editor;
tool regularly. In XP, you can even automate the        or write to our Congressional representatives.
process so Windows will run it for you
automatically. For instructions on scheduling it as     Effective, non-offensive email requires
a task in XP, see KB article 315246 at                  creativity.
http://www.wxpnews.com/ING6K0/110524-                            It’s probably human nature to become
Disk-Cleanup                                            careless if a job is easy. And emailing is easy. Most
                                                        of us haven’t learned it as a structured form of
                                                        communication, because the rules are still
                                                        evolving. We’re literally making them up as we go.
                                                        Some of the rules concern the limits of personal
                                                        comments. But understanding this constraint, we’re
                                                        least likely to offend if we remember that every
                                                        email has the potential to become public, and that
                                                        recipients are different from us: They may
                                                        understand words uniquely, and our emotional
                                                        intent might not be translatable. We have to know,
                                                        or imagine, how they think.

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  ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                           Volume 27, 10—July 2011

REVIEW OF JU E 8, 2011 MEETI G                              three pictures and merge them into one for unique
                                                            effects. Also some minor retouching of spots and
        Mike Volker, an experienced photographer
                                                            removal red eye. Lastly, he created a slide show
with many years in the business, provided an
                                                            with ease.
excellent program on Photoshop Elements. This
                                                                     Photoshop Elements is an excellent way to
software is very versatile and, as Mike
                                                            organize photos, as Mike demonstrated. Mike
demonstrated, easy to use. It costs about 15% of
                                                            suggested having one folder for each year
the professional program and does 90% of what the
                                                            subdivided by the month the photos were taken.
professional program does.
                                                            With Photoshop you can print thumbnails of your
        He discussed adjustment layers which
                                                            photos which you can then place in clear archival
enable the user to change the photo to bring back
                                                            sheets and then in a 3-ring binder for easy
details of lighting, contrast, and original quality
                                                            reference. He also recommended backing up your
using a histogram. If you are making lots of
                                                            pictures quarterly and making a copy off site, that
adjustments to a photo, first save it as a tiff file and
                                                            is, to someone not in the same household in case of
work with it there. Always leave the original
                                                            a disaster.
untouched. He demonstrated how to take

HOW TO CLEAR THE CO TE TS                                   Q. HOW DO PHOTOCOPIERS WORK
OF THE CLIPBOARD                                            and under what conditions are they programmed
                                                            not to work?
The clipboard is the area in memory on your
computer where data that you cut or copy is                 A. They are similar to a camera, but instead of a
stored so you can paste it somewhere else. But              negative image on a photosensitive film, they
the information stored there can, in some cases,            create a real image from a pattern of positive
present a security risk. If you do a large amount           charges after exposure to light, says Jennifer
of cutting and pasting, the system may even slow            Quellrtte in "Black Bodies and Quantum Cats." A
down until you clear the contents of the                    rotating drum is covered with photo conductive
clipboard. Here's how to do it.                             material; a light bulb flashes, and the image of the
                                                            original document is projected onto the drum. The
In XP:                                                      positively charged dark areas not exposed to light
                                                            attract the negatively charged dry ink (toner).
Under Edit, select Office Clipboard. The                    Result: excellent color copying.
Clipboard Viewer will open. At that point, you
have a choice of pasting any/all clips, or deleting         An unforeseen consequence, though was
all/some. After you have completed the desired              xerographic counterfeit currencies. So in 1993
action, close the viewer.                                   Xerox made copiers with built-in software able to
                                                            detect when currency is being copied. One model
In Windows 7 and Vista:                                     automatically colors the entire page cyan blue,
On the Home tab at the top left, click on the               making it useless. "Another has blue screen come
Clipboard check mark. The contents of the                   up on the user interface, warning that currency
Clipboard will be displayed. You can clear or               reproduction is forbidden, and the copier
paste all the items at this point, or just a few.           automatically shuts down," Ouellette says.
After you have completed the desired action,                (This article was in the Plain Dealer (6-8-2011)
close the viewer.                                           pageHA4 by Bill and Rich Sones, Ph.D.)

                                                            (Submitted by Jim McIntyre)
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ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                               Volume 27, 10—July 2011

     "Hardware: the parts of a computer that              org or net etc has to be registered with a central
          can be kicked" (Jeff Pesis)                     agency.Information within this register can be
                                                          used to pinpoint the geographical location and
        A web address is sometimes called a               computer where each and every web site is
URL. A precise definition of URL can be found             stored. Your browser uses this information (rather
in a computer glossary but you certainly don't            like a detailed street map) to find the web site you
need to know it in order to use one! What you do          want.
need to know is that a URL can be a Web page's            ms.htm The name of the actual document you
address on the Internet - just like an address in the     will see in your browser.
physical world identifies where someone lives.                    So to extend our postal address analogy
        To get a letter to someone, we must be            almost to the breaking point:
sure to include their house number, street address,
                                                          www = the city
city, and zip code. The URL below also has
                                                          microsoft.com = the street name
individual parts which are necessary to
distinguish it from all other pages on the Web.           ms.htm = the house number.
                                                                  Many web sites contain more than one
http://www.microsoft.com/ms.htm                           section. You can think of these rather like floors
         This is the URL for the front page of            in a building. You'll be able to recognize them by
Microsoft's web site. It looks ridiculously               additional sections, separated by a "/" in the
complicated, but we'll make some sense of it.             middle of an address. There are also some URLs
First of all, a period is always called a dot. You        that end in letters other than html or htm - such as
really give yourself away as a newbie if you say          cgi, php or asp. But don't worry about these
"period" or "point" when quoting a web address.           technicalities. Our postal address analogy, while
A dot separates the major parts of the address            not being technically perfect, will be sufficient to
while a slash ( / ) separates subdivisions within         give you a basic idea of what is going on.
the main parts. A dash ( - ) is used to connect           (Submitted by Elaine Szaniszlo)
words as spaces are not allowed in a URL. Now
let's look at each part of this URL:
                                                              ICA  EXPA DS I TER ET
http: This refers to the protocol (or method) that            DOMAI   AMES
your browser is using to communicate with the                         On June 20, 2011 the Internet Corp. for
server on which this site is kept. In this case,              Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which
you're using Hypertext - as you will with all web             oversees Internet domain names, voted to expand
sites.                                                        the naming system so Internet address names will
www Pretty obvious - World Wide Web. It's                     be able to end with almost any word in any
there to distinguish this address from one which              language. The plan would dramatically increase
might refer to a local, non-Internet, address. It's           the number of Internet domain name endings,
rather like the situation in a business where there           called generic top-level domains, from the current
is a local mail system (which uses an internal set            22, which includes such familiar domains
of addresses) and also mail which is going                    as .com, .edu, .org and .net.
outside the building via the normal postal service.                   Applications for new domain names cost
You'd use a different form of address for each                $185,000 each and will be accepted from Jan. 12,
type, yes? Web addresses are no different.                    2012, to April 12, 2012. Only "established public
microsoft.com This refers to the domain name of               or private organizations" can apply, and
this web site. Obviously the first part refers to             applicants must prove they have the financial and
Microsoft while the second part (.com) indicates              technical capability needed to operate a domain.
that this is a commercial company. Every com,

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 ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                        Volume 27, 10—July 2011

By Lee Reynolds, Contributing Editor,
Boca Raton Computer Society, FL
(April 2011 issue, Boca Bits)
                                                              a Stocks gadget for tracking stocks
        Windows Vista introduced a new feature                a Picture Puzzle where you slide tiles around
called the Sidebar, which was a narrow section of                 against a timer
your Desktop where you could have small                       a Slide Show gadget for showing the photos
applications running called Gadgets. These                        you configure for it
Gadgets could be moved out of the Sidebar and             Other Gadgets
anchored somewhere else on your Desktop, if you           There are many other Gadgets that can be
wished, but still the Sidebar application had to be       downloaded from the internet and installed, if you
running.                                                  so desire…
         In Windows 7, there is no longer any             Windows 7/Vista Gadget Options
Sidebar, but Desktop Gadgets are still present, and               If you click on the Show Desktop area of
you set them up in a new Control Panel applet of          the Taskbar in Windows 7 (a narrow rectangular
the same name. (In Windows Vista, the Sidebar             area on the extreme right end), then you will see
was on by default, whereas in Windows 7 there is          the Desktop with its Gadgets (if any.) In Windows
no Sidebar and any Gadgets you want must be               Vista, when you clicked on the Show Desktop
configured in Control Panel.)                             icon of the Quick Launch Bar, the Gadgets were
Windows 7 Gadgets                                         not visible.
        The Gadgets present in Windows 7 are the                   Gadgets can be shown on your Desktop in
same as those provided by Vista, with an                  Windows 7 even if you are not on line with an
additional one that is connected to Windows               internet connection, but they will in this case
Media Center. These Gadgets are mini-                     feature a time stamp which shows how out of date
applications designed to use web technology so as         the associated data is. Some of the Gadgets, e.g.,
to provide real-time access to information of one         the Calendar, can be toggled between various
type or another available through the internet. The       sizes. Some of them have Touch capabilities for
built-in Gadgets are these:                               those users who have a touch screen attached to
                                                          their PC.
    a Calendar application which shows the
       month, day, year, and day of week. If you
       click it, you will see the entire month
   a Clock which can be configured to show one
       of 8 different clock faces and any time
   a Currency converter
   a Headline Feed of RSS feeds that you are
       subscribed to via Internet Explorer
   a CPU meter which shows two analog style
       dials measuring current memory usage and
       CPU utilization
   a Media Center gadget that shows a revolving
       set of links to various parts of Windows
       Media Center
   a Weather gadget which can be configured for
       any location in the world

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ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                          Volume 27, 10—July 2011

(Continued from page 4)

                                                      blog or on the website, allowing others to play the
cute and educational. The                             games. The videos available on
games are colorful, utilize                           OnGuardOnline.gov cover a variety of subjects,
exciting sounds and music,                            and are geared to different age levels. Five are
and are mostly of the                                 "Net Cetera Videos" (also available on YouTube)
interactive question and                              and are intended to be viewed by children (as well
answer variety. If correct                            as parents), and cover "... online risks, including
answers are chosen, the game                          sharing too much information, scams, viruses,
displays some congratulatory words, as well as an     P2P file-sharing, and cyberbullying." Another
enhanced explanation; if an incorrect answer is       video is intended to "... help parents start a
picked, the reasons are given why the answer is       conversation with their kids about online safety,
wrong, and the correct response is then displayed.    and find resources to help them."
At the end of each game a final score is displayed            The three "Phishy Videos" are "60-second
along with links for additional information.          spots [which] expose phishing scams where
        Games cover a variety of topics including     online fraudsters use email, pop-ups, or text
P2P (Peer to Peer) file sharing, ID Theft,            messages to get your personal and financial
spyware, cybercrime, and other contemporary           information by showing what phishing would
cyber safety subjects. Users should play each of      look like offline." All of these videos may be
these games, and learn from them. Each game           explicitly forwarded, posted, or linked from other
only takes a minute or two to play, but they are      websites and blogs.
loaded with useful and beneficial information.                OnGuardOnline.gov is an excellent
        In "Invasion of the Wireless Hackers," the    website that provides a wealth of information for
player must protect his Wi-Fi network from evil       parents and children in a fun and pleasant way. It
hackers by correctly answering questions about        would be most appropriate for families to play the
wireless security. A correct answer keeps the evil    games and watch the videos together. While some
hackers away from the computer, but incorrect         of the subjects are intended to help us protect our
answers, along with some creepy music, bring the      fiscal health, the most valuable subjects can help
hackers closer and closer to the computer until it    us protect our most valuable assets, our children.
is taken over by the evil hackers.
        In the game "Invest Quest" the player
spins and advances by successfully answering          HOW MUCH DO YOU K OW
questions about online investing safety. Several
                                                      ABOUT YOUR GOVER ME T?
times during the game a window pops up warning
the player that a scammer is trying to steal his      bensguide.gpo.gov
money, and he can be protected by answering the               This link isn’t much to look at
question correctly, otherwise the winnings in his
                                                      graphically. However, for K-12 students,
piggy bank may be stolen. By playing these fun
games the user can learn valuable lessons about       parents, and teachers, there’s a treasure chest of
computing safety and security. The games are          goodies organized into four age groups. A
appropriate for both children and adults, and         separate Parents & Teachers area instructs users
could be a healthy family activity. For those with    how to best use the site for learning and contains
websites or blogs, the code for each of the games     publications for sale, links to curriculum, and
can be obtained by clicking the "Grab this Game"      links to related external sites. All of us can learn
button, which will display a few lines of code.
                                                      something here.
This code can then be copied and pasted into the

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ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                     Volume 27, 10—July 2011

                             COMI G EVE TS—JULY 2011

              TREASURED MEMORIES WORKSHOP - Monday, July 11, 10:00 am, Fairview Park
              Senior Center, 20769 Lorain Rd.- An introduction to Genealogy for non-computer
              literate seniors. Jointly, volunteers of NEOPC, CAGG, and GCGS are conducting a
              workshop for seniors who do not have access to computers, but wish to transcribe their
   07/11      memories to a computer generated "TREASURED MEMORIES" book for their
              descendents. All seniors are welcome to participate by stating their memories and the
              volunteers will transcribe the material to a computer program designed for the purpose,
              Brother's Keeper. NEOPC members should encourage their parents or grandparents to
              come to our workshop.

              Northeast Ohio PC Club (NEOPC) General Meeting is held at Westlake Porter Public
              Library located at 27333 Center Ridge Road, Westlake. The agenda is the following;
   07/13      6:30pm-7:00pm Social (Pastries and Beverages); 7:00pm-7:15pm Club Announcements;
              7:15pm - 8:30pm Main program "Comparison of Current Desktop Processors" by Tony

              APCUG - Annual Meeting & Conference, in Independence, Ohio - July 15 - 17 . . . . The
              conference will start with a sign in and registration on Friday afternoon, July 15 at 3:00
              PM EDT and will be followed by a "Meet & Greet" in the lounge. The attendance fee for
              the conference is $65. This covers Friday's "Meet & Greet," a full day of workshop
              sessions on Saturday, and a half-day on Sunday. See our website page for details:

              TREASURED MEMORIES WORKSHOP - Monday, July 25, 10:00 am, Fairview Park
              Senior Center, 20769 Lorain Rd.- An introduction to Genealogy for non-computer
              literate seniors. Jointly, volunteers of NEOPC, CAGG, and GCGS are conducting a
              workshop for seniors who do not have access to computers, but wish to transcribe their
   07/25      memories to a computer generated "TREASURED MEMORIES" book for their
              descendents. All seniors are welcome to participate by stating their memories and the
              volunteers will transcribe the material to a computer program designed for the purpose,
              Brother's Keeper. NEOPC members should encourage their parents or grandparents to
              come to our workshop.


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Our goal is to be responsive to the needs and
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ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                   Volume 27, 10—July 2011

                                   General Meeting Program Schedule

    July 13                "Comparison of Current Desktop Processors" by Tony

    August 10              "Mr. Inkman" by David Kluter.

    September 14           "Q & A" with Lee Gerber and Dennis Lewis.

    October 12             "Ebooks and Audiobooks Update" by Overdrive Inc. / Dan
                           Proposed Programs

    November 9             "Cell and Smart Phones" by AT&T/ Gerald Cates.

    December 14            "Computer Forensics" by Detective Tim Tolaro.

                           Proposed 2012 Programs

    January 11             "Income    Tax Updates for 2011" by Ian Abbott.

    February 8             "Skype Update" by Bruce Bockman.


              President: Lee Gerber             440-333-4435     leegerber@wowway.com

    1st Vice President: Jim McIntyre            440-356-3210     jpmcintyre@prodigy.net

   2nd Vice President: Dick Rose                440-331-4072     dtrose@cox.net

    3rd Vice President:

              Treasurer: Bill Frank             440-734-2021     wefrank@juno.com

              Secretary: Carol Romano           440-835-3501     cromano5556@wowway.com

     Member at Large: Mario Romano              440-835-3501     mromano0648@wowway.com

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 ybbles & Bytes - A Publication of EOPC Club                                      Volume 27, 10—July 2011

                       Member of CCS

                Cleveland Computer Society

                              EOPC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIO
(Expiration 12 months from date of enrollment)
                                                     Please tell us a little about yourself:

Spouse_________________________________              Operating System You Have:

Address_________________________________             __Windows 7 __Windows Vista

City/State/ZIP____________________________           __Windows XP        __Other

Voice phone:_______________________                  __Other (please specify)__________________

_________________________________                Your Skill       Beginner Inter-  Advanced Group
                                                 Level:                    mediate          Leader
Sponsor (optional)                               Word

Membership Dues (one year)                       Spreadsheets
$25.00—includes all members of
       immediate family.                         Digital
$12.50—full time student under 25 years          Imaging
       of age                                    Digital
Mail this application with your check to:
                                                 Web Design
P.O. Box 16802                                   Genealogy
Cleveland, OH 44116

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