How to Choose A Guitar for Beginners With 5 Simple Tips by jatupat


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									              One of the most common things beginner guitar learners want to learn is
how to choose a guitar that's most suitable for them. And if you're just starting out
to learn the guitar, you can relate to that.The truth is, avid guitar players can teach
you that, but most often than not, they might give you impractical advice because they
might favour high end guitars that aren't necessary for you the beginner.So to make
sure you get a guitar that's suitable for a beginner, here are 5 tips you can
follow.How to Choose a Guitar Tip 1 - Set a Reasonable BudgetIt's inadvisable to get a
high end guitar with a price tag of a few hundred dollars, and at the same time, it's
also inadvisable to get a very cheap one that's less than $50. A reasonable budget to
set aside would be a little over a hundred, about $150.Not only will that prevent you
from burning a hole in your pocket, you'll also not end up with a low end guitar that
doesn't sound good.How to Choose a Guitar Tip 2 - Decide on The Kind of Guitar You're
Trying to LearnDo you want to learn how to play an electric guitar, acoustic guitar or
a classical guitar? All three of these different guitars have radically different
playing styles, so you'll need to decide on day one what you would like to learn.Ask
yourself carefully on what you want to achieve, then decide on the type of guitar you
want to get.How to Choose a Guitar Tip 3 - Know Your NeedsNext, you'll need to know
what your needs are to see if you need additional features.For example, do you need an
acoustic guitar with a cut out or would you need one that allows for an input into an
amplifier? Consider your usage to decide.How to Choose a Guitar Tip 4 - Select The
Right SizeThe one size fits all theory doesn't apply when you're learning how to choose
a guitar.Yes, all guitars may appear to be the same size, but upon close examination,
you'll notice that some of them vary quite a lot in sizes.You'll want to be comfortable
when you're learning the guitar in the beginning, so it's important to try handling the
guitar to see if you're comfortable. If not, keep trying to find a suitable size.How to
Choose a Guitar Tip 5 - Hear The SoundIt can be confusing to decide on a guitar with
opinions from your friends, the shop assistant or even from the research you've done on
your own. So to avoid all the confusion, one definite way to decide on a guitar is to
strum it and hear the sound for yourself.If you find one that sounds pleasant to you,
is within your budget and has what you want as well, then you might just want to settle
for it.As you can see, learning how to choose a guitar is simple when you know what to
look out for. So follow the 5 tips to help you settle for the right guitar.

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