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Familiar Errors Motorcycle Buyers Make Whenever Looking For A Motorcycle Loan

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This article explores familiar errors that motorcycle buyers often make when looking for a motorcycle loan.
It covers some questions motorcycle buyers can ask lenders to ensure they are getting the best deal possible
and to help them ensure they understand the motorcycle loans.

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Whether motorcycle financing rates are currently up or down or it’s the end of a model year with plenty of
dealership incentives, many motorcycle consumers tend to make the same mistakes while shopping for a
motorcycle loan. More often than not there are four frequent errors motorcycle buyers make with
motorcycle financing.

<i><b>1. Plunging into the unknown motorcycle loan. </b></i>

Motorcycle riders typically enter into motorcycle loans that they do not completely comprehend or even
might not be the right option for them. For instance, in today’s age Japanese motorcycle makers often offer
credit card motorcycle financing promotions on their private-label credit cards. But these promotions
generally offer a low promotional interest rate for a very short term like twelve or 24 months and have a
much greater interest rate following the short promotional term. On a private label credit card promotion if
motorcycle buyers can not reasonable afford to pay off the loan during the short promotion period, then they
are more often than not better with a slightly higher rate on an installment motorcycle loan for a longer term.

<i><b>2. Searching for a motorcycle prior to searching for a motorcycle loan.</b></i>

Many motorcycle buyers frequently enter the showroom looking for a motorcycle before determining how
much money a motorcycle financing lender is willing to loan to them for the purchase of a motorcycle.
There is little need to look for a fifteen thousand dollar Harley motorcycle, if a lender is only prepared to
approve a loan amount of less than the motorcycle costs.

Furthermore, once motorcycle riders enter the dealership showroom polished salespeople many times
pressure them into motorcycle financing with tremendously higher financing rates than they could have
gotten had they shopped for a motorcycle loan at a bank, credit union or on the internet. Salespeople do not
like motorcycle riders to exit the dealership to get a motorcycle loan. In the salespersons mind this simply
enhances the likelihood of not getting a sale and commission. Consequently, salespeople more often than not
attempt for a speedy sale which ordinarily results in pushing motorcycle buyers to get motorcycle financing
at the dealership.

The bottom-line is that it is always best to shop for a motorcycle lender before entering the showroom.

<i><b>3. Borrowing too much.</b></i>

The most familiar mistake the 1st time motorcycle purchaser makes is normally not having a clear sense of
how much motorcycle they are able to afford. This is especially the case for young motorcycle riders who
look to purchase the most advanced sport bikes. What they often time neglect to consider is that financing a
$20,000 - $17,000 motorcycle might hurt them financially resulting in them having small amounts of money
to enjoy themselves and the motorcycle rider lifestyle. They might also have too little cash in order to pay
for insurance coverage, maintenance, vehicle registration or new accessories for their motorcycle.

<i><b>4. Not posing the right questions. </b></i>

The first warning sign that motorcycle riders should see is that if they do not understand the type of
motorcycle loan. If this occurs then they should be extra sure to ask a lot of questions.

The below question can assist in pointing motorcycle buyers in the right direction:

• Can the rate increase if a payment is thirty day's past due?

• Are there circumstances that can force the rate on the motorcycle loan change in the future?

• Is the interest rate fixed or variable? If fixed how long will it be fixed for?

• What are the motorcycle insurance requirements?

• What happens if a payment is sixty days past due? Does the interest rate go up?

• How long is the term on the motorcycle loan?

• What additional fees are required on the loan and are these fees incorporated the loan?

• Does the lender charge any specific document fees to process the motorcycle loan and how much are the
In a nutshell, motorcycle riders can prevent being subject to these frequently repeated errors by directing
their attention to shopping for a motorcycle loan and ensuring that lots of questions are asked to the
motorcycle lender about the loan.

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