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					Tired of carrying heavy textbooks home?

Some of our books are available electronically. The access
codes and passwords are on our website. Here are the
directions to the page with the codes:

   Go to the school home page.

   In the top right corner, click where it says SIGN IN and
    sign in using your username and computer password.
    (don’t use the .2017 after your username)

   Under Student Resources, scroll to the bottom and click on Textbooks.

   On the left side, Click on the Electronic Textbook link.

   Locate the textbook you need and follow the

   The box on the right will tell you whether it is a link to a
    web page, or a downloadable file. The downloadable
    electronic textbook files are quite large, so they are compressed. When you click
    on the textbook name in the left column, a box will pop up asking if you want to
    open or save the compressed file (zip file). Save the file to your computer
    desktop. When it is finished downloading, double click on the zip file, click on the
    Extract button on the left. The extracted files will be on your desktop.

   If the textbook has a link to a web page, use the user name and password shown
    in the right column on the web page to access the online textbook.

If you have any trouble using these electronic sources, contact your school librarian.

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