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Change Service Requested
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                                                                         May - July 2011

 GOOD SCOUT Golf Tournament                                                                           Sample Memorial
     Honoree Announced                                                                                Scout Scholarship
  Council President Rudy Santoro recently announced that Tony Stupore,                Thanks to the continuing generosity of friends of the late Bill Sample
immediate past council president, ahs been selected as the 2011 GOOD               and of the Suffolk County Council, the William H. Sample Memorial Scout
SCOT Golf Tournament honoree. A great Scouter, and golfer, Tony is looking         Scholarship is again being offered for 2011. Named in honor of a dedicated
forward to a great day on the links as well as a successful day financially        Scouter and past council president, the scholarship has assisted deserving
from this vital Suffolk County Council fundraising event.                          Scouts since 1997.
  See the tournament information elsewhere in this issue to find out about a          Additional information and an application is available on the council web-
special opportunity for Scouters to participate.                                   site (, under SCHOLARSHIPS on the right-hand side of the
                                                                                   home page.
                                                                                      Presentation will be made to the selected recipient at the awards dinner
                                                                                   for the council golf outing on June 20, 2011.
         Be Prepared for the Future
                                                                                      ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY MAY 31, 2011
  ATTENTION UNIT LEADERS! Be sure to attend your district’s leaders                                      so don’t delay.
roundtable meeting in June. Your program planning kit, containing everything
needed to plan an outstanding unit program for the 2011-2012 program year,
will be handed out at that time.
    The key to an attractive, interesting program for your youth members,                           Merit Badge
as well as fulfilling some of the Journey to Excellence requirements, is good
planning.                                                                                       Counselor Registration
  Don’t let your unit miss out on a timely start to creating that plan!
                                                                                    The annual merit badge counselor re-registration process is currently under-
                                                                                  way – with an added element. Letters have been sent to all currently regis-
                                                                                  tered counselors, asking if they are willing to counsel Scouts for another year
                                                                                  and to verify the listed contact information.
                                                                                    Added this year is the current Youth Protection Training requirement. Merit
       Don’t Delay – Register Them                                                badge counselor is a registered volunteer position in the BSA. And while
                                                                                  many counselors are also registered in a unit, district or council position, some
                 Today!                                                           are not, but are still covered by the requirement for current youth protection
  The Webelos-to-Scout transition process is well underway throughout the           New lists of approved merit badge counselors will be included in the pro-
Suffolk County Council. And there is an additional aspect to it this year. As     gram planning kits distributed at the June leaders roundtable meetings. All
a part of the Journey to Excellence for troops you need to, at least, hold two    previous lists are invalid after June 1st.
joint activities with a Cub pack, one of which is a Webelos parent orientation
and camp promotion meeting. Silver level requires recruiting two Webelos
Scouts and the Gold level, five Webelos Scouts.
  Of course, the important step is to actually register those Webelos Scouts
in your troop!

         Joseph N. Bond Eagle Scout
                                                                                       THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF
   The June 7th deadline for submission of 2011 applications for the Joe Bond
 Scholarship is fast approaching. Application forms and additional information       SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL, BSA
 is available on the council website ( on the right-hand side
 Table of Contents
           Activities & Events
           Newsday Field of Wheels                            2013 National Scout Jamboree
           Memorial Day Flag Placement
           GOOD SCOUT Golf Tournament
                                                 The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve
   5       Journey to Excellence
   5       Summer Camp Opportunities              The Suffolk County Council plans to take a contin-         What Can We Do at the Summit?
   5       F.D.R. Division                      gent of four troops, each consisting of 36 youth and           You name it! The jamboree program reflects the
   6       Matinecock District                  4 adult leaders, as well as a Venturing of 32 young          skills of Scouting—physical fitness, environmental
   7       Sagtikos District                    men and women and 8 adult leaders to the 2013                conservation, our national heritage, and the true spirit
   8-9     Council Fellowship Dinner Photos     National Scout Jamboree to be held at The Summit             of Scouting. See yourself rappelling, scuba diving,
                                                Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, Goshen, West          kayaking, rafting, and sailing. Experience trap shoot-
   10      Trailblazer District
                                                Virginia, July 15 -24th 2013.                                ing, archery, biking, buckskin games, confidence
   11      Benjamin Tallmadge District            To attend, a Scout must meet the following qualifi-        courses, conservation trail, and more! There is not
   11      2011 Wood Badge N7-404-11-1          cations. (These qualifications are yet to be finalized):     enough time in the day for all the exciting activities
   12      Leadership Training for Boy Scouts     •	 Be at least a First Class Scout at time of attendance   that are there waiting for you to try.
              & Venturing Crew Members               at Jamboree                                               Daily activities include an incredible merit badge
   12      Gathering of Eagles                    •	 Have completed 5th grade or be at least 11 years        midway, arts and sciences, a re-creation of Baden-
   13      Exploring Division                        of age by July 1, 2013, and have not reached his        Powell’s original Scout camp on Brownsea Island,
   14      Catholic Committee on Scouting            18th birthday by August 5, 2013. We are awaiting        an American Indian village, regional entertainment
                                                     details but yes, 11 year olds will be permitted to      stages, and many other activities. The arena shows
   14      Jewish Committee on Scouting
                                                     attend..                                                are a highlight for all participants. The jamboree is
   14      Lutheran Committee on Scouting
                                                  •	 Be approved by his Scoutmaster and the local            Scouting at its very best!
   15      Commissioners Corner                      council jamboree committee.
   16      Eagle Scout Announcements              •	 Participate in pre-jamboree training experience         High Adventure
   16      Memorials                              •	 Submit a Jamboree Medical Form
                                                     To attend as a leader, an adult must meet the fol-        The excitement of the jamboree isn’t limited to
                                                lowing qualifications:                                       Scouts. The Summit will feature a large visitor area,
                                                  •	 Meet the qualifications for one of the positions.       where day-users can try out some of the activities
 Support the United Way and Scouting –            •	 Agree to abide by the commitment and code of            that the Scouts are dialing in around other parts of
           Donor Designate!                          conduct.                                                the Summit. Also, 2013 will be the first year that
                                                  •	 Be approved by the council jamboree committee.          Venturers, a branch of the BSA that includes young
              The Suffolk County Council          •	 Participate in pre-jamboree training experience
         is a partner agency of the Long                                                                     women, will be part of the jamboree. Whitewater raft-
                                                  •	 Submit a Jamboree Medical Form                          ing and kayaking, rock climbing and bouldering, and
         Island United Way. The council
 does receive funding through other United                                                                   mountain biking are just a few of the activities offered
 Ways from individuals who designate              The trip fee is yet to be determined and will depend
                                                                                                             at the Summit. There’s also skateboarding, BMX,
 their contribution to go to Suffolk County     on touring and other costs. The fee will include trans-
                                                                                                             shooting sports, and zip-line challenge courses. And
 Council, BSA. When making your United          portation, meals, lodging, special patches, hat, T-shirt,
 Way pledge where you work, remember
                                                                                                             that’s just the beginning.
                                                all patrol and troop equipment, training weekends
 Scouting. Designate some or all of your
                                                and a touring adventure on the way to the jamboree.
 pledge to the Suffolk County Council.
                                                When we leave for touring is yet to be determined.           History
                                                Each Scout submitting a registration form will need

                                                                                                                The first Boy Scouts of America national jamboree
                                                to include a $100 deposit, payable by check to the
                                                                                                             was scheduled to be held in Washington, D.C., in
                                                council service center. This deposit is “transferable
                                                                                                             1935 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Scouting in
                                                and not refundable”. Please watch the

                                                                                                             America. Unfortunately, the jamboree was canceled
                                                website for further information. Final payment is due
                                                                                                             because of a polio outbreak in Washington. When the
                                                by February of 2013. Please understand that this is a
                                                                                                             first jamboree was finally held in 1937, Dan Beard lit
                                                pre-announcement of this high adventure event, and

                                                these are all the details available at this time. More       the opening campfire using flint and steel. Scouts from
                                                information will be forthcoming.                             all 48 states brought the wood that was used in the
                                                                                                             campfire. There were some 27,232 Scouts camped on
                                                                                                             the National Mall under the Washington Monument.
                                                A New Venue:
                                                                                                             Since that time, 16 national jamborees have been held,
                                                The Summit Bechtel Family                                    the last in 2010.
                                                National Scout Reserve
                                                  In 2009, the BSA purchased 10,600 acres of prop-
                                                                                                             Baden-Powell’s Vision
                                                erty adjacent to West Virginia’s New River Gorge
                                                National River area in order to create The Summit              In 1916, Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the
                                                Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve (the Summit).          Scouting movement, knew what success looked like
                                                The Summit is the new home of achievement, adven-            for the 10th anniversary of Scouting. It was the sight of
                                                ture, and innovation in Scouting. With world-class           thousands of youth gathered together to celebrate. The
THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF                        facilities and a focus on outdoor action sports, the         jamboree was born! In his words, “The secret of its
    SUFFOLK COUNTY                              Summit will welcome Scouts to a whole new jamboree           growth lies in that indeterminate force which we only
                                                experience in summer 2013. 45,000 youth and adults           know as the ‘Scout Spirit,” and grow it has!
      COUNCIL,BSA                               are expected to attend.

Page 2 Navigator, May - July 2011
Suffolk County Council Boy Scouts of America
Fall 2011 Popcorn Fundraiser
Popcorn Kickoff Event – Monday, August 29, 2011 – East End (BHSC)
Popcorn Kickoff Event – Tuesday, August 30, 2011 – West End (TBD)
Show N Sell Orders Due – September 6, 2011
Show N Sell Distribution – September 16 & 17, 2011
Show N Sell Product Return –Saturday, October 29, 2011
Take Order & Prizes Due – November 7, 2011
Take Order Distribution – November 18 & 19, 2011
Popcorn Payment Due – December 2, 2011

Council Popcorn Kernel • For more information contact a Kernel or visit:
Lauren Vlachos @ 924-7000 ext. 37                 

District Popcorn Kernels
Benjamin Tallmadge Donna Dunn                        495-0031
Matinecock             Miriam Puttre               266-5951
Sagtikos               Dave Colford                  786-9796
Trailblazer            Pat Tariol                   772-8081

                                                         Activities & Events
                                                         Scouting for Food March 2011 – Results to Date

                                                              Benjamin Tallmadge – 20,000 lbs.
                                                              Matinecock – 32,858; 17 pantries; 42 units
                                                              Sagtikos – 16,280; 28 pantries; 23 units
                                                              Trailblazer – 15,517; 35 pantries; 26 units

                                                         Total – 84,382 lbs. collected and distributed to more than 80 pantries throughout Suffolk

                                                            The council wishes to recognize and thank everyone for their participation. Special thanks
                                                         to Scouting for Food Chairman Paul LaMartina who did a fantastic job coordinating the
                                                         campaign for the council and Sagtikos District, and to Gerri Alfano, Matt Schieferstein, and
                                                         Patti Tariol who lead the effort in their districts.
                                                            If your unit participated in this event please be sure to submit to the council service center
                                                         (Lauren Vlachos at or 924-7000 ext. 37) the approximate poundage
                                                         of food collected, as well as the names of the food pantries it was distributed to. Be sure to
                                                         also check out to report all of your service
                                                         projects. It is never too late to report a good turn. Also, bags are still available at the service
                                                         center if needed.

                                                         Newsday Field of Wheels Car Show – Saturday, May 14, 2011
                                                            Please see ad located in Navigator and be sure to have your Scouts register their pinewood
                                                         derby cars for a chance to win the Newsday Long Island Pinewood Derby Championship.
                                                         To pre-register go to Registration deadline is Friday, May
                                                         6, 2011 unless capacity is reached earlier.

                                                         Memorial Day Flag Placement/Retrieval – May 28/June 4, 2011
                                                         Calverton and LI National Cemeteries – For more information please contact the council
                                                         service center at 924-7000 ext. 37.

                                                         Support our Troops Supply Drive
                                                            The Boy Scouts of America and OnSight Support are collaborating to conduct a supply
                                                         drive to support the Troops. Supplies collected will be distributed to those serving overseas
                                                         and at home. Since 2004, OnSight Support has been working with local organizations to
                                                         collect supplies, collate, and ship those supplies to Troops in the U.S. as well as overseas.
                                                         Please bring all donations to the Memorial Day Flag Retrieval events on Saturday, June 4.
                                                         A truck will be onsite to collect all donations.
                                                         Date: Saturday, June 4, 2011 @ The Memorial Day Flag Retrieval Event
                                                         Location: Calverton and LI National Cemeteries
                                                         Phone cards -Phone cards will be distributed to resident Vets at the Northport VA Hospital.
                                                         Personal hygiene and health items should be light weight, small, portable and unscented.
                                                         School supplies - will be forwarded to active Troops as a good will gesture for local chil-
                                                         dren. Please avoid perishable items and those that melt such as chocolate or candy.

                                                                                                           Navigator, May - July 2011 Page 3
                                    Suffolk County Council                                                       Boy Scouts of America

                                                   LONG ISLAND NATIONAL CEMETERY
                                                 2011 MEMORIAL DAY FLAG PLACEMENT
                                    All Scouting units that have participated in previous years at LI National Cemetery are
                                    invited to participate again in the annual flag placement on Saturday, May 28, 2011. Long
                                    Island National Cemetery is located at 2040 Wellwood Avenue in Farmingdale, NY.

                                    Units that have not participated in the past are welcome to participate in the flag retrieval on
                                    Saturday, June 4, 2011.

                                    The event begins at 7:00 a.m. when units, at their pre-assigned areas of the cemetery, place
                                    U.S. Gravesite Flags at each grave to recognize and honor our military men and women.
                                    Scouts and their families are invited to enjoy refreshments behind the administration
                                    building once they are done placing flags. Units must return the following Saturday, June 4,
                                    at 7:00 a.m. to remove the flags and place them in bundles for storage for the following
                                    year. Rain date is Sunday, June 5, 2011.

                                    This event is coordinated with Kevin Tagg and Annette Bianco. If you have any questions
                                    please contact Annette at 631-454-4951/email: or Kevin Tagg -

                                                      THIS IS A CLASS A UNIFORM EVENT
                                        EACH PARTICIPANT WILL RECEIVE A 2011 COMMEMORATIVE PATCH
                                    Section assignments will be sent to you after you complete and fax in your participation form to
                                    Long Island National Cemetery.

                                            This form is due by May 1, 2011 to insure your unit will receive a section to work.
                                                 FAX forms to: 631-694-5422 or Email them to:

                                       Unit Information:____________________________________

                                       Name of Contact:_________________________________________



                                       Email: ________________________________________________

                                                                 Please check below what your unit can do.

                                    _____ Our unit has attended in the past and would like to participate in placement and retrieval.
                                    _____Our unit has not attended in the past but would like to participate in the retrieval.

                                      Suffolk County Council                                                     Boy Scouts of America

                                              CALVERTON NATIONAL CEMETERY
                                          MEMORIAL DAY FLAG PLACEMENT GOOD TURN
                                     All Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venture Crews, Explorer Posts, and Scouting
                                     families are invited to participate in the annual flag placement at Calverton National
                                     Cemetery on Saturday, May 28, 2011. Calverton National Cemetery is off of Route 25 in
                                     Calverton, NY.
                                     The event begins at 9:30 a.m. when units, at their pre-assigned areas of the cemetery,
                                     place U.S. GRAVESITE FLAGS at each grave to recognize and honor our military men
                                     and women. At 11:00 a.m., following the placement of flags, all Scouts and families are
                                     invited to participate in a short ceremony and enjoy refreshments. Units are expected to
                                     return the following Saturday, June 4, at 9:30 a.m. to remove the flags and place them in
                                     bundles for storage for the following year.
                                     This event is sponsored and coordinated through The American Legion Pearl Harbor
                                     Memorial Post No. 1941. For more information, contact the Suffolk County Council
                                     Service Center at 924-7000 or Frank Bailey, Council Calverton Memorial Day Chairman
                                     at 732-4529.

                                         EACH PARTICIPANT WILL RECEIVE A 2011 COMMEMORATIVE PATCH

                                         Section assignments & additional information will be mailed to you on or about May 1st after
                                           you complete and send in your participation form below to Suffolk County Council, BSA:

                                             This form is due by April 15, 2011 to insure your unit will receive a section to work.

                                         Mail to:     SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL, BSA
                                                      7 SCOUTING BOULEVARD
                                                      MEDFORD, NEW YORK 11763

                                         District: ____________ Pack # _____________ Troop # ____________ Crew # _____________

                                         Approximate number of participants: ____________ Do you wish to be teamed with another
                                         particular Pack or Troop? If so, which Unit? ____________. Are you requesting any particular
                                         section to work at Calverton National Cemetery? ____________
                                         Unit contact person NAME: _______________________________________________________
                                             Very Important!                                     Print
                                                               CITY: __________________________________, NY ZIP: ______________
                                                               PHONE: (     ) _______________________________
                                                                THIS IS A “RAIN OR SHINE” EVENT

Page 4 Navigator, May - July 2011
Journey to Excellence
                                                                                                          F.D.R. Division
Replaces Good Turn for America                                                                            District Executive Lauren Vlachos
                                                                                                (631) 924-7000, ext. 37; Email:
  You can now enter your service hours at                      District Commissioner Jack Petracca – (631) 271-5934
toexcellence. Scroll down the page to see the link on the right hand side. Users
of www.goodturnforamerica will be redirected to the Journey to Excellence
  The new Journey to Excellence service hour website will replace the Good          Boy Scouts of America,
Turn for America website, so there will never be duplication. The reports
available in the Good Turn for America site will also be available in the JTE       Special Needs Scouting Division
service hour website. When you visit the website, look to the right hand side.
Units that have used the Good Turn for America website should click “return-
ing user” and they will see the same page they used to see at the Good Turn                       24th Annual Golf Outing
for America site. They will use the same user name and password they have
always used. If the unit has never set up an account, then they will be a first                     Tuesday, August 9th
time user. All users are encouraged to create a user name and password that
can be passed onto the next Unit Service Coordinator/Volunteer such as if they
are Pack 2 – User name Pack 2, Password: (Maybe this is the name of your
                                                                                                    SAVE THE DATE
meeting place). Units that have questions should check out: http://www.scout-         The Suffolk County Council, Boy Scouts of America, Special Needs for answers           Scouting Division will hold its 24th Annual Golf Outing on Tuesday, August
to all their questions about reporting service hours and projects, and Eagle        9, 2011. The tournament will take place at the Hamlet Wind Watch Golf and
service hours and projects.                                                         Country Club, 1717 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, NY with a morning tee-
                                                                                    off filled with games and prizes, breakfast and refreshments on the course.
                                                                                    Following the tournament will be an awards luncheon and prize drawing at
How to Record Service Hours                                                         the Country Club.
First-time user:                                                                      The Special Needs Scouting Division provides programs for more than 200
    •	 You will need your unit ID (five to 11 digits) and your unit number
                                                                                    developmentally, physically, and emotionally disabled youth and adults of
       (four digits, no letters). You can get this information by calling the
                                                                                    Suffolk County. The mission of the division is to provide opportunities for
       service, 631-924-7000, ext. 37 or 26.
                                                                                    individuals with special needs to participate in the Scouting movement. The
    •	 Go to the website at
                                                                                    division not only offers Scouts the opportunity to earn special achievements
       Look for the “Service Project” area of the screen. Click on “Enter
                                                                                    and awards but also to enhance life skills, foster independence, and build self-
       service hours here.” Choose “Click here to log in or create an
       account.” Volunteers with a MyScouting account can also reach the
                                                                                      Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 9th. Your support in this
       Journey to Excellence service hour website by clicking on the service
                                                                                    outing will enable us to continue to provide life-enriching Scouting programs
       hours link on the left side of the screen in the “Unit Tools” section.
                                                                                    for more than 200 individuals with special needs. For more information or
    •	 Select “Click Here” to register. Complete your information and create
                                                                                    to reserve our best package “Champion Sponsorship” which includes signage
       a user name and password. The user name must be unique (you may
                                                                                    throughout the event, a 4some of golfers, and recognition in program all for
       have to try again). Your e-mail address will be used only if you forget
                                                                                    $1250 please contact Lauren Vlachos at 924-7000 ext. 37 or LVLACHOS@
       your password.
                                                                           Please join us as we celebrate our Scouts and enjoy a great day
Returning user:
                                                                                    of golf.
    •	 Enter your user name and password, then click “Login.” Select an

                              Summer Camp Opportunities
    The Suffolk County Council is committed to provide quality outdoor                completed before camp.
    opportunities for all of its Scouts with its troop camping programs. If        •	 Counselor in Training Program (June 30-July 23) – for Scouts at
    your troop does not have summer camp plans, a Scout can attend:                   least 14 years old by July 1.
    •	 Provisional Camp where adult leadership is provided and he has the
       opportunity to particpate in all programs. Provisional camping also         Cub Scouts also have many summer camp opportunities and they
       allows Scouts to return for more than one week of camp during the           include:
       5 weeks offered this summer.                                                •	 Baiting Hollow Day Camp – 9 one-week sessions
    •	 Bridge Camp (August 1-7) is for Boy Scouts who have just bridged            •	 Cub Adventure Day Camp – 7 one-week sessions
       over from Webelos. Scouts are given the opportunity to work on              •	 Resident Camp at Baiting Hollow – 5-day, 4-night program for Cub
       Totin Chip, Fireman Chit, Baiting Hollow naturalist and participate            Scouts and Webelos to sleep at camp.
       in all of the other camp programs.                                          •	 Cub Parent Weekend Camping – 5 action packed weekends
    •	 Aquatics Camp (July 31-August 6) – Participants must pass the BSA
       Swim test on the day of arrival. Scouts will go on an overnight canoe       Family Camp is offered the three summer holiday weekends –
       trip, enjoy sailing on the Long Island Sound and work towards BSA           Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.
       Boardsailing, Kayaking, Mile Swim and Lifeguard.
    •	 Eagle Camp (August 14-19) Counselors will be available for all              Call the council service center or go to the council website (
       the Eagle required merit badges, but the Scout is responsible to plan       or the Baiting Hollow Scout Camp website (baitinghollowscoutcamp.
       early and see which merit badges have requirements that must be             org) for information.

                                                                                                                            Navigator, May - July 2011 Page 5
                                                                                          DISTRICT LEADERSHIP CHANGES
                     Matinecock District                                                    The annual district committee elections, held on March 17th, brought with it a number
                                                                                          of changes to Matinecock District. New members-at-large added for 2011-2012 were
                District Chairman James Montalto – (631) 754-2917;
                                                                                          Greg Aylmer, Ed DePinter, Tom Kehoe, Jim Montalto, Jeff Nieri and Mimi Puttre.
                                                                                            Jim Montalto was elected as the new District Chairman for Matinecock District. As a
              District Commissioner John A. Davis – (631) 544-9336;
                                                                                          youth, he was a member of Troop 106 (Huntington) and has an Eagle Scout son out of
                                                                                          the same troop. Active for many years with the district’s GOOD DEED event commit-
        Assistant Scout Executive John A. Nowak - (631) 924-7000, ext. 13;                tee, Jim was the GOOD DEED Award recipient in 2006.
                            Email:                                      John Rosenblatt, our district chairman for the past four years, remains a member of the
             Paraprofessional Elaine Gray – (631) 924-7000 x27 Email:                     district committee and moves on to new challenges as Associate Lodge Advisor for the
                                                              Shinnecock Lodge, Order of the Arrow. Under John’s leadership, Matinecock District
                                                                                          achieved Centennial Quality District recognition in 2010 as well as consistent member-
                                                                                          ship growth and surpassing district finance goals during his tenure.
                                                                                            THANK YOU to John Rosenblatt and WELCOME to Jim Montalto from the
                                                                                          Matinecock District Scouting family.
   5        Commisisoner staff meeting                                                    FRIENDS OF SCOUTING
   12       Leaders roundtable meeting                                                       At the time this article is being written, a Friends of Scouting presentation has been
   12       Nissequogue Chapter Order of the Arrow meeting                                made to the parents and leaders of twenty-five Matinecock District units. With the
   19       District Recognition Dinner                                                   result that over $21,000, or two-thirds of the district’s dollar portion of the goal has
   20-22    Introduction to Outdoor Leaders Skills (IOLS) training                        been achieved. A further twenty-two presentations are scheduled which should see
   26       District committee meeting                                                    that goal met.
   27-30    Family Camp at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp                                         But, the other part of our goal is to have every Matinecock pack and troop par-
   28       Memorial Day Flag Placement                                                   ticipate in supporting the council. Only three packs, but eleven troops, have yet to
   30       Memorial Day holiday - Service center closed                                  schedule a presentation in support of Scouting in Suffolk County. Don’t be conspicu-
                                                                                          ous by being the last unit on that list!
                                                                                             CONGRATULATIONS to Cub Scout Packs 34, 66 and 403 and to Boy Scout
   June                                                                                   Troops 3, 32 and 877. By meeting their goal (total FOS commitments equaling a $35
   2        Commisisoner staff meeting
                                                                                          per family average) these units qualify to receive FREE rank advancement patches
   4        Memorial Day Flag Retrival
                                                                                          for twelve months!
   9        Leaders roundtable meeting
                                                                                             Who will be the next home run unit?
            (location change to Elwood Middle School)
   11       Cub Scout FUN DAY event
   16       District committee meeting                                                    RECOGNITION DINNER
   20       GOOD SCOUT Golf Tournament                                                      Did you miss the fun and fellowship at the council’s recent FELLOWSHIP
                                                                                          DINNER? Or were you there and are hankering for more?
                                                                                            Then plan now to attend the Matinecock District’s annual RECOGNITION
   July                                                                                   DINNER! The event is Thursday, May 19th at J&R’s Steak House on Route 347, just
            No scheduled meetings - have a great summer!
                                                                                          east of the Smithaven Mall. Reservation forms are available on the council website
   4        Independence Day - Service center closed
                                                                                          (, either on the the Matinecock District page or linked to the May19
                                                                                          calendar listing.
   4        Commisioner staff meeting
   11       Leaders roundtable meeting & Program Launch                                   CUB SCOUT CAMP OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                            Matinecock District Cub Scouts have a great opportunity to participate in Cub Scout
                                                                                          Adventure Day Camps because four of the camp program weeks are held within the
                                                                                          district! A total of three fun-filled weeks at Centerport Beach, as well as a week at
                                                                                          Hoyt Farm in Commack, give our Cubs camping opportunities with minimal travel-
CONGRATULATIONS                                                                             Want to know more? Contact Program Assistant Elaine Gray, (631-924-7000, ext.
SILVER BEAVER AWARD RECIPIENTS                                                            27 or to request a visit to your pack by the parent of a Cub Scout
                                                                                          who can tell your parents first-hand what camp can offer.
  As always, highlight of the council’s annual FELLOWSHIP DINNER, held at Villa
Lombardi’s on March 31st, was the presentation of the Silver Beaver Award.                 SCOUTING FOR FOOD
                                                                                             Even with some units yet to report, the Matinecock District has set a new Scouting
                                                        Marc Sherman, who current-         for Food collection record!
                                                        ly serves as assistant district      So far, forty-two Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Venturing crews, Sea Scout
                                                        commissioner for Venturing,        ships and Explorer posts have reported 32,810 pounds of food collected in this year’s
                                                        and as committee chair-            effort. Seventeen food pantries and other distribution organizations were the benefi-
                                                        man for Crew 872, receives         ciaries of this success.
                                                        his certificate from Scout
                                                        Executive Dirk Smith as (l)        IMPORTANT REMINDER! Units should report their Scouting for Food participa-
                                                        escort Phyllis Stein and (r)       tion as a service project on the Journey to Excellence website. It counts toward your
                                                        wife, Arlene look on.              unit award.

                                                                                          2011 GOOD
                                                                                          DEED AWARD
                                                                                              Former Pack 457 Cubmaster
                                                                                          Loring Miller was the recipi-
Recognized for her volunteer work in                                                      ent of the 2011 GOOD DEED
her “home area”, Matinecock District’s                                                    Award. Here Council President
Program Assistant Elaine Gray was                                                         Rudy Santoro, with Immediate
escorted forward by Michele Aleixo and                                                    Past District Chairman John
Bill Strong to receive the Silver Beaver                                                  Rosenblatt, assist Loring into
Award.                                                                                    “uniform” as part of the award

Page 6 Navigator, May - July 2011
                                                                                             a dinner and dessert cook off competition where every unit had to make a dish that
                         Sagtikos District                                                   included a, theretofore, unknown secret ingredient. The secret ingredient was three
                                                                                             kinds of jelly: grape, currant and apricot. Over 15 dishes were presented to our panel
              District Chairman Gary Gravesandy - (631) 236-5333;
                         Email:                                       of judges, who rated them for taste, use of the ingredient, originality, scout prepara-
           District Commissioner Gil Johnson - (631) 261-4400, x7774;                        tion, and plating. The results were close, with the difference between first place and
                                                             third place being on 1.7 points. The winning dish, Dirty Brown Rice with Apricot
 District Executive - Michal Dluginski - (631) 924-7000 ext. 31;(631) 905-9110               Glazed Chicken, was prepared by the Scouts of Troop 151. Those Scouts were Joseph
                          Email:                                        Driscoll, David Manarino, John D’Ambrosio, Daniel Davies, Michael Frick, Jacob

                                                                                             Here is their winning recipe.
                                CALENDAR                                                              Ingredients:
                                                                                                      2 bags Minute Rice
                                                                                                      1 can peas
   May                                                                                                1 can kidney beans
   3        District Committee Meeting – 351 Brook Avenue, Bay Shore                                  1 jar apricot jelly
   10       Roundtable                                                                                1 package McCormick Tex-Mex Chili Mix
   17       Commissioner Meeting                                                                      1 package pre-cooked grilled chicken
   24       Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting
                                                                                              Boil full pot water for rice, cook rice 2 minutes. Boil peas and kidney beans in
                                                                                             separate pots, then strain and add to rice with 1/2 package of chili mix. Simmer
   June                                                                                      apricot jelly until hot and add chicken, simmer until heated through, pour chicken
   7        District Committee Meeting – 351 Brook Avenue, Bay Shore                         onto rice. Add a pinch of chili mix over chicken and serve.
   14       Roundtable
   21       Commissioner Meeting
   28       Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting                                               FALL CAMPOREE
                                                                                                It’s never too soon to prepare for the next big event. That event will be this Fall
                                                                                             on October 14-16, 2011 at Camp Pouch on Staten Island, in the Greater New York
                                                                                             City Council. The theme is Survivor, and will involve using old school Scouting
CHANGES IN THE DISTRICT COMMITTEE                                                            techniques from 40 to 50 years ago, as presented in handbooks from the 60s and
                                                                                             70s. Details have been presented at monthly roundtables, and a save the date flyer
  This year, we have elected a new slate of district leaders. Beginning on April 1,
2011, our new District Chairman is Gary X. Gravesandy, Sr. Gary has been the charter         is available. We hope you’ll be there. This event will include events for Webelos as
organization representative for Troop 25 and Crew 25, and frequently active at district      well as Boy Scouts.
committee meetings. He brings with him his skills and trainings from the Marines
and the Department of Veteran Affairs. Also in new positions are: Christopher Alley,         A MESSAGE FROM THE DISTRICT
District Vice Chairman for Program; Roy Ferarra, District Vice Chairman; and Karl
Fritch, District Vice Chairman. Chris Alley is already filling committee chairs in our       CHAIRMAN
program areas, such as activities and camping. Your participation in these areas makes         As Chair of the Sagtikos District, BSA, I am grateful for this opportunity to thank
the difference. We have an active membership chairman, George Podlaha. And now               every volunteer within our district for the hard work you are doing for our boys and
we have both a finance chairperson and a Friends of Scouting chairperson. They will          girls in scouting. The district executive and I are very excited about the energy,
be getting to work in the near future to ensure the financial success of the district.       enthusiasm, and dedication you bring to your roles as Scouting volunteers. It has been
The new district commissioner has been named, and at press time, is pending council          our good fortune to have the best team of adults to head up the units in our district. I
approval.                                                                                    am pleased to announce, our Sagtikos District has been named a Quality District for
                                                                                             the 2010 Scouting year. This accomplishment requires an incredible effort on the part
                                                                                             of every aspect of the Sagtikos District: our Scout units, the commissioner staff, and
2011 FRIENDS OF SCOUTING CAMPAIGN                                                            the district committee. Our district leadership is to be commended for an outstanding
  We still have many packs and troops that have not set a date for a Friends of Scouting     job in earning this award and congratulations to everyone in the district for your part
presentation. Our district goal of raising $21,000 is very close to being reached. And       in receiving the 2010 Quality District Award.
many of the units that have had their presentations, have reached their unit goals and
are already eligible for free rank patches at the Scout Shop. If you are a unit leader and                                                 Gary X. Gravesandy Sr.
do not have a presentation date chosen, please contact us.                                                                                 Sagtikos District Chairman.

  A number of our packs, troops and crews have not been able to recharter because
of vital leaders missing the Youth Protection Training. This training is free, and it is

online. Go to, and register using a personal email and enter your
ID number if you have it. Take the Youth Protection training course, print out the
certificate and make sure the council service center gets a copy. We’ll help you to find
out if you do not have the training.

  On April 15, 2011, the Sagtikos District inducted three more quality volunteers
into the District Award of Merit recipient circle. Those leaders were Jim Davolio,
Maureen Gruenewald and Randy Ziegler. The fellowship and recognition dinner was
held at Capt. Bill’s in Bay Shore. We had more than 70 in attendance. Also recognized
for their service were Karl Fritch, for his three years as district chairman; Michael
Ludwig for his year of service as district commissioner; Maureen Gruenewald for her
service as district nominating committee chairperson; and Bill Raab for his service
as district advancement committee chairman. A special recognition was presented to
Michael Kilbourne for many years of service to Scouting as a Scout leader, district
commissioner and unit commissioner. A new recognition, The Art Brace Distinctive
Commissioner Recognition, was given this year for the first time to Thomas J. Smith,
Assistant District Commissioner.
                                                                                                 THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF
                                                                                               SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL, BSA
  We hope you attended the Spring Camperee… our Cook-a-ree. Scouting skills
and demonstrations were held during the morning, and the afternoon culminated with

                                                                                                                                          Navigator, May - July 2011 Page 7
 Council Fellowship Dinner

                                                                                                                               adership Awards
                                                                                                    nted   three Venturing Le                      C.
                                                                                  The council prese                             icole White, Dean
                                           thank you gift for her hard                                 ard   certificates are N
   Dinne r chair Julie Hardick received a                                         year. With their aw                                ere made by past
                                       e President, Bill Dunn.                                        l C. Kelle r. Presentations w
    work from emcee and Council Vic                                               Nicolai and Michae                                  och and Robert
                                                                                                     Robert Bo    rowski, Jennifer K
                                                                                   award recipients

 Suffolk County C
                  ouncil’s own “gen
was recognized b                       uine bald eagle”
                   y Council Commis                     , Joe Bond,
Executive Dirk Sm                      sioner Dot Young                                                           gram was the presentation of
                  ith with the Vetera
                                      n Scouter Award
                                                          and Scout              A new element in this year’s pro
of Scouting.                                                                                                     olarship. Here Rose Roser (r)
                                                      for 55-years               the Warren Roser Memorial Sch
                                                                                                                   er Scott Gruenewald and his
                                                                                 is pictured with scholarship winn
                                                                                 mother, Maureen.

                                                                                                Invocation w
                                                                                                              as delivered
                                                                                                                            by Rev. Gia
                                                                  at night had                  Lynne Hall,
                                                  er ecognition th is recog-                                  Pastor of Tri
                                                                                                                            nity United
                                    its for tenur            oop 205
                                                                                               Methodist C
                 est an d oldest un           u ps. Here Tr                                    church is th
                                                                                                             hurch of Co
                                                                                                                            ram. The
       The youn                  ntation gro                                                                 e chartered
                   unit represe                                                                                            organization
       the largest          of tenure.
                                                                                              for Troop 64,
                                                                                                             which was re
        nized for 25-years                                                                    55-years of u
                                                                                                            nbroken tenu
                                                                                                                          cognized for

 Page 8 Navigator, May - July 2011
Nearly 300 Scouters, spouses and friends gathered at Villa Lombardi’s on
March 31st for the council’s 2011 Fellowship dinner. Plenty of good friends,
good food and the chance to recognize a number of Scouting accomplish-
ments marked the evening.

                                                                                       Bill Raab presents
                                                                                                           the Dave Brady
                                                                                       for Distinguished                    Awrd
                                                                                                         Commissioner Se
                                                                                       Michael Kilbourne.                rvice to

                                                receives a special plaq
     Our tie to Scoutin g’s beginning, Troop 3,
                                     unbroken tenure.
     recogn izing their 100-years of

                                                                                                           ational Eagle Scout
                                                                                    Pr esentation of the N
                                                                                                                ect of the Year
                                                                                    Assoc iation’s Service Proj
                                                                                                                   the Council’s
                                                                                    Award    to Brian Slatky by
                                                                                                          ent Brian McAuliff.
  The team that made it all possible: (l-r                                           NESA Chapter Presid
                                           ) Barbara Rosenblatt
  (Matinecock), Jane Cunneen (Sagtikos)
                                        , Julie Hardick (Council
  chair) and Mary Bishop (Trailblazer).
                                           Not pictured is Ken
  Tinsley (Benjamin Tallmadge).

                                         tation of the Silver Beaver   Trailblazer District accounted for fully one-third of
Highlight of the evening was the presen                                ner attendance. District Chairman Lou Scotti, rece
                                                                                                                             the din-
                                           ipients Geraldine Alfano,
Award. Pictured (l-r) are 2100 award rec                               coveted Attendance Award trophy from Matinecock
                                                                                                                             ives the
                                        Gray, Nina Kelly, and Aron
Marc Sherman, Martin Minogue, Elaine                                   Chairman Jim Montalto.
                                           hony Stupore.
Podell. Not pictured is 2011 recipient Ant

                                                                                                         Navigator, May - July 2011 Page 9
                                                                                            of Ronkonkoma, who earned the award.

                       Trailblazer District                                                    Leadership and service are two of the highest tenets that we teach in the Scouting
                                                                                            program. Providing role models who “walk the walk” gives us the credibility to
                 District Chairman Louis Scotti – (631) 979-0060;                           “talk the talk” with our youth. Seeing our youth members qualify for these awards
                           Email;                                    certainly reinforces that we are on the right track and renews our commitment to this
               District Commissioner Kevin Quinn – (631) 286-4571;                          tremendous program.
                           Email:                                         Our district was also recognized for its support of the event. After a one-year hiatus,
                District Executive - Kim Taylor (631) 924-7000 x16;                         we once again claimed the coveted Attendance Cup!!

                                                                                            ANNUAL DISTRICT ELECTIONS
                                                                                            - In March, the Trailblazer District had its Annual Meeting.
MALL SHOW                                                                                   The Trailblazer District Committee for 2011-2012:
   Trailblazer District’s Annual Mall Show was a success. The day started off with a            District Chairman Dr. Louis Scotti
parade of boys around the Sun-Vet Mall. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts from around the               District Commissioner Kevin Quinn
district had an opportunity display for the people of the Sun-Vet Mall “What Scouting           Membership - Gary Caruthers
is All About”. Units had crafts, activities, games and demonstrations from Scouting             Venturing - Mike Keller
Around the World. Adults as well as the boys were interested in the large Scout                 Finance - Pat Mauro
memorabilia display and the Scouter’s Reserve was on hand with patches and pins.                FOS - Patti Simon/Ellen Gherardi
We were joined by the Sheriff’s Department, Southold Indian Museum and New York                 Popcorn - Pat Tariol
Life. Units from throughout the district sent their top pinewood derby winners from             Program - Kevin Tagg
each rank to race in the District Pinewood Derby Run-off! Fun was had by all…..                     Vice Chair/ Boy Scout Activities - Steve Kesner
See you next March!                                                                                 Cub Scout Activities - Mary Bishop
                                                                                                    Webelos-to-Scout Transition - Mikel King
BIKE RODEO                                                                                      Order of the Arrow - Bill Fontaine
                                                                                                Advancement - Pete Scavo
  It's finally here, time to dust off those bicycles and start riding….But wait! Where’s
your helmet? Can’t find it? Need a new one? Come to the Bike Rodeo! All scouts                  Training - Georgina Riley
that attend the Bike Rodeo co-sponsored by Boy Scouts and the Town of Brookhaven                    Boy Scout Training - Martin Minouge
receive a FREE helmet. Come join us at the Bike Rodeo on Saturday, April 30th                       Cub Scout Training - Robin Sconzo
or Saturday, June 18th at the Holtsville Ecology Site and have an opportunity to go                 Venture Training - Bob Koch
through Brookhaven’s Safety City, ride through the Sheriff’s Department obstacle                Roundtable - Marge Wachlin
course and get your photo id from New York Life Insurance. Be sure to pre-register                  Boy Scout Roundtable - Ed Quick
to get your 2011 Bicycle Rodeo Patch.                                                               Cub Scout Roundtable - Michele Alexio/ Mary Scotti
  Registration information available on the council website(, or if you              Scouters Reserve - Marge Wachlin
have any questions email Mary Bishop at Dates for July and
August TBA. Hope to see you there…..                                                          I would like to thank Lou Vlismas for his service as advancement chairman. Lou
                                                                                            did an excellent job of keeping our advancement on track. As many know, Ryan
                                                                                            Bieler, our district executive for the past 7 years, accepted a position in a council in
TRAINING                                                                                    Indiana. We wish him well in all that he does.
   The Trailblazer District Cub Scout Training Staff would like to thank all of the           I would also like to extend a warm Trailblazer welcome to our new District
leaders and who attended training this past year. In all, 73 people attended Cub Scout      Executive, Kim Taylor!!! I have had the pleasure of working with Kim for the past
Position Specific training, 6 attended Webelos Outdoor Leader Skills, and 30 attended       several years as she coordinated the career speakers program. I look forward to her
BALOO training.                                                                             bringing her energy and enthusiasm to our district!
   Remember, if you are changing your leadership position you need to fill out a new
registration form and be trained in that position, as well as having current Youth
Protection training, This is Scouting and Fast Start.                                       CALENDAR OF EVENTS
   Our goal is to have 100% of our leaders trained. Help us attain this goal by com-            May 7-8                                    Webelos Woods, Baiting Hollow Scout Camp
ing to the in- person training sessions where you get information, your questions               May 14                                     Newsday Field of Wheels
answered, and the benefit of sharing ideas and personal experience with other leaders           May 18                                     Roundtable, Saxton Middle School
and our highly qualified training staff. If that is not possible you can complete the on-       May 21                                     Tiger Fun Day, Holtville Ecology Center
line training. Hope to see you at training next September.                                      June 15                                    Roundtable, Saxton Middle School
   I would also like to thank all of the Trailblazer training staff for their time and          June 18, July 16, August 20                Bike Rodeo, Holtsville Ecology Center
dedication to making our training program the BEST it can be.                                   September 23-25                            Trailblazer Fall Camporee, Navy Road,
                                                                                                November                                   Merit Badge Midway

                                                                                            GOOD DEED AWARD
                                                                                              Trailblazer hosted a successful Twenty-eighth Annual Good Deed Award fundraiser
                                                                                            on April 14th at the Bellport Country Club. Noted businessman and active Rotarian,
                                                                                            Gary Zanazzi was recognized for his contributions to Scouting over the years. Gary is
                                                                                            better known as the President of Swezey Fuel Oil Corporation located in Patchogue.
                                                                                                Thanks go to Gary and his committee for this very successful event.

  Trailblazer District would like to congratulate its honorees recognized at the
Council Fellowship Dinner at Villa Lombardi’s.
  Martin Minogue was awarded the Silver Beaver, for his outstanding service to
youth and his community, both in and out of Scouting. Martin is currently the Boy
Scout training chairman for our district.
  We also had three individuals receive the Venturing Leadership Award. This
award is presented by the council to both youth and adult leaders who have made
exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the Venturing Code and
Venturing Oath. Two youth members received this award: Nicole White and Dean
Nicolai, both with Crew 777, chartered by the Macarthur Business Alliance. We also
                                                                                            Pictured (l-r): Council President Rudy Santoro, Gary Zanazzi and Scout Executive
had an adult advisor, Michael Keller from Crew 272, chartered to St. Joseph’s Parish
                                                                                            Dirk Smith

Page 10 Navigator, May - July 2011
                                                                                        SPRING CAMPOREE – 2011
           Benjamin Tallmadge District                                                    Our Spring Camporee was held over April 15-16-17 at the Baiting Hollow Scout
                  District Chairman Pat Kelly – (631) 821-9087;                         Camp. The theme of the camporee, “TEAMWORK”, was demonstrated by the more
                           Email:                                 than 300 participants in constructing a square bridge measuring roughly 24 feet by
             District Commissioner Gerri Alfano – (631) 382-2414;                       24 feet.
                           Email:                                       Despite the cool and windy conditions, each troop built an 8-foot section of the
                                                                                        bridge, which were then assembled to form the huge square. The project took five
             District Director James Grimaldi – (631) 924-7000 x21;
                                                                                        hours to complete; but, when it was done, it was strong enough to support everyone’s
                                                                                        weight! The Scouts used only all-natural materials such as cut logs and bamboo poles
                                                                                        which were held together by lashings made of rope. They all did an amazing job!
                                                                                          Other activity stations included climbing the cargo net, the 2-Man saw and a tug-
Great Boy Scout and Cub Scout Events                                                    of-war. First-time campers, Venture Crew 244, joined the troops for the weekend
                                                                                        and worked on earning their Totin’ Chip cards. When rain moved in late in the day,
Planned for 2011–2012                                                                   the activity shifted to the dining hall where Mass was conducted celebrating Palm
In the Benjamin Tallmadge District                                                        Everyone enjoyed the challenging weekend and are looking to forward to hiking
                                                                                        the Benjamin Tallmadge Trail in the Fall.
   We are planning some exciting activities for the coming year. In the fall, the Boy
Scouts will hike the Benjamin Tallmadge Trail over the weekend of October 15-16.
The 21-mile trail extends from Cedar Beach in Mount Sinai to the Manor St. George
in Mastic. We will camp at Cathedral Pines overnight and are looking forward to
being entertained by the 2nd Regiment of the Light Dragoons, which was once led by
Benjamin Tallmadge himself!
   At the end of October we will have Baiting Halloween to look forward to. We
already have fun booths planned for the festivities!
   The Webelos and troops will be having Webelos Woods on November 5-6 at the
Baiting Hollow Scout Camp. We are looking forward to another exciting weekend
with the Webelos. There are more than 18 activities planned, both for fun and learn-
ing great skills.
   In January, the Winter Camporee will also take place at BHSC and in the spring, we
are going to have a joint Boy Scout/Cub Scout event at Cathedral Pines County Park
on April 28-29, 2012. The Webelos will be able to sleep overnight. Meanwhile, the
   Cubs for Cubs event will be running at the same time as the Spring Camporee for
the troops. This year, we are also are planning a winter activity for the Cubs.
   All information will be posted on the websites – or
Looking forward to seeing you all at these great events! Any questions – kathy- or 698-6040.

                                                                                                 2011 Wood Badge
Scouting For Food 2011

                                                                                          There has been in overwhelming response to the 2011 Wood Badge Course. As
                                                                                        of April 9th, there were already 62 people signed up for the course. Course Director
                                                                                        Bob Koch has received permission from the Northeast Region to increase the typical
                                                                                        48 participant limit to 56. This leaves a waiting list, and this shouldn’t discourage
                                                                                        anyone from signing up since we usually have a number of dropouts due work and
                                                                                        personal commitments.
                                                                                          N7-404-11-1 will be held at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp during the weekends
                                                                                        of Friday, September 9th to Sunday September 11th and Saturday October 1st to
                                                                                        October 3rd, 2011.
                                                                                          The Wood Badge staff has been selected and started their development phase.
                                                                                        As in past years, participants can expect a staff of extremely dedicated Scouters
                                                                                        who bring the highest level of enthusiastic scouting spirit to the course. They will
                                                                                        generously share their experiences with every participant and offer themselves as a
                                                                                        resource during the course…and years after. They will set the example for how the
                                                                                        scouting program was meant to be run.
  Once again the Cubs, Scouts and Venturers of the Benjamin Tallmadge District
joined forces to participate in the annual Scouting for Food service project and col-   Carl Gullans/Bill Somerville Wood Badge Scholarship Over the past couple
lected and distributed nearly TEN TONS OF FOOD to the dwindling and empty               years, we lost a pair of tremendous Scouters and past Wood Badge Scoutmasters.
pantries throughout the district.                                                       Carl Gullans (of Theodore Roosevelt Council and NE-II-121) and Bill Somerville
  Well over one hundred volunteers from the various packs, troops and Venture units     (Suffolk County Council and NE-II-135) provided training to many Scouters and
were on hand on Saturday morning, March 19th at the Coram Fire House to collect,        in making an impact on them, it translated to hundreds of Scouts that these leaders
sort and pack the food that had been gathered by the local units. A number of parents   influenced. To honor these past course directors, we have initiated a scholarship in
commented on how all of the children, ranging from seven year old Tigers to high        their names with the purpose of providing financial support to Scouters who need
school seniors, worked so well together to make this a very rewarding service project   assistance to take the course. If you are Wood Badge trained, then you know the
for the community.                                                                      benefits that comes from completing the course. Any financial contribution that you
  All of the pantries expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Scouts for their   can provide would be appreciated. For additional details, please check the council
time and effort and thanked Gerri Alfano, Donna Dunn, Kathy Westrich and Kathy          website. Past Wood Badge Scoutmasters, Ralph Ascoli and Vinnie Giacalone will be
Eyerman and all of the committee members and adult volunteers that made it an           facilitating the program.
especially successful campaign this year. A special THANKS is also extended to the
Coram Fire Department for hosting this event at their fire house.
                                                               Irwin Eyerman

                                                                                                                                  Navigator, May - July 2011 Page 11
Leadership Training for Boy Scouts                                                   Definition of “Active”
                                                                                     (As found on page 21 of the 2010 Boy Scout Requirements Book.)
and Venturing Crew Members
                                                                                     A Scout will be considered “active” in his unit if he is:
Following the success of the recent NYLT course from this Spring a second             1. Registered in his unit (registration fees are current).
course has been added to the schedule – August 21 to 26, 2011 at Baiting              2. Not dismissed from his unit for disciplinary reasons.
Hollow Scout Camp. This is a great opportunity to learn leadership skills that        3. Engaged by his unit leadership on a regular basis (informed of unit
you can bring back to your unit.                                                         activities through Scoutmaster conference or personal contact, etc.).
                                                                                      4. In communication with the unit leader on a quarterly basis.
What is National Youth Leadership Training?                                          (Units may not create their own definition of active; this is a National
  National Youth Leadership Training is an outdoor experience for youth lead-        standard.)
ers in support of the adult unit leader’s responsibility for the training of youth
leaders. The Suffolk County Council, using a nationally approved outline
under the leadership of quality volunteers, conducts the training. The training
takes place August 21 - 26, 2011 at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp.

New this year, Venturing Scouts, both male and female, are eligible to take
this course.

Who is qualified to attend?
  The course is open to Boy Scouts, 13 to 17 years of age, and Venturers,
both male and female, 14 to 18 years of age. To be eligible for this course
Boy Scouts must have attained the rank of First Class, and be 13 years of age
by the start of the course. His troop Scoutmaster must approve the Scout’s             Eagle Scouts of all ages are called to join together for an afternoon and
application. Venturers should have completed either crew officer training or           evening of fellowship and information about Scouting’s future. This event
Venturing Leadership Skills Course. Your crew advisor must approve the                 will include:
                                                                                       Camp Tour | Baiting Hollow is the Heart of Scouting in Suffolk County,
                                                                                       where thousands of Scouts have made countless memories. The camp has
Registration information
                                                                                       had major upgrades and looks great. Take a tour with the camp staff.
  Registration forms are available at the council service center, and on the
                                                                                       Skills Challenge | Can you still tie a bowline, recall the history of the
council website – Please fill out the registration form and            Scouting Movement, perform basic first aid, make a tripod? Just for fun
mail it to the Suffolk County Council with a deposit check of $45.00. The total        we will see how well we are holding up with our basic Scouting skills.
course fee is $210.00. Additional information will be mailed directly to the           Scouting Midway | Are you interested in opportunities to get back
participant in mid July. Deposits and full payments are transferable but not           involved in Scouting? Representatives from all parts of the council will
refundable. The fee includes 2 T-shirts, hat, training materials, meals, loads of      be sharing information about opportunities to help Scouting serve today’s
challenges and lots of fun. Space is limited to the first 48 applicants.               youth. Learn about commissioner service, NESA, Heritage Society,
                                                                                       Venturing, council events, merit badge counselor, assistants to units, and
What are the course objectives?                                                        the Alumni Connection program.
  •	 The confidence and knowledge to run the unit program
  •	 A working knowledge of the skills needed for leadership and help the
      participants relate these skills in their unit responsibility.
  •	 The opportunity to share ideas and experiences with Scouts and
      Venturers from other units.
  •	 An atmosphere where Scouts and Venturers can experience Scouting
                                                                                          •	 Today’s Scouting Program and our new image:
      at its best.
  •	 To enhance the relationship between Scout and Venturer and adult unit                 •	 Video Presentation – Scouting’s new Adventure Base The
      leaders.                                                                                Summit - “Philmont of the East”
  •	 To have fun!                                                                          •	 Suffolk County Council, a quality council – Presentation on how
                                                                                              our council has become one of the best in the region and is ready
Course method                                                                                 to engage more youth.
  The patrol method is used extensively throughout the training. Teams are
                                                                                       Dinner | Baiting Hollow’s dining hall is renovated and the food is not
on their own to set up campsites, cook meals and carry out other activities
                                                                                       what you remember, a special meal is planned but the spirit will bring you
without direct adult supervision. Team leadership changes daily to give all            back! Dinner is on us because we want you to know what great things are
participants a chance to be a team leader or an assistant. Although this pro-          happening in Suffolk Scouting.
vides hands-on opportunities for each participant to grow in leadership, it            Camp Fire and Show | Join us for the evening show, your favorite skits
also requires that each participant be mature enough to handle the inde-               and songs, get your buddies together and perform if you like.
pendence given him or her. Experience has shown that younger Scouts                    Special Guests - Contact your Scoutmaster and invite him down as your
often lack the physical and emotional maturity to benefit fully from this              “Special Guest” or reach out to other Eagles from your troop and make
outdoor program.                                                                       it a reunion!!
                                                                                         Save the Date and Look for Registration Information on the
Other questions?                                                                                          Council Website in May
  For more information on the program please contact:                                           (All information except date and location is preliminar
Suffolk County Council - 631-924-7000                                                                           and subject to change)
Course Director – Ken Tinsley - 631-476-1698 or e-mail
Patrick Kelly – 631-821-9087 or e-mail

Page 12 Navigator, May - July 2011
                       Exploring Division                                                    2012 NATIONAL FIRE AND EMERGENCY
                      Senior District Executive Lauren Vlachos                               SERVICES EXPLORING CONFERENCE
                    (631) 924-7000, ext. 37; Fax (631) 924-7145                              BACKGROUND: The National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference is conduct-
                            Email:                                      ed every other year and is attended by thousands of Law Enforcement Explorers and
                                                                                             adult leaders. This year, we are inviting Fire and Emergency Services Explorers to join
                                                                                             in on the fun. We will come together for a week of team and individual competitions,
                                                                                             seminars, demonstrations, exhibits, recreation and fun.

                                                                                             DATES: July 16-21, 2012
RECRUITMENT – Has your post had members go away to college, move on into
                                                                                             LOCATION: Colorado State University – Fort Collins, Colorado
the department, or just drop out – Then It is Time to Recruit! There are posters, fli-
ers, handouts, and other resources available to assist with recruiting youth members.
                                                                                             COST: The conference fee is $475 per Explorer or adult this includes meals and hous-
Consider having an open house or advertising on the department message board, in the
                                                                                             ing, plus a non-refundable Post registration fee of $100.
local schools, through employees, and current youth members. Submit a local press
release about an event your post has participated in and include information about
                                                                                             CONFERENCE PROGRAM: All Fire and Emergency Services Exploring activities
how to join the post. If you need help with recruitment or would like some supplies
                                                                                             will take place at a local Fire Training Center. The Explorers will be housed on the
please contact Lauren.
                                                                                             Colorado State University campus in the dormitories and transported to the training
                                                                                             center. In addition, the Explorers will be invited to the dynamic opening and closing
Training for Adult Leaders                                                                   shows, entertainment night, rally demonstration, and the nightly jump club dances.
Youth Protection Training                                                                    More information will be provided in the very near future.
   Youth Protection Training is required every 2 years for all adult leaders. Therefore,
if it has been 2 years since you completed the course you must retake it. Please             REGISTRATION: All Fire and Emergency Explorer Posts registered with Learning
encourage all adult advisors to take “Youth Protection Training” online at mypar-            for Life are eligible to attend the conference. The 2012 National Fire and Emergency If you are new to the site, click “new to myparticipation” and follow        Exploring Conference Guidebook will be available in the summer of 2011. The con-
the directions. We are the Suffolk County Council - 404. Everyone’s id number is             ference is usually a “sell-out” event and registration is on a first come, first served
on the post roster under their names. Once you are in the account you will click on          basis. Please be on the lookout and visit our web site in June.
“E-Learning” and take the Youth Protection course. Please print the certificate at the
end of the course and fax a copy to the service center (924-7145) attention: Lauren
Vlachos. Be aware that youth protection training must be up to date in order to take
the youth on any trips or activities.                                                        2012 NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT
                                                                                             EXPLORING CONFERENCE
Activities for Explorers
Climb with Us                                                                                BACKGROUND:            The National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference is
   This spring, Baiting Hollow Scout Camp will be offering climbing programs on              conducted every other year and is attended by thousands of Law Enforcement
select weekends. The program will be conducted on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to               Explorers and adult leaders. They come together for a week of team and individual
4:00 p.m. Cost will be $10 per person. Each participant is responsible for providing         competitions, seminars, demonstrations, exhibits, recreation and fun.
a copy of a BSA Health & Medical form (parts A & C), which will be kept on record
at camp. Each participant must also provide their own lunch.                                 DATES: July 16-21, 2012
   The climbing program will be offered on the following Saturdays (weather permit-
ting) - May.7; May 21; June 18; June 25.
   Registration will be limited to 30 participants per day. Fees must be paid at least       LOCATION:         Colorado State University – Fort Collins. Colorado
one week in advance to guarantee your spot. In the event of inclement weather or
too cold temperatures, units will be rescheduled into another weekend with no loss of        COST: The conference fee is $475 per Explorer or adult, plus a non-refundable Post
fees. No Refunds!                                                                            registration fee of $100.

2011 L.I. DUCKS                                                                              CONFERENCE PROGRAM:
  Games – May 26, June 28, July 21, July 28, August 24, 2011. Tickets are $11 each.
The unit with the most ticket sales will be the Color Guard for that evening’s game.             •	   Team competition events: Arrest and Search, Bomb Threat Response,
Please visit the council website for the order form or elsewhere in                    Crime Scene Search, Crime Prevention, Domestic Crisis Intervention,
this issue.                                                                                           Judgement Pistol Shooting (Shoot, Don’t Shoot), Crisis Negotiation
                                                                                                      (formerly known as Hostage Negotiation), Burglary in Progress, Traffic
                                                                                                      Accident Investigation, Traffic Stop, White Collar Crime, Emergency Field
Activities for Fire Service Explorers                                                                 First Aid and Drill Team.
Exploring Weekends at Montour Falls July 15 – 17 /July 29 – July 31, 2011
    •	 $80 per person plus a $25.00 Post fee. Cost includes conference, lodging,                 •	   Individual competition events: Police Physical Performance Test, Air
        food, and T-shirt. Contact David Martinocchio at 607-535-7136 ext. 606 for                    Pistol Competition, Pistol (9mm) Competition, Sample Police Written
        more information.                                                                             Examination, Bike Policing Competition and Non-Emergency Vehicle
                                                                                                      Operations Course (NEVO).
Phoenix Firecamp for Young Women July 17 - 22, 2011
     •	 Phoenix Firecamp is a camp for young women 14 – 19 years of age, who are                 •	   Seminars: Explosives Investigations, Combating Terrorism in America,
         interested in the fire service. Applicants need no prior fire service experience             Executive Protection, Leadership Development, Fugitive Investigations,
         to participate. The 2010 Firecamp was a great success! Join us this year, July               Gang Recognition and Identification, Hate Crimes & Terrorism on the
         17 - 22. New 2011 applications are now available at the website www.fsw-                     Internet, Narcotics Trafficking and Interdiction, Protecting our National This is a FREE camp for young ladies.                                               Borders, Protect Yourself: Self-Defense, Psychological Profiling,
     •	                                                                                               Surveillance Methods and Technology, Advisor Workshop, and other
Fire & EMS Gatherings – Thank you to the Bohemia Fire Department and Explorer                         presentations.
Post 1832 for hosting the April 2011 gathering. If your department is interested in
hosting a gathering in October 2011, January 2012, March 2012, or May 2012 please                •	   Conference Features: Dynamic opening and closing shows, exciting
contact Lauren Vlachos. I would like to have a gathering quarterly to provide support                 entertainment night, Career Fair, Exploring U.S.A., Rally Demonstration,
and information to all Posts.                                                                         nightly Jump Club dance, election of National Youth Representatives and
                                                                                                      retail Cop Shop.
Engineering Exploring @ Motorola in Holtsville
   The purpose of Engineering Exploring is to provide youth the opportunity to look          REGISTRATION: All Law Enforcement Explorer Posts registered with Learning
into the world of engineering as a career choice and to participate in engineering activ-    for Life are eligible to attend the conference. The 2012 National Law Enforcement
ities focusing on training, skill development, and service projects. If you are interested   Exploring Conference Guidebook will be available in the summer of 2011. The
in joining this Explorer Post please contact Lauren Vlachos at 924-7000 ext. 37.             conference is usually a “sell-out” event and registration is on a first come, first served
                                                                                             basis. Please be on the lookout and visit our web site in June 2011.

                                                                                                                                          Navigator, May - July 2011 Page 13
 A Scout is Reverent. A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties.
 He respects the beliefs of others.
                                                                                                            CATHOLIC COMMITTEE SUFFOLK
                                                                                                            ROUNDTABLE REPRESENTATIVES:
                                                                                                            Diocesan Vice Chair Suffolk Council                     Mary Bishop              631-697-6249
                      Catholic Committee on Scouting                                                        Matinecock District
                                                                                                            Benjamin Tallmadge District
                                                                                                                                                                    Teresa da Luz
                                                                                                                                                                   Sylvia Murdolo
                        Diocese of Rockville Centre                                                         Sagtikos District
                                                                                                            Trailblazer District
                                                                                                                                                                   Mike Kilbourne
                                                                                                                                                                   Michele Aleixo

                                                                                                            Suffolk Council Catholic Committee Website:
VIRTUS PROGRAM                                                                                     (Sylvia Murdolo, Webmaster)
The Virtus Program, “Protecting God’s Children”, is provided by the Diocese of Rockville Centre To          National Catholic Committee on Scouting Website:
register for one of the scheduled sessions, call the Catholic Scouting Office. Once you have attended
the Virtus training session, you need not attend another as your attendance covers all parish ministries
in which you serve.
                                                                                                                         Jewish Committee on Scouting
Father Gerard Gentleman, Diocesan Scouting Chaplain, has asked that Catholic Scouts, leaders and               This has been a very exciting and busy winter for the Suffolk County Jewish Committee on
parents be reminded that attendance at Sunday Mass is a vital part of their faith life. Plans should be     Scouting (SCJCOS). Starting in January and ending in April we had 17 temples in Suffolk
made to attend Sunday Mass during or after any camping trip or Scouting activity. Participation in a        participate in our Scout Sabbath services, at which Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Explorers,
Scouting activity does NOT excuse a Scout, parent or leader from this obligation.                           Venturers and Scouters participated in Friday services, see various religious awards presented,
                                                                                                            and received a patch and certificate for their participation.
RELIGIOUS EMBLEMS – SCOUTS with DISABILITIES                                                                   On February 27th, there were 72 Scouts, Scouters and family members in attendance at the
All Scouts are encouraged to participate in the Religious Emblem programs of the Catholic Committee.        annual SCJCOS Awards and Recognition Breakfast, hosted by Temple Beth Chai of Hauppauge.
Learning about God and self is the prime purpose of these programs. In a case where a youth finds it        Assisted by national JCOS Chair A.J. Kreimer, Eagle Scout Michael Stern of Troop 229
difficult to complete certain requirements, alternate methods and requirements are available. Please call   (Selden) gave the invocation and opening prayer and a welcome was made by SCJCOS Chair
the Catholic Scouting Office for information.                                                               Bruce Streger and breakfast Chair Marc Andrew Kramer. The SCJCOS Life Award recipient
                                                                                                            for “service above and beyond to the local Jewish Scouting community and to the JCOS” was
                                                                                                            awarded to Bruce Streger for his 18 years of devoted leadership to the SCJCOS.
SPECIAL LETTER for EAGLE SCOUTS                                                                                Presentations of medals and certificates were made by Chairman Bruce Streger and religious
The Most Rev. William F. Murphy, Bishop of Rockville Centre, is pleased to send a letter of congratu-       emblem coordinators Jan Rose, Fred Cohen, Marc Andrew Kramer and Cheryl Slatsky to those
lations to all Catholic Scouts upon their reception of Eagle Scout Rank. The Catholic Committee also        Scouts who had recently earned their recognitions. The Maccabee Emblem was presented to
presents a certificate and special patch to Eagle recipients. The Court of Honor chairs should send a       Cub Scout David Adler of Pack 57 (Nesconset). The Aleph Emblem was presented to Cub
letter to the Catholic Scouting Office indicating the Scout’s name, unit number, presentation date, loca-   Scout Jack Puttre of Pack 238 (East Northport) and Webelos Elliott Kalmus of Pack 104 (West
tion and parish of the recipient. Requests should be sent at least four weeks in advance.                   Babylon). The Ner Tamid Emblem was presented to Michael Schnall of Troop 221 (Manorville).
                                                                                                            The fifth recipient of the Etz Chaim Award in Suffolk County was Eagle Scout David Schnall
VENTURE CREW OPENINGS                                                                                       of Troop 221 (Manorville).
Venture Crew 333, sponsored by the Diocese of Rockville Centre, is seeking new male and female                 Adult volunteer Scouters are honored with the Shofar Award, a National Jewish Committee
members (aged 14 to 20). Crew 333 assists the Catholic Committee in its work at retreats, Cub Scout         on Scouting recognition on the local level, for significant service to Jewish Scouting and the
Fun and Faith Days, important Diocesan functions and the annual Boy Scout Convocation. Time is              Jewish community. The Shofar Award recipient for 2011 was Port Jefferson Stations’ Barry
found for a number of fun activities as well. Those interested in joining should contact the Catholic       Kopeloff, unit commissioner in Benjamin Tallmadge District and vice chair of the SCJCOS.
Scouting Office.                                                                                               Unveiled by SCJCOS Breakfast Chair Marc Kramer was the Ralph Jackson Memorial Award
                                                                                                            for Service of the Heart. Ralph Jackson, a 21-year old Scouter who passed away in November
INTERNATIONAL CATHOLIC AWARENESS                                                                            2010, was a beloved member within the Scouting community, civic associations, youth law
This activity is being offered by The International Catholic Conference of Scouting (ICCS) in rec-          enforcement and emergency/rescue services, as well as the community as a whole. The award is
ognition of demonstrated awareness of Scouting in the Catholic Church throughout the world. This            given to those who have tirelessly given from their hearts to help others. This award was given
activity contributes to the complete education of young people through Scouting from the perspective        to Fred Cohen, Andy Calev, Fran Simowitz, Ken Spiegel, Elliot Klugman and Jan Rose.
of the Catholic faith. It develops and enhances the spiritual dimension of Scouting in the World Scout         More than 80 Scouters from all over the Northeast descended upon the East Brunswick
Movement. The activity pin, patch or medallion may be earned by any youth or adult, male or female,         Jewish Center in New Jersey for the 24th Annual Northeast Regional Jewish Committee on
Catholic or not, who wishes to participate in this activity. For details go to the National Catholic        Scouting Conference on April 3rd. There were classes, seminars, fellowship, great food and
Committee on Scouting Website:                                                                              an awards presentation. The SCJCOS had the highest representation at the Conference with
                                                                                                            7 Scouters attending. One of the awardees was Marc Kramer who received the Bronze Chai
                                                                                                            Award for outstanding service to Jewish Scouting.
                                                                                                               Our final big event of the Scouting year will be the Jewish Conclave, to be held at Baiting
SUMMER FUN for CUB SCOUTS                                                                                   Hollow Scout Camp May 20-22 (Friday PM to Sunday AM). Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts,
Completing a religious emblem can be a great summer Cub Scout activity. Plan now to have your Cub           Explorers, Venturers and Girl Scouts will need parents or guardians to stay over with them as per
Scout spend some of those slow summer days learning about God and family. Emblem work can be                Scout regulations. This is a very popular event, with a merit badge mid-way (over 100 badges
completed in a relaxed atmosphere without the pressure of school and homework. Activity books are           were earned last year), delicious food, arts and crafts, rock wall climbing, and use of all of the
available at the local Scout Shop or the Catholic Scouting Office. These emblems may be earned at           camp facilities. There is a beautiful patch for all attendees, and religious awards counselors for
any time during the year. Summer is a very good time to complete them. The LIGHT OF CHRIST is               Jewish, Catholic and Lutheran faiths are available. Hope to see you there!
available for all Catholic Tiger or Wolf Cubs. All requirements must be completed prior to September
1 of the year the Scout enters third grade. The PARVULI DEI (Children of God) is available to all
Catholic Cub and Webelos Scouts in third grade and above. Requirements must be completed prior to
entry into Boy Scouts.                                                                                               Lutheran Committee on Scouting
VESPER SERVICES at BAITING HOLLOW SUMMER CAMP                                                                 The Suffolk County Lutheran Committee on Scouting is pleased to announce that
For those Scouts and Scouters attending summer camp at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp, be advised that           James Ebersole has been selected as a Protestant chaplain for Baiting Hollow Scout
the Catholic Committee will once again conduct Vesper Services on Friday evening. Deacons from              Camp this summer of 2011.
surrounding parishes will conduct the service and all are invited. Services will be at the Koch Memorial      James Ebersole is an Eagle Scout from San Antonio, Texas. He is a student at
Catholic Chapel on the trail to the Dining Hall. See the camp time schedule for the start time. (A Scout    Concordia College, Bronxville NY. James is also a cross-country runner for the
Vespers Service is NOT a substitute for Sunday Mass.)                                                       college and hopes to have a mile-fun-run each week at camp. James will be part
                                                                                                            of each Friday evening’ s church service assisting various Lutheran pastors from
CONTACT INFORMATION                                                                                         Suffolk County.
For details on any Catholic Scouting event or program, contact a member of the Catholic Committee             We welcome James Ebersole.
or call the Austin Cannon, Catholic Scouting Office at 516-678-5800, ext. 245, or email scouting@, or write Catholic Scouting Office, Attn.: Austin Cannon, PO Box 9023, Rockville Centre,                                                                        Thanks,
NY 11571-9023.                                                                                                                                                           Lou Sandhop

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                                                 Our “Journey to Excellence” has
                                              begun. In fact, we are a third of the
                                              way through BSA’s new quality unit,
                                              district, and council initiatives. All
                                              commissioners should be working
                                              with their units to ensure understand-
                                              ing of the Journey as well as helping
                                              units to achieve their goals.
                                                    It is finally starting to feel like
                                              spring, which for Scouting means
                                              spring recruitment and planning
                                              summer time activities and camping.
                                              It is also an important time to com-
                                              plete Friends of Scouting presenta-
   Dot Young - Council Commissioner           tions. Commissioners, please help
                                              your units with planning for all of
       Suffolk County Council, BSA
                                              these important items.
                                                     Congratulations to our newest
  unit commissioners: Anthony Weaver from Sagtikos District, John Kristian
  Burnell from Trailblazer District, Bob Koertge and Rick Klages from Benjamin
  Tallmadge District. At the April 2nd Basic Commissioner training, six commis-
  sioners were trained.
      Scouts and Scouters’, young and old, bring your Pinewood Derby cars
  to Newsday’s Field of Wheels event on May 14th for a fun day of racing and
  viewing classic cars. I hope to see a large Scout presence for a fun-filled day to
  complete the school year activities.
       Finally, remember Scouting is a “Year Round” program, so let’s be sure
  everyone has summer time activities and camping plans in place. As commis-
  sioners we should be visiting events and units during this time, even just to say
  “Hi” and have a conversation.
      See you on the summer trail and thanks for all you do for the youth we

For years, leaders have told us why they won’t sell popcorn.
Here we answer some common objections and concerns regarding the popcorn sale.

1. We make 50% selling chocolate bars and may only receive 36% from Popcorn!

*Did you know that on average, 70% of the purchase price goes back to the Scouts? You
make 36%, and with the 34% the Council makes they provide prizes, handle all expenses,
and take their profits and put it into services for the Scouts such as camp, training,
camperships, etc.
*You will have to sell almost 7 candy bars to equal the commission for each sale of popcorn,
and the revenue from the candy bar sale does not support the council.

2. We can’t sell an expensive item like Trail’s End!
*Last fall, the average price per container was $17.33, which over $12.00 is a donation
back to Scouting.

*Did you know that the mid-high dollar items ($18-$50) makes up 85% of our sale!
*With 70% going back to the Scouts, two thirds of all consumers asked will buy popcorn
to support the Boy Scouts of America.

3. We have a traditional fund-raiser. We do a pasta dinner in the fall, candy bars in the spring
and a car wash in the summer.
*You can make enough money selling Popcorn so that you only have to do one
 fund-raiser a year, and concentrate on delivering the Ideal Year for the Scouts.

4. The Pack sells in our town.
*82% of all households have NOT even been contacted by a Scout.
*Scouts can sell online to friends and family outside their community
5. Our parents would rather write a check for their son’s Scouting programs
*Selling popcorn teaches the Scouts the value of earning his own way, builds self-
confidence, and allows him to earn advancements and merit badges.

6. It’s too complicated.
                                                                                                     THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF
*It’s an exclusive program for the Scouts and it is hassle free program. No up front money,
popcorn is ordered on line, and prizes get shipped to your home                                    SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL, BSA
If your unit is ready to learn more about funding your Scouting program with Trails End Gourmet
Popcorn please contact Lauren Vlachos at of 924-7000 ext. 37.

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  The Suffolk County Council congratulates the following young men who have recently
earned the rank of Eagle Scout:

Benjamin Tallmadge District
                              TROOP       CHARTER ORGANIZATION                                                                               IN
  Charles F. Hydell Jr.
  Andrew J. Ward
  John S. Bradley
                                          Rotary Club of Southold
                                          Sts. Phillip & James R.C. Church, St. James
                                          Mattituck Fire Department
                                                                                                                    MEMORY                                           OF
  Matthew M. Ireland              T39     Mattituck Fire Department
  Joseph A. Sieverman             T51     Holy Trinity Episcpal Church, Greenport                                              William K. Somerville
  James G. Ninia                  T70     VFW Post 3054, East Setauket                                                                  from
  Brendan R. Sweeney              T111    BPO Elks #2036, Smithtown                                                          Chris & Margaret Uppeleger
  William Ciancarelli             T111    BPO Elks #2036, Smithtown
  Max Nites McBride               T117    Rotary Club of Stonybrook                                                                     George Rose
  Anthony J Franze                T161    Shoreham Fire Company                                                                         from
  Carhl D. Johnson                T161    Shoreham Fire Company                                                                 Jay & Christine Field
  Daniel R. Klemfuss              T161    Shoreham Fire Company                                                                         from
  Thomas S. Mathieson             T214    First Presbyterian Church, Smithtown                                               Mr. & Mrs. Albert V. Grifone
  Ian Donnelly                    T229    Middle Country Hibernians
  Michael David Stern             T229    Middle Country Hibernians                                                         Thomas Tarantowicz, Sr.
  James R. Peterson Sr            T242    Loyal Order of Moose Lodge #1742, Riverhead                                               from
  Anthony R. Stella               T427    Messiah Lutheran Church, Setauket                                        The Brentwood Library Board of Trustees
  Tyler Corsello                  T427    Messiah Lutheran Church, Setauket
  Dennis J. Fox                   T433    Middle Island Fire Department
  Marc E. Weilandies              T433    Middle Island Fire Department
                                                                                                                                           Joe Klein
  Bryan J. Gorman                 T454    St. Gerard Majella R.C. Church, Port Jefferson Station
                                                                                                                                           Ted Kontos
  Jared A. Friedman               T454    St. Gerard Majella R.C. Church, Port Jefferson Station
  Joseph A. Wittpenn              T454    St. Gerard Majella R.C. Church, Port Jefferson Station
                                                                                                                                    Charles A. Wills
Matinecock District
                                                                                                                               Geraldine & Edwin Heintz
  William A. Hardy                T8      Lions Club of Northport & Centerport                                                           from
  Maxwell Rossetti                T34     Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Huntington Station                                            Carol Reymos
  Alexander P. Kazerouni          T113    Centerport Fire Department                                                                     from
  Austin R. Coneys                T113    Centerport Fire Department                                                            George Koren & Family
  Cameron J. Coneys               T113    Centerport Fire Department                                                                     from
  Daniel F. Soehren               T 113   Centerport Fire Department                                                                 Steven Brunt
  James G Keegan                  T113    Centerport Fire Department                                                                     from
  Kyle F. Easop                   T113    Centerport Fire Department                                                                 Jeanette Mall
  Matthew J. Goldell              T113    Centerport Fire Department                                                                     from
  Christopher M. Gazerro          T125    Commack United Methodist Church                                                        Jane & Stuart Fischer
  Ryan L. Avila                   T125    Commack United Methodist Church
  Joseph J. Dora                  T174    YMCA Huntington
  John Boccard
  Robert J. Burns
  Brandon J. Boiarsky
                                          Christ the King R.C. Church, Commack
                                          St. Thomas More Church, Haupppauge
                                          Christ Lutheran Church, East Northport
                                                                                                                  IN HONOR OF
  Daniel F. Squillante            T539    Kings Park Volunteer Fire Department
  Jason R. Chaves                 T539    Kings Park Volunteer Fire Department                                                     Marc I. Sherman
  Matthew P. Neumann              T539    Kings Park Volunteer Fire Department                                                            From
  Cole N. Ellenbogen              T877    First Presbyterian Church, Greenlawn                                                   Francine Gorsky-Lipson

Sagtikos District
  Anthony Labriola                T60     IOOF Sampawams Lodge #104, Lindenhurst
  William R. Simons               T60     IOOF Sampawams Lodge #104, Lindenhurst
  Theodore M. Wallace             T95     Church of Christ, West Islip
  Bryan J. Liers                  T109    N. Lindenhurst Volunteer Fire Department
  Kevin J. Nee                    T175    Lions Club of West Babylon
  Kristopher Jansson              T194    American Legion Post 94, Babylon                                                                          SUFFOLK
  Brian W. Conroy                 T284    Kiwanis Club of Copiague
  Nicholas J. Damato              T284    Kiwanis Club of Copiague
  Colin J. Maretsky               T329    Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Islip Terrace
  Thomas J. Spadone               T2000   St. Mary’s Church

Trailblazer District                                                                               Suffolk Navigator (USPS 375200) is published 4 times a year in
  James T. Young                  T9      St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Ronkonkoma                  February, April, July and October by the Suffolk County Council, Inc.,
  Richard S. Liotta               T9      St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Ronkonkoma                  Boy Scouts of America, 7 Scouting Blvd., Medford, NY. Periodical
  Matthew J. Mazarakis            T29     East Moriches Fire Department                            Postage Paid at Setauket, NY. 11733
  Robert D. Coye                  T 29    East Moriches Fire Department
  Genis Bernard Guzman            T40     Medford Fire Department                                  Postmaster: Send address changes to
  Raymond Mantoura                T40     Medford Fire Department                                  Suffolk County Council, Inc.,
  Justin Sinclair                 T58     United Methodist Church, Southampton                     7 Scouting Blvd., Medford, NY. 11763
  Francis J. Sommers              T138    Grace Lutheran Church, Mastic Beach
  Steven F. Wachter               T184    Sayville Chamber of Commerce
  Dylan August Hoffmann           T221    Sts. Peter & Paul R.C. Church, Manorville                President........................................................................Rudolph Santoro
  Gregory M. Coleman              T439    Nesconset Christian Church                               Council Commissioner............................................................Dot Young
  Matthew S. Sulzinski            T483    Hampton Bays United Methodist Church
  Christopher J. Weilbacher, Jr   T566    Lions Club of Lake Grove
                                                                                                   Scout Executive......................................................................Dirk Smith
  Justin R. Ciota                 T566    Lions Club of Lake Grove

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