OCR ebooks by liwenting


									                         OCR Textbooks in E-book format

The following textbooks are available at www.my.dynamic-learning.co.uk
where you will then need to log-in (see log-in details with each title):
OCR Media Studies for A2
User ID: ocrmedstud2
Password: student

OCR Media Studies for AS
User ID: ocrmedas
Password: student

OCR General Studies for A level
User ID: ocrgenstud
Password: student

OCR Business Studies for AS
User ID: ocrbsaseb
Password: student

OCR Businesss Studies for A2
User ID: ocrbusa2
Password: student

Edexcel Government and Politics for AS
User ID: gpaseb
Password: student

The following textbooks are also available but you will need to set up your
own account to access them.
Textbooks in a range of subject:

Physics AS Physics A2

Biology AS Biology A2

Spanish AS Spanish A2

French AS French A2

German AS German A2

These books are available at www.oxfordebooksforocr.co.uk along with an
activation code. From here you will need to create an account to be able to
access the e-book for up to a year. Ask library staff for the activation code
which goes with each E-Book.

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